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惠州男人阳痿早泄的费用惠州惠阳区治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好Spencer: I’m practicing making drinks the party tonight. Do you want to try one? Heidi: You’re the bartender? I didn’t know you knew how to mix drinks. Spencer: I can hold my own. Okay, name it and I’ll make it – any mixed drink or cocktail. Heidi: Okay, I’ll have a Screwdriver. Spencer: A Screwdriver? Hmm...what’s in that? Heidi: Aren’t you supposed to know, Mr. Bartender? Spencer: I’ve never made one of those bee, that’s all. Try something else. Heidi: How about a Bloody Mary? Spencer: A Bloody Mary, a Bloody Mary...do you want that on the rocks? Heidi: Sure, that’ll be great. Spencer: Here you are – a Bloody Mary in a highball. Enjoy! Heidi: [Makes a gagging sound] This doesn’t taste like a Bloody Mary. It tastes like you poured an entire bottle of alcohol into this. Spencer: Oh, come on. It’s not that bad. Here, I’ll add a little soda, and oh, I got the garnish. Heidi: I don’t think that’s going to help. Can I give you some advice? Stick to shots and drinks served straight up. Spencer: Ah, don’t lose faith in me. Let me make you one more drink. Heidi: Okay, but make it virgin. My mouth is still on fire from the last one. 词汇解释:1. bartender n. 酒吧的侍者;酒保. to mix drinks 调制饮品3. hold my own 靠自己,搞的定. name it 讲出来5. mixed drink 混合鸡尾酒6. cocktail 鸡尾酒7. Screwdriver 伏特加橙汁鸡蛋酒8. Bloody Mary 伏特加和番茄汁调制的鸡尾酒,血腥玛莉酒9. on the rocks 加冰块. highball 威士忌加汽水的饮料. alcohol 酒精. soda 苏打水;汽水 . garnish 为增加色香味而添加的配菜;装饰物. straight up 不加冰的,纯的 . lose faith in 对...失去信心. virgin 未掺杂的 5553惠州友好医院医院泌尿科 Extra Good Luck好运符一张两美元钞票I keep a two dollar bill in my wallet that was given to me by my mother when I was six years old. I am not superstitious but the bill goes with me wherever I go.有一张两美元的钞票一直保存在我的钱夹里,那是我6岁时妈妈给的My mother gave it to me so that luck would follow me everywhere. She looked at me and said, I want you to carry this two dollar bill extra good luck.我不迷信,但无论到哪里,我都随身带着它妈妈希望这张两美元钞票能让我事事顺利当时,她看着我说:“带上这两美元吧,它会带给你好运”Thanks mom, I replied. I will keep it close to me always.“谢谢妈妈,”我说,“我会永远带着它”Every morning I would get dressed and my two dollar bill went into my pocket. My mother passed away when I was years old and I remember taking out my two dollar bill. I held it in my hand the longest time and knew that she would be watching over me the rest of my life.每天早上,穿好衣后,我就将这两美元装进口袋岁那年,妈妈去世了当时,我掏出那张两美元钞票,久久地攥在手中我知道,妈妈会一直关注我以后的生活Each time I felt I had a crisis on my hands, I would reach my two dollar bill and set it on the table. I would stare at it several hours and could always come up with a solution.每每遇到棘手问题,我就拿出那两美元,放在桌上,一连几个小时盯着它,最终总能想出办法When I applied my first job, I was thirty years old and very shy.第一次找工作时我已经30岁了,又有些羞怯The thought of being interviewed a job was scary but I had to work. On my first interview, as I sat in the waiting room, I noticed there were five women ahead of me.一想到要面试,我就很害怕,但我必须得工作第一次面试,在等候室里,除了我还有五位女xìng求职者她们都比我年轻,并且衣着考究All of the women were younger and very well dressed. One of them was impeccable in her blue striped suit with matching purse and shoes.