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TAIPEI, Taiwan — Sitting in the third row of a small chapel, Ms Liou wiped away tears of joy as her sister exchanged wedding vows with her new husband. 台湾台北——当自己的手足同胞和她的新婚丈夫互相许下婚姻誓言时,坐在一座小教堂第三排的刘女士拭去了高兴的泪水。A few feet away, Ms Liou’s partner stood alone, maintaining their public charade of being just friends.几步开外,她的伴侣独自站着,保持着她们在公共场合只是朋友的假象。Ms Liou — who asked that her full name not be disclosed because she had yet to come out as gay — said she would feel more comfortable holding her partner’s hand or embracing her in a society that did not view their way of life as out of the ordinary.因为还没出柜而要求不公开自己全名的刘女士说,如果能生活在一个不认为她们的生活方式不正常的社会里,她在牵着伴侣的手或是拥抱她时会更踏实。If we could realize marriage equality in Taiwan, people in our situation could lead fuller lives, she said.如果能在台湾实现婚姻平权,处于我们这种情况的人的人生会更完整,她说。That day could be coming soon, although it is not assured. 那一天或许很快便会到来,但这也不是一件板上钉钉的事情。Bills that would legalize same-sex marriage are moving through Taiwan’s legislative system, bringing the island closer to becoming the first place in Asia with marriage equality. 使同性婚姻合法化的议案已进入台湾的立法系统,从而让该岛距离成为亚洲首个实现婚姻平等的地区更近了一步。Some predict it could happen early next year.一些人预测可能明年初便能实现婚姻平等。The political climate in Taiwan has never been more favorable. 台湾的政治环境从来没像现在这么有利过。President Tsai Ing-wen, who took office in May, has spoken out in favor of same-sex marriage. 5月上台的总统蔡英文(Tsai Ing-wen)发声持同性婚姻。Her Democratic Progressive Party, which is largely sympathetic to gay rights, holds the majority in the Legislative Yuan.她领导的民主进步党基本上持同性恋权益,并在立法院占有多数席位。Some cities are aly extending symbolic recognition of same-sex relationships. 一些城市已经在扩大对同性关系的象征性认可。In May, Kaohsiung became the first city in Taiwan to register same-sex couples. 5月,高雄成为台湾首个为同性伴侣登记的城市。Shortly afterward, Taipei, the capital, followed suit.不久后,首都台北亦效仿高雄。This month, Kaohsiung issued its first same-sex partnership cards to gay couples, and the Taipei city government announced that it would soon do the same. 本月,高雄向同性伴侣颁发首批同性伴侣卡,台北市政府则宣布很快便会加入高雄的行列。The deputy director of the Kaohsiung civil affairs bureau, Chen Shu-fang, said the cards would make it easier to contact partners in emergencies and for hospitals to include partners in medical decisions.高雄民政局副局长陈淑芳表示,伴侣卡会降低在紧急情况下联系伴侣,以及医院在做出医疗决定时将伴侣考虑进来的难度。In Asia, Taiwan is an island of relative acceptance for gays, lesbians and those of other sexual orientations. 在亚洲,台湾是一个相对更接受男女同性恋和有其他性取向的人士的岛屿。In some Asian countries, including Brunei, homosexual acts are illegal.在包括文莱在内的部分亚洲国家,同性恋行为是违法的。The governing Democratic Progressive Party; the opposition Nationalist Party, or Kuomintang; and the smaller New Power Party have each proposed same-sex marriage bills. 执政党民进党、反对党国民党以及规模较小的时代力量党均提出了各自的同性婚姻议案。As of Friday, the bills were in the hands of a Legislative Yuan judiciary committee.截至周五,这些议案都已提交至立法院下属的一个司法委员会。Taiwan has considered marriage equality before. 台湾以前就考虑过婚姻平等。Hsiao Bi-khim, a legislator from the Democratic Progressive Party, submitted a same-sex marriage bill in 2005 that was blocked outright. 民进党立法委员萧美琴(Hsiao Bi-khim)在2005年提交了一项同性婚姻议案,但该议案被彻底否决。In 2013, a bill reached the committee review stage but stalled. 2013年,一项议案已经到了委员会审查的阶段,后来仍被搁置。Now, Ms Hsiao said, things are different.如今,萧美琴说,情况不同了。 /201611/479688Brain tests at the age of three appear to predict a child#39;s future chance of success in life, say researchers.