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Chelsea Clinton and her husband, hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky, are expecting their first child. Clinton, 34, made the announcement in the exact same way you would, in a speech she gave together with her mother at a Lower East Side event promoting the Clinton Foundation’s effort to empower girls. The baby is due sometime this fall.47日,美国前总统克林顿与前国务卿希拉里之女切尔西宣布怀,预产期为今年秋天2日,《纽约邮报》刊登一份致切尔西未出生婴儿公开信,全文摘要如下:Dear Baby Clinton-Mezvinsky:亲爱的孩子:Welcome to advanced gestation! Since you’re new around here, I thought you’d like to know a little bit about what makes you so special. The reason is, you’re going to live your whole life in make-believe!既然你刚来到世上,我认为你特别想知道是什么让你变得如此特别。原因就是你的一生将在虚幻中度过。Do you know the fairy stories about a princess in a castle? Well, you get to be that real-life prince or princess, in a real-life castle where Mommy Chelsea is also a princess, Grandma is about to be crowned Queen, and Grandpa Bill is a retired ex-King with lots of helpful advice on ruling the kingdom, er, monarchy. (Your other grandma and grandpa were both a kind of court vassal called Congressmen. Oopsies, other grandpa, Edward Mezvinsky, even went to something called “prison,which is kind of like a big, cozy crib! Can you say “wire fraud Good, you can’t! Don’t! Around here we pretend Grandpa isn’t a criminal!)你听说过公主生活在城堡里的童话故事吗?你将成为现实版的王子或公主。在现实版的城堡里,你母亲也是一位公主,你奶奶将成为加冕的女王,你爷爷作为一位退休的前国王还在为如何治理这个王国献计献策。另外,你还有一群有点像诸侯一样的奶奶和爷爷。他们被外界称为“国会议员”。对了你爸爸的爸爸甚至住进了监狱,这个地方很像带栏杆的婴儿床。你会说:“电信欺诈?”千万别说,我们都假装你的这位爷爷不是一名罪犯!Inside the castle towers you will find that Mommy, Mommy’s mommy and Mommy’s daddy Bill are all really good at make-believe games. So you get to pretend all the time! Mommy’s mommy and Mommy’s daddy even pretend to still be married even though they’ve been living hundreds of miles apart for 14 years!在城堡里,你会发现你的妈妈,奶奶和爷爷确实很擅长伪装游戏,因此你不得不每时每刻都要装样子4年来,你奶奶和爷爷即使一直分居,但他们依旧伪装成恩爱夫妻。Before you were even born your mommy’s mommy pretended that it’s a completely normal thing to announce your own grandchild’s birth to the world at a joint press appearance with your mom, hosted on Skype and live-streamed. With America Ferrera!尽管你将始终假装自己是一名普通婴儿,但你实际上已经拥有了自己的职业。如果你会说“竞选资产”的话,让我们学习一下成套技能,你只需要有一种本事,像泡泡浴一样软化候选人强硬形象。Although you will at all times pretend to be a normal baby, you actually aly have your very own career, like doctor or fireman or lobbyist! Can you say “Campaign Asset Good, now let’s learn about skill sets! You only need one talent. Ready? It’s “Soften the Candidate Sort of like human bubble bath.Now, even though you have a busy life, sleeping 18 hours a day, nursing and learning to roll over, all of this comes second to being a stage prop to the grandma they call “Hillaryor “Madame Presidentor “Lady Pantsuit.When big, scary men with huge, glowing boxes on their shoulders come around, don’t be afraid! They’re only here to shine blinding lights into your widdle eyes. Kind of like a dozen suns shining at the same time! Just think of them as the Sunshine Men. They will be accompanied by nice pretend journalists who are actually castle-outreach people named Katie or Oprah or Diane, whose job it is to make you and Grandma look good, so don’t cry so much, and only on cue! (Example: When Grandma Hillary says, “That olJohn Boehner sure gets upset when he doesn’t get what he wants,start wailing!)