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Alex Young is the James Beard Award-winning chef at Zingermans Roadhouse in Ann Arbor and the founder of Cornman Farms in Dexter.Hes cooked all over the world, and really loves fall and early winter in Michigan.;Theres so many beautiful things to play with. All the roots and the wild rice just got harvested, and its duck season. I like to make duck gumbo,; he says. ;Its a great time of year.;Young loves cooking this time of year because ;its when everything kind of happens,; explaining that historically, this is when youd be ;putting up foods to get through the winter.;Young has a few suggestions for those looking to cook up a nice, seasonal meal using local ingredients:;I would do something warm and cuddly and comfortable, like roasting some celery root, roasting some carrots. Maybe cook some nice organic rice, a little fresh apples, Michigan apple season, cook them down, nothing makes me feel more comfortable than that.;He talks more about Michigans seasonal offerings and gives us some additional suggestions in our conversation above.201512/417816Pensions养老金Pot luck随用随取的钱罐The chancellor hands more freedom to retirees财政大臣给予退休人员更多的自由GET out those cruise brochures—retirees may soon be going on a spending spree. Historically, most Britons with personal pensions and those in so-called “defined-contribution” schemes have been forced to use their pension pots to buy an annuity—a product paying a (normally fixed) income for the rest of their lives. These have never been popular. Money invested in an annuity is locked away and cannot be passed on to the retirees heirs. Recently, low interest rates and longer lifespans have caused annuity rates to fall sharply. Last month the Financial Conduct Authority, Britains regulator, concluded that the annuity market “is not working well for consumers”.现在出现了那种旅行宣传册—退休人员可能很快过上肆意狂欢的生活。回首过去,大多数拥有个人退休金的英国人和那些所谓的“界定供款计划”(即雇主或雇员将资金投入某个计划,由基金管理人员利用此投资进行市场运作)的参与者,都被强制去用他们的退休金购买年金—是一种定期投入资金并且终生可定期领取一定金额的计划。但这些并不被大众接受,因为用于年金投资的钱都是被限制的,子女并不能作为接受者。而近期,低利率和较长的使用期使得年金利率大幅下降。英国的监管机构—金融务监督局,于上月宣布“年金计划和消费者相处的并不融洽”。Few anticipated George Osbornes sweeping response. In his budget speech, the chancellor outlined a plan to do away with the requirement to buy an annuity and all the arcane rules that accompany it. Retirees will be free to draw down their pension pot as they like, subject to paying tax at their marginal rate. That will bring Britain into line with other countries including America, Australia and Denmark.几乎没有人预料到乔治·奥斯本的全面响应。在这位财政大臣的预算中,提出了一个废除任何购买年金以及与年金相关的计划。在他们以边际税率来缴税限制下,退休人员可以自由减少退休金的入资。这一举措使得英国与美国、澳大利亚和丹麦等国家面临同一处境。It may prove a popular idea, but is it a good one? Pensions get generous tax treatment to encourage people to provide for retirement; if they blow their pension pot on a Maserati, they may end up as wards of the state, particularly in their later years when many will need expensive care in nursing homes.这可能是一个大众喜闻乐见的决策,但这是否是一个明智的决策呢?养老金得到了慷慨的税收优惠待遇,这促进了人们积极为退休做准备;但如果他们肆意挥霍他们的退休金,他们可能会在国家的病房中结束一生,特别是当他们在晚年可能需要昂贵的医疗护理。The government reckons that most people can be trusted to make sensible decisions (although it is also proposing that they be given advice when they retire). But that view sits oddly with its other policies. Many workers are now auto-enrolled in pension plans, on the basis that they are too apathetic to provide for their futures voluntarily. Do people suddenly acquire wisdom when they retire, perhaps?政府相信大部分人能作出明智的选择(尽管它还提议,当他们退休时可以提出建议)。但是相比于政府的其他政策,这种看法似乎处于一个尴尬的位置。现在很多工人在养老金计划中自发登记,因为他们对于他们的自由的未来是麻木的。