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Isn#39;t this just romantic, honey?这不浪漫吗,亲爱的?I was once date raped in a gondola by a man that looked a little like you ...我曾经在平底船上被一个男人约会强奸,看上去有点像你……The trip to Venice didn#39;t turn out a great success之行没有获得巨大的成功 /201608/460814Bai Yang (1920~1997)白杨(1920 ~ 1996)Bai Yang was born Yang Chengfang in Beijing, original hometown was Xiangyin,Hunan.白杨,原名杨成芳,湖南湘阴人,出生于北京。In 1931, Bai Yang passed the examination and entered Lianhua Film Company. Her maiden work was a silent film Grief in which she acted as a servant girl. In 1936, she gained herself fame when she played the leading role in the film Crossroads in which Bai successfully performed in her portrayal of the young woman Yang Zhiying. During the war against Japanese, she took an active part in performing dramas in the mainland and was praised as “Four Great Dan” in drama with Zhang Ruifang, Shu Xiuwen and Qin Yi.1931年,白杨考入联华公司,其处女作是在无声电影《故宫新怨》中扮演一个小丫头。1936年,她主演她的第一部影片《十字街头》,因在影片中成功塑 造青年女性杨艺瑛的形象而成名。抗战期间,她在内地积极演出话剧,与张瑞芳、 舒绣文、秦怡被誉为话剧“四大名旦”。In 1938, she, together with other film workers, like Shen Xiling and Zhao Dan, etc. went to Chongqing and shot Children of China, Wings of China, Young China, etc. In 1947, Bai starred in very famous films like Eight Thousand Li of Cloud and Moon,Diary About Returning To The Native , Ideal Son-in-law and The Spring River Flows East. She reached the highest level of her performing skill in the two films, which were The Spring River Flows East and the 1957 film New Year#39;s Sacrifice. In 1957 she was appraised to win the first place in “five most popular players of 1956”; the same year, she attended the tenth Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and New Year#39;s Sacrifice won the ;Special Prize of the Jury; and was nominated for Crystal Globe.1938年,白杨与沈西苓、赵丹等电影工作 者,来到重庆拍摄了《中华儿女》、《长空万里》、《青年中国》等影片。1947年,她主演了《八千里路云和月》、《还乡日记》、《乘龙快婿》和《一江春水向东流》等著名影片。《一江春水向东流》和1957年主演的《祝福》使其艺术成就达到了顶峰1957年,白杨被评为“ 1956年最受欢迎的五名演员”中的第一名。同年,她参加了捷克第10届卡罗维?发利国际电影节,《祝福》获特别奖。Bai Yang developed a graceful and natural, yet distinct style. She acted as over 20 film images and created over 50 characters on drama stage in her life and was chosen as one of the 22 Chinese film stars. In 1980s, she shaped the image Song Qingling in teleplay Love Poured upon the Earth. She was a prestigious and outstanding performing artist with great achievements in Chinese filmdom. In 1993, she got the Award for Special Honor of China Film Performing Art Society and in 1995#39;s Centennial Commemoration of the Birth of Worid Film and 90 years of Chinese film, she was awarded the ;Centennial Award;in Chinese film.白杨的表演风格质朴、优美、自然,一生扮演过20多个银幕形象,在话剧舞台上塑造了50多个人物,六十年代被评选为“中国电影22大明星”之一。八十年代,她还在电视剧《洒向人间都是爱》中塑造了宋庆龄的形象,是中国影坛上负有盛名、 卓有成就的表演艺术家。1993年,她获中国电影表演艺术学会特别荣誉奖,1995 年获得为纪念世界电影诞生100周年和中国电影诞生90周年而特设的中国电影 “世纪奖”。 /201606/443539Extraordinary photos have emerged showing a tribe chief holding the perfectly mummified remains of one of his ancestors in a remote Indonesian village.根据几张奇特的照片显示,在印尼的一个偏远山村,一个部落的首领竟然怀抱着一具保存完好的木乃伊祖先遗体。Dani tribe chief Eli Mabel is pictured holding the remains of Agat Mamete Mabel in the village of Wogi in Wamena in West Papua.这些照片拍摄于西巴布亚省瓦梅纳市渥基村,该村的达尼部落首领依莱·梅布尔怀抱着阿加·马梅特·梅布尔的遗体。The indigenous tribe, who live in a remote area of the Papuan central highlands, used to preserve their ancestors by smoking their bodies, which kept them in a near-perfect state for hundreds of years.这一土著部落居住在巴布亚中部的高原地区,他们过去常常通过烟熏身体来保存祖先的遗体,这一方法可使遗体几乎能完好地保存好几百年。The smoking mummification is no longer practiced, but the Dani tribes people still preserve a number of mummies as a symbol of their highest respect for their ancestors.烟熏木乃伊化如今已被摈弃,但是达尼部落的人们仍然保存了大量的木乃伊,以作为他们对祖先的最高敬意。In recent years the Dani tribe has attracted tourists from around the world, with some villages even showing their original customs and holding mock wars.近些年来,达尼部落吸引了全球各地的游客,一些村庄甚至还展示他们的原始习俗,并进行模拟战争。Every August the Dani hold mock battles with neighbouring tribes – the Lani and Yali peoples - to celebrate the fertility and welfare of the Papua province as well as upholding ancient traditions.每年八月,达尼部落都会和临近部落,比如拉尼部落和亚里部落,一起开展模拟战争,以庆祝巴布亚省土壤肥沃、人民生活幸福以及源远流长的古老传统。The people of Baliem Valley, the Dani, Lani and Yali tribes, were discovered accidentally by American zoologist and philanthropist Richard Archbold, while on a zoological expedition to New Guinea in 1938.达尼部落、拉尼部落和亚里部落这些居住在巴列姆山谷的居民,都是在1938年被前往新几内亚进行动物考察的美国动物学家及慈善家理查德·阿奇尔德在无意中发现的。In the Dani tribe, the men wear distinctive tribal attire, including face paint, feathers, animal bones and intricate penis sheaths named Koteka. The women wear skirts made from woven orchid fibres decorated with straw and woven bags.达尼部落的男性身着与众不同的部落饰,其中包括脸上的油、皮革、动物骨头和名为Koteka的复杂阴茎鞘。而女性穿的裙子主要是由编织的兰花纤维制成,同时饰以稻草和编织包。 /201608/462724

