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In todays political celebrity news: while Mitt Romney cancelled a planned appearance on The View, a show he previously described as ;high-risk because of the five women on it, only one is conservative, and four are sharp-tongued and not conservative;, the ladies of Hollywood have been busy making endorsement s for Barack Obama.在今天的政治名人新闻上:当罗姆尼取消一个早已计划好的出镜,一场他先前描述为“高风险,因名在场女性但只有一个是保守派,而四个是伶牙俐齿的非保守派”的表演,好莱坞的女士们正忙着为奥巴马做代言视频。Its good for us to remember that actors are people too. And if they care about our country enough to call hair and makeup and recite a few lines in front of a camera, we say go for it, good citizens of Los Angeles.这让我们很好地记住演员也是人。如果他们足够关心我们的国家,做好发型化好妆并在镜头前背几句台词,我们说去吧,洛杉矶的好公民。VOTE! Thats what Kerry Washington, Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson tell us. The gist of it is that Mitt Romney is no friend to women. Its a simple spot: 30 seconds, no music, white background, and any directing advice seems to have been limited to ;be yourself;. For Kerry Washington that means coming across as Olivia Pope in Scandal as she says: ;He said hed overturn Roe v Wade,; as if shes talking to the president himself. Scarlett Johansson does natural by wearing jeans and a plaid shirt while Eva Longoria is dressed for the Desperate Housewives reunion.投票!这是凯#8226;华盛顿、伊#8226;隆格里亚、斯嘉丽#8226;约翰逊告诉我们的。它的要点是罗姆尼没有女性朋友。这是一个简单的拍摄0秒,没有音乐,白色背景,任何指导意见似乎都仅限于“做你自己”。对凯丽#8226;华盛顿来说意味着要越过奥利维亚教皇的丑闻,因为她说:“他说他会推翻罗伊诉韦德案”,好像她在和总统本人说话。斯嘉丽#8226;约翰逊穿着牛仔裤和格子衬衫很自然,而伊#8226;朗格利亚穿着为《绝望的主妇》重聚时的衣。This is the awards-show . Theme of President Obama being the only choice for us, he loves women, hes the man. Lots of stars, sappy music, soft focus, and clever production tricks done on someones Mac. Olivia Wilde, Julianna Margulies, Julianne Moore, J Lo, Gloria Steinem (just to prove we mean business), Beyoncé yes, Beyoncé. And Padma Lakshmi. Jane Lynch is in there. Everyone wearing just enough makeup to look natural in high def. Enough sincerity to make your laptop explode.这是获奖视频。主题是美国总统奥巴马是我们唯一的选择,他爱女人,他是男人。很多明星、缠绵音乐、温柔的聚焦、巧妙的制作技巧呈现在某人的苹果电脑上。奥利维#8226;王尔德、朱丽安#8226;玛格丽丝、朱丽安#8226;尔、J罗、格洛丽#8226;斯泰纳姆(只是为了明我们是认真的),碧昂丝 - 是的,碧昂丝以及帕德#8226;拉克希米、简#8226;林奇就在那里。每个人的妆容恰到好处看起来自然高贵。足够的诚意,让你的笔记本爆炸。Ohio is a swing state and Natalies mom grew up in Cincinnati. Her grandma still lives there, which means you should vote for Obama. I liked this because it had nice shots of Portman backstage and onstage speaking at pro-Obama events. So it felt ;real;. Also short.俄亥俄是一个摇摆州,娜塔莉的妈妈在辛辛那提长大。她的奶奶仍住在这里,这意味着你应该给奥巴马投票。我喜欢这个视频,因为它对波特曼的背景以及舞台上亲奥巴马的活动讲述有着很好的拍摄。所以它感觉很真。也短;Black people... went still every year back again and again to try to vote,; says Maya Angelou. ;Imagine one vote your vote might make the difference. Dont hesitate, dont sit on the sidelines and dont regret.; OK Angelou is not an actress, but she is the coolest.“黑..仍然每年都回来一次又一次地试图投票,”玛#8226;安吉罗说“想象一下一张选票 你投的一票可能造就差异。不要犹豫,不要坐在场边,不要后悔。”OK安吉罗不是一个演员,但她是最酷的。No, YOU are a powerful force, Alicia. She is friendly and relaxed to the voters she meets and everywhere she is surrounded by fans. Not sure if this is a Barack Obama or an Alicia Keys promo, but who cares? ;He definitely gets it,; she said.不,你是一个强大的力量,艾莉西亚。她对遇到的选民友好和放松,无论走到哪里都会被粉丝包围。不确定这是奥巴马还是艾莉西#8226;凯斯的宣传活动,但谁在乎呢? “他肯定会成功,”她说。来 /201210/204136Prince George attended a parent and baby group with his own, world-famous, mummy and daddy.小王子乔治今天参加了一场亲子会,和他十分有名的妈妈爸爸一同出席。The eight-month-old was brought along by his clearly proud parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to the ‘playdateorganised by The Royal New Zealand Plunket Society.当天威廉王子和凯特王妃带着八个月大的小王子一起参加一场亲子活动,这场亲子会由新西兰皇家普朗凯特协会举办。Following his scene-stealing appearance on Monday when the family arrived in New Zealand to begin their three week tour Down Under, all eyes were on the future king as he was introduced to ten babies born within a few weeks of his own birthday, on July 22 last year.星期一的时候,他们一家到达新西兰开始一场为周的澳洲新西兰之行,小王子当天就十分抢镜。亲子会上,去年72日出生的小王子被介绍给另0位年龄相仿的宝宝认识,大家都十分关注这位未来的国王。Kate looked her usually elegant self in a black and white print Tory Burch dress.当天凯特王妃穿着一件黑白条纹的汤丽柏琦连衣裙,相当得体优雅。She watched on protectively, occasionally wiping some dribble from his chin, as William chatted to some of the other parents.她时不时地看着乔治,帮他擦掉留在脸颊上的口水,而威廉则是在和其他的家长交谈Its madness, there are babies everywhere! he exclaimed.威廉感叹道:“这有点疯狂,到处都是宝宝。”Kate, with George still in her arms, talked to a couple and their baby.凯特抱着乔治,和一对夫妇和他们的孩子说着话。George was getting restless, kicking his legs against his mum, so she put him down on the floor to allow him to crawl.乔治这时有点坐立不安,不断地用脚想蹬开她的妈妈,所以凯特就把他放下来让他在地板上爬。来 /201404/287803

