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He may look like an elementary schoolboy, but he is the one you can count on to solve the most complicated criminal cases. You shouldn’t need any additional clues to figure out the name of this detective — it’s Conan Edogawa.他看上去也许和小学生没什么两样,但他却能破解那些最复杂的案件。也许无需更多提示,你已经猜到了这位侦探的名字——江户川柯南。The leading character in Japanese manga and anime Detective Conan was originally 17-year-old high school student detective Shinichi Kudo. But one day during an investigation, he was poisoned by two men from the Black Organization, and his body shrank to the size of a child’s. Fortunately, he retains his intelligence. With the help of Hiroshi Agasa, his scientist neighbor, Conan proves that being a hero has nothing to do with size, but with having a sharp mind and a brave heart.他是日本动漫《名侦探柯南》的主人公。他叫工藤新一, 17岁,是一名高中生侦探。直到有一天,他在一次调查中被两个黑暗组织的成员灌下了毒药,身体变回了小孩子的模样。庆幸的是,他的智商依旧和以前一样逆天。在邻居阿笠士的帮助下,柯南向世人明了英雄不问身高,只需有敏捷的思维和一颗勇敢的心。Last month, The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days in History, a special celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary was released.上个月,为了纪念《名侦探柯南》漫画连载20周年,特别篇《江户川柯南失踪事件:史上最惨的两天》播出。The story starts when Conan heads for a bathhouse with his friends Ran and Haibara. While watching a suspicious man skulk around the bathhouse, Conan slips and knocks himself unconscious. The man turns out to be a well-known hitman, and he takes Conan away to keep him quiet. When the hit man and his accomplice finds out that Conan has amnesia because of the fall, they decide to use him for another plan.故事伊始,柯南、小兰和灰原哀一起去公共浴室洗澡。发现有可疑男子在澡堂周围鬼鬼祟祟时,柯南不认滑倒、撞到自己(的脑袋)而失去意识。而这名可疑男子正是大名鼎鼎的杀手(近藤)。他和自己的同伙将晕倒的柯南带走,却发现柯南已经失忆,于是他们心生一计……As is normal for Conan stories, the special twists and turns before Conan finally sleuths his way out of the situation. This style of storytelling allows viewers to decode the mystery along with the protagonists, one of the keys to the franchise’s enduring success. If you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan (as Conan is), this anime should be a fun watch, although the format may seem too familiar to those who a lot of detective novels.和《柯南》的其他故事一样,在此次特别篇中,在历尽曲折和挣扎之后柯南最终察觉并且摆脱困境。这样的叙事方式能让观众和主人公一起解开谜团,而这也是《柯南》系列长盛不衰的秘诀之一。如果你是《神探夏洛克》迷(像柯南一样),那这部动画片一定不容错过,虽然饱读侦探小说的你也许会觉得它结构毫无新意,但它仍然有着自己的趣味。Conan never gives up trying to find out a way back into his older body when fighting against the Black Organization, and he stays vigilant to make sure his friends don’t get ensnared too much in his exploits.(动漫中)柯南与黑暗组织斗志斗勇,从未放弃把身体变回原来的大小;而另一方面,他还要时刻保持警惕,不让自己的朋友卷入其中。For two decades, fans of Detective Conan have grown up with the little boy, and we’d rather postpone the reunion with Shinichi to let the anime last a bit longer.二十年了,《名侦探柯南》的粉丝已经在这个小男孩的陪伴下长成大人,而我们却宁可他不要变回工藤新一的模样,只为这部动漫能播得更久一些。 /201501/354492Eileen Burbidge, one of London’s most influential venture capitalists, is an American who built her career by going against convention. A software engineer by training, she earned her chops in Silicon Valley working for some of the world’s most prestigious tech companies, including Apple, Yahoo and Sun Microsystems. But then, she moved to London in 2004 to “push my comfort zone,” becoming one of Skype’s earliest employees.艾琳o比奇是伦敦最具影响力的风险投资家之一。这位来自美国的女性开创了一条有违常规的职业发展道路。她是一名训练有素的软件工程师,在硅谷积累了丰富的技术经验,曾经先后供职于多家世界最知名的科技公司,其中包括苹果、雅虎和太阳微系统公司。但在2004年,为了“迫使自己走出舒适区”,比奇毅然前往伦敦,成为Skype最早的一批员工之一。From there, she and two partners launched Passion Capital, a venture capital firm. It became one of London’s top VC firms — despite the fact that none of the cofounders have a traditional finance background. As a VC, Burbidge has taken a somewhat maverick approach, declaring she won’t invest in “jerks” and backing Lulu, a controversial dating app that allows women to rate men. She recently spoke to Fortune.com about her professional journey, her approach to investment and why she values passion above all else.后来,她与两位合伙人一起成立了Passion Capital公司。它现已成为伦敦顶级的风险投资公司之一,但三位创始人其实都没有传统的金融业背景。作为一名风险投资家,比奇采用了一种特立独行的做法,宣称她不会给“ 令人讨厌的人”投资,她还为颇具争议的约会应用Lulu(这款应用允许女性对男性评分)提供巨额资金持。日前在接受《财富》官网采访时,她畅谈了自己的职业历程、投资方式,以及她为何最看重创业者的。Q: What inspired you to move to London and become a venture capitalist there?问:是什么激励你前往伦敦,成为一名风险投资家?The ten years I was in Silicon Valley were phenomenal. However, Silicon Valley began to feel very insular to me. I thought it would be useful to get out “into the real world” or at least the wider world and I looked towards London. I was fortunate enough to secure job offers from both Skype and Shazam, and I went for Skype. I wanted to work with people who were crazy visionaries.我在硅谷度过了不平凡的十年。但我却感觉硅谷正在变得越来越封闭。我认为,自己或许应该进入“真实的世界”,或至少更广阔的世界,于是我把目光投向伦敦。我很幸运地收到了Skype和音乐识别软件Shazam的工作邀请,我选择了Skype。我希望与疯狂的梦想家一起共事。