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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said a military operation launched Wednesday in northern Syria targeted Islamic State fighters and Syrian Kurds in an effort to put an end to terror threats at the border.土耳其总统埃尔多安表示,土耳其星期三在叙利亚北部针对伊斯兰国和叙利亚库尔德人发动进攻,争取消除边界的恐怖威胁。Turkey considers the U.S.-backed Kurds in Syria aligned with Kurds in southeastern Turkey who have waged a decades-long insurgency against the government. Wednesdays operation included artillery fire and Turkish jets conducting airstrikes backed by other warplanes from the U.S.-led coalition that has been targeting Islamic State for about two years. A number of Turkish tanks were also seen taking part in the fighting on the Syrian side of the border as they tried to push the militants out of the town of Jarablus.土耳其认为美国持的叙利亚库尔德人与土耳其东南部的库尔德人结盟。这些人几十年来一直进行叛乱。土耳其星期三的军事行动包括炮击和空袭,发动空袭的土耳其战机得到以美国为首联军战机的援。联军打击伊斯兰国组织的行动已经大约两年。土耳其还派遣许多坦克在边界的叙利亚一侧参加战斗,试图将激进分子赶出边界城镇贾拉布鲁斯。Syrias Foreign Ministry condemned Turkeys actions as a violation of its sovereignty.叙利亚外交部对土耳其的行动提出谴责,称其侵犯了叙利亚主权。The operation comes a day after Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkey would give ;every kind; of support to fighting Islamic State in the area around Jarablus. On Monday, the government vowed to ;cleanse; Islamic State following a suicide bombing in nearby Gaziantep.一天前,土耳其外长恰武什奥卢说,土耳其将为打击该镇周围地区的伊斯兰国组织的目标提供一切援。星期一,在附近的加济安泰普市发生自杀炸弹袭击之后,土耳其政府表示一定要肃清那里的伊斯兰国组织。来 /201608/462606

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, while speaking with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Friday, said the attack in Nice showed the growing need for action to stamp out terrorism, particularly in Syria.美国国务卿克里星期五跟俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫会谈时表示,尼斯发生的恐怖袭击显示,越来越需要加强行动力度,铲除恐怖主义,特别是在叙利亚。Kerry is visiting Moscow in an effort to secure Russian cooperation in anti-terror operations in Syria, despite a breakdown in U.S.-Russia relations over Ukraine, NATO and other issues that have left both sides simmering with distrust.克里此次访问莫斯科,是为了寻求俄罗斯的合作,在叙利亚共同反恐,尽管乌克兰和北约等诸多问题使美俄两国关系陷入紧张,双方互不信任。Thursday night, a man driving a truck drove through a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day along Nice’s seaside promenade, killing at least 84 people and injuring dozens of others. Kerry referred to the “incredible carnagein Nice when he said something needs to be done about terrorists in Syria.星期四晚上,一名男子开卡车冲撞在尼斯海边庆祝法国独立日的人群,造成至少84人丧生,几十人受伤。克里引述在尼斯发生的“令人难以置信的杀戮”,指出一定要采取行动,打击叙利亚境内的恐怖分子。Kerrys two days of talks with the Russians are expected to touch on a wide range of issues; but, leaked reports first published by The Washington Post suggest the top U.S. diplomat is offering Putin something dramatic: a U.S.-Russia military alliance against Islamic State, al-Qaida and other extremist groups in Syria.克里跟俄罗斯方面的两天会谈预计将涉及广泛议题,但是华盛顿邮报率先报道的内部泄漏文件显示,克里会向普京提出不同寻常的邀约,那就是建立美俄军事联盟,共同对付叙利亚境内的伊斯兰国,基地组织和其他极端团体势力。来 /201607/454747

