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Altruism(1), one of the most difficult human behaviors to define, can be detected in brain scans, U.S. researchers reported on Sunday.They found activity in a specific area of the brain could predict altruistic behavior -- and people's own reports of how selfish or giving they are."Although understanding the function of this brain region may not necessarily(2) identify what drives people like Mother Theresa, it may give clues(3) to the origins of important social behaviors like altruism," said Scott Huettel, a neuroscientist(4) at Duke University who led the study.They set up an experiment in which they put 45 college students into a functional magnetic(5) resonance(6) imaging scanner, which can take real-time images of brain activity.They gave the students various games to play, and told them that winning earned cash for either themselves or for a charity. The students had chosen the charities beforehand(7) from a list, the researchers report.The students reacted differently depending on whether they won for themselves or for charity with the ones who described themselves as altruistic responding more strongly."The game involved reacting as fast as one can to the appearance of a target; if one responds fast enough, then money was earned," Huettel said.The task was fairly simple, and the students did not give up any payments to themselves to give to the charities. But it cost enough effort that Huettel believes it did represent altruistic intent."Conversely, trying to watch people in their daily lives would make data collection nearly impossible. So, we settled on(8) self-reports as a good, albeit(9) imperfect, measure."Huettel believes it is valid(10) to try to assess altruism scientifically."It is hardly the case that all altruistic acts come from people who are religiously faithful; there are undoubtedly many altruistic atheists(11)," He said."And, a religious explanation would have considerable(12) difficulty explaining why some animals help others of their species at significant cost or danger to themselves."Next his team hopes to test children, and find out how and when altruism develops. 周日,美国研究人员称,最难解释的人类行为之一—利他主义可以通过脑部扫描探测。他们发现脑部一块特殊区域的活动能预示利他主义行为—身体自己汇报自私度或者利他度。本研究组长、杜克大学神经学家Scott Huettel说:“尽管对这部分脑功能的认识还无法解释到底是什么可以让人们像德兰修女一样,但却能让我们更加靠近诸如利他主义这样的重要社会行为的根源。”研究人员将45位大学生送入能够实时记录脑部活动的功能磁共振成像扫描仪。他们让学生们玩不同的游戏,并每次让他们选择赢的钱是留给自己还是捐献福利机构。游戏开始前学生们可以从列表上选择受捐赠的福利机构。选择不同受益者,游戏结果大大不同,同时自称是利他主义者的学生的反应更为强烈。Huettel说:“其中一个游戏是让学生目击突然出现的目标,如果反应够快就能赢钱。”任务都很简单,学生们在此过程中不会有任何金钱损失。但是Huettel认为学生付出的努力足可以代表他们的利他意图。“相反地,通过观察人们的日常生活搜集数据几乎是不可能的。所以,我们认为自我汇报是一种虽然不完美,但还不错的方法。”Huettel认为这是评估利他主义的科学有效途径。他说:“并非所有的利他行为都来自有宗教信仰的人;毫无疑问太多无神论者同样是利他主义者。”“而且,宗教无法解释为什么有些动物会付出很大代价、冒很大风险帮助同类。”下一步,他的团队希望测试儿童,试图发现利他主义行为是从何时、如何发展的。 /200805/39176青岛诺德医院做整形美容多少钱The error-reporting service built into the Windows operating system is a massive global network for speaking truth to power. Be you a lowly clerk of accounts or a mighty captain of industry, when a Windows program crashes, you'll see a pop-up with an offer to 'tell Microsoft about this problem.'Windows操作系统自带的错误报告机制 成了一个庞大的全球性实情汇报 络。不管你是名不见经传的会计师还是呼风唤雨的行业泰斗,每当一个Windows程序无法正常运行时,电脑都会一视同仁地蹦出一条提示:请向微软(Microsoft)汇报此错误。