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搞笑诺贝尔奖(The Ig Nobel Prizes)是在美国举行的一项年度奖项,是对诺贝尔奖的搞笑模仿,其主要奖励那些“不同寻常”或者“细碎”的科学研究成果。之所以设立这个奖项,其目的是为了奖励那些“乍看起来让人发笑,但是随后发人深省”的研究工作。Here are the 10 winners of the 2012 Ig Nobel Prizes given to scientists, writers, and peacemakers who make silly but thoughtful contributions to the world, or as the Annals of Improbable Research puts it, ;first make people laugh, and then make them think.; I can vouch for them making us laugh!以下是2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖得奖名单,这些奖项被授予那些做出看起来愚蠢却又对世界有深度贡献的科学家、作家、和平缔造者们,或者用主办方《不可思议研究年报》的话来说就是奖励那些“乍看起来让人发笑,但是随后发人深省”的研究工作。我敢担保,这些发明绝对能使人们大笑!1. The 2012 Ig nobel Psychology Prize1. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之心理学奖To Anita Eerland and Rolf Zwaan [THE NETHERLANDS] and Tulio Guadalupe [PERU, RUSSIA, and THE NETHERLANDS] for their study “Leaning to the Left Makes the Eiffel Tower Seem Smaller.;来自荷兰的Anita Eerland和Rolf Zwaan,以及来自秘鲁的Tulio Guadalupe被授予心理学奖,其研究题目是《向左倚靠会让埃菲尔铁塔看上去更小一些》。2. The 2012 Ig Nobel Peace Prize2. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之和平奖To SKN Company in Russia for exploding old Russian ammunition and creating diamonds. Now that#39;s recycling!俄罗斯的SKN公司将老旧俄国弹药制作成钻石。这就是回收利用!3. The 2012 Ig Nobel Accoustics Prize3. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之声学奖To Japanese creators Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada for developing the SpeechJammer, a device that uses delayed auditory feedback to shut up participants in a discussion. This kind of system has been used in speech therapy to reduce stuttering among those with that particular speech disturbance.来自的日本的Kazutaka Kurihara和 Koji Tsukada被授予声学奖,以奖励他们发明的“沉默”——这是一种可以打断人说话的机器,其原理是让说话者听到自己稍有延迟的说话声音,这个装置可以治疗在特定演讲中容易结巴的人。4. The 2012 Ig Nobel Neuroscience Prize4. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之神经科学奖To Craig Bennett, Abigail Baird, Michael Miller, and George Wolford for demonstrating that brain researchers, using a combination of complicated equipment and simple statistics, can find meaningful brain activity anywhere, even in a dead fish.美国科学家Craig Bennett,Abigail Baird,Michael Miller,和George Wolford被授予搞笑神经科学奖,以奖励其在脑科学研究方面的贡献。他们的研究显示,利用复杂的设备加上简单的统计学方法,你几乎可以在任何地方得出有意义的脑活动研究结果——甚至是在一条死去的鱼身上也是如此!5. The 2012 Ig Nobel Chemistry Prize5. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之化学奖Andersl, Sweden was plagued by residents with green hair. Johan Pettersson discovered that there was too much copper in their water.Johan Pettersson被授予搞笑化学奖,以表彰其揭示了瑞典小城Anderslv居民的头发会变绿的原因,因为这里的水中含铜量太大。6. The 2012 Ig Nobel Prize for Literature6. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之文学奖Believe it or not, this prize went to the US Government General Accountability Office (GAO) for issuing a report that recommended a report about another report of reports recommending reports... or something like that.无论你相信与否,今年的搞笑文学奖被授予美国政府审计总署(GAO),以表彰他们发表的有关如何准备一份报告的报告的报告的报告……7. The 2012 Ig Nobel Physics Prize7. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之物理学奖You#39;d love to know the balance of forces that shape and move your ponytail, right? That#39;s why Joseph Keller, Raymond Goldstein, Patrick Warren and Robin Ball received this igNOMINIOUS prize!Joseph Keller、Raymond Goldstein、Patrick Warren和Robin Ball获此殊荣,他们的研究课题是“人类马尾辫中头发的运动及受力平衡”。8. The 2012 Ig Nobel Fluid Dynamics Prize8. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之流体力学奖To Rouslan Krechetnikov and Hans Mayer for studying the dynamics of liquid-sloshing, to learn what happens when a person walks while carrying a cup of coffee. I#39;ll give you a hint: it happens between step 7 and 10.Rouslan Krechetnikov和Hans Mayer对液体的溅出现象进行了研究。