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2019年10月18日 22:12:28 | 作者:健常识 | 来源:新华社
栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。201601/423292Turn Shape 转弯成型So last time we were looking at trying to cut open string at that snow plough wedge and completing a turn and parallel position.上次我们着重尝试了犁式,完成转弯以及平行式。You gonna find that much more comfortable on the legs and whole experience more enjoyable.你将发现腿部会更放松,过程也更为享受。This time we look at three things:control issues,and looking at the shape of turn to make lift easier,这一次我们着重学习以下三个技能:控制,注意观察转弯的形状使整个动作更为轻松,and then to use the ski and edge to feel a bit more beaten in contol,然后用雪板和板刃感受控制力的逐渐变化,and finally line chioce.最后选择雪道。Now we are looking at ski around the mountain,make it easy for yourself and looking ahead.现在我们开始从山上滑雪,保自己身体放轻松向前看。The first we gonna look at is the shape of your turns,首先,我们将注意转弯的弧线。very simply if you look back at the tracks youve left,you wanna be seeing a smooth ;s; shape and not this ;z; shape.很简单的,向后看看滑雪留下的痕迹,很平滑的S型,而非生硬的Z型痕迹。The challenges are if you feeling hard to control your speed,整个过程较为困难的就是控制滑雪速度有些困难,you chock in this skis around the corner,and then running off in a straight line towards the next one,如果这样的话,就在滑雪转弯处停下来,然后开始下一段之前滑一段直线,and then doing that same movement.We wanna a place that with a nice smooth gradual ;s;.再继续这一动作。我们要画出一个平滑的S型。If you watch here:the turn is rushed.如果你看到了这里,那么这个转弯就有些急。Im doing the whole turn in one very fast erratic movement ,我以一种迅速不稳定的方式完成了整个转弯,then I pick up speed between my turns.在转弯之间加速。What we want to achive is a round link turn,which keeps my speed constant and in control.我们想要的是一个连接处平滑的转弯,这样可以 保持滑行速度恒定,并使速度在自己的掌控中。You always gonna speed up when you start the turn,and point the ski down hill,you cant change that ,在你开始一个转弯的时候,你总是会加速,会把雪板指向山下,这是你无法改变的。but what you can change is how far should going before you do that and feeled you gonna push a nice gradual brake向山下滑时,你不可以改变滑行 速度。但是你可以在转弯前控制你滑行的距离,感受你滑行过程慢慢放缓,and then start that next turn.Feeling a lot calmer ,less stress and happy about your life.然后开始下一段转弯。感受着更为平静、放松、开心的生活。So Im gonna start to slide ,but from here Im gradually turning up hill ,现在我要开始搓雪,然后从这里开始我将逐渐向山上滑行。now I feel contorl ,I can start my next turn,and stopped turning up that hilling next way.现在我能感受到配力的作用,我将要开始下一段转弯,停止滑行,用另一种方法进行上山。Lets try the other way.我们一起用另一种滑行方式。Im slide in, nice and smooth and turning up hill nice and gently.我这样优雅平滑地滑雪,优雅地向坡上滑。Now I can feel control. I can going to that next turn,start turning up hill,feeling the brake coming on smooth.现在我能感受到配力。我将开始下一个转弯,开始向山上滑去,感受着平滑的制动。Make sure youre happy with your speed before you start your turn,确保你在开始另一种方式的转弯前,that way, you will be less loudly to slam the brake to slow down.你可以很好地掌控这一速度,这样你就可以很顺利地制动以减速。Remember the control comes at the end of the turn, not the begining.记住在转弯的结束时控制速度,而不是在转弯开始时You would notice that my upper bodyis nice and calm,注意我的上身保持一种优雅从容的状态。and if you got any of these rotation issues,and trying to force it,如果你的上身存在任何旋转问题,并且在和整个身体较劲,thats often a symptom you have gone too fast into your turn.那么这就是因为你转弯速度过快。Remember you always gonna speed up when you start the turn,记住要在开始转弯时进行加速,but if you control it before hand, the challenges are you must be much soomther.