尽管你的生活会非常匆忙,除了1天睡8小时外还得学着滚爬,但和充当“总统女士”即你奶奶的舞台道具相比,这些都是次要的。当肩扛闪亮大盒子,身材魁梧,面目狰狞的人们来到你跟前时,不要害怕!他们只是想用夺目的灯光照亮你的眼睛,给你一种多个太阳一起发亮的感觉。你可以把他们看成是“阳光人士”,陪同“阳光人士”而来的是一群假记者,他们实际上是城堡外联人士,这些人的任务就是使你和你奶奶的形象在外界面前变得光夺目,因此你可要乖一些,不要总哭。There are a few special little things you need to know about. For instance, if you are a girl, mean people will mail you blue Gap dresses. You don’t need to worry about where they came from, because the castle’s shining knights will go after them. These knights work for a castle security program called the IRS. Those blue Gap dresses are a reference to something unfortunate that happened a long, long time ago that we all pretend didn’t happen and anyway was all the fault of barbarians and trolls living outside the castle. We call these twisted creatures Republicans.In two years or so, when most babies are just learning to crawl, you will be hitting the road! Grandma Hillary is going to need you to smile and coo whenever there are Sunshine Men around. So play nice and don’t projectile vomit. Grandma is not what grown-ups call “maternal,and was busy turning ,000 into 0,000 in the magical cow trading market when your mommy was a baby, so she will have to make believe she is really “helping outwith you. No crying if she gets the diaper on the wrong end!两岁时,你就即将“上路”,每当“阳光人士”出现时,奶奶就需要你在他们面前微笑,千万不要露丑。你奶奶身上不具备成人所说的那种母性,当你妈妈还是婴儿时,你奶奶忙着在交易所牛市上把1千美元变万美元呢。因此,当她把你的尿布换颠倒时,不要哭,你得假装她确实在帮助你。When you’re a teenager, you may start getting strange invitations from Grandpa Bill. Don’t be surprised if he asks you to invite all of your girl friends and their bikinis over to his house for a pool party. Grandpa Bill loves young people, especially young female people frolicking in the sunshine!当你成为一名十几岁的青少年时,你也许会收到来自爷爷的奇怪邀请,如果他要求你邀请你的女性朋友们穿着比基尼到他家参加泳池派对时,千万别感到惊讶。你爷爷喜欢年轻人,特别是年轻女性在阳光下嬉戏!The best part of your make-believe Clinton-Mezvinsky life is that people will pretend you’re good at things and give you gifts like high-paying consultancy gigs when you just got out of college, jobs reporting for N News when you have as much camera-awareness as a smoked flounder, and the leadership of the free world because you “deserve it.Learn to accept everything as your due, baby Clinton-Mezvinsky, and maybe Mommy and you will be the third and fourth Clintons to rule the kingdom!你一生中最精的部分就是人们会假装你能力非凡,当你刚从大学毕业时就会收到例如像顾问这样的高薪职务,当你有镜头感时,可以到国家广播公司(N)当记者,甚至有朝一日你会成为自由世界的领袖。你要学会接受这所有的一切,或许你妈妈和你将是克林顿王朝的第三、四代继承人。来 /201404/292270

Ship rescue work underway长江沉船搜救紧张进行Fourteen people have been rescued, with 19 others confirmed dead and more than 400 still missing after a passenger ship carrying 458 people capsized in Chinas Yangtze River.一艘载58人的客轮在长江倾覆,已4人获救,19人遇难,仍有400多人下落不明。A total of 1,982 rescue workers at the scene are divided into three groups, respectively in charge of cutting the hull bottom above water, searching in the river bottom and along the Yangtze River.现场1982人参与救援,救援兵分三路:第一路切割露出水面的船底,第二路潜入江底搜救,第三路沿江搜寻。A variety of 109 crafts were put into rescue efforts and a salvage ship with an elevating capacity of 500 tons is y for the rescue.已投入各类船09艘,起吊能力00吨的打捞船已做好打捞准备 /201506/378639

