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哈尔滨人流公立医院哪做得好黑龙江妇女儿童医院做彩超多少钱Sarah Price is the choir teacher at Saline High School, and this week she is releasing her debut CD, SarahTonin.Price studied vocal performance and music education at Michigan State University. She tells us that her musical background is mostly choral and classical, but through singing with different groups around the Ann Arbor area she has been experimenting with funk and jazz and that side of her voice.SarahTonin is a collection of original songs, save for the final piece on the album, George Frideric Handels ;Oh People.;She says she included that track as a nod to her roots. ;I love singing classically,; Price says. ;Choir has made me the musician that I am, so I wanted to feature that side of myself.;Price tells us that while shes excited to be performing and sharing her art, she isnt leaving teaching behind.;The students just inspire me every day,; she says. ;I often think you teach what you want to learn, and I push myself as a songwriter and a creator while I do that with them.;Visit Sarah Prices website to learn more, and listen to some of her music in our interview above.201506/381172哈尔滨妇女儿童医院新地址 Bello贝洛A political FUTbol政治足球 智利税改Michelle Bachelets struggle to combine equity and growth in ChileMichelle Bachelet致力于在智利经济增长的同时促进公平“CHILE has only one great enemy and its called inequality,” declared Michelle Bachelet on March 11th as she returned to La Moneda, the presidential palace, just four years after leaving it. Following an interlude of rule by the centre-right, Ms Bachelet won by a landslide in last years presidential election on the most left-wing programme the country has seen since the ill-fated Marxist government of Salvador Allende more than 40 years ago. She argued that for all Chiles economic success of the past three decades, unless the state intervenes to foster a fairer and better-educated society, the country will moulder in what economists call “the middle-income trap”, never making the leap to developed status.3月11日,时隔四年重返拉莫内达总统府的Michelle Bachelet表示“智利仅有的强劲对手叫不平等。”在经历了中右翼的统治之后,去年在这个被大多数左翼控制的国家,Bachelet以压倒性的优势赢得总统选举。该国的总统选举从40多年前命途多舛的Salvador Allende马克思主义政府统治结束之后开始。她认为尽管智利在过去三十年间在经济上取得了成功,但除非建立一个更公平教育普及率更高的社会,否则国家将会陷入经济学家所说的“中等收入陷阱”,再也不会有飞跃性的发展。Her campaign platform contained three big proposals. The first was an education reform inspired by the notion that the state should offer free and equal education to all. Second was a new constitution to replace the existing one, which, though much amended, dates back to the dictatorship of General Pinochet. And the third proposal was a tax reform aimed both at raising revenue to pay for the education reform and at making the tax system fairer.她的竞选纲领包括三大目标。首先是以国家为所有人平等提供免费教育为理念的教育改革。其二,出台新宪法以取代自Pinochet将军独裁统治时期时推出的旧宪法(虽然该宪法已经过多次修订)。第三大目标就是进行以增加税收持教育改革并促进税收公平为目的的税务改革。Ms Bachelet is no mad populist. Chile is not Venezuela, nor even Argentina. In the humdrum reality of a Latin American liberal democracy, achieving the magical combination of greater fairness and greater prosperity means marrying political imperatives with complex technicalities.Bachelet并不是狂热的平民主义论者。智利不是委内瑞拉,甚至不是阿根廷。基于拉美自由民主程度不高的事实,要在增长的同时促进公平意味着将政治命令与复杂的技术相结合。The first test will be the tax-reform bill, which the president sent to Congress this week. It aims to raise an extra .2 billion (or almost 3% of GDP). It contains some sensible measures, including fuel taxes and one on sugary drinks. It proposes a gradual rise in corporate-income tax from 20% to 25% and a corresponding reduction in the top rate of personal-income tax from 40% to 35%. Chile has an integrated tax system in which shareholders receive a credit for corporate-tax payments; aligning the two rates more closely is intended to discourage individuals from setting up shell companies.