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The recession has led to a boost in the sales of sex toys as more and more couples opt for indoor fun with three-quarters of women in Britain now owning one.经济衰退让越来越多的夫妇选择室内活动,致使性玩具的销量大增,如今英国四分之三的女性都拥有性玩具。Global sales of vibrators and other sex toys soared to pound;5.5billion-a-year and are to set to rise to pound;40billion by 2020 - matching those of smartphones.振颤器和其他性玩具在全球的年销售额暴涨到55亿英镑,而且预计在2020年将增加到400亿英镑,销售额直逼智能手机。But one town in Britain spends four times the national average - 62 pence per head - on erotic accessories according to analysis by an online sex shop.然而,根据一家情趣用品网店的分析数据,英国一个小镇的性玩具消费额是全国平均水平的四倍——平均每人在情趣用品上消费62便士。Voted the best place to live in Britain in a poll by the Halifax bank, Fleet, in Hampshire, was top of the table for spending on sex toys.英国汉普郡的弗里特在性玩具花费上高居榜首。弗里特曾在哈利法克斯的一项调查中被评为英国最佳居住地。According to The Sunday Times, it was closely followed by Didcot in Oxfordshire, Godalming in Surrey and Basingstoke in Hampshire.根据《星期日泰晤士报》,性玩具消费排名第二的是牛津郡的迪考特市,其后是萨里郡的戈达明市和汉普郡的贝辛斯托克市。Co-owner of Lovehoney Neal Slateford, a former record producer for Kylie Minogue, who carry out the survey, said celebrities opening up about their sex lives had been a key sales driver.开展这一调查的Lovehoney成人用品公司的共同业主尼尔#8226;斯雷特福德说,名人们开诚布公谈论自己的性生活是促使消费上涨的关键因素。斯雷特福德过去曾是明星凯莉#8226;米洛的唱片制作人。He said:;A famous celebrity will give a big interview about their sex life or their love of sex toys and we will see a flurry of sales afterwards.;他说:“现在名人会做关于自己性生活的大型访谈或谈论自己对性玩具的喜爱,然后人们就会纷纷去购买性玩具。;It all started with Sex and the City - which was incredibly liberating for women, especially after Charlotte became a virtual recluse after buying a rabbit vibrator at New York#39;s famous Pleasure Chest sex store.;“这一切都从《欲望都市》开始,这部剧对女性而言极具解放意义,剧中夏洛特从纽约著名的Pleasure Chest性用品商店买了一个“野兔振颤器”后,就成了一个实质上的遁世者,这一情节对人们的影响尤其大。;Suddenly ordinary women weren#39;t afraid to talk about their sex lives and their use of sex toys.;“突然间民间女子不再害怕谈论性生活和使用性玩具。;It#39;s great that celebrities are being more honest about their sex lives. There has been such a huge change in people#39;s attitudes over the last 10 years.;“名人对自己的性生活变得更加直言不讳,这很好。在过去十年里,人们的态度改变了太多。;Now mainstream retailers like Boots, Tesco and Superdrug sell sex toys.;“现在像姿、特易购和超级药房这样的主流零售商也出售性玩具。;Take a walk down the pharmacy aisle and you#39;ll see vibrating penis rings and bullet vibrators alongside the condoms.;“走在药房过道里,你会看见避套旁边放着振动阴茎环和子弹头振颤器。”Channel 4 is reflecting the trend with an hour-long documentary on Tuesday night called ;More Sex Please, We#39;re British; about the online sex toy retailer, Lovehoney.英国第4频道在周二晚上有档节目叫“请给我更多的性爱,我们是英国人”,这部关于性玩具网上零售商Lovehoney的长达一小时的纪录片就反映了这一潮流。 /201205/181073