也许,人们在其退休之时能突然醒悟?The change will have wide-ranging consequences, not least for the insurance companies that sell annuities, several of which saw sharp share-price plunges. To the extent that pensioners do take more of their pension pot upfront, the government will get tax revenues earlier than before; the boost may be worth £1.2 billion ( billion) by the 2018-19 financial year.这个变化产生的结果将会有深远影响,尤其是那些出售年金的保险公司,其中一些保险公司意识到了股票价格的狂跌。由于领养老金的人总是提前领取养老金,政府征收税收收入将比以前不断提早;根据2018-2019年的财政年度,这个增值将会达到12亿英镑(20亿美元)。But there are dangers for the state too. Public employees such as doctors and teachers are covered by final-salary schemes, under which the government guarantees to pay them a retirement income. These pensions are funded on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning the Treasury has put no money aside to cover them. If public-sector workers decided to transfer their money into a private pension pot, to take advantage of the new freedom, the Treasury would have to cough up the cash immediately; the government is proposing to deny public-sector workers that right.但是对于国家来说还是存有风险。公务人员,例如医生和教师,他们是被最终薪金计划涵盖在内的,在该计划中,政府承诺付他们的退休收入。这些养老金是在“现收现付”(即由在职职工承担已退休职工的社会保障成本;付给退休者的社会保障资金是直接来自该时点的在职劳动者负担的社会保障费用)的基础上提供的。如果公共部门的工人们享受这个新的自由,决定将他们的资金转移至一个私人的养老金存储地方,那么财政部就不得不马上返还资金;政府正提议否决公共部门工人们的这项权利。The same worry applies to private-sector final-salary schemes, which might suddenly face a cash drain if workers opt to convert. Such pension schemes are big investors in government bonds, and the switch might make it more difficult to fund Britains deficit. So private-sector workers in final-salary schemes may also lose their right to transfer. Freedom for some retirees will thus come at the price of restrictions on others.私营部门的最终薪金计划同样有这样的担忧之处,因为当工人选择去转变的时候它可能会很突然的面对资金外流这种状况。这种养老金计划是政府债券的“大投资者”,并且一旦发生转换,为英国的赤字提供资金将会难上加难。因此,在最终薪金计划中的私营部门工人也可能会失去他们变换的权利。如此一来,一些退休人员的自由将会以他人的限制作为代价。译者:张娣 校对:邵林译文属译生译世 /201510/402029

Do you take your vitamins everyday? Be careful.你每天都补充维他命么?小心点。Just as vitamin deficiency can make you sick, so can vitamin toxicity.就如缺乏维他命会使你生病一样,维他命中毒也会令你生病。Indeed, vitamins can be very dangerous if you take them in high quantities.事实上,如果摄入剂量太大,维他命会变得非常危险。Though vitamins A and D are the most likely to make you sick if you take too much of them, they arent the only vitamins that can be dangerous.尽管维他命A和维他命D是最有可能因为用过量导致生病的,但是它们不是仅有的两种会造成危险的维他命。All vitamins have the potential to be toxic if youingest too much of them.如果你用剂量过高,所有的维他命都有成为毒药的可能。Part of the reason why A and D put you at higher risk than Vitamin C and others has to do with the way vitamins are dissolved.用维他命A和维他命D比维他命C以及其他维他命存在更高风险的部分原因在于维他命的分解方式。Vitamin C dissolves in water.维他命C溶于水。Thus, if you take excess Vitamin C,your body can flush it out through urine.因此,如果你用了过量的维他命C,你的身体可以通过尿液将其排出体外。Vitamins A and D, however, dissolve in oils and meltedfat.而维他命A和维他命D却是溶于油和脂肪的。So, when you take too much of one of these vitamins, rather than flushing the excess out, the body stores the surplus in fat or in fatty tissues such as the liver and the brain.因此,如果你过量摄入这几种维生素的话,身体会将剩余部分存入脂肪或脂肪组织,比如肝脏和大脑,而不会排出体外。Accumulation of water in the brain, severe headaches, and birth defects are just three of the problems toxic levels of Vitamin A can cause.脑积水、严重的头痛和先天畸形仅仅是维他命A中毒会造成的众多疾病中的几种。If you keep a relatively well-balanced diet, youll most likely get the vitamins your body needs without the use of supplements.如果你保持饮食均衡,那么你也许已经摄取了身体所需的维他命,不需要补充。201412/351060