首先试水的是税务改革,相关提案已经在本周由总统提交至国会。该局旨在额外增加82亿美元的税收收入(约为GDP的3%)提案中含有包括收燃料税、含糖饮料税在内的敏感措施。它旨在将企业所得税由20%逐步增至25%与之相对的是将个人所得税的最高税率由40%降至35%。智利有着一体化的税收系统。股东在缴纳企业所得税之后可免交个人所得税,拉近企业所得税与个人所得税税率是为了阻止皮包公司的建立。The bill also abolishes a mechanism known as the Taxable Profits Fund (FUT), under which shareholders do not pay tax on reinvested company profits. The FUTs detractors complain, correctly, that the system has been abused, via corporate credit cards and shell companies in tax havens, to allow the rich to evade taxes on profits that have actually been used for personal consumption—the skiing holidays and Ferraris of urban legend in Santiago. But the FUTs defenders point out, equally correctly, that the system has been a key factor behind Chiles investment-led economic growth.改提案同时废除了应税利润基金机制(FUT)。在该机制下股东无需为公司利润再投资纳税。FUT的反对者抱怨着公司行用卡和皮包公司的漏洞让富人可以用利润再投资的名义逃税,而实际上这些钱都用在了滑雪度假圣地亚哥的法拉利都市传奇等私人消费上。这的确是事实。但FUT的持者指出该体制是智利投资带动经济增长的关键因素,这也是事实。As compensation for abolishing the FUT, the bill allows instant depreciation of machinery and equipment. That may help miners and manufacturers, but not service businesses. Unless it is amended, the bill is likely to have two bad outcomes. Retained earnings are a big source of financing for corporate investment in Chile: companies may now have to rely on more borrowing, which for small firms costs up to 15% a year. Second, shareholders will now be taxed on profits they do not receive as dividends.作为对废除FUT的修正,提案允许机器设备的即时折旧。这可能有利于矿产主与工厂主,但对务业却没什么意义。除非它被再次修改。该提案可能会带来两种坏影响。留存盈余是智利公司经行投资的主要资金来源:但现在公司可能更多依靠借贷,这对小公司来说每年成本会增加15%。第二,股东分红之外的收益可能会被征税。It would be remarkable if the tax changes did not prompt some reduction in investment and share prices. The fact that the bill envisages ending the FUT only in 2018 suggests Ms Bachelets economic team realises this. To make matters worse, Chiles economy is now slowing sharply in tandem with a falling copper price (this weeks offshore earthquake, which killed at least six people, seems to have spared local mines). More government spending could give the economy a boost, but not if it comes at the expense of private investment.如果税收改革并没有使投资减少或股价降低,这将会意义重大。该提案仅设想了FUT在2008年被废除,Bachelet的经济团队需要意识到这一事实。更糟的是,智利经济增速在铜价下跌的影响下迅速放缓(本周发生在海岸附近的地震造成了至少6人死亡,当地矿产似乎得以幸免)。更多的政府投资能够促进经济繁荣,但缺少了私人投资繁荣很难真正到来。The new government could have chosen to close the loopholes in the FUT, rather than abolish it. That it didnt says much about the way politics is now conducted in Ms Bachelets coalition, whose main parties governed Chile from 1990 to 2010. Abolishing the FUT was proposed by a rival of Ms Bachelets in last years coalition primary election, and the policy was instantly adopted by all the parties in the grouping. In the past party leaders would have heeded their technical experts on such matters. In Chiles more populist political climate, that is no longer so.新政府本应弥补FUT的漏洞而不是废除该体制。这与Bachelet(其主要政党在1990年到2010年间执掌该国)的联合政府的施政方式并没有多大关系。废除FUT由Bachelet去年联盟初选时的竞争对手提议,然后该政策被联盟中的所有政党迅速接受。过去,政党首领需要在此类问题上参考技术性专家的意见。但现在,智利平民主义论盛行,这显然不可能了。The tax reform is simple compared with the governments plans for education. As for the task of replacing the constitution, no wonder the president has kicked this issue forward until later in the year. Ms Bachelet is right that Chile is in many ways an unfair country that needs to change. But she will need all her considerable political skills if she is not to sacrifice sound public policy on the altar of populism.税改被简单地与政府的教育计划对比。至于重新制定宪法,在今年的早些时候显然是不大会有进展了。