I became an “accidental” VC in that I started working with the former Skype engineers who founded Ambient Sound Investments. We made four investments in London, three of which ended up being with Stefan Glaenzer [who became one of her Passion Capital partners.] Stefan and I realized we probably identify and value similar traits in founders/teams/startups, and so we started talking about working together and raising our own micro VC fund in London.后来,我开始与几位创建Ambient Sound Investments投资公司的原Skype工程师们合作,就这样,我“一不小心”就成为一名风险投资家。我们在伦敦进行了四笔投资,其中有三笔是与斯蒂芬o格莱恩泽尔(他后来成为Passion Capital的合伙人之一)合作的。斯蒂芬和我意识到,我们或许可以在创业者/团队/初创公司身上找到类似的特质,并为其估值,于是我们开始谈论合作,并在伦敦成立了一家小型风投基金。Q: Given that you and your cofounders, Robert Dighero and Stefan Glaenzer, all have startup experience, how has that shaped your approach as VCs?问:你和另外两位创始人罗伯特o迪哥希罗与斯蒂芬o格莱恩泽尔都有创业经历,这些经历对于你的投资方式有何影响?We’d like to think that we’re able to assess and relate better to entrepreneurs and are better equipped to add operational and strategic value.我们认为,我们可以更好地评估和理解创业者,有能力为创业者增添运营和战略价值。We basically conduct ourselves [as the kind of company] we’d like to partner with if we were still operators ourselves. We started by establishing a co-working space in 2009 and then we were able to raise, close, and launch our million fund, Passion Capital, in April 2011.在进行投资时,我们总是会考虑假如我们还是经营者,希望与什么样的风险投资者合作。我们在2009年建立了一个联合办公场所,然后开始融资,最终于2011年3月份启动价值6000万美元的风险投资基金Passion Capital。At that time, we were the only London-based VC firm in East London (where the entrepreneurs are, now sometimes referred to as “Tech City”) as opposed to Mayfair or the other areas of London which is where financiers were historically located. And we were the only London VC with a co-working space — an open plan that we share with ten to twelve teams at any given time.当时,我们是东伦敦(创业者聚集的地区,现在被称为“科技城”)唯一的风投公司。因为在历史上,金融家们大多集中在梅菲尔区或伦敦的其他地区。我们也是唯一一家在联合办公场所运营的伦敦风险投资公司——我们与另外十个或十二个团队共同使用这个开放空间。We were also the first VC in the world to use a Plain English term sheet and to not re-charge any legal fees to our companies (no fees to a cap, literally no fees whatsoever).我们也是全世界第一家使用简明英语风险投资协议的公司,并且我们不向投资公司重复收取任何法律费用,其实几乎没有任何费用。Q: Can you explain the criteria you use when deciding whether to back an entrepreneur?问:你能否解释一下在确定符合投资条件的创业者时所遵循的标准?Of course we look to validate the proposition they’re planning, the problem they’re trying to solve, and their ability to understand the requirements to execute a plan. But we also look for even softer skills such as the motivation behind their ambition.我们当然会验他们的创业计划,他们希望解决的问题,以及他们是否理解执行计划所需的能力。但我们也会关注一些软性技能,比如万丈雄心背后的动机。What I’ve found is that every great entrepreneur has some driving ambition that fuels them. There will be extreme hardships. It’s super stressful to hire people, fire people, build a team, push through challenges and barriers, compete with larger players. So there has to be something that is emotionally anchored, deep-rooted and which will drive that founder through their most difficult days.我发现,每一位优秀的创业者都心怀抱负,这让他们充满干劲。他们可能会遭遇极端的困难。招聘、解雇、组建团队、应对挑战和障碍、与更大的竞争对手竞争等,会让他们承受巨大的压力。因此,创业者必须拥有百折不挠的意志力,才能度过最艰难的阶段。Q: Is that why you invested in Lulu?问:这是你投资Lulu的原因吗?Like most of our other investments, we invested in Lulu based on the strength, ambition and vision of its founder, Alexandra Chong, who is an absolute tour de force. Her original vision was to create a platform and “safe and private place online for women” to connect and interact with one another — whether it be about relationships, finances, education, work or any other topics.与我们的大多数投资一样,我们之所以投资Lulu,是基于其创始人亚历山德拉o庄的实力、雄心和愿景。她真的很杰出。最初,她希望为女性创建一个“安全私密的在线平台”,彼此之间进行交际和互动,谈论人际关系、财务、教育、工作或其他任何话题。The key conclusion after its initial launch was that nearly all of the content and interactions focused exclusively on dating and guys. So as a consequence and like any genius founder, Alexandra seized on that user feedback and whittled the proposition down to offer the best user experience to address that demand — and that’s led to the massively popular app we have today.但这个平台正式推出后,所有内容和互动几乎都集中在与男性约会这个话题上。于是,与其他天才创始人一样,亚历山德罗根据用户的反馈,对最初的计划进行了修改,致力于针对这一特定需求提供最佳用户体验,于是便有了这款极受欢迎的应用。Now used by one out of every four college women in the US, Lulu is on its way to becoming a platform for providing content, transactions and services around a broad-range of topics, products and subject areas — coming full circle back to delivering on Alexandra’s vision which I’ll be excited to see.现在美国几乎四分之一的女大学生都在使用Lulu,它也在努力成为涉及不同话题、产品和主题的平台,提供与这些话题相关的内容、交易和务——最终又回到了亚历山德罗当初的愿景,我很期待她的愿景实现的那一天。Q: You’ve said that you’d rather not invest in “jerks.” How do you determine jerkiness?问:你曾说过自己不会为“令人讨厌的人”投资。你如何确定什么样的人是“令人讨厌的”?It’s true and therefore dangerous that “jerk” is largely subjective. However, my partners and I are all at points in our lives where we’ve the luxury to decide that life’s just too short to work with people who we find objectionable, offensive or even plainly rude. We want to work with people with whom we enjoy spending time.