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2019年10月14日 21:53:26 | 作者:健养生 | 来源:新华社
A nine-year-old boy from Morden, Manitoba, Canada, has taken up the lost art of letter writing — and he#39;s not writing to just anyone, he#39;s written to every world leader for whom he could find a mailing address.加拿大马尼托巴省莫登的一名九岁男孩重拾起消逝的写信艺术,而且他的信不是写给随便什么人的,而是给那些他能找到邮寄地址的各国领导人们。Levi Voth has written more than 230 letters and he#39;s received 27 responses.利维·沃斯已经寄出了230多封信,并且收到了27封回信。Among the 27 countries that responded to the nine-year-old#39;s request for information: Andorra, Germany, Brazil, Liechtenstein and North Korea.给9岁小男孩回信的27个国家包括:安道尔共和国、德国、巴西、列敦士登和朝鲜。;I#39;m always pretty happy when I get a letter back,; Voth said, but he thinks his favourite response was the one from North Korea, often called the Hermit Kingdom, due to its lack of interest in pursuing international diplomatic relations.沃斯说:“在收到回信时我非常的开心!”不过,他说他收到的最喜欢的回复来自朝鲜。人们通常称之为幽闭国度,因为他们对国际外交关系没什么兴趣。;I really wasn#39;t expecting one from there,; he added. ;They didn#39;t say anything, they just sent me some newspapers and some books.;他说:“我没想到他们会给我回复,他们什么也没写,只是寄给我一些报纸和书籍。”Voth told C#39;s Radio Noon that it has been a learning experience for him, ;Andorra, I had no clue about. Same with Lithuania and Lichtenstein.;沃斯在C的午间广播中说这对他来说是一种学习经历,“完全不了解安道尔共和国,立陶宛和列敦士登也不太知道。”Voth said he got the idea from a book his father to him, ;I thought it would be pretty cool to write letters to all the world leaders.;沃斯称他的想法产生于他父亲给他读的一本书。他觉得给世界各地的领导人写信很酷。Voth asked very specific questions to the leaders:沃斯对这些领导人问了一些细节的问题:If I went to your country, what should I make sure I see or do on my visit?如果我去你的国家,我一定要看或要做的事情是什么?What are you really proud about in your country?你们国家什么最让你自豪?What would you like the whole world to know about your country?你愿意让整个世界了解你们国家的什么方面?What is the best thing about living in your country?在你的国家生活,最好的事情是什么?If you could change one thing in your country, what would it be?如果你能够改变你们国家的一件事,那会是什么?;And at the bottom I wrote, #39;I can#39;t wait to hear back from you. If you#39;re ever in Manitoba, Canada I would like to go for ice cream with you,; Voth said.沃斯说:“在信的结尾,我是这么写的,#39;我迫不及待地想要收到你的回信,如果你在加拿大马尼托巴省的话,我想跟你一起吃冰淇淋。’”Botswana advised Voth that if he were ever in the country, to visit the Okavango Delta, which was listed as a World Heritage Site in 2014.Denmarktold him to check out Dyrehavsbakken, the world#39;s oldest operating amusement park.兹瓦纳在回信中建议沃斯,如果他来这个国家的话,记得参观奥卡万戈三角洲,这里在2014年被列入世界文化遗产。丹麦建议他去巴肯游乐场玩一玩,那是目前还开放的世界上最古老的游乐场。Voth said his next project will be to write to all the provinces in Canada and states in the U.S.沃斯说他下一个计划是写信给加拿大所有的省和美国所有的州。 /201506/382908Here’s the thing: I would prefer to be in no-pants land all day and night. Unfortunately, people exist, and inevitably, so does judgement, but with these 10 pajamas you can wear in real life (and in any kind of wardrobe), you’ll have no problem putting on clothes and hitting the door. Because who doesn’t want to spend all day in soft PJs?很多人喜欢整天整夜地处于无裤日的状态。不幸的是,人的存在是不可避免的。不过,有10款你可以穿出去的睡衣,谁不想无拘无束的呢。1. This Long Sleeved Dress长袖连衣裙2. The Overall Jammies连体睡衣3. The Preppy Nightie校园风睡衣4. The Summer Florals夏日碎花睡衣5. The Boho Frock波西米亚风睡衣6、 The Classic Black Robe经典黑色长袍7、This Silky Set丝绸套装Vocabulary:1、floral英 [#39;fl爂()l; #39;fl-] 美 [#39;fl爂夀氂崀昀氀漀爀愀氀 [#39;fl:r氂崀adj。花的;由花制成的;像花的;描绘花的[F-]关于佛罗拉的,花神的植物区系的;植物群的2、boho[#39;boho]adj. 波希米亚式的;放荡不羁的;颓废派文化人的n. 无用的人;废物3、robe英 [r訂戂崀 美 [rob]n. 长袍,礼;制vi. 穿长袍vt. 使穿长袍n. (Robe)人名;(德、罗、塞)罗贝;(英、法)罗布 /201507/386183The U.S. government will publish sweeping new rules on Tuesday requiring chain restaurants and large vending machine operators to disclose calorie counts on s to make people more aware of the risks of obesity posed by fatty, sugary foods.美国政府于25日出台一项食品行业新规定,要求连锁餐馆和大型自动售货机商家在菜单中标明食物所含的卡路里,以提醒人们高脂高糖食物会带来肥胖的风险。