Five people were killed Monday in an attack in a refugee camp near Amman, Jordan. Three intelligence officers were among those in the casualties. 周一在约旦安曼附近的一个难民营里五人被杀害。其中三人是情报人员。The attack took place in an intelligence office in the Baqaa refugee camp on the outskirts of the capital. 袭击发生在首都郊外巴卡难民营的情报办公室。The Camp is the largest of Jordans six refugees camps. 该营地是约旦六个难民营中最大的一个。It was established in 1968 as a place for Palestinians seeking refuge from the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. 难民营于1968年建立,巴勒斯坦人在1967年阿拉伯与以色列战争中寻求避难。The two other victims were two security officials. The government offered no information on the method of the attack.另外两名遇难者是2名安全官员。政府没有提供关于袭击方法的资料。译文属。201606/448246The world this week-Business本周商业报道Tesco reported a worse-than-expected pre-tax loss of 6.4 billion (.6 billion) for the year to February 28th, one of the biggest losses in British corporate history. The worlds third-biggest supermarket retailer, which is being squeezed by discount rivals such as Aldi, booked several charges and took a hefty write-down in the value of its stores. Dave Lewis, the chief executive, said it had been “a very difficult year”, an understatement given the catalogue of profit warnings.截止到2月28日的2014财年,乐购超市税前亏损64亿英镑,比想象的更糟糕。这是英国公司历史上绝无仅有的亏损数额。作为世界第三大零售超市,乐购遭遇到阿尔迪等折扣超市的激烈竞争,并且受到几件官司的影响及其市面价值急剧下降。CEO大卫·刘易斯称,对乐购来说“这一年不好过“。从收益表来看,情况要比他所述严重。Meanwhile, Which? lodged a complaint with Britains competition authority against what it described assupermarkets “misleading” pricing practices from “ dodgy multi-buys to baffling sales offers”. The consumer lobby said that convoluted pricing has left customers bewildered.同时, Which? 向英国竞争委投诉了关于超市”误导人”的标价策略。这些策略包括从“骗人的多件更便宜”到“让人眼花撩乱的特价商品”。这家消费者游说代表称,这些迷惑人的标价手段让消费者困惑。Petrobras, Brazils state-controlled oil giant, released its much-delayed quarterly results, its first audited accounts since a corruption scandal involving former executives shook the government of President Dilma Rousseff. The company wrote off 6.2 billion reais (2.1 billion) because of the alleged graft and a further 44.6 billion reais for overvalued assets, mainly on a petrochemical plant and a refinery.巴西国营石油巨头巴西石油,公布了延期已久的季度报表。这是自其前首席等人贪污受贿丑闻动摇了总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫政府以来,首个审计后的账目。由于涉嫌贪污,且另有446亿雷亚尔的高估资产,公司购销了用于建设石油化工厂和精炼厂的62亿雷亚尔(合约21亿美元)。Executives from Comcast met regulators at the Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission to argue the case for their proposed billion takeover of Time Warner Cable. Comcast did not comment about the talks, but the FCC might hold an administrative hearing on the deal, which would be a sign that it is not warming to the idea.就450亿收购时代华纳有线电视公司的提议,康卡斯特的高管们与来自司法部和联邦通信委员会的人员进行了见面会谈。康卡斯特并没有对会谈发表看法,但是联邦通信委员会就该收购进行行政听审,这可能是表明其对这个想法并无好感。In an attempt to increase lending to business, the Peoples Bank of China lowered the level of cash that banks must set aside as reserves, reducing the reserve-requirement ratio by one percentage point, the biggest cut since the global financial crisis in 2008. This came after data showed that Chinas economy grew in the first quarter at its weakest pace since early and that industrial production had slowed considerably in March.为了进一步鼓励商业贷款,中国人民降低了存款准备金,把存款准备金率降至1%,这是自2008年全球金融危机以来最大幅度的下调。在此之前,有数据显示,中国经济第一季度出现自年初以来最缓慢增速,且三月份工业产量大幅下降。The Nikkei 225 stockmarket index closed above 20,000 for the first time in 15 years. Japanese shares have been boosted in part by a government-backed drive for companies to return more of their 231 trillion yen (.9 trillion) cash pile to shareholders. Markets were also buoyed by Japans first monthly trade surplus in three years.日经225股票指数收盘位超过20000点,此为15年来首次。