研究人员于日前表示,三岁时的大脑测试似乎预示着一个孩子未来在生活中获得成功的机会。Low cognitive test scores for skills like language indicate less developed brains, possibly caused by too little stimulation in early life, they say.他们还表示,低语言能力的认知测试分数意味着大脑不太发达,可能是由于早期生活中的刺激太少。The US researchers from Duke University say the findings highlight the importance of early life experiences and interventions to support vulnerable youngsters.来自杜克大学的美国研究人员称,这些发现突出了早期生活经验和干预措施对持弱势青少年的重要性。Although the study followed people in New Zealand, the investigators believe that the results could apply to other countries.此次研究的对象是新西兰的孩子,但是研究人员认为结果可能也适用于其他国家。They followed the lives of more than 1,000 children. Those who had low test scores for language, behavioural, movement and cognitive skills at three years old went on to account for more than 80% of crimes, and received 66% of social welfare payments in adulthood.在研究人员追踪的1000多个孩子的生活中,那些在三岁时语言能力、行为能力、运动能力和认知能力的测试成绩低的人,占犯罪的80%,并且在成年后获得了66%的社会福利金。The researchers found that a similar proportion of middle class children who scored low in tests when they were three also went on to experience difficulties when they were older.研究人员还发现,相当比例的中产阶级的孩子在三岁时的测试得分较低,在年龄较大时也会遇到困难。The researchers stress that the outcomes are not set at the age of three. The course of their lives could potentially be changed if they receive support later in life.研究人员强调,结果不是在三岁时设定的。如果他们在生命后期得到持,他们的生活过程可能会有所改变。 /201612/485078Plenty of drivers complain about rush hour traffic, but some have more to gripe about than others.许多司机都抱怨上下班高峰期的交通拥堵,但是相比之下有些地方的司机怨声会更大。Bangkok has the worst evening rush hour traffic in the world for a second consecutive year, according to GPS manufacturer TomTom.根据GPS生产商TomTom的调查结果,曼谷连续第二年成为全球晚高峰堵车最严重的城市。The results were compiled after TomTom tracked a years-worth of traffic in 390 cities across 48 countries.该结果是TomTom根据对48个国家390个城市交通状况的多年追踪数据汇总而成的。TomTom#39;s senior traffic expert Nick Cohn said that Thailand -- and many other big cities at the top of the congestion ranking -- have become victims of their own success. Growing economies and surging populations translate into more traffic and commuters.TomTom的高级交通专家尼克?科恩说,泰国和很多其他在拥堵榜上排名靠前的大城市已成为自身成功的牺牲品。增长的经济和扩张的人口意味着更多的车辆和通勤者。;It would be a challenge for any city government [to] keep things moving,; he said, noting that as more people have moved to Bangkok#39;s low-density suburbs, commuter traffic has worsened.他说:“任何城市的政府想让交通顺畅都不容易。”他指出,随着越来越多的人搬到曼谷人口密度较低的郊区居住,通勤带来的交通拥堵变得更严重了。While Mexico City has the second worst evening rush hour traffic in the world, TomTom considers the Mexican capital to be the world#39;s worst city for full-day traffic congestion.尽管墨西哥城在晚高峰拥堵榜上排名第二,TomTom认为墨西哥城是全球全天交通拥堵最严重的城市。;It could be middle of the day or late at night, but it#39;s just really, really congested,; said Cohn.科恩说:“拥堵可能发生在中午或深夜,不论发生在何时,堵起来都很严重。”;Mexico City has an extensive subway system but it doesn#39;t extend out to where all the population growth is happening,; he said. ;People don#39;t have a lot of options for getting to work.;他说:“墨西哥城有分布广泛的地铁系统,但是很多人口增长最迅速的地区并没有覆盖到。人们上班也没有太多其他交通工具可选择。”Moscow, which ranks as the fifth worst city for evening rush hour traffic, was higher up the rankings in past years. But congestion has eased a bit since city officials introduced new parking rules.晚高峰拥堵榜第五名的莫斯科在过去几年排名更靠前。自从该市的政府官员引进停车新规后,交通拥堵有所缓解。