第一句:Why do people like to buy liquor in duty-free shops?为什么人们喜欢在免税商店买酒呢?A: Why do people like to buy liquor in duty-free shops?为什么人们喜欢在免税商店买酒呢?B: What do you mean? It because it much cheaper to buy liquor in duty-free shops.什么意思?因为在免税商店买酒便宜很多A: But why?为什么?B: Well, it;s because in most countries liquor has a higher tax on it.因为大部分国家酒类的税比较高第二句:Cigarettes are also taxed very heavily.香烟的税也很高A: A lot of people buy cigarettes here too, isnt it?很多人也在这儿卖香烟,对不对?B: Yes. Cigarettes are also taxed very heavily.是的,香烟的税也很重A: Now I understand. But I dont smoke.现在我懂了,但是我不抽烟 55


  PRESIDENT Barack Obama, locked in a tight re-election bid, was joining with one of his top Republican critics yesterday to visit victims of Superstorm Sandy, giving Americans a high-profile display of presidential leadership while leaving rival Mitt Romney awkwardly on the sidelines less than a week before Election Day.美国总统奥巴马暂停了紧张的竞选连任,昨天和他的一个共和党批评者一起探访了飓风桑迪的受害者,向美国民众高调显示了总统的领导力,同时在离选举日不到一个多星期时使得竞争对手米#8226;罗姆尼尴尬地在旁观。Obama will visit New Jersey, the state hardest hit by the storm which devastated much of the northeastern ed States, accompanied by Governor Chris Christie. The governor has been one of Romneys most prominent supporters, but has been effusive in his praise of Obamas response to the storm.奥巴马将前往新泽西州,摧毁美国东北部的飓风受灾最严重的地区,由州长克里斯#8226; 克里斯蒂(Chris Christie)陪同。该州州长已经是罗姆尼最明显的持者之一,但一直热情洋溢地赞美着奥巴马对于飓风的应对。Though Obama has officially suspended campaigning for three days and New Jersey is safe Democratic territory, the tour with Christie offers him clear electoral advantages. Obama can appear to be in command, directing US aid and showing his concern about the storms victims. Romney, meanwhile, must walk a careful line. Aggressive attacks on Obama could appear unseemly during a national crisis. Yet he is running out of time to make his case to voters ahead of Tuesdays vote.尽管奥巴马已经连续三天正式暂停竞选活动,新泽西州是安全的民主党领土,与Christie的探访为他提供了明显的竞选优势。奥巴马明显有权下命令,指挥美国的救援,并显示了他对风暴受害者的关心。同时,罗姆尼必须走小心行事。在一场全国性的危机面前激烈攻击奥巴马可能不合时宜。然而,他的时间不多了,在周二大选之前向选民推荐自己。Polls show the candidates virtually tied. But the winner will be determined in state-by-state votes and a handful of states that are not clearly Democratic or Republican will determine the outcome. For the moment, Obama appears to have a slight lead in the state tallies.民意调查显示两位候选人几乎不分上下。但获胜者将在各州的选票中确定,以及少数几个既非民主党也非共和党的州将决定结果。目前,在全国民调中奥巴马似乎略微领先。Obamas campaign announced yesterday he planned to resume campaign travel today after a three-day pause with stops in Nevada, Colorado and Wisconsin.在内华达、科罗拉多和威斯康辛州为期三天的竞选暂停之后,奥巴马的竞选团队昨天宣布他计划今天继续竞选之旅。After tamping down his partisan tone on Tuesday at an Ohio event that emphasized disaster relief, Romney had three full-blown campaign rallies yesterday in Florida, the largest competitive state.在周二在俄亥俄州的活动中放下他的党派语气强调救灾的信心之后,罗姆尼三场竞选活动昨天在最大的竞争州佛罗里达州全面展开。来 /201211/206919。