When Parisians learned last week that President Fran#231;ois Hollande paid his hairdresser more than ,000 a month to cut his hair, a howl was heard from Montmartre to the Marais. Not since President Bill Clinton shut down two runways in 1993 for a 0 trim aboard Air Force One have the tresses of a head of state been so widely discussed. But as men’s upkeep has gone the way of female grooming Botox, facials and waxing, you know, down there so, too, has the high price of a haircut.上周,得知弗朗索瓦·奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)总统每月付给理发万美元用于理发,从蒙马特高地到玛莱区,到处回荡着人们的惊叫声993年,比尔·克林Bill Clinton)总统曾经关闭两条机场跑道,以便以200美元的价钱在空军一号上修剪发型,从那以后,一国首脑的头发还没有这样广泛地被讨论过呢。但是随着男人的保养愈来愈向女人看齐——肉毒杆菌瘦脸、美容和去毛(下面的毛,你懂的)——高价理发也不例外。Ask Tim Rogers, a stylist at Sally Hershberger’s downtown New York studio, who charges a minimum of 0, and as much as 0, for a men’s haircut these days. He regularly flies to the Hamptons by helicopter to attend to a coterie of hedge fund managers and investment bankers. He has visited a celebrity’s home at 10 p.m. He, too, has an array of clients who go to the salon, among them the tennis champion Roger Federer and John Kennedy Schlossberg, the grandson of the president.去问问蒂姆·罗杰斯(Tim Rogers)吧,他是莎莉·赫什伯格(Sally Hershberger)纽约下城店的发型师,近来他为男士修剪发型收取的最低价00美元,最高可00美元。他经常坐直升机飞往汉普顿,为对冲基金经理或投资家务。他也曾晚上10点为某位名人登门务。还有一大群客户定期去他的沙龙,其中包括网球冠军罗杰·费德Roger Federer),以及肯尼迪总统的外孙约翰·肯尼迪·施洛斯伯John Kennedy Schlossberg)。“I maintain that men’s prices should be the same as women’s,Mr. Rogers said last week in an interview from his home in Connecticut.“我坚持男人的收费应该和女人相同,”上周罗杰斯在康涅狄格家中接受采访时说。Men, he said, are often more demanding than women. “The requirement is consistency,he said. “You have to be available anytime, anywhere.Even if that means being on call 24 hours a day. “There is never a bad time for them,he said of his clients. “And everything has a price.”他说,男人的要求经常比女人还多。“他们的要求是持续性,”他说。“你得随时随地都能为他们务。”哪怕这意味着一4小时随叫随到。“对于他们来说,永远没有不合适的时间,”他说起自己的客户们。“这一切都是要花钱的。”The star stylist Frédéric Fekkai raised eyebrows in the late 1990s when he started charging women 0 for a cut. By the mid-2000s, he was supplanted by Ms. Hershberger, famous for the 0 shaggy mop that defined Meg Ryan’s carefree style at the time. But it is only in recent years that the cost for a man’s haircut has rivaled its feminine counterpart.20世纪90年代,明星发型师弗里德里克·菲Frédéric Fekkai)为女性理发时,一次收00美元费用,曾经令人大为惊讶。到2005年左右,他的风头被赫什伯格所取代。她最出名的是为梅格·瑞Meg Ryan)修剪了一个蓬乱的蘑菇头,打造了她当时那种无忧无虑的形象,价格是600美元。但是直到近年来,男人打理发型的价格才开始和女人们并驾齐驱。Now, in New York, it’s not uncommon for a haircut at a top salon to cost 0. And that doesn’t include highlights, straightening or silken glosses. Martial Vivot, a former Parisian who founded Salon Pour Hommes in 2008, charges 0 for one of his signature cuts. Recently, he said, he saw a client bagging groceries at the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle. “I felt like, ‘Oh, wow,’he said. “I wondered if he could afford it.”