Cohn said the city now charges for some parking, which ;really changed people#39;s behavior.;科恩说,该市现在开始针对部分停车行为收费,这“确实改变了人们的行为”。Istanbul has also seen a modest easing of traffic congestion because authorities have made a point to provide more real-time traffic data to drivers. This helped people plan their drives and avoid severe traffic jams.伊斯坦布尔的交通拥堵也有一些改善,因为当局设法为司机提供了更多实时交通数据。这有助于人们制定出行计划,避开严重的交通阻塞。;It#39;s still terrible but there is a slight decrease,; he said.科恩说,“伊斯坦布尔的堵车仍然很严重,但是比原来稍微好一点了。”The only American city in the top 15 is Los Angeles. Its traffic congestion has worsened, but it#39;s been moving down the ranking over the past few years as other global cities experience more acute traffic problems.唯一登上拥堵榜前15名的美国城市是洛杉矶。洛杉矶的交通拥堵比以前恶化了,但是它的排名在过去几年却下降了,这是因为世界上的其他城市遭遇了更棘手的交通难题。 /201702/494027

7 Ways To Manage Stress Creatively7个创意方法,帮你管理自己的压力Stress is a huge problem for us all. Here’s what I’ve learned and apply to manage stress using my creativity.对于我们所有人来说,压力都是个大问题。我在这分享点我自己学到的东西:如何用自己的创造力来管理压力。1. You don’t have to be a “tortured” artist.并不是只有“苦难”才能出诗人It’s easy to use drugs, alcohol, and other crutches to “enhance” our creativity. We’re too disoriented to be thinking about the future, or the past, and we just focus on what’s directly in front of us. We can express ourselves without these crutches.用药物、酒精或者其他的辅助品通常能很容易地“增强”我们的创造力。因为它们把我们弄迷糊了,让我们看不到未来和过去,只能着眼于当下。(其实只要主动着眼于当下)我们即使不用这些东西也能发挥自己的创造力。2. Take care of your self. Mind AND Body.照顾好你自己,心灵与身体都要。Putting my creativity and my work first, I often neglected to eat, exercise, even stand up from my desk. I spent the whole year in non-stop pain – constant doctors which only caused me to feel depressed, sad and useless. I now realize that how I feel physically (and mentally) is more important than the work I create. Taking care of myself includes all natural remedies such as acupuncture, herbs and vitamins as my only form of medicine. I’m learning how to say no to social pressures, in favor of my own well being.我曾把创造力和工作放在第一,经常忽视吃饭,锻炼,甚至从桌边站起来。我花了整整一年的时间不停地找医生治疗,而这些只会让我感到沮丧、悲伤和无助。我现在意识到,比起我创作的作品,身心健康更为重要。我照顾自己的方法包括所有的自然疗法,如针灸、草药和维生素(唯一可以算药物的东西)。为了有利于我自己的幸福,我在学习如何对社会压力说“不”。3. Don’t worry about what other people think of you.不要担心其他人是怎么看待你的This is easier said than done, but I promise it does come with age. No one cares about what you’re doing unless what you’re doing affects and/or benefits them in some way. A lot of people do offer unsolicited advice, it’s human nature to want to help other people… but if that advice is coming from a place of control or judgement, RUN in the opposite direction.说起来容易,但做起来难。不过我保随着年龄的增长,这种想法会变得容易接受些。如果你所做的事情对他们没有影响或者益处,没有人会关心你在做什么。很多人会提供主动的建议,这是人类的天性——想帮助其他人……但如果这个建议是一种控制或评判,这就不对了。4. Stop Judging.不要不停地评判(自己正在创造的东西)The judgements, awards and critiques of other people are nothing but words constructed as a way of comparing you to someone else. Art is often made to be critiqued, and I love dissecting a good painting or film. However, as the artist, the joy of creativity SHOULD come from the process of creating.其他人的评价、赞扬和批评只不过是些将你与别人比较而说的文字罢了。艺术往往是需要受到批判的,我喜欢仔细分析一幅好画或是一部好电影。然而,作为艺术家,创造力的喜悦应该来自创造的过程。正反馈可以令人为之振奋。评价通常是一种衡量成功的方法。最令人感到愉悦的方法是对你身在何方和你现在所拥有的一切心存感激。5. Don’t Compare.不要做比较Stress is often caused by comparison to others.Most people are not as happy as they portray themselves to be. The best advice I ever heard was this… Don’t compare your inside to other people’s outside. Be open to new experiences, be kind to yourself and accepting of the journey which is life. Being present means not thinking into the future, or harping on the past. The coolest thing about being present is that CREATIVITY LIVES IN THE MOMENT. Each moment is UNIQUE.