智利在很多方面存在不公,这需要被改变。就这一点Bachelet是正确的,但是如果她不就关于名粹主义公共政策作出牺牲,那她就需要发挥巨大的政治才能 译者:严晓晴 译文属译生译世 /201601/423619Gay marriage同性婚姻合法化Ties that divide备受争议A row over plans to let gay couples marry in church同性伴侣可在教堂举行婚礼这一法案争议不断Pity the prime minister. With most news bleakly austere these days, changing the law to let gay couples marry must have seemed a sure way to sp crowd-pleasing sweetness and light. Countries around the world are giving homosexuals full marriage rights. More than half of British respondents usually tell pollsters they favour gay marriage. Besides, David Cameron truly believes in it, as he told the Conservative Party conference in October 2011.英国最近都没有什么好消息。可怜了首相卡梅隆,但修改法律允许同性伴侣结婚似乎让民众心里一暖。很多国家都在逐步给予同性恋完全婚姻权。民意调查显示,英国超过一半的受访者都持同性婚姻合法化。此外,在2011年10月的保守党大会上戴维·卡梅隆(David Cameron)也表示他本人是完全赞同同性婚姻合法化。But government plans to let same-sex couples not only marry but marry in church, detailed on December 11th, have startled the ecclesiastical horses and divided the aly fissiparous Conservatives. The Anglican and Catholic churches, along with the Muslim Council of Britain and Lord Sacks, the Chief Rabbi, oppose the move, which contravenes their belief that marriage is between a woman and a man. High-profile Tories including Michael Gove, the education secretary, and Boris Johnson, London’s mayor, are for the change, but over 100 Conservative MPs are believed to oppose it. That will not put the outcome in doubt, as Labour and the Liberal Democrats support the shift, but it guarantees a continuing row.12月11日,英政府公布了详细条例——不仅允许同性伴侣结婚,也可在教堂举行婚礼。这让教会的那些老匹夫大吃一惊,使已出现分歧的保守党更是争论不断。圣公会和天主教,以及英国穆斯林协会和首席拉比萨克斯勋爵(Lord Sacks)都反对这项提议,因为这和他们一男一女才能结婚的信仰相否。几名高调的保守党人,包括教育大臣迈克尔·戈夫(Michael Gove)和伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson),赞成此提议,估计过百的国会议员将会反对。由于工党和自由民主党都持这项提议,所以这些反对者对结果没有什么影响,但不可避免的会引起不断的争论。At issue is how to balance competing rights—to freedom of religious expression and freedom from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. This clash last hit the headlines in 2007, when a Catholic adoption agency was required to consider gay couples as adoptive parents, and the religiously minded owners of a small hotel were told they could not refuse to rent a double bedroom to a gay couple. This time, the dispute is over core religious activities, not charitable or commercial services. But once same-sex marriages are permitted, and on religious premises at that, some fear that churches, mosques and temples could be forced into solemnising relationships of which they disapprove profoundly. Are they right to worry?目前的问题是如何去平衡这两种相对抗的权利——宗教表达自由权和性取向不受歧视的权利。此矛盾最近一次上头条是在2007年,那一年,一条新闻报道了一对同性恋夫妇要求一个天主教收养机构允许他们收养孩子,还有一条新闻报道了一家小旅店虔诚的业主们被告知他们不得拒绝向同性恋伴侣出租双人间。这次的争议核心是宗教活动,而非慈善或商业务。一些人担心,一旦同性婚姻合法化允许在宗教处所举办婚礼的话,教堂、清真寺和寺庙都将被迫为其举办隆重的典礼,而这种同性婚姻他们根本不能接受。这样的担心难道毫无道理吗?The government assures them they need not. All same-sex couples will be entitled to civil marriage, not just the civil partnership they have been allowed since 2005. Those who wish to marry religiously may do so, if a church is willing. A “quadruple lock” has been designed to protect churches that are not against suits for discrimination or breaching human rights.政府承诺这样的担心没必要。2005年,英国允许同性伴侣有民事伴侣关系权,现所有同性伴侣将享有民事婚姻权。如果某个教堂愿意,同性伴侣可去教堂举行婚礼。政府还制定了一个“四重法律锁”来保护那些不愿意为其主持婚礼的教堂免于歧视和侵犯人权的诉讼。The new law (which should be on the statute books in 2015) will state that no religious organisation or minister can be compelled to marry same-sex couples. There will be a formal “opt-in” system for those that are interested. The Equality Act of 2010 will be amended. The Church of England, whose canon law is intertwined with the law of the land and normally has a duty to marry people, will not, at its own request, splice same-sex couples, unless canon law and legislation are changed.