  First lady Michelle Obama later this month will travel to China in her third solo international trip since moving into the White House.美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马将在本月访华,这是她入白宫以来第三次单独出访。The first lady will visit Beijing from March 20-23, Xian on March 24, and Chengdu from March 25-26, the White House announced Monday. Mrs. Obama will meet with Madame Peng, the spouse of Chinas President Xi Jinping, and shell visit important historical and cultural sites.本周一白宫发布第一夫人的行程安排,米歇尔夫人将0日到23日访问北京,34日访问西安,5日6日访问成郀?奥巴马夫人将与国家主席习近平的夫人彭丽媛会面,同时她也将参观著名的历史人文景点。As on past international trips, the first lady will focus on the importance of education, according to the White House, and will visit a university and two high schools.据白宫报道,与在之前的国际访问中重视教育问题的情况类似,第一夫人此次访华也将参观一所大学和两所高中学校。Mrs. Obamas mother, Marian Robinson, will accompany her, as will Mrs. Obamas daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama. The first ladys office is also encouraging American students to follow Mrs. Obama as she travels through China online and through social media.奥巴马夫人的母亲——玛丽安·罗宾森、奥巴马夫人的两个女儿——玛丽亚和萨莎,都将陪同奥巴马夫人前来访华。第一夫人办公室鼓励美国学生们通过网络或社交媒体追踪奥巴马夫人访华信息。Mrs. Obama last traveled abroad without President Obama in 2011 to Botswana and South Africa, where she promoted youth leadership, health and education. In 2010, she traveled to Haiti where she assessed the earthquake damage, and then continued to Mexico, where her focus was youth engagement.2011年奥巴马夫人单独访问茨瓦纳和南非时,大力倡导提升青少年的领导力,保护青少年健康以及关注教育问题。在2010年,她访问海地时考察了地震带来的损失情况,而后在访问墨西哥的行程中,她关注的是青少年的社会参与问题。Mrs. Obama wont be the first American first lady to travel solo to China. In 1995, then-first lady Hillary Clinton attended the World Conference on Women in Beijing, where she spoke forcefully about womens rights in China.奥巴马夫人并非美国唯一的单独访华的第一夫人。早995年,前第一夫人希拉釷克林顿到北京参加了世界妇女大会,会上她关于中国妇女权益做了一番强有力的发言。Before Clinton traveled to Beijing, her staff laid out a thorough media plan for her -- one of the many documents released by the Clinton Presidential Library last week.克林顿夫人访问北京之前,她的工作人员为她量身订制了一套全面的媒体宣传计划——上周克林顿总统图书馆公布的一批文件中就有当时的计划文件。来 /201403/278822

  第一句:Ill take it.我买了A: How much is the tie?领带多少钱?B: dollars.美元A: Ill take it. Please wrap it up me.我买了,请给我包起来B: OK, wait a moment, please.好的,请稍等第二句:Ill decide to buy it.我决定买它A: Wow, it a nice doll. How much is it?哇噢,那个布娃娃好漂亮啊多少钱?B: dollars.美元A: Ill decide to buy it.我决定买它其他表达法:Ill buy it.我买了 330