他们考察的课题是:人们在端着咖啡杯走动时咖啡的溅出情况,给你个提示吧,在你走到第七步至第十步之间,咖啡最容易溅出。9. The 2012 Ig Nobel Anatomy Prize9. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之解剖学奖To Frans de Waal [The Netherlands and USA] and Jennifer Pokorny [USA] for discovering that chimpanzees can recognize other chimpanzees from seeing photographs of their rear ends.具有荷兰和美国双重国籍的Frans de Waal和另一位美国科学家Jennifer Pokorny获得这一奖项,他们的研究确认黑猩猩可以通过辨认同类的屁股照片来认出不同的个体。10. The 2012 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine10. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之医学奖Gastroenterologists throughout the world will no doubt thank Emmanuel Ben-Soussan and Michel Antonietti for recommending ways that they can minimize patient#39; gas explosions while the docs perform colonoscopies.毫无疑问,全世界的肠胃病学家都会感谢Emmanuel Ben-Soussan和Michel Antonietti,因为他们的研究给出了医生该如何进行结肠镜检查的推荐,从而让他们的病人发生气体爆炸的可能性降至最低。 /201209/201264The shoulder cape is the perfect accessory for the woman who tends to get cold at work. Store one in a drawer at your office and simply pull it out and throw it on when you start getting chilly. The cape stays on-trend by drawing attention upward and outward toward your shoulders, and you don't have to worry about fit, as its designed to only cover your upper arms. 披肩是女人应对寒冷天气工作的绝佳配饰。在你的办公室抽屉里放上一条吧。当你感到寒意来袭的时候就可以非常方便的取出它来披在肩上。披肩让你的肩部四周都很吸引眼球,你不必担心是否合适,它的设计目的只是覆盖你的上臂而已。 /201110/158254Step 1 Be assertive1.果断Be assertive. Guys respond to directness, so don#39;t hint that you#39;d like a call every now and then. Even a simple, ;It#39;d be great if you called me this afternoon to go over our plans for the evening; will work.一定要果断。男孩们喜欢言简意赅,不要暗示你随时都希望他打电话。即使简单的一句,“如果你今天下午打电话给我商量一下晚上的计划就好了”,也比较好。Step 2 Give positive reinforcement2.积极的强调Give him positive reinforcement when he does get around to dialing. Sound happy to hear from him and you#39;ll train him to love giving you a ring instead of ding it.当他打电话给你的时候,一定要反应积极。表现出听到他的电话非常开心的样子,这样会训练他喜欢打电话给你,而不是讨厌。Step 3 Keep it short3.保持通话简短Keep the conversation brief – 10 minutes or less, and keep it light. Chances are, neither of you wants to get bogged down in endless chitchat.通话简短——最好控制在十分钟以内,而且语气要轻快。你们两人肯定都不想陷入没完没了的闲谈中。If he calls during the day, tell him you have a meeting in five minutes and can#39;t talk long. Leave him wanting more.如果他在白天打电话,告诉他你五分钟后要开会,不能说太久。让他更想给你打电话。Step 4 Be understanding4.理解Understand that many men like texting or e-mailing because they can seem funnier or smarter if they can proof their thoughts. If he sounds awkward during the call, let it go.要理解,许多男人喜欢发短信或邮件,因为如果能提前考虑他们的想法,他们会看上去更加有趣,更加聪明。如果在通话过程中他听上去有点尴尬,不要斤斤计较。Step 5 Have a last resort5.最后的妥协Call him as a last resort. He may follow suit and call you back.最后的手段就是,主动打电话给他。他会照做,回电话给你。The first cellular phone was a Motorola that weighed 2 pounds, offered a half hour of talk time, and sold for ,995 in 1984.1984年问世的第一部手机是托罗拉,重达2磅,可以提供半小时的通话时间,售价3,995美元。 /201301/218165

From June to August, three rural regions across Spain are transformed into otherworldly landscapes; trees in the heart of the cork forest are sheared of their bark, becoming brick-red sentinels with leafy tops that guard the woods. And this year, for the first time, visitors are able to experience the harvest with them.每年的6月到8月,西班牙的三处乡郊都会改头换面,现出一幅幅异世界般的风景:软木橡树林中央处的树木,被一棵棵剥掉了树皮,化身为一身砖红色的哨兵,头顶着繁茂枝叶,守卫着树林。而在今年,游客们首次有了到当地亲身感受软木橡树收割的机会。