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Chinese Are the New Kings of BlingThe great spending party of the rich never ends; it just moves from one country to the next.The latest to pop the champagne corks of conspicuous consumption is China. The government stimulus, rising consumer spending and 6% GDP growth has kept China's millionaire-making-machine well oiled. It also has fueled a no-holds-barred luxury-buying binge, as the newly rich Chinese seek to show their status.An article in the Straits Times tells of a young Chinese woman who dispatched 30 Mercedes Benzes to pick up her 0,000 Tibetan mastiff from the airport last month. The canine caravan fueled growing public anger toward what the Chinese call the 'fu er dai' or 'rich second generation' Little Emperors.A Goldman Sachs Group report ranks China as the world's second- largest luxury-goods market, after Japan. China could surpass Japan this year. Japan's wealthy registered net-worth declines of 16.7% according to this WSJ.com article, while Hong Kong registered a 61% decline.A survey by New York market research firm Pao Principle found that almost 90% of 'well heeled' Chinese surveyed had purchased a designer handbag in the past year.It said nearly two-thirds of the men surveyed and a third of women also bought a luxury watch in the same period, while another 30% said they had gone home with one of the signature blue boxes of high-end jeweler Tiffany.Yes, some this is likely hype from the luxury industry (30% of affluent Chinese buying Tiffany?).But as the sun sets on bling for the U.S., it is clearly rising in China.Do you think the flashy spending in China will set off public unrest?富人们的奢华盛宴从未结束,不过是从一个国家转移到另一个而已。一名清洁工站在北京一家奢侈品商店的橱窗外,她身后是卡地亚手表的广告最新开启炫耀性消费香槟酒瓶塞的国度是中国。中国政府的刺激计划、不断上升的消费者出以%的国内生产总GDP)增速,中国的百万富翁制造机器在这些因素的推动下正在高效运转。这也引发了中国不加约束的奢侈品购买热潮,因为中国的新富阶层希望以此来显示他们的地位。《海峡时报Straits Times)撰文介绍了一位年轻的中国女士上个月派0辆奔驰轿车去机场接她那条价8万美元藏獒的事情。这起“香车名”的事件加剧了中国公众对所谓“富二代”日益升温的愤怒情绪。高盛集Goldman Sachs Group)曾在一份报告中将中国列为仅次于日本的全球第二大奢侈品市场。中国今年有望超越日本据WSJ.com的报道,日本富人的资产净值减少了16.7%,而香港富人资产则缩水1%。纽约市场调查公司Pao Principle的一项调查显示,将近90%的受访中国富人过去一年内都购买了一个名贵手包。调查说,受访的中国富人中,将近三分之二的男士和三分之一的女士同期还购买了一块奢侈手表;另有30%的人说,他们还买过高端珠宝蒂芙尼(Tiffany)。没错,这其中可能有奢侈品行业自我炒作的成分(三成的中国富人都购买蒂芙尼?)但随着美国那边夕阳西下,中国这边显然正是旭日东升。读者们,你们是否认为中国的奢侈消费会引发社会不稳定呢? /10/87020Areas surrounding Japan's crippledFukushima nuclear plant could remain uninhabitable for decades due to high radiation, the government warned on Saturday as it struggles to clean up after the world's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.  日本政府上周六警告称,被废弃的福岛核电站周围地区由于高辐射,可能几十年内都无法居住。福岛核事故是切尔诺贝利核事故来最严重的一起,日本政府一直尽力清除放射性物质  Japan faces the dauntingtask of decontaminatinglarge areas of land around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex, which is still leaking low levels of radiation nearly six months after an earthquake and tsunami triggered a nuclear meltdown.  清除福岛核电站周围广大地区核污染的任务非常艰巨。此次核事故由地震及海啸引起,虽然距今已有半年之久,但该地区依然有低量核辐射。  In a meeting with local officials on Saturday, the government estimated it could take more than 20 years before residents could safely return to areas with current radiation ingsof 200 millisievertsper year, and a decade for areas at 100 millisieverts per year.  日本政府在上周六与当地官员会谈时估算,在目前年辐射量200毫希沃特的地区,居民要在20多年后,才可以安全回家。