;Obesity is a national epidemic that affects millions of Americans,; Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg told reporters on a conference call on Monday.“肥胖已成为一项全国通病,影响了数百万美国人,”美国国家食品和药物(Food and Drug Administration)专员玛格利特·汉伯格(Margaret Hamburg)在24日的电话会议上告诉记者。;Strikingly, Americans eat and drink about a third of their calories away from home.;“美国人摄入的卡路里中有约三分之一来自于在外就餐,这很令人惊讶。”The FDA#39;s new rules, which are part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, set a national standard for restaurant chains with 20 or more outlets.食品和药物出台的这项新规定是2010年美国平价医疗法案(Affordable Care Act)的一部分,适用于全美范围内拥有20家及以上连锁店的餐厅。Under the rules, calories must be displayed on all s and boards. Other nutritional information - including calories from fat, cholesterol, sugars and protein - must be made available in writing upon request.它规定所有的菜单和菜单板上必须标明卡路里数。其他营养成分的信息如脂肪、胆固醇、糖类和蛋白质所含的卡路里信息,如有要求,也必须能够以书面形式提供。The new calorie rule covers meals at sit-down restaurants, take-out food, bakery items, ice cream from an ice-cream store and pizza, which will be labeled by the slice and whole pie. Seasonal items, such as a Thanksgiving dinner, daily specials and standard condiments will be exempt.餐馆内就餐、外卖、面包店内、冰淇淋店内的食物都必须遵循这一规则,比萨也会按每片或整张标记卡路里;但这一规则不包括时令性菜单如感恩节晚餐、每日特卖和标准调味品。The final rule, unlike a 2011 proposal, includes movie theaters, amusement parks and alcoholic beverages served in restaurants, but not drinks mixed or served at a bar.最终版本与2011年提案有所不同,它包含了电影院、游乐园内的食物和餐厅提供的酒精饮料,但不包括调制饮品和酒吧提供的饮品。Restaurants have one year and vending machine operators have two years to comply with the new rules following publication in the Federal Register.联邦公报公布后,餐厅的调整期限为一年,而售卖机为两年。Panera B Co in 2010 became the first company to voluntarily display calorie information at all its cafes nationwide. Others, including McDonald#39;s Corp and Starbucks Corp, followed suit.2010年帕尼罗面包连锁餐厅(Panera B Co)成为第一家自愿在全国范围内的咖啡馆里标明卡路里的公司。其他公司像麦当劳和星巴克也效仿了这一做法。The agency said it amended its proposals after considering more than 1,100 comments from industry, public health advocates and consumers.管理机构称,食品行业、公共卫生倡议者和消费者对此提案提出了一千一百多条建议,他们在考虑过这些提议之后进行了修订。It narrowed the scope to clearly focus on restaurant-type food. Still, there are nuances: Foods such as deli meat bought at a grocery store counter will be excluded. But the rules will apply to food eaten in grocery stores, such as meals purchased at in-house cafes.它缩小了针对的食品范围,仅限于餐厅类食物。但这一概念本身也有细微差别:不包含像是在杂货店柜台买的熟食这一类食物。但在杂货店里吃的食物,如在咖啡馆里买了在店里吃就需要遵循这项规则。Hamburg acknowledged that calorie counts for pizza slices and many other foods made on the premises will vary. Restaurants may draw on databases, cookbooks and food package labels to calculate calories.汉伯格承认不同店里披萨片和其他食物所标注的卡路里会有所不同。餐厅可以根据数据库、食谱和食物包装上的标签来计算卡路里。The restaurant industry has supported a national standard for years and welcomed the changes.餐厅行业多年来持这一规则成为全国标准,并欢迎这一变化。;We believe that the Food and Drug Administration has positively addressed the areas of greatest concern,; said Dawn Sweeney, chief executive of the National Restaurant Association, which represents 990,000 restaurant and food-service outlets.美国国家餐馆协会(the National Restaurant Association)代表了99万家餐厅和食品专卖店。其首席执行官道恩·斯威尼(Dawn Sweeney)说,“我们相信国家食品和药物已经积极地处理了这一广受关注的问题”。Not all industry groups were satisfied.并不是所有行业都满意这一规则。;We are disappointed that the FDA#185;s final rules will capture grocery stores, and impose such a large and costly regulatory burden on our members,; said Peter Larkin, president and CEO of the National Grocers Association.美国食品杂货商协会(the National Grocers Association)主席兼任首席执行官彼得·拉金(Peter Larkin)说,“国家食品和药物出台的这项规则的最终版本将包括杂货店,会给我们的成员施加沉重的规则负担和经济压力”。National Automatic Merchandising Association, representing the food and refreshment vending industry, said it will ;reserve judgment; on the impact on the industry, but said that two years was insufficient ;implementation time;, especially for small businesses.