Chinese officials faced with public controversies in the era of social media have tended to choose one of two strategies: 1) say nothing; or 2) have the local government issue a comically murky statement on their behalf that essentially says nothing. 在社交媒体时代,身陷舆论漩涡的中国官员往往选择这样两条策略中的一条:一、什么都不说;二、让当地政府代表他们发表一条语焉不详让人觉得滑稽的声明,实际上还是什么都没有说。 With the clock possibly ticking down on his career, one beleaguered bureaucrat in the northwestern province of Shaanxi - Provincial Work Safety Administration head Yang Dacai decided on Wednesday to break new ground. 在从政生涯可能时日无多的时候,陕西省引发争议的安全生产监督局长杨达才周三决定打破成规。 Rather than fall silent, Mr. Yang shocked observers by engaging with his critics in a live chat. 杨达才没有选择沉默,相反,他通过在线访谈和批评者交流,这让观察人士颇感意外。 The official#39;s thinking in opting for such a rare move might be explained by his having recently achieved the equally rare feat of being given not one, but two, Internet nicknames in the space of a few days. 这位官员选择这样一种罕见举动的原因,可能是他最近取得了同样罕见的“成绩”:才几天的时间,网民就给他取了两个绰号。 Internet users gifted Mr. Yang with the first of those nicknames #39;the smiling official#39; on Monday, after a photographer snapped a shot of the well-fed leader cracking a smile while standing at the site of a fiery collision between a bus and a tanker truck that killed 36 on Sunday. 网民周一送给杨达才第一个绰号:“微笑帝”。这是因为周日发生一辆大巴和一辆罐车相撞、造成36人死亡的惨烈事故之后,这位大腹便便的领导人站在现场时被摄影记者拍到面露笑容。 The second, #39;Watch-Wearing Brother,#39; emerged after Internet users trying to identify Mr. Yang from the crash site photo a process known in China the #39;human flesh search#39; discovered, not only his identity, but also a trove of new images showing him wearing at least five different luxury watches. 第二个绰号是“戴表哥”。网民在辨认车祸现场照片中的杨达才的身份(这在中国叫“人肉搜索”)时,不仅认出了他是谁,还找到一大堆新的图片,显示他至少曾戴过五只不同的豪华手表。(中文“戴表”与“代表”读音相同,考虑到中国领导人喜欢戴着价格不菲的名表来代表人民群众,这个同音相当意味深长。) (The phrase #39;wearing a watch#39; in Chinese sounds similar to the word #39;representative,#39; a homophone rich with meaning considering the penchant among China#39;s leaders for doing the work of representing the masses while sporting expensive time pieces.) 周三夜间在新浪微做访谈期间,网友提交问题约6,000个,杨达才回答了其中的12个问题,对两类争议都做出了回应。 Mr. Yang addressed both controversies while answering 12 out of roughly 6,000 questions submitted during his live chat late Wednesday night on Sina Corp.#39;s Weibo microblogging service. 他先回应了微笑问题。杨达才首先对受害者家属表示“诚挚道歉”,然后解释说,当时他听不懂当地干部的口音,想让他们放松些。他写道:现场气氛其实很压抑,有些基层同志向我介绍情况的时候,都显得特别紧张,有的同志口音比较重,有些话我听不太清楚。我让他们放松些,可能一不留神,神情上有些放松。现在回想起来,我也很内疚。 First tackling the issue of his smile, the official began by offering #39;sincere apologies#39; to the victims#39; family members. He then went on to explain that he had been having trouble understanding the accents of local cadres and was trying to get them to relax. #39;Everyone was wound up. Some comrades#39; accents were very strong, and some of what they were saying I couldn#39;t quite get,#39; he wrote. #39;I was trying to get them to relax a little, so maybe, in an unguarded moment, I got a little too relaxed myself. When I think about it now, I#39;m filled with regret.#39; 在手表问题上,杨达才承认在过去10多年用自己的合法收入购买过五块手表,并表示已经就此向纪检部门做了汇报。然后他进一步详细介绍了自己最贵的一块手表(一只价值3.5万元的万宝龙(Montblanc)),并透露其他手表大都在2万元左右。 On the watches, Mr. Yang acknowledged buying five at different times over a period of 10 years #39;using my own legal income#39; and said he#39;d aly reported the purchases to disciplinary authorities. He then went a step further, offering details on his most expensive watch a Montblanc worth 35,000 yuan (,500) and revealing that most of the rest had cost around 20,000 yuan. 