确实如此,但很大程度上,“令人讨厌”是一个主观概念,因此这种观念其实很危险。但在经历了人生的风风雨雨之后,我和我的合伙人得出结论:人生太短暂,不应该在那些令人讨厌的、无礼的甚至粗鲁的人身上浪费时间。我们希望与那些我们愿意与之共处的人合作。To discern this, we’ll employ techniques that anyone uses when they’re trying to interview/recruit candidates to hire. We’ll ask questions to probe and try to get a reaction about professional and situational matters. We’re also paying attention to how founders behave even when we’re not in the room or out of earshot. So if they’re rude or dismissive of other people (no matter who they are), that’s pretty much a non-starter.为此,我们采用了人们在面试或招聘时使用的技巧。我们会问一些问题进行试探,尽量获得他们对专业问题和情景化问题的反应。我们还会观察当我们不在房间里或在听力范围之外时,创始人有何表现。对其他人(不论是谁)很粗鲁或不屑一顾的人,会被我们淘汰。Q: But don’t some jerks build successful companies?问:但有些“令人讨厌的人”确实建立了成功的公司,不是吗?There is indeed a theory that jerks or assholes make the most successful founders/CEOs. It might be idealistic and naive of me, but I’d like to think that as successful as those types of individuals have been, perhaps they could have been even more successful had they not been jerks.确实有一种理论认为,“令人讨厌的人”或“混蛋”可以成为最成功的创始人和CEO。或许我有些理想主义,过于天真,我认为虽然这些人取得了成功,但如果他们没有这么令人讨厌,或许会更加成功。I very simplistically believe that one can be more successful at hiring and attracting great team members, partners and customers if they’re not off-putting, offensive or objectionable. Those small successes in theory contribute to building a more valuable business.我的看法非常简单:一个不令人反感的人,在招聘和吸引优秀的团队成员方面可以做得更成功。而从理论上来说,这些小的成功有助于建立一家更有价值的公司。Q: As an investor, which industries currently excite you the most?问:作为投资者,你目前对哪些行业最感兴趣?At the moment, I’m really excited about three specific sectors: fintech [companies that build technology for financial firms], cyber/infosecurity and healthtech/medtech. Conveniently, I also genuinely believe that startups in London/UK have an advantage in these specific sectors.目前,我最感兴趣的有三个领域:金融技术(为金融公司提供技术的公司)、网络/信息安全和健康科技/医疗科技。并且我真心认为,伦敦/英国的初创公司在这些领域占有优势。London has always been one of the financial capitals of the world. Similarly, the UK has a long-standing heritage and deep expertise in cyber/infosecurity and intelligence with GCHQ and other intelligence agencies and strong universities, and finally for all its good and bad aspects, the UK also has the NHS [National Health Service] as a centralized “platform” to leverage or make more efficient.伦敦一直是世界金融中心。英国有政府通信总部(GCHQ)和其他情报机构以及顶尖的大学,在网络/信息安全与情报领域有悠久的历史和深厚的专业知识,此外,尽管人们对英国的国民卫生务体系褒贬不一,但作为一个集中的“平台”,它可以更有效地利用或开发健康/医疗科技。Q: Are you making a special effort to fund women entrepreneurs?问:你是否在资助女性创业者方面做过特殊的努力?I actively seek out strong entrepreneurs — regardless of gender or demographic. For obvious reasons, I take a great interest in women entrepreneurs in particular. Therefore I try to make myself available to anyone who is interested in connecting, getting feedback — or pitching. Over the years I’ve seen more women entrepreneurs emerging and I look forward to this trend continuing.我一直在积极寻找有实力的创业者——不会去考虑性别或其他人口特征。由于众所周知的原因,我对女性创业者尤其感兴趣。因此,如果有女同胞愿意与我联系、寻求反馈或者兜售她们的创业理念,我都会尽量提供机会。最近这几年,我发现女性创业者越来越多,希望这种趋势能够继续下去。 /201503/361601

The chubby, inert pet dog has become a familiar household sight in richer countries. And yet there lies a possible boon to the out-of-shape among us. A recent study suggests that being told one’s pet is dangerously overweight might provide the impetus that gets an owner moving.胖乎乎、慢吞吞的宠物已经成为富裕国家常见的家庭景象。但是对我们中间身材走样的人来说,这可能是一种福利。最近的一项研究表明,告诉主人他/她的宠物太胖、存在健康风险,可能会给他/她提供锻炼动力。It might seem that having a pet dog would result in considerable physical activity, and that’s true, broadly speaking. A 2013 review of studies related to dog ownership concluded that as a group, dog owners spend almost an hour more per week walking than people without dogs. Even so, a survey from 2008 conducted in Australia found that nearly a quarter of all dog owners reported never walking their pets. This population of dog owners, studies show, actually engage in less physical activity each week than people without a dog.养个宠物似乎会增加很多运动量。一般来说的确是这样的。2013年与养相关的研究表明,总体来说,养的人每周比不养的人几乎多走一个小时。即便如此,2008年澳大利亚的一项调查发现,将近1/4的主人说他们几乎从不遛。研究表明,这部分养的人每周的运动量实际上比不养的人还少。A majority of dog owners, of course, are deeply attached to their pets, whether they walk them or not. That bond prompted a group of scientists, veterinarians and physicians at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, in Bethesda, Md., and other institutions to consider whether people might be willing to undertake ahealth-and-fitness regimen targeted at their dog, even if they had little enthusiasm for such a program for themselves.当然,不管遛不遛,大部分主人都非常喜爱自己的宠物。这种情感联系促使马里兰州贝塞斯达健康科学统一务大学(Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences)等机构的一群科学家、兽医和医生们开始考虑人们是否愿意采取针对小的健康健身生活方式——尽管他们对针对自己的这种项目没什么兴趣。