美国自动售货协会(National Automatic Merchandising Association)作为食品和甜点售卖行业的代表,表示对这个规则所带来的影响持“保留”态度,但称两年不足以让企业尤其是小企业适应这一规则。The rules aim to close a gap in the 1990 Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, which established nutrition labeling on most foods, but not restaurant or other y-to-eat foods.1990颁布的《营养标识和教育法》(Nutrition Labeling and Education Act)规定大多数食物必须标明营养成分,但没包含餐厅和其他即食食物。这项规则旨在对此进行改善。Katie Bengston, Panera#39;s nutrition manager, said labeling has not affected its business: ;We did not notice a jump in sales from higher calorie items to lower calorie items.;帕奈拉冷饮西餐厅(Panera)营养经理凯蒂·本斯顿(Katie Bengston)则表示在菜单上标明卡路里这一变化对生意没有影响,“我们没有看到高卡路里食物销售额猛降和低卡路里食物销量猛增”。 /201412/346027

BEIJING — China is spending hundreds of billions of dollars annually in an effort to become a leader in biomedical research, building scores of laboratories and training thousands of scientists.北京——为了成为生物医学研究领域的领军者,中国正在每年投入数以亿计的资金,用来建设上百座的实验室,培养成千上万的科学家。But the rush to the front ranks of science may come at a price: Some experts worry that medical researchers in China are stepping over ethical boundaries long accepted in the West.但是,这种急于跻身科学界前列的做法,可能会带来一些问题:一些专家担心,中国的医学研究人员正在跨越西方长期遵循的伦理界限。Scientists around the world were shocked in April when a team led by Huang Junjiu, 34, at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, published the results of an experiment in editing the genes of human embryos.今年4月,34岁的黄军就在广州中山大学领导的一个科研团队发表了修改人类胚胎基因的实验结果,震惊了世界各地的科学家。The technology, called Crispr-Cas9, may one day be used to eradicate inheritable illnesses. But in theory, it also could be used to change such traits as eye color or intelligence, and to ensure that the changes are passed on to future generations.这项技术名为CRISPR-Cas9,有朝一日或许可以会被用于根除遗传疾病。但在理论上,它也可以用来改变眼睛颜色和智商这样的遗传特征,并让这种变异传递到后代身上。Dr. Huang and his colleagues tried to modify a gene that causes a blood disorder called beta-thalassemia. The experiment failed in 85 embryos. Even so, to many in global science, it was a line that should not have been crossed.黄军及其同事试图修改导致血液疾病β-地中海贫血的一个基因。在85个胚胎上,实验都失败了。即便如此,在全球科学界的很多人看来,这条界限不应该被跨越。Scientists in the West generally abjure this sort of research on the grounds that it amounts to genetic engineering of humans. In any event, the technology is still in the earliest stages of development.西方科学家普遍止步于这一类研究的门外,理由是它相当于开展人类基因工程。无论如何,这项技术仍处于发展的最早期阶段。“The consensus among the scientific community is, ‘not for now,’ ” said Huso Yi, the director of research at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Centre for Bioethics.“科学界的共识是,‘现在不要做,’”香港中文大学生命伦理中心研究总监李湖树表示。Yet Chinese scientists seem in no mood to wait.然而,中国的科学家似乎无心等待。“I don’t think China wants to take a moratorium,” Mr. Yi said. “People are saying they can’t stop the train of mainland Chinese genetics because it’s going too fast.”“我认为中国不会想要中止行动,”李湖树说。“大家在说中国大陆遗传学的滚滚车轮无法阻止,因为跑得太快了。”China is quickly building infrastructure for scientific research.中国正在快速推进科研基础设施的建设。In 2013, the last year for which statistics are available, the state invested more than 1.18 trillion renminbi, or 0 billion, which is more than 2 percent of its gross domestic product, in “the development of scientific research and experimentation,” according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics.现已公布的最新统计数据来自2013年。中国国家统计局的资料显示,中国在“科学研发和实验”上投入了逾1.18万亿元人民币,超过国内生产总值的2%。In 2011, the state invested about 0 billion, or 1.84 percent of its G.D.P., the bureau said.国家统计局的资料还显示,2011年,中国在这方面的投入为8680亿元,相当于国内生产总值的1.84%。“The gap between China’s new bioscience technologies and that of the West is closing,” said Zhao Xiaomei, a member of the country’s National Medical Ethical Committee and a professor at Peking Union Medical College.“在新的生物科学技术上,中国跟发达国家的差距,是日益在缩小,”中国医学伦理委员会成员、北京协和医科大学教授翟晓梅说。