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铜川市治疗慢性肠炎多少钱陕西妇幼保健院治疗肛乳头肥大价格西安肛泰医院看肛门损伤多少钱 A: Good morning. Madam. How can I help?早上好,女士我能如何为您效劳?B: Id like to take some money from my Fund at the Securities Company. Is that possible here?我想从我的券公司的资金账户中取一些钱可以吗?A: Certainly. We can transfer the money straight into your bank here and then you can withdraw it right away. Could I have your Passbook Bank-Securities Transfer?当然可以我们可以把钱直接转入您在本行的账户,然后就可以直接取款了您能把您的;银转账;存折给我吗?B:Here it is. Could I make a balance enquiry, please?在这里我能查询一下余额吗?A: Your balance today is 0,376 RMB.您今天的余额是76元B: Fine, Ill take ,000 RMB, please.好的,我要取000元,谢谢A: OK. Please fill in this m and input you code here ... and again, please. Ill just check and see if the money has been transferred. Yes, transaction successful.好的请填写这张表格,并在这里输入您的密码……请再输一次我 要检查一下,看看钱是否已到账了是的,交易成功了B: Thank you very much.非常感谢你Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the ed States is taking aggressive steps to protect diplomats worldwide, as protests against an anti-Islam film produced in the ed States sp.美国国务卿克林顿表示,美国正在采取大胆的步骤保护在全世界各地的美国外交人员。目前,抗议一部在美国制作的反穆斯林影片的示威活动在继续蔓延之中。Clinton said Tuesday that officials are reviewing security at every post and adding to it when necessary.星期二,克林顿说,美国官员正在审核每个岗位的安全情况;如有需要,将进一步增加安全措斀?The secretary said the State Department had no actionable intelligence that last weeks attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was planned or imminent. U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other diplomats were killed. Clinton said the Libyan government is helping American investigators and that the ed States will not rest until those behind the attack are found and punished.国务卿克林顿说,对于上个星期发生的对利比亚班加西的美国领馆的攻击事件是否是事先策划的,或是事先知道即将发生,美国国务院没有任何可以采取行动的情报。克林顿表示,利比亚政府正在协助美国调查人员进行调查;不把那些在幕后操纵袭击事件的人揪出来并绳之以法,美国誓不罢休。Protests against the anti-Islam film sp to Thailand, northwest Pakistan and Indian-controlled Kashmir Tuesday. Al-Qaidas North Africa branch threatened to attack U.S. diplomats in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania.星期二,抗议那部反穆斯林影片的示威活动蔓延到泰国、巴基斯坦西北部以及印控克什米尔地区。基地组织北非分威胁要袭击在阿尔及利亚、突尼斯、洛哥和毛里塔尼亚的美国外交人员。来 /201209/200613西安医博医院肛肠专科

西安肛肠医院医博3第三章Computer Software计算机软件Dialogue 1句型1A:I dont understand how to use this new software.我不懂这软件怎么用B:Didnt you look at the user manual?你看过使用手册没有?A:No, I bought a bootleg version,so I dont have a manual.没有我买的是盗版,没有使用手册?B:That why you should only use original software .所以才要买正版的吗Dialogue 句型A:Have you ever used a computer dating service?你有没有用过电脑交友务?B:No, have you?没有,你呢?A:I posted my inmation on a couple different sites, and Ive started up some nice e-mail conversations with several people.我的资料曾经上了几个不同的网站,我也开始跟几个人用E-mail交谈,蛮好的Dialogue 3句型3A:So,why dont you try a computer dating service?你怎么不试试交友呢?B:First of all, it too impersonal.首先,这种事很没有人情味Second, how do you know the person on the other end is telling you the truth?再说,你如何知道另一端的那个人说的是真话?They could just be making things up all the time and you would be getting to know someone who doesnt really exist.也许从头到尾只是在瞎编,结果你“认识”的是一个不存在的人A:Youre right.你说的没错I guess computer dating has its bad sides ,but it still a funny way to meet people.我想电脑交友也不它不好的一面,不过这种交友方式是挺有趣的Dialogue 句型A:My phone bill is way too expensive.我的电话费好高B:Maybe you should get one of those Internet telephone systems.也许你应该弄个网络电话系统A:That where you both dial into the Internet so you only have to pay a local phone call, right?那样双方就可以拨进网络,但只付市内电话费就可以了 363西安溃疡性结肠炎治疗医院要多少钱 碑林区治疗急性肠炎哪家医院好排名哪里

西安怎么治肛门脓肿必背句型:A:Do you have sufficient cover this loan?你有这笔贷款足够的担保吗?B:Yes,I have.是的,我有Do you have enough cover this loan?你有这笔贷款的足够担保吗?Do you have enough money the dress?你有足够的钱来买这件衣吗?Do you have sufficient money the dress?你有足够的钱来买这件衣吗?延伸阅读:A:He has get the loan.他已经得到这笔贷款B: the loan,he could have a lien placed on your home.因为这笔贷款,他对你的住房享有留置权He could have a lien placed on your company.他对你的公司享有留置权They do not have a lien placed on your home.他们对你的住房不享有留置权Who could have a lien placed on your home?谁对你的住房享有留置权? 75 Journey Begins催促司机开始行程Excuse me.driver,you have kept us waiting minutes. Cant we start the tour right now?请问,司机,我们已经等了分钟了,难道现在还不能发车吗?I am sorry,sir,there are still 5 minutes remaining. OK,it time. We will take a roll call bee starting the fantasy sightseeing.抱歉,先生,还要再等5分钟……好了,到时间了,我们点一下名就可以开始观光了Finally. How long does the tour last?终于开始了旅行多长时间呢? about 3 hours. Enjoy your trip.大约3个小时,祝您玩得愉快 019西安市北方医院治疗便秘价格西安治疗痔疮哪家医院好排名哪里

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