为防有人说他找托儿问问题,杨达才还回答(算是回答吧)了知名公民记者张世和的提问。又称“老虎庙”的张世和希望杨达才解释中国人为什么这么容易对共产党官员产生质疑。 And lest anyone accuse him planting questions, Mr. Yang also even chose to respond sort of - to a query from well-known citizen journalist Zhang Shihe, also known as Tiger Temple, who challenged him to explain why Chinese people seemed so quick to doubt Communist Party officials. 杨达才说:我想,作为公务人员,被网友这样监督是合理的正常的。之所以这次被网友这样关注,首先还是因为我自身有不谨慎的地方。 #39;The reason Internet users paid attention to me in this way is first and foremost because I was imprudent in some areas,#39; he said. For Internet users to monitor officials in such a way was #39;reasonable and normal,#39; he added. 那么对于这种透明与互动的初步尝试,微网友们是怎么看的呢? So what did social media users make of this tentative stab at transparency and engagement? 的确有些人对此感到印象深刻。一名微用户在回复杨达才关于万宝龙手表的情况介绍时说,我有些感动,你是个实诚人。另一位用户说,杨局长的危机管理能力不错。 Some, to be sure, were impressed. #39;I#39;m a kind of a little bit moved. You#39;re honest,#39; wrote one Sina Weibo user in response to the official#39;s revelation about his Montblanc. #39;Director Yang#39;s crisis management skills are not bad,#39; observed another. 但大多数人似乎还是不信。 Most, however, seemed unconvinced. 在官员工资普遍不高的中国,似乎很少有人相信杨达才的手表真像他所说的那样,是他自己掏钱买的。一位怀疑派写道:大家等着杨局长公布10多年来合法收入吧!另一位用户开玩笑说:合法收入买了表,其他的全用非法收入买! In a country where officials typically make modest salaries, few seemed to believe Mr. Yang#39;s claim to have paid for his watches using his own money. #39;Everyone#39;s waiting for director Yang to reveal how much he makes legally in 10 years,#39; one skeptic wrote. #39;If he used his legal income to buy watches, then he had to use illegal income to buy everything else,#39; quipped a second. 网上对杨达才所说内容的怀疑在周四进一步发酵。从当天网民新上传的图片来看,杨达才除了已经承认的那些,似乎还戴过另外四五块手表。“中国实时报”(China Real Time)栏目无法验这些照片的真实性。 Doubts about Mr. Yang#39;s story swelled further on Thursday, when Internet users posted new images that appeared to show him wearing as many as four or five additional watches beyond those he#39;d admitted to buying, though China Real Time could not verify the authenticity of those photos. 音乐人赵天明借用杨达才的话说,我们一不留神发现你戴了九块表。 #39;In an unguarded moment, we caught you wearing nine watches,#39; musician Zhao Tianming wrote on Weibo, turning Mr. Yang#39;s words against him and slapping on a laughing emoticon for good measure. 到周四晚间,杨达才尚未利用微回答网民的最新一轮指控。 By late Thursday evening, the official had yet to take to Weibo to answer the latest round of accusations. 在批评者不仅没有沉默,反倒越嚷越凶的时候,杨达才可能又采取了什么都不说的老办法。 /201208/197526




