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李沧区八一医院看病贵不贵青岛新阳光妇科医院收费青岛八一医院妇产科怎么样 At one time in China weddings were simple affairs, with small ceremonies and bunches of flowers thrown in for good measure.曾几何时,在中国婚礼很简单,简约的仪式,几束鲜花,就已经很不错了。But over the decades, as this photo gallery reveals, nuptials have become much more extravagant as they have in other parts of the world, due to the rise of credit cards, larger disposable incomes and unprecedented pressure from social media.但时过境迁,几十年来从以下这些照片看来,婚礼变得越来越铺张,求花费远超其他国家,其原因有信用卡的普及,多余的可配收入,还有社交媒体的介入。On the cost front, prices are said to have increased sixty-fold since the 1990s. Indeed, one affair last year in China was panned for costing an #39;over-excessive#39; 2.8 million yuan (£290,000). In the 1970#39;s people apparently splashed an average of 680 yuan (£80) on their big day.单从婚礼花销来看,从20世纪90年代以来就翻了6倍。事实上,就在去年一桩奢侈婚礼的花销达到280万元人民币合计29万英镑。而20世纪70年代平均婚礼的花销在680元人民币合计80英镑。Liu Tong, a director at a local TV channel in the northeast province of Liaoning, recalled that in his parent#39;s generation, the bride would be picked up by bicycle instead of the swanky sportscars favoured by today#39;s generation. Looking at how the concept of tying the knot has evolved, Liu wrote on the social media site Weibo: #39;In the 1950s it was about having a bed, in the 1960s it was just about a bag of sweets, in the 1970s it was the Little Red Book, in the 1980s it was about having a radio, in the 1990s there was the extravagance of top-class hotels, and in the 2000s the wedding reception is a display of individuality.#39;刘同(音译),辽宁(中国东北)一家当地电视台的主管,回忆起他父母那辈人结婚,与现在年轻人结婚买车一样,那时新娘会选一辆自行车。瞧瞧现在结婚这点事是如何变化的,刘在社交媒体微上这样写道:50年代要有张床,60年代就要带喜糖,70年代就是小红本(结婚),80年代要个收音机,90年代要顶级豪华酒店,21世纪就是要展现个性。Dozens of Weibo users have shared imaged of changing wedding traditions, which they refer to as a #39;mirror of their time#39;.不少微网友都都晒出了不同年代的婚礼照片,称这是“他们那个年代的镜子”。 /201703/495712青岛市市立医院可以做人流吗

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青岛早孕检查项目有哪些多少钱 Go ahead, fill up on these nutrient packed foods-they can help you fight disease, feel more energetic and even lose weight.去吧,多吃点这些富含营养的食物吧--它们有助于抗击疾病、让你更加活力满满、甚至还有助于减肥。Eggs鸡蛋Each egg has 6 grams of protein but just 72 calories. No wonder researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, found that eating eggs for breakfast (as part of a low-cal diet) helps you slim down.每枚鸡蛋含有6克蛋白质,但只含72卡。难怪路易斯安那州巴吞鲁日彭宁顿生物医药研究中心的研究人员发现:早餐吃鸡蛋(低卡饮食的一部分)有助于减肥。Tomato Sauce番茄酱It#39;s loaded with lycopene, which makes your skin look younger and keeps your heart healthy. In fact, a Harvard study found that women with the most lycopene in their blood reduced their risk of a heart attack by 34%.番茄酱富含番茄红素,能使你的肌肤更年轻,有利于心脏健康。事实上,哈佛的一项研究发现:血液中番茄红素最多的女性,她们患心脏病的风险降低了34%。Dried Plums (Prunes)干梅(西梅)They#39;re packed with polyphenols, plant chemicals that have been shown to boost bone density by stimulating your bone-building cells.干梅富含植物化学物质--多酚,研究已明通过刺激造骨细胞,多酚能提高骨密度。Walnuts核桃Just 7 walnuts provide more than twice your daily dose of alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fat that#39;s been shown to improve memory and coordination.7个整核桃就能提供人体每日所需α-亚麻酸的两倍,这是一种欧米茄3脂肪,可提高和协调能力。Acai Juice巴西莓果汁A glass or two of this anthocyanin-rich berry juice can dramatically boost the amount of antioxidants in your blood, says Texas Aamp;M University researchers.一两杯富含花青素的浆果果汁能大大增加血液中的抗氧化剂含量,德州农工大学的研究员说道。Apples苹果They contain quercetin, an antioxidant that may reduce your risk of lung cancer.苹果含有槲皮素,是一种能降低人们患肺癌几率的抗氧化剂。Bok choy白菜This calcium-rich veggie can protect your bones and may even ward off PMS symptoms.这一钙元素丰富的蔬菜可以保护骨骼健康,甚至还可消除经前综合症。Olives橄榄They deliver the same heart-healthy monounsaturated fat you get in olive oil, but for just 7 calories per jumbo olive!橄榄提供和橄榄油等量的有利于心脏健康的单一不饱和脂肪,但每颗橄榄只含7卡。Black beans黑豆They#39;re loaded with protein, fiber, and flavonoids-antioxidants that help your arteries stay relaxed.黑豆富含蛋白质、纤维素和类黄酮--有利于动脉放松的抗氧化剂。Sunflower seeds葵花籽A quarter-cup delivers half your day#39;s vitamin E, which keeps your heart healthy and fights infection.四分之一杯的葵花籽就能提供人体每日所需维生素E的一半,维生素E有利于心脏健康、还能抵抗感染。Sardines沙丁鱼Just 3 oz provide more than 100% of your daily vitamin D. Sardines are also a top source of omega-3 fats. Try adding mashed canned sardines to marinara sauce and serving over whole-wheat pasta.3盎司沙丁鱼就能完全提供人体每日所需的维生素D。沙丁鱼也是欧米茄3脂肪的主要来源。试着将捣碎的罐装沙丁鱼放到纯番茄酱中,然后用作全麦意面的酱料。Asparagus芦笋A half-cup supplies 50% of your daily bone-building vitamin K and a third of your day#39;s folate, it#39;s a natural diuretic so it banishes bloating, too.半杯芦笋可提供人体每日所需造骨维生素K的一半,并提供人体每日所需叶酸的三分之一,这是种天然利尿剂,因此也能消除腹胀。Bananas香蕉They#39;re loaded with several kinds of good-for-you fiber, including resistant starch (which helps you slim down).香蕉富含多种有利于人体健康的纤维素,包括抗性淀粉(有助于人们减肥哦)。Fat-free milk脱脂牛奶With a third of the calcium and half the vitamin D you need in a day, plus 8 grams of protein, it#39;s the ultimate energy drink.脱脂牛奶可提供人体每日所需钙元素的三分之一,以及一半的维生素D,且含有8克蛋白质,绝对是终极能量饮品啊!译文属 /201704/502166青岛清宫痛不痛多少钱胶南市人民医院支持刷信用卡吗




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