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On January 24, the artist Zhang Zhaohui was adjusting his work "Nail Households" at 798 Art Area in Beijing, China. He spent three months finishing his work by 100,000 nails and the work is composed of a male image and a female one.14日,北京798艺术区,艺术家张朝晖正在调整自己的作品《钉子户》。张朝晖个月的时间里用了10万枚钉子将作品《钉子户》制作而成,《钉子户》由一幅男性图形和一幅女性图形组成上饶激光祛黄褐斑要多少钱上错酒水我没有叫金汤力酒A:Here your drink, sir.这是您的饮料,先生B:No, that not right. I didnt order a gin and tonic. I ordered a whisky and soda. 不,那不是我的我没有叫金汤力酒我叫的是加苏打水的威士忌同类问句:Oh, Im terribly sorry, sir. Ill go and get your whisky and soda right away. 噢,非常对不起,先生我马上去把您的威士忌拿来If you could, please.麻烦你啦禁止吸烟顺便问一下,这里是餐厅的禁烟区,对吗?A:Thank you. By the way, this is the non-smoking part of the restaurant, isnt it ?谢谢顺便问一下,这里是餐厅的禁烟区,对吗?B:Yes, madam.对,夫人同类问句:Well, could you ask those people over there to stop smoking, please? It horrible. 那能不能请你叫那边的人别抽烟?太难闻了Of course, madam. Ill do it right away.当然可以,夫人我这就去 095江西祛除胎记要多少钱Russia’s Coast Guard fired on a Chinese fishing trawler during a three-hour chase on Monday, detaining its crew as well as that of another fishing boat seized at the weekend for poaching fish in Russian waters. 俄罗斯海岸警卫队周一在三小时追捕过程中向一艘中国拖网渔船开火,最后拘留了这艘渔船和另一艘渔船的船员。那艘渔船因在俄罗斯海域偷捕于上周末被扣押One Chinese fisherman fell overboard during the seizure of one of the vessels and is missing, according to Russia’s Coast Guard. The other 36 sailors are being detained in Russia. 俄罗斯海岸警卫队表示,在扣押其中一艘渔船时,一名中国渔民落海,下落不明。其6名船员被拘留在俄罗斯In a sign that Beijing is taking the incident seriously, conciliatory remarks by a Chinese consular official in the Russian border town of Khabarovsk were swiftly disavowed by Beijing, according to Chinese wire services. He had said that China “would not seek to politicise the incident.中国的新闻通讯社称,驻俄罗斯边境城镇哈巴罗夫斯克的一名中国领事官员曾发表和解性言论,但很快被中国政府撇清关系,这表明中国政府严肃对待该事件。据称这名官员曾表示,中国“不会寻求政治化这起事件”The Chinese foreign ministry said the official who made the comment had been sent home in January and could not have made the remark, according to Interfax. 俄罗斯国际文传电讯社(Interfax)表示,中国外交部称,发表的官员早已于1月份被召回国内,不可能发表这种言论During Monday’s incident one of the Chinese vessels tried to ram the Russian ship according to a Russian Coast Guard spokesman ed on Russian news agency Interfax. 国际文传电讯社援引俄罗斯海岸警卫队发言人的话称,在周一的事件中,其中的一艘中国渔船曾试图撞击俄罗斯巡逻船The Russian ship fired warning shots and then opened fire on the Chinese vessel, though no one was killed or injured from the shelling. The Russian spokesman said the Chinese sailor fell overboard during the collision between the two ships. 俄方巡逻船开炮警告,随后对准中国渔船开火,不过在炮击时无人伤亡。这名俄罗斯发言人表示,那名落海的中国船员是在两船相撞时落海的He also said that the Chinese sailors at first “resistedRussian boarding attempts but surrendered after being fired upon. 他还表示,中国船员起初“抵制”俄方的登船企图,但遭炮击后屈The two ships were from the city of Weihai in China’s eastern Shandong province, Chinese agency Xinhua said. 中国的新华社表示,这两艘船来自中国东部山东省的威海市It was not the first time the Russian Coast Guard had fired on Chinese trawlers and detained them for poaching fish in Russian waters. Earlier incidents put a strain on relations between the two countries, who fought a brief border war in 1969. 