The researchers recruited 32 dog owners who visited a veterinary clinic in Maryland. Their dogs varied widely in age, breed and size, but all were overweight or obese and, by and large, sedentary. So, too, were most of their owners (although the only criterion for their participation was that their dogs be rotund). Half the volunteers were told by a veterinarian to watch their dog’s nutrition and monitor its health. The rest were told that their dog was overweight and needed more exercise. These owners were given specific exercise prescriptions, which generally advised walking the dog for at least 30 minutes every day.研究者们在马里兰州的一个兽医诊所征募了32名主人。他们的在年龄、品种和体型上各不相同,但都超重或过度肥胖,并且总的来说坐得太多。它们的主人大多也是这样(虽然唯一的参与标准是他们的超重)。兽医让其中一半志愿者关注的营养,留意它们的健康状况;对另一半志愿者说他们的超重,需要更多锻炼——兽医给这些主人提供了具体的锻炼计划,总的来说是建议每天至少遛30分钟。Three months later, the volunteers and their dogs were re-evaluated. Both owners and pets in the dog-walking group had lost weight. But more interesting, those who hadbeen told only that their pets were worryingly heavy also began exercising their pets and themselves. They reported walking far more often than they did before theygot health warnings for their dogs, and both they and their pets were thinner.三个月后,研究者重新评估志愿者和他们的。遛那组的主人和宠物们都瘦了一些。不过更有意思的是,那些仅被告知宠物胖得令人担忧的主人们也开始和宠物们一起运动了。他们说,与被警告存在健康隐患前相比,他们走路要频繁得多,他们和宠物都瘦了一些。The upshot, says Capt. Mark B. Stephens M.D., a professor of family medicine at Uniformed Services University and a co-author of the study — it was published in September in the journal Anthrozoamp;ouml;s — is that “love and concern for a dog can be a powerful motivation for exercise.” Which is not to say, he adds, that people should adopt a dog as a kind of fitness device. Unlike a tmill, Marley cannot be abandoned in the basement when you tire of working out. On the other hand, no device will ever be so happy to see you lace up your walking shoes.这项研究9月份发表在《人与动物》(Anthrozoamp;ouml;s)杂志上。美国军队卫生务大学(Uniformed Services University)的医学士、家庭医学教授马克·B·斯蒂芬斯上尉(Mark B.Stephens)是这项研究的合著者。他说,重点在于,“对的热爱和关心可以成为强大的锻炼动力。”他补充说,这并不是说,人们应该把养作为一种健身手段。你不能在厌倦锻炼时把小马利(Marley)像跑步机一样丢到地下室里。不过,从另一方面讲,没有哪个健身器材会在看见你穿上步行鞋后如此高兴。 /201501/3519081. Their relationship will not take up 100% of their life, but they will put 100% into their relationship. It#39;s important to ambitious girls to have other priorities and things going on outside of their relationship. But that doesn#39;t mean they won#39;t give it their all when it comes to being happy with someone.爱情不是她们生活的全部,但她们会在恋爱时全身心投入。对有追求的女生来说,除了爱情之外,她们还有许多重要的事情,但这不影响她们在恋爱时完全投入并享受这段美好时光。2. They#39;re not looking for a challenge, but they are looking for someone to challenge them. They#39;re not interested in the chase or winning the game. But they#39;re interested in being with someone who#39;s going to challenge them to be better and to grow every day.她们要找的不是挑战,而是可以激发其自我挑战欲望的那个人。她们对恋爱中的追逐和输赢并不感兴趣。能够激励她们不断改善自我、不断成长,这才是她们要找的人。3. Romance usually means something different to ambitious girls. They love dates and surprises just like the next girl. But in their minds, the most romantic thing in the world is being with someone who they can truly relate to, and someone who supports them in everything that they do.有追求的女生对浪漫的定义通常不同。当然她们也像所有女生一样,喜欢约会和惊喜。但对她们来说,世界上最浪漫的事莫过于找到那个可以真正交心,并会事事都持自己的人。4. They#39;re not afraid to tell you when they like you. If they think this thing has a chance, they#39;re not going to sit back and play coy and always wait for you to make the first move. They#39;re going to be straight-up with you, and you can do with that what you want.若是来电,她们会大胆表白。如果觉得有可能,她们不会按兵不动、羞羞答答,总是等着对方先开口。她们会主动表白,并且坦然接受你的任何回应。5. They don#39;t play games. There#39;s no ;wait two hours to text back; guidelines that they believe they have to follow. Ambitious girls do what they want when they want, because they don#39;t have time for arbitrary dating rules.她们不会耍花招。她们认为根本不用遵守“收到消息两小时再回复”之类的爱情指南。有追求的女生随心而动,她们认为那些专横的恋爱规则简直是浪费时间。6. They#39;ll still have a lot of other things going on besides you. They take dating seriously. But they#39;re also passionate about their careers and friends and family and hobbies. When they#39;re dating, ambitious girls are looking for someone who#39;s not only going to support that, but someone who#39;s going to love them all the more for it.除了恋爱之外,她们还有很多事情要做。她们会真诚地恋爱,但对待事业,朋友,家人以及爱好也同样热情。对追求的女生来说,理想的另一半不仅会持她有自己的生活,而且会因此更爱她。7. They don#39;t hold it against you if you#39;re not interested. They know what they want, and if you#39;re not interested, they#39;re just happy that you#39;re not wasting any more of their time.若对方不感兴趣,她们也不会由此心生怨念。因为她们清楚自己想要的是什么,若对方不感兴趣,并且也没耽误她们的时间,她们只会高兴。8. They#39;re not looking to be a trophy wife. The idea of playing backseat to their companion is nauseating to an ambitious girl. They#39;re looking for someone who is going to be their partner, not their leader.她们不想做花瓶妻子。有追求的女生憎恶那些认为妻子是丈夫附属品的想法。她们要找的是与之并肩而行的人,而不是颐指气使的人。