  China has pledged to act as a backstop for banks suffering cash shortfalls, giving rattled investors hope the country#39;s money squeeze could be nearing an end.中国央行承诺为存在资金缺口的充当后盾,这让目前惶恐不安的投资者产生了一种期待,即中国的“钱荒”可能已接近尾声。A statement by the People#39;s Bank of China yesterday was the clearest attempt yet by the government to calm turmoil that has shaken global markets over the past week and fuelled concerns that the world#39;s second-biggest economy could be on the verge of a credit crisis.中国央行昨日发布的一份声明,是中国官方迄今最明确的平息市场动荡的尝试。过去一周期间,这场动荡撼动了全球市场,令人担忧全球第二大经济体可能即将爆发一场信贷危机。“If banks have temporary shortages in their planned funding, the central bank will give them liquidity support,” it said in the statement. “If institutions have problems in managing their liquidity, the central bank will apply appropriate measures under the circumstances to maintain the overall stability of money markets.” It had aly provided money to some banks, but did not specify the amount or the banks.“若(的)资金安排出现暂时性头寸缺口,央行将提供流动性持;”中国央行在声明中表示,“对流动性管理出现问题的机构,也将视情况采取相应措施,维持货币市场的整体稳定。”中国央行已向某些提供资金,但没有具体说明金额以及向哪些提供了资金。The promise of support contrasted with the much harder line taken on Monday by the central bank when it said there was sufficient liquidity in China#39;s financial system and the biggest banks had a duty to lend to their smaller peers.提供持的承诺与中国央行在周一采取的强硬得多的立场形成反差。中国央行周一表示,中国金融体系内部流动性充足,而且大有义务向规模较小的同行放贷。Earlier yesterday, fears about the persistence of China#39;s tightening squeeze led to a 6 per cent fall in the Shanghai Composite Index. But a burst of optimism late in the day that the central bank would act to avert a crisis prompted a sharp recovery and left the stock index just barely in negative territory at the close.昨日早些时候,由于投资者担心中国“钱荒”将持续下去,上综指下挫6%。但股市在接近收盘时爆发一股乐观情绪,人们相信央行将采取行动防范危机,这推动行情急剧反弹。收盘时,股指在当日仅微幅下跌。The central bank said money markets were aly on the mend after interbank rates rose to double digits last week. The overnight bond repurchase rate fell to 5.83 per cent, more than half what it was last week, but still about twice as high as normal.中国央行称,上周间拆借利率飙升至两位数以后,货币市场已在恢复当中。隔夜质押式回购利率已回落至5.83%,仅为上周水平的大约一半,但仍为正常水平的两倍左右。“Several strong banks have aly started to play an important role in providing funds to the market and stabilising interest rates,” it said. A series of temporary technical factors, including tax collection and end-of-quarter regulatory deposit requirements, had exacerbated market tightness.“一些自身流动性充足的也开始发挥稳定器作用向市场融出资金,货币市场利率已回稳,”中国央行在声明中表示。此前,一系列暂时性的技术因素,包括税收集中入库和季度末法定准备金缴存,加剧了市场偏紧的局面。Commentary in the People#39;s Daily, the official Communist party newspaper, called on authorities to continue an unyielding stance. “The central bank is not a wet nurse to the stock market. If it saves the stock market, it will in fact be harming it,” it wrote.中共机关报《人民日报》发表文章呼吁官方保持坚定立场。“监会不是股市的‘奶妈#39;,央行也不是。这些所谓的‘救市#39;和‘托市#39;之举,不是帮了股市,而是害了股市,”该报署名文章写道。Lu Ting, an economist with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said the central bank had little choice but to soften its approach. “They will have to end the credit squeeze soon,” he said.美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)经济学家陆挺表示,中国央行几乎别无选择,只能放软身段。他说:“他们将不得不尽快终结这场信贷紧缩。” /201306/245526IT#39;S no secret Google employees get a sweet deal when it comes to job perks, including gourmet food, on-site doctors and free haircuts. But until now, we didn#39;t know just how good they have it.人人都知道谷歌公司对于员工津贴给得很大方,谷歌不仅有美食、现场医生,还能免费美发。但我们直到今天才知道,原来谷歌的福利有那么好。