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哈尔滨市中西结合医院联系电话松北区妇幼保健院治疗妇科炎症好吗Surviving in the wild isn#39;t easy.在荒野生存绝非易事You#39;ve got to stay focused and motivated,but you also need to improvise,你必须集中精神 积极行动 但同时你还要发挥临场能力using whatever you find to stay alive and reach safety.利用一切能找到的东西生存 抵达安全的地方Adaptability is the key.适应性是关键It#39;s very hard to plan,because, ultimately,the environment will try and take control.规划计划非常困难 因为 基本上 总是环境试图控制我们So you#39;ve just got to be flexible,you got to keep your wits about you.所以你必须灵活地 机智地发挥能动性Triggers it. Whether you are making a trap,a raft,or somewhere safe to sleep.Perfect!发射 无论你在设计陷阱 做木筏 还是做一个吊床 完美You#39;ve got to use whatever you find.你得让你找到的一切都派上用场In Panama, I wanted to show how you can absorb the unboiled, dirty water I#39;d found on a deserted rock.在巴拿马 我想教人们如何饮用在荒芜的石缝中 发现的脏水The thing is, this is full of bird droppings and looking pretty fetid.里面全是鸟屎 臭气熏天Drinking this foul water would make you vomit.饮用如此污秽的水 会导致呕吐Vomiting would lead to further dehydration,which ultimately could kill you.呕吐会导致严重脱水 严重的话会致死But there is a last desperate measure you can take.不过上天总会给你留活路的Using my water bottle and a rubber pipe I found washed up on the beach,我要用水杯和刚在岸边发现的橡胶水管I#39;m gonna give myself a makeshift enema.给自己来个临时灌肠There are stories of this saving people#39;s lives.这方法能救命There#39;s one particular family who was stranded in a life raft,and all this water had gathered in the bottom of it.曾经有一家人 困于救生筏上 他们所有的水都是从And they#39;d been feeding off turtles,and it was mixed with turtles#39; blood, it had gone fetid.食用海龟后剩下的 混合着海龟血液的臭水中获取And the only way they managed to stay hydrated was by using that fetid water and giving themselves an enema.为了不脱水 只能这么做 用那些臭水给自己灌肠 Article/201611/475946栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201607/454225哈尔滨维多妇产医院网上挂号

哈市第二人民医院做药物流产多少钱木兰县妇女医院做人流英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第29课:Talking about daily habits 谈论日常生活习惯[00:07.08]421. I get out of bed about 7 o'clock every morning.[00:11.26]我每天早上七点钟左右起床。[00:15.44]422. After getting up, I go into the bathroom and take a shower.[00:19.71]起床后,我就到洗澡间冲个淋浴。[00:23.98]423. Then, I shave, brush my teeth and comb my hair.[00:29.31]然后,我刮脸、刷牙和梳头。[00:34.64]424. After brushing my teeth, I put on my clothes.[00:37.86]刷牙后,我穿上衣。[00:41.09]425. After that, I go downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast.[00:45.86]然后,我下楼到厨房吃早饭。[00:50.63]426. After eating breakfast, I go back upstairs again.[00:54.36]吃过早饭后,我再回到楼上。[00:58.10]427. Then, it's usually time to wake up my little brother.[01:02.12]然后,通常就该是叫醒我小弟弟的时候了。[01:06.14]428. He can't dress himself yet because he's too young.[01:10.16]他还不能自己穿衣,因为他年纪太小。[01:14.19]429. I wash his face and hands, and then I dress him.[01:17.98]我给他洗脸、洗手,然后给他穿衣。[01:21.76]430. He tries to button his own shirt, but he can't do it.[01:26.03]他试着自己扣衬衣扣子,但他扣不上。[01:30.31]431. My little brother takes a bath before he goes to bed at night.[01:35.28]我的小弟弟晚上睡觉前总要洗个澡。[01:40.26]432. He always forgets to wash behind his ears.[01:43.43]他老是忘记洗耳后根。[01:46.61]433. I'm always tired when I come home from work.[01:50.73]下班回到家时,我总感到疲倦。