与别人的比较往往会引起压力。其实,大多数人并不像他们所描绘的那样快乐。我听过的最好的建议是,不要拿你内在的东西和别人外在的东西进行比较。学会接受新的经验,善待自己,并接受如旅程般的生活。活在当下就是不考虑将来,或唠叨过去。最酷的事情是要创造性生活在当下。每一刻都是独一无二的。6. Your intentions matter.你的初衷很重要It’s important to remember why you started doing something. What was your intention? I remind myself to enjoy the process of my creative fun stuff, it’s for me. If others like it, great, but it’s the enjoyment of my creative intention, in the moment, that I treasure.重要的是你要记住为什么开始做某事。你的初衷是什么?我提醒自己要享受创造乐趣的过程,最终目的是为了我自己的快乐。如果别人喜欢它,这很好,但更为重要的是,它让我享受到了创作的乐趣。我很珍惜那一刻。7. Accept Creativity as Work…because who wants a real job anyway?将创造力视作工作……因为,谁想真地工作呢?The biggest skill is being able to separate yourself from your work. This is helpful in our own creative work. If someone doesn’t like our painting, that shouldn’t send us into a spiral of distress. Newsflash: this happens at any job. We have to work, in order to live. So why not spend your days practicing your craft? Why not spend your days being creative?我认为最大的技能,是能够将你自己和工作分开。在进行创造性的工作时,这是有帮助的。因为虽然这些只是我们的工作和创造力,而非我们自己。如果有人不喜欢我们的画,我们不应该把自己陷入痛苦的恶性循环之中。 /201701/487926

Open real wide and just scream like a maniac at the top of your lungs!把嘴张的大大的,然后疯子一样狂叫。Baby birds show kindergarten kids how it#39;s done幼鸟给幼儿园的孩子展示这是如何做到的。 /201610/471614

China has established a network to monitor PM 2.5 levels nationwide, in a move meant to hasten the reduction of the country#39;s air pollution and cut down on fraudulent data.中国已经在全国范围内建立了一个PM2.5监测网络,此举是为了加快减轻空气污染和减少欺诈性数据。The network includes manual sampling stations and laser radar stations.该监测网络包括人工采样站和激光雷达站。Analysts can even monitor the movement of air pollutants via airborne platforms, Chen Jining, head of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, told Science and Technology Daily.环保部部长陈吉宁在接受《科技日报》采访时表示,分析人士甚至可以通过空中平台监测空气污染物的移动。;We#39;ve established a monitoring network to keep track of particles. The network consists of satellite sensing and ground base sensing; the first method supervises the overall process and the second monitors the transportation of pollutants,; said Li Qian, a scholar from Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center.北京市环境监测中心学者李谦表示:“我们已经建立起了一个监测网络来追踪微小粒子。该系统由卫星遥感和地面遥感系统组成;第一种方法监测整个过程,第二种方法监测污染物的输送。”The implementation of satellite remote sensing technologies can also put an end to data fraud, experts say.专家们表示,使用卫星遥感技术也可以终结数据欺诈。In October 2016, several environmental protection officials in Xian, Shaanxi province tampered with air quality monitoring equipment to create falsified data, resulting in a scandal that triggered public concern over the authenticity of such data.2016年10月,陕西省西安市一名环保官员篡改了空气质量监测设备来伪造数据,引发了一场丑闻,引起了公众对这类数据真实性的关注。The optimization of China#39;s 1,436 air quality monitoring sites will be put on the agenda during China#39;s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), while 16 new air monitoring background stations and 96 regional stations will be established to tackle air pollution, Science and Technology Daily reported.据《科技日报》报道,“十三五(2016-2020)”期间对中国1436个空气质量监测点的优化将会被提上日程,还将建立16个新的空气监测背景站、以及96个区域站点来应对空气污染。 /201702/493048

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