Google#39;s chief people officer Laszlo Bock has revealed a new ;death benefits; that means employees are covered not just in life, but in death.谷歌公司首席人力官拉兹洛-克近日在接受采访时透露了一份新的;;遗属福利;。这意味着谷歌的员工即使离世,也能享受到公司的福利。The never-before-released details of the tech giant#39;s perks program include an amazing benefit that if a Googler dies while under the tech giant#39;s employ, their spouse or life partner will receive 50 per cent of their salary for the next decade.这个全球网络巨头新发表的这一福利丰厚得令人称奇,具体指谷歌公司的员工如果在职期间死亡,其配偶或伴侣将在接下去的十年中,获得此人原本薪水中的50%。We’ll say that again. The next decade. Death benefits extend to all employees and do not require any tenure or accruement.再强调一遍,这可是整整十年。无关员工的职位和工资水平,这项;遗属福利;对所有员工一视同仁。;One of the things we realized recently was that one of the harshest but most reliable facts of life is that at some point most of us will be confronted with the death of our partners,; Mr Bock told Forbes.克在接受《财富》杂志采访时说:;我们最近意识到,虽然这个事实很残酷,但是不可避免的是,我们中绝大多数人都可能会遭遇到伴侣离世的情况。;;And it’s a horrible, difficult time no matter what, and every time we went through this as a company we tried to find ways to help the surviving spouse of the Googler who’d passed away.;;不管怎么说,每当我们经历这事的时候,都会觉得这是可怕而艰难的。因此作为公司,我们希望能有方法在谷歌员工去世的时候,帮助到他们身后的这些配偶。;The death benefits were implemented in 2011 but they have not been revealed to the public until now.这条死亡福利从2011年起就已经开始生效了,只是直到最近谷歌公司才把这条福利公布于众。Along with 50 per cent of their partner#39;s salary for a decade, surviving spouses also have access to their partner#39;s shares in the company. If the couple have children, they will receive 00 a month until the age of 19, or 23 if the child is a full-time student.除了去世员工十年薪水的50%,配偶还可以获得该员工在公司里的股份。如果他们有孩子,这些孩子将每月获得1000美元,直至19岁。如果孩子是全日制的学生,则可以一直领到23岁。;When we think about [employee] needs at Google, we think less about how old you are that we do about your particular cluster of needs,; Mr Bock said.克还说:;当我们在考虑谷歌员工的需求时,我们不太考虑这员工的年龄,而考虑的是针对这员工的各种需求。;;For someone who fits a certain profile-say, an aging parent to take care of, or kids or grandkids to support–whatever your cluster of needs are, we do our best to discern the best package of perks and programs to meet them.;;对于符合某些条件的人——比如有年迈的父母要赡养,或者有子女或者孙辈需要抚养——无论你的需求是什么,我们都会尽力找出最好的福利方案来满足他们。;Google living benefits include things such as subsidized private health insurance for things like physio and other health and well-being care.谷歌的人身福利包括以津贴形式为个人健康保险提供补助,包括理疗和其他健康措施。;We take care of our people when they#39;re alive also,; the spokesperson said.他说:;我们在员工尚在世的时候,也会为他们提供照顾。; /201208/194908



  The royal baby countdown is on. As the world not-so-patiently awaits the pitter-patter of tiny royal baby feet, we speculate on what life will be like for the little one.英国王室宝宝出生倒计时已经开启,整个世界都期待着小宝宝的诞生。我们对这个小婴儿的未来生活进行了一系列推测。4. Child care: Sources tell that Kate wants to be a full-time mom. She plans to break from the royal tradition of hiring a full-time nanny and be a hands-on parent, much like Diana was. Still, she may have a maternity nurse for the first few weeks or stay with her mother at the family’s million Bucklebury manor.婴儿护理:消息人士称凯特愿意当个全职妈妈。