其中一位穿着蓝色斑纹套装,配以类似风格的钱包和鞋子,简直太完美了I knew I was up against women better qualified by looking at the length of their resumes.我很清楚,若以履历论长短,我不是这五位女士的对手Mrs. Martin, the office manager, summoned me into her office.业务经理马丁太太把我叫进办公室What makes you feel you are qualified this job? she asked.“你觉得你能胜任这份工作的理由是什么?”她问道I really need this job and there is nothing I cannot do, I responded.“我很需要这份工作,而且,也没有我做不来的事”我答道 3787惠州男科医院那里好

河源源城区妇幼保健人民男科中医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱惠州市妇幼保健人民中医院看男科好吗 Wendy: I just heard that youre not going to use a recruitment agency to fill the new position.温迪:我听说你不打算通过招聘代理公司来填补新的职位空缺Pedro: No, Im not. There are so many Internet job boards out there that I think we can find good candidates without using headhunters.佩德罗:不,我不会互联网上有许多招聘网站我认为不通过猎头公司也能找到适合的人选Wendy: But headhunters do a good job of weeding out people who dont have the right experience or qualifications.温迪:但是猎头们在淘汰无相关工作经验和工作能力的求职者这方面做的很好Pedro: Yes, but they also charge a large commission. Im going to post an ad on a few major job boards to see what happens. Most of them dont charge a listing fee so there no harm in trying.佩德罗:是的,但是他们也要收取大量佣金我将在几个主要的求职网站上投放招聘广告,看看怎么样大多数网站不收取任何费用,所以试试也无妨Wendy: I predict youre going to be flooded with applications, and it going to take a lot of time to separate the good from the bad.温迪:我预测求职者会如潮水般涌来,而且将好的求职者与差的分开也会花费很多时间Pedro: That where you come in.佩德罗:这就是招你进来的目的Wendy: What do you mean?温迪:你的意思是?Pedro: You are my assistant, arent you?佩德罗:你是我的助理,不是吗?Wendy: Yes.温迪:是的Pedro: And your job is to assist me, right?佩德罗:你的工作就是协助我,对吗?Wendy: Yes.温迪:对Pedro: Good. Roll up your sleeves and get y a busy week!佩德罗:很好卷起袖子,准备大干一周吧!本文译文属 1873惠阳医院男科咨询

惠州市第一人民医院看前列腺炎好吗I know thee as my God and stand apart---I do not know thee as my own and come closer.我知道你是我的上帝,却远立在一边--我不知道你是属于我的,就走近你I know thee as my father and bow bee thy feet---I do not grasp thy hand as my friend.我知道你是我的父亲,就在你脚前俯伏--我没有像和朋友握手那样地紧握你的手I stand not where thou comest down and ownest thyself as mine, there to clasp thee to my heart and take thee as my comrade.我没有在你降临的地方,站立等候,把你抱在胸前,当你做同道,把你占有Thou art the Brother amongst my brothers, but I heed them not, I divide not my earnings with them, thus sharing my all with thee.你是我弟兄的弟兄,但是我不理他们,不把我赚得的和他们平分,我以为这样做,才能和你分享我的一切In pleasure and in pain I stand not by the side of men, and thus stand by thee.在快乐和苦痛里,我都没有站在人类的一边,我以为这样做,才能和你站在一起I shrink to give up my life, and thus do not plunge into the great waters of life.我畏缩着不肯舍生,我没有跳入生命的伟大的海洋里 7755 I was very late school that morning, and I was terribly afraid of being scolded, especially as Monsieur Hamel had told us that he should examine us on participles,那天早晨,我去上学,去得非常晚,我好害怕被责骂,特别是,阿麦尔先生跟我们说过,他要考一考分词规则,and I did not know the first thing about them.而我连头一个字都不会 a moment I thought of staying away from school and wandering about the fields.这时,在我的头脑里冒出了逃学、去田野跑一跑的念头It was such a warm, lovely day.