这不是俄罗斯海岸警卫队首次向在俄罗斯海域捕捞的中国渔船开火并拘捕船员。此前的同类事件导致两国关系紧张969年两国曾发生短暂边境战争Relations between Beijing and Moscow have steadily warmed since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 but the two countries maintain an uneasy partnership and Russia fears Chinese attempts to assert regional hegemony. 991年苏联倒台以来,中俄关系平稳升温,但两国的伙伴关系时好时坏,俄罗斯担心中国谋求地区霸权。来 /201207/190969萍乡激光全身脱毛价格

鹰潭激光脱毛多少钱九江驼峰鼻矫正多少钱The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says the Horn Of Africa can look forward to weaker drought conditions in the coming months. In its latest El Nino/La Nina update, the WMO says near neutral or weak La Nina conditions, which lessen the severity of drought, are the most likely scenarios for the rest of 2011. 世界气象组织(WMO)称,预计未来几个月非洲之角地区的干旱灾情将会减轻。该组织在其最新的厄尔尼诺和拉尼娜气候异常报告中说,2011年余下时间最可能的气候情况是接近中度或较弱的拉尼娜,这将使东非干旱的程度减轻The El Nino and La Nina phenomena, which occur in the tropical Pacific, have a significant impact upon weather and climate around the globe. The World Meteorological Organization says there is a possibility that La Nina conditions, where sea surface temperatures cool, may re-emerge over the coming months. But, if this happens, it says the event is likely to be much weaker than the moderate to strong La Nina, which prevailed in 2010 and ended in May 2011. 厄尔尼诺和拉尼娜是发生在太平洋热带地区的现象,它们对全球的天气和气候造成重大影响。世界气象组织说,未来几个月有可能再次出现拉尼娜现象,也就是海面温度变冷。不过,该组织说,如果发生这种现象,其程度可能比上一次“中到强度的拉尼娜”要弱得多,上一次的拉尼娜是010年盛行,2011月结束That La Nina was linked to disastrously wet conditions in parts of Australia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and portions of northern South America. At the same time, it caused drought in East Africa. 那一次的拉尼娜与澳大利亚、印度尼西亚、东南亚和南美洲北部部分地区的灾难性的潮湿条件有关。与此同时,它造成了东非地区的干旱WMO Climate Expert Rupa Kumar Kolli says if La Nina re-emerges it would result in rainfall, which is either normal or below normal. This, he tells VOA, could potentially spell bad news for East Africa but he adds that drought conditions are still likely to be less severe than in the past two years. 世界气象组织气候专家鲁帕·柯里说,如果再次出现拉尼娜,将导致正常或低于正常强度的降雨。他对美国之音说,对东非而言,这可能是个潜在的坏消息。但他补充说,干旱程度仍可能比过去两年要轻“There is reason to be concerned about the situation. But, at the same time, even if La Nina occurs, the current indications are that it is likely to be weak and is not going to be anywhere close to the moderate to strong La Nina that we have seen last year," said Kolli. "In that sense, even if it is slightly below normal, it is really not alarming and it is very unlikely that we will see a very severe drought condition to happen in Eastern Africa.柯里说:“有理由对这一状况感到担忧。但与此同时,就算发生拉尼娜,目前的指标表明它的程度可能较弱,不会接近我们去年看到的“温和至强度的拉尼娜”。从这个角度来讲,就算它的程度仅略低于正常,也不令人惊恐,我们不可能看到东非地区发生非常严重的干旱。More than 12 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia are struggling to cope with the worst drought to hit the Horn of Africa in 60 years. People in Somalia are particularly hard hit as they try to survive the twin disasters of conflict and drought. The ed Nations has declared several regions in southern Somalia to be famine zones. 