Enough people around the world choose to do so that on the busiest days, 50 gigabytes of data from these error reports stream into Microsoft. Two dozen programmers are charged with monitoring them. The stories they tell of good computer programs going bad are full of the stuff of opera: pride and sloth, with lots of chaos theory and complexity thrown in.全世界有不少用户选择了把问题汇报给微软,于是最繁忙的时候会有多达50G的错误报告数 从世界各个角落流向微软。微软有二三十名程序员专门负责处理这些信息。这些数 反映出的程序毛病真是无奇不有,充满戏剧色:傲慢和怠惰中掺杂着混沌理论和 杂化。Errors come in two sorts. Kernel errors happen in the inner sanctum of the operating system, which lets in only essential programs -- drivers and the like -- and then gives them free rein. But if, say, a printer driver suddenly erases the kernel code needed to access the disk drive, the operating system will have part of its brain cut out. The result is the 'blue screen of death' in Windows and Mac, or a 'panic' in Unix.这些错误主要有两类。核心错误发生在操作系统内部,这些部分只允许像驱动程序这样的关键程序访问,并给予这些程序运作的自由。但是,比如一个打印机驱动程序突然把接磁盘驱动所需的核心代码删除掉,操作系统就会出现部分停顿。结果,Windows和Mac电脑会出现显示死机的蓝屏,Unix电脑则会表现为黑屏。The applications we use don't have the same all-access backstage passes as kernel programs. When they crash, the system itself usually stays up. Microsoft lists a dozen reasons for application crashes; my favorite is the absence of 'defensive programming.' Coders, just like freeway drivers, shouldn't assume other people are doing their jobs correctly. If you ask for two bytes of data, count the bytes when they're handed back.我们平常使用的应用程序不像核心程序那样能自由进入电脑的深层。当这些应用程序崩溃时,操作系统本身一般还是运作正常的。微软罗列了十多个应用程序崩溃的可能原因,我最认同的一项是缺乏“防御性编程”,程序编写员就像是高速公路上的驾驶员,他们不能想当然地认为其他人都能把自己的工作做好。如果你要求得到两个字节的数 ,那么当它们被交回来的时候就要数一数字节数。Microsoft folks like Trevor Kurtz, who heads one of the error-checking teams, are proud of their work: how scrupulous they are about respecting user privacy; how freely they share the aggregated data with outside software developers.正如负责一个错误核查小组的特雷福#8226;库尔茨(Trevor Kurtz)那样,微软人为自己的工作感到骄傲:他们小心翼翼地保护用户的隐私信息,但同时又随意地把收集到的数 跟外部的软件开发商共享。Some things they won't tell you, though: which programs from Microsoft or others crash the most; who is at fault, Windows or the program.有些事情他们是不会告诉你的:微软的哪个软件或哪个公司设计的软件最容易崩溃;问题到底出在谁身上,是Windows还是那个应用程序。The Microsoft nominations from my household include Internet Explorer, which regularly stalls, and Windows Explorer, which on full drives can't properly execute the keyboard shortcut for opening all folders and subfolders.从我在家使用电脑的情况看,经常出问题的微软程序包括IE浏览器和Windows资源管理器,前者间或变得缓慢迟钝,而后者在机器同时执行好几项任务时没办法正常按照用键盘快捷键输入的指令打开所有的文件夹和次级文件夹。It's far from all bad, though. Word and Excel seem like Gibraltar, and months now go by in-between blue screens.但这远不是最糟糕的。Word和Excel似乎冥顽不灵,几个月以来一直不停地出现蓝屏。The experience of dealing with a software bug can involve an emotional journey that starts with helpless blind rage and ends with, if not a Kubler-Ross style of acceptance, then at least a little empathy.面对程序崩溃,我们往往要经历一个情绪变化的过程,先是束手无策的暴怒,最后,即使不是库伯勒-罗斯模型中(Kubler-Ross)的无奈接受,至少也表示出一点理解。 /200803/32943山东省青岛东营激光祛斑最好的医院The swimsuit posed (提出,摆姿势)on the T stage for the first time in 1946 at a time when the ed States did an atomic bomb experiment on the Bikini Island. From then on this type of female mini-swimsuit divided into two portions that had the same blast force with atomic bomb won another name: Bikini. A reporter interviewed the mayor of Paris at that time, the mayor commented artfully(巧妙,狡猾) :; There seems no lack of cloth in Paris.;1946年泳装第一次在 T 型台亮相,时值美国在比基尼岛进行原子弹试验,这种具有同样冲击力的装从此 就有了另一个名字:比基尼。对于这一分成两部分的超小女子泳装,记者采访了当时 的巴黎市市长,市长说:“我们巴黎并不缺布吧。”青岛诺德医院脱毛好吗