The US is debating whether to position more naval assets in Europe as Russian warships and submarines operate at levels not seen in two decades, according to the new head of the US navy.美国海军新任作战部长约翰理查森上Admiral John Richardson)表示,在俄罗斯军舰和潜艇活动升级0年未见的水平之际,美国正就是否在欧洲部署更多海军力量展开辩论。Admiral John Richardson, chief of naval operations, told the Financial Times the navy was reassessing its global posture in the face of the Russian activity, which stretches from the Black Sea and Mediterranean to the Pacific.理查森向英国《金融时报》表示,面对从黑海和地中海一直到太平洋的俄罗斯海上活动,美国海军正在重新评估其全球部署。“Their submarine force and their navy are as active as they have been in a long time 20 years or so,Adm Richardson said. “How are we going to posture our forces to make sure that we maintain the appropriate balance and are suitably engaged?”理查森上将表示:“他们的潜艇力量和海军活动程度与很久以前——大0年前——差不多。那么,我们要怎样部署我们的力量,才能确保我们能维持适当平衡、并恰当地介入?”Adm Richardson said the navy was evaluating whether to boost its presence in Europe and the Pacific. “That is the conversation we are having right now.”理查森上将表示,美国海军正在评估是否要加大在欧洲和太平洋的军事存在。“这是我们目前正在商讨的。”While some of Russia’s activity stems from its involvement in Syria, its navy has been increasingly active elsewhere. Admiral Viktor Chirkov, head of the Russian navy, recently said Russian submarine patrols had risen 50 per cent from 2013.尽管俄罗斯部分军事行动源自对叙利亚的介入,但其海军在其他地区也一直在加大活动力度。俄海军总司令维克托奇尔科夫上将(Admiral Viktor Chirkov)最近表示,俄潜艇的巡逻活动已013年增加了50%。US officials are particularly alarmed by signs that Russian submarines are monitoring telecommunications cables on the Atlantic seabed, in activity Adm Richardson said was “very concerning有迹象显示俄潜艇在监听大西洋海底电信电缆,这令美国官员尤为警觉。理查森上将表示这类活动“极为令人关切”。“It is very hard to reconstitute that type of traffic in any other channel,he said. “That would be a threat against the other global system, the information system... is linked to prosperity, linked to security.”他说:“很难将这类通信改到其他渠道。这可能威胁到另一个全球体系,也就是信息体系……这个体系和繁荣有关,和安全有关。”The Russian activity comes as the US conducts new operations in the South China Sea to counter Chinese activity there assertive actions at sea and the construction of artificial islands that many nations believe threatens freedom of navigation in waters that carry 30 per cent of global trade.就在俄实施这些军事行动之际,美国在南中国海展开了新的行动,以对抗中国在南中国海的活动,包括在海上的强硬行为以及人工造岛活动。许多国家认为,中国的这些活动威胁到了南中国海的航行自由。目前,南中国海承载着全球30%的贸易。Adm Richardson said the Russian and Chinese activity underscored the need for nations to adhere to maritime rules to ensure that global commerce and prosperity were not threatened. While the South China Sea is a main trade route, another 20 per cent of trade travels through the Mediterranean.理查森上将表示,俄罗斯和中国的活动凸显出,各国有必要遵守海洋法,以确保全球商业和繁荣不受威胁。尽管南中国海是全球主要的贸易通道,但还有20%的贸易是经由地中海完成的。The “ambiguous motivationsof China and Russia raised fears about the health of a global system that ensures freedom of navigation and unfettered trade. “It again perturbs that global system,he said. “The current model is equal access for all... that been threatened?”