肯尼亚、埃塞俄比亚、吉布提和索马里200多万人正在艰难地应对非洲之角60年来最严重的干旱。特别是索马里人受到严重的影响,他们设法在冲突和干旱的双重灾难中生存。联合国已经宣布,索马里南部的几个地区为饥荒区Kolli says the drought in the Horn of Africa came as no surprise to meteorologists. He says the impact resulting from the La Nina event was expected and he says regional weather centers warned countries of the severity of the drought that was looming. 世界气象组织的柯里表示,对气象学家来说,非洲之角发生干旱毫不令人惊讶。他指出,他们已预料到拉尼娜造成的这种影响。他说,地区气象中心曾经警告这些国家,严重的旱灾已若隐若现Once countries have been warned of a possible weather-related disaster, he tells VOA it is up to their governments to take appropriate measures to try to lessen the expected impact. 他对美国之音说,一旦一个国家被警告可能发生与气候相关的灾害,将由该国的政府采取适当措施以设法减轻所预料的影响“Famines are man-made, whereas droughts are natural parts of the system. So, the drought warnings were given sufficiently in advance to the policy makers,".Kolli added. "But, the famine conditions are a combination of the drought and other factors, which actually create a situation where people have no access to food. 柯里说:“饥荒是人为的,而干旱是自然发生的。因此,我们会足够提前向决策者发出干旱警告。但是,饥荒是干旱和其它因素的综合结果,这些因素导致人们无法获得食物。WMO Climate Expert Kolli says meteorologists are trying to improve ways of getting policy makers to take their warnings more seriously. He says they are trying to see how they can better communicate weather and climate information. He says it is important to make policy makers understand they must take appropriate decisions based on the regional forecasts they receive. 世界气象组织的气候专家柯里说,气象学家正设法让决策者更认真地对待他们发出的警告。他说,他们正设法研究如何能更好地交流天气和气候信息。他说,让决策者懂得他们必须根据所获得的区域预测信息作出正确的决定是非常重要的。来 /201109/152333North Korea has urged foreigners in South Korea to leave the country to ensure their safety in case of war, as tensions escalate on the Korean peninsula.朝鲜敦促外国人撤离韩国,以确保他们在万一发生战争时的安全。目前朝鲜半岛紧张局势继续升级。“We do not wish harm on foreigners in South Korea should there be a war,the official KCNA news agency ed Pyongyang as saying yesterday.“朝鲜不愿意看到这场战争使在南朝鲜的外国人遭受损害,”官方的朝鲜中央通讯KCNA)昨日援引平壤方面的声明称。“Foreign institutions, companies and tourists in Seoul and other parts of the country should set up plans to take shelter and devise a way to evacuate,KCNA said.“在首尔和南朝鲜其它地方的外国机构、企业和游客,应拟订隐蔽计划并安排撤离事宜,”朝中社表示。The US could intercept a North Korean ballistic missile, the US commander in the Pacific said yesterday, but the Pyongyang regime was still a “clear and direct threat to the US美国太平洋司令部(USPACOM)司令昨日表示,美国能够拦截朝鲜的弹道导弹,但平壤政权仍是“对美国既明显又直接的威胁”。Admiral Samuel Locklear, speaking at a congressional hearing in Washington, said that the relationship between the west and North Korea was as bad as it had been since the Korean war.海军上将塞缪#8226;洛克利尔(Samuel Locklear)在华盛顿美国国会的一个听会上表示,西方与朝鲜之间的关系已经恶化到朝鲜战争以来最糟糕的程度。The North has made bellicose statements in recent weeks as the US and South Korea have held planned military exercises. Relations with Pyongyang have rapidly deteriorated since the UN imposed sanctions on North Korea after the communist state conducted a third nuclear test in February.