年辐射00毫希沃特的地区则需10年。  The estimates, which merely confirm what many experts have been saying for months, are based on the natural decline of radiation over time and do not account for the impact of decontamination steps such as removing affected soil.  该推算根据的是核辐射的自然衰减,没有计入人工再清除,比如挖走受污染土壤等因素。诸多专家几个月以来一直持有这种观点。  An vast area is still uninhabitable around the Chernobyl plant 25 years after that disaster.  切尔诺贝利核事故已过5年,但周围的广大地区依然无法居住。  The Japanese government unveiled guidelines last week with the aim of halving radiation in problem areas in two years, but for spots with very high ings it could take much longer to reach safe levels.  日本政府上周公布了指导方针,目标是在两年内使问题地区的核辐射量减半,但在一些高辐射地区,需要更久才能降到安全线。  Japan has banned people from entering within 20 km (12 miles) of the Fukushima plant, located 240 km northeast of Tokyo. Around 80,000 people have been evacuated since the March 11 quake and tsunami and many are living in shelters or temporary homes.  日本禁止人们进入福岛核电站周0公里2英里)内的地区。这里位于东京东40公里。自31日日本强震以来,已有大约8万人撤离,很多人还住在避难所或临时住所里。  The government's announcement follows the release of data last week showing radiation ings in 35 spots in the evacuation zone above the 20 millisieverts per year level deemed safe by the government. The highest ing was 508 millisieverts in the town of Okuma, about 3 km from the nuclear plant.  在公布这一消息之前,日本政府上周发布数据显示,撤离区内35个地点的辐射量超过每0毫希沃特,而这一数值被政府认为是安全线。最高辐射量出现在大隈的某镇,达08毫希沃特,该地距核电公里。  Kan, who resigned on Friday as leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan amid intense criticism of his handling of the nuclear crisis, also told Sato that the government planned to build a temporary storage facility in Fukushima for radioactive waste.  菅直人还告诉佐藤,政府计划在福岛建造一个临时的核废料储存设斀?菅直人因核危机后表现不佳而备受批评,于上周五辞去了执政的民主党党首的职务。  The accident at the Fukushima plant is likely to have released about 15 percent of the radiation released at Chernobyl in 1986, Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has estimated.  日本原子力安全保安院估计,福岛核事故的核辐射量已经达986年切尔诺贝利事故5%。  But that is still more than seven times the amount of radiation produced by Three Mile Island accident in the ed States in 1979, and experts have estimated Japan's decontamination efforts could cost as much as 10 trillion yen (0 billion).  但这已经979年美国三里岛核事故辐射量倍多。专家估计日本人工清除核污染的措施将花费10万亿日元300亿美元)。来 /201108/1518243 Reception 登记入住经典对话CFront Office Clerk 前台务员 GGuest 顾客C:Good afternoon. Welcome to XX hotel. May I help you?下午好!欢迎光临 xx 酒店能为您效劳吗?G:Yes, I’d like to check-in,pleae.我要登记住宿C:Certaily,sir. May I have your name ,please?好的,先生请问大名?G:I’m Lawrence Brown.我叫劳伦斯.布朗C:Do you have a reservation with us. Mr. Brown?布朗先生,您预订了房间了吗?G:Yes, from tonight.是的,预订了从今晚开始C:Just a moment please. I’ll check our reservation record. (After a while) Thank you waiting, Mr.Brown. Your reservation is a twin from March 5th to 7th three nights. Is that right?请稍后,我检查一下预订记录(过了一会儿)让您久等了,布朗先生您预订了从 3 月 5 日到 7日 3 个晚上的双床间,是这样的吗?G:Exactly.对C:Could you fill out the registration m, please?请填写这张登记表好吗?G:Fine(Fill the m)好的(填写表格)C:How would you like to make payment?您打算如何付款呢?G:By American Express Card.用美国运通信用卡C:May I take a print of the card ,please?请让我划印一下你的卡,好吗?G:Sure, here you are.好的,给你C:Thank you, Mr. Brown. Your room number is .that’s on the 8th floor. A bellman will show you the room. Please enjoy your stay.