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黑龙江省哈尔滨市七院外科黑龙江省妇儿做人流怎么样?绥化第一人民中医院药房 Now if you have trouble maintaining your diet,it might help to have some extra imagery to remind you how many calories are going to be coming at you.如果你不能保持节食,一些图像也许会有助于提醒你食物里有多少热量。How about enabling the pathologist to use their cell phone again to see at a microscopic level and to lumber that data back to the cloud and make better diagnostics?让病理学家能用他们的手机在显微水平观察把数据放回云端信息来做更好的诊断会怎样?In fact, the whole era of laboratory medicine is completely changing.实际上,整个实验医学时代完全变了。We can now leverage microfluidics,like this chip made by Steve Quake at Stanford. 我们能利用微流体,像斯坦福的Steve Quake公司制造的芯片。Microfluidics can replace an entire lab of technicians.微流体能替代整个实验室的技术员。Put it on a chip, enable thousands of tests to be done at the point of care, anywhere in the world.把它放在一个芯片上,能做几千个测试在世界任何地方都可以做。And this is really going to leverage technology to the rural and the under-served and enable what used to be thousand-dollar tests to be done at pennies and at the point of care.这将真正地从技术上获益,那些农村和保障不发达地区能让过去上千块的测试减到几分钱在护理方面上讲。If we go down the small pathway a little bit farther,were entering the era of nanomedicine,the ability to make devices super small to the point where we can design red blood cells or microrobots that will monitor our blood system or immune system,or even those that might clear out the clots from our arteries. 如果在这条小路上走得稍微远一点,我们将来到纳米医学时代,能将装置做得超小小到我们可以设计血红细胞或者微型机器人来监测我们的血液系统或免疫系统,或者甚至清除动脉里的血栓。Now how about exponentially cheaper?如果指数更加便宜会怎样?Not something we usually think about in the era of medicine,but hard disks used to be 3,400 dollars for 10 megabytes-exponentially cheaper. 在医学领域,这种便宜不是我们通常认为的那样,而是10MB硬盘过去3400美元-指数便宜。In genomics now,the genome cost about a billion dollars about 10 years ago when the first one came out. 在基因组学,基因组价值约10亿美元10年前当第一个基因组出现的时候。Were now approaching essentially a thousand-dollar genome-probably next year to two years, probably a hundred-dollar genome.我们现在基本上可以1000美元买到。也许今后一两年,100美元的基因组会出现。What are we going to do with hundred-dollar genomes?我们能用100美元的基因组做什么呢?And soon well have millions of these tests available.不久以后我们可以进行上百万的测试。And thats when it gets interesting, when we start to crowdsource that information.那就是当它变得有趣的时候,当我们开始集中信息资源的时候。And we enter the era of true personalized medicine,the right drug for the right person at the right time,instead of what were doing today, which is the same drug for everybody,sort of blockbuster drug medications,medications which dont work for you, the individual. 我们进入了真正的个人化医学时代,在正确的时间为正确的人制造正确的药,而不是像现在我们这样,给每个人同样的药物,一种药物治疗的混乱,对你个人不一定有效。And many, many different companies are working on leveraging these approaches.很多不同的公司正在利用这些方法。And Ill also show you a simple example, from 23andMe again.我会给你一个简单的例子,还是来自23andMe。My data indicates that Ive got about average risk for developing macular degeneration, a kind of blindness.我的数据表明我已经达到平均风险系数对于黄斑病变,一种失明病。But if I take that same data, upload it to deCODEme,I can look at my risk for sample type 2 diabetes. 但是如果我把同样的数据上传到deCODEme,比如我能看到我得2型糖尿病的风险指数。Im at almost twice the risk for type 2 diabetes.我现在差不多有2倍的风险得2型糖尿病。I might want to watch how much dessert I have at the lunch break for example.例如我也许想看到午饭的时候吃多少甜点。It might change my behavior.这也许能改变我的行为。Leveraging my knowledge of my pharmacogenomics,how my genes modulate, what my drugs do and what doses I need are going to become increasingly important,and once in the hands of the individual and the patient,will make better drug dosing and selection available. 利用我基因测试学的知识,我的基因怎样调整,我的药物作用是什么和我需要什么将变得越来越重要,在个人和患者手中的时候,将使得可用的药物选择和用更好。