中国和俄罗斯“含混不清的动机”,使得人们对这个为航行自由和贸易自由提供保障的全球体系的健康状况感到担忧。“这些活动再次扰乱了全球体系。”理查森上将表示,“当前的模式是所有国家拥有平等的通航权力……这一模式是不是已面临威胁?”Adm Richardson said Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to propel the country’s navy back on to the global stage to “make sure that they are being part of this whole conversation that’s emerging, that they’re seen as... players and that the phenomenon was “not a short-term thing理查森上将表示,俄总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)正试图将俄罗斯海军再次推上全球舞台,以“确保它们是正在出现的整个对话的一部分,确保它们被……认真对待”,并确保这种现象“不是一时的”。Russia has maintained strong military investment since the end of the cold war and had recently demonstrated the quality of its navy by firing cruise missiles at targets in Syria from warships in the Caspian Sea. “That is a significant capability, a significant demonstration,Adm Richardson said.自冷战结束以来,俄罗斯一直保持着对军事的强劲投入。最近,俄曾从位于里海的军舰向叙利亚境内目标发射巡航导弹,显示了其海军的水平。理查森上将表示:“那是一项令人瞩目的能力,一次令人瞩目的宣示。”The Russian naval activity comes as the US also faces the prospect of a rapidly expanding Chinese navy. China protested last week when a US warship sailed near one of its man-made islands in the South China Sea, a move aimed at showing that the US does not recognise Chinese territorial claims.此外,俄升级海军活动之际,美国还面临着中国海军迅速扩张的可能性。上周,当一艘美国军舰驶近中国在南中国海的一个人造岛屿时,中国方面表示了抗议。美国的这一举动,旨在宣示美国不承认中国的领土主张。Adm Richardson pointed out that Washington did not object when Chinese ships recently passed through US territorial waters around the Aleutian Islands following a joint naval exercise with Russia. The US also says China is jeopardising a global maritime system that helped its economy grow dramatically over the past three decades.理查森上将指出,中国军舰最近在和俄罗斯开展海军联合演习后,穿越了阿留申群岛周围的美国领海,当时美国政府并未表示反对。美国还表示,中国正危及全球海洋体系,而正是这一体系帮助中国经济在过0年里实现了高速增长。“In many ways, they are behaving in full compliance and even advocating for this rule of law. Their contribution to the counter-piracy task force is one [example]. They were very clear about their freedom of navigation operation around the Aleutians,said Adm Richardson. “It is just in these other areas, in the South China Sea, they seem to be taking a different position.”理查森上将表示:“从许多方面来说,他们完全遵循、甚至还提倡这种法治。他们对打击海盗的特遣部队的贡献就是一例。他们非常明确地阐明了自己在阿留申群岛周围的航行自由行动。只是在其他地区,在南中国海,他们似乎持不同立场。”The US was also paying attention to the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea which Japan controls but China claims as the Diaoyu where Chinese ships routinely sail inside what Japan says are its territorial waters.此外,美国还注意到了东中国海的尖阁诸岛(Senkaku Islands,中国称钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿;该群岛由日本控制,但中国声称对其拥有主权)。在那里,中国舰艇会定期在被日本人称为领海的水域航行。“It’s something... ’ve just got to continue to pay close attention to,he said. “While it might not be as tense as it was a couple of years ago... do we want to become complacent and take our eye off that part of the world as well and I don’t think that we are.”他说:“对此……你必须继续予以密切关注。尽管那里的局势可能不像几年前那么紧张……但我们也不想掉以轻心、不再关注那块地方,而且我不认为我们对那里的局势满意。”来 /201511/407466