谢谢您,布朗先生您的房间是 8 楼的 好房,务员会带您过去,希望您住得愉快常用句型百宝箱1. 入住基本应对1) You can just skip that, and I’ll fill it in you later on.你可以先不填这一项,我待会儿帮您补上) Please sign at the bottom on the right hand side .请在右下角签名3) May I see some identifications?我能看看您的身份件吗?) How would you like to make paymentsettle your bill?您打算如何付款呢?5) In cashBy credit cardBy traveler’s check.用现金用信用卡用旅行票6) Your bill will be paid by xx.您的账单将由 xx 付7) Please sign at the Cashier’s Counter when you check out.您退宿时请到收银台签名8) Your room charge, including tax and service will paid by xx; but you have to settle theincidental charges yourself.您的房钱,包括税金和务费,将由 xx 付,不过,杂费得由您自己付9) Have an enjoyable stay.Please enjoy your stay here.祝您住得愉快. 有旅行社凭的入住登记1) May I have the hotel voucher, please?我能看看您得住店凭吗?) That will do.有这个就可以了3) I’m afraid that this is only a confirmation note, but not a voucher.恐怕这只是预订确认单,不是住店凭) I’m very sorry , but could you settle your bill when you check out ,please?很抱歉,还是请您结帐时付清账单好吗?3. 旅行团的入住登记1) Who is the Tour Leader, pleae?请问谁是领队?) I’d like to reconfirm the schedule of your stay here.我想再确认一下贵团在本店停留得安排表3) Is there any change in the number of your group?贵团人数有变动吗?) Is there any change in your schedule?时间安排有什么变动吗?5) Could you place your bags in front of you door by 8:30? We’ll have your luggage picked up.请在早上 8:30 把行李放在门口好吗?我们会派人去取6) Here are your room keys and meal coupons.这是贵团得房间钥匙和餐券7) May I have a Group Rooming List ,please?能不能给我一份团体分房名单呢?8) Is there anything else I can do you?您还有什么其它吩咐吗?9) If I can be of any help ,please just let me know.如果有什么我能效劳的,请千万别客气. 请客人等待1) I’m afraid that your room is not quite y yet. Would you mind waiting ,please?您要的房间恐怕还没有完全准备好您介意等一会儿吗?) We have very sorry the inconvenience.很抱歉给你带来不便5. 运送行李1) Let me help you with the luggage.请让我来帮您拿行李) How many pieces of luggage do you have?您一共有几件行李?3) Is that all your luggage?行李都齐了吗?) Is there anything valuable or breakable in your bag?您得袋子有什么贵重或易碎的物品吗?5) Would you mind taking this handbag with you?您介意自己拿着这个手袋吗?6) Just a minute, please. I’ll bring a trolleybaggage cart.请稍后我去推一辆行李车来7) Shall I out your suitcase here?我把您的旅行箱放在这里好吗? 70

Hundreds of South Africans pushed through police lines in a last-ditch bid to see Nelson Mandela lying in state in the capital Pretoria.They were hoping to be the last of some 50,000 people to pass through the Union Buildings on Friday, where the former presidents body has lain.南非前总统纳尔逊曼德拉遗体接受公众瞻仰已是最后一天,在瞻仰仪式临近结束之际,队列前面的南非民众按捺不住心情,他们争相推开警戒线,只求见曼德拉最后一面3日,约有5万民众陆续来到联合大厦瞻仰曼德拉遗容。Officials say at least 100,000 people have visited the venue over the past three days to pay their respects.南非官方称,过去3天瞻仰曼德拉遗容的民众至少有10万人。Mr Mandelas coffin was taken from the building shortly after doors closed. The coffin was escorted by a guard of honour to a waiting hearse as military helicopters circled over the city.瞻仰仪式结束后,曼德拉的灵柩在仪仗队护送下转运至灵车上。军用直升机在城市上空盘旋。The body will remain in Pretoria overnight, and there will be a ceremony at a local air force base on Saturday morning to allow members of the governing African National Congress to say a last farewell.接下来,曼德拉遗体还将在南非行政首都茨瓦内度过一晚4日早晨,当地空军基地将举行仪式,南非现任执政党非洲人国民大会成员作最后告别。The coffin will then be flown to the Eastern Cape ahead of the burial at Mr Mandelas ancestral home in Qunu on Sunday.之后,遗体将空运至曼德拉的故乡东开普省古努,于15日举行葬礼。