  U.S. President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney used a foreign policy debate Monday in ((the southeastern state of)) Florida to get tough on China.美国总统奥巴马与共和党挑战者罗姆尼利用在佛罗里达举行的外交政策辩论的机会对中国表达了强硬立场。President Obama described China as an ;adversary; but said he looked forward to partnering with the rising Asian power as long as it follows international trade rules.奥巴马总统把中国描述为“对手”,但是他说,只要中国遵守国际贸易规则,他就会和这个崛起的亚洲大国合作;Chinas an adversary, and also a potential partner in the international community if its following the rules. So my attitude coming into office was that we are going to insist that China plays by the same rules as everybody else.;他说:“中国是个对手,但如果它遵守规则,也是国际社会中的潜在合作伙伴。所以我当时上任时的态度是,我们要坚持让中国像任何国家一样遵守同样的规则。”Mr. Obama said his administration has brought more trade violation cases against China than the previous administration did in two terms.奥巴马说,他的政府提出的有关中国违反贸易规则的投诉案比前两届政府加起来的都要多。Mr. Romney, who has used harsh rhetoric on China throughout the campaign, said Beijing ;doesnt have to be an adversary,; but warned that it cannot ;roll all over us and steal our jobs.;在竞选期间一直对中国说硬话的罗姆尼在辩论中说,北京“不是非要成为对手”,但他警告说,中国不能“从我们身上压过去并偷走我们的就业机会”;Ive watched year in and year out as companies have shut down and people have lost their jobs because China has not played by the same rules, in part by holding down artificially the value of their currency. It holds down the prices of their goods. It means our goods arent as competitive and we lose jobs. Thats got to end.;罗姆尼说:“我年复一年地看到公司关门、人们丢掉自己的工作,原因是中国没有遵守同样的规则,包括人为压低本国货币的币值。这压低了他们的产品的价格,使我们的产品减少竞争性,让我们损失就业机会。这种现象一定要止住。”Mr. Romney repeated his promise to label China a currency manipulator on his first day in office, a designation that would allow for steeper tariffs on Chinese goods.罗姆尼重申,他上任第一天就要宣布中国是货币操纵囀?如果这样定性,美国将对中国产品施加高额关税。During the 15-minute segment set aside for discussing ;The Rise of China and Tomorrows World,; neither candidate mentioned Chinas human rights situation, intensifying maritime disputes, or upcoming leadership transition.这次辩论5分钟的小节专门讨论“中国的崛起与明日之世界”。在这一小节中,两位候选人都没有谈到中国的人权问题、不断加剧的海事纠纷以及即将展开的中共权力交接。来 /201210/205392China's Geely Leads Volvo BiddingChinese automaker Geely Holding Group Co. has emerged as the leading contender to acquire Swedish automaker Volvo from Ford Motor Co., said several people familiar with the matter.Ford is in the process of analyzing a recent Geely bid to acquire 100% of Volvo for approximately .5 billion, these people said. The offer is higher than Ford or outsiders had expected for a brand that has lost more than billion in recent years. In the quarter ended June 30, Volvo lost 1 million.The deal may nonetheless be worth far less to Ford, given Geely's proposal to leave behind Volvo pension obligations, unwanted inventory and other substantial restructuring liabilities with Ford, said these people. Such a deal would be similar to Ford's sale of luxury brands Jaguar and Land Rover to India's Tata Motors Ltd. in early 2008. Tata paid .3 billion for the two brands. Ford then later contributed 0 million to Tata to cover Jaguar-Land Rover pension plans.Geely and other Chinese firms want Volvo for its strong brand name and technology. Its dealer network also represents a chance to penetrate the U.S. and European markets with non-Volvo product. Geely has been especially emboldened of late, having just received a 5 million investment from Goldman Sachs Group's private-equity arm.Geely couldn't be reached to comment late Thursday.Volvo's technology is becoming a critical feature of the negotiations, say the people familiar with the matter. Volvo contributes collision warning systems, passenger-restraint technology and other safety equipment used by Ford and its other brands. Ford fears it could be handing over that technology to a company that is expected to become a direct competitor in Europe and North America. Ford officials continue to mull whether the technology 'could bleed all over the place,' said one person familiar with the negotiations.Another sticking point has been a preference by Geely and other Chinese automakers to acquire only a portion of Volvo, while Ford has been adamant it wants to part with 100% of the unit. Originally Geely hoped that Ford would retain at least a 25% stake in Volvo, but Ford has declined to budge, according to a person briefed on the matter. The other remaining bidder is China's Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp., also known as SAIC Motor.One challenge for Ford: Pulling Volvo out of its operations, having deeply integrated the two since Volvo's purchase for .4 billion in 1999.Through August of this year, Volvo sold 42,013 vehicles in the U.S., long considered its most important market. That's down almost 25% percent from the same period in 2008. For all of 2008, Volvo sold 73,102 vehicles in the U.S.Ford put Volvo on the block last December, with J.P. Morgan Chase amp; Co. handling the sale. 'We expected this to be a pretty long process because of the environment we're working in,' Ford Chief Financial Officer Lewis Booth said in an interview this month. 'We haven't got an explicit timetable. We're still talking to interested parties. We're working through the options.'Once Volvo is sold it will complete the dismantling of Ford's expensive and failed Premier Automotive Strategy. /09/85181