青医附院激光去斑多少钱青岛割眼袋哪家好Hey! It's going to be Mother's day again. Have you planned something good for your Mama? If not, try even one of these tips.Make Your Mama ProudWhat special talents do you have? Maybe this is the right time to show it to her. She would be very proud and surprised if she'd realized that you have something that she doesn't expect.What's Her Favorite?Most teens don't what their mama's favorite. You do? Then, what are you waiting for buy her some of her favorite stuff and put a little twist on it. Make it more special.The best time to give her that is while she is sleeping at night. Put it on the drawer next to her so that when she wakes up she'll be surprised to see it. And, maybe, a little tear may fall down from her cheeks.The MemoriesOur mothers have special memories in mind. Those are the times that they gave birth to their healthy baby. How about you? What's your best moment with her? Maybe you can tell her about the time she got mad at you because you did something that you thought is right but since that day forward you realized your mistakes. Or, you can tell her how happy you are when she was there during your painful days in your life.Be HerWhat does she look like if she is so exhausted and angry and tired? What does she do for your family? This is the right time to show her the things that she usually does at home. Try to imitate her voice when she is angry. Make your face as if you are her when she is mad.Treat a QueenYour house is a palace with a king and queen (it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor). Our mother is the real queen in our life and in our family though her duties make her look like she is not. Give the lady a day off by being a servant to her.Make-Over BeautyBecause of stress and the problems that she is facing right now, especially in the family, admit it! She doesn't look great anymore. Most mothers are not into trends anymore because their focusing on us.Perhaps you could take some of your savings to treat her in a salon or the department store. Then, choose nice clothes that would make her look GLAMOROUS!Have Some of Your TimeIt's the cheapest but a meaningful way. Most of us are busy from our work, friends, boy/girl friends, school. We stay home late and after several hours, we go out again.Have you ever had a meaningful time with your mother where you don't think or talk about problems and arguments? Have you ever tell her how much you thank her from the life she gave to you, the time she took care of you, and for every suffering she'd felt for you? Have you ever tell her that you love her?Life is short. We don't know what will happen tomorrow nor today. Those three words can make her heart jump for joy, you know? Just tell her amp;;I love you!amp;; and it would make her smile so sweetly. Just try! We don't wanna miss a thing, right? 让妈妈为之自豪你有什么特长或才能?可能这是向她展示的好时机。如果她意识到你有出人意料的才能,她会感到十分自豪和惊喜。她最喜欢什么?大多数青少年都不知道妈妈喜欢什么,你知道吗?那么你还等什么,给她买样心仪的礼物,然后自己包装一下,看上去会特别有心意。送出礼物的最好时间,是她晚上睡着的时候。放在她身边的抽屉里,这样当她醒来就能惊喜地发现它。或许,她会感动得热泪盈眶。回忆我们的母亲心里总有特别的回忆。那就是孩子健康出生的那一刻。那你呢?什么时候是你和妈妈之间的难忘一刻?可能你会告诉她你犯错她发火的时候,因为你觉得自己做得没错,事后才发现自己犯错了。或者你告诉她你伤心的时候她陪在身边,让你感到多么幸福。模仿她当妈妈筋疲力竭或者火冒三丈的时候,她看上去是怎样?她为家庭付出些什么?是时候让她知道她在家中通常都做些什么。试试模仿她生气的声音。模仿她发怒的表情。当作“皇后”无论贫穷还是富有,每个家里都有一个国王,一个皇后。母亲是这个家也是生活中真正的皇后,即便她的母亲之责让她看起来不怎么像。那就放她一天假,把她当皇后侍吧。重塑美貌压力过大,她正变得不再美丽,尤其在家里,不得不承认这个问题。她看上去不如从前漂亮了。大多数母亲都只管照顾我们不再打扮时髦。我们或许可以拿出一部分积蓄,请她去美容沙龙或者去百货公司购物。