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What interests do you have outside work?工作之余你有什么兴趣爱好?I work out at a sports club three times a week.我每周在体育俱乐部运动三次。After lifting weights for about an hour,I swim for half an hour.做完1小时的举重练习之后,游泳30分钟。I have been doing the workout for the last 15 years.过去这15年来,我一直这样锻炼身体。Its also a great way to refresh myself after a days work.这也是在工作一天之后,放松自己的好方法。Contrary to your presumption that “China has a bad economyis the fact that in the last 500 years the Chinese economy has brought more people out of poverty than any economy in world history. Approximately 500,000,000 citizens of the People’s Republic of China have had five decades of increased personal household income. Therefore, if you are analyzing connections between socialism and negative growth, look to countries such as post-WWII Burma-Myanmar, North Korea, and Cuba.与你傲慢的偏见“中国经济很差”正好相反,实际上在过去0-60年以来,中国经济已经让很多人脱离贫困,脱贫人数远超世界历史上任何经济体。大约有5亿中国公0年来家庭收入持续增加。因此,如果你想分析社会主义和负增长的之间的关系,建议你可以看看二战后的缅甸,北朝鲜和古巴。China’s economic system iswhatever the western media says it is.西方记者笔下的中国经济形势,不外乎于以下几种:When China’s economy is booming,everyone chants “See, see? Thanks to liberal reforms, China is better off thanthey were under Communism!”当中国经济爆发式增长时,他们会说:“看啊!感谢自由改革,中国变得比制度时期更好了!”Then as soon as China’s economy crasheslike any other market economy, everyone yells “Stupid stupid communists,Communism is a failure and always will be! Stupid stupid liberals, Berniesupporters, and everyone else I disagree with for thinking such a system couldpossibly work!”一旦中国经济像别的经济体一样奔溃的时候,他们又会大喊:“愚蠢的制度,失败的制度一向如此!愚蠢的自由主义者,伯尼持者(伯尼指伯尼桑德斯),以及所有我不赞同的人,他们居然认为这个经济形式行得通!”Then, China’s economy willrecover, the west will sing the praises of capitalism, and the cycle repeats.当中国经济复苏,西方记者又开始歌颂资本主义好,资本主义棒!In practice, China has a verymixed economy(“Socialist Market Economy they call it), employing multiplestate-owned corporations that ensure the party’s dominance over the economywhile still allowing private enterprise.实际上,中国拥有一个非常复杂的混合经济(他们称为:社会主义市场经济),利用多重多样的国企确保了中国的经济领导者地位,同时也有很多私企存在。And no,China’s economy is not “badlike you say, the economic policies mentionedabove has rocketed China’s economy into being the largest in the world.并且,中国经济一点也不差,相反中国坐火箭般,正在变成世界最大经济体。China doesn’t have bad economybut I wouldn’t be too excited about their past growth. Not that it’s notimpressive; pulling out all those people from extreme poverty is definitelyworth recognition. But you need to remember that it is always easier to growfast from nothing. It’s like with cars: if one car speeds up from 50 to 100km/h and the other from 150 to 200 km/h over the same period of time, then yes,the first car doubled its speed but at the end of the day, the second car hadthe identical speed increase and it’s still going significantly faster.Obviously this comparison is very rough but it’s a perspective that you shouldkeep in mind when comparing e.g. USA with China.中国的经济一点也不差,但是我也不会因为他们过去的增长感到过多的惊讶。并不代表他们所做的不令人钦佩,让大量的穷人脱贫的确是一件值得赞扬的事情。但是你得知道,从无到有一向很简单,举例:如果在同一个时间段里,一辆车0km/h加速到100km/h,而另一辆需要从150km/h加速到200km/h,毫无疑问第一辆车速度加倍了,但是一天过去了,第二辆车同样加0km/h的速度,并且跑的更快了。显然这样的对比很简单粗暴,但是这个道理你必须记住,尤其是你将中国和美国相互作比较的时候。Which brings another point: Chinamay be expected to overtake USA as the largest economy in the world very soon.But it has also 4 times the population of USA. Measured economically, anAmerican produces significantly more / is significantly more efficient than aChinese.再来说一些别的观点:中国也许很快会超越美国变成世界第一大经济体,但是中国人口是美国的四倍。衡量经美国明显比中国更高效。Even then there is still no pointin asking whether it’s the fault of Chinese “communisticregime because Chinais still in the upward trajectory. For me the interesting and very importantquestion is where is the limit for this Chinese growth. Is there a potential toovertake USA even in GDP per capita? Or is the regime exactly the reason whythis will never happen?即使这样,现在没有任何观点指出这一切是否是中国制度导致的,因为中国任然处于上升的轨道。对我而言,最优意思的并且也最重要的是:中国增长的界限在哪里?他们在人均GDP上是否也有超过美国的潜力?或者因为政体原因,这一切将永远不会发生?I’m more inclined to believe inthe second scenario (or more precisely, given that I strongly believe inWestern liberal democracy, this would give me certain satisfaction even thoughI really don’t wish the Chinese to “lose. This is for these two (perhapsnaive) reasons:我更倾向于相信第二种结论(或者更准确的说,考虑到我对西方自由皿煮的强烈信念,即时我不希望中国输掉,但我还是认为这个结论更能让我心满意足),原因有两点:1. The corruption is a huge problemin a single-party system like the Chinese one. There are no public media thatcould actually independently fight the corruption and the internal mechanismsare just as corrupted by their nature. This is never good for economy as itleads to inefficiency.1腐败问题,中国有着巨大的FB问题,媒体无法公然反对FB,商人跟着FB。这些对经济百害而无一利. I don’t think that a country canbecome an actual economical, cultural and innovation leader when its citizensare expected to bend down before the central government and simply follow. Theyare not free. Also from another perspective, such a country is hardly asattractive as e.g. the aforementioned ed States to smart people from allover world (note that many leaders and founders of the most successful Americancompanies are immigrants or offsprings of immigrants; Steve Jobs is oneexample).2我认为这样一个国家无法成为经济、文化、创新的领导者,因为他的国民对于ZF仅仅是屈和顺从。他们没有自由!从跟多的角度出发,这样的一个国家是无法成为如美国一般有魅力的国度,能吸引来自五湖四海的优质人才。(在美国大部分领导和创始人都是移民或者移民后裔,比如乔布斯) /201706/515344