9. Ambitious girls know that being tough and being emotional aren#39;t mutually exclusive. Ambitious girls are strong, confident, and intelligent. They know how to handle themselves. But they#39;re aware that that doesn#39;t mean they can#39;t be vulnerable or emotional. One of the reasons they feel comfortable dating is because they know how to be tough without feeling the need to apologize for having emotions.有追求的女生明白,坚强和感性并不相互冲突。她们坚强,自信且理智,知道如何处理好自己的事情。但是她们也清楚,这些不代表她们不能有脆弱和感性的一面。她们坚强的同时,也不必为脆弱而受责备,这是她们舒适恋爱的原因之一。10. A good conversation in their eyes doesn#39;t revolve around how much money you make or how successful you are. They#39;re more interested in hearing what makes you tick, what inspires you, what gets your blood flowing, and what you#39;re passionate about.在她们看来,良好的交流不必围绕着对方的金钱和成功。她们更在意对方的动力,灵感,能量和热情之所在。11. They know that sometimes they have a hard time opening up in the beginning. They#39;re used to being in control, so when they#39;re not, it#39;s a little disorienting. But they enjoy the challenge of trying to get better, so it#39;s something they#39;re always keen to work on.在开始一段感情时,有时她们会觉得难以敞开心扉。因为她们习惯一切都在掌控之中,而爱情这件事却充满未知,所以她们会有些迷茫。但她们很享受自我完善的过程,并愿意为之全力以赴。12. They won#39;t ask you to choose between them and your other priorities, because they#39;re too busy having priorities of their own.她们不会逼你在爱情和其他重要事情之间做出选择,毕竟她们有太多重要事情来充实自己。13. Ambitious girls are attracted to people who have goals and aspirations – people who want more than an average existence. They don#39;t need you to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 or an insanely successful entrepreneur. They just want to know you care about something that matters and are willing to work for it.有理想有抱负、不甘平庸的人会赢得这些女生的青睐。对方无需是财富500强公司的CEO,也不必是特别成功的企业家。她们只要了解,对方有自己在意的东西,并愿意为之奋斗就够了。14. They#39;re not going to wait forever. They#39;ll let you know, one way or another, that they like you. They#39;re never in a rush to jump into a relationship, but they#39;re also practical about where they are in their lives and when it#39;s time to move on. If you like them, do something about it.她们可不会一直傻等。若是动心,她们一定会用某种方式表现出来。面对爱情,她们不会轻率莽撞就开始。同时,她们也很现实,知道自己处于人生的什么阶段,知道什么时候该放手向前。所以若对她们有好感,请有所行动。15. They#39;re less worried about a fairytale romance and more concerned with finding someone who will simply make them happy. They#39;re not preoccupied with a huge diamond ring, an over-the-top wedding, and a ridiculous love story they can tell their friends. They just want to be with someone who will love them for who they are, and never ask them to stop following their dreams. 相比童话般的浪漫举动,她们更在意简单的快乐。她们并不痴迷于硕大的钻戒、奢华的婚礼或是可以向朋友炫耀的疯狂壮举。她们只求相守的那个人爱的是她们真实的样子,并永远持她们的梦想。 /201506/382671

A:Who knows the difference beteen a kingdom and a democracy?A:你知道君主制国家和民主国家的区别吗?A:Yes, Johny?A:Johny,你说呢?Johny: In a kingdom there is only one thief.Johny:君主制国家只有一个小偷。 /201505/375857London#39;s most romantic things to do在伦敦可做的最富有诗意的事情London is a huge, bustling, crowded city - yet thereare a surprising range of things to do for the romantically inclined.伦敦是一座繁华拥挤的大都市——但这里仍有一些意外的事物可以给你带来诗意的感觉。Browse the flowers and shops on Columbia Road在哥伦比亚路观赏鲜花和店铺Open on Sundays only, the Columbia RoadFlower Market in East London is the perfectspot to test out those daisy and peony bouquets.仅在周日开放,伦敦东部的哥伦比亚路花市是挑选雏菊和牡丹的理想之地。Ice-skate at Somerset House (November to early January)到萨默塞特府滑冰(11月份至1月初)Spend a lovely winter evening ice-skatingwith your best gal or guy in front of Somerset House#39;s 18th-century facade.Warm up afterward with mulled wine or hot chocolate at Tom#39;s Skate Loungeoverlooking the rink.选一个美好的冬夜与最好的伴侣到18世纪建成的萨默塞特府前滑冰。之后到汤姆滑冰酒吧间喝杯加香料的热葡萄酒或巧克力热饮热身,边俯瞰溜冰场。Picnic on Hampstead Heath到汉普斯特德荒野野餐Boasting some of the city#39;s finest views,Hampstead Heath—with nearly 800 acres (324 ha) of space to sp yourblanket—is a great spot for a quiet picnic.这里有伦敦市最值得夸耀的几处风景——将近800英亩的空间供你铺开毯子——这里是您享用宁静野餐的好地方。Row on Hyde Park#39;sSerpentine在海德公园的蛇形湖上划船Share a flute at the Champagne Bar到香槟酒吧里听长笛乐声The impressive 322-foot-long (98 m) barfeatures 17 varieties of bubbly by the glass. While you#39;re in the area, take agander at the recently renovated St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel, whichproclaims itself the city#39;s ;most romantic building.;这个给人印象深刻的酒吧长322英尺,有17种香槟酒。在此,你可顺便看看最近翻修的伦敦圣潘克拉斯万丽酒店,该酒店自称是伦敦市“最浪漫的建筑”Trot through Hyde Park骑马闲荡于海德公园Take the reins and lope through Hyde Park, including the famous Rotten Row bridle path.Hyde Park Stables offers year-round horseback riding.握住缰绳,骑马闲荡于海德公园,当然也会经过那条著名的国王路跑马道。海德公园全年提供骑马务。Sample chocolate for two情侣巧克力With the chocolate-lover lover in yourlife, stop at the flagship store of William Curley in Belgraviaand partake of all the sweet trimmings your heart could desire.带着你同样也喜爱巧克力的情侣到贝尔格莱维亚区的威廉克利旗舰店吃光所有你想吃的甜点,连碎屑也不剩下。Walk in Little Venice漫步于小Colourful houseboats moored on the charmingand tranquil waterways make the area a delight to stroll. Best spots are Blomfield Road andBrownings Pool.