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Bart Lorang may be the best boss ever.巴特-洛朗或许将成为最佳老板。The CEO of Denver-based internet start-up FullContact API said in a market that is competitive for top talent, he wants to keep his employees happy and refreshed.美国丹佛的网络初创公司FullContact API的总裁巴特-洛朗表示,在各家争相雇佣顶级人才的竞争市场中,他想让自己的员工心情愉快,充满干劲。The flip-flop wearing founder offers his employees ,500 for what he calls ;paid, paid vacation,; however there are rules.这位穿着夹趾凉拖的公司创始人向他的每位员工提供7500美元,用于“付费带薪休假”,但需遵守相关规定。;One, you actually have to take a vacation to get the money,; Lorang said. ;Two, you have to disconnect from work, so that means no calls, no emails, no tweets, no work of any kind.;洛朗说:“首先,你必须去度假才能拿到这笔钱。其次,你必须切断与工作的联系,这意味着不接电话,不回电邮,不发推特,不做任何形式的工作。”Even Lorang admitted he has trouble following his rules.洛朗承认他自己遵守这些规定也有困难。;I suck at it,; he said.他说:“我也没能遵守。”A picture of the CEO and his fiancee Sarah at Egypt#39;s great pyramids captured Lorang checking his email.在洛朗和未婚妻萨拉在埃及金字塔拍摄的一张照片上,他正在查看电邮。Not surprisingly, employees said they loved having the company pick up the tab for their vacations.公司为员工付度假费用,员工们当然感到很开心。;It#39;s a real break for your brain,; said Robbie Jack, a FullContact API employee. ;You come back refreshed and reinvigorated and more excited about the stuff you were working on when you left.;该公司员工罗比-杰克说:“这才能真正让大脑放松。你回来工作时会精神抖擞,充满活力,对之前的工作更加振奋。”If the idea of having a boss pick up the tab for a dream vacation is tantalizing, good news: Lorang is hiring.如果老板掏钱让员工度假的主意非常诱人的话,那么还有个好消息:洛朗在招聘。;We#39;re probably going to hire about 12 folks in the next six months,; he said.他说:“在未来半年内,我们大概要招聘12名员工。” /201207/190572If your hipbone is connected to your BlackBerry or your thighbone is connected to your cell phone, those vibrations you're feeling in the car, in your pajamas, in the shower, may be coming from your headbone. 如果将你的臀骨与你的黑莓相连,将大腿骨与手机相连,当你在开车时、睡觉时、洗澡时所感觉到的震动也许并非来自它们,而是你自己的头骨。 Many mobile phone addicts and BlackBerry junkies report feeling vibrations when there are none, or feeling as if they're wearing a cell phone when they're not. 很多手机、黑莓依赖者说即便它们不在身边也能感到震动,或者总是感觉它们就在身上。 The first time it happened to Jonathan Zaback, a manager at the public relations company Burson-Marsteller, he was out with friends and showing off his new BlackBerry Curve. 公共关系公司Burson-Marsteller经理Jonathan Zaback在向朋友们显摆新黑莓时第一次发现这种现象。 "While they were looking at it, I felt this vibration on my side. I reached down to grab it and realized there was no BlackBerry there." “朋友们正把玩的时候,我突然感觉体侧有震动。我伸手去掏手机,意识到它并不在那里。” Zaback, who said he keeps his BlackBerry by his bed while he sleeps, checks it if he gets up in the middle of the night and wakes to an alarm on the BlackBerry each day, said this didn't worry him. Zaback睡觉时也把黑莓放在枕边,起夜的时候用它看看时间,早上也依靠黑莓内置的闹钟起床。他认为这种错觉能够接受。 "As long as it doesn't mean a tumor is growing on my leg because of my BlackBerry, I'm fine with it," he said. "Some people have biological clocks, I might have a biological BlackBerry." 他说:“只要不是因为它长什么瘤就行,震动无所谓。有些人有生物钟,我多半是有生物黑莓。” Some users compare the feeling to a phantom limb, which Merriam-Webster's medical dictionary defines as "an often painful sensation of the presence of a limb that has been amputated." 有些手机使用者认为这种错觉比较像医学上所说的“幻肢痛”,韦氏字典解释说这是一种“经常感到已经被切除的肢体还存在并伴有疼痛的错觉。” "Even when I don't have the BlackBerry physically on my person, I do find myself adjusting my posture when I sit to accommodate it," said Dawn Mena, an independent technology consultant based Calif. "I also laugh at myself as I reach to unclip it (I swear it's there) and find out I don't even have it on." 加利福尼亚独立技术顾问Dawn Mena说:“即便黑莓没在身上,我也会在坐下的时候注意别压坏它。有时候我伸手去拿它,发现根本没带,觉得自己很好笑。” Research in the area is scant, but theories abound about the phenomenon, which has been termed "ringxiety" or "fauxcellarm." 此领域的研究还很匮乏,但是相关现象的理论已经十分丰富了。例如被称为“手机综合症”和“铃声错觉”的现象。 Anecdotal evidence suggests "people feel the phone is part of them" and "they're not whole" without their phones, since the phones connect them to the world, said B.J. Fogg, director of research and design at Stanford University's Persuasive Technology Lab. 斯坦福大学劝诱技术实验室研究设计主管B.J. Fogg说:一些现象显示,人们似乎感觉手机是他们身体的一部分,没有手机他们就不完整,因为手机是他们与世界相连的方式之一。 "As human beings, we're so tapped into our community, responsiveness to what's going on, we're so attuned to the threat of isolation and rejection, we'd rather make a mistake than miss a call," he said. "Our brain is going to be scanning and scanning and scanning to see if we have to respond socially to someone." 他说:“现在的人们和社区紧密相连,需要知道并回应正在发生的事情,我们都害怕被孤立和拒绝,我们宁愿犯一个错误也不愿错过一个电话。我们的大脑不断监检测啊,检测啊,检测啊,来看看我们是否需要进行社交回应。” Vibration 震动 Pajamas 睡衣 Junky 吸毒者 Tumor 瘤 Phantom 幻影 Limb 肢 Amputate 切除 Accommodate 适应 Consultant 顾问 Scant 缺乏的 Anecdotal 轶闻趣事的 Tap into 接进 Attune 使合调 /201111/160372Aries Forget about someone killing you softly. This man had better be y to take you, caveman-style. An Aries animus reeks of raw, heroic power – the kind of man who will barge in, seize the moment and save his damsel from distress, all while leaping tall buildings in a single bound. 白羊座——白羊座女性对那些温柔的男人没有兴趣,而大男人往往更能捕获她的芳心。她的男性意向具有勇猛的、英雄般的能力——那类男人会突然出现,轻轻一跳便能越过高楼,同时抓住机会将他的姑娘从危难中解救出来。  Taurus This man had better understand all the nooks and crannies involved Your Inner Masculine Side in sensual pleasure when it comes to magnetizing a Taurus woman. Her inner male counterpart wrote the book on celebrating the body beautiful. With a voice like velvet and a Rock-of- Gibraltar personality, nothing short of the perfect gentle beast will do for this stubborn beauty.  金牛座——要想迷住金牛座女性,这个男人一定要深谙鱼水之欢。她内心对应的那个男性意向对展现外在美很在行。想追求她的男性必须拥有天鹅绒般动听的嗓音、如直布罗陀岩一样坚强的性格,最重要的是,他必须温柔体贴,并拥有健硕的身材——只有这样的优秀男性才能吸引倔强的金牛座美女。 /201109/152066


