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Today, as Americans, we grieve the brutal murder – a horrific massacre – of dozens of innocent people. We pray for their families, who are grasping for answers with broken hearts. We stand with the people of Orlando, who have endured a terrible attack on their city. Although its still early in the investigation, we know enough to say that this was an act of terror and an act of hate. And as Americans, we are united in grief, in outrage, and in resolve to defend our people. I just finished a meeting with FBI Director Comey and my homeland security and national security advisors. The FBI is on the scene and leading the investigation, in partnership with local law enforcement. Ive directed that the full resources of the federal government be made available for this investigation. We are still learning all the facts. This is an open investigation. Weve reached no definitive judgment on the precise motivations of the killer. The FBI is appropriately investigating this as an act of terrorism. And Ive directed that we must spare no effort to determine what – if any – inspiration or association this killer may have had with terrorist groups. What is clear is that he was a person filled with hatred. Over the coming days, well uncover why and how this happened, and we will go wherever the facts lead us. This morning, I spoke with my good friend, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, and I conveyed the condolences of the entire American people. This could have been any one of our communities. So I told Mayor Dyer that whatever help he and the people of Orlando need – they are going to get it. As a country, we will be there for the people of Orlando today, tomorrow and for all the days to come. We also express our profound gratitude to all the police and first responders who rushed into harms way. Their courage and professionalism saved lives, and kept the carnage from being even worse. Its the kind of sacrifice that our law enforcement professionals make every single day for all of us, and we can never thank them enough. This is an especially heartbreaking day for all our friends – our fellow Americans – who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The shooter targeted a nightclub where people came together to be with friends, to dance and to sing, and to live. The place where they were attacked is more than a nightclub – it is a place of solidarity and empowerment where people have come together to raise awareness, to speak their minds, and to advocate for their civil rights. So this is a sobering reminder that attacks on any American – regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation – is an attack on all of us and on the fundamental values of equality and dignity that define us as a country. And no act of hate or terror will ever change who we are or the values that make us Americans. Today marks the most deadly shooting in American history. The shooter was apparently armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle. This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or in a house of worship, or a movie theater, or in a nightclub. And we have to decide if thats the kind of country we want to be. And to actively do nothing is a decision as well. In the coming hours and days, well learn about the victims of this tragedy. Their names. Their faces. Who they were. The joy that they brought to families and to friends, and the difference that they made in this world. Say a prayer for them and say a prayer for their families – that God give them the strength to bear the unbearable. And that He give us all the strength to be there for them, and the strength and courage to change. We need to demonstrate that we are defined more – as a country – by the way they lived their lives than by the hate of the man who took them from us. As we go together, we will draw inspiration from heroic and selfless acts – friends who helped friends, took care of each other and saved lives. In the face of hate and violence, we will love one another. We will not give in to fear or turn against each other. Instead, we will stand united, as Americans, to protect our people, and defend our nation, and to take action against those who threaten us. May God bless the Americans we lost this morning. May He comfort their families. May God continue to watch over this country that we love. Thank you.201607/452721。