五颜六色的游艇停泊在迷人安静的水道上,让这里成为漫步的好地方。最佳去处是布洛姆菲尔德路(Blomfield Road)朗宁池(Brownings Pool)。 /201411/344985Over 60 years have passed since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made history as the first successful summiteers of Mount Everest, yet the desire to climb the mountain hasn#39;t waned over the decades. We hear countless stories of the triumphant—or, more recently, tragic—attempts to reach the top. But many interesting facts about the mountain aren#39;t common knowledge.距离埃德蒙·希拉里爵士(Sir Edmund Hillary)和丹增·诺尔盖(Tenzing Norgay)首次登顶珠穆朗玛峰已有60余年,但人们的登峰却并未在这漫长的时间长河中消失殆尽。我们经常听到有人成功登顶,以及一些不幸失败的故事(尤其是最近)。但关于珠穆朗玛峰的趣实却远不止这些。10. Mountain Spiders10. 峰上蜘蛛Even high in the sky, with barely enough air to breathe, we still can#39;t hide from spiders. Euophrys omnisuperstes (;standing above everything;), better known as Himalayan jumping spiders, hide in nooks and crevices on the slopes of Everest, making them one of the Earth#39;s highest permanent residents. Climbers have spotted them as high as 6,700 meters (22,000 ft). The tiny spiders manage to feed on whatever stray insects the severe winds blow up the mountain. They#39;re virtually the only animals permanently based at such a high altitude, aside from a few species of bird. In addition, several previously unnamed grasshopper species were collected during the famously ill-fated 1924 British Everest expedition and are now on display in the British Natural History Museum.即使在几乎没有空气可供呼吸的珠穆朗玛峰,我们也有可能与蜘蛛不期而遇。在珠穆朗玛峰斜坡上的凹缝和裂隙之中,就可以见到被称为“喜马拉雅跳蛛”的Euophrysomnisuperstes(意为“万物之上”)蜘蛛,这些蜘蛛是世界上居住海拔最高的永久居民之一。登山者在海拔6700米(22000英尺)的地方发现了它们。这种小蜘蛛以被强风吹上山的迷途昆虫为食。除了一些品种独特的鸟之外,这些跳蛛可以说是生活在如此高海拔地区的唯一动物。并且,在1924年的那次以失败告终的英国珠峰探险之中,探险者就采集到了跳蛛样本,这些样本现在被陈列在英国自然历史物馆(British Natural History Museum)之中。9. Two Men Climbed It 21 Times9. 两个攀登珠峰21次的人Two Sherpas, Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi, hold the joint record for most Everest ascents. The pair have each managed to reach the summit an impressive 21 times. Phurba reached the top of the world three times in 2007 alone, and Apa has successfully summited the mountain almost every year between 1990 and 2011. Apa says that he has seen clear changes on Everest caused by global warming over the years. He has spoken of his concerns over melting snow and glaciers, which expose the rock and make it increasingly tough to climb. He also worries for the well-being of Sherpas, after losing his own home in a flood caused by the melted glaciers. Apa has dedicated several Everest ascents to raising awareness of climate change. 8The World#39;s Highest Brawl03两个夏尔巴人——阿帕·夏尔巴(Apa Sherpa)和普巴·塔西(Phurba Tashi)——共同保持着登顶珠峰次数最多的纪录。令人敬佩的是,他们两人各自成功登顶珠峰21次。普巴在2007年独自一人三次登顶珠穆朗玛峰这座“世界之巅”,而阿帕则是在1990年到2011年这段时间里,几乎每年都会成功登顶珠峰。阿帕说道,受全球变暖的影响,珠穆朗玛峰在这些年里发生了明显变化。他担心积雪和冰川的融化会使岩石裸露,这样的话,登顶珠峰将会变得愈加困难。他也对夏尔巴人幸福康乐的生活表示忧虑,因为他自己的家就毁于一次冰川融化造成的洪水泛滥之中。阿帕的好几次登峰探险都致力于提高人们对气候变化的意识。8. The World#39;s Highest Brawl8. 史上海拔最高的“珠峰纷争”Everest climbs aren#39;t always the harmonious triumphs you might imagine. In 2013, climbers Ueli Steck, Simone Moro, and Jonathan Griffith found themselves in a violent brawl with Sherpas after allegedly ignoring orders to halt their climb. The Sherpas accused the climbers of getting in their way and causing an avalanche that hit other Sherpas laying ropes downhill. The climbers denied the accusations, and the confrontation turned violent. The Sherpas kicked, punched, and beat the men with rocks, and Moro says one angry Sherpa even threatened to kill him. The fight might have ended considerably worse, but American climber Melissa Arnot warned the trio to flee to the basecamp before the rest formed a mob and stoned them to death. After the incident, a Nepal army official stood witness as both sides signed a peace agreement to settle the dispute. 7A 450-Million-Year History04登顶珠穆朗玛峰的探险,并不如你所想的那样,总是洋溢着和谐的欢欣气氛。2013年,三个登山爱好者乌里·斯特克(Ueli Steck)、西蒙尼·尔(Simone Moro)和乔纳森·格里菲斯(Jonathan Griffith)罔顾夏尔巴人暂作歇息的命令而继续攀爬的行为,触怒了当地夏尔巴人,从而引发了一场激烈纷争。夏尔巴人指责这三个登山者妨碍了他们安装绳索,并且他们不顾命令继续攀爬的行为致使山上冰块坍塌,将正在山上安装绳子的其他几个夏尔巴人砸下了山。但这几个登山者却否认夏尔巴人的控诉,由此冲突愈演愈烈。夏尔巴人向这三个登山者投掷石子,拳脚相向,尔还透露说,一个愤怒的夏尔巴人甚至威胁要杀掉他。尽管双方最后还是结束了这次纷争,但美国登山者梅利莎·阿诺特(Melissa Arnot)还是警告这三个人趁着夏尔巴人未开始新一轮的暴乱,将他们用石头投掷致死之前,逃回他们的宿营基地。在这次纷争之后,双方在一位尼泊尔军官的见下签署了一份和平协议。7. A 450-Million-Year History7. 珠峰有着4.5亿年的历史Although the Himalayan Mountains formed 60 million years ago, Everest#39;s history actually goes back a lot further. The limestone and sandstone rock at the summit of the mountain was once part of sedimentary layers below sea level 450 million years ago. Over time, ocean floor rocks were forced together and pushed upward at a speed of up to 11 centimeters (4.5 in) per year, eventually reaching the current position. The upper formations of Everest now contain marine fossils of sea creatures and shells that once occupied the earlier ocean. Explorer Noel Odell first discovered the fossils embedded within Everest#39;s rocks in 1924, proving that the mountain had once been below sea level. The first rock specimens from Everest were brought back by Swiss climbers in 1956 and by an American climbing team in 1963.6Height Dispute05尽管喜马拉雅山脉是在6000万年前形成,但实际上珠穆朗玛峰却远在这之前就已形成。