I have no idea what you are doing, but it#39;s not turning me on, Gwen ...我不知道你在做什么,但它不能让我兴奋,格温…… /201607/452819

Everyday Ways to Maintain Your Feel Great Weight保持使人感觉良好体重的日常方法Our diet expert clues you in on everyday things you can do to maintain your feel great weight.我们的饮食专家提供给你一些日常方法来保持使你感觉良好的体重。In the past, I lost weight by being super strict during my ;diet; phase, but when I reached my goal, I fell back into my old ways and gained the pounds back. When I finally decided to lose weight once and for all, I knew I didn#39;t want to torture myself with restrictive dieting, obsessive calorie counting, and constant hunger. I wanted to shed pounds (for good) by adopting healthy eating and exercise habits that were balanced and livable, so I started to make small changes to my current lifestyle. Those little things added up and helped me lose the weight and maintain it for nearly eight years. A key to my success was finding everyday ways to keep my weight in check.过去,我通过十分严格的控制自己的;节食;阶段来减肥,但当我实现目标时,我重又回到了以前的日子,体重又增了回来。最终当我决定一次性减肥时,我知道我不想用严格的节食,过度计算卡路里和不断的挨饿来折磨自己。我想要通过采用平衡适宜的健康饮食和锻炼习惯来减肥(一劳永逸的),所以我对我现在的生活方式做了一些小改变。这些小改变累计起来并帮助我得以减肥,效果保持了近8年。我成功的一个主要因素就是找到日常方法来约束体重。Eat often经常吃Eating frequently might sound counterintuitive if you#39;re trying to lose weight, but aiming for three healthy meals and two small snacks a day means you#39;re eating something every three hours or so, so you#39;ll never let yourself get too hungry. This prevents overeating later and keeps your metabolism humming along.如果你试图减肥,那么可能经常吃听起来违反直觉,但是一日三顿健康饮食再加上两顿小零食意味着你每三小时左右吃一顿,所以你就不会有太饥饿的感觉。这能预防之后的过度饮食并能使你的新陈代谢自行运转。Say no to extras (sometimes)不多吃(有时候)I love cheese, and I#39;d eat it everyday if I could. But, an easy way to cut calories from my diet is nixing the cheese (or other high-calorie ingredients, like sps and sauces) from my meals once or twice a week.我喜欢奶酪,如果可以的话我每天都会吃。但是,从我的饮食中减少卡路里的简单方法就是每周一次或两次不吃奶酪(或其它高卡路里的食物,例如涂抹酱和调味酱)Get cooking with your oven用烤炉做饭I love roasted vegetables, and I often keep them in the refrigerator as an easy snack or quick addition to a meal, so anytime I turn on the oven in my kitchen, I almost always add a baking sheet full of vegetable to roast along with whatever I am cooking. That way, I always have a nutritional option on hand.我喜欢烤蔬菜,我经常把它们放在冰箱里作为小零食或者餐饮的快速补充,这样无论我什么时候打开厨房的烤炉,我都能在我烤的东西上再加上全是蔬菜的烘焙单。这样子的话,我总会保留着营养选择。译文属 /201606/449993