Now you laugh, but that e has kind of a sting to it, right?你觉得好笑,但是那句话有些刺痛,对吧。And I think the reason it has a sting我认为它有刺的原因is because thousands of years of history dont reverse themselves without a lot of pain,是因为数千年的历史是不会颠覆,如果没有疼痛的话。and thats why I talk about us all going through this together.这也是为什么我谈到我们都将一起经历这个。The night after I talked to these college girls,在我和这些大学女孩儿谈过之后的那天夜里,I also went to a mens group in Kansas,我也去访问了在堪萨斯州的一个男生团体。and these were exactly the kind of victims of the manufacturing economy which I spoke to you about earlier.这些正是制造业经济的受害者,正如我较早前对你们说的。They were men who had been contractors, or they had been building houses他们是那些曾经的承包商,或者他们曾建造房屋and they had lost their jobs after the housing boom,在房屋建造繁荣期过去之后他们失去了工作,and they were in this group because they were failing to pay their child support.他们属于这个团体因为他们不能为他们的孩子付抚养费。And the instructor was up there in the class指导者站在教室前explaining to them all the ways in which they had lost their identity in this new age.向他们解释他们是如何在新时代失去他们的身份。He was telling them they no longer had any moral authority,他告诉他们,他们不再有任何道义上的权威,that nobody needed them for emotional support anymore, and they were not really the providers.没有人需要他们来作为情感上的撑,他们也不是提供者。So who were they? And this was very disheartening for them.那么他们是谁呢?这对他们来说是十分的沮丧的。And what he did was he wrote down on the board ;,000,;他所作的就是在黑板上写下八万五千美元,and he said, ;Thats her salary,; and then he wrote down ;,000.;然后他说,“这是她的工资。”然后他写下一万两千美金。;Thats your salary. So whos the man now?; he asked them.“这是你的工资。那么现在谁是一家之主?”他问他们。;Whos the damn man? Shes the man now.;“谁是那个一家之主?她现在成了一家之主。”And that really sent a shudder through the room.那真的使整个屋子颤栗。And thats part of the reason I like to talk about this,那也是我想要谈论这个的一部分原因,because I think it can be pretty painful, and we really have to work through it.因为我认为它可以很刺痛,我们也的确需要攻克它。201610/473741。

My fellow Americans, this week I nominated Neil Gorsuch for the ed States Supreme Court.我的美国同胞们,本周,我提名尼尔·戈萨奇担任美国联邦最高法院大法官。Judge Gorsuch is one of the most qualified people ever to be nominated for this post.尼尔·戈萨奇是被提名这一职位最合格人选之一。He is a graduate of Columbia, Harvard and Oxford.他毕业于哥伦比亚大学,哈佛大学和牛津大学。He is a man of principled. He has an impeccable resume.他是一个有原则的人。他的简历完美无缺。He is widely respected by everyone.他受到着广泛的尊重。And, Judge Gorsuch is proven track record upholding the Constitution,尼尔·戈萨奇有维护宪法的工作履历,makes him the ideal person to fill the vacancy left by the late, great Antonin Scalia, a truly fabulous justice.这让他是最理想的人选来填补留下的这一空缺。这一空缺是伟大的斯卡利亚法官留下的,他是一个真正伟大的法官。Ten years ago, the Senate unanimously approved Judge Gorsuchs nomination to serve on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.10年前,参议院一致通过尼尔·戈萨奇就职第十上诉法院的提名。I urge members of both parties to support Judge Gorsuch, and in so doing, to protect our laws and our freedoms.我要求两党成员都持尼尔·戈萨奇,通过这样做来保护我们的法律和我们的自由。This week, we also took significant action to roll back the massive regulation that is devastating our economy and crippling American companies and jobs.本周,我们也采取重大行动,来撤销大量的监管。这些监管破坏着我们的经济,对美国的企业和就业造成严重影响。Thats why I have issued a new executive order to create a permanent structure of regulatory reduction.也因此,我发布了一项新的行政命令,建设减少监管的永久性架构。201702/492215。

Thats appropriate because its a sunday这很合适 因为今天是礼拜日I see some moms and grandmas here, aunts我看到这里有一些母亲 祖母 姑妈In their sunday best 盛装出席Although they are upset about their hair getting messed up只是她们都很讨厌头发被淋乱Michelle would not be sitting in the rain(我夫人)米歇尔不会坐在雨中She has taught me about hair她总跟我讲发型的重要性I want to congratulate all of you the parents我想祝贺你们所有人 父母们The grandparents, the brothers and sisters祖父母们 兄弟们The family and friends who supported these young men in so many ways以各种方式持这些年轻人的亲友们This is your day, as well今天也是你们的节日Just think about it your sons, your brothers, your nephews 想想 你的儿子 你的兄弟 你的侄子They spent the last four years far from home他们过去四年远离老家And close to spelman, and yet they are still here today靠近斯贝曼 而今天他们仍在这里So youve done something right你们肯定做了一些正确的事Graduates, give a big round of applause to your family毕业生们 将热烈掌声致予你们的家人For everything that theyve done for you感谢他们对你的奉献I know that some of you had to wait in long lines to get into todays ceremony我知道 你们很多人排了很长的队才来到今天的典礼201604/435613。

