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黄岛开发区妇女医院整形美容青岛永久脱毛哪家效果好The world’s biggest mass migration has hitched a ride on the sharing economy, with hundreds of thousands of Chinese turning to carpooling for their annual pilgrimage home for the lunar new year.全球规模最大的人口大迁徙搭上了共享经济的便车,数十万中国人在一年一度的春节回家过年的旅途中转向拼车务。The holiday season, which kicks off on Monday, will see mass criss-crossing across the country and bottlenecks at stations and on the roads, as tens of millions of migrants return back home from the cities for a fortnight of family.在本周日开始的春节假期期间,全国各地将出现大规模人口迁移,车站和道路将人满为患,数千万务工人员将从城市回到家乡与家人共度春节。Yan Chao, a 25-year-old mobile app developer, is one of the 300,000 travellers in the last week of January who opted to forgo these hardships and instead hitch a lift using one of the new and increasingly popular on-demand carpooling services.25岁的移动软件开发员严超(音译)是1月最后一周30万拼车大军中的一员,他们选择放弃旅途辛苦,利用日趋流行的新的汽车拼车务搭便车。As growth slows, state initiatives such as Premier Li Keqiang’s “Internet Plus” strategy are making an accelerated push to fill the cracks in China’s creaking old economy using big data and mobile internet to tackle longstanding problems such as traffic congestion.随着经济增速放缓,中国总理李克强提出的“互联网+”战略等政府举措正加紧努力,利用大数据和移动互联网填补中国岌岌可危的老经济的裂缝,解决交通拥堵等长期问题。But progress is slowed by an inherent fear of new technologies being too disruptive and, as local governments and their taxi fleets are fighting hard for the status quo, many new initiatives stay semi-illegal until they prove sufficiently useful.但出于对新技术破坏性太强的固有担心,这方面进展缓慢,地方政府及其出租车公司正奋力维持现状,很多新的举措处于半非法状态——直到它们被明足够有用。Chinese new year lift-sharing was given the green light by the authorities two weeks ago when deputy minister Wang Shuiping said the transport ministry “encouraged” carpooling services so long as they were free.两周前,中国政府批准了春节拼车务,当时交通部运输务司副司长王水平表示,只要不以盈利为目的,交通部“鼓励”拼车务。“Obviously public transport is falling short,” said Sun Liang, a spokesperson for Didi Kuaidi, China’s homegrown Uber equivalent, which operates the carpooling platform Didi Hitch and calculated the number. It predicts 1m journeys by the end of the holiday.中国版“优步”(Uber)、打车应用滴滴快的(Didi Kuaidi)发言人孙亮(音译)表示:“公共交通显然运力不够。”该公司经营拼车平台滴滴顺风车(Didi Hitch),并对拼车数据进行了计算。该公司预测,到春节假期结束,将有100万单拼车行程。“Six million people standing for sometimes 40-hour train rides... our dense driver network, we thought we could help people share their resources.”“600万人有时要站着搭乘40个小时的火车……凭借我们密集的私家车主网络,我们认为,我们能够帮助人们共享资源。”That chimed with Yan Chao. “Using Didi Hitch was about the same price, and it is much more convenient and comfortable,” he said.这与严超产生了共鸣。他表示:“利用滴滴顺风车价格与公共交通一样,但方便得多,也舒适得多。”Because of its established driver network, Didi Kuaidi’s service, which is currently free of charge, is among the most trusted options, as it comes with insurance and a code of conduct for drivers.借助现有的车主网络,滴滴快的顺风车务(目前不收取任何费用)是最受信赖的出行选择之一,公司还为车主和乘客提供了保险,并对车主实行行为准则。The platform was launched last June as a short-range commuter sharing service that Didi hoped would relieve the “pain point” of China’s nightmare rush hours and help the environment.滴滴顺风车于去年6月推出,滴滴希望这种短程通勤拼车务将缓解中国交通高峰的“痛点”并有利于环境。But it is not all altruistic: non-profit services such as these help Didi Kuaidi keep customers and the authorities onside — something Uber’s various travails around the world have shown to be a valuable commodity.但这并非完全无私:这类非盈利务帮助滴滴快的争取到客户和政府的持,优步在全球的各种遭遇表明这种持非常宝贵。The transport ministry’s Mr Wang injected a note of caution, saying he “hopes both sides clarify their interests [before setting off] to avoid unnecessary conflict”.中国交通部的王水平提出了告诫,他表示他“希望双方(在出行前)明晰权益,以避免不必要的纠纷”。Yan Chao, meanwhile, laughs off worries of being cheated on the road. “I spoke with [the driver] many times, and confirmed details — including that he would be bringing his dog in the car,” he said. “It’s not a big issue.”与此同时,严超对于在路上被骗的担忧一笑置之。