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Fallen gingko nuts that stink of vomit have provoked articles and editorials in South Korean newspapers as officials in the countrys capital grapple with how to get rid of them, it appears.最近韩国报纸上出现了不少关注掉落的银杏果臭气熏天的文章和社论,貌似韩国首都首尔的政府部门终于打算出手解决银杏果臭味扰民的问题。The gingko tree is famous for its spectacular yellow leaves in autumn which become a tourist attraction in some districts. The problem is that while Seouls thousands of gingko trees produce nutritious nuts that are tasty when cooked, acid in the husks produces a smell thats offensive to the noses of local residents, the Korea JoongAng Daily reports. With over 114,000 gingko trees in the city, one-in-10 being female trees which produce the nuts, the smell can be overpowering in the autumn months. The problem is made worse by the fact that the trees are city property, and picking the fallen fruit is theft, meaning they are left to rot in the streets, the Korea Herald says.银杏树因在秋天身披金黄叶片的景致而闻名,这成了某些地区吸引游客的亮丽风景。据韩国《中央日报》(JoongAng Daily)报道,首尔市内有数以千计的银杏树,结出的银杏果营养丰富,煮后食用相当美味。然而,银杏果的果壳中含有的酸散发的恶臭令市民苦不堪言。鉴于首尔街头有11.4万多棵银杏树,其/10为能够结果的雌树,到了秋天,恶臭难忍。《韩国先驱报》(Korea Herald)称,首尔的银杏树是城市公共财产,捡拾掉落的银杏果属于盗窃,因此市民只能任凭掉落的果实烂在街上,这使情况变得更糟。One solution to the problem is to transplant the female trees elsewhere, and this operation - starting in November - will cost up to 25bn won, and will initially concentrate on bus stops and areas where people congregate. However, the Herald argues, it would be better - and cheaper - for the no-picking law to be lifted so that ;the public will appreciate a chance to gather some berries... since they are prized delicacies of the season.; As it is, the city employs 446 people to shake the trees and collect the nuts before they start to smell.解决方案之一是将雌银杏树移栽到其他地方。该工程将于11月启动,耗资50亿韩元(约合1.4亿人民币),并先集中处理公交车站等人群聚集处的银杏树。不过,《韩国先驱报》辩称,更有效也更经济的方案是取消严禁私自捡拾银杏果的规定。如此一来,“市民将感激政府给予了捡银杏果的机会,因为银杏果是美味的时馐。”目前,首尔政府聘用46人负责在果实未散发出臭味前摇动果树,收集银杏果。Its an issue thats not unique to Seoul. Last year, Japanese officials handed out nuts to residents, but admitted that the smell is the price to pay for such a beautiful autumnal display. Kim Bong-ho of the University of Seoul agrees: ;Ecologically, nutritious fruits tend to smell bad,; Kim said.银杏果臭味扰民的问题并非首尔独有。去年,日本政府官员向市民分发银杏果,却也承认,这种臭味是收获如此美不胜收的秋景所必须付出的代价。首尔大学的金奉镐(Kim Bong-ho)同意这一说法,金奉镐表示:“从生态学角度讲,营养丰富的果实往往气味难闻。”来 /201510/403541Chinese premier Li Keqiang has said his government will not ;defend to the death; its goal of 7 per cent economic growth this year a day after Beijing cut interest rates for the sixth time in 12 months. 中国总理李克强表示,他的政府不会“死守%的今年经济增长目标,他是在北京方2个月来第六次降息的当天发表此言的。Mr Lis remarks come before Mondays opening of a Communist party gathering that will shape the upcoming five-year plan, a blueprint for the economy. Personnel appointments and policies decided during the plenum will reflect the competition among factions for influence over future generations of leaders. 李克强发表此言之际,也正值中共十八届五中全会将在周一开幕,会上将制定下一个五年计划(中国经济的蓝图)。全会期间宣布的人事任命和政策将反映各派系之间竞相影响下一代领导人的角力。Chinas official statistics showed growth sliding to 6.9 per cent in the third quarter, the lowest since during the depths of the global financial crisis. Other indicators such as steel consumption or electricity use suggest even greater weakness in the heavy industry and manufacturing that for years served as the engine of Chinas economy, despite efforts to loosen credit and stimulate investment. 中国的官方统计数据显示,第三季度经济增长下滑.9%,这是自年全球金融危机最严重时期以来的最低点。其他指标如钢铁消费量或用电量似乎表明,重工业和制造业的疲弱更为严重(这两个经济部门曾多年拉动中国经济),尽管官方采取了放松信贷和刺激投资的措斀?Growth for the full year is likely to slip to the slowest pace since 1990, the year after Chinas crackdown on student and worker protests nearly derailed economic reforms and caused foreign investment to dry up. Although the Chinese economy now is far larger and much more complex than 25 years ago, the growth targets carry a symbolic importance and many in Beijing are uncomfortable as they tick lower. 全年增长可能下滑990年以来的最慢速度,那是中国镇压学生和工人抗议后的次年,那场风波几乎搅乱了经济改革,并导致外商投资大幅减少。虽然当今的中国经济5年前规模大得多,也复杂得多,但经济增长目标仍具有象征意义上的重要性,北京的许多人对它们越来越低感到不安。