Now, where do we go from there?现在,我们该走向何方?I believe that the way forward is to learn to manage success.我相信前进的道路就是学会管理成功。Very often, when people succeed or countries succeed, they forget what made them succeed.当一个人成功了,或一个国家成功以后,他们往往会忘记是什么导致他们成功的。Learning what youre successful at, managing it and keeping it is vital for us.了解到自己成功的原因是什么,管理它并保持住,这对我们来说是至关重要的。So all those things I said we did right, we have to learn to do it right again, keep doing it right.所以那些我说过我们做得对的事情,我们需要学会再做对一次,坚持正确地去作为。Managing the economy while creating stability is vital, getting prices right, and policy consistency.把经济管理好,同时建立稳定性,这些都是非常重要的,调控合适的价格和保政策一致性。Very often, we are not consistent.我们总是前后不一致。One regime goes out, another comes in and they throw away even the functioning policies that were there before.一个政权走了,另一个政权来了,然后他们就把就算很早之前就在那儿的运行政策都扔掉了。What does this do?这样会导致什么?It creates uncertainty for people, for households, uncertainties for business.这样会给人民、家庭、商业,都造成不确定性。They dont know whether and how to invest.他们不知道什么时候、怎么样去投资。Debt: we must manage the success we had in reducing our debt,债务上,我们一定要管理好,我们在减轻债务上的成功,but now countries are back to borrowing again,但是现在很多国家又开始借钱了,and we see our debt-to-GDP ratio beginning to creep up,我们看到我们的债务/GDP比率又开始逐渐上涨,and in certain countries, debt is becoming a problem, so we have to avoid that. So managing success.在某些国家,债务正演变成一个问题,因此我们必须避免这件事发生。所以要管理成功。The next thing is focusing with a laser beam on those things we did not do well.下一个事情是,专注到那些我们做得不对的事情上。First and foremost is infrastructure.首先是基础设施。Yes, most countries now recognize they have to invest in this,是的,大多数国家现在意识到了他们应该投资基础设施,and they are trying to do the best they can to do that. We must.他们也在试图尽最大可能去做到最好。我们一定要做到最好。The most important thing is power. You cannot develop in the dark.最重要的是电力。你不能在黑暗中前行。And then governance and corruption: we have to fight. We have to make our countries transparent.接着,管理体制和腐败。我们要与之搏斗。我们要让我们的国家公开透明。And above all, we have to engage our young people.尤其是,我们需要聘用我们的年轻人。201701/488895。

英语日常口语 68:Is the cat ill? 那只猫病了吗?本单元是关于那只猫病了吗的对话Helen: Hey guys, do you think the cat's okay? Alice: The cat? Seems fine to me. Why? Helen: I think we should take her to the vet. She doesn't seem right to me. Alice: She's fine. Helen: No, she's not! You guys never listen to me. Tim, can you take her to the vet? Tim: I'm sorry Helen. I'm up to my ears in work at the moment. Anyway, she seems fine, aren't you Kitty? Helen: I told you she's not well! Right, if you lot don't care, I'll take her! Tim: Blimey, what's up with her?Alice: Oh, she's just a bit down in the dumps at the moment. Tim: Right. Why's that? Alice: Tim! You're such a bloke, aren't you? Vocabulary:(字汇) a vet 兽医a shortened version of 'a veterinary surgeon' (an animal doctor) blimey 难以置信的惊叹词,主要用在英式英语an expression of surprise or annoyance, used mainly in British English a bloke 男人(非正式用法)an informal term for 'a man' 本单元的语言点是有关 'up' and 'down' 的习惯语,请看下面的解释和例句Idioms with 'up' and 'down'Idioms 习惯语Idioms use language metaphorically. This means that the meaning of an idiom is not the same as the meanings of the individual words in the idiom. For example, if you 'go down memory lane', it means you think about the past (the metaphorical meaning), not that you walk down a street called 'memory lane' (the literal meaning). Idioms are fixed groups of words. This means that the wording of an idiom can not be changed. For example, you can say 'go down memory lane', but you can't say 'go down memory street'Idioms with 'up' To be up: 'What's up?' means: 'What's the matter or problem?' This is often used when someone is upset or behaving strangely. Example:What's up with Helen at the moment? She seems really upset.This idiom is also used as an informal greeting. Example: Hi, David. What's up man?' 