The funeral will mark the end of a period of commemorations in South Africa since the 95-year-olds death on 5 December.葬礼标志着为期十天的曼德拉国葬的结束。Long queues ;The third day closed with over 50,000 paying their respects to our national icon and first democratically elected President of our country,; the South African government said in a statement.南非政府在一份声明中说:“第三天有超万民众向我们国家的标志和首位民选总统致敬。”Shortly before the lying in state came to an end, at 17:45 local time (15:45 GMT), hundreds of people towards the front of the queue pushed through in the hope to be one of the last through the door.在瞻仰仪式最后一刻当地时间下7:45,排在队列前的数百人推开警戒,不想错过最后的机会。One police officer told the reporters: ;There are too many people. The whole of the Republic of South Africa wants to say goodbye.;一名警察说:“人太多了,南非共和国所有人都想和曼德拉说再见。”Many people waited in the line for 11 hours for the chance to see Nelson Mandelas body.许多人排1个小时,只为能有机会最后见到曼德拉遗容。Some were angry more time had not been allowed for this ceremonial; others said even if they could not reach his coffin for a personal farewell it was enough simply to be there.有人为无法如愿而感到愤怒,也有人表示,虽然没有见到曼德拉遗容,但自己去了那里,这就够了。Mr Mandelas body could be seen through a glass screen, dressed in one of his trademark patterned shirts.曼德拉身穿标志性的金黑相间的马迪巴衬衫,平静地躺在覆盖着南非国旗的棺材中。公众可透过玻璃罩瞻仰。At each end of the casket stood two navy officers clad in white uniforms, with their swords pointing down.棺材两端各站着两名穿白色制的海军军官,手持宝剑,剑尖朝下。Lt-Gen Xolani Mabangu, from the defence force, said chief mourners among the Madiba clan and Mandela family, as well as senior government officials, would accompany the body as it travels from Pretoria to the Eastern Cape, the South African Press Association reports.据南非通讯社报道,南非一名国防军中将表示,曼德拉的遗体将在家人和官员的陪同下运送至东开普省。A military guard of honour will welcome the arrival in Mthatha, and the coffin will be placed on a gun carriage and transported to a hearse.军事仪仗队将在乌姆塔塔迎接曼德拉的遗体,灵柩会放在炮架上运抵灵车。Local people will form a human chain between Mthatha and Qunu as the procession passes. Once in Qunu, the Thembu community will conduct a traditional ceremony.仪仗队行进时,乌姆塔塔和努之间当地民众将排成“人链”送别曼德拉。到达古努后,腾布王朝部族将举行传统仪式。According to South Africas Times newspaper, it is not clear whether the Thembu monarch King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo will be attending the funeral.南非一家报纸称,尚不清楚腾布王朝国王达林岱波是否会出席葬礼。According to custom, he should play a central role in the rituals, it reports.依据习俗,他应该在仪式中扮演核心角色。But the king appears to be unhappy about some aspects of protocol and government ministers and Mandela family members have been meeting him to urgently convince him to be there, it says.国王似乎对礼仪的某些方面不满,南非政府官员和曼德拉家族成员已紧急与其见面磋商,说他到场。A national day of reconciliation will take place on 16 December when a statue of Mr Mandela will be unveiled at the Union Buildings.葬礼结束后,南非政府将于126日南非和解日在联合大厦前揭幕曼德拉的雕像。来 /201312/269259