“We have never said that we should defend to the death any goal, but that the economy should operate within a reasonable range,Mr Li was ed as saying in a speech to the Central Party School that trains officials in the ruling Communist party. His speech was paraphrased in a report posted on the central governments website this weekend. “我们从来没有讲过要死守某一个点,而是让经济运行保持在合理区间,”中国媒体援引李克强在中央党校发表的讲话称。中央政府网站在周末的一篇报道中转述了他的这次讲话。中央党校为执政的共产党培养官员。Yi Gang, vice-governor of the Peoples Bank of China, told a conference on Saturday that China would be able to keep growth at 6-7 per cent for the next three to five years, a rate he called “very normal 中国央行副行长易纲上周六在一个会议上表示,中国能够在未来三到五年保持6%%的增长,他称这样的增长率“很正常”。Mr Li and other economic reformers have long argued for a departure from the strict numerical goals that are a holdover from the days of Chinas Soviet-style planned economy. But the party has wavered between adopting his preferred formula of a target of growth at “abouta certain percentage and falling back on absolute targets. 李克强和其他经济改革者长期主张告别苏联式计划经济时代遗留下来的刻板数字目标。但是,党在采纳他青睐的某个百分比“左右”的增长目标与恢复绝对值目标之间举棋不定。Many local officials prefer absolute targets that make it easier to measure whether they have met their performance goals. GDP growth is one of the primary targets by which local officials performance is judged by the party, alongside quashing any social unrest. 许多地方官员更喜欢绝对值目标,因为那样更容易衡量他们是否达到了自己的政绩指标。GDP增长是党评判地方官员政绩的主要指标之一(另一个指标是平息任何社会不安定)。Traditional sectors of the Chinese economy are being hit by crushing overcapacity, wages are rising and corporation and local governments are suffering due to high levels of debt. However, Chinas service sector has been growing and now accounts for about half of the nations economy. 中国经济的传统部门正受到严重产能过剩的打击,同时工资水平不断上升,企业和地方政府都不堪高债务水平的重负。然而,中国的务业一直在增长,目前大约占国民经济的半壁江山。来 /201510/405804

Tony Abbott has vowed to “shirtfrontVladimir Putin over the shooting down in Ukraine of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 if the Russian leader attends the G20 leaderssummit next month in Brisbane.澳大利亚总理托尼#8226;阿Tony Abbott)誓言,如果俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)参加下月在布里斯班举行的G20峰会,他将针对马来西亚航空公Malaysia Airlines) MH17航班在乌克兰上空被击落的事“抱摔”普京。The Australian prime minister, who will host the summit because his country holds the G20 presidency, said yesterday he would have “the toughest conversation of allwith Mr Putin about the downing of the flight, which resulted in the deaths of 26 Australian citizens.由于澳大利亚是G20轮值主席国,澳大利亚总理将主持这次峰会。昨日,他表示将就MH17航班被击落一事与普京进行“最艰难的对话”,这起事件造成26名澳大利亚公民遇难。“Look, I’m going to shirtfront Mr Putin you bet I am,he said. “I’m going to be saying to Mr Putin: Australians were murdered, and they were murdered by Russian-backed rebels using Russian-supplied equipment.“看着吧,我将抱摔普京,你可以肯定我会这么做,”阿特说,“我将对普京说:澳大利亚人被谋杀了,他们是被俄罗斯持的反叛分子用俄罗斯提供的装备杀害的。”“We accept that you didn’t want this to happen, but we now demand that you fully co-operate with the criminal investigation, and if the criminal investigation identifies suspects that you have some influence over, they’ve got to be produced and justice has got to be done.”“我们接受你不希望这种事发生的说法,但我们现在要求你全面配合刑事调查,如果调查结果指认了你具有一定影响力的嫌疑人,这些人要被交出来,正义必须得到伸张。”“Shirtfrontrefers to an aggressive front-on charge in Australian rules football designed to knock an opponent to the ground.所谓的“抱摔shirtfront)是指澳大利亚式橄榄球中的一种咄咄逼人的正面冲刺动作,目的是把对方球员放倒。All 298 people aboard MH17 died when the aircraft came down while flying over eastern Ukraine. Kiev and the west have blamed Russian-backed rebels for shooting it down with an advanced surface-to-air missile, while Moscow and the militants have pointed the finger at Ukrainian forces.MH17航班在飞越乌克兰东部时坠毁,机上298人全部遇难。乌克兰政府和西方指责俄罗斯持的反叛分子用一种先进的地对空导弹将飞机击落,而俄罗斯政府和武装分子则将事故归咎于乌克兰部队。The initial findings by air crash investigators that “high energy objectspenetrated the Boeing 777 from the outside are consistent with the type of damage that would be caused by a surface-to-air missile.空难调查人员的初步发现是“高能物体”从外部击穿了这架波Boeing) 777客机,这与地对空导弹造成的损坏一致。However, the report stopped short of concluding that the plane was shot down.然而,调查报告并未得出该机是被击落的结论。来 /201410/335298

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