But the research juggernaut is gathering momentum in a country where training in ethics for scientists was introduced, under pressure from the West, only a dozen years ago.不过在中国,这股宏大的科研力量正在不断向前推进。仅仅从十几年前开始,中国才在西方的压力下对科学家进行伦理教育。“The ‘red line’ in the West and in China are not too similar,” Deng Rui, a medical ethicist at Shanxi Medical University, said in a telephone interview. “Ethics are a question of culture, and that is about tradition, especially where it touches on human life.”“西方国家和中国的“红线”不太一样,”山西医科大学医学伦理学专家邓蕊接受电话采访时表示。“伦理是文化问题,与传统有关,特别是在人类生命方面。”“Confucian thinking says that someone becomes a person after they are born. That is different from the ed States or other countries with a Christian influence, where because of religion they may feel research on embryos is not O.K.”“儒家思想认为生而为人。这与美国或其他受基督教影响的国家不同。由于宗教的关系,这些国家可能感觉做胚胎研究是不可行的。”The state does set limits, Ms. Deng said: “Our ‘red line’ here is that you can only experiment on embryos that are younger than 14 days old.”邓蕊表示,国家确实设定了限制,“我们的‘红线’是只有14天以内的人类胚胎可以用于实验研究。”The proscription is contained in a document issued by the health and science ministries in 2003. It now urgently needs updating, she said.卫生部和科技部2003年联合颁布的一份文件下达了上述禁令。邓蕊表示,这一规定现在亟需更新。Chinese scientists adhere to globally accepted ethical and scientific norms, said Ms. Zhai Xiaomei, a member of the country’s National Medical Ethical Committee and a professor at Peking Union Medical College.翟晓梅教授称,中国科学家遵从国际认可的伦理和科学规范。But many scientists experience pressure not to do so, she acknowledged.但她承认,很多科学家承受着要他们不这么做的压力。“Inside China, there are people who are opposed to international standards, citing cultural differences,” Ms. Zhai said. “This force is actually quite powerful sometimes.”“我们国内有一些人以文化差异背景不同为由来反对国际准则,”翟晓梅说。“国内这个势力有的时候挺强大的。”“For example, they say we should use our homegrown Confucian thoughts to solve problems, as those international standards are from the West while we have our Eastern culture. But we absolutely disagree with this point of view.”“比如说我们要用儒家的思想,可以解决很多东西,要用我们本土的,国际准则是西方的东西,我们是东方的文化。但我们是坚决不同意这个观点的。”In the case of Dr. Huang’s experiment, the national committee decided that it was ethically acceptable because it “was not for reproductive purposes,” Ms. Zhai said, a stance that surprised some overseas scientists.翟晓梅表示,对于黄军就的实验,中国医学伦理委员会判定这在伦理上是可以接受的,因为它“并不是以生殖为目的”。这种立场出乎了一些外国科学家的意料。“They chose to use embryos that would soon be destroyed. So far, we have been regarding it as a very fundamental research, instead of interventions in or editing of germ cells,” Ms. Zhai said.“他们选择的是马上就要毁掉的胚胎。所以到目前为止我们把它看作是非常非常基础的一个研究,而没有把它看作是对生殖细胞的干预,或者叫‘编辑’,” 翟晓梅说。But she struck a warning note: “If you want to edit genes in germ cells with the intention of using this right away, it’s absolutely not O.K., because the technology has yet to become mature.”但她也发出了警告,“如果你要做生殖细胞的编辑,而且要马上把它用上,那绝对是不行的,因为你现在技术是不成熟的。”Disturbed by the recent study, Rao Yi, a professor of biology and director of the four-year-old Center of Life Sciences at Peking University, run jointly with Tsinghua University, warned that scientific research in China urgently needed more effective ethical oversight.最近的这项研究让北京大学-清华大学生命科学联合中心主任、生物学教授饶毅备受困扰。他警告称,中国的科学研究亟需更加有效的伦理监督。该联合中心成立了四年。“The more technology we have, the more dangerous we are to ourselves and entire humankind,” Mr. Rao said.“我们掌握的技术越多,我们对自己和整个人类来说就越危险,”饶毅说。Chinese scientists are generally poorly paid, he said, but may receive a bonus of up to ,000 per article from the state for publishing in international scientific journals, providing financial incentives for pushing the boundaries.他表示,中国科学家通常收入较低,但如果在国际科学期刊发表文章,可能会收到国家发放的奖金,最多可达每篇20万元。这为推动他们突破限制提供了资金激励。“Do first, talk later” is the attitude of many, Mr. Rao and two colleagues wrote recently on iScientist, an online community for Chinese researchers.