日本政府持企业向股民返还231万亿日元(合约1.9万亿美元)资金,受此举刺激,日本股市大涨。日本3年来首次出现月度贸易顺差也刺激了市场上扬。Wonga, Britains biggest payday lender, reported an annual loss, following a crackdown on the industry that led to a 36% drop in its lending volumes.由于受到了行业打压而导致借款总量降低了36%,英国最大的短期信贷公司Wonga公布了年度亏损报告。A 36-year-old day trader operating out of a suburban house in London that sits under Heathrows flight path was charged by American authorities with involvement in the “flash crash” on May 6th 2010 that saw stockmarkets dive by 10% within just a few minutes. Navinder Singh Sarao appeared in court to fight his extradition to America, where he is accused, among other things, of “spoofing” the futures market by placing phoney orders.36岁英国交易员纳温德·辛格·萨劳,居住在伦敦郊区位于希思罗航线下方的房子里。美国政府指控他涉嫌参与2010年5月6号导致股票价格几分钟内下跌10%的“闪电崩盘“。继在美国被抓后,纳温德出庭就因涉嫌出售虚假订单扰乱期货市场而被引渡到美国进行辩护。The febrile dealmaking in the drug industry continued as Teva, based in Israel and the worlds biggest maker of generic drugs, launched an unsolicited billion takeover of Mylan, an American rival. Mylan had itself recently offered billion for Perrigo, which has its headquarters in Ireland (that deal has been scotched). If it succeeds, Tevas acquisition would be the biggest foreign takeover yet made by an Israeli firm.制药行业交易热度不断。世界最大的非专利药品生产公司---以色列梯瓦公司 主动提出以400亿美元的价格收购竞争对手美国迈兰制药。迈兰不久前提出以290亿美元价格收购总部位于爱尔兰的百利高(交易未能达成)。如果梯瓦收购成功,这将成为以色列公司最大的境外并购。After years of declining profit margins Volvo dismissed Olof Persson as chief executive. The Swedish lorry-maker named Martin Lundstedt as its new boss, who currently heads Scania, a rival that is owned by Volkswagen. The German carmaker has had its own management problems of late, with its supervisory board issuing support for Martin Winterkorn as chief executive despite his spat with Ferdinand Pi?ch, the chairman.因利润率逐年下降,沃尔沃罢免了首席执行官欧罗夫·佩森。瑞典籍卡车制造商伦德斯·泰特接任,他当前是沃尔沃的竞争对手——大众旗下斯堪尼亚公司的首席执行官。大众汽车近来管理层出现了问题,监管理事持马丁·文德恩当首席执行官,即使其与董事长费迪南德·皮耶希有矛盾。Google launched a wireless service that charges a month for phone and text services and per gigabyte of data, but which refunds customers if they dont use all their data allowance. It also overhauled its mobile-search algorithm to prefer sites that are mobile-friendly. The consequences for the search rankings of some organisations have caused the change to be dubbed “mobilegeddon”.谷歌开通了一项无线网络务,电话和短信务每月20美元,1G流量每月10美元,但是流量如果没有用完将退费给消费者。而且更新了移动搜索系统中的推荐网页使其更适合手机。这导致众多企业的搜索排名改变,人们称之为“手机浩劫”。Cirque du Soleil was bought by a consortium that includes Fosun, a Chinese conglomerate that hopes to develop the acrobatic troupes shows in China, where they have not gone down so well with audiences used to large-scale circuses. Fosun has been boosting its entertainment portfolio to tap into leisure spending by Chinas middle classes, buying Club Med this year and investing in Thomas Cook.太阳马戏团被包括中国巨头复兴集团在内的财团收购。复兴集团希望发展中国的杂技表演,中国观众过去常看大型马戏演出,但是今日不同往日。复兴大力发展产业来挖掘中国中产阶级的花费,今年购买了地中海俱乐部并投资了通济隆。翻译:刘苗苗 校对:戴秀平 译文属译生译世201505/373603Whats the difference between a hard-shelled blue crab anda soft-shelled blue crab?你知道软壳青蟹和硬壳青蟹有什么区别吗?Is this a trick question?这个问题很难吗?Ill give you a hent.我来给你个提示。It has to do with the crabs skeletal system.这与螃蟹的骨骼系统是紧密相关的。Skeletal system? You got me there, I know that like other crustaceans, periodicallymolt.骨骼系统?哦,我大概懂了。就像是其它的甲壳类动物一样,螃蟹会定期的褪壳。That is, the crab sheds it shard shell and forms a new one.也就是说,螃蟹褪掉原有的硬壳再重新长出新壳。But I dont have a clue as to what that means about the skeletalsystem?但问题是,我想不明白这怎么就和骨骼系统扯上了关系。Well, Ill tell you.那就由我来告诉你吧。When a blue crab sheds its hard shell, its exoskeleton, it has to wait about aweek for the new shell to harden.