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人生要有沉淀,要有定力,一个人定力不够会浮躁人生要策划,要洗涤心灵,洒扫心灵目标是用来超越的,而不仅仅是为了达成的向别人学习的人,是聪明的,向自己学习的人是快乐的,既不向别人也不向自己学习的人是愚蠢的I believe that education has the power to transm a person’s life. me, education was the rabbit hole through which I escaped the underclass. I squeezed my 300-pound frame through that hole expecting others to follow and instead I find myself in a strange new land, mostly alone, and wondering at this new life. instance, these days me, dramatic plays at local arts centers have replaced strip pole dancing at the local sleaze huts. I haven’t fondled a stripper in years because now I see the stripper through eyes inmed by feminist theory. It’s hard to get excited when you’re pondering issues of exploitation.I still wonder what happened to that happy-go-lucky semi-thug that used to hang out with drug dealers on dimly lit street corners. Well, I’m in the library parsing a Jane Austen novel looking dramatic irony, while many of my old friends are dead or in jail.I was lucky because I didn’t get caught or killed doing something stupid. When I was on the streets, I never felt I was good at anything but I wrote this poem about a girl who didn’t care about me, and it got published. I knew nothing about grammar or syntax, so I went back to school to learn that stuff and one thing led to another.It’s odd to educate oneself away from one’s past. As an African-American male I now find myself in a eign world. Like steam off of a concrete sidewalk I can feel my street cred evaporating away, but I don’t fight it anymore. Letting go of the survival tools I needed on the street was a necessary transaction admittance to a better life.I am still fighting, but in different ways. I’ve learned the benefit of research and ing, of debate and listening. My new battlefields are affirmative action, illegal immigration, and institutional racism.I believe I am the living embodiment of the power of education to change a man. One day soon, a crop of fresh-faced college students will call me professor. I may even be the only black face in the room, the only representative of the underclass. I may feel the slight sting of isolation, but I’ll fight it off because I believe in the changes that my education has allowed me to make. 19Bernadette:When you offered to give me a ride to work, I didnt know you rode a motorcycle.伯纳黛特:当你答应载我一程去工作的时候,我压根不知道你要骑托车Im not sure about this.我觉得不太靠谱Pawel:Come on, put on this helmet and get on.帕维尔:来吧,戴上这个头盔,上来Youll get to work much faster.你很快就能投入到工作当中了We can zip around cars and go between lanes.我们可以在汽车和车道之间穿行Bernadette:That what Im afraid of.伯纳黛特:那正是我害怕的Pawel:Im an experienced driver.帕维尔:我可是有经验的驾驶员I rode a moped when I was a teenager, had a scooter in college, and got my first bike when I was .我十几岁时就骑轻便托车, 上大学时玩小托,后来岁时有了第一辆托车I ride with my motorcycle club every weekend, so you dont have to worry about safety.我每个周末都会去托车俱乐部,所以你不必担心安全问题Bernadette:Im sure youre a good driver, but one wrong move and Im road kill.伯纳黛特:我相信你是个好车手,但一着错,我就会丧命于大马路上Pawel:Get on and I promise to behave.帕维尔:上来我会对自己的行为承诺I wont pop any wheelies, spin out, or do any other tricks.我保不会让轮子发出任何声响,打滑或者做其他任何花式技巧Bernadette:If that was intended to put my mind at ease, it didnt work.伯纳黛特:如果那些是打算把让我头脑放松,不会起效的Pawel:All right, last call. You want a ride to work or not?帕维尔:好吧,最后再问一遍你还想让我载你去上班吗?Bernadette:Okay, Im putting my life in your hands.伯纳黛特:好吧,我的小命就交给你了If I die, itll be on your conscience.如果我死了,你会受到良心谴责Pawel:No worries. If we wipe out, itll take us both out, so I wont be conscious to worry about my conscience. Hold on!帕维尔:不用担心如果我们玩砸了,我们两个都会挂,所以我根本不用自责抓稳了! 61TK[(%UyA1.d@],7pOK7eEzaJmfzy~PlG0iK[Jug+FLaura looked out the window. A storm was coming. The sky was getting darker. The wind was starting to blow. Some trees were bending. Leaves were flying through the air. It was getting cold. She closed all the windows. She went outside. Her car was in the street. She closed the windows in her car. She locked her car. She went back into her house. She turned on the TV. She wanted to see the news about the storm. The TV person said it was a big storm. He said it would rain a lot. He told people to stay home.QkkeAI%.*G|j5T5(dBJcXka7u+Wohml8s9H+*;kBB9pZ+NlZPjuLrQbMH;Z^ 3861. World News. Up in space.Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywords.Mars, collect inmation, orbit, order back, lift-off, International Space Station, give up hope, return in triumph.Vocabulary.reconnaissance, orbiter, abbreviated, en route, truss, revive, space probe,Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Cape Canaveral, Columbia, Discovery, Pathfinder, Endeavor, Hubble Telescope.Youre going to hear 5 brief news items. Focus your attention on who, what, when, where, why and how in each news item. And then answer the questions briefly.1. An American spacecraft is travelling to Mars to collect inmation about the red planet.The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter left Cape Canaveral in Florida on August th.The space vehicle is expected to arrive in March of next year.It is to orbit the planet at least four years.. The US space shuttle Columbia has returned to Earth after an abbreviated stay in space because of a mechanical problem.The Space Agency ordered the shuttle back to Earth after one of the three power generators failed Sunday.The generators called ;fuel cells; provide all of the shuttle electrical power.And NASA safety rules require the spaceship to return to Earth if any fuel cell fails.3. US space shuttle Discovery has made a successful lift-off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida en route to the International Space Station.The shuttle with five male and two female astronauts onboard will take another section of the half-built International Space Station a little truss or frame into orbits.It scheduled to come back to Earth on December 1. 019687

9cl#tyStiweXS|okC;yEVhNaNIxX6ECSs[]CcVHe was talking on the phone. The phone was on the table in the dining room. He was talking to his friend. They were talking about the weather. It was raining. There was a knock on his door. Someone was knocking on his door. He went to the door. He opened the door. No one was there. He went back to the phone. The doorbell rang. Someone was ringing his doorbell. He went to the door. He opened the door. No one was there. He went back to the phone. There was another knock on his door. He kept talking. The doorbell rang again. He kept talking. Fool me once, shame on you, he thought. Fool me twice, shame on me, he thought.!,H,-acr0[PT!ktXEEb[E5crJUWwrEPiTlu3LR^,yadrU_zMA!+eJVZ!*OI 399958

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