So again, its not just genes, its multiple details our habits, our environmental exposure.所以不仅是基因,有多种因素,我们的习惯,我们的环境。When was the last time your physician asked you where youve lived?上次医生问你住在哪里是什么时间?Geomedicine: where youve lived, what youve been exposed to,can dramatically affect your health. 风土医学:你住在哪里,你接触过什么能极大影响你的健康。We can capture that information.我们能抓住这些信息。So genomics, proteomics, the environment,all this data streaming at us individually and us, as poor physicians,how do we manage it? 因此基因组学,蛋白组学,环境,所有数据涌向我们作为个体人和医生们。我们怎样管理它们呢?Well were now entering the era of systems medicine, or systems biology,where we can start to integrate all of this information. 我们正在进入系统医学或者系统生物学时代,我们能开始集成这些信息。And by looking at the patterns, for example, in our blood of 10,000 biomarkers in a single test,we can start to look at these little patterns and detect disease at a much earlier stage.通过这些式样,例如,在我们的血液中一个测试中有10000个生物标记,我们能看这些小的式样在非常早期发现疾病。This has been called by Lee Hood, the father of the field,P4 medicine.这个领域的创始人,李?胡德叫这种方法为P4医学。Were going to be predictive; were going to know what youre likely to have.我们将能预测;我们能知道我们可能会怎样。We can be preventative; that prevention can be personalized;and more importantly, its going to become increasingly participatory. 我们能预防;这种预防性可以个人化;更重要的是,它将变得共享。Through websites like Patients Like Me or managing your data on Microsoft HealthVault or Google Health,leveraging this together in participatory ways is going to become increasingly important. 虽然一些网站像Patients Like Me,微软HealthVault或者谷歌Health可以管理数据,用共享的方式利用数据将变得越来越重要。So Ill finish up with exponentially better.我将以指数地更好前景来做结束。Wed like to get therapies better and more effective.我们会得到更好更有效的治疗。Now today we treat high blood pressure mostly with pills.如今我们通常通过吃药治疗高血压。What if we take a new device and knock out the nerve vessels that help mediate blood pressure and in a single therapy to cure hypertension?如果我们用一种新装置敲打神经血管帮助调节血压一次治疗就能治愈高血压。This is a new device that is essentially doing that.这是做这种治疗的一种新装置。It should be on the market within a year or two.它应该能在一两年内投放市场。How about more targeted therapies for cancer?更具目标性的癌症治疗会怎样呢?Right, Im an oncologist and I have to say most of what we give is actually poison.对,我是肿瘤学家,我不得不说大多数我们开的药实际上是毒药。Weve learned at Stanford and other places that we can discover cancer stem cells,the ones that seem to be really responsible for disease relapse. 我们在斯坦福和其他地方学到,我们可以发现癌症干细胞,可能是癌症复发的真正原因。So if you think of cancer as a weed,we often can whack the weed away. 如果你把癌症看作一个种子,我们通常能够去除这个种子。It seems to shrink, but it often comes back.它好像萎缩了,但它经常又重新复发。So were attacking the wrong target.所以我们正在去除错误的目标体。The cancer stem cells remain,and the tumor can return months or years later. 癌症干细胞仍存在,肿瘤能在几个月或几年后重新长出来。Were now learning to identify the cancer stem cells and identify those as targets and go for the long-term cure.我们现在学会了鉴定癌症干细胞作为鉴定目标体来进行长期治疗。And were entering the era of personalized oncology,the ability to leverage all of this data together,analyze the tumor and come up with a real, specific cocktail for the individual patient. 我们正在进入个人化肿瘤学时代,利用汇集所有数据的能力,分析肿瘤并提出来针对每一个患者而采用的一个真正的,明确的鸡尾酒疗法。Now Ill close with regenerative medicine.最后我会讲讲再生医学。So Ive studied a lot about stem cells embryonic stem cells are particularly powerful.我对干细胞研究很多,胚胎干细胞尤其强大。We also have adult stem cells throughout our body.我们有遍布我们身体的成体干细胞。