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二年级英语作文:My father job --1 01:50:1 来源:   my father is a nice man. he likes to play computer games. he is an owner of a factory which produces many things .he is good at designing. he works very hard. i love him very much because, sometimes, i can help him to do something in his factory .he is always on busine tri because he has his busine everywhere so it takes up too much of his time .  theree, he doersquo;t have any time to play with me but i dorsquo;t blame him that. i often end a lot of my time on the computer, so i have something to do. my mother is usually on the phone and tells my father to get home early but my father doersquo;t listen to her. so my mother and i sometimes are uet and i dorsquo;t like my father in a see that he always gets home late.  i love my father but not his job!

六年级英语作文:Hay Christmas --1 :: 来源:   It was Christmas Day yesterday. We had a Christmas party at school. Many friends of mine came to the party. After we said"Merry Christma;, we began to sing Christmas songs, such as Edelwei, andso on. Then we told some Christmas stories, such as Christmas Father. Then I danced and laughted with my friends. We all had a good time. When the party came to the end,we said "Hay New Year" to each other.

丢失皮夹 I Lost My Wallet-- ::59 CARL: Hello. Excuse me.SALLY: Yes. Can I help you?CARL: Do you remember me? I just had lunch here a half hour ago.SALLY: Of course I remember you. CARL: I think I lost my wallet here.SALLY: Oh, no. Really? I didn't see anything.CARL: Really? You didn't find a wallet?SALLY: No, I didn't. Would you like to go look by the table with me?CARL: Yes, I would. It's not here. And it's not on the floor.Has anyone sat at this table since we left?SALLY: No. It's been empty the whole time.CARL: Hmm. I don't know how it could have happened.SALLY: I remember, sir, that your friend took the bill.You didn't pay the lunch yourself, did you?CARL: No. My friend did.SALLY: Then are you sure you took your wallet out of your pocket while you were here?CARL: No, I'm not sure. But I usually take out my wallet when I sit down.It's uncomtable to sit on it. So I usually put it next to me on the table.SALLY: Maybe you lost it bee you came here. Or maybe you left it at home.CARL: I don't think it's at home. I think I had it when I left the house.But what should I do?SALLY: Well, the first thing you should do is make sure it's not at home.Then, if it isn't, you need to call your credit card companies and cancel your cards.Next, you need to replace whatever you lost , your driver's license, things like that.CARL: Should I call the police?SALLY: You can if you want. But the police usually don't do anything about lost wallets.CARL: Hmm. I'll go home and check. Maybe you're right. Maybe it's at home.SALLY: I'm sorry we couldn't find it, sir. CARL: Thanks your help.卡尔:哈啰,请问一下莎莉:请说,我能帮你吗?卡尔:你记得我吗?刚刚一小时前我在这里吃午餐莎莉:当然我记得你卡尔:我的皮夹掉在这里莎莉:不会吧,真的吗?我没有看到卡尔:真的吗?你没发现到皮夹?莎莉:没有你要跟我到桌子那边看看吗?卡尔:好的不在这里,也不在地上我们走后这一桌有人坐吗?莎莉:没有,一直是空着的卡尔:我不知道怎么会这样莎莉:先生,我记得是你朋友付帐的你没有付自己的午餐钱,不是吗?卡尔:是的,是我朋友付的莎莉:那么你确定在这里你曾从口袋拿出皮夹来吗?卡尔:我不确定但是通常我坐下来时,会把皮夹拿出来坐在上面很不舒,所以通常我把它放在桌子上的旁边莎莉:可能你来这里之前就掉了,或是你遗忘在家里卡尔:我想不会在家里,我记得出门时带着我该怎么办呢?莎莉:首先你要确定不是放在家里如果不是,你要打电话到信用卡公司取消信用卡接下来你要重办遗失的件,像是驾照之类的东西卡尔:要报警吗?莎莉:如果你要的话可以但是警察通常不处理皮夹遗失的案件卡尔:我会回家找找看也许你是对的,也许是放在家里莎莉:很抱歉,我们没有找到,先生卡尔:谢谢你的帮忙