A Russian maritime spy plane flew into Estonian territory on Tuesday in the most serious violation of Nato airspace by Moscow since the end of the cold war.Fighters were scrambled from Lithuania where Nato’s Baltic air policing force is stationed and from Denmark and Sweden as the aircraft, an Ilyushin 20 “Coot armed with an array of high-tech surveillance and electronic warfare equipment, circled the Baltic sea.Two military officials with knowledge of the incident said that Nato sovereign airspace had been violated.An Estonian official said the Russian spy plane flew more than 500m into Estonian airspace for about a minute on Tuesday close to the large, inhabited islands of Hiiumaa and Saaremaa off the Baltic state’s west coast.According to a Nato military officer, the spy plane took off from Kaliningrad.“At 12:53pm. CET the IL-20 approached Estonian airspace from the northeast,he told the Financial Times. “I’m not aware of any incursions into the airspace patrolled by Nato other than the brief incident yesterday.”The spy plane was intercepted and escorted out of Estonian airspace by Portuguese F-16 fighters, based in Lithuania as part of Nato’s Baltic air policing mission.Estonia has reported five previous airspace violations by Russia but all have been above the tiny uninhabited island of Vaindloo, located in the middle of the Gulf of Finland. Although viewed seriously by Tallinn, such incidents, unlike the latest violation, have not been a cause of serious alarm among Nato chiefs.An Ilyushin spy plane flying in the Baltic also triggered Nato jets to be scrambled from their base at Siauliai on Monday but did not pass into actual Nato airspace.Nato officials are unclear as to whether the incidents are connected with the Swedish hunt for a suspected Russian submarine in waters close to Stockholm.But the Ilyushin spy planes are ideally equipped for submarine hunting and communications interception and jamming.Swedish officials have not yet publicly disclosed whether they know which foreign power the submarine belongs to, though few have any doubt of it being Russian. The Swedish military has said it believes the sub to be hiding, possibly damaged, among the thousands of islands and islets in the Stockholm archipelago.周二,一架俄罗斯海上侦察机飞入爱沙尼亚领空。这是自冷战结束以来,俄罗斯政府对北Nato)领空的最严重侵犯。在这架装备有高科技监控与电子战设备的伊20(Ilyushin 20)“黑Coot)”飞机环绕波罗的海飞行之际,北约方面从立陶宛(北约波罗的海空中治安巡逻武装力量的所在地)、丹麦和瑞典出动了战斗机。两名了解这一事件的军官表示,北约领空遭到了侵犯。一名爱沙尼亚军官表示,这架俄罗斯侦察机在周二进入爱沙尼亚领空后,飞行超00米的距离。当时,飞机靠近了这个波罗的海国家西岸的希乌马岛和萨雷马岛,这两个岛都是有人居住的大面积岛屿。根据一名北约军官的说法,这架侦察机是从加里宁格勒起飞的。这名军官告诉英囀?金融时报》:“在中欧时间下午123分,这架伊尔-20从东北方接近了爱沙尼亚领空。在我的印象中,除了昨天的短暂事件之外,北约巡逻的空域从来未曾遭遇这样的入侵。”这架侦察机遭到多架葡萄牙F-16战斗机的拦截,并被护送出爱沙尼亚领空。这几架F-16战斗机就驻扎在立陶宛,以执行北约的波罗的海空中治安巡逻任务。在此之前,爱沙尼亚曾报告了5次俄罗斯侵犯领空的现象,不过当时后者入侵的领空都在芬兰海湾中间一个无人居住的Vaindloo小岛上空。尽管爱沙尼亚政府认为那几次事件也十分严重,但北约从并未像周二这次这样发出严重警告。周一,一架在波罗的海飞行的伊尔侦察机也曾令北约出动了驻扎在希奥利艾基地的飞机,不过这架侦察机并未实际进入北约领空。目前,北约官员仍不清楚这一系列事件是否与瑞典在斯德哥尔附近海域搜寻疑似俄罗斯潜艇的事件有关。今年,北约曾多次出动战斗机拦截接近北约领空的俄罗斯飞机,拦截次数已013年全年多了两倍。来 /201410/337795