如今在纽约,去顶级美发沙龙理发花上300美元,并不稀奇。这还不包括挑染、烫直或润丝亮泽。来自巴黎的马夏·维沃(Martial Vivot)008年创立了“男仕沙龙Salon Pour Hommes)。他的招牌剪发样式之一要价320美元。马夏说,最近看到他一个顾客在哥伦布圆环的全食超市给人打包货品。“我的感觉就像是:哇!”他说。“他怎么能负担得了我们的务?”Lakshman Achuthan, the chief operations officer of the Economic Cycle Research Institute, has his short hair groomed by April Barton, famous for the choppy locks of downtown rock ’nrollers. He pays slightly less than her regular 0 rate, he said, because he visits every four weeks or so. “I’m as far away from Hollande as can be,he said. “I don’t consider myself a flashy spender.”拉克什曼·阿楚坦是经济周期研究所的首席营运官,他的理发师是艾普莉尔·巴April Barton),能剪一手市中心摇滚乐手般的多层次发型。阿楚坦付的钱比巴顿常规00美元价格略低,因为他每四个星期左右就会去理发,他说。“我和奥朗德完全不一样,”他说,“我不认为自己是一个浮夸的大款。”He has been a client since the 1990s and said he seeks Ms. Barton’s advice as much as the snip of her scissors. “Ten years ago she said, ‘You are losing your hair,’he explained one recent afternoon, noting that there is much less now to cut. “She said, ‘As long as you keep it clean and don’t gain any weight, you’ll be fine.’”阿楚坦说他0年代开始就是巴顿的客人了,而他对于巴顿的建议和对她的理发技术一样看重。0年前她对我说:‘你开始掉头发了。’”阿楚坦在最近一天的下午解释道,同时指出自己现在的头发少多了。“她说:‘只要你保持头发清洁、别发福,就没事。’”Mr. Achuthan is a frequent guest on television, which means he must always be camera-y. “I think it would be easy for someone who has short hair to do a buzz cut,he said. “But like every New Yorker, we are jammed up and don’t want to have something go wrong.”阿楚坦常上电视,这意味着他必须时时保持能上镜的状态。“我想,留短发的人推个寸头应该很简单吧,”他说。“但我跟每个纽约客一样,每天忙乱不堪,不想出任何差错。”Ms. Barton said that, while there is a boom in high-end barbershops, men with longer or unruly hair often fare better with more instruction. “Most barbers don’t seem to be artful stylists,she said. She has schooled investment bankers in how to use root concealer to cover gray. Last week, she had a client who paid 0 for a cut, straightening and toning to replenish color. And that didn’t include products and a hefty tip. “The type of guys who pay this are technology entrepreneurs,she said.巴顿说,虽然高端理发厅正在兴起,不过蓄长发或有着一头乱发的男士,往往还是需要一些指导才会更奀?“多数理发师似乎都不是娴熟的造型师,”她说。她曾经教导一位投资家用发根遮瑕笔掩饰灰发。上周她有位客人花了670美元做了个造型,把头发拉直、发色染得更丰润。这还没算上产品以及慷慨的小费。“会这么花钱的人都是些科技界的企业家。”她说。Mr. Rogers, of Sally Hershberger, said that Mr. Federer, who sees a number of stylists worldwide, has a relaxed attitude compared with other clients. “It’s much more about what Mirka wants,he said, referring to Mr. Federer’s wife. “He doesn’t want his hair to fall in his eyes.Mr. Federer, he said, “loves his hair. And I love him.”莎#8231;赫什伯格发廊的罗杰斯说,在世界各地都有造型师的费德勒比其他客户更随和些。“更多是看米尔卡(Mirka)的喜好,”他指的是费德勒的太太。“他只要头发不会扫进眼睛里就奀?”罗杰斯说,费德勒“很喜欢自己的头发。我很喜欢他。”But isn’t ,000 a month for a hairdresser, to put it bluntly, a little ridiculous? For decades, scores of Goldman Sachs bankers have had their hair cut by Salvatore Anzalone, an Italian barber with a salon in the lobby of the nearby Conrad Hotel. He charges for a dry cut. (A shampoo is extra.)不过我们还是直说吧:给一位理发师每月1万美元的薪水,是不是太荒唐了?