为她挑件漂亮的衣,让她看起来光照人!花些时间陪伴这个方法最省钱,也最有意义。我们中大多数人都忙于工作学习,朋友聚会,或者谈恋爱。就算在家,也就待几个小时,然后又出门了。你有没有好好陪陪母亲,不再想着或者谈论问题和争执?你有没有告诉过她,你感激她赋予你生命,花时间照顾你,为你受尽苦痛?你有没有告诉过她,你爱她?生命短暂,时光匆匆,我们无法预知明天发生什么。知道吗?简单的三个字就能让她心花怒放?告诉她,“我爱你!”她听了一定会喜笑颜开。试试吧!我们不想错过这一切,难道不是吗? /200805/39774The weekend’s here and you’re thinking about your plans. Here are 20 fun things to do this weekend. This list has ideas for everyone, from the outdoorsy types to the city slickers. Perhaps you have a new date, or you want to do something with the family. Whatever the case may be, you have lots of great activities from which to choose.又到周末了干什么好呢?下面就为你列出20件周末可以做的事。其中既有户外型的,又有适合都市人的;不论你是约会,还是欢度家庭时光,都能从中发现不错的活动建议哦。1. Take a Walk Around the Lake湖畔漫步Find a lake with a walking path and bring your partner or your canine companion. Enjoy the views, get some exercise and feed the ducks. Then, stop for some iced tea at the lakeside restaurant.跟伴侣或爱犬去湖畔散散步,欣赏风景、伸展胳膊、喂喂鸭子,然后再在湖边小店喝杯冰茶。2. Go On a Hike去远足Many areas have hikes of varying lengths within city limits or a few miles outside of the city itself. You can choose shorter, more level hikes or head to the mountains and make it an all-day affair. Don’t forget good shoes, water, sunblock, and a hat.许多城市边缘或离市区几英里的位置都有远足的地方。你可以选择短程但刺激的远足,或花一天时间去登山。当然,别忘了准备好鞋子、水、防晒霜和帽子。3. Go On a Bike Ride骑游Rent a bike from the local bike shop or ride your own. Map out a route and calculate the distance using a bicycling app on your smartphone. Take extra water and don’t forget to wear a helmet. This can be a fun activity for kids, too.在本地车店租一辆或干脆跨上自己的车去骑游。先标好路程并算好距离,在手机里设置好骑行导航软件。多带点水,别忘了戴上头盔。这项活动也很适合小孩子哦。4. Start a Fun, New Weekend Craft做有趣的手工活You know that old dresser in your room that you’ve been wanting to spruce up? Get some sandpaper, wood stain and polyurethane and turn that dresser into a beautiful piece of furniture.是不是一直想重新装饰房间里那张旧梳妆台?那就准备好砂纸、涂料和油漆,开始行动,把它粉饰得漂漂亮亮吧!5. Go to a Wine Tasting参加品酒会Head to a local wine bar and sample some of their finest offerings. Or, take it a step further and head to the local winery and sample their wines while walking in the vineyards.到附近酒吧喝两杯最好的酒酿,或者走远一点去本地酿酒厂,一边漫步葡萄园,一边品尝葡萄酒吧。6. Attend an Art Opening参观画展Check out a local or national artist and head to your favorite gallery. Drink some wine, eat a little cheese and hors d’oeuvres while walking around admiring and discussing beautiful works of art.去看看本地或国家艺术家画展。你可以一边就着奶酪与小菜品酒,一边欣赏并探讨精湛的艺术作品。7. Visit the Museum参观物馆Museums often have openings when they receive new collections. Attend a class, have your child go to camp, or browse the retail shop for gifts and clothing.物馆每次纳入新藏品都会设有开放日。学习课程,跟孩子去露营,或到零售店选几样礼物和衣。8. Go On a Picnic野餐Find a local park or recreation area and bring food and games for a day of fun. Play Frisbee, horseshoes, volleyball, soccer, or take a short hike. You might be able to swim or fish, rent a paddle boat, or find a comfortable spot to a book.带上食物,到当地公园或休闲区痛快玩一天。飞盘、马蹄铁、排球、足球或短途远足,随你玩。或许你也愿意尝试游泳、钓鱼、划船或躲在舒的角落看书。9. Go to a Karaoke BarK歌Sing to your favorite songs while enjoying the company of good friends. Order food, have a beverage and make a night of it.跟好朋友去KTV唱唱喜欢的歌,同时享用美味的食物和饮料,度过一个开心的夜晚。10. Read a Book then See the Movie读书看电影When you a good book, chances are it’s turned into a movie. Books like Harry Potter and The Help are recent popular favorites.当你读到一本好书时,很可能发现它也有同名电影。像《哈利波特》和《相助》就很受欢迎。