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2019年08月19日 20:19:21

襄阳市四医院妇科咨询襄阳南漳县妇幼保健院中医院网上挂号The Chinese Embassy in Madagascar expressed shock Sunday at a deadly riot involving local workers at a Chinese-run sugar plant and criticized the island nation#39;s government for failing to protect Chinese interests.中国驻马达加斯加使馆周日发表声明,就当地一家中国制糖厂发生的致死骚乱,批评马国政府保护中方利益不力。The statement came three days after local workers clashed with Madagascar security forces, leaving two people dead, before they looted the sugar plant in Morondava.该声明发表的三天前,当地的工人和军警发生了冲突,至少两人死亡,工人们之后洗劫了穆龙达瓦的一家制糖厂。The embassy said the Chinese staff evacuated the factory because of fears for their safety.使馆在声明中说,中方雇员出于自身安全的担忧已经从工厂撤出。;We hope the Madagascar government will take necessary measures to properly handle the attack at the Morondava sugar plant and to erase the ill impact this incident has brought to the country#39;s international image and its ability to attract foreign investments so as to create a good environment for Madagascar to cooperate with China and other countries,; the statement said.“我们希望马国政府采取必要措施,妥善处理穆伦达瓦糖厂遭袭事件,消除事件对马国际形象和吸引外资造成的恶劣影响,为马达加斯加与中国和世界各国的合作创造良好环境,”声明说道。Madagascar Prime Minister Roger Kolo and the country#39;s industry minister, Jules Etienne Rolland, have pledged to try to resolve the situation.马达加斯加总理罗杰·库卢(Roger Kolo)和工业部长朱尔斯·艾蒂安·罗兰德(Jules Etienne Rolland)已经表示要妥善处置骚乱。The labor protest started when the plant#39;s seasonal workers demanded contracts that offer better pay and better conditions, according to reports.据报道,当地工人抗议活动爆发起因在于一些季节性短工要求中方提供更好的合同,以得到更好的收入及其他条件的改善。The Chinese Embassy said the requests were unreasonable, and that the workers began in early November to block the factory, cutting off utilities, harassing employees and sabotaging equipment.中国使馆称这些要求是无理的,工人们从11月初开始就封堵厂区道路,切断工厂水电,驱逐上班员工,破坏工厂设备。Confrontation escalated after Madagascar security forces arrested two strike leaders.在马达加斯加军警逮捕两名罢工领袖后,冲突扩大。On Wednesday, about 500 workers rushed to a base of the security forces to demand the release of their colleagues, and police fired tear gas and live ammunition, the Madagascar Tribune reported. Two people died. Police said they were acting in self-defense because some workers had guns and machetes.据《马达加斯加先驱报》报道,周三,约500名工人冲到当地安全部队的一处基地,要求释放他们的同事,警察发射了催泪瓦斯和实弹。两人在冲突中死亡。警方称自己的行动是出于自卫,因为一些工人持有和砍刀。The official China News Service said the workers were armed with axes, slingshots and rocks.官方媒体中国新闻社称,工人们持有斧子、弹弓和石块。Rioters then converged on the factory, looted its sugar supply and set fire to a building. Some looters carried bags of sugar on their backs or in carts and wheelbarrows, and some of it was quickly sold on the illegal market, according to reports.据报道,骚乱者们之后聚集到了工厂,洗劫了糖品供给并放火烧了大楼。一些掠夺者或用背扛、或用小推车运着成包的白糖,其中很多很快就被卖到了黑市上。China is Africa#39;s largest trading partner, but closer ties have resulted in sometimes violent labor disputes.中国目前是非洲最大的贸易伙伴,但这种亲密关系有时也导致了劳工纠纷。 /201412/348807Australia began an underwater search of the southern Indian Ocean for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 using military hardware from U.S. and U.K. Navies, despite repeated air sorties that have so far failed to find any wreckage from the missing plane.尽管到目前为止,反复出动的飞机都未能找到马来西亚航空(Malaysia Airlines) 370航班的任何残骸,但澳大利亚已经开始用美国和英国海军提供的军用设备在印度洋南部进行水下搜索。Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, who is coordinating the multinational search off the coast of Australia, said the Australian defense vessel Ocean Shield and HMS Echo would cover a 240 kilometer area of ocean where authorities think the plane is most likely to have gone down. Ocean Shield is equipped with a U.S. device designed to detect signals from the aircraft#39;s black box flight recorders deep below the ocean surface. HMS Echo is a U.K. military survey vessel able to profile ocean depths.负责协调多国搜救行动的澳大利亚空军上将休斯敦(Angus Houston)说,澳大利亚军舰“海洋之盾”号(Ocean Shield)和英国海军“回声”号将在有关部门认为最可能是飞机触海地点的方圆240公里海域进行搜索。“海洋盾号”配备了美国提供的一种装备,可以探测飞机黑匣子在深海发出的信号。“回声号”是英国的一艘军用测量船,可以对海底进行测绘。The former Australian defense chief said investigators were reaching the end of their analysis of radar data and satellite communications from the plane.曾担任澳大利亚国防军司令的休斯敦说,调查人员对雷达数据和飞机发出卫星通讯信号的分析已经接近完成。#39;I think we have probably got to the end of the process of analysis. My expectation is we#39;re into a situation where the data we#39;ve got is the data we#39;ve got, and we#39;ll proceed on the basis of that,#39; he said.他说,他本人认为数据分析可能已经进入尾声,有关部门将在这些数据的基础上来继续下一步行动。 /201404/284978襄樊市妇幼保健中医院电话多少