数十年来,许多在高Goldman Sachs)工作的业人士都让萨尔瓦多#8231;安萨Salvatore Anzalone)剪头发,这位意大利籍理发师在邻近高盛总部的康莱德酒店(Conrad Hotel)大堂里有间发廊,干剪一次收0美元。(洗头加收7美元。)Not so, Mr. Vivot said. “France is the capital of fashion, and he is the president of the country,he said of Mr. Hollande. The hairdresser is on call, like a doctor. “Maybe if he was in Korea, he’d get a flattop,he said.这并不荒唐,维沃表示。“法国是全球时尚之都,他又是那个国家的总统,”他谈到奥郎德时这么说。奥朗德的理发师就像医生一样要随时待命。“也许,如果他是韩国总统的话,理个平头就得了。”他说。Robin Capili, a stylist at Sally Hershberger who trained at a barbershop (and who charges a relatively more affordable 0), said he’d never spend ,000 a month. “I’d invest in property,he said. “A condo maybe.”罗#8231;卡比Robin Capili)是另一位在莎莉#8231;赫什伯格工作的发型师,曾在一个理发店学艺(他收费200美元,相对便宜些)。他说自己绝对不会为理发花上每月1万美元。“我会拿去投资房地产,”他说。“买间公寓什么的。”One of his clients, Drew O’Connell, who lives in Dallas, said that 0 would be a reach, too. But after he tallied up the flight to New York every six weeks (about 0) and other costs, he laughed. “I don’t know,he said. “I just don’t want to think about it.”住在达拉斯的德#8231;欧康奈尔(Drew OConnell)是卡比利的顾客。他也认为,800美元就算是高的了。不过在计算了每六周飞往纽约一次的成本(大00美元)与其他开销之后,他笑了。“我不知道啦,”他说。“我不愿去想它。”At one point, Ms. Barton said that she would have liked to style the Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump. But now, she said, “I don’t want to see him.”巴顿说她曾想过给共和党总统候选人特朗普做造型。但现在她说:“我不想见到他。”Mr. Trump devoted a section of his book “Trump: How to Get Richto “The Art of the Hair,where he laid out his hair-care philosophy. If he goes bald, he wrote, he would get a toupee. “I’ve never said my hair is my strongest point,he said.特朗普的书《特朗普:如何致富》中有一个章节叫作“头发的艺术”。其中,他解释了自己的护发哲学。他写道,如果他有天秃顶了,他会弄一个假发。“我从来没说过头发是我的强项。”他说。It is unlikely he’ll be visiting Ms. Barton anytime soon.未来他也不太可能会光顾巴顿的生意了。来 /201607/456270

US President-elect Donald Trumps administration will not further probe into his former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton over her private email server use, a top aide to Trump said last Tuesday.美国当选总统唐纳德·特朗普的一位高级助理上周二表示,特朗普政府将不会对其前民主党对手希拉里·克林顿使用私人电邮务器的问题展开进一步调查。The new administration also will not open any investigation into foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation when Clinton was secretary of state in the Barak Obama administration, said the top aide.这名高级助理称,新政府也不会就希拉里在奥巴马政府担任国务卿期间,克林顿基金会接受外国捐赠一事进行调查。On the campaign trail, Trump, the then Republican presidential nominee, vowed to launch further investigation of Clinton once he wins the White House.在竞选过程中,当时的共和党总统候选人特朗普曾信誓旦旦地表示,一旦他入主白宫,将会对克林顿展开进一步调查;If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation,; Trump told Clinton at the second presidential debate in early October.在十月上旬的第二次总统候选人辩论上,特朗普告知希拉里:“如果我赢了,我会指示我的司法部长,找一个检察官专门调查你的情况。;I think Trumps thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the president of the US, and things that sound like the campaign are not among them,; Trumps former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said in an interview with MSN.特朗普的前竞选经理凯莉安妮·康韦在接受微软全国广播公司采访时称;“因为要准备就任美国总统,我认为特朗普正在考虑许多不同的事情,听起来像选举的这类问题不在此范围内。”Trump said in an interview after the election that prosecuting Clinton would not be a priority.特朗普在大选后接受的一次采访中曾表示,不会优先考虑起诉希拉里的事;I dont want to hurt them;, he said of the Clinton family. ;Theyre good people.;当谈及希拉里一家时他表示:;我不想伤害他们,他们都是好人; /201612/481206

No, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is not working for Donald Trump though Hillary Clinton should be forgiven for suspecting that. 不,联邦调查局(FBI)不是在给唐纳特朗Donald Trump)打工,尽管希拉里.克林Hillary Clinton)要这么猜疑也是情有可原的。The reality is more troubling.现实更加令人不安。James Comey, the FBI director, was panicked into issuing his statement by the opposite fear that if he had held back Republicans would have accused him of working for Mrs Clinton. 联邦调查局局长詹姆斯.科米(James Comey)之所以惊慌失措地发表了自己的声明,是出于相反的顾虑——如果他捂住案情,共和党人就会指责他为希拉里工作。Mr Comey, the fearsome sentinel, has over-reached. 作为令人生畏的哨兵,科米反应过度了,Public servants should never take actions that could sway a presidential election. 公务员永远不应该作出任何可能影响总统大选的举动。His lapse was a result of Mr Trump having aly singled him out as part of a rigged system. 他之所以有此失误,是因为特朗普已经指责他是受操纵的体制中的一员。In a country so viscerally divided, neutrality is treated as collusion. 在一个严重撕裂的国家,中立会被视作同谋。On Friday Mr Comey was hustled into making an error.上周五,科米急中犯了错。Autocracies are run on fear. 威权政体靠恐惧维系,Democracies are held together by trust. 而民主政体靠信任凝聚。The reckless timing of Mr Comey’s disclosure that he was expanding the investigation into Mrs Clinton’s emails is what happens when officials wobble. 科米公布他将扩大调查希拉里电子邮件的时机很草率,这是官员们犹疑不决时会发生的典型情况。If Mr Trump wins next week he has vowed to put Mrs Clinton in jail. His supporters chant lock her up at every rally. 如果特朗普下周获胜,他已发誓要把希拉里关进监狱,他的持者在每场集会上都呼喊着把她关起来。If Mrs Clinton wins, Mr Trump will find more Comeys to intimidate. 如果希拉里赢了,特朗普将找到更多科米作为恐吓对象。When one side in a democracy throws around pre-emptive charges of treason and there is none higher than rigging a presidential election the ground on which the law stands shrinks. 当民主政体中的一方先发制人地抛出叛国罪指控——没什么比操纵总统大选更严重的叛国罪了——法律赖以发挥效力的基础将萎缩。It is harder to uphold blind justice, or administer a neutral process, when a storm is blowing around you. 当你被裹挟入一场风暴时,你就很难坚持一视同仁的公正,或坚守中立程序。Mr Trump’s campaign is a howling gale. Mr Comey just lost his shirt.特朗普的竞选活动就像一场呼啸的狂风,科米被刮跑了衬衣。Can Mrs Clinton survive her October surprise? If the question is will she win next week, the answer is still probably yes. 希拉里能挺过这个10月惊奇吗?如果问题是她能否赢得下周大选,很可能依旧是肯定的。Though it is too soon for polls to measure the impact of Mr Comey’s hand grenade, Mrs Clinton’s lead on Friday was wide enough to sustain a couple of points of damage. 虽然用民调衡量科米这枚手榴弹的影响还为时过早,但希拉里在上周五的领先优势大到足以承受几个百分点的损失。If the question is whether she could govern, the picture looks different. 但如果问题是她能否治理这个国家,就不同了。Even a 1 per cent swing against Mrs Clinton could tip the race for the US Senate. 即使希拉里持率%的变化,也能左右对参议院的角逐。Without a Democratic Senate majority, Mrs Clinton’s chances of passing anything will drop. 