但是如果你事先控制好速度,你将遇到的困难就只有如何在滑行过程保持更为平滑。Watch my upperr body here ,there is no unnecessary movement.现在注意你的上身,不要有过多的行动。Im not th my shoulder around and instead I contorlling my speed at the end of the turn and preparing for the next.我不绷着肩膀,反而是控制转弯处速度并且准备下一个转弯。Because Im in control, I dont need to rush the turn to slow down.I can just keep a smooth round turn shape.因为我掌控着自己的滑行过程,就没有急减转弯速度的必要。我可以保持平滑转弯的弧度。We can break the turn down into two:firstly, point down the hill,我们可以将转弯分解成两部分:首先,向山下滑去,let me come around,and then we gonna start the turn gradually up hill,我来演示一下,然后我们开始慢慢向山上转弯,make it a smooth brake not sharp one,have a watch.使其制动平滑,不是生硬的那样转上去。就像这样。Part 1,appoint the skis downhill;第一部分:确定向山下滑行动作part 2,turn the skis up hill,prepare for the turn,第二部分:向山上滑行。为了这一转弯,control your speed ,prepare for the turn ,conrtol your speed.控制好你的速度。为了这一转弯,控制好你的速度。Sperating the turn into two will help you aviod turning the siks too quikly at the start.将转弯分为两部分,有助于避免你开始转弯的时候速度过快。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201504/371367Im so surprised and so touched我真的很惊讶,也很感动that I see this in my lifetime.能在有生之年看到这些When I used to come to China, I thought,当我来到中国时,我想;Oh my God were so behind,is it ever going to catch up?;“噢,我的上帝,我们如此落后,还能迎头赶上吗 ”Now, I see people like Da Dong现在,我看到了像大东这样的人Im sure, Im gonna see many places in China how its changing我确定,我将见更多中国的变化之处It makes me proud, its a...这让我很骄傲,非常…Its like a full circle, coming to terms with who Iam对我而言,我的人生在这种回归中获得了圆满and I was right to be proud, to be a Chinese.我也为我是中国人而自豪Cheers!Its fantastic!干杯!这真的很棒Next time we journey to the Sichuan province.下一次旅程,我们将去四川省The spicy, hot land of China.中国最火辣的地方Wow!Its really numbing heat.哇,真的很麻辣Where the food is firey, and the chillipepper is king.那里的食物辛辣刺激,辣椒即是王者this will actually blow your head off good.肯定会让人辣翻天的Well explore one of the worlds fastest growing megacities.我们将探索世界上发展最快的都市之一I thought it would be a lot of change, but its shocking.我有想过这里变化会很大,但仍震惊无比But still, deeply Chinese.却仍旧具有浓厚的中国味Oh hes massaging your ear.I love it.噢,他在给你的耳朵.我喜欢Well adventure to the rural backwaters.我们会到乡间探险To cook traditional dishes.烹饪传统菜肴This pigs ear is really good, cartilegy! Good!猪耳上的软骨好好吃And find out why Sichuan cuisine了解为何川菜is now been celebrated around the world.在全世界闻名遐迩Im discovering things here,在这我发现了很多that are an inspiration to me.给我带来了灵感201507/384809



l was devastated. l started to cry.我难过极了 痛哭失声We had spent 40 years of our lives as the closest of friends.我们当了40年的好朋友And l couldnt believe it.我真不敢相信l remember the feeling l got, you know.我还记得当时的感觉lt was like somebody punching you in the stomach.就像被人朝腹部狠揍一拳一般God, it Was just so...l didnt follow the news a lot.天啊 简直是...我没怎么看新闻lll tell you why l didnt follow the news.我告诉你为什么lts because of the people exploiting the man.因为人们还是在消费他That makes me sad.The night that Michael died,让我很难过 迈克尔走的那天the next show l did, l mentioned Michael, too.我在下一场演出还提到他lt just was...People just stood up, you know. They stood up.真的是...全场都起立了And a lot of people took their cigarette lighters out and just lit it.许多人还把打火机拿出来 点了起来You know, its just sad, man. lts sad.真的是好难过201511/410677

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