新法(预计2015年实施)规定,不强迫任何宗教组织和牧师给同性伴侣举行婚礼。届时会为那些有兴趣的宗教组织和牧师提供正式的“自由选择”流程。2010年的《平等法》将会修订。英国国教会的教会法与当地法律关系紧密,通常还肩负为公民举办婚礼的义务。但在它的要求下,英国国教会不会为同性伴侣举办婚礼,除非教会法和法律改变。That still leaves Strasbourg, which has cheerfully overlooked Parliament’s declared wish and told Britain to let at least some convicted prisoners vote. “There’s no way you can stop a couple going to the European Court of Human Rights and arguing that the fact British law does not oblige religious organisations to marry them is a violation of their rights,” says Robert Wintamute, a barrister who teaches at Kings College London. But they won’t get far, he reckons. Others agree. The European Convention is a touch ambiguous. The court does not require governments to let gay couples marry, still less churches.斯特拉斯堡(欧洲人权法庭的所在地),跟英国政府在囚犯是否享有选举权问题上有分歧。在伦敦国王学院教书的大律师罗伯特(Robert Wintamute)说:“你没法阻止一对伴侣跑到欧洲人权法庭去控告英国法律——宗教组织可不为同性伴侣举办婚礼——是对他们的侵权。”但他们也不会成功。其他人也同意这样的说法。欧洲人权公约对此有点模糊不清。法庭不会要求国家政府允许同性婚姻,更不用说教堂了。But debate over the limits of religious freedom is lively. The hotel owners lost in the Court of Appeals in February, but Lady Justice Rafferty had this to say: “It would be unfortunate to replace legal oppression of one community (homosexual couples) with legal oppression of another (those sharing the Appellants’ beliefs)” The Supreme Court has accepted their case.但关于宗教自由限度的讨论热烈了起来。之前提到的旅馆业主2月份在上诉法庭又败诉了,但是女大法官Rafferty补充说道,“如果把一部分人(同性伴侣)的自由建立在另一部分人(那些和上诉人有着同样信仰的人)身上,这也是不幸的。”最高法庭已经受理了此案件。Strasbourg too has seen action. Four British people who say their employers denied them religious expression—including Nadia Eweida, initially refused permission by British Airways to wear a visible cross—were heard by the court there in September. A judgment may emerge in January. All of which suggests that politicians may enact as many “locks” as they please, but in the end courts hold the keys.斯特拉斯堡也有过类似情况。四名英国人称其雇主不顾自己的宗教信仰,其中纳迪亚·艾薇达(Nadia Eweida) 首当其冲,她所在的英国航空公司不允许她带的十字架露在外面。他们四位9月已经接受欧洲人权法庭聆讯。判决结果也许在1月份公布。这一切都告诉我们,政客们可以随意颁布各种“保护锁”,但法庭有最终解释权。翻译:薛瑞译文属译生译世201609/464797黑龙江省哈尔滨第六医院预约挂号

哈尔滨市第十医院在那儿French politics法国政治Rocards return罗卡尔强势回归The former prime ministers ideas are making a comeback前首相的理念卷土重来THE left wing of the French Socialist Party was still reeling this week after the shock eviction of Arnaud Montebourg, a populist industry minister, and his replacement by Emmanuel Macron, a former investment banker. Fran?ois Hollande, after all, was elected Socialist president in 2012 declaring that his main “adversary” was “the world of finance”. Yet on August 31st, in a defiant speech to party members in the port of La Rochelle, Manuel Valls, his prime minister, made no apology, reasserting the governments more pro-business line.继本周主张民粹主义的经济部长阿尔诺·蒙特布尔下台之后,法国社会党左翼依旧处于深深的震惊之中无法自拔----前投资家马克龙接了蒙特布尔的班。毕竟2012年弗朗索瓦·奥朗德在竞选社会党领袖的时候曾声称他的主要“敌手”是“金融配的世界”。然而在8月11日,在拉罗谢尔,奥朗德的总理曼努埃尔·瓦尔斯发表了一篇极具挑衅性的讲话,并且毫不脸红地重复着政府要求企业履行责任契约的想法。The most important shift taking place within the government, however, may not be the appointment of a single new young minister. It is rather the closet takeover by social democrats linked to Michel Rocard, Frances prime minister from 1988 to 1991.然而这个被认为是法国政府最重要的转折并不单指对这名年轻部长的任命。这项举措意味着这位新部长继承承了米歇尔罗卡尔这位于1988年至1991年驰骋在法国政坛的社会民主党总理的衣钵Mr Valls himself is the spiritual son of Mr Rocard, and got his first government job serving as the former prime ministers parliamentary attaché. In his book “Pouvoir” (Power) Mr Valls writes admiringly of Mr Rocard, citing “the force of his intelligence and the frankness of his words”. These fired Mr Vallss political imagination as a teenager and secured his loyalty for the next 15 years, as Mr Rocard, then a rising star of the left, tried but failed to impose his centre-left thinking on the Socialist Party as an alternative to the socialism of Fran?ois Mitterrand.