当一只青蟹褪掉了它的硬壳(也就是它的外骨骼)之后,新长出的壳要等上大概一个星期才能变硬。Before that happens, this outer layer of tissue is too soft andflexible to transmit muscle contractions as it did, and will do again when the crabs new shell hardens.在壳变硬之前,外面的那层“壳”太软太韧了,以致于无法进行正常的肌肉收缩。And yet these creatures are somehow still able to move about, even immediately after molting.在新壳变硬之时还要再进行一次。而且,不知为何,青蟹在这种情况下还是能到处爬来爬去的,即使是刚刚褪壳的时候也是如此。How is that possible?这怎么可能呢?Its possible using a hydrostatic skeleton.使用铃静力骨架就可以了!Many animals, such as worms, rely on hydrostaticskeletons all their lives.许多种动物,比如说蠕虫,它们一生都是靠铃静力骨架撑下来的。What this means is that muscle contractions are transmitted through anincompressible fluid.这也就是说,肌肉的收缩通过不可压缩铃被传送到了身体各部分。Immediately after molting, the hydrostatic pressure inside crabs jumpssignificantly higher, allowing the crabs to use this pressure to move their muscles.青蟹刚刚褪壳的时候,体内的铃静压力陡然飚到很高,这使得青蟹可以利用压力来使肌肉活动。While ahydrostatic skeleton isnt so remarkable in itself, what is remarkable is that the crab alternatesbetween using the two kinds of skeletons.青蟹的铃静力骨架并不是特别出众,真正出众的是青蟹在外骨骼和铃静力骨架之间出众的交替使用能力。Scientists suspect that crabs probably arent alone inthis feat and plan to investigate the skeletal systems of other creatures that molt.科学家们猜测,蟹并不是唯一一种此类动物,接下来,科学家们将会研究更多褪壳生物的骨骼系统。201501/352093

Teacher recruitment教师招募Those who can能者胜任How to turn teaching into a job that attracts high-flyers怎样使得教学变成了吸引成功人士的工作IMINE a job where excellence does nothing to improve your pay or chances of promotion, and failure carries little risk of being sacked. Your pay is low for your qualifications—but at least the holidays are long, and the pension is gold-plated.想象一下,一个工作卓越人士无须做什么事情即可提高你的工资或晋升的机会,出现故障被解雇的风险很小。你的工资低于你的资历,但至少假期长,养老金是“镀金”般有保障的。Teaching ought to be a profession for hard-working altruists who want to improve childrens life prospects. But all too often school systems seem designed to attract mediocre timeservers. Many Mexican teachers have inherited their jobs; Brazilian ones earn less than other public servants, and retire much earlier. Each school-day a quarter of Indian teachers play truant. In New York it is so hard to sack teachers that even those accused of theft or assault may be parked away from pupils, doing “administrative tasks” on full pay, sometimes for years.教学应该是一个为想要改善儿童的生活前景勤劳的利他主义者的专业。但很多时候学校系统似乎旨在吸引平庸的趋炎附势之人。许多墨西哥教师继承了他们的工作;巴西那些教师收入低于其他公务人员,并提前退休了。每所学校一天四分之一的印度教师罢工。在纽约很难解雇教师,即使是那些被指控偷窃或侵犯远离学生的教师,有时多年全薪做“管理任务”。You can find outstanding individuals in the worst school systems. But, as lazy and incompetent teachers get away with slacking, the committed ones often lose motivation. In America and Britain surveys find plummeting morale. Jaded British teachers on online forums remind each other that it is just a few months till the long summer break—and just a few years till retirement. No wonder so many children struggle to learn: no school can be better than those who work in it.您可以在最恶劣的学校系统找到先进个人。但是,由于懒惰和无能的教师逃脱松弛,负责的教师往往失去动力。在美国和英国的调查发现士气一落千丈。在网上论坛疲倦不堪的的英国老师提醒对方,坚持到漫长的暑假仅仅只有短短数月,并且直到退休只有短短几年。难怪这么多孩子努力学习:没有学校可以比那些孩子在这工作得更好。Yet it is possible to persuade the hardworking and ambitious to teach. Finland pays teachers modestly but manages them well; ten graduates apply for each training place. South Korea recruits teachers from the top 5% of school-leavers and promises them fat pay cheques. In both countries teachers are revered—and results are among the worlds best.然而,有可能说勤奋和雄心勃勃的教导者。芬兰付教师的薪酬不多,但他们善于管理; 10名毕业生申请每次实习的地方。韩国从高中毕业生中排名前5%里抽取学生进行教师招聘,并承诺他们充沛的工资。在这两个国家的教师受到崇敬——其结果是世界上最好的。