Hong Kong and its neighboring Pearl River Delta-south Chinas industrial hub in Guangdong province-are moving toward tighter integration, aided by new transportation links and efforts by both sides to bolster stronger economic ties.得益于新建交通纽带以及双方加强经济联系的共同努力,香港与一衣带水、位于广东省的华南工业中心珠三角地区正在朝着更紧密融合的方向发展。For the former British colony, the push for tighter relations reflects the need to boost competitiveness and to better capture booming domestic demand in the worlds second-biggest economy. Meanwhile, markets in China, as with other parts of Asia, are racing to catch up to Hong Kongs well-established financial institutions and sound regulatory regimes.对曾经作为英国殖民地的香港而言,加强与内地关系反映出香港增强竞争力的需要以及更好地把握世界第二大经济体内需的需要。与此同时,与亚洲其它地区的市场一样,内地的市场也努力在经营有序的金融机构和完善的监管制度等方面迎头赶上。Proponents of greater integration say better linkages will allow the region to capitalize on Hong Kongs high-end financial services and Guangdongs manufacturing and services, to become a so-called megalopolis. ;We each have our own value that we can bring,; says Roy Chung, who heads the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.持加强融合的人士说,更紧密的联系将使这一地区从香港的高端金融务业和广东省的制造和务业获益,成为所谓的;特大城市;。香港工业总会(Federation of Hong Kong Industries)主席钟志平说,我们双方都有可以贡献的价值。On the eve of the 15th anniversary of the citys hand-over to China, Beijing is announcing a raft of policies to further bolster Hong Kongs role as a regional financing center and main offshore hub for its tightly controlled currency, the yuan. The measures are being presented as Chinese President Hu Jintao kicked off a three-day visit to the city on Friday, his first in five years, where he will preside over the swearing-in of incoming Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying.在香港回归中5周年前夕,北京方面宣布了一系列进一步提升香港作为地区金融中心及人民币主要离岸中心地位的政策。北京宣布这一系列政策的同时,中国国家主席胡锦涛上周五开始对香港进行为期三天的访问。这是他五年来首次访问香港。The Chinese government also is supporting the citys efforts to lead development of yuan-conversion and other core services as part of a pilot project in a coastal area of western Shenzhen, at the heart of the delta. The move could benefit Hong Kongs robust services industry, particularly in finance and banking, providing them with greater access to Chinese enterprises in southern China.中国政府还持香港牵头人民币兑换和其它核心务的发展,这是位于珠三角中心的深圳西部沿海地区的一个试点项目的一部分。此举有望给香港发达的务业带来好处,特别是金融和业,使其获得为华南中国企业提供务的更多渠道。Analysts warn that if Hong Kong doesnt do more to capitalize on Chinas growth and work more closely with its neighbors, the city risks getting left behind. Mr. Leung, the citys new chief executive, noted in his election platform that by some estimates, the citys economy will be ranked just seventh in China by 2015, eclipsed by second-tier cities such as Suzhou and Tianjin.分析人士警告说,如果香港不采取更多措施来利用内地的经济增长、不与内地更紧密地合作,香港可能会落后。香港新任特首梁振英曾在竞选政纲中指出,根据一些估计,2015年前香港经济在中国将只能排在第七位,被苏州和天津等二线城市超越。Massive infrastructure efforts are speeding the integration process, among them projects such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge that, when completed in 2016, will be the worlds longest seaport bridge, spanning 18 miles. Hong Kong also is being linked up to Chinas massive high-speed rail network.规模庞大的基础设施建设项目正在加快香港与内地的融合过程,其中包括港珠澳大桥。主体工程长度为18英里(约9公里)的港珠澳大016年竣工后,将成为世界上最长的跨海大桥。香港还将与内地庞大的高速铁路系统连接在一起。Still, some critics worry that Hong Kongs identity risks getting subsumed into the region. Many residents feel besieged by the waves of mainland Chinese who come to the city to shop, sight-see and buy property. In February, a group of residents paid for a full-page ad in newspapers calling such mainlanders ;locusts.; The move provoked widesp reaction, including criticisms among mainland Chinese bloggers that Hong Kong people dont regard themselves as Chinese.不过,也有一些批评人士担心,香港在身份认知方面可能会被归入这一地区。