A new eco-tour allows travelers to watch the cork harvest and later follow donkeys carrying towering loads to one of the traditional pueblos blancos, towns whose buildings are painted stark white and which dot the countryside in Catalonia, Andalusia and Extremadura.一项新推出的生态游,让游客能够观赏软木橡树收割的现场,然后尾随着驴子,看着它们将堆得高高的木材驮入具有传统风情的白色村庄(pueblos blanco)——这些村庄里的建筑,全都漆成了朴实无华的白色,星星点点地散布于加泰罗尼亚(Catalonia)、安达卢西亚(Andalusia)和埃斯特雷马杜拉(Extremadura)的乡郊之间。The tour, From Bark to Bottle, leads participants on an 11-day trip through Spain’s cork trail to discover the lives of the harvesters, the forest’s biodiversity and the cultural and gastronomic heritage of the area — in essence, the cork’s path from tree to wine. Cork is a renewable resource; every year farmers go to a different part of their land to harvest, only returning to the same trees every nine years.这趟观光游名为“从树皮到酒瓶”(From Bark to Bottle),行程共计11天,带领游客穿过西班牙的软木橡树小径,探索收割者们的生活、森林环境的生物多样性以及该地区一代代传承下来的文化与美食——简而言之,就是软木橡树从树木到葡萄酒的变身之路。软木橡树是一种可再生资源:每年,农夫们都会选择当地的不同区域进行收割,每隔八年才会回到同一片树丛处再次收割。The tour, the brainchild of the ed States-based Cork Forest Conservation Alliance and the ecotourism companies Two Birds-One Stone and Namaste Viajes, lets 40 wine-loving tourists a year (10 on each of four tours) experience the cork harvest and its cultural, economic and social nuances.这项观光游由美国的软木橡树保护联盟(Cork Forest Conservation Alliance)与两家生态旅游公司一石二鸟(Two Birds-One Stone)、合掌旅游(Namaste Viajes)共同构想出的,在一年里让40名喜爱葡萄酒酒的游客(共计4趟旅程,每趟10人)感受软木橡树收割的过程及其在文化、经济和社会因素上的精妙之处。“We want people to come home from the trip having fallen in love with the people of the cork forest,” said Patrick Spencer, executive director of the alliance.“我们希望经历过这趟旅程的人,能够爱上软木橡树林里的人民,”联盟的执行董事帕特里克·斯宾塞(Patrick Spencer)说。The first leg of the ,500 trip explores Extremadura’s harvest in the southwest of Spain. Farmers there, in the heart of the cork forest, remove bark from the same trees used by their great-grandfathers. The intricate process takes only a few cuts before the harvesters peel the bark away like a sharpening pencil.这趟观光行程收费3500美元,第一站探索的是位于西班牙西南部的埃斯特雷马杜拉的收割现场。当地的农夫在软木橡树林的中央处,从他们的祖父辈就用过的同一批软木橡树上,将树皮一块块地取下。这项看似复杂的工作,只需要收割者先在树皮上砍上几刀,便可像削铅笔一样,轻松地将树皮剥除。In the expansive savannas there, visitors spend four days watching the harvest, eating lunch with farmers and trying their hand at slicing jamón, the salty slab of cured pork that Spain is famous for, on a farm where pigs are raised eating cork oak acorns. Nights are spent in either a high-end hotel tucked in to a refurbished medieval building or an agritourismo, a country estate nestled among cork trees.在广袤无垠的稀树草原上,游客将有四天的时间观看收割现场,与农夫们共进午餐,还可以尝试亲手片切风干火腿(jamón)——这是西班牙的特产,一种味道偏咸的厚块腌猪肉,所用猪肉全部取自农场里用软木橡树的橡子喂养的猪。夜间则要么下榻建在翻新后的中世纪建筑中的高端酒店,要么在置身于软木橡树间的乡村住宅农(agritourismo)里度过。Days 5 and 6 take travelers farther south to Andalusia, into Los Alcornocales National Park, the largest national park in Spain housing cork forestry. The focus shifts to food, with visits to artisanal cheese, wine and olive oil producers. The evening can be spent attending group dinners while watching burros carry loads of cork bark into town as the sun goes down. Two vans are available to participants, so early-risers have a chance to head back to the hotel, while others can enjoy a late evening out.第五天和第六天里,游客们会被带往安达卢西亚的更南处,深入软木橡树国家公园(Los Alcornocales National Park),这是西班牙境内软木橡树森林覆盖面积最大的国家公园。行程的重点则会转移到美食上,游客将被带领着造访当地的手工奶酪、葡萄酒和橄榄油制造商。夜间则可在日落时分,将大家全部聚在一起,一边观看驴子驮着软木橡树皮进镇,一边共进晚餐。这里有两辆货车可以搭载游客,因此习惯早睡早起的人可以先行乘车返回酒店,其余人则可继续逗留至深夜。The trip ends in Catalonia, in the mossy and forested northeast, with a visit to a 405-acre privately owned cork forest near the region’s rocky coastline, a sensory experience at the Cork Institute, a cork factory excursion, a small-production cava-maker tour, and a chance to eat fish bought that same morning at a fish auction.