Even where the profession is in disrepute, high-flyers can be lured into the classroom. Teach for America, which sends star graduates from elite universities for two-year stints in rough schools, is being copied around the globe. Private employers snap up its alumni—but many stay in teaching. Teach First, Britains version, has helped raise standards in London and is one of the countrys most prestigious graduate employers. Such schemes are small, but show that when teaching is recast as tough and rewarding, the right sort clamour to join.即使在专业是声名狼藉,成功人士可以被引诱成为教师。为美国而教,使得精英大学的星级毕业生两年都就职于水平较差的学校,这种情况在全球各地都在效仿出现。人雇主抢购校友,但很多都停留在教学。教育首先,英国方面,有助于提高在伦敦标准,伦敦是全国最负盛名的毕业生的雇主之一。这些计划虽小,但是显示当教育被改写为坚韧和奖励,学校将会进行正确排序。Sping the revolution to the entire profession will mean dumping the perks cherished by slackers and setting terms that appeal to the hardworking. That may well mean higher pay—but also less generous pensions and holidays. Why not encourage teachers to use the long vacation for catch-up classes for pupils who have fallen behind? Stiffer entry requirements would raise the jobs status and attract better applicants. Pay rises should reward excellence, not long service. Underperformers should be shown the door.传播革命理念给整个行业将意味着被逃避工作之人和头脑清醒者所珍视并吸引勤劳者珍惜的额外津贴。这可能意味着更高的薪水——也不太丰厚的退休金和节假日。为什么不鼓励教师利用长假对已经落后的学生进行补课教育?更严厉的入学要求会提高工作的地位和吸引更好的申请人。加薪应奖励优秀者,而非长期的工作务。表现不佳应该被扫地出门。Standing in the way, almost everywhere, are the unions. Their willingness to back shirkers over strivers should not be underestimated: in Washington, DC, when the schools boss (a Teach for America alumna) offered teachers much higher pay in return for less job security, their union balked.路上,几乎无处不在是工会组织。他们卸责于奋斗者之上的意愿不容小觑:在华盛顿,当学校的老板(一个做教师,校友)提供教师高得多的薪酬以换取较少的工作保障,他们的工会犹豫不决。Class action集体诉讼But against the unions is a growing coalition: the leaders in public administration and private enterprise who have been through Teach for America and its ilk. They know what it takes to succeed in difficult schools, and what it would take for success to become the norm. They know that what good teachers want most of all is good colleagues. As they become more numerous and influential, they need to argue for a new deal for teachers. The good ones deserve it—and pupils do, too.但对工会是一个不断增长的联盟:在公共管理和民营企业的领导者经历过为美国和其同类而教授。他们知道如何才能在困难的学校成功,怎样做才能成功成为常态。他们知道,好教师最希望的还是不错的同事。当他们变得越来越多,具有影响力,他们需要争取教师的新协议。好人应该得到它,学生们也同样如此。译者:肖登怡译文属译生译世 /201504/370324I saw there are pictures of you with every...我看到还有很多你的照片 和每个...That s my offices.You were in the bushes.Thats my parking spot.Thats amazing.那是我的办公室 你们去了灌木丛 那是我的停车位 真不错So you were excited. It was on Friday, and we wasnt shooting.所以你们当时很兴奋 那天是周五 我们没录节目Yes, but its still the best day of my life.是的 但那天仍是我一生中最棒的一天Now you are here.And we sent Ari to surprises you.现在你们在现场了 我们节目还派了阿力给你们带去惊喜What did you think when Ari came in?Oh my god. It was hilarious.阿力进屋的时候 你们什么感觉 天呐 太有意思了I cannot stop laughing. And when he walked in.我笑翻了 他进门的时候I feel like this insane Jewish connection I start yelling Shalom...我感觉到了 犹太人之间的心有灵犀,我开始大喊ShalomWe all like really start stucking like that dont have 85 a day.我们都很激动 明星可不常见Were you start struck, are you really?Yeah.He is a very humble guy.你很激动吗 是的 他是个很谦虚的人So he probably doesnt look himself as a celebrity or anything like that.所以他可能不怎么把自己 当明星或者名人But he is really funny, isnt he?但是他真的很搞笑 是吧All right. Lets take a look at what happened when he visited.好了 让我们看看到底发生了什么This is my fourth time doing this.Hi, Ellen. I am here at Alpha这是我第四次这么做了 你好 艾伦 我在俄亥俄州 哥伦布市Epsilon Phi sorority house at Columbus, Ohio阿尔法会会馆Ohio out here today really a beautiful day outside.