201504/370332And what you need to do is to honor that 你所需要做的 是尊重这个事实to understand it, to unearth it 去理解它 去挖掘它to listen to this other voice 去倾听这个相反的声音All right, Im losing this now, because 我现在要把帽子摘掉otherwise its coming off in a dramatic fashion at the wrong time 否则它肯定会在错误的时候 以很丢脸的方式飞出去I know. I worked on this hair for a long time, so 我知道 我头发很久前就这样了I had to bust it out 我需要去生发了You have, which is a rare thing 你们有一个很特别的东西that ability and the responsibility to listen to the dissent in yourself也就是 倾听自身异议的能力和责任to at least give it the floor, because it is the key至少是让它展现出来 因为这很关键not only to consciousness, but to real growth 不仅对意识而言 也对实际生长而言To accept duality is to earn identity 接受二元性 才能获得个人身份And identity is something that you are constantly earning 个人身份是你们一直在努力获得的事物It is not just who you are 它不仅仅是你是谁It is a process that you must be active in 这是一个你必须积极参与的过程Its not just parroting your parents or the thoughts of your learned teachers 这不仅仅是机械模仿父母或学的老师的思维方式It is now more than ever about understanding yourself so you can become yourself现在需要更多地理解自己 从而让你成为真正的自己I talk about this contradiction, and this tension 我讲了这个矛盾 这个张力theres two things I want to say about it 关于这个 我有两点要说的One, it never goes away 一是 它永远不会消失And if you think that achieving something, if you think that solving something如果你认为达到什么高度 解决什么问题if you think a career or a relationship will quiet that voice 或者拥有什么职业或关系就能平息这个声音it will not 那你就错了If you think that happiness means total peace 如果你认为幸福就是完全的平静you will never be happy 那你将永远无法幸福Peace comes from the acceptance of the part of you that can never be at peace 平静来自于对你内心深处永远无法平静这一事实的接受201602/427066哈尔滨中医医院预约电话是多少

哈尔滨市中医医院大夫哈尔滨省五院治疗妇科炎症好吗 For all that I have done, I am so sorry.为此我深感歉意。I have a lot to atone for, but there is one issue I really want to discuss. Some people have speculated that Elin somehow hurt or attacked me on Thanksgiving night. It angers me that people would fabricate a story like that. Elin never hit me that night or any other night. There has never been an episode of domestic violence in our marriage, ever. Elin has shown enormous grace and poise throughout this ordeal. Elin deserves praise, not blame.我有很多的罪过需要弥补,不过其中有一件事我必须跟大家交待清楚。有些人猜测伊琳在感恩节那天曾经动手打过我。为此我感到很是气愤,居然会有人如此不负责任地造谣。伊琳从来没有对我动过手,在我们俩之间从来没有任何的家庭暴力事件。在整个事情当中,伊琳一直保持着很优雅和宽容的姿态。伊琳的行为值得大家称赞而不是责备。The issue involved here was my repeated irresponsible behavior. I was unfaithful. I had affaris. I cheated. What I did is not acceptable, and I am the only person to blame.今天的问题是我不断地干不负责任的事。我不忠诚,我有外遇,我撒谎。我的这些行为都是不可接受的,我是唯一要受到责备的人。I stopped living by the core values that I was taught to believe in. I knew my actions were wrong, but I convinced myself that normal rules didnt apply. I never thought about who I was hurting. Instead, I thought only about myself. I ran straight through the boundaries that a married couple should live by. I thought I could get away with whatever I wanted to. I thought that I had worked hard my entire life and deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me. I felt I was entitled. Thanks to money and fame, I didnt have to go far to find them.我抛弃了从小被教导相信的核心价值观念。我知道我之前的行为是不对的。但我却蒙骗了自己,以为那些道德框架对我是无效的。我从来没有想过那些被我伤害过的人。我只是以自我为中心,我直接越过那些为夫妻所设定的道德界限。我以为自己不受那些规则所限制,我可以为所欲为。我以为我自己一生都有努力奋斗,所以我就理所当然地能去享受身边的这些诱惑。我觉得有权这么做。也因为我的金钱与名誉,我很容易地就得到这些。201402/275875哈尔滨阳光妇儿医院收费标准