很多香港市民感觉被如潮水般赴港购物、观光和买房的内地人所包围。今月,一群香港市民在报纸上刊登了整版付费广告,称这类内地人为;蝗虫;。此举引发了强烈的反弹,内地客作者批评香港人认为自己不是中国人。Since Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1997, it has continued to operate with distinct political, legal and economic systems.997年香港回归中国以来,香港一直继续在自己独特的政治、法律和经济体系下运转;For the first few years [Chinese authorities] were very cautious not to touch Hong Kong too much,; said Pansy Yau, economist at the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.香港贸易发展局(Hong Kong Trade Development Council)经济师邱丽萍(Pansy Yau)说,香港回归后的最初几年,中国有关部门非常谨慎,没有触碰香港太多。But with a subsequent economic downturn, exacerbated by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS, outbreak in 2003, Beijing launched a number of policies to help the city, including looser restrictions for mainland Chinese visitors. Last year, some 28 million such visitors traveled to Hong Kong, a boon to the tourism industry and luxury retailers, with most of the tourists originating from prosperous, neighboring Guangdong.但此后随着香港经济陷入低迷、003年爆发的非典疫情(SARS)又使香港的经济困境变得更加严重,北京推出了一系列政策来帮助香港,其中包括放松对内地旅客进入香港的限制。去年到访香港的内地游客约有2,800万人次,这给香港的旅游业和奢侈品零售业带来了实惠。这些游客大都来自与香港毗邻的发达省份广东。It wasnt that long ago when Hong Kong, a city of seven million, was the only major financial and industrial center near southern China. While China was still closed to most of the world, Hong Kong flourished from the 1960s as a major trading center and manufacturing powerhouse, exporting consumer goods-ranging from electric fans to toys-to Western markets, including the U.S.曾几何时,拥00万人口的香港还是华南地区附近唯一的主要金融与工业中心。从20世纪60年代开始,在中国内地仍与世界多数地区不相往来的时候,香港作为重要贸易中心和制造业重镇已经繁荣起来,它向包括美国在内的西方市场出口电扇、玩具等消费产品。It was a common sight at the time for many Hong Kong residents, most of whom are immigrants from China, to carry cartloads of consumer goods and other daily necessities on trains back to their relatives in Guangdong, who were living under harsher conditions.当时的一个常见景象是很多香港居民(多为内地移民)乘坐火车北上,把大量消费产品和其他日用品带回给生活条件艰苦的广东亲戚。When China began implementing market reforms from the late 1970s, Hong Kong manufacturers were the earliest to move their factories over the border to Guangdong to capitalize on cheap and plentiful labor.当中国从70年代晚期开始实施市场化改革时,香港制造企业是第一批前往内地投资的外商,它们将其工厂迁至广东,利用那里廉价而丰富的劳动力获利。Though Hong Kong has long been seen mostly as a portal for companies entering mainland China, increasingly, capital has flowed in the other direction. Since 1993, mainland-related enterprises have raised more than 3.2 trillion Hong Kong dollars (US3 billion) in equity funds in Hong Kong.虽然香港一直以来主要被视为外国企业进入中国内地的一个门户,但香港现在已日益成为内地资金流向海外的门户993年以来,与内地有关的企业在香港通过发行股票共筹得超.2万亿港元(合4,130亿美元)的资金。Mr. Leung, who takes office Sunday, says Hong Kong needs to develop its relationship with mainland China, both economically as well as culturally. ;We are not tenants of a small island, we are one family,; he said shortly after winning office in March.周日就任香港特首的梁振英说,香港需要发展与内地之间的经济和文化关系。他今年3月份在胜选不久后说,;我们不是小岛的房客,我们是一家人;;We may have different backgrounds, but our next generation has a common future,; he said. Beijing has said that Hong Kongs independent political, legal and economic systems are guaranteed to last at least through 2047.他说;我们即使没有共同的背景,我们的下一代有共同的未;。北京表示,香港独立的政治、法律和经济制度至少将维持到2047年。来 /201207/188872

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