瓦尔斯视罗卡尔为精神偶像,并且瓦尔斯在政府中的第一份工作是作为前总理的议会专员。瓦尔斯在其著作“Pouvoir”一书中提到罗卡尔先生“智慧的力量与言语的坦率”令其满心钦佩。对罗卡尔先生钦佩激起了少年瓦尔斯的政治幻想,并在之后的十五年时间里巩固了瓦尔斯先生的忠诚。像罗卡尔先生一样,瓦尔斯成为了左翼阵营中冉冉升起的新星。他曾试图在社会党内部推行其中左思想以替代佛朗索瓦·密朗特的社会主义,不过以失败告终。Rocardiens have been installed in all corners. Mr Vallss current political adviser, Yves Colmou, is one, having also served on Mr Rocards political staff. So did Sylvie Hubac, who now runs Mr Hollandes staff at the Elysée Palace. Bernard Cazeneuve, Mr Vallss interior minister, got his first job as an adviser of a member of Mr Rocards government. Mr Macron is a close friend of Mr Rocard and invited him to his wedding.罗卡尔的死忠追随者们已经遍布各个角落。瓦尔斯先生的现任政治顾问Yves Colmou就是其中之一。并且这位顾问还曾为罗卡尔先生效过犬马之劳。现在为奥朗德先生搭理爱丽舍宫的Sylvie Hubac也是一样。瓦尔斯的内政部长 Bernard Cazeneuve,初入政坛时的第一份工作就是罗卡尔先生的政府成员顾问。Marcon先生是罗卡尔先生的密友,并且罗卡尔受邀参加过其的婚礼。At the same time, those on the partys left have been sidelined. Two other left-wing ministers were thrown out along with Mr Montebourg. Their departure was preceded by that of Aquilino Morelle, a confidant of Mr Montebourg and a presidential adviser, after a scandal involving the shining of lots of pairs of Mr Morelles posh leather shoes at the Elysée palace.与此同时,那些左翼党人已经被边缘化。另外还有两名左翼的部长和蒙特布尔先生一起被踢出了内阁。他们的离职是拜蒙特布尔先生的知己—位居总统顾问的Aquilino Morelle在爱丽舍宫爆出豪华皮鞋的丑闻所赐。“The Rocardiens have clearly won the day,” notes another ex-member of Mr Rocards prime-ministerial cabinet. Mr Valls, who insists that the left must make peace with business, is now partly unpicking a rent-control law passed by his predecessor. Mr Macron has hinted at loosening rules governing the 35-hour working week; Mr Cazeneuve has urged common-sense immigration control, echoing Mr Rocard in 1989. As if all this were not suggestive enough, there is a further link: one of the former prime ministers sons, Lo?c Rocard, now works in Mr Vallss cabinet.“现在是罗卡尔追随者的天下,”前罗卡尔内阁成员如是说。坚持认为左派必须与商界和平共处的瓦尔斯先生现在正在逐步瓦解其前任通过的房租管制法。MACRON先生曾经暗示会每周工作35小时的监管规则;CAZENEUVE议员为了呼应1989年罗卡尔先生的政策,现极力主张常识性移民的管制。即使这一切都不够说明什么,这里有另一层更为深远的关系:这位前总理的一个儿子鲁瓦克·罗卡尔,现在正在瓦尔斯的内阁任职。 /201409/327773黑龙江省中医院妇科怎么样 松北区妇幼保健院医生值班

哈尔滨维多利亚妇产医院四维彩超多少钱Wow,I should watch,Yeah,you should.Some of the girls get very close,Ill start watching it哇 我真应该看看 真的 你应该看看 有些女孩关系很密切 我准备开始看了All right,heres something else Ive been doing,Ive been playing We Topia还有另外一件事 我们一直在玩We TopiaAnd if you dont know about We Topia,you should,Its a free game on Facebook如果你不了解 你应该去了解下 这是Facebook上的免费游戏And instead of earning points,you earn joy你赢的不是分值 而是快乐and you use your joy to make good things happen in the real world而且你的快乐可以在现实世界中做一些好的事情So listen to this,this is very exciting听到这些 真的很让人兴奋You know how all season long weve been helping Whitney Elementary school in Las Vegas整季我们都在帮助的Whitney小学I found out that they need a food pantry我发现他们需要餐具So heres what my friends at We Topia are doing,Now when you paly We Topia我和我朋友做的就是 你玩游戏的时候You can help build a food Pantry for Whitney elementary school你可以给Whitney小学挣些餐具That will feed 300 kids every night for almost two years可供300个孩子每晚使用 大概用两年How cool is that?just for playing a game很酷吧 只玩玩游戏而已So,amazing.So if youre aly playing We Topia,thank you so much非常棒 如果你已经在玩We Topia了 非常感谢And if you are not,please go to our facebook page and start playing We Topia如果还没玩 请登陆我们的Facebook网站开始玩吧Its a fun,free game,and it helps people,so you cant say no to that游戏很好玩 免费 而且能帮助别人 这都是你所不能拒绝的Dont do it right