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辽宁省抚顺妇幼保健院专家咨询抚顺哪家医院看男性专业?Conversation 3A: What beautiful silk products they are!B: Have you found anything special? They are all made of pure silk.A: The colors are so brilliant and dazzling. I want to buy a piece of silk my eign friend to make ;Qipao;.B: If you want to make ;Qipao; you need the satin. These satin products are a bit thicker.A: Let me feel it. Ah, yes, I think this is what I want.B: How many meters do you want to buy?A: I dont know. She is a little bit taller than I.B: I think four meters will be enough.A: Is it washable?B: Yes. Madam, youre lucky. This has been specially polished by an imported technology. It is washable and will not shrink any more. Only years ago this new technology was invented.A: OK. Four meters, please. A:这些丝绸制品多么漂亮啊!B:看中什么啦?都是真丝的A:颜色真鲜艳,我都有些眼花缭乱了我想给我的外国朋友买一块做旗袍的料子B:如果你想做旗袍,还是买缎子好缎子面料比较厚一些A:让我摸摸啊,对,我就是想买这种料子B:你想买几米?A:我不知道,她比我稍高一点儿B:我想米够了A:耐洗吗?B:耐洗您很幸运,夫人这些料子是用进口技术特殊砂洗过的,即耐洗又不缩水这种新技术3年以前才发明的A:好给我来米吧抚顺中心医院正规的吗 A: Those neighbors of mine are so noisy!B: Yes, I can hear them. What is that pounding sound?A: I think that they are hammering nails to hang pictures.B: How often do you hear them making noise?A: They play their music really loud, and I can hear it.B: Have you spoken to them about the noise problem?A: No, I havenrsquo;t spoken with them about it.B: What else do you hear that bothers you?A: I hear a lot of plumbing sounds, like the toilet flushing and the dishwasher running.B: If this continues, I would speak to the manager. 89抚顺望花妇幼保健院治疗膀胱炎多少钱

抚顺市顺城区中心医院专家预约A: Hi! I need some sightseeing advice.B: That's what I'm here , sir. Every good hotel has a concierge like me.A: I don't travel a lot. What exactly is a concierge?B: A concierge helps visitors like you find great places to visit, shop, and eat.A: That's great! So tell me, where should I go first?B: I'd suggest that you start at the Statue of Liberty.A: You know, I've aly been there. Can you suggest another place?B: Maybe. Tell me what you like to do in your spare time.A: When I have some free time, I often spend it running or at museums.B: Well, have you ever been to either Central Park or the Museum of Modern Art?A: No, but I sure would like to.B: Central Park is great just about everything outdoors. Then you can visit the Museum of Modern Art.A: Both places sound great. I'll try to do that today.B: Enjoy the views at both places. 97抚顺市清原县医院属于几级 第一句:Id like to make a plane reservation to Shanghai, China.我想预定一个去中国上海的机位A: Good morning, Chinese Airlines. Domestic reservations.早上好中国航空公司国内航班预定处我能帮您吗?B: Yes. Id like to make a plane reservation to Shanghai tomorrow.是的,我想预定一张明天去上海的机票第二句:Id like to get a seat on a flight to Amsterdam.我想订一张飞往阿姆斯特丹的机票A: Good afternoon, Swiss Airlines. International reservations. May I help you?下午好,瑞士航空公司,国际航班预订处我能帮您吗?B: Yes, Id like to get a seat on a flight to Amersterdam tomorrow.是的,我想订一张明天飞往阿姆斯特丹的机票A: Just a moment, please. Ill check you.请稍等,我给您查一下预定机票的相关表达还有:Ill treat myself to a business-class ticket.我想为自己订张商务舱的票Id like to reserve a ticket the flight from Tokyo to London.我想预定一张从东京到伦敦的机票I want to reserve a flight to China.我想订张飞往中国的机票 19333新宾满族县人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

顺城人民医院男科专家 The number of visitors to Mount Emei Scenic Area surged in , and is now close to an all-time high. As of the beginning of November, 3 million travelers have reportedly visited the area, an increase of 8.7 percent on last year.据报道,年,前往峨眉山风景区的游客数量暴涨,甚至已经接近了历史最高值截止到月月初,据统计已经有300万左右的游客游览了该风景区,这一数字与去年相比增长了8.7%.In late , a high speed railway line opened between Chengdu and Leshan, which made it much more convenient travelers to visit Mount Emei. ;A slow life at Emei in the era of high-speed rail; is the new slogan promoting the area.在年的下半年,在成都和乐山之间开设了一条高铁线路,这让游客可以更便捷的来参观游览峨眉山“高铁快时代,峨眉慢生活”成为这一地区的最新推广标语Mount Emei Scenic Area has developed its domestic and overseas markets, promoting its cultural tourism, ecotourism, and tourism of the martial arts, in hopes of gaining more recognition abroad.峨眉山风景区现如今已经开发了国内和国外两大市场,推广文化旅游,生态旅游和武术旅游风景区也希望以此获得更多国外的关注Mount Emei Scenic Area also began operating its Internet Plus project this year, offering online inmation and services to travelers via Wechat and Weibo platms.峨眉山今年也开始了他们的;互联网+;项目,通过微和微信平台,为游客提供网络上的资讯和务Word-of-mouth marketing helps Mount Emei Scenic Area pay more attention to its services. The customer-oriented project of ;Satisfaction at Emei; has strengthened the supervision and quality of services so that more and more people can have positive experiences in this wonderful destination.口碑营销帮助峨眉山风景区把更多的注意力放在了游务上面而“满意在峨眉”这一以消费者为主的导向计划,大大提高了峨眉山的管理和务质量,会有越来越多的人能在这个美丽的景点享受到非凡的经历 18新抚前列腺炎多少钱抚顺高湾特区医院医院预约




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