[01:54.86]434. At bedtime, I take off my clothes and put on my pajamas.[01:58.99]睡觉时,我脱去衣,换上睡衣。[02:03.12]435. I get into bed at about 11:30 and go right off to sleep.[02:07.95]我大约十一点半上床,躺下就能入睡。 /200604/6122I#39;m proud to be English, my family have served and we#39;ve defended this country我很自豪自己是一个英国人,我的家庭是军旅出身and we#39;ve been to war for this country我们一直保卫这个国家,并为这个国家而战斗I#39;m really patriotic about Bangladesh我非常热爱孟加拉国I am 100% Icelandic, yeah, definitely我100%是冰岛人,是的,绝对的This is a Kurdish wedding with my mum in the traditional Kurdish garb.这是一个库尔德式婚礼,我的妈妈穿着传统的库尔德饰We#39;re just proud blacks, so that#39;s it我们就是骄傲的黑人,就是这样Yeah, I think we are probably the best country in the world, if I#39;m honest恩,我觉得我们可能是世界上最好的国家,实话实说Think about other countries and other nationalities in the world想想世界上其他的国家和民族are there any that you don#39;t feel you get on with well, or you won#39;t like, particularly?有没有哪个你觉得无法相处,或者你特别不喜欢?Germany, yeah, I#39;m not a fan of the Germans德国,对,我不大喜欢德国人You might think they#39;re a little bit…你会觉得他们有点……Particularly India and Pakistan probably because of the whole, you know, the conflict尤其是印度和巴基斯坦,也许因为,你知道,那些冲突Cause I have this side of me that#39;s like that hates Turkish people– not people! But the government!因为我有一面是……讨厌土耳其人-不是人!而是政府!But French? Nah但是法国人?没有We#39;re just the best, you know, it#39;s just fact我们就是最好的,你懂的,这就是事实I#39;m more important than you我比你更重要I don#39;t know you, but in my opinion I am strong, and I am more important than a lot of people我不认识你,但在我看来我很强壮,我比很多人都更重要How would you feel about taking a journey based on your DNA?你觉得根据自己的DNA来次寻根之旅怎么样?Yeah, I#39;d feel very intrigued好啊,我非常好奇What could you possibly tell me that I don#39;t know?什么是你能告诉我而我不知道的呢?So do you know how DNA works? So you get half from mum, and half from dad所以你知道DNA的机制吗?你有一半来自母亲,一半来自父亲so 50% from each of them, and they get 50% from their parents and back, and back and back所以来自父母各50%,然后他们从他们的父母各得到50%,以此类推And all those little bits of your ancestor, they filter down to make you, you最后所有这些来自你的祖先的小小成分,经过层层过滤,使你成为了你I need you to spit in this tube for me. Just spit up to the little black line我需要你把口水吐在这个管子里。吐到黑线即可That#39;s a lot of spit这需要好多口水The story of you, is in that tube. What#39;s it going to tell me?好的,你的故事就在这个管子中。它将会告诉我什么呢?It#39;s going to be, #39;oh yeah, you#39;re French#39;, and,#39;wait, your grandparents are French#39;, and, #39;wait…#39;像这样,“噢耶,你是法国人”,然后,“等等,你的祖父母是法国人”,然后,“等等,……”100% Bengali. Solid Iraqi. I#39;m Cuban!100%孟加拉人。纯正的伊拉克人。我是古巴人!It#39;s going to tell me that I#39;m English, like I#39;ve told you它会告诉我我是英国人,就像我告诉你的那样Jay? Can you come down and join us?Jay?你可以到这里来吗?I#39;m a little bit nervous, I have to say不得不说,我有点紧张So are you y to find out your results? Will you it out to us, please?那么你准备好知道自己的结果了吗?请你向我们念出来好吗?Wow, look at me! Oh my God. Oh… wow. I didn#39;t expect that哇,看看我!我的天。喔...哇...我真没料到All of them. Whoa… No… No…所有这些。哇塞。不……不……Caucasus? Which was… Turkish? Yeah.高加索?哪个是……土耳其?是的Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece东欧,西班牙,葡萄牙,意大利,希腊I#39;m 32% British? What?! Great Britain, 30%… 5%… German我有32%英国血统?什么?!大不列颠,30%……5%……德国I#39;m Irish? Yeah!我是爱尔兰人?没错!So I#39;m a Muslim Jew. Great Britain, 11%. Are you sure these results are mine?