天气是那么暖和,那么晴朗!I could hear the blackbirds whistling on the edge of the wood, and in the Rippert field, behind the sawmill, the Prussians going through their drill.我听见乌鸦在小树林边鸣叫,普鲁士人正在锯木厂后面的里贝尔草地上操练All that was much more tempting to me than the rules concerning participles;所有这一切都比分词规则更吸引我,but I had the strength to resist, and I ran as fast as I could to school.但我还是顶住了诱惑,加快脚步向学校方向跑去As I passed the mayor office, I saw that there were people gathered about the little board on which notices were posted.从村政府门前经过的时候,我看见许多人站在小布告栏前 two years all our bad news had come from that board—battles lost, conscriptions, orders from headquarters; and I thought without stopping这两年来,所有的坏消息,诸如吃败仗啦,征兵征物啦,还有普鲁士占领军司令部发布的命令啦,都是从那里来的What can it be now?我边跑边想:又有什么事吗?Then, as I ran across the square, Wachter the blacksmith, who stood there with his apprentice, ing the placard, called out to me当我跑着穿过广场的时候,正在布告栏前和徒弟一起看布告的瓦克特尔铁匠朝我高喊:Dont hurry so, my boy; youll get to your school soon enough!小家伙,不用赶得那么急;你去得再晚也不会迟到的!I thought that he was making fun of me, and I ran into Monsieur Hamel little yard all out of breath.我以为他在跟我开玩笑,便上气不接下气地跑进阿麦尔先生的小教室Usually, at the beginning of school, there was a great uproar which could be heard in the street, desks opening and closing,往常,开始上课的时候,总是一片乱哄哄的嘈杂声,斜面课桌的开关声,lessons repeated aloud in unison, with our ears stuffed in order to learn quicker, and the teacher stout ruler beating on the desk同学们一起捂住耳朵高声背诵课文的声音,街上都听得见先生的大戒尺敲打着课桌:A little more quiet!安静一点!I counted on all this noise to reach my bench unnoticed;我打算趁这片嘈杂声,偷偷地溜到我的座位上去but as it happened, that day everything was quiet, like a Sunday morning.可是,这一天不同于往常,一切都很安静,就像是星期天的早晨Through the open window I saw my comrades aly in their places, and Monsieur Hamel walking back and th with the terrible iron ruler under his arm.透过敞开的窗户,我看见同学们已经整整齐齐地坐在他们的座上,阿麦尔先生腋下夹着那把可怕的铁戒尺,来回地踱着步子I had no open the door and enter, in the midst of that perfect silence.必须推开教室门,在这一片静谧中走进教室You can imagine whether I blushed and whether I was afraid!你们想一想,当时我是多么尴尬,多么害怕!But no! Monsieur Hamel looked at me with no sign of anger and said very gently可是,没有阿麦尔先生看着我,没有生气,而是非常温和地对我说:Go at once to your seat, my little Frantz; we were going to begin without you.快点回到座位上,我的小弗朗茨;我们就要开始上课了I stepped over the bench and sat down at once at my desk.我跨过凳子,马上坐到座位上Not until then, when I had partly recovered from my fright, did I notice that our teacher had on his handsome blue coat, his plaited ruff, and the black silk embroidered breeches,我从惊慌中稍稍定下神来,这才注意到,我们的老师穿着他那件漂亮的绿色常礼,领口系着折迭得很精致的领结,头上戴着那顶刺绣的黑绸小圆帽,which he wore only on days of inspection or of distribution of prizes.这套装束,只有在上头派人来学校视察或学校发奖时他才穿戴的Moreover, there was something extraordinary, something solemn about the whole class.此外,整个教室也有一种不同寻常的庄严的气氛But what surprised me most was to see at the back of the room, on the benches which were usually empty, some people from the village sitting, as silent as we were但是,最使我吃惊的是,看到教室面,那些平常空着的凳子上,坐着一些跟我们一样默不作声的村里的人,old Hauser with his three-cornered hat, the ex-mayor, the ex-postman, and others besides.