Hong Kong’s protest movement now more than three weeks old has largely focused on definitions of universal suffrage and various methods for electing political leaders.如今,香港抗议活动已持续超过三周。在很大程度上,这次抗议活动争论的焦点集中于普选的定义以及选举政治领袖的不同方法上。However, many of those taking part also feel economically disenfranchised by a system they blame for leaving a generation locked out of the housing market and making an aly troubling income divide even worse.然而,许多参加抗议活动的人同样感觉到,现行体制也让他们在经济上被剥夺了应有的权利。他们认为,在现行体制下,一代香港人因买不起房子而被排除于香港楼市之外。而且,这个体制还让香港原本就问题重重的收入差距问题变得更为严重。On Monday CY Leung, Hong Kong chief executive, appeared to confirm protestersfears when he warned in an interview with the FT and other foreign media that a fully open voting system would lead to populism by shifting power towards low-earners.周一,香港特首梁振英似乎是确认了抗议者内心的这种担忧。当时他在接受英囀?金融时报》及其他外媒采访时警告说,完全开放的选举体制会导致权力向低收入阶层倾斜,从而导致民粹主义。While Hong Kong’s establishment has stressed the importance of protecting the interests of the business community, many in the street believe political change is needed to fix economic imbalances.尽管香港当权者曾强调过保护商界人士的利益,许多走上街头的抗议者还是相信,必须通过政治改革,改变经济上的不平等。“We need to think if Hong Kong should stay an international financial centre and a paradise for global capitalism,said Rebecca Lai, a 47-year-old NGO worker at a protest site in Mongkok district. “We need to think if this is still good for the citizens.”在旺角一处抗议地点,一7岁的非政府组NGO)员工Rebecca Lai表示:“我们必须考虑一下,香港是否还要做国际金融中心,是否还要做全球资本的天堂。我们必须考虑一下这么做对香港市民有没有好处。”Hong Kong’s low-tax, laisser-faire style of government has created one of the world’s most successful economies. The territory’s per capita GDP has soared from below ,000 two decades ago to about ,000 now.香港拥有一个秉持低税收和自由放任政策的政府,这令香港成为全球最成功的经济体之一。过0年间,香港人均国内生产总GDP)0年前的不000美元激增至如今的大.8万美元。In the annual “Ease of Doing Businessreport compiled by the World Bank, Hong Kong ranks second again this year, recognition for a city that has fostered a number of globally successful business empires.在世界银WB)编制的年度《营商环境报告Ease of Doing Business)中,香港今年再次排到了第二,这是对一个孵化了多家成功的全球性商业帝国的城市的认可。However, that economic dynamism has come at a price. A fifth of Hong Kong’s 7m people live in poverty, according to the charity Feeding Hong Kong, while the income gap is the widest in the developed world.然而,这种经济活力也是有代价的。根据慈善组织乐饷社(Feeding Hong Kong)的数据,香港700万居民中有五分之一生活在贫困之中,香港收入差距是发达经济体中最大的。Loose monetary policy across the globe in the wake of the financial crisis has contributed to worsening inequality in many places, as asset prices have risen while wages have stagnated.金融危机之后,全球推行的宽松货币政策也加剧了许多地区的不平等,原因是在薪水增长陷入停滞之际,资产价格却出现了上涨。But Hong Kong’s experience has been among the most extreme, owing to its unique position of importing interest rates from the US through its currency peg, while benefiting from rapid Chinese growth across the border. The richest 10 per cent of the Hong Kong population now controls 77.5 per cent of the wealth, according to Credit Suisse research, up from 69.3 per cent in 2007.香港拥有一种独一无二的经济地位,这种地位一方面源自港币与美元挂钩而从美国输入的低利率,另一方面则源自中国的高速增长。这种经济地位令宽松货币政策的影响在香港达到极点。如今,根据瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)的研究,香港人口0%的最富有人群控制着77.5%的财富,高于2007年的69.3%。