她计划打破王室雇佣全职保姆的传统,做一个亲力亲为的母亲,就像戴安娜那样。但是在生产之后的几个星期,她还会雇佣妇保姆,或者和她妈妈住在700万美元的巴克伯里庄园里。5. Home: The baby will call Kensington Palace home. The wing, once occupied by Princess Margaret, features 20 rooms and recently underwent a .6 million makeover.宝宝新家:宝宝将会在肯辛顿宫安家落户。之前玛格丽特公主曾住在这里。肯辛顿宫里有20多间房子,最近还花费160万美元重新装修了一遍。6. Life: The couple hopes to give their baby a normal, down-to-earth upbringing. They should have a flawless security detail, but it won#39;t deter the prying eyes of the paparazzi or the public, who show no signs of tiring of the royal family#39;s every move. It’s also likely that the royal baby will benefit from an elite private education.未来生活:威廉夫妇希望他们的孩子能普通平凡而脚踏实地地长大成人。他们会有严密周到的安保措施,但仍会受到仔队和部分普通大众的秘密窥探,这些人时刻关注皇室家庭的一举一动,而且乐此不疲。此外,这个皇室宝宝很可能会接受精英私立教育。 /201307/247708。


  Despite the time difference between China and Europe, Chinese online businesses were abuzz about Italy#39;s tight defense against Spain in the early hours of Monday morning in the Euro 2012 championship as die-hard football fans stayed up late for the match.周一凌晨,2012年欧洲杯拉开帷幕。尽管中国与欧洲存在时差,但因为许多铁杆球迷都在熬夜观战。在首场比赛中,意大利队对西班牙队采取了密集防守的战术,而许多网络商家这时也在热议这场“恶战”。;The results might determine which national flag we should keep more of in stock,; said Xie Hui, an online vendor on Taobao.com, a popular customer-to-customer site in China.淘宝卖家谢辉(音译)说:“比赛结果很可能就决定着我们应该增加哪个国家国旗的库存。”As fans all over the world celebrate the championship in a great global party, e-commerce retailers are embracing the football spirit, doing a roaring trade in colorful national flags, kits and trophies.全世界球迷都沉浸庆祝欧洲杯的狂欢派对中。电子商务零售商们也充分利用这种“足球精神”,出售各色国旗、球衣以及奖杯,生意做得如火如荼。Xie`s online store is an array of tournament merchandise, ranging from classy to kitschy, and from cheap to cheekily expensive.谢辉的网店经营着大量的比赛商品,从高档品到低劣品,有的很廉价,有的则贵得令人咋舌。The mantra, according to Xie, is: if you cannot get to a Euro 2012 game in person, you can now get a flavor of the world`s top competition via my website.谢辉表示,我们做生意的口号就是:“如果你不能亲临2012欧洲杯比赛现场,在我们的店里,你可以马上感受到这项全球顶级赛事的氛围。;Anything with a number 7 on it is selling like hot cakes,; he said referring to the shirt worn by Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.他提到一件葡萄牙球星克里斯蒂亚诺#8226;罗纳尔多所穿的球衣表示:“凡是带有数字7的商品都会大卖特卖。”;Every time we replenish the stock, the next morning we`re sold out by 11 am,; he said.“每次只要我们一进货,第二天上午11点前就会销售一空。”The term ;European Cup; was firmly on Taobao#39;s list of ;hot topics; by Monday, with the search term showing up more than 54,000 times.到本周一为止,“欧洲杯”一直是淘宝上的热门搜索词之一,该词的搜索量达到5.4万次之多。Sales of football kits across the Web have rocketed, as avid fans tend to wear the same jerseys as their favorite teams.铁杆球迷们都想身穿自己喜爱球队的球衣,因此网上的足球队销售额也激增。Kits for the Spanish team have been the biggest seller, with more than 5,000 being sold in the past month, according to Taobao. Sales of German, Italian, French and Portuguese kits all topped 3,000.淘宝上,西班牙队的球衣成为最畅销的产品,过去一个月卖出5000多件。而德国、意大利、法国以及葡萄牙各队球衣的销售数量也都达到3000件之多。It would seem that the beer culture which developed during the 2010 World Cup is set to get even bigger, said football fan Zou Tianliang.