  替找旅馆我另外你们找一家旅馆好吗?A:Shall I find another hotel fbr you?B: Yes, please do and make it quick!好的麻烦您快一点!Certainly sir. Ill book you into a hotel in this area. Just a moment, please. 好的,我帮你们预约一家本区的旅馆,请稍候预约出问题恐怕我们没有你们的预约记录A: Thank you waiting, sir. Im afraid, we have no record of your reservation. Where was it made?先生,让您久等了恐怕我们没有你们的预约记录您在哪里预约的?B: That very strange. It was made about two weeks ago through our travel agents at home. Orient Tours, Pasadena, Calinia.这就怪了我们是大约两个星期前在家里,通过加州帕萨迪纳的东方旅行社代办的同类问句:Just a moment, please. Ill check our reservation record again. Thank you waiting.sir. Im afraid we have no record of any reservation by Orient Tours in your name. Do you have a confirmation letter?请稍候,我再查预约记录让您久等了,恐怕我们没有东方旅行社以您的名义所做的预约记录,您有确认函吗? No, we dont, we only have a copy of our itinerary.没有,我们只有一张影印的旅程表May I see it, please? 请给我看一下好吗?Im afraid this won’t be enough.这恐怕不够充分 355

  Marry?Marry吗?Who is this?您是哪位?It’s John, didn’t you recognize my voice?我是John,你听不出我的声音了吗?No, you sound different today.不是,你的声音今天听起来不太一样It’s because I am excited. I got the job offer that I had be looking ward to.因为我很兴奋,我得到了期待已久的工作 57989。

  Asking goods索要缺失物品Room service. What can I do you?客房部我能帮您什么忙吗?l am afraid there isnt any fancy soap in my room.恐怕我的房间里没有香皂Sorry sir,we will bring you one.Anything else?很抱歉,先生,我们这就给您送去还有其他的事情吗?Yes.Bring me a bath towel as well.是的,再给我拿一条浴巾 358587

  Mrs. Sue?Sue?Yes我是Mr. Brown will have to call you back in a little while.Brown先生会过一会把电话打回来的All right. But tell him I will only be here until four o’clock.好的但是告诉他我在这只会呆到点 33

  A space ambassador could be appointed by the ed Nations to act as the first point of contact for aliens trying to communicate with Earth。  Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, is set to be tasked with co-ordinating humanity’s response if and when extraterrestrials make contact。  Aliens who landed on earth and asked: “Take me to your leaderwould be directed to Mrs Othman。  She will set out the details of her proposed new role at a Royal Society conference in Buckinghamshire next week。  The 58-year-old is expected to tell delegates that the proposal has been prompted by the recent discovery of hundreds of planets orbiting other stars, which is thought to make the discovery of extraterrestrial life more probable than ever before。  Mrs Othman is currently head of the UN’s little known Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa)。  In a recent talk to fellow scientists, she said: “The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day human kind will receive signals from extraterrestrials。  “When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject. The UN is a y-made mechanism for such coordination。”  Opinion is divided about how future extraterrestrial visitors should be greeted. Under the Outer Space Treaty on 1967, which Unoosa oversees, UN members agreed to protect Earth against contamination by alien species by “sterilisingthem。  Mrs Othman is understood to support a more tolerant approach。  But Professor Stephen Hawking has warned that alien interlopers should be treated with caution。  He said: “I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. The outcome for us would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans。”来 /201009/114689

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