now though,because when we come back但不是现在去玩 因为等会儿来的是The hilarious Kevin Nealon is gonna show us what happened非常有趣的Kevin Nealon告诉我们发生了什么He took a class on The Art of Seduction,and well show you that,well be right back他上了一节叫做“诱惑的艺术”的课程 一会儿看一下 马上回来 /201608/461200 听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):As everyone knows, the first presidential debate since the primaries is tonight, the first head-to-head clash between the two least popular presidential nominees ever.The atmosphere is more like that surrounding a Super Bowl, or maybe the boxing match ;Thrilla in Manila,; than a normal political event, and it is expected to draw perhaps a hundred million viewers, far more than any other in the history of televised debates.After all, as a story in the Boston Globe said yesterday, ;all thats at stake is the future of the free world.; Regardless of whether you think thats true, it is unquestionable that these debates, which are really sort of televised joint news conferences, have often had dramatic impact.Who can forget a shifty-eyed, perspiring and nervous Richard Nixon, looking uncomfortable, his stubble showing, as the handsome and tanned John F. Kennedy stole the show and won the election. Weve seen Ronald Reagan destroying Jimmy Carter with his gently mocking ;there you go again,; and Reagan slip badly, then recover, when the issue of his age came up four years later in his debates with Walter Mondale.There have also been memorable moments in the vice-presidential debates. Bob Dole lost points by being too nasty and aggressive when he was running for the second slot in 1976. Years later, Dole, who had a better sense of humor than both this years candidates put together, told me, ;I went for the jugular in that debate – my own.;Lloyd Bentsen never got to be vice president, because he was running with the hapless Michael Dukakis. But he destroyed any hope Dan Quayle had for moving higher with his devastating line, ;Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, youre no Jack Kennedy.;But while we know these debates are crucial to the presidency, we often dont realize they can have consequences for other races as well. Four years ago, President Obama came to his first debate with Mitt Romney looking like he wasnt really prepared.The president seemed passive and inept, and observers overwhelmingly agreed Romney had won. The advantage didnt last, however; Obama picked himself up and decisively won the final two debates, after Romney made his famous ;I have binders full of women; gaffe.After the election, I said to Congressman Sander Levin that the debates didnt seem to have had any lasting effect. ;Ah, but you are wrong about that,; he said.He said Obamas weak performance in the first debate caused worried Democrats to shift millions in campaign spending from congressional races to the presidential contest.That, Levin believed, might have cost Democrats a chance to take back control of the U.S. House of Representatives. Im not sure about that. But it might have made a difference in one Michigan race. Theres a retired legislator named Gary McDowell in the little Upper Peninsula town of Rudyard who might be in Congress today if things had gone differently.He ran for Congress up north four years ago, and lost by one-half of one percent of the vote. He ran well ahead of the President in his district, and a little more money could have made the difference. This year, Democrat Lon Johnson is trying for the same seat.You can bet hes hoping Hillary Clinton does really well.201609/468593依安县早孕检查多少钱哈尔滨哪有无痛人流医院




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