行程的终点设在加泰罗尼亚,位于遍布着青苔与绿森的东北地区,内容包括游览当地岩岸附近的一片面积达405英亩的私人软木橡树森林,在与软木橡树同名的科克理工学院(Cork Institute)内享受感官体验,到一间软木橡树加工厂远足,造访一间小型西班牙卡瓦起泡酒(cava)酒厂,还有机会吃到当天早上购自鱼市拍卖的鲜鱼。Stops include tiny towns the typical tourist doesn’t see, like ninth-century Ronda, the historic trading center with cobblestone roads and ancient churches that is modern bullfighting’s birthplace. Imagine a city divided by a deep canyon, traversed by an arched bridge reminiscent of a Roman aqueduct.途中逗留的地点,包括一般游客不会留意的小镇,譬如建于9世纪的龙达(Ronda),这是西班牙历史上的商业中心,镇内可见鹅卵石铺就的大路以及年代久远的教堂,现代的斗牛运动就发源于此。可以试着想象一下这样的风景:一座城市被一道深邃的峡谷隔成两半,中间一座颇有罗马时代水道桥风味的拱桥横跨两地。Cork bark is closely intertwined with the lives of the people in these regions.软木橡树的树皮与这些地方的百姓生活密切地交织在一起。“When you go to a little village of 600 people, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a cobbler or you sell cheese or you run a laundromat or you pump gas,” Mr. Spencer said. “All of the money that’s coming into your village is coming from cork, so everyone is invested. There’s an intimacy between the people of the cork forest and their trees.”“如果你去的是一座仅有600人的小村庄,不管你是补鞋匠,卖奶酪的,还是开自动洗衣店的,甚至开采天然气的,都无所谓,”斯宾塞说道。“所有流入这座村庄的财富都来自软木橡树,因此每一个人都牵涉其中。居住在软木橡树林区的百姓与他们的树木之间,存在着一种特别的亲密关系。” /201508/391412

They say you should never judge a book by its cover.人们说以貌取人是不对的。But when it comes to the opposite sex, it seems that#39;s exactly what women do.但是女人在评判异性的时候似乎偏偏就是这么做的。It takes a woman just three minutes to make up her mind about whether she likes a man or not, a study has revealed.一项调查显示,女人只需要三分钟就可断定是否喜欢一个男人。The average female spends the time sizing up looks, physique and dress-sense as well as taking in scent, accent and eloquence of a potential suitor.一般来说,女性会用这三分钟观察一个潜在追求者的长相、体格和穿衣品味,以及感知对方的体味、口音和口才。Women also quickly judge how he interacts with her friends and whether he is successful or ambitious.女人能很快判断他和她的朋友们是不是合得来,他是否成功,以及他是否有雄心壮志。It also emerged most women believe 180 seconds is long enough to gauge whether or not he is Mr Right, or Mr Wrong.调查还揭示,大多数女人们都认为,180秒的时间足以判断对方是否真命天子。The study also found women rarely change their mind about a man after their initial reaction — and believe they are ;always right; in their assumptions and judgments.此外,研究发现女人很少会改变她们对男人的第一印象,她们认为自己的推想和判断“总是正确的”。The report which was commissioned among 3,000 adults to mark the release of Instinct, a new book by Ben Kay.这次涵盖了3000名成年人的调查是为了配合本#8226;凯的新书《直觉》的出版而进行的。Kay said: ;I think a lot of people believe in trusting their instincts when dating. It makes it seem more magical, like it#39;s coming from somewhere deeper.;凯说:“我想很多人在约会的时候都会相信他们的直觉。这使得心动的感觉更奇妙,好像这种感觉来自内心深处某个地方。”;But it#39;s surprising how quickly women make a decision. That#39;s barely enough time to finish a drink together.;“但是令人惊讶的是,女人居然能在那么短的时间内做出决定,三分钟只勉强够两个人喝完一杯酒。”;It#39;s interesting that so many women trust their instincts and yet still give men the opportunity to change their minds.;“有趣的是,尽管很多女人相信直觉,但她们还是会给男人们扭转乾坤的机会。”;Some men might think this is leading them on but I would imagine most women just want to give every bloke a fair shot.;“一些男人可能会认为这是在给他们错误的暗示,但是我认为大多数女人只是想给每个男人一个公平的机会。”Researchers found women will quickly dismiss a man who they feel is ;too cocky; or ;too needy;.研究人员发现,女人们会很快拒绝她们觉得“太自大”或者“太穷”的男人。He will also be rejected if he isn#39;t nice to people, doesn#39;t appear to earn enough and if he has nothing in common with the woman.此外,对人不够友善、看起来赚得不多、没有共同语言也是男人被拒绝的原因。 /201204/179563

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