'Just the usual. How're you doing?To be up someone's street: to be ideal for someone, or be related to something which someone knows a lot about.Example:Ask Sarah that question about football. It's right up her street: she's been a fan for ages.To be up to my/the ears: to be really busy or occupied with something, so that you have little free time. Example:Tim can't help her because he is up to his ears in/with work.To be on the up and up: to be getting increasingly successful.Example:His life has been on the up and up since he published his first book. Now, he's making a film in Hollywood.To be up-to-the-minute: to be the most recent or latest; to be very fashionable.Example: These are up-to-the-minute statistics, and they show that the rush hour starts at 4.30, not 5.Idioms with 'down' To be down in the dumps: to be sad or miserable. This idiom refers to an old use of the word 'dumps', which was used to refer to a sad piece of music.Example:Helen has been down in the dumps since Michal returned to Poland.To be/look down in the mouth: to be or look sad and unhappy. To be down in the mouth means that someone's expression is sad; they are definitely not smiling. Example: Helen looks really down in the mouth at the moment, doesn't she? -Yes, she does. I think she's missing Michal. To be down-to-earth: to be realistic or practical; to not be a dreamer. In some ways, this idiom is the opposite of 'to have your head in the clouds' (to be unrealistic). Example: My sister's very down-to-earth. She always buys me useful presents, like kettles and tools. She never buys me anything silly and fun.To be/look down at heel: to be or look untidy and uncared for. This is an idiomatic reference to the condition of someone's shoes, when they are very worn and need replacing or repairing. Example: He seemed well-educated, but looked so down at heel. His clothes were scruffy and he needed a haircut.To be down on one's uppers: to be very poor.This is another idiomatic reference to the condition of someone's shoes. It means that their shoes have lost the sole and heel, only the top (upper) part of the shoe remains. Example: David's really down on his uppers at the moment. He lost his job, and he can't pay the rent for his house anymore.To go down memory lane: to look back into the past, in a nostalgic and warm way. Example: I love school reunions. They're a lovely chance to go down memory lane. /200707/16072。

OK, now, you all saw what changed, right?好,你们都看到了什么东西改变了,对吧?How many of you noticed that every one of those squares changed color?有多少人注意到每一个方块都变了颜色?Every one. Ill just show you by running it again.每个都变了。我来重放一下。Even when you know that theyre all going to change color, its very hard to notice.即使你们都知道他们要变颜色了,那也很难被注意到。You have to really concentrate to pick up any of the changes at all.你需要完全地集中注意力以发现任何变化。Now, this is an example -- one of many -- of a phenomenon thats now being studied quite a bit.这是许多例子中的一个,关于我们已经有很多研究的一个现象。Its one that I predicted in the last page or two of my 1991 book, ;Consciousness Explained,;它是我在我书的最后几页预言过的我在1991年的书,“意识的解释,”where I said if you did experiments of this sort,我说如果你有过这种经历,youd find that people were unable to pick up really large changes.你会发现人们不能发现真正的大改变。If theres time at the end, Ill show you the much more dramatic case.如果最后还剩时间,我会展示更多富有戏剧性的例子。Now, how can it be that there are all those changes going on, and that were not aware of them?为什么到处都在发生这样的改变,而我们却意识不到?Well, earlier today, Jeff Hawkins mentioned the way your eye saccades,今天早些时候,Jeff Hawkins提到了眼睛是如何扫视的,the way your eye moves around three or four times a second.也就是眼睛一秒钟移动三到四次。He didnt mention the speed.他没有提到速度。Your eye is constantly in motion, moving around, looking at eyes, noses, elbows,你的眼睛一直在运动,四处运动,看着眼睛、鼻子、手肘,looking at interesting things in the world.看着这世上有趣的东西。And where your eye isnt looking, youre remarkably impoverished in your vision.在你眼睛没有看到的地方,你的视野特别贫乏。Thats because the foveal part of your eye, which is the high-resolution part,这是因为你眼睛的中央凹部分,也就是高分辨率的部分,is only about the size of your thumbnail held at arms length.只有大拇指甲在一臂长处看起来那么大。Thats the detail part.那就是有细节的部分。It doesnt seem that way, does it?看起来好像不是这样对吧?It doesnt seem that way, but thats the way it is.看起来不是这么回事,但它就是。Youre getting in a lot less information than you think.你接收到的信息远比你想象的少。Heres a completely different effect. This is a painting by Bellotto.这里有一个截然不同的效果。这是Bellotto的一幅油画。Its in the museum in North Carolina.它被藏于北卡罗来纳州物馆。Bellotto was a student of Canalettos.Bellotto是Canaletto的学生。And I love paintings like that -- the painting is actually about as big as it is right here.