峰顶上的石灰岩和砂岩曾是4.5亿年前的海底沉积岩的一部分。随着时间的推移,海底岩石因受挤压而聚拢在一起,并且以每年11厘米(4.5英寸)的速度上升,最终形成了现在的高度。我们如今仍能在珠穆朗玛峰的上面部分见到几亿年前的海生物和贝壳化石。探险家诺埃尔·奥德尔(Noel Odell)在1924年第一次发现了嵌入珠穆朗玛峰岩石中的海洋化石,明了珠峰所在地区原是一片海洋。1956年的瑞士登山队和1963年的美国登山队首次带回了珠穆朗玛峰的岩石样本。6. Height Dispute6. 关于珠峰的海拔高度之争Exactly how tall is Mount Everest? That depends on what side of the border you#39;re on. China has said the peak is at 8,844 meters (29,016 ft), while Nepal says 8,848 meters (29,029 ft). That#39;s because China argues that the mountain should purely be measured by rock height, excluding the meters of snow at the very top. Whether or not that#39;s the better measure, the international community regularly includes snow when describing the heights of peaks around the world. The two countries came to an agreement in 2010, settling the official height as 8,848 meters. 5It#39;s Growing06珠穆朗玛峰究竟有多高?这可就得取决于你持哪一国的言论了。中国认为珠穆朗玛峰的高度为8844米(29016英尺),而尼泊尔却坚持认为珠峰的海拔高度为8848米(29029英尺)。这是因为中方认为对珠穆朗玛峰海拔的测量应该仅仅只以岩石高度为基准,而不能将峰顶积雪计算在内。不管那是否是更加合理的测量方法,国际社会公认的珠峰高度是将峰顶积雪计算在内的覆雪高度。两国在2010年就珠穆朗玛峰海拔问题达成一致,正式将珠穆朗玛峰的高度确定为8848米。5. It#39;s Growing5. 不断增长的高度Both Chinese and Nepalese ideas of the mountain#39;s height may be wrong, according to more recent measurements.A research team discovered in 1994 that Everest continues to grow approximately 4 millimeters (0.16 in) every year. The Indian subcontinent was originally an independent landmass that collided with Asia, forming the Himalayas, and the continental plates are still moving, pushing the mountains ever higher.Researchers from the American Millennium Expedition in 1999 placed a global positioning satellite device below the summit to measure growth. Their more accurate findings from the modern technology led to the official height of Everest being changed to 8,850 meters (29,035 ft). Meanwhile, other tectonic activity actually costs the mountain height, but the overall movement seems to be upward. 4Multiple Names07最新的测量结果显示,中国与尼泊尔关于珠穆朗玛峰高度的说法可能都不准确。1994年的一个研究小组发现,珠穆朗玛峰以每年4毫米(0.16英寸)左右的速度继续上升。印度次大陆原本是一个相当独立的地理单元,后来在漂移的过程中与欧亚大陆发生碰撞,形成了喜马拉雅山脉,然后印度板块推动着欧亚板块一起漂移,使喜马拉雅山脉逐年升高。1999年美国“千禧年珠峰测量计划”的研究人员在峰顶上安置了全球卫星定位系统,以此来测量珠峰高度。这种依靠现代科技测量出来的海拔高度更为精确,由此美国将珠穆朗玛峰的海拔高度正式更改为8850米(29035英尺)。同时,其他的一些地壳运动实际上会使珠穆朗玛峰的高度有所削减,但珠峰的整体运动似乎还是趋向于上升的。4. Multiple Names4. 多样的名称Although we know the mountain as ;Everest,; Tibetan natives have called the mountain by the ancient name ;;Chomolungma; (also spelled ;Qomolangma;) for centuries. The Tibetan name means ;Goddess Mother of Mountains.; But that isn#39;t the only other name it goes by. The Nepalese people know it as ;Sagarmatha,; meaning ;Forehead in the Sky,; so the mountain is now a part of the Nepalese ;Sagarmatha National Park.;The mountain was only named ;Everest; when British surveyor Andrew Waugh failed to find a commonly used local name. After studying maps of the surrounding areas and still being unable to make a decision, he named the mountain after Indian Surveyor General George Everest, head of the British team that first surveyed the Himalayas. Colonel Everest objected to the honor, but the British officially changed their name for the mountain from ;Peak XV; to ;Mount Everest; in 1865.3A Human Traffic Jam08尽管我们通常称此山为“埃佛勒斯峰(Everest)”,但藏族人民在几个世纪里对它的传统称谓却是“珠穆朗玛峰(Chomolungma或Qomolangma)”。将它的藏语名称简译出来就是“神女峰”(Goddess Mother of Mountains)。但这并不是这座山峰唯一的名字。尼泊尔人民将它称为“萨迦玛塔(Sagarmatha)”,其意是“高达天庭的山峰”(Forehead in the Sky),因此这座山峰如今属于“萨迦玛塔国家公园”(Sagarmatha National Park)的一部分。英国测量员安德鲁·华夫(Andrew Waugh)在测量此山时首次将其命名为 “埃佛勒斯峰”(Everest),因为他是在印度平原遥测的,并未进入西藏和尼泊尔,所以对这座山峰的其他当地名称一概不知。当他在地图上对周边地区巡视了一番之后,仍不能确定它的名称,于是他以印度测量局前任局长,即此次英国测量队的领头人乔治·埃佛勒斯(George Everest )的名字命名此山。尽管埃佛勒斯上校本人反对这个称谓,但英国还是在1865年正式将此山的名字由“第15峰(Peak XV)”更改为“埃佛勒斯山”。3. A Human Traffic Jam3. 珠峰上的“交通拥堵”Despite Everest costing thousands of dollars to climb, more people than ever are trying to summit it. In 2012, German mountaineer Ralf Dujmovits captured a shocking image showing hundreds of climbers lining up to reach the summit. Ralf had made the decision to turn back at the South Col of the mountain due to poor weather conditions when he spotted the painfully long queue. On May 19, 2012, climbers crowding one landmark near the summit faced a two-hour wait. In the course of just half a day, 234 people managed to reach the peak—but four people died, raising major concerns over the climbing process. Nepal specialists that year added a new fixed rope to ease congestion, and there have even been talks of installing permanent ladders.2The World#39;s Dirtiest Mountain09尽管登顶珠峰所需花费高达上万,但仍有越来越多的人尝试登顶珠峰。