在国外旅行中要付的小费 -01-01 :3:38 来源: Hotel workers depend on tips to augment their usually small salaries. Rather than being annoyed at having to tip the doorman who greets you, consider it part of the cost of travel and be prepared with the dollar bills you will need to hand out bee you even get to your room.Doormen  Depending on the amount of luggage, tip $ 1 to $ to the doorman who takes your bags and turns them over to a bellman. If you are visiting and have no luggage, you naturally do not tip him simply opening the door you. Tip him again when you leave with your luggage as he takes it from the bellman and assists you in loading it in your car or into your taxi. When the doorman obtains a taxi you, tip him to (the higher amount if he must stand in the rain a period of time to get it).Bellman  Tip a bag but not less than $ to the bellman who carries or delivers your luggage to your room. When the bellman does something special you, such as make a purchase or bring something you have requested to your room, but not room service deliveries, he or she should be tipped $ to $ 3 every service, at the time it is provided. Maid    stays of one night or more, the maid should be tipped $ per night per person in a large hotel; $ 1 per night per person in a less expensive hotel. Give the maid her tip in person, if she can be found. If not, put it in a sealed envelope marked "chambermaid".Valet  Valet services are added to your bill, so there is no need to tip pressing or cleaning when items are left in your room. If you are in when your cleaning and pressing is delivered, however, tip $ 1 the delivery one or two items, more when several items are being delivered.Dining Room Staff   Tips dining room staff are exactly the same as they are in any other restaurant - to 18 percent except in the most elegant dining rooms where tips are 18 to percent. If you are staying in an American -plan hotel where your meals are included in your total bill, tips are as usual, and an additional tip should be given to the maitre d' who has taken care of you during your stay. This tip ranges anywhere from $ to $ a weekend a family or group of four people to $ to $ 30 a longer stay or larger group.   饭店的工作人员主要靠小费来增加他(她)们平时微薄的收入不要对付给务员小费感到愤愤不平,而应该把它看作是旅游消费的一部分,并应做好准备在进入饭店之前就随时掏出钞票门卫   给门卫的小费数目取决于行李的多少,为你拿行李并把它递给行李员的门卫要付给1至美元的小费如果你没有行李,通常就不必为他们只为你开门这样简单的务付费当你带着行李准备离开饭店而门卫从行李员手中接过行李并帮你把它放入你的车子或出租车里时,你还应该付给他小费当门卫为你叫了一辆出租车时,你应该付他1至3美元(如果他为了叫辆出租车而不得不在雨中站着时,你的小费应该给得更多些) 行李员  一个行李包要付1美元的小费,但对于把行李送到客房的行李员要付给元以上的小费当行李员为你做了一些特殊的事情,比如替你购物或把你需要的东西送到客房(但不属于客房务范畴)等,他应该得到至3美元的小费 清理房间的女务员  在一个较大、较豪华的饭店,清理房间的女务员每人每天应得到美元的小费;档次次之的饭店的务员每人每天可得1美元小费你可以亲自给她们小费,也可以把钱装在信封里封好,上面写明"送给清理房间的务员" 清洗、熨烫衣的务员  清洗、熨烫衣的务费用被加到你的帐单中,如果在你外出的时候衣被放在房间内你就无需付小费如果务员在送衣时,你在房间内,可以为他们的送衣务付1美元,如果衣较多就应付更多的小费 餐厅务员  付给饭店餐厅务员的小费数目与其他餐馆务员所得小费的数目不相上下,都是-18%,而一些非常豪华、档次最高的餐厅小费要高达18-%如果你入住的饭店是餐费已包含于总帐单的美式饭店,小费还是-18%,且要直接付给那位从头至尾一直侍你的务员如果一个家庭或一行四人要在此饭店住一星期的话,他们付出的小费从美元至美元不等,而在住宿的时间更长或人数更多的情况下,小费要达到美元甚至30美元之多 在国外 旅行 中要 付

文昌椰子树英文介绍 -- :35:1 来源: 文昌椰子树英文介绍 The Wenchang coconut trees m the largest group of coconut trees in China and is one of the most popular scenic areas in Hainan. The Wenchang coconut trees m the largest group of coconut trees in China and is one of the most popular scenic areas in Hainan. There are more than 500,000 trees. Coconut juice is called "holy water" by local residents and is said to help people who drink it regain their youthful vigor.Local farmers can climb meters coconut trees very fast to give visitors fresh coconut juice. 椰子树英文

父母和我(My Parents and I) -- 1:58: 来源: 父母和我(My Parents and I)  i am a chinese girl and i study in wuyilu primary school. i get up very early in the morning and then help my mother cook breakfast. after breakfast, i walk to school, because it's not far from my house.  i have many friends at school. we often help each other with our lessons.my mother is ty-six years old, and she works in meet all supermarket. it's near my school. the supermarket is very big, and it sells all kinds of things. the students in my school often buy school things there.  my father is two years younger than my mother. he is in the same supermarket, but he doesn't sell things. he's a driver.  my family is a happy one.    我是一名中国女孩,我在五一路小学上学我早晨起床很早,然后帮妈妈做早饭吃过早饭后,我走着上学,因为学校离家不远  在学校我有许多朋友,我们在学习上互相帮助我妈妈6岁,在美特好超市工作,超市离我学校很近超市很大,卖各式各样的东西我们学校的学生经常在那里买学习用品  我爸爸比我妈妈小两岁他在同一家超市工作,可是他不卖货,他是司机  我的家庭是一个幸福的家庭

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