饶毅和另外两名华人科学家为面向中国科研人员的微信公众号“赛先生”担任主编。他们近期在上面写道,很多人抱有“先做了再说”的态度。A global medical ethics body run by the World Health Organization or the ed Nations should be set up to regulate scientific experimentation, Mr. Rao said.饶毅认为,世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)或联合国应该成立一家全球性的医学伦理监督机构,对科学实验加以规范。More unpleasant scientific surprises are looming, several scientists said. “Right now, human gene editing is the main thing,” Mr. Yi said. Geneticists in China “don’t want to be guided by Western people.”一些科学家表示,即将出现更多令人不快的科学新发现。“目前,人类基因编辑是焦点所在,”李湖树说。中国的遗传学家“不想受西方人的领导”。The mind-set among Chinese researchers, according to Mr. Yi: “ ‘We’re going to do it, then see what’s wrong, then fix it. But the conceptual discussion may be missing.’ ”李湖树称,中国研究人员的想法是,“我们先去做,然后看看有什么问题,再解决问题。但这中间可能缺少对观念的讨论。” /201507/383693

The January edition of the Parisian design and interiors trade fair Maison et Objet sets the tone for the year ahead. Sp over nine vast halls at the Parc des Expositions to the north of Paris, the show hosts 3,194 exhibitors and attracts 83,000 visitors over five days.今年初举办的巴黎Maison et Objet家居装饰览会为全年的室内设计风格确定了风向标。展会在巴黎北部世园(Parc des Expositions)的九个大展厅内举行,在为期五天的展览中,共有3194家参展商参会,吸引访客8.3万人。This year the theme was “make”, in response to growing interest in the process of how things are made across the design world — from the potter at the wheel to the engineer in the digital environment. This was evident in the lighting on show at the fair, where recent advances in low-energy bulb technology were incorporated artistically into many designs.今年的展会主题是“制造”,以回应对家居产品设计制作整个过程的越来越多的关注——从操作转轮的陶工到数字环境中的工程师。在本次览会举办的灯展中表现得尤为明显,最新的节能灯技术被巧妙地设计进诸多产品中。At Canadian company Bocci, Omer Arbel’s tactile new design, the 73 light, appears to float in the air like a cloud. “We are drawn to the ways of making new things, rather than the new things themselves,” he says. “With the 73 we explored the technique of blowing hot glass into a high-temperature-resistant ceramic fabric, so that the glass takes on not only the form but also the texture of the textile.”在加拿大Bocci公司的展台前,欧迈#8226;阿尔贝尔(Omer Arbel)设计的全新触摸式产品——73 节能灯——犹如空中飘浮的云朵。“我们着迷于制作全新产品的方法,而不是新产品本身。”他说。“通过制作73节能灯,我们掌握了如何把高温玻璃转变成抗高温陶瓷纤维的先进技术,玻璃成品不仅呈现出形状,而且还显露出织物的纹理结构。”An LED light source is positioned inside the 73 light, and the pendants can be clustered and their lengths staggered to create a cloud effect. More flexible than a chandelier, the result is arguably more like a bespoke piece of art.LED光源被放置在73节能灯内,然后收拢起吊灯,长长的吊灯错落有致,营造出云朵的效果。它比树形吊灯更为灵便,整件灯具更似一件高级定制的艺术品。The idea of lighting as a work of art was also explored at London-based Ochre, where a large grouping of its Seed Cloud pendant lights looks more like a sculptural installation. Each bronze bud has a solid glass drop hanging from it through which light from a tiny LED is magnified. “It’s like a bronze eyelid for the glass,” says co-founder Joanna Bibby. “When something is handmade it can’t have a manufactured feel.”伦敦Ochre公司也成功地把节能灯打造成艺术品,它们制作的Seed Cloud大型组合吊灯就如同一件雕塑装置。从每个铜质吊头悬挂一个立体玻璃小圆球,微小的LED光源通过它得以大幅放大。“这就好比给玻璃安上了铜质眼睑,”联合创始人乔安娜#8226;毕比(Joanna Bibby)说。“手工制作的产品,不可能有规模化生产的感觉。”Wonderglass is a relatively new London-based lighting company, established by Italian father and son Maurizio and Christian Mussati, which aims to inspire “wonder” with its thoughtful creations. In the past year it has launched design-led chandelier ranges including John Pawson’s Sleeve, Claesson Koivisto Rune’s Grappa and Zaha Hadid’s Luma.Wonderglass是一家成立时间不长的伦敦灯具公司,它由来自意大利的一对父子莫瑞吉奥与克里斯蒂安#8226;莫萨蒂(Maurizio and Christian Mussati)创办,旨在用创意十足的产品激发“神奇”效果。过去一年,公司推出了强调设计的树形灯系列:约翰#8226;帕森(John Pawson)的Sleeve灯、克莱松#8226;卡尔维斯托#8226;卢恩(Claesson Koivisto Rune)设计的Grappa灯以及扎哈#8226;哈迪德(Zaha Hadid)设计的Luma灯。