所以我是一个穆斯林犹太人。大不列颠,11%--你确定这个结果是我的吗?Eastern Europe? Seriously?东欧?真的么?Iceland has definitely moved closer to Europe now冰岛现在肯定离欧洲越来越近了I#39;m going to go a bit far right now, but this should be compulsory我可能想得有点远了,但我觉得每个人都应该做一下这个测试There would be no such thing as, like, extremism in the world, if people knew their heritage like that如果人们知道他们继承的血统是这个样子,世界上就不会有像极端主义这样的事情Like, who would be stupid enough to think of such a thing as, like, a pure race?就好像,谁还会愚昧到想出像纯净种族这样的东西?In a way, we#39;re all kind of cousins, in a broad sense这样看来,从广义上说,我们都是兄弟In a much more direct sense. You have a cousin, in this room更直接点,你有一个表亲,就在这个房间里Uh uh… Turn around, and guess who it is. Waj? Yeah, what#39;s that?呃呃……转过头,猜猜会是谁。Waj?恩,怎么了?Why don#39;t you come down here and meet your cousin? Oh my God…何不下来见见你的表亲?我的天……Did you know that? I didn#39;t, I had no idea… this is like…你已经知道了?不,我毫不知情……那个……My heart#39;s pounding right now, I swear to God我的心脏在砰砰跳,我对天发誓I#39;m Jay from everywhere by the s of this根据上面所写,我是来自世界各地的JayI#39;m a real man of the world. That#39;s beautiful, thank you我是真正的世界之子。真美,谢谢你们So would you like to travel to all of these places?那么你想要去所有这些地方旅行吗?Yeah! Hell yeah! Oh yeah是的!当然是!必须的! Article/201705/507398呼兰区保胎哪家医院最好的Bryan fights back.布赖恩还击了He undertakes the country#39;s first whistle-stop press tour.他开创了在小地方短暂停留发表演说的先河Criss-crossing the nation and speaking directly to the people.他巡回全国各地与人们直接交谈The tour becomes the model for the way Presidential campaigns are conducted to this day.这种巡回演讲模式直到今天都是总统竞选的惯用方式Bryan gives over 500 speeches to huge crowds across the country.布赖恩面对人山人海在全国做了五百多场演讲I will put rings in the noses of these hogs.我会给这些畜生系上绳子Publicly attacking the nation#39;s richest and most powerful men and vowing to usher in a whole new era.公开抨击国家最富有最强大的人 并声称要引领一个全新的时代As Bryan#39;s campaign gains traction, the nation#39;s leading industrialists turn to fear tactics.随着布赖恩的竞选势头加快 这些领头的实业家转向了恐惧策略Many big employers-- many big industrialists said, ;if Bryan wins this election, business is going to be so bad we#39;re simply closing shop.许多大雇主 大实业家说如果布赖恩赢了这次选举 生意就没法做了 我们只是关门So, if Bryan wins on election Tuesday, don#39;t bother showing up for work on the next day because there won#39;t be jobs.;所以如果周二的选举布赖恩赢了 第二天就不用来上班了 因为工作都没有了Well, if you#39;re a worker and this is something that confronts you, you#39;re going to think very seriously--even if you had been intending to vote for Bryan, which way does...maybe your heart leans towards Bryant, but where does your pocketbook point.你要是工人而又举棋不定的话 你可要想清楚了 就算你本来准备选布赖恩 心理上倾向于他 但是你的钱袋又倾向于谁呢 但是 你的钱袋子呢On election day the lines are drawn.选举日那天分成了两大阵营It#39;s Wall Street versus Main Street, rich versus poor.是华尔街与缅因街 富人与穷人之间的较量One of the things of an evolving society is that--is the wealth distribution and it#39;s clear that we argue about today has a corner in every politics.社会的发展总会面临财富分配的问题 显然这是我们当今争论的焦点 是政治的核心所在Is it better with wealth in the hands of a few, versus distributing among the many, whether from a moral or an economic point of view.财富是集中在少数人手中好 还是在众人之间分配的好 这是道义上以及经济上的一大问题 Article/201606/451375黑龙江省维多利亚妇科医院哪个医生好

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