“我与(车主)交谈过很多次,实了一些细节,包括他会把他的带上车,”他说道,“这不是个大问题。” /201602/426175青岛破尿酸价位 US Memories Inc may sound like a greeting-card company. In fact, it was the name for a proposed industry-wide joint venture to keep the US in the memory chip business at the end of the 1980s, as the sector reeled from a Japanese corporate onslaught.美国记忆公司(US Memories Inc)听起来可能像一家贺卡公司。实际上,这是上世纪80年代末为保持美国在芯片业中的地位,拟成立的全行业合资公司的名字,当时美国芯片业在日本公司的冲击下茫然失措。US Memories is a forgotten footnote in the technology history books. The attempt at collective action failed when some of the backers got cold feet. Instead, the fight back, when it came, took a far more American form: an entrepreneurial start-up from the unlikely location of Boise, Idaho, called Micron Technology.美国记忆公司在科技史书籍上是一个被遗忘的注脚。当一些持者临阵退缩的时候,集体努力失败了。实际上,最终发起的反击采取了更为美国的形式:一家名为美光科技(Micron Technology)的创业企业,公司所在地令人意外地位于爱达荷州伊西。Now the US faces another challenge from Asia in the chips that act as one of the most basic components of the digital world. News this month that Tsinghua Unicom, an offshoot of Beijing’s Tsinghua University, has been weighing up an offer for Micron has provoked a predictable ripple of nationalist angst. When kites like this are flown in public, it is often to find out what the reaction to a formal offer would be. On cue, Republican senator John McCain worried publicly about the “potential national security implications” if the US lost a significant position in memory chips. That Tsinghua is a Chinese state-owned company was among the factors weighing on the his mind.现在,美国在芯片业面临亚洲的又一次挑战——芯片是数字世界中最基本的部件之一。本月有消息称,清华大学(Tsinghua University)旗下清华紫光(Tsinghua Unigroup)一直在考虑对美光科技发起收购要约,这激起了意料之中的民族主义愤怒。当此类消息被公诸于众,人们往往可以发现,对正式收购要约的反应将是什么。就在这个时候,共和党参议员约翰麦凯恩(John McCain)公开表示担忧:如果美国丧失记忆芯片行业中的重要地位,“可能对国家安全造成什么影响”。清华紫光是一家中国国有公司,这正是他担忧的因素之一。Much has changed in the chip world over the past quarter century — but some things have not, in either politics or technology. Memory chips still occupy the same paradoxical place in the tech universe: though low margin commodity products in a market subject to vicious cyclical swings, they demand advanced design and manufacturing techniques and huge capital investment. They are also key components in military systems — the reason that many analysts believe the US is extremely unlikely to approve a formal takeover offer, should it materialise.在过去25年里,芯片世界已经发生了很大的变化——但一些事情并未改变,无论是政治还是科技方面。记忆芯片在科技领域仍处于和以前一样矛盾的处境:尽管记忆芯片是低利润率产品,所处市场容易受到恶性周期性波动的影响,但它们要求有先进的设计和制造技术,以及巨额的资本投资。它们也是军事系统中的关键部件,正因为此,许多分析师相信,如果清华紫光正式发出收购要约,美国极不可能批准。One thing that has changed since the 1980s is the global ambition of China’s tech industry. Given its massive share of global electronics manufacturing, building a position in silicon — the key component in most systems — has become a national priority. Some 41 per cent of Micron’s sales are to Chinese manufacturers. China’s attempt to consolidate its position as the world’s electronics manufacturing hub relies, in the long term, on being able to establish a domestic chip industry.自上世纪80年代以来,发生了一个变化:中国科技业的全球抱负。鉴于中国在全球电子制造业中的巨大份额,在硅领域占据一席之地已成为一项国家首要任务——硅是多数系统中的关键材料。美光约41%的销售额来自中国制造商。长期而言,中国巩固其全球电子制造中心地位的努力,取决于能否建立本国的芯片产业。Up to now, the efforts have failed dismally. But Tsinghua’s tentative takeover approach seems to point to a change in strategy that could have implications for China’s involvement in global tech markets far beyond chips.迄今为止,这些努力都遭遇了惨淡的失败。但清华紫光的试探性收购举措似乎表明中国策略发生了改变,这可能对中国涉足远不止芯片业的全球科技市场具有重要意义。Chinese companies have often stood accused internationally of copying technology. So joining the free-market takeover game and paying a fair price to acquire the strategic technology of a company like Micron would mark a welcome turn of events, says Mark Anderson, a US tech analyst who has criticised China’s approach to intellectual property. The slow progress made by China’s existing chip industry may explain the boldness of Tsinghua’s move. Shanghai-based semiconductor maker SMIC has represented the most visible attempt at creating a national champion. But it lost a high-profile intellectual property case brought by Taiwan’s TSMC. Nor has licensing technology from US competitors succeeded. Nearly a decade ago, SMIC was granted a licence to IBM’s 45 nanometre chipmaking technology — aly, at the time, a technology that was getting long in the tooth.