The Flow [T] light by Nao Tamura is made from blown Venetian glass and is designed to look like the reflections of the city’s buildings in the water. Available in turquoise/green lagoon, this year the Flow [T] was also launched in white.田村奈惠(Nao Tamura)制作的The Flow灯使用棕色玻璃材质,并设计成城市建筑物水中倒影模样。天蓝色与绿色瀉湖款目前有售,今年the Flow [T]还推出了自己的白色款式。Creating statements with a strong silhouette is what Tom Dixon does best — he has led the trend for multiple pendant lights and the use of copper and brass. His Plane pendant plays with simple minimalist forms and geometry — looked at from any angle, it is always a full sphere. Dixon’s Beat collection is designed to be hung in a cluster of varying heights to resemble a landscape. The brass lights are spun and hand-beaten by skilled craftsmen in northern India. This year the range will be painted in matt grey.打造带有超强剪影的灯具是汤姆#8226;狄克逊(Tom Dixon)的拿手绝活——他是多盏吊灯及运用铜材的流行时尚引领者。他的Plane吊灯摆弄出极简主义造型与几何图形——从任何一个角度欣赏,永远是实心球的模样。狄克逊的Beat灯具系列设计成各种不同高度的悬挂式吊灯束,宛如美仑美奂的风景画。铜灯由印度北部的能工巧匠手工延展锻造而成。今年推出的灯具系列将使用哑灰色。At French company Le Deun, the high-glamour spherical Micro lights and newly launched vanity mirrors are illuminated by strips of LEDs on the inside of their frames.在法国公司Le Deun的展台上,美不胜收的Micro球形灯与新推出的梳妆镜由镜框内侧的LED条灯照射,煞是好看。Blackbody is one of the only lighting companies working with OLEDs — organic LEDs, which are more usually found in television or mobile phone screens. They are glare-free, heat-free and recyclable. Each bulb is a flat disc, nicknamed a “pixel”, and the company works with Thierry Gaugain, formerly head of design at Philippe Starck. His I.Rain pendants can be installed in any number and formation, while the new O Mi Kami chandelier can be configured in any size and has shades made of Murano glass.Blackbody是为数不多运用有机发光二极管(OLED)技术的公司之一。有机发光二极管技术更多地应用于电视及手机屏幕上,它有无眩光、不散热以及利于回收的优点。每个灯管呈扁平碟状(美其名曰“像素”),公司与菲力浦#8226;史塔克(Philippe Starck)前设计总监蒂埃里#8226;戈甘(Thierry Gaugain)合作。戈甘设计的I.Rain吊灯能以任意灯管数及形状安装,而新推出的O Mi Kami树形灯则可以设置成任意大小,并使用Murano玻璃灯罩。There were more cloudscapes at Canadian company Molo, which launched the XXL Cloud Softlight, measuring two metres in diameter, to add to its existing Cloud Softlight mobiles, which are inspired by the work of Alexander Calder. These soft, luminous forms float benignly above people’s heads while casting a subtle light and aiding acoustic absorption.加拿大公司Molo则设计了更多的云状灯具产品,它推出了直径达2米的巨型Cloud Softlight无影灯,为现有的活动型Cloud Softlight系列“添丁”,该巨型灯的设计灵感来自亚历山大#8226;考尔德(Alexander Calder)的艺术作品。这些柔美的灯具优雅地“悬浮”于参观者头顶上方,同时又照射出淡雅的灯光,此外它还具有一定的吸音效果。First Light, a ceramic pendant in black, white and terracotta by London-based Another Country, is more humble in design than some of the larger-scale pieces, but tells that all-important maker story. The pendants are made from handcrafted stoneware with brass-turned parts.First Light是由伦敦灯具公司Another Country推出,是包括了黑色、白色以及赤褐色的吊灯系列,相比某些巨型灯件,它的设计风格更为简约,但却完整展示了关键的制作过程。吊灯由石件手工打造而成,其它部件则用黄铜制品。“For me, it’s about longevity, what is au courant now will be obsolete next year,” says Paul de Zwart, founder of Another Country. “It has to have been made in an authentic way and not just be judged on its look. It’s about doing it right all the way through.”“在我看来,灯具的使用寿命最为重要,当前的最新款式一到明年就会过时,”Another Country创始人保罗#8226;德兹瓦特(Paul de Zwart)说。“任何灯具的制作必须一丝不苟,而不能仅从外观判断。必须至始至终保质量。”In keeping with this set of values, de Zwart sells items created by the Brooklyn-based Workstead studio, which designs and makes functional, industrial-style lighting. The Workstead Chandelier, available in black steel or polished brass, is an example of the desire for honesty and quality in both materials and production. It can be configured in multiple ways and hangs like a piece of sculpture from the ceiling.为了确保自己的这套质量观,德兹瓦特只销售布鲁克林Workstead工作室设计的灯具,该工作室设计及制作实用型厂灯风格的灯具。目前市场销售的The Workstead Chandelier树形灯用碳钢与抛光的黄铜制作而成,是体现材质与制作过程讲究诚信与质量至上的范例。它可以随意搭配成多种形状,悬挂起来后就犹如一件精美的雕塑作品。“Now it’s about lighting as decoration and function, whereas in the past it was just relied upon for function,” says Melissa Musson, a lighting buyer for the furniture store Heal’s. “This has enabled us to get more creative with the design of a piece.”“如今的灯具需要集美观与实用性于一身,而在过去,往往只是注重实用,”英国家居店Heal’s灯具采购员梅利莎#8226;穆森(Melissa Musson)说。“这将促使我们推出更具设计创意的灯具产品。” /201504/372024