球迷邹天亮(音译)表示,似乎人们要把2010年世界杯期间形成的啤酒文化继续发扬光大。Zou is enamored with the beverage and plans to shop online. His enthusiasm stems from an affection for the drink and a desire to get discounted goods online, he said.邹天亮是无酒不欢的人,所以他打算去网购。他表示自己之所以这样热衷网购,除了因为自己喜欢喝酒这点之外,同时也希望在网上买到打折商品。Pinlive, a beer and snacks retailer on Tmall.com, China#39;s biggest business-to-consumer website, saw its beer sales surge as the event drew near.Pinlive是一家在天猫(原淘宝商城)上出售啤酒和零食的网店。赛事临近时,该店的啤酒销量激增。It started a promotion for the tournament two weeks ago by selling beer at discounts of 20 to 30 percent, said Robin Yue, who is responsible for operating Pinlive#39;s online store.据Pinlive网店的负责人罗宾#8226;岳表示,两周前,Pinlive开展了欧洲杯大促销活动,所有出售的啤酒都打出了7-8折的优惠价。He said that Pinlive#39;s beer sales over the past two weeks were up to five times the normal level.他表示,Pinlive过去两周的啤酒销量是平时的五倍。;Beer is an indispensable part of the soccer culture. I might go to the pub for the final,; Zou said.邹天亮说:“啤酒是足球文化不可缺少的一部分。我可能会去酒吧看总决赛。”Foosball, also known as table football, until recently a rarity in China, has grown in popularity among online buyers, including the many bars across the country.而不久前还是稀有商品的桌上足球,现在已经越来越受到广大“网购一族”的青睐,其中也包括很多国内酒吧。Over 20,000 foosball sets were sold on Taobao in May. An online merchant from Guangdong province sold more than 300 sets, priced between 105 and 118 yuan.五月份淘宝共售出2万套桌上足球。一家来自广东的网络商户共售出300多套桌上足球,价格从105元到118元不等。Foosball has become a game-changer for many bars.桌上足球也为许多酒吧扭转了经营局面。;Customer flow has jumped by five times, and most were immediately attracted to the gadgets,; said Zhang Na, sales manager of OMalley#39;s Irish Pub in Shanghai.上海欧玛莉爱尔兰餐厅销售经理张娜(音译)表示:“餐厅客流量增加了五倍,他们大部分人都很快迷上了桌上足球。” /201206/186727

  【中文原文】如果你曾经听到过猪流感,很可能是你回忆起了或者读到过1976年那次在新泽西Fort Dix的猪流感在入伍新兵里的爆发.那一次持续了一个月然后消失了.来得突然,去得也很神秘. 当时有240例感染;死亡一例. 在Fort Dix传播的是H1N1型猪流感毒株,与导致灾难性瘟疫的1918-1919年流感相同,那场灾难夺走了上千万人的生命.(1976年)出于一种新H1N1病株大流行可能随着冬季卷土重来的担心, 导致一次匆忙上马的项目,以发明一种猪流感疫苗并对所有美国人接种. 那次疫苗项目后来问题百出-- 其中包括公众恐慌导致了过多的危险的过激反应 ,这还算小麻烦.在4000多万美国人接种后,这个徒劳的努力被放弃了.目前实尚无猪流感大流行事件.   What Have There Been Previous Swine Flu Outbreaks?      If swine flu sounds familiar to you, it's probably because you remember or have about the 1976 swine flu outbreak at Fort Dix, N.J., among military recruits. It lasted about a month and then went away as mysteriously as it appeared. As many as 240 people were infected; one died.      The swine flu that sp at Fort Dix was the H1N1 strain. That's the same flu strain that caused the disastrous flu pandemic of 1918-1919, resulting in tens of millions of deaths.      Concern that a new H1N1 pandemic might return with winter led to a crash program to create a vaccine and vaccinate all Americans against swine flu. That vaccine program ran into all kinds of problems -- not the least of which was public perception that the vaccine caused excessive rates of dangerous reactions. After more than 40 million people were vaccinated, the effort was abandoned.      As it turned out, there was no swine flu epidemic. /200911/88494

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