没有一个民主党占多数席位的参议院,希拉里推动通过任何议案的几率都将下降。Even before Mr Comey’s Halloween gift, it was likely that Republicans would retain control of the House of Representatives.即使在科米送出这份万圣节大礼之前,共和党人也很可能保留对众议院的控制。The largest cost is likely to show up in the wake of a Clinton win. 最大的损失可能要等到希拉里赢得大选后才显现。The narrower her margin of victory, the easier it will be for Mr Trump to spark outrage over a stolen election. 她的获胜优势越小,特朗普就越容易激发人们对选举造假的愤恨,It would also give him more of a grip over Republicans in Congress. 并增加他对国会共和党人的控制力。Legislators respond to feedback from their districts. 立法者需对自己选区的民意作出回应。By Jeffersonian design, the House is where the link between elected and elector is most electric. 按照托马#8226;杰斐逊(Thomas Jefferson,美国第三任总统——译者注)的设计,众议院是民选官员和选民之间关系最具活力的环节。If Mr Trump’s base is inflamed, Republican legislators will take their cue. 如果特朗普的根基选民被激怒,共和党立法者将顺应民意。Most of their voters aly believe Mrs Clinton is dishonest and corrupt. 绝大多数共和党选民已经相信希拉里为人不诚实且腐败,It is no great leap to endorsing Mr Trump’s claim that the Clintons are a criminal enterprise.不需要多大努力就能让这些人相信特朗普所称的克林顿夫妇是犯罪企业。It is hard to talk yourself down from such incendiary language. 这种煽动性言论一旦说出口就很难下台。It would be easier were the target anyone other than Mrs Clinton. 如果矛头指向希拉里之外的任何人,攻击者自己找台阶下台还容易一些。Before re-entering the White House, she would be the most investigated political figure in US history. 在希拉里重返白宫前,她将是美国历史上被调查最多的政治人物,Not even her husband has been the subject of this many probes and subpoenas. 连她丈夫都没受过这么多调查和传讯。If she wins next week, Mrs Clinton will face many more. 如果希拉里下周当选,她将面对更多调查。With the help of WikiLeaks, Republicans believe they have enough ammunition to open up fresh investigations. 在维基解WikiLeaks)的助推下,共和党人相信他们有充足弹药展开新的调查。For ambitious legislators, holding her feet to the coals is a sure-fire route to folk-hero status.对于雄心勃勃的立法者来说,追究希拉里的过错是让自己成为民间英雄的可靠路径。Their unwitting ally is Mrs Clinton herself. 希拉里本人在无意中成为了他们的盟友。It is remarkable that she has not yet promised to sever family links to the Clinton Foundation if elected. 值得注意的是,她还未承诺在当选后切断家庭与克林顿基金会的关系。At the moment the plan is for Chelsea Clinton to take over its day-to-day running. 目前的计划是由切尔西.克林Chelsea Clinton)接手克林顿基金会的日常运营。It is not enough for Caesar’s wife to be clean. 凯撒的妻子是清白的还不够。She must be above suspicion. 她必须做到无可怀疑。The Clinton Foundation fails that test. 克林顿基金会没有通过测试。It has taken billions of dollars from governments, companies and wealthy individuals some dubious. 该基金会从政府、企业和富有的个人那里收受了数十亿美元——其中一些很可疑。That the cheques were made out for good causes is no help. 这些票是为了公益事业而开具也无济于事。To Mrs Clinton’s foes the foundation provides a cornucopia of stories and scandals. 对希拉里的对手而言,这家基金会提供了取之不尽的故事和丑闻。Governments such as Qatar and Morocco channelled money through Mr Clinton, rather than the UN, say, or the Gates Foundation for a reason. 卡塔尔和洛哥等国的政府通过克林顿输送金钱,而不是通过联合国或者像盖茨基金Gates Foundation)这样的机构是有原因的。In their view it provided access to, and possible influence over, Mr Clinton. 在它们看来,这样做能够提供接近克林顿的渠道,甚至有可能获得对他的影响力。