2012年,德国登山家拉尔夫·杜伊莫维茨(Ralf Dujmovits)拍摄了一张令人震撼的照片,照片拍摄的是一群攀登珠峰的登山者排队登顶的情景。拉尔夫在抵达珠峰南坳时,由于遇到恶劣的天气状况,他决定就此返回,但就在下山途中,他看到了这样一费力攀爬的登山长队。2012年5月19日,涌向这座“世界之巅”的大批登山者被堵在了峰顶附近,并在此滞留了两个多小时。仅在这半天里,就有234人成功登顶珠峰——但有四人在下山时丧生,这提高了人们在登峰过程中的安全意识。尼泊尔当局在那年还额外安装了一根新的固定绳索,以此来缓解珠峰上的交通拥堵,甚至曾经还有人提出要在珠峰上安装几架永久梯子。2. The World#39;s Dirtiest Mountain2. 世上最“脏”的山Countless photos document climbers on their way to the Everest summit, but we rarely see images of what they leave behind. Everest is littered with not just the corpses of climbers but an estimated 50 tons of waste, with more left behind each season. The slopes are strewn with disregarded oxygen bottles, climbing equipment, and plenty of human feces. The Eco Everest Expedition has hit the mountain each year since 2008 to tackle the problem, and they#39;ve collected over 13 tons of waste so far. The Nepalese government have enforced a new rule starting in 2014 that climbers must each bring down 8 kilograms (18 lb) of waste on their descent, else lose their ,000 deposit. Artists working on the “Everest 8848 Art Project” have turned 8 tons of the rubbish, including broken tents and beer cans, into 75 pieces of art. Sixty-five porters worked over two spring expeditions to carry down the trash, and the artists turned it into sculptures to highlight the issue of mess on the mountain. 1It#39;s Not The Tallest Mountain10有数不尽的照片记录着登山者攀登珠穆朗玛峰的过程,但我们却极少看到记录这些登山者遗留物的照片。珠穆朗玛峰上除了遇难登山者的尸体之外,还约有50余吨的废弃物,而且每个季节都会产生新的垃圾。被废弃的氧气罐、登山装备和人类排泄物在珠峰上随处可见。自2008年以来,珠峰生态探险队(Eco Everest Expedition)每年都会登上珠穆朗玛峰来处理垃圾污染问题,截至目前,他们已经拾捡了13余吨垃圾。尼泊尔政府就此还出台了一项新规定,从2014年开始,每位登山者必须携带8公斤(18磅)垃圾下山,否则他们的4000美元保金将被扣押。“珠峰8848艺术项目”(Everest 8848 Art Project)的艺术家们把8吨珠峰垃圾(包括破旧的帐篷和啤酒罐)变为75件艺术展品。65人在春季登顶珠峰两次,才将这些垃圾从珠峰上带了下来,艺术家们的这次“变废为宝”的展览是为了引起人们对珠峰环境问题的重视。1. It#39;s Not The Tallest Mountain 1. 珠穆朗玛峰并非世界最高峰Although Mount Everest is the highest point on Earth from sea level, Mauna Kea, an inactive Hawaiian volcano, holds the record as the world#39;s tallest mountain. Everest#39;s peak is at a higher altitude, but that doesn#39;t make it taller. Mauna Kea may only reach a height of 4,205 meters (13,796 ft) above sea level, but the volcano extends an incredible 6,000 meters (20,000 ft) below the water#39;s surface. Measured from its base on the ocean floor, its full height stands at 10,200 meters (33,465 ft) making it almost a mile taller that Everest. In fact, depending on how you measure it, Everest is neither the tallest mountain nor the highest peak. Chimborazo, in Ecuador, only reaches 6,267 meters (20,661 ft) above sea level, but it#39;s the highest point from the exact center of the Earth. This is because Chimborazo lies just one degree south of the equator. The Earth bulges at its midsection, so Ecuador#39;s sea level sits farther from the planet#39;s center than Nepal#39;s.虽然珠穆朗玛峰是地球上距海平面最高的山峰,但世界最高峰却是夏威夷的一座死火山——莫纳克亚山(Mauna Kea)。尽管珠穆朗玛峰峰顶处于高海拔,但那并不能额外延伸珠峰高度。而莫纳克亚山在海平面以上的高度虽然只有4205米(13796英尺),但不可思议的是,这座山却在海平面之下延伸了6000米(20000英尺)。如果从海底开始测量,那它的总高度将达到10200米(33465英尺),差不多比珠穆朗玛峰高了整整一英里。实际上,不论你采取何种测量方式,珠穆朗玛峰既不是海拔最高,也不是总高度最高的山峰。厄瓜多尔的钦拉索山(Chimborazo)虽然在海平面以上的高度只有6267米(20661英尺),但它却是离地心最远的地方。因为钦拉索山位于赤道以南一度左右的地方。地球刚好在它的中部区域凸出来,因此,厄瓜多尔的海平面离地心的距离较尼泊尔更远。注:文章转载自前十网,译者:李念 /201504/369937

Images of the hole drilled by thieves into the vault at a Hatton Garden safe deposit company have been released by the Met Police.梅特警局公布了盗贼挖出一个拱形的洞从而闯入哈顿哈顿花园保险公司的图片。Seventy-two safe deposit boxes were opened in a raid at the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd in central London over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.在复活节假日的周末,位于伦敦市中心的哈顿花园保险有限公司发生了一起迅雷不及掩耳之势的盗窃,72个保险箱被洗劫一空。In the vault, discarded safe deposit boxes, power tools including an angle grinder and concrete drills, and crowbars can be seen.透过这个拱形的洞,被丢弃的保险箱、包括角磨机、混凝土钻这样的电动工具,还有撬棍都一目了然。No arrests have been made.嫌疑犯还未被逮捕。The image shows the hole made using a heavy duty drill, a Hilti DD350.现场照片显示了这个大洞是用Hilti DD350重型钻孔机凿成。It measured 50cm (20in) deep, 25cm (10in) high, 45cm (18in) wide and sits 89cm (35in) above the floor.据测量,大洞有50厘米深,25厘米高,45厘米宽,距离地面89厘米高。These are the incredible first pictures from inside the Hatton Garden vault after the £60 million raid.这些是不可思议的第一波透过哈顿花园拱形洞窥探到的照片——价值6000万英镑的东西被盗。A police spokesman said: ;The methodical forensic examination of the scene has taken a significant amount of time, using both standard and specialist forensic tactics.一名警方发言人说道:“对于犯罪现场有系统的法医测试开展充分,并使用标准和法医专家的策略双管齐下。;The team have recorded, packaged and recovered approximately 400 exhibits, including items for DNA profiling, fingerprints and other evidence.“搜查队记录、打包以及重现了大约400件展品,包括了DNA纹印测试、指纹还有其他据。;Digital forensic specialists have recovered thousands of hours of CCTV footage and analysis of the material continues.”;数字取专家已经恢复了CCTV数以万计的影片镜头,据材料分析还在继续。” /201504/371795

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