11. Go To a Tea House去茶馆坐坐Change it up a bit and instead of going for the coffeehouse, look for the tea house. You can sample different teas, try tea in loose leaf form or try out unusual herbal blends from all over the world.与其去咖啡馆,不如改去茶馆吧。在茶馆,你可以品尝各种各样的茶,比如飘逸的叶茶,或来自异域的混合花草茶。12. Listen to Music at a Local Pub去本地酒吧听音乐Many bars and pubs feature local and regional artists throughout the week. Listen to a band you’ve never heard before. You never know. They just might become the next big thing, and you can say you saw them first.许多酒吧在周末会有当地艺术家驻场。尝试听听不知名的乐队演奏,说不定这些乐队哪天会大红大紫,而你还是一早就知道他们的呢!13. Run a 5K5千米长跑Running in a 5K is a great way to get in shape. Often, you can participate for charity or just for fun. Either way, recruit your friends or have them cheer you on. There are even 5K’s that are kid-friendly.5千米长跑对保持体形很有帮助。你可以加入慈善机构组织的长跑活动,或自己跑着玩儿。还有,别忘了让朋友给你加油鼓劲。另外,有些长跑运动甚至也适合小孩呢。14. Go On an Art Walk享受一场艺术之旅If there is an arts district in your area, you can visit lots of artist studios and see them in action. Arts districts often have once-monthly art walks where you can talk to artists, and purchase artwork right from their studios.如果当地有艺术区,何不去艺术家工作室了解他们的工作呢?艺术区通常每月都会举办活动,你可以近距离对话艺术家,还能直接从工作室购买艺术品。15. Visit the Animal Shelter and Walk a Dog拜访动物收容所,帮忙遛。No need to adopt (unless you want to). Visit your local shelter and let a canine friend get a little exercise and fresh air by taking him on a walk. It’s not only good for the dog, it’s good for you, too.你不一定非得领养动物(除非你愿意),但可以去动物收容所照顾宠物朋友,带着到处溜溜,呼吸一点新鲜空气。这不仅帮助了,也会让你有所收获。16. Go Consignment Shopping在寄售店购物If you haven’t tried this, you’re missing out. You can find real treasures at consignment shops. Items are often new, if not gently used. You can also score nice clothes or shoes for a fraction of their original cost.要是你从没尝试过这个,那可太遗憾了。在寄售店,你或许能找到货真价实的宝贝。这里的物品都比较新,你能淘到既物美又价廉的好东西。17. Shop Garage Sales商店库存促销时扫货Check your local listings and set up a route to hit a lot of garage sales in one day. This is a great opportunity to find furniture, household items and stylish clothes at incredible prices.先看看哪些商家有促销活动,定好路线攻略,然后就集中扫货去吧。促销时能买到不少便宜的家具、家用物件或漂亮衣。18. Head to the Farmer’s Market参观农场Meet local farmers and see where your food comes from. Many markets have music, local honey, baked goods, whimsical gifts, and a great opportunity to meet new people.去本地农场了解各种农作物。许多农贸市场都有音乐、自酿蜂蜜、烘焙食品以及不错的礼品,而且,你还能在那里结识新朋友。19. Attend a Poetry Reading at the Local Bookstore参加本地书店的读诗会Bookstores often have poetry ings; you can participate, too! Not only that, they might have local authors an excerpt from their most recent novel. Grab some coffee, find a comfy chair, and prepare for a night of literary fun!书店一般都有读诗会,而且向所有人开放。不仅如此,或许你还能碰上本地作家朗读自己的近作片段呢。捧一杯咖啡,蜷在舒的椅子里,经历一场曼妙的文学之旅吧!20. Go see a Play at the Local College去本地大学看场戏剧Students and professional actors alike put on theatrical performances throughout the year. Catch a matinee or bring a blanket and watch the sunset showing of Romeo and Juliet.学生和专业演员同样热衷于演戏。你可以趁午场或晚场时(别忘了带毯子)去看看《罗密欧与朱丽叶》。Have Fun!好好玩一玩吧!With this list of ideas, you’re sure to have plenty to do for a weekend of spontaneity, fun, and relaxation. You might learn a few things, see a play you’ve never seen, but you definitely won’t be bored.可做的事情这么多,相信你的周末肯定会过得轻松又开心。而且说不定你还能学到新东西,比如看一场好玩的话剧,总之你肯定不会无聊的。 /201307/246294莱芜人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱城阳区妇幼保健医院做双眼皮手术多少钱

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