House prices have soared, making them the most expensive in the world. Average prices are now 14.9 times median household income, according to consultancy Demographia, compared with 4.7 times in London and 9.2 times in San Francisco. Inflation has also remained high as costly retail space and a tourist wave from China has fed into the pricing of everyday goods.同时,香港房价也激增到全球最贵的水平。根据咨询公司Demographia的数据,如今香港平均房价是香港居民收入中位数4.9倍,伦敦这一比例只有4.7倍,而旧金山这一比例则是9.2倍。此外,由于零售卖场成本提高以及中国内地游客涌入推高了日常商品的价格,香港的通胀率也居高不下。“Look at this street it’s all jewellery shops and medicine shops,said Catherine, a 30-year-old protester in the Causeway Bay shopping district, who declined to give her surname. “All the small restaurants have gone. We cannot eat gold.”铜锣湾购物0岁的抗议者Catherine表示:“看看这条街,街上全是珠宝店和药店,所有小餐馆都不见了。我们总不能吃黄金吧。”这位抗议者拒绝告诉记者她的全名。The leaders of the protest movement have also highlighted their concerns about inequality, the lack of opportunities for young people, and the power of the wealthy.抗议活动的领导人也在强调社会不公、年轻人缺乏机遇、以及富人影响力过大带来的担忧。“We are not slaves to anybody. We are not slaves to Li Ka-shing,said student leader Lester Shum to the crowd demonstrating outside government headquarters last week. The reference to Mr Li, a property tycoon and Asia’s richest man, was met with loud cheers and rapturous applause.就在上周,学生领袖岑敖晖(Lester Shum)曾向港府总部外示威的人群表示:“我们不是任何人的奴隶。我们不是李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)的奴隶。”李嘉诚是香港地产大亨,亚洲最富有的人。当时,岑敖晖对李嘉诚的引用招来了听众大声喝和热烈的掌声。Mr Leung acknowledges the severity of the problems facing many of Hong Kong’s young and underprivileged, describing housing in particular as a “major concern梁振英承认香港许多年轻人和贫困人士面临的问题十分严重,他特别指出住房问题是个“主要问题”。“Social mobility, for a combination of reasons, is not as good as what we my generation enjoyed 30-something years ago, and we need to address that,he said on Monday. “We need to do more.”他在周一表示:“出于一系列原因,香港的社会流动性不0多年前我们那代人的时候,我们必须解决这个问题。我们必须采取更多措斀?”Many protesters see an overhaul of the electoral system as the only answer. They want to take political power away from the 1,200-member committee that picked Mr Leung, and is set to vet the candidates for the 2017 election under current reform plans.许多抗议者将选举制度的彻底改革视为解决问题的唯一。他们想要的,是剥夺香港特首选举委员会的政治权力。正是这个拥200名成员的选举委员会选出了梁振英,根据现有改革方案,该委员会还将017年审查香港特首的候选人。In contrast, Mr Leung’s answer is to target faster economic growth. “An economy that grows at a high rate should provide the social mobility that young people deserve,he said.与此相反,梁振英对这个问题的则是以加快经济增长为目标。他说:“高速增长的经济会提供年轻人所需的社会流动性。”However, many people on the streets complain that only a handful of super-rich tycoons, many of them property developers, have felt the benefits of previous booms, especially in the years since Hong Kong rejoined China.然而,许多香港街头抗议者却抱怨说,从此前的经济繁荣(尤其是香港回归中国后的那几年)中受益的只有少数几个超级富豪——他们中许多人都是地产商。“The Hong Kong economy has been flying since 1997. It has skyrocketed. But a lot of people don’t enjoy the success,says Eric Yeung, a 26-year old protester, who works in a hospital. “We are earning our money to feed this small group of people. They get richer, while we get more underprivileged. Our burden has become heavier.”在医院工作6岁抗议者Eric Yeung表示:997年后,香港经济一直在飞速发展。在经济飞速发展的同时,许多人却未能分享到这种成功。我们赚了钱,却养活了少数人。他们变得更加富有,我们却变得更加贫穷。我们的负担也比以前更重了。”来 /201410/337051

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