有头戴三角帽的奥泽尔老人,有前任镇长,有以前的邮递员,另外还有其他人They all seemed depressed;所有这些人都显得很忧伤;and Hauser had brought an old spelling-book with gnawed edges, which he held wide-open on his knee, with his great spectacles askew.奥泽尔老人还带了一本边角都已破损的旧识字课本,摊放在膝头上,课本上横放着他那副大眼镜While I was wondering at all this, Monsieur Hamel had mounted his platm, and in the same gentle and serious voice with which he had welcomed me, he said to us正当我对这一切感到惊诧莫名时,阿麦尔先生在椅子上坐下,用刚才对我说话的那种既温和又庄重的声音,对我们说道:My children, this is the last time that I shall teach you.孩子们,我这是最后一次给你们上课了Orders have come from Berlin to teach nothing but German in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine.柏林来了命令,阿尔萨斯和洛林两省的学校只准教德语…新的老师明天就到The new teacher arrives to-morrow.今天是你们最后一堂法语课,This is the last class in French, so I beg you to be very attentive.所以我请你们一定专心听讲Those few words overwhelmed me.这几句话使我惊呆了Ah! the villains! that was what they had posted at the mayor office.啊!这些坏蛋,他们贴在村政府布告栏上的就是这个消息My last class in French!我的最后一堂法语课!And I barely knew how to write! So I should never learn! I must stop short where I was!我只是刚刚学会写字!今后永远也学不到法语!法语就到此为止了!How angry I was with myself because of the time I had wasted, the lessons I had missed, running about after nests, or sliding on the Saar!我现在是多么悔恨自己蹉跎光阴啊!悔恨自己从前逃课去掏鸟窝,去萨尔河溜冰!My books, which only a moment bee I thought so tiresome, so heavy to carry—my grammar, my sacred history我的那些书,我的语法课本,我的神圣的历史书,刚才背在身上还觉得那么讨厌,那么沉重,seemed to me now like old friends, from whom I should be terribly grieved to part.现在却像老朋友一样,让我难舍难分And it was the same about Monsieur Hamel.还有阿麦尔先生The thought that he was going away, that I should never see him again, made me get the punishments, the blows with the ruler.一想到他就要走了,再也见不到了,我就忘记了以前的处惩和挨打Poor man! It was in honour of that last lesson that he had put on his fine Sunday clothes;可怜的人!他身着漂亮的节日盛装,为的是庆贺这最后的一堂课and I understood now why those old fellows from the village were sitting at the end of the room.现在,我明白了为什么村里的老人都坐在教室后面It seemed to mean that they regretted not having come oftener to the school.这好像在说,他们后悔从前不常来学校It was also a way of thanking our teacher his ty years of faithful service, and of paying their respects to the fatherland which was vanishing.这也像是对我们的老师四十年的优秀教学,对今后不属于他们的国土表示他们的敬意的一种方式…I was at that point in my reflections, when I heard my name called.我正限于沉思之中,突然我听见叫我的名字It was my turn to recite.轮到我背分词规则了What would I not have given to be able to say from beginning to end that famous rule about participles, in a loud, distinct voice, without a slip!要是我能把这条重要的分词规则大声、清晰、准确无误地从头背到尾,有什么代价我不愿付出呢?But I got mixed up at the first words, and I stood there swaying against my bench, with a full heart, afraid to raise my head.但是,我连开始的那些词都搞不清楚我站在凳子前面,左摇右晃,心里难受极了,不敢抬头I heard Monsieur Hamel speaking to me我听见阿麦尔先生说话:I will not scold you, my little Frantz; you must be punished enough;我不责备你,我的小弗朗茨,你可能受够了惩罚…事情就是如此that is the way it goes; every day we say to ourselves每天,我们都对自己说:Pshaw! I have time enough. I will learn to-morrow.算了吧!我有的是时间我明天再学 7677惠城区泌尿系统在线咨询河源和平县男科医院在那儿



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