He and Mrs Clinton earned big speaking fees from some of the same entities.克林顿和希拉里还从这些实体赚取了巨额的演讲费。In a highly charged environment, Mrs Clinton would take office as the first president since Gallup started polling to have a trust deficit with the American public. 在高度紧张的局势下,如果希拉里当选,她将成为自盖洛普(Gallup)开始民调以来首位与美国公众之间存在信任缺失的总统。Mrs Clinton is both the victim and co-author of her own torment. 希拉里既是她本人所受困扰的受害者,也是始作俑者之一。Every time she took a decision with any bearing on a former donor to the Clinton Foundation, there would be a perceived conflict of interest. 每当她做出一个与克林顿基金会的前捐赠者有任何关联的决策时,外界都会认为存在利益冲突。That would apply even more to entities that have paid private speaking fees to either Clinton. 涉及那些曾向克林顿或者希拉里付私人演讲费的实体的决策就更是如此。Potential conflicts would not just feed the Republican mill. 潜在的利益冲突不仅会给共和党人提供攻击把柄。If a Clinton-appointed regulator dismissed some charge or other against Goldman Sachs, would the Democratic left believe it? If she approved a hefty arms sale to a Gulf state, could it be taken at face value?如果希拉里任命的监管机构驳回对高Goldman Sachs)的这样那样的指控,左翼民主党人会不会信?如果她批准了对某个海湾国家进行大规模军售,人们是否会不加猜疑地看待这个决定?It is not too late for Mrs Clinton to promise to mothball the foundation. 希拉里现在承诺搁置基金会活动还不算太晚。The longer she leaves it the harder it will become. 她拖延得越久,局面就会变得越困难。It is not just her husband’s pride that is at stake, or her daughter’s future. 这不仅关乎她丈夫的荣誉,或者她女儿的未来。This is about her ability to govern America.这关乎她有没有能力治理美囀?来 /201611/475804

The Chinese government has released a plan on scientific and technological cooperation between China and countries along the Belt and Road.中国政府日前发布了一份中国和一带一路沿线国家进行科学技术合作的计划。China plans to set up joint labs, research centers, tech transfer centers and scientific and technological parks with countries along the Belt and Road in the next three to five years, according to a document issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce.这份由科技部、国家发展改革委员会、外交部和商务部联合发布的文件指出,中国计划在未来的三到五年,与一带一路沿线的国家建立联合实验室、研究中心、科技转化中心和科学技术园。The government also aims to bring over 150,000 scientific and technological personnel from those countries to China for exchanges or training, and expects to receive more than 5,000 young scientists during the same period.此外,中国政府还打算从沿线国家中选出15万名科学技术人员,来华进行交流和培训,同时希望来华工作的杰出青年科学家的人数达000名以上。Basic cooperation plans should be made with key countries, and memorandums or agreements signed, the document .该文件称,基本合作计划应该和主要国家建立并签署协议备忘录。According to a mid-term objective set in the document, the government will expand scientific and technological cooperation from surrounding countries to a larger region in the next ten years, assisting cooperation platforms and major projects to make progress.根据该文件设定的中期目标,政府将在未来十年把科学技术合作从周边国家扩展到更大的区域,以此来协助合作平台和主要项目取得进展。The Belt and Road initiative refers to the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa along ancient trade routes.一带一路是;丝绸之路经济;;21世纪海洋丝绸之路;。它是一个通过古老的贸易路线连接亚欧非的贸易和基础设施网络。来 /201610/470194

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