There is an awful lot we can do.我们要做的事情太多了。There is an awful lot we can do.我们要做的事情太多了。OK. Maybe Alice is available now.好吧。也许爱丽丝现在能有空。We,re sping ourselves too thin.我们要做的事情太多了!Im overworked at the moment.我此刻已经工作过度了。Ive taken too many commitments.我的事情太多 了。sp oneself too thin要做的事情太多,过分分散自己的精力。Sorry, I am busy now. 对不起,我现在很忙。Sorry, I am busy now. Ill contact you later.对不起,我现在很忙。我待会儿联系你。OK. See you soon.好吧。待会见。Im in a bit of a hurry. Can it wait?我这会儿正在忙。能等一会儿吗?Im busy working on a new project.我正在忙一个新的项目。 /201503/367409

I object that he is too young for the position.我反对,他太年轻了,难当此任。I object that he is too young for the position.我反对,他太年轻了,难当此任。Yes, Ill think about it again.是啊,我要再想想。I object to his making private calls on the office phone.我反对他用办公室的电话打私人电话。Im against too much control.我反对太多的限制。My main objection to the plan is that it would be too expensive.我反对这项计划的主要理由是它耗资太大。Sorry, Im not free now.对不起,我现在没空。Can you come here?你能过来一下吗?Sorry, Im not free now.对不起,我现在没空。I have no time for question now.我现在没时间回答问题。 We cant afford the time.我们现在没空。Im in a hurry now.我现在很忙。 /201503/367164

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