近几周,在美韩按预定计划举行联合军演之际,朝鲜不断发布好战声明。自联合国针对朝鲜在2月份进行的第三次核试验出台制裁措施以来,国际社会与这个共产党国家的关系快速恶化。“The US and warmongers in Seoul are in the process of amassing weapons of mass destruction in the South and waiting for the opportunity to strike,North Korea said yesterday.“美国和南朝鲜傀儡好战分子正在南朝鲜集结大批大规模杀伤性武器,窥伺挑起侵朝战争的机会,”朝鲜昨日的声明表示。Some analysts say Pyongyang wants to manufacture a crisis to get concessions from the US and South Korea repeating a pattern that once prompted Robert Gates, the former US defence secretary, to say the US did not want to “buy the same horse twice In a sign that South Korea is becoming increasingly frustrated, President Park Geun-hye appeared to take a similar line yesterday.一些分析人士表示,平壤方面有意故伎重演,即制造一场危机,以便从美国和韩国捞到一些好处。美国前国防部长罗伯#8226;盖茨(Robert Gates)在谈到这一模式时曾表示,美国不希望“一匹马买两次”。突显韩国也变得越来越不耐烦的一个迹象是,韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)昨日摆出类似立场。“When [Pyongyang] creates tension, we give them compromise and aid. How long should we repeat this vicious cycle?she said.“每次北韩制造紧张局面,我方都要给他们妥协和援助。这样的恶性循环要重复到什么时候?”朴槿惠表示。The South Korean foreign ministry said no embassies in Seoul had advised staff to leave despite the latest warning. Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, the two Japanese carriers, said they had no plans to cancel flights. Seoul’s Incheon airport said no flights had been redirected in response to the rhetoric.韩国外交部表示,尽管朝鲜发出最新警告,但没有一个常驻首尔的外国使馆安排人员撤离。日本航Japan Airlines)和全日空(All Nippon Airways)这两家日本航空公司均称不计划取消航班。首尔的仁川国际机场(Incheon airport)表示,没有因为朝鲜的言论而指示任何航班备降其他机场。The South’s defence ministry said it was y to counter any provocations. But it said there were no signs of North Korea preparing its 1.2m-strong army for war. Korean government officials said the possibility of all-out war was still low although North Korea may provoke some small-scale conflicts.韩国国防部表示,已准备好还击任何挑衅行为。但该部门称,没有迹象显示朝鲜正动员其兵力超20万的军队准备开战。韩国政府官员表示,全面战争的可能性仍较小,尽管朝鲜可能挑起某些小规模冲突。Ban Ki-Moon, UN secretary-general, said yesterday that tensions on the peninsula risked slipping out of control. “A small incident caused by miscalculation or misjudgment may create an uncontrollable situation.”联合国秘书长潘基文(Ban Ki-Moon)昨日表示,朝鲜半岛紧张局势可能失控。“由误解或误判引起的一个局部事件,可能引发失控的局面,”他表示。Pyongyang has recently nullified the armistice reached with Seoul at the end of the war. Last week, Pyongyang advised foreign embassies to consider evacuating staff from the capital by today ahead of the April 15 anniversary of the birth of North Korea’s founder Kim Il-sung warning it could not protect them in case of war.朝鲜最近废止了朝鲜战争结束时与韩国达成的停战协议。上周,朝鲜建议常驻平壤的外国使馆考虑最迟在今日0日)撤离人员——赶5日朝鲜开国领袖金日成(Kim Il-sung)诞辰纪念日之前,警告称,若发生战争将无法保这些人的安全。Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Japan would closely consult its allies in preparation for a possible missile launch. Meanwhile China said it did not want to see chaos on the Korean peninsula.日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)表示,日本将与盟国密切磋商,准备应对朝鲜可能发射的导弹。与此同时,中国表示不希望看到朝鲜半岛出现战乱。来 /201304/234161南昌大学医院光子脱毛手术多少钱南昌哪家激光去胎田痣医院好

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