China is home to diverse regional cuisines and a growing foreign food scene, but nothing tops the hotpot ritual of placing fresh ingredients into a boiling broth, according to a new survey.中国有着多种不同菜系,近年来异域美食热也开始日益上升,然而,根据一项最新调查显示,它们都不能超越火锅这种美食--即将多种新鲜的食材涮到滚烫的汤里。The survey, published by consulting firm OCC this week, found that hotpot is China#39;s favorite meal. A total of 2,600 people the firm surveyed in 21 Chinese cities in February also placed domestic hotpot chain Haidilao at the top of the list of the country#39;s 10 favorite restaurants.欧析企业管理咨询公司本周发布的报告指出,火锅是中国人气最高的美食。此外,该公司2月份对中国21个城市2600个消费者的调查报告也显示,国内的火锅连锁--海底捞在最受国人欢迎的TOP 10餐厅中高居榜首。Others that made the top 10 included foreign fast food chains KFC and McDonald#39;s as well as casual dining spots Pizza Hut and TGI Friday#39;s.其他进入前10的餐厅还包括外国快餐连锁肯德基和麦当劳,以及休闲餐厅必胜客和星期五餐厅。Hotpot was originally eaten to stave off the winter cold, but has become a favorite year-round food in China. Famous hotpot chains often have long lines of people waiting hours to get a table, even on scorching summer days.吃火锅原本是为了在冬天御寒,现在却成了一种四季皆宜、非常受欢迎的食物。在知名的火锅连锁店,食客经常得排队等候数小时,即便在炎炎夏日也是如此。Data from Euromonitor International showed that seven of China#39;s top 15 full-service restaurant chains specialize in hotpot.来自欧睿国际的数据显示,在中国TOP 15的全方位务连锁餐厅中,有7家都专营火锅。Stephen Dutton, an analyst with Euromonitor International, wrote in a recent research note that hotpot restaurants have become omnipresent nationwide, serving as go-to spots for social events and adapted for regional preferences. Much of hotpot#39;s popularity, Dutton said, comes from the participatory nature of the cooking process and time available for socializing.欧睿国际的分析师史蒂芬· 达顿在最近的一份研究报告中写道,火锅餐厅作为一个社交活动的好去处,在国内到处都是,同时它也根据区域饮食偏好进行了改善。达顿表示,火锅的高人气主要来源于它整个烹饪过程的参与性以及社交活动的时效性。OCC added that hotpot#39;s success also lies in the customer service at leading chains. Restaurant chains such as Haidilao provide attentive service to customers, including entertainment, such as a dance performance in which waiters fling dough to make noodles.此外,欧析还补充说明,火锅的成功还源于这些领先的连锁店的客户务。像海底捞这样的连锁餐厅还给食客们提供包括在内的贴心务。比如,在务员将面团制作成面条的过程中会伴随的舞蹈表演。 /201606/448504

Oh,uncle Bert. You#39;ve grown so much since the last time I saw you!哦,伯特叔叔。自从我最后一次见你,你已经长这么高了!What kids should say!孩子应该说什么!!! /201607/452821

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