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An advantage of the long Chinese school week较长的中式教育教学周的一个优势就是is that the teachers have more time to engage with their students.老师们有更多的时间可以与学生建立更紧密的关系Come here.过来Miss Li is trying to bring Josh into line.李老师试图让乔什从教导These two days, you dont behave as well as I expected.这两天,你的表现并不如我期望的那样好So, I just want to find why, or do you have any solutions to,我想听听原因,或者你有什么好的解决方法or do you have any suggestions, you know. No.还是说你有什么建议。没有You can tell that Ive been mad... is that right? Yes.你看的出来我一直很生气,对吧。对Then why? You really dont know?为什么呢?你真的不知道吗I do know.我知道Please tell me.请告诉我I dont know... Cos Im just talking, I dont know.我也不清楚,可能是我一直在讲话吧Did you talk?你在课上讲话了吗Yes.讲了Why?为什么Cos I was uninterested, or I didnt get it.因为我不感兴趣,或者说我听不懂You know, I just want to do something to help.我只是想帮你Maybe...Its fine. Im fine.或许...,我没事,挺好的Ok. But I hope that you can be more concentrated since we dont have a lot of time left.好吧,我希望你能更加专注,留给我们的时间不多了Yep, OK.好的As a teacher, I just try my best to encourage the students.作为一名教师,我只是尽力去鼓励学生Because in China,因为在中国you have to compete with people around you, in all kinds of examinations.你要在各种各样的考试中和周围的人竞争OK. See you later. Bye.就这样吧,再见I think I could really, yeah, really get high grades if I just charged on and revised all the time.我认为我可以拿很高的分数,只要我一直专心复习I wouldnt do it though, because it...is, as I say, not healthy.但是我不会这样做,因为我觉得这样是不健康的Thats not what I want for myself.这不是我想成为的样子In China, individuality is not encouraged.在中国,个性是不被鼓励的We do everything for our country. Which is very good, I think.我们做的一切都为了国家,我认为这很好England need that.英国需要如此Need that strength. Need that solidarity.需要这种力量,需要那种团结精神But maybe the Chinese way of teaching, to some extent,但或许中式教学法在某种程度上kills the students imagination, freedom of thinking, critical thinking and creativity.扼杀了学生的想象力,思维自由,批判性思维以及创造力You just imagine - one, two, three, four.你设想一下,一,二,三,四In China, I would like to see education pay more attention to personality, right,在中国,我很希望能看到教育能更重视每个学生的个性培养or the potential of each student.或是发掘学生潜力Thats it, right? OK, thank you.这就算出来了,好的,谢谢201606/446952TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470005Oh! You look good. Thank you.噢!你看起来真美。谢谢。Hey...So youre the guy taking my little girl out, huh? Yup.嘿...所以你就是要带我女儿出去的小子,是吧?对。You know what, why dont you go ahead and take my new car?你知道吗,你何不开我的新车去?Thanks, Pops! Go ahead, baby!谢啦老爹!去吧,宝贝!Watch this. Boom! Favorite spot, favorite girl.看好啰。中啦!最爱的地点、最爱的女孩。Youre messing with the wrong daddy!你惹错老爸了!Im taking you home. Why?我要带你回家了。为什么?Car Finder on the Hyundai Genesis.现代汽车Genesis搭载的寻找汽车功能。Back so soon?这么快就回来啦?Here you go, sir.给你,先生。Because a dads gotta do what a dads gotta do.因为一个爸爸必须做爸爸该做的事。Honey, whatd you guys do tonight?亲爱的,你们今晚做了什么啊?201612/481220

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201606/447648

In a sweltering, rainy jungle,在闷热多雨的热带丛里中all the colonists efforts went into lugging Cannon殖民者们倾尽全力将加农炮into a primitive stockade bravely christened Fort St Andrew.拖入原始的栅栏中 这栅栏被冠以;圣安德鲁堡垒;这一英武之名They were dying now of disease and hunger at a rate of ten a day,每天都有十人被疾病和饥饿抛向死亡and their supplies ran with maggots.而他们的物资也生蛆腐烂And there was no outside help.没有人前来营救他们Tropical New Caledonia was a direct threat to the English trading empire深陷热带的新喀里多尼亚 使英格兰的贸易帝国地位岌岌可危and the government in Westminster was determined it should fail.英格兰政府也决意宣告失败A law was passed making it illegal for any Englishman to invest in the scheme政府出台了相关了法令 规定任何投资or give assistance to the desperate Darienite或者挽救这个计划的行为都属违法When a second Scottish expedition arrived at New Edinburgh,all they found were hundreds of graves.当第二苏格兰远征队踏上新爱丁堡时 触目皆是成百上千座坟墓Back home, when the full extent of the disaster sunk in,当故国的人们了解了这起悲剧的始末后the fate of the Darien expeditions became a national trauma.第一批冒险者的多舛命运使举国哀痛They consumed a full third of Scotlands liquid capital.这次冒险消耗了苏格兰 整整三分之一的流动资金but the most serious casualty of the fiasco had been the last,而这次惨败的最大损失在于best hope of a national rebirth Scotland going it alone.它覆灭了苏格兰依靠自己的力量 涅槃重生的美梦That hope died in the malarial swamps of Darien.那希望被达连充满瘴气的沼泽吞噬殆尽 /201705/508645

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