There are few worse countries to be a woman than Saudi Arabia. Yet the kingdom’s recent adoption of four weeks paid leave means Saudi women now have better maternity benefits than their US counterparts.对于女性而言,几乎没有比沙特阿拉伯更糟糕的国家了。然而,沙特阿拉伯最近实行的四周带薪产假政策意味着,沙特阿拉伯女性现在的产假福利高于美国。American women’s surprisingly weak work benefits are now belatedly coming into the spotlight. Hillary Clinton’s White House bid took a long time to get off the ground. But if she can stir the female vote, as her campaign aims to do, the White House is hers to lose. Women vote in higher numbers than men. They also hold the key to America’s economic future.美国女性的工作福利低得惊人,这点现在才开始引起人们的关注。希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)也经历了很长时间才宣布竞选总统。但如果她能激发女性选民的投票,一如她的竞选活动所计划的,那么她入主白宫将胜算很大。在美国,女性投票率高于男性。她们也是美国经济未来的关键。Mrs Clinton virtually ignored her gender in her 2008 campaign. The prospect of electing America’s first black president overshadowed that other big glass ceiling. Because of her familiarity, it is easy to underestimate her potential to excite women in 2016. In the US, black men received the vote more than half a century before women. Black turnout for Barack Obama was a strong factor in his 2008 landslide. Women could do the same for Mrs Clinton. The gap in turnout is aly wide (63.7 per cent of US women voted in 2012, versus 59.8 per cent of men). If Mrs Clinton could extend that by a couple of points, her electoral maths would be decisive.在2008年总统大选中,希拉里几乎忽略了她的性别。选出美国首位黑人总统的前景,让人忽视了女性同样面对着巨大的“玻璃天花板”。由于她被人熟知,人们很容易低估她在2016年激发女性热情的潜力。在美国,黑人男性获得选举权的时间要比女性早半个多世纪。对于巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)而言,黑人选民是他在2008年以绝对优势入主白宫的一个有力因素。女性也可能会将希拉里送入白宫。男女投票人数差距已经拉大(2012年美国女性投票率为63.7%,男性为59.8%)。如果希拉里能够把差距再提高几个百分点,那么她将稳操胜券。The women’s vote is Mrs Clinton’s potential gold mine. But it is also her pitfall. Any sense that she is pandering to one slice of the electorate — even if it makes up more than half of it — could backfire. Many women (and men) revile Mrs Clinton as a manipulative figure who owes her career to her husband. Women lean more Democratic than Republican, but most do not vote on a candidate’s gender. Moreover, at 67, Mrs Clinton suffers from an age gap. In 2008, Mr Obama won more young women’s votes in the Democratic primaries than Mrs Clinton, although she received marginally more of the female vote overall. She cannot expect to shift the gender gap simply by declaring that her election would make history. She will need to incite women’s hopes without alienating men. As it happens,a majority of both belong to America’s squeezed middle class.女性选民的选票是希拉里的潜在金矿。但这也是她的陷阱。如果她让人有任何她在迎合某一部分选民的感觉,即使这部分人构成总选民半数以上,都可能会产生反作用。很多女性(以及男性)斥责希拉里是一个靠丈夫走上政治生涯、善于玩手腕的人。比起共和党,女性更倾向于民主党,但大多数女性不会根据候选人的性别投票。此外,67岁的希拉里在年龄差距上也要吃亏。2008年,奥巴马在民主党初选中获得的年轻女性的选票比希拉里更多,尽管后者在女性总体投票中略占优势。她不能指望仅仅通过宣称自己的胜选将创造历史,来改变性别差距。她必须既激起女性的希望,又不疏远男性选民。凑巧的是,两者中的大多数都属于美国受到挤压的中产阶级。There was a time when promising to revive US manufacturing would have done the trick. But most voters sense that “reshoring” is a chimera, at least in terms of jobs. Besides, Mrs Clinton tried that line in 2008 and lost — and most of the blue collar jobs that had vanished were male. Mrs Clinton’s challenge in today’s post-meltdown economy is very different. Women bear the brunt of the trend towards part-time work in casualised industries. They also have a far rawer deal than in most other advanced economies. Alone among wealthy democracies, American women have no right to paid maternity leave, no federal support for childcare facilities and very few protections if they get pregnant. Under a bill passed in Bill Clinton’s first year as president, Americans are entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid parental leave. Nothing has been added since then. Almost no men avail of it, according the Center for American Progress, a Washington think-tank. Perhaps they would if it was worth their while.