湖北襄阳妇幼保健院中医院周末上班吗老河口市妇幼保健医院妇科怎么样Tumbling oil prices look set to hit electric cars and biofuels harder than other parts of the green power industry, the head of the world’s leading renewable energy agency has warned.国际可再生能源机构(International Renewable Energy Agency,简称Irena)总干事阿德南#8226;阿明(Adnan Amin)警告说,比起绿色能源产业其他部门,油价暴跌对电动汽车和生物燃料行业产生的冲击看来会更大。国际可再生能源机构是一家政府间机构,也是全球顶尖的可再生能源机构,其总部位于阿布扎比。That is because they compete directly with rivals such as petrol-fuelled cars that are becoming cheaper to run as oil prices fall.这其中的原因在于,它们直接竞争的对手,是那种用汽油做燃料的汽车,而油价暴跌后这种车会变得更便宜。But wind farms, solar plants and other renewable electricity generators should not be affected by the price plunge because they do not face anything like the same level of competition, said Adnan Amin, director-general of the International Renewable Energy Agency, Irena, an intergovernmental body based in Abu Dhabi.阿明表示,不过风力发电场、太阳能发电厂和其他可再生发电厂应该不会受到油价暴跌的影响,因为它们面临的竞争与上述两者不可同日而语。“We don’t see a direct impact of oil prices on power generation,” said Mr Amin, explaining oil-fired electricity plants only accounted for around 5 per cent of global power generation today.阿明表示:“我们并未发现油价对可再生发电有什么直接影响。”他还解释说,燃油发电厂所发电量只占如今全球发电量的5%。“Impacts we expect to see are in the production of liquid biofuels, investment in liquid biofuels and investment in electric mobility and hybrid mobility,” he said on the sidelines of the agency’s annual assembly in Abu Dhabi over the weekend.上周末,在Irena阿布扎比召开的年度大会会场外,他说:“我们预计会看到的影响是在液体生物燃料的生产和投资方面,以及电动汽车和混合动力汽车的投资方面。”Mr Amin conceded the rapid decline in oil prices was creating uncertainty for the renewables industry and may be followed by some falls in the cost of gas, which could pose more of a problem for wind and solar power generators.阿明承认,油价下跌为可再生能源产业带来了不确定性。他还承认,油价下跌后天然气价格可能也会有所下跌,这会为风力发电和太阳能发电带来更多问题。But he was bullish about the overall outlook for the sector, which he said had changed comprehensively since Irena first began operating four years ago.不过,他对该产业的总体前景感到乐观。他说,自Irena四年前开始运营以来,可再生能源产业已发生彻底改变。 /201501/355261樊城区妇幼保健院中医院电话号码是多少襄阳市中医院 是几甲医院

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