今天外面天气真好The towing guy is here.Are they towing us?They are.有人在拖车 他们在拖我们的车吗 是我们的车 /201603/430999According to Randy Olson, 2,098 miles and 43 stops is the perfect road trip around Michigan.Olson – whos about to graduate from Michigan State University with a doctorate in computer science – used his computer magic to create what he calls, ;Pure Michigan Road Trip, Optimized.;;It all started with sort of picking out where exactly would be the best spots to stop in Michigan,; he said.;So I started making my own list, you know the favorite spots Ive been and the places Ive heard about from my friends. But then I thought about, ‘Well, thats pretty subjective. Why dont I try to find some more objective criteria.;He looked to the Pure Michigan campaign and its most highly recommended points of interest.;Once I had chosen those locations, it was just a matter of plugging it into my algorithm, which uses a combination of Google Maps and machine learning to try to find the shortest route to go around the entire state and hit all of those stops,; Olson said.One of the most convenient parts of this road trip?His algorithm allows the traveler to start anywhere in the state.;Its designed so it actually does a complete circle around the state, so you can just hop on at the nearest location to wherever youre living and just do the complete circle from there,; he said.201503/367187

听力参考文本:Theres all kinds of testing going on in Flint to try to figure out whats happening in the drinking water system. The state and the Environmental Protection Agency are each doing different kinds of tests.The EPA is about to launch a new kind of test. Its called a pipe rig.Mark Durno is an On-Scene Coordinator with the EPA. He says theyve hooked up four of these pipe rigs to test the treated water leaving the drinking water plant.;A pipe rig is a large apparatus thats tied into the effluent pipes coming from the drinking water treatment plant,; he says.Durno says the city will dig up some lead service lines, and then the EPA will put some of those lines in the pipe rig to test them.Phosphates are added to the water to coat the inside of the pipes. That should eventually keep the pipes from corroding, and keep lead out of the water (Flint didnt control for corrosion after switching to the Flint River in 2014, and lead leached out of the aging infrastructure and got into peoples drinking water).Durno says theyll use the pipe rig to see how well that protective layer is forming.;What the pipe rigs are established to do is actually give us real time water quality data coming off the plant. So well be monitoring concentrations of phosphate in the water, and well evaluate how well the pipes are getting coated with this phosphate material,; he says.He says the information they get from the tests will help them say when Flints water system is in better shape. Durno says theyll also have to evaluate the quality of the water at faucets in peoples homes.Flint Mayor Karen Weaver wants to remove all of the citys lead service lines. Thats expected to start later this week.But Durno says the EPA will still keep testing the water leaving the treatment plant.;Were working under the premise that there are service lines that are going to be in the ground for a long period of time. Now, if that changes and somehow funding is provided, and work is accomplished to rapidly remove lead service lines, that might change the game but theres no guarantees,; he says.He says he expects the testing to start in about three weeks.201603/429103

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