我喜欢那样的油画--像这样大的油画。And I love Canalettos, because Canaletto has this fantastic detail,我也喜欢Canalettos,因为 Canaletto的作品对细节处理巧妙,and you can get right up and see all the details on the painting.我们可以细细地观察油画的细节。And I started across the hall in North Carolina,我穿过北卡物馆的那个大厅,because I thought it was probably a Canaletto, and would have all that in detail.因为我想可能是Canaletto的作品,所以会有那些细节。And I noticed that on the bridge there, theres a lot of people然后我注意到那边的桥,有非常多的人you can just barely see them walking across the bridge.你似乎可以看到他们从桥上走过。And I thought as I got closer我想着如果我走近一点I would be able to see all the detail of most people, see their clothes, and so forth.我就可以看到更多人物细节,看到他们的衣等等。And as I got closer and closer, I actually screamed.实际上,当我越来越近的时候,我叫了出来。I yelled out because when I got closer, I found the detail wasnt there at all.我叫是因为当我靠近时,我发现那里其实没有细节。There were just little artfully placed blobs of paint.那里只有巧妙放置的颜料粒。And as I walked towards the picture, I was expecting detail that wasnt there.而当我走近那幅画时,我在期待不存在的细节。201607/455394。

Whoa….Thank you so much to the Academy. To the women in this category, Natalie, Isabelle, Meryl, Ruth, you were all so extraordinary and I look up to you and I admire you more than I can put into words. It has been the greatest honor just to stand alongside you. Thats the greatest honor of all. To my mom, and my dad, and my brother Spencer, and my soul sister Chrissie, and my whole family, I love you so much. Thank you for everything. And to Doug Wald, who stood by me all these years. And Holly, and Michelle, and Craig, and P.J., and Greta, and Bob Cooper, thank you so much. And I realize that a moment like this is a huge confluence of luck and opportunity, and so I want to thank Damien Chazelle for the opportunity to be part of a project that was so special and once in a lifetime. Im so grateful to have been involved in this film and thank you for faith and your patience and such a wonderful experience. And Ryan Gosling, thank you for making me laugh and for always raising the bar and for being the greatest partner on this crazy adventure. To our whole crew, everyone that put their hearts and souls into this film, Im going to find you all individually, and Im going to thank you. All along with my friends, who I love so much. Im going to hug the hell out of you when the feeling reenters my body. I still have a lot of growing and learning and work to do. And this guy is a really beautiful symbol to continue on that journey, and Im so grateful for that. So thank you so much. Thank you.201703/499871。

Honest error in the face of complex and possibly intractable problems is a far more important source of bad results than are bad motives 糟糕政策结果更主要的原因是 碰到复杂难解问题时所犯下的诚实错误 而不是出于恶劣动机For these reasons, the greatest forces in Washington are ideas and people prepared to act on those ideas Public service, as I discovered, is not easy 因此 华盛顿最大的力量来自于观念 以及准备将这些观念付诸行动的人 根据我的观察 公共务并不容易But, in the end if you are inclined in that direction it is a worthy and challenging pursuit Number 6 但最终 如果你选择了这个方向 这绝对是值得干且有挑战性的追求 六Having taken a stab at sociology and political science let me wrap up economics while Im at it Economics is a highly sophisticated field of thought 之前我讲了社会学和政治学 下面不妨再讲讲我总在打交道的经济学 经济学是一个高度复杂精密的思维领域That is superb at explaining to policymakers precisely why the choices they made in the past were wrong About the future, not so much 它精于向政策制定者们准确解释 他们在过去所制定的决策为何是错的 但关于未来 它所能做的并不多However, careful economic analysis does have one important benefit which is that it can help kill ideas that are completely logically inconsistent or wildly at variance with the data 不过 谨慎的经济学分析有一个重要的好处 就是帮助剔除 那些完全不合逻辑或与数据不符的想法This insight covers at least 90 percent of proposed economic policies Number 7 Im not going to tell you that money doesnt matter 这对至少90%的经济政策提案都有作用 七 我不会告诉你们钱无所谓Because you wouldnt believe me anyway In fact, for too many people around the world money is literally a life-or-death proposition 因为肯定没人会信我 实际上 对于世界上很多人 毫不夸张 钱是涉及到生死存亡的议题But if you are part of the lucky minority with the ability to choose remember that money is a means, not an end A career decision based only on money 但如果你有幸成为具有选择能力的那少数人 请一定记得 钱只是手段 而不是目的 只基于钱201606/448080。