Almost everyone will get hitched at one point or another in their life. Marriage isn't something that should be jumped into. It is a serious commitment that should be carefully thought through. These are some things to consider... 几乎每个人都会被生活中的某一点或其它事情栓住。婚姻不应是跳进去然后栓住你的那件事。婚姻是一个严肃的承诺,需要大家的深思熟虑。下面的问题应在婚前仔细考虑: * Do you love the person enough to stay with them forever? 你是否愿意和这个人永远在一起? * Do you like their In-Laws? Do they like you? 你喜欢对方的家人吗?他们喜欢你吗? * Do we have the finances to support each other? 你们彼此能够在经济上相互持吗? * Do we want kids? How many? 你们希望要孩子吗?如果要,希望要几个? * Where are we going to live? 你们婚后住在哪里? * Does this person have drug/alcohol issues? Is he/she a violent person? 你的另一半有过毒瘾或嗜酒的记录吗?他/她是一个有暴力倾向的人吗? These are very important things that need to be looked at before the "I do's" start flying around. More than half of the marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. Divorce is something that can ruin lives financially and emotionally. That is why before you tie the knot, you need to have a talk with your spouse and discuss what you are willing to sacrifice to be with this person. 你在开口说“我愿意”之前,需要好好想想这些重要的事情。美国有半数以上的婚姻是以离婚收场的。离婚既可以破坏一个人的经济状况也可以伤害一个人的感情。你应该在打好领带结准备进入教堂前与配偶讨论一下——你愿意为这个人作出多大的牺牲。 /200904/66086

电视里的相亲节目不断爆出争议话题,不像是为大家务,更像是精心策划的一场;秀;。在线婚配呢,倒是显得很私人,可是你真的相信网络那一端跟你说话的不是一名刚满7岁的小学生吗?请别误会,小编这不是在泼冷水,只是想向大家介绍一种新的相亲方式。Intellidating, a blend of intelligent and dating, refers to dating that emphasizes intelligence, particularly by attending lectures, ings, or other cultural events.Intellidating,是intelligent(智慧)和dating(相亲、约会)两词的合成词,指一起听讲座、去读书会或其它文化活动,强调才华和智慧层面的约会相亲,我们称之为;智慧相亲;。Call it the courtship equivalent to the slow-food movement. Call it a backlash against point and click matchmaking. Whichever, intellidating ; an unhurried , decidedly highbrow approach to mating ; is catching on in big cities around the world.你可以说这是;慢食运动;的翻版,也可以说是对在线婚配的反击。不管你怎么定义,;智慧相亲;这种不紧不慢、决意走高雅路线的相亲方式已经开始在世界各大城市兴起。Intellidating is also a boon for the shy. In contrast to speed-dating, which demands rigidly timed discussions about pretty much whatever pops to mind, events such as lectures and viewings offer built-in conversational pegs.;智慧相亲;同时也是害羞人士的良方。速配相亲中因为时间有限,所以都是想起什么就聊什么;而;智慧相亲;中的讲座和观赏等活动可以为双方提供很多现成的话题。 /201203/175093

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