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While you were running Saturday errands, the world’s biggest software company celebrated its 40th birthday. Yes, seriously.上周六,当你正享受周末时,全球最大的软件公司正在庆祝自己的40岁生日。In a letter sent to employees, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (still a technical advisor) predicts computing will evolve more quickly over the next decade than ever but is still too far out of reach for many people.在一封致员工的公开信中,微软联合创始人、目前仍担任该公司技术顾问的比尔o盖茨预计,计算机技术在今后十年的发展速度将比以往任何时候更快,但仍有许多人无法接触到它们。“So I hope you will think about what you can do to make the power of technology accessible to everyone, to connect people to each other, and make personal computing available everywhere even as the very notion of what a PC delivers makes its way into all devices,” he wrote.盖茨写道:“所以我希望你们想想自己能做些什么,来让科技的力量惠及每一个人,将人们互联起来,使个人计算普及到世界各地,正如个人电脑传达的观念影响了所有设备一样。”Of course, there are literally dozens if not hundreds of other companies—both large and small—that would love to solve that problem at Microsoft’s expense.显然,只要微软不在乎损失,抢着想解决这个问题的大大小小的公司大有人在。Mere toddlers like collaboration software upstart Slack, flirting with a billion valuation, are challenging its dominance in productivity software.最年轻一代中的有刚成立几年的团队协作软件公司Slack,其估值已经迅速达到20亿美元,以它为代表的这些新生力量正在挑战微软在生产力软件上的统治地位。Twenty-something Amazon Web Services and teenager Google are making things tough in the data center realm. And despite itsexpensive Nokia investment, Microsoft can’t seem to get more people to trade in their Apple and Samsung smartphones.年纪大一些的有“20多岁”的亚马逊网络务和“十几岁”的谷歌,它们让微软在数据中心业务上的处境日益艰难。尽管微软在诺基亚上投资不菲,但却无力阻止越来越多的人购买苹果和三星智能手机。As it enters its fifth decade, does Microsoft have the energy to combat competition on so many different fronts? That’s up to company’s third CEO, Satya Nadella. After spending his early days rightsizing the company (the last round of Microsoft’s biggest layoff ever was apparently completed last week), he is busy acting as different from his immediate predecessor, Steve Ballmer, as possible.随着微软进入第5个十年,它是否还有精力多线作战,在这么多的领域展开竞争?这取决于该公司第三任首席执行官萨蒂亚o纳德拉。他上任之初便开始优化公司规模(微软史上最大规模的裁员刚刚在上周完成最后一轮),如今他正忙着推行改革,竭力彰显自己跟前任史蒂夫o鲍尔默的不同之处。That’s evidenced in Microsoft’s relationship with Box. “We’re seeing a different Microsoft, and customers are seeking a different Microsoft,” Box CEO Aaron Levie said during Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference last July.微软与Box的关系就体现了这一点。Box公司首席执行官阿隆o列维在去年7月的《财富》科技头脑风暴大会上表示:“我们看到的是一个不同的微软,顾客也期待着一个不同的微软。”Nadella has aly pulled off a few refreshing surprises. Consider the company’s .5 billion buyout of the wildly successful Minecraft developer last September or the January sneak peek at the company’s virtual reality interface, HoloLens.纳德拉已经带来了一些令人眼前一亮的惊喜。微软在去年9月以25亿美元的价格收购了大获成功的游戏《我的世界》的开发商,又在今年1月发布了虚拟现实产品HoloLens。Officially speaking, the upcoming Windows 10 launch, which will be sold under a new subscription mode, will be the first big test of Nadella’s leadership. But in my mind, attracting and retaining the talent to keep Microsoft relevant throughout its fifth decade could be his biggest challenge as CEO. There’s a reason so many people are interested in the new book from Google’s human resources chief.根据官方说法,即将以全新订阅模式发售的Window 10将会是纳德拉领导能力面临的第一次大考。不过在我看来,在第五个十年里,如何吸引和留住人才,进而保持微软的竞争力,才是纳德拉作为首席执行官面对的最大挑战。如此多的人对谷歌人力资源主管的新书感兴趣,是有原因的。Nadella’s misguided comments last fall about women in technology didn’t help. That’s why one of the most important strategic decisions early in his tenure came in November, when Nadella promoted Kathleen Hogan from a customer-facing role to run human resources.纳德拉去年秋天对科技界女性的不当言论,可帮不了他(他建议女性不要主动要求加薪)。这也是他为什么要在任期之初的11月就做出一项最为重要的战略决定——将负责客户公关的凯瑟琳o霍根提拔至人力资源部门担任领导。Hogan’s resume includes leading the Microsoft services organization; she also was a developer at Oracle and a partner at consulting firm McKinsey. Her mandate: lead Microsoft’s cultural transformation and ensure “Microsoft remains the best, most inclusive place to work.”霍根曾是微软务部门的负责人,还担任过甲骨文的开发人员以及咨询公司麦肯锡的合伙人。她的任务是:领导微软的文化转型,保“微软仍是最好、最具包容性的工作场所”。 /201504/369364