中国企业在国际上常常遭遇抄袭别国技术的指责。曾批评过中国在知识产权方面做法的美国科技分析师马克褠德森(Mark Anderson)称,因此,中国加入自由市场收购大战,并为获得美光之类公司的战略性技术付合理的价钱,标志着一种受欢迎的转向。中国现有芯片产业的缓慢发展或许可以解释清华紫光此举的胆略。位于上海的半导体制造商中芯国际(SMIC)为打造全国行业领军企业做出了最明显的努力。但中芯国际在台湾芯片制造商台积电(TSMC)提起的一起引人关注的知识产权诉讼中败诉。从美国竞争对手那里获得技术许可也未能带来成功。将近10年前,中芯国际从IBM获得了45纳米芯片制造技术许可,但该技术在当时已现老态。China’s ability to access more cutting-edge technology may be growing. IBM, for instance, has changed its business model in China when it comes to high-end servers: rather than trying to sell machines based on its Power chip technology, it is now offering to license the technology to Chinese manufacturers. But a full-blown acquisition of a significant international player like Micron would represent a far more ambitious expansion of China’s chip sector. Micron is currently worth almost bn, making it a significant bite even by the standards of the takeover wave that has swept through the chip industry this year.中国获得更尖端技术的能力可能正在增强。例如,IBM在高端务器领域已经改变了在中国的商业模式:现在,它为中国制造商提供技术许可,而非试图销售基于其Power芯片技术的机器。但是,全面收购类似美光这样的国际芯片巨头,代表着中国芯片行业更加雄心勃勃的扩张。美光当前的市值接近200亿美元,即使按照今年席卷芯片行业的收购潮的标准,这也是一个难以吞下的大块头。Running a far-flung operation like Micron also would be a significant challenge for a company without a record in global business. Micron’s main facilities are in the US, Singapore and to a lesser degree Japan. Effective management of international businesses like this is a major challenge for Chinese companies looking to move overseas, says Joel Backaler, a business consultant and expert on Chinese international investment.管理像美光这样业务广泛的企业,对于一家没有全球业务经验的企业来说也将是一个艰巨的挑战。美光主要的生产基地位于美国和新加坡,在日本也有一少部分。商业顾问、中国国际投资领域专家周乐达(Joel Backaler)说,有效地管理此类国际企业对于期待走向海外的中国企业来说是一个巨大挑战。Given the likely resistance from Washington, a Tsinghua acquisition of Micron looks a stretch. But it could be the first sign that a new phase of Chinese tech expansionism is about to begin.考虑到可能遭到来自华盛顿的抵制,清华紫光收购美光看起来希望渺茫。但这可能是中国科技扩张即将进入新阶段的首个标志。 /201507/388810在青岛去颈纹哪里疗效好

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青岛减肥哪里好The co-founder of the famous Swatch watch says the Apple Watch could result in big losses for Swiss watchmakers. “Apple will succeed quickly,” Elmar Mock told Bloomberg. “It will put a lot of pressure on the traditional watch industry and jobs in Switzerland.”著名的斯沃琪手表的联合创始人艾尔玛o默克说,Apple Watch可能将导致瑞士钟表制造商遭受重创。他对彭社表示:“苹果公司很快就会取得成功,这将给瑞士的传统制表业带来巨大压力。”Mock said he believes the Apple could sell 20 million to 30 million Apple Watch units yearly. All told, Switzerland exported 28.6 million watches last year, according to Bloomberg. “Anything in the price range of 500 francs to 1,000 francs is really in danger,” Mock said. “I do expect an Ice Age coming toward us.”莫克表示,他认为苹果公司每年可以卖出2,000万至3,000万只Apple Watch。据彭社统计,去年瑞士腕表出口总量为2,860万只。默克称:“价格在500至1,000瑞士法郎的产品都将面临危险。我似乎看到一座冰山正迎面袭来。”The Apple Watch ranges in price from 9 for entry-level models to ,000 for the most expensive luxury version, Apple announced Monday. The Apple Watchwill begin shipping on April 24, with a preview and presale period starting April 10. Despite Mock’s estimates, it’s still unclear how many Apple Watch units the company will actually sell. Analysts’ guesses are ranging from 8 million on the low end to 41 million on the high end, with the sp owing to a lack of data about the still-embryonic smartwatch market.苹果公司在周一宣布,Apple Watch基本款的价格为349美元,最高档的版本售价为17,000美元。Apple Watch将于4月24日开卖,预售期从4月10日开始。尽管默克给出了这样的预测,但目前外界并不确定苹果公司将出售多少Apple Watch。分析师猜测Apple Watch的销量将达到800万至4,100万,之所以有如此大的差距,是因为目前处在萌芽状态的智能表市场并没有太多数据可供参考。Swatch, a Swiss company, was founded in 1983 and later gained worldwide recognition for its sometimes outlandish, highly colorful designs.瑞士腕表公司斯沃琪成立于1983年,之后凭借色丰富的奇特设计在全球腕表市场占据一席之地。 /201503/364396 青岛崂山区吸脂多少钱在青岛市城阳人民医院网上预约挂号



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