延寿县人工受孕多少钱The other day I went to an amusement park with my soon to be four-year-old son and I watched him play arcade games.有一天我和我快四岁大的儿子去了游乐园,我看着他玩街机游戏。He was incredibly focused, throwing his ball at the target.他非常专注的把球往靶子上扔。Jewish mother that I am, I skipped twenty steps, and was aly imagining him as a major league player.作为一名犹太母亲,我跳过20个步骤,已经开始想象他是一个大联盟的球员。With what is his aim and his arm and his concentration, but then I realized what he want.投球精准,手臂健壮,全神贯注,但是后来我意识到了他想要的是什么。He was playing to trade in his tickets for the crappy plastic toys.他玩这个是为了得到票以换取那些粗劣的塑料玩具。The prize was much more exciting than the game to get it.奖品远比游戏过程令人兴奋。I of course want to urge him to take joy and the challenge of the game, the improvement upon practice, the satisfaction of doing something well, and even feeling the accomplishment when achieving the games goals.我当然想敦促他享受游戏的欢乐和挑战,在练习中进步,表现优越而获得满足感,甚至是在达到游戏目标时的成就感。But all these aspects were shaded by the little ten-cent plastic man, with sticky stretchy blue arms that adhere to the walls.但所有这些方面都被十美分的塑料小人玩具给遮盖了,它有着可以粘在墙壁上的蓝色手臂。That was the prize.这就是所谓奖品。In a childs nature, we see many of our innate tendencies.从一个孩子的天性中,我们看到了我们许多与生俱来的倾向。I saw myself in him and perhaps you do too.我在他身上看到了自己,也许你们也看到了自身。Prizes serve as false idols everywhere, prestige, wealth, fame, power.奖品作为虚假偶像无处不在,声誉,财富,名声,力量。You will be exposed to many of these, if not all.你将会接触到很多,至少也会碰到几个。Of course part of why I was invited to come to speak today beyond my being a proud alumna is that Ive recruited some very coveted toys in my life, including a not so plastic, not so crappy one, an Oscar.当然今天我被邀请来演讲的部分原因除了我是一个骄傲的女校友外,是因为我在人生中收集了一些非常令人垂涎的玩具,不像塑料那么廉价,也不那么蹩脚,一座奥斯卡小金人。So we bump up against the common troll I think of the commencement address people who have achieved a lot telling you that the fruits of the achievement are not are not always to be trusted.我们通常在毕业典礼演讲上碰到的烦心事那就是取得了许多成功的人告诉你成功的果实并不总是值得信任。But I think that contradiction can be reconciled and in fact instructed.但是我认为矛盾实际上是可以协调的,并且具有教导意义。Achievement is wonderful when you know why youre doing it.成就是美好的,当你知道你为什么这么做的时候。And when you dont know, it can be a terrible trap.如果你不知道,它就可能变成可怕的陷阱。201506/381689 Once we have defined our idea of success, the experts tell us that we should set some goals and then work out the actions or steps needed to reach them. Analyst Richard St John, speaker at the Big Ideas forum several years ago, did this by asking 500 other participants --who ranged from Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch to Goldie Hawn and Al Gore--to tell him what was their secrets of success. From these interviews, he came up with this list of eight steps:一旦我们对成功有所定义,专家们就会告诉我们要建立目标,并采取相应的措施达成目标。几年前曾在伟大思想论坛演讲的分析家理查德·圣约翰就曾做了一项关于成功的秘诀的调查。这项调查采访了500人,包括比尔·盖茨、鲁伯特·默多克(传媒大亨),还有歌蒂·韩以及阿尔·戈尔(前美国副总统)。通过这些调查,他总结出了成功的八个步骤:Step 1 passion--find something that you are passionate about that you would do for love, not money, and the dollars will follow.第一步:。寻找你所热爱的工作,这样,工作就是出于热爱而不是为了金钱。金钱也会随之而来。Step 2 work--there is no substitute for hard work but if you love the work you do, then its not so hard. You become a ;workaholic;.第二步:工作。工作的辛苦是无法避免的,但是如果你热爱自己的工作,自然就不会觉得很辛苦。你也会变成“工作狂”Step 3 good--be very good at something. Practice, practice, practice until you are perfect.第三步:专长。一定要在某一方面十分突出。练习,练习,不断练习直到非常熟练为止。Step 4 focus--on one thing so that all your energy and effort pour in one direction.第四步:专注。锁定一个目标,并为之投入全部精力和努力。Step 5 push--push yourself through shyness, self-doubt, and negative thoughts. And if this is too hard, he says, call your mother and she will do it for you.第五步:鞭策。努力让自己摆脱害羞、自我怀疑和消极思想的困扰。如果做不到这点,那就告诉你的母亲,她会帮助你。step 6 serve--find some way to serve others. Millionaries do this by providing something of value to others willing to pay for it.第六步:务。寻找为别人务的机会。百万富翁为别人提供有价值的务,而那些人也愿意为之偿付金钱。Step 7 ideas--look for ways to keep generating new ideas and act on the best of them.第七步:思想。不断让自己迸发新思想,并将其中最好的付诸行动。Step 8 persist--never give up no matter what is thrown at you.第八步:坚持。不管有多艰难,永远不言放弃。 /201308/252684佳大一附院预约四维彩超黑龙江省哈尔滨第二医院贵么



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