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At the end of ;Furious 7;, while watching Brian OConner (Paul Walker) and Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) enjoy family time on the beach with their son, their best friend Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) murmurs, ;It never goodbye.;在电影《速度与7的最后,布莱恩(保罗·沃克 饰)和他的妻子米娅(乔丹娜·布鲁斯特 饰)在海滩上晒着太阳、享受美好的家庭时光,他们最好的朋友多米尼克(范·迪塞尔 饰)则呢喃道:“不说再见”But as the lives of the two protagonists, OConner and Dominic Toretto, ked off in different directions during their final ride, with OConner car disappearing within a canyon, Toretto knew it was farewell to his rival and friend. And fans of the series knew it was farewell to both OConner and beloved actor Paul Walker.但是就像多米尼克和布莱恩两位主角的命运一样,他们在最后一次竞速中分道扬镳随着布莱恩的车子消失在山谷之中,多米尼克知道,这次真得要和这位亦敌亦友的伙伴说再见了而粉丝们也明白将和布莱恩以及他们心爱的保罗·沃克永别了In the middle of filming “Furious 7” in , Walker died in an unrelated car crash at the age of 0 in Calinia. This was a tragic death an actor who was fascinated with cars and rose to fame in this cherished street-racing series. It isnt clear yet where the storyline will go in future installments in the franchise without OConner.因为出演《速度与系列影片,爱车如命的保罗名声大噪而悲剧却悄然而至:年,《速度与7尚在拍摄之中,而保罗·沃克却因为一场与影片拍摄无关的车祸在加州意外去世,年仅0岁没有了布莱恩,电影未来续集的故事走向都变得一片茫然Walker helped conceive the original film when he told director Rob Cohen, “I want to do a movie where Im racing cars or Im an undercover cop.” Walker and Cohen combined the two and that how The Fast and the Furious came to be, wrote Automobile Magazine ahead of the opening of Fast and Furious 6.在《速度与6上映之前,《汽车杂志曾报道过《速度与的诞生,其构思也有保罗的贡献他曾对导演罗伯·科恩说:“我想拍一部关于赛车或是扮演卧底警察的电影”保罗和罗伯·科恩将这两个构想合二为一,《速度与就此诞生He often gave suggestions to maintain the movies integrity and credibility. “Being a car guy, I always want things to be more authentic,” he told the magazine.保罗也常常建言献策,让电影更加浑然一体、真实可信在接受采访时,他说: “作为一个汽车迷,我希望影片能拍得更加真实”Walker had a large collection of cars in his garage. ;Remember the lightweight E36 M3? BMW brought 60 of them to the States, and I have seven of them,; he told Automobile.保罗的车库里有着大量的私藏他在采访中透露:“还记得轻量车E36 M3吗?宝马在美国只销售了60台,而我就有七台”He owned a race team and drove at speeds often reaching 0 miles (3 km) per hour in daily life, according to an interview with ET online in May, .而据年5月ET online的采访报道,保罗还拥有一自己的赛车队,而他开车时,以超过0迈小时(3公里小时)的速度行驶更是家常便饭As OConner in the Fast and Furious series, which Walker called a “dream job”, he permed many of his own stunts. OConner loses several times to his best friend Toretto in the movies, but Walker, no doubt, was the most skilled driver among the cast.在《速度与系列中扮演布莱恩,保罗一直称其为一份“梦寐以求”的工作他在片中更是亲自完成了很多高难度动作虽然电影中,布莱恩在赛道上好几次输给了自己最好的朋友多米尼克,但是现实里,保罗无疑是剧组里车技最好的Walker wrote on his Twitter that acting was only something he was doing “on the side”. He was an outdoorsman, ocean addict and had a passion many other things in life. He was heading a charity event when he passed away.保罗曾在自己的推特上写道,演戏只是他的“副业”他热爱户外运动,酷爱海洋,对很多事都充满去世之时,他正在赶赴一个慈善活动的路上In his short life, Walker certainly lived up to these words he told ET: “You only live one time – I want to get it all in.”在他短暂的生命中,保罗·沃克忠实地践行着他在接受ET采访时所说的那句话:“人只能活一次,我希望能活得淋漓尽致” 373

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