曾有一段时间,承诺重振美国制造业本可以一箭双雕。但大多数选民都感到制造业“回流”只是一种幻想——至少在增加工作机会方面。此外,希拉里2008年已尝试过这一路线但失败了,而且大部分已消失的蓝领工作都是男性从事的。在目前后危机时代的经济中,希拉里面临截然不同的挑战。在临时工化行业的兼职趋势中,女性往往是首当其冲。比起其他大多数发达经济体,她们的待遇也糟糕得多。在富裕的民主国家中,只有美国女性没有权利带薪休产假、没有联邦政府对儿童保育设施的资助,而且在怀期间很少受到保障。根据比尔#8226;克林顿(Bill Clinton)担任总统第一年期间通过的一项法案,美国人享有12周的无薪育婴假。从那时起,再没有增加。华盛顿智库美国进步中心(Center for American Progress)数据显示,几乎没有男性享用过这一权利。如果这样做是值得的话,也许他们会休育婴假。But the real scandal is America’s falling rate of female employment. Until 2000, the US female labour force participation rate climbed in parallel with those of other countries. Since then, it has dropped while it has continued to improve elsewhere. Only 75 per cent of US women between the ages of 25 and 54 are in work, compared to an average of 79 per cent in the other 22 advanced countries. A key reason is the weakness of women’s benefits. In places like Germany and Canada, the gap between men and women’s pay is far smaller than in the US. That is partly because far more men take parental leave. It is also because the US has much weaker childcare support. In almost half of US states, it costs more to put two kids in childcare than the average cost of housing. Little wonder so many women have been dropping out of work.但真正的丑闻在于美国女性就业率的下降。直到2000年,美国女性劳动参与率一直与其他国家同步攀升。自2000年以来,美国女性劳动参与率开始下降,而其他地区的该比率在继续上升。在25至54岁的美国女性中,仅有75%的人在工作,而其他22个发达经济体平均为79%。一个关键原因是职场女性福利的薄弱。在德国和加拿大等国家,男女收入的差距比美国小得多。部分原因在于更多男性休育婴假,也在于美国对儿童保育的持要弱得多。在美国将近一半的州里,把两个孩子托付给儿童保育机构的费用高于住房的平均费用。也难怪有如此多的女性退出职场。In this respect, Mrs Clinton’s candidacy comes at precisely the right moment. America’s biggest economic problem is its stagnant middle class. It will probably be the key issue in the 2016 presidential election. The most obvious remedy is to bring more women into the US workforce and keep them there. The larger the labour force, the longer the US Federal Reserve can keep interest rates low without triggering inflation. The more secure women feel in their jobs, the lower the turnover costs to business. It costs far more to find and train new employees than to retain them with decent benefits.在这一方面来讲,希拉里成为总统候选人正逢其时。美国最大的经济问题是中产阶层的停滞不前。这很可能将成为2016年总统大选中一个关键问题。最显而易见的解决办法是让更多女性进入职场,并留住她们。劳动力队伍越大,美联储(Fed)就可以把低利率维持得越久而不引发通胀。女性在工作中越是感到安全,企业的员工流失成本就越低。找到并培训新员工的成本,远高于以体面的福利留住他们的成本。The economic case is a no-brainer — The US is a generation late to the party. But the political case may be tougher to sell. In recent years, Democrats, including Mrs Clinton, have focused on the Republican “war on women”. Republican-controlled states have busily been making it harder to get abortions. They have also been restricting access to contraception. Mrs Clinton’s temptation will be to up that rhetorical ante. It would be a mistake. Republicans will do that for themselves. Her focus should be the US economy. Women’s issues are no longer just women’s issues, if they ever were. Their economic wellbeing is a key to lifting America’s long-term growth.从经济问题入手非常容易让人理解——在恢复繁荣上,美国已经迟到了一代人的时间。但从政治问题说别人或许就困难很多。近几年来,包括希拉里在内的民主党人把注意力集中在共和党人的“反妇女战争”(War on Women)上。共和党人控制的州一直忙于给堕胎设置更多障碍。这些州也一直给获得避务设限。希拉里将面临升级这方面论调的诱惑,不过这将是一个错误。共和党人自己将会这么做。希拉里的关注焦点应是美国经济。妇女问题如今不再仅仅是妇女问题,就算曾经是的话。妇女的经济福祉是提振美国的长期增长的一个关键因素。The more Mrs Clinton can make voters think about that, the likelier she is to turn the conversation her way.希拉里越是能让选民们想到这一点,她就越有可能让对话朝着对自己有利的方向发展。 /201504/369964

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