SAN FRANCISCO — China’s largest Internet company, Alibaba, is adding to its modest presence in Silicon Valley, but not in the way many have expected.旧金山——中国最大的互联网公司阿里巴巴准备增加它在硅谷有限的存在感,但其方式并不像许多人预期的那样。In an announcement on Wednesday, the Chinese e-commerce giant said it planned to open its first data center outside of China in Silicon Valley. Instead of supporting the company’s hugely popular e-commerce sites, the center will help Alibaba sp a less well-known but growing side of its business: cloud services for businesses.这家中国电商巨头周三发表声明称,它计划在硅谷开设它在中国以外的首家数据中心。这座中心不是为了给阿里巴巴极受欢迎的电商网站提供持,而是将帮助它扩展不那么有名但却在一直增长的业务领域:企业云务。Similar to the services offered by Amazon that lease computing power to businesses, Alibaba has been slowly wooing clients in China to use its services. Many vendors who sell on Alibaba’s e-commerce sites use the services, but it has been slowly adding larger clients.与亚马逊向企业出租计算能力的务相似,阿里巴巴一直在慢慢拉拢中国客户,希望他们能使用自己的务。阿里巴巴电商网站上的许多卖家会使用这些务,但大客户的增长较为缓慢。The company said the new data center would first cater to Chinese businesses operating in China, but in the second half of the year do more to aim at foreign clients. The company did not specify when the center would open, how much it was investing in the center, or how large it would be.阿里巴巴表示,这座新数据中心将首先满足在中国运营的中国企业的需求,但他们下半年将采取更多措施来吸引外国客户。声明中并未说明这个中心的开放时间、投资金额和规模大小。Using the name Aliyun to refer to the company’s cloud operations, Ethan Sicheng Yu, a vice president, said: “Aliyun hopes to meet the needs of Chinese enterprises in the ed States, and the ultimate objective of Aliyun is to bring cost-efficient and cutting-edge cloud computing services to benefit more clients outside China to boost their business development.”谈到公司的这种名为“阿里云”的务时,阿里巴巴副总裁喻思成表示,“阿里云希望能够满足在美中国企业的需求,阿里云的最终目标是带来合算而先进的云计算务,使更多海外客户受益,推动他们的业务发展。”Though Alibaba has a significant share of the market selling computing services to businesses in China, it’s an open question whether the company can win over more foreign clients. A Chinese company first, it will have to put into place English-speaking staff members to support and sell to the businesses, while also making its software easy to use in other languages.虽然阿里巴巴在中国的计算务市场占据重要份额,但该公司能否吸引更多外国客户还很难说。它首先是一家中国公司,需要安排会讲英语的员工来持工作并说其他企业使用其产品,同时还要使其软件在其他语言中可以简便操作。Still, with a labor force primarily in China, the company may be able to compete on cost. It will also no doubt get a boost from the growing number of Chinese companies that are seeking to invest and advertise in the ed States.不过,由于劳动力主要在中国,阿里巴巴或许可以在成本上具有竞争力。此外,越来越多的中国企业正寻求在美国投资和打广告,阿里巴巴无疑会从中受益。 /201503/362654

A U.S. court has ruled that the National Security Agency can temporarily resume its bulk collection of Americans#39; telephone records.美国一家法院做出判决,国家安全局可以暂时恢复大规模搜集美国人电话通话数据的项目。The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Monday ruled that the NSA could resume gathering millions of Americans’ phone metadata — call times, dates and durations — to scan for links to foreign terrorists.外国情报侦察法庭星期一裁定,国家安全局可以恢复大规模搜集美国人的电话通话数据,包括通话时间、日期和时长,以寻找与外国恐怖分子联系的线索。The program was suspended after an appeals court in May ruled that the U.S. Patriot Act had never authorized the NSA to collect such data.一家上诉法院今年5月做出裁决说,美国爱国法案从未授权国家安全局搜集此类数据,因此这一项目被中止。A new law, called the Freedom Act, which substantially reformed and narrowed the bulk phone data program, was signed by U.S. President Barack Obama a day after the existing program lapsed on June 1.该项目于6月1日失效的一天后,美国总统奥巴马签署了一项叫做“自由法案”的新法律,对大规模搜集电话通话数据项目进行了重大改革和缩减。The ruling late Monday allows the program to resume for 180 days, in compliance with the new law. The six month period was designed to give the NSA time to set up an alternative system in which the data is stored by the phone companies.星期一晚间做出的判决允许该项目根据新法律恢复运作180天。在这六个月内,国家安全局将建立一个替代性系统,使电信公司得以储存有关数据。 /201507/383680

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