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青岛二院门诊部地图青岛市妇产医院上班时间To the medieval mind,there was nothing more serious than an oath,在中世纪人看来 宣誓是最为庄重严肃的事and the tapestry maker makes it clear that this was a religious act而挂毯的制作者 让一位目击者手指;圣礼;字样by having a witness point to the word ;Sacramentum;.说明此行为的宗教性质Harold#39;s oath was indeed a kind of sacrament since it went right to the heart of the matter.哈罗德的宣誓的确神圣 因为它直接关系到一个核心问题What would happen to England after Edward died?爱德华死后 英格兰将何去何从Now the English said that Harold agreed to be William#39;s man only in Normandy现在英格兰人说 哈罗德只宣誓在诺曼底臣于威廉and that it had no bearing on the English succession.此举与英格兰王位争夺毫不相关The Norman chroniclers, though,said Harold had sworn to help William take the throne of England.诺曼编年史上写的却是 哈罗德誓助威廉 拿下英格兰这片江山The oath became even more binding when in a cheap theatrical trick一个廉价而夸张的把戏 让这誓言看上去更具约束力the cloth was whipped from the table over which Harold had sworn.哈罗德宣誓用的桌子上的布落下Underneath was revealed a reliquary containing the bones of a saint.下面竟是一个圣骨箱 里面放着圣人的骨骸Well, how much trouble was he in now?他究竟惹上了多大的麻烦呢Had Harold promised something he couldn#39;t deliver,哈罗德是许下了无法履行的诺言or had he made no promises at all about the English crown?亦或是只字未提英格兰王位的事呢Norman chroniclers like to imagine the returning Harold诺曼编年史认为归来的哈罗德haunted by guilt, saying one thing but doing another.为自己说一套做一套的行为万分愧疚But in England anyway, there was no sign of a queasy conscience at all.在英格兰 却毫无道德谴责一说In fact, to get his hands on the crown,Harold now did something inconceivable for a Godwine,事实上 为了得到王位 作为戈德温家人 哈罗德接下来的举动更令人咋舌something which one day would have disastrous consequences.并将在日后引发灾难性后果He sold his own brother, Tostig, down the river.他将亲弟弟托斯提戈扔进了河里 /201607/457411青岛新阳光医院看不孕不育价格 When I believe in something,and I want to sell it to somebody,I want to put it in the best light.当我相信什么东西 并想将它销售给别人时 我会进行最好的展示I don#39;t just package it, I creatively package it.我会包装它 而且是富有想象力地包装它Morgan invites many — including his father — to see the marvel of electric lighting for the first time,knowing the demonstration will put him at the forefront of a new industry.根邀请了很多人 包括他的父亲 来见人类历史上首次电灯照明的奇迹 他深知 这次展览将会让他走到整个新工业的最前沿Ladies and gentlemen,behold the miracle of modern science.女士们先生们 请看好现代科学的奇迹The gas lamp is dead.瓦斯灯已死Long live the electric light.电灯必将不朽Every light you see is powered by electricity.这里的所有光都由电产生There is no gas, no oil, no flame.没有瓦斯 没有油 没有火焰Just a invisible stream of energy.只有一种肉眼不可见的能量流Electricity was viewed as something miraculous,and people were amazed.电被看作是一个奇迹 人们非常惊奇First of all, they didn#39;t understand how it worked,because you can#39;t see electricity,and so it was viewed as something almost magical by most people.首先 他们无法理解其原理 电根本就看不到 在很多人看来 这就像是魔法一样J.P. Morgan#39;s home is the first private residence in the world to be lit with electricity.J·P·根的家是世界上第一家用电点亮的私宅 Article/201605/443587Peggy Whitson is now the oldest woman to orbit Earth.佩吉·惠特森现在是绕地球飞行的最年长者。The 56-year-old NASA astronaut arrived at the International Space Station on Saturday.这位56岁的美国宇航局宇航员于周六抵达国际空间站。That just beats the previous record-holder, Barbara Morgan, who was 55 when she went to space. 这刚好击败以前的纪录保持者芭芭拉·根,她在55岁上太空。This is far from Whitson#39;s first record, though. She#39;s on her third mission in space, having aly become the ISS#39; first female commander and the only woman to ever lead NASA#39;s astronaut corps.这远不是惠特森的首个纪录。他是第三次执行太空任务,已成为国际空间站的首位女性指挥官,以及唯一领导美国宇航局宇航员队的女性。She even holds the record for most time in space among female astronauts –– which actually made getting cleared this time more difficult, since NASA limits how much radiation astronauts are exposed to.她甚至是在太空时间最长的女性宇航员,实际上使得这次更为艰难,因为美国宇航局限制宇航员暴露辐射的量。By the end of her mission, Whitson should break another record: Most days spent in space by an American, regardless of gender.任务结束后,惠特森要打破另一项记录:在太空时间最长的美国人,无论性别。译文属。 Article/201611/479799菏泽痛经多少钱

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连云港不孕不育 Let’s say you wanted to make yourself a white, sandy beach.如果你想要白色的沙滩。You know, like the ones in Hawaii or islands in the South Pacific where people take luxurious vacations and lots of Instagram photos.就像是夏威夷或南太平洋小岛那样的沙滩,大家尽情享受奢华的假期、拍照发Ins。It turns out, the recipe for that picturesque white sand is pretty simple. There are a couple steps involved, but just one main ingredient: poop.事实上,那种独特的白色沙滩的配方非常简单。只需几步,但是其中最主要的配方是——便便。The first thing you’ll need is a coral reef — it’s location-specific and unfortunately there’s no store-bought alternative.首先,你需要的是珊瑚礁——对珊瑚礁进行定位,糟糕,在商店里可买不到珊瑚礁。Coral reefs are made up of thousands of tiny polyps, which are squishy sacs with tentacles that can sting and catch prey. Kind of like sea anemones.珊瑚礁是由微小的珊瑚虫组成,珊瑚虫是一群带息肉的黏糊糊的囊,它们的触脚可以钉刺并抓住捕食。有点像海葵。These polyps are anchored to a sturdy skeleton that they make by laying down a crystallized form of calcium carbonate called aragonite, which is a bright white color.这些息肉会固定在坚固的骨架上,这些骨架是由被称为霰石的晶状碳酸钙搭成,呈明亮的白色。Reefs are found in parts of the ocean that are considered to be oligotrophic —在部分海洋中发现了被认为营养不良礁石——which means that there aren’t that many tasty nutrients floating around, like phosphate or nitrate. And coral polyps aren’t exactly mobile,这意味着海洋中没有足够的美味营养物,如磷酸盐或硝酸盐。而且珊瑚虫是不可移动的,so if they were left to their own devices, they might starve. But coral polyps aren’t alone.因此,如果它们离开了它们的巢穴,可能会被饿死。但是珊瑚虫也不是没有战友。They get help from an algae called zooxanthellae that live symbiotically in their tissues.它们可以向一种被称为黄藻的藻类求救,黄藻与珊瑚虫共生于它们的组织中。These algae can photosynthesize, changing sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water into food energy,这些藻类可以产生光合作用,能将阳光、二氧化碳及水变成食物能量,and share a large chunk of that energy with the coral. As coral polyps get more energy, they build out their skeletons and grow the reef.并与珊瑚虫共享这些能量。当珊瑚虫获得充足的能量后,它们开始建造自己的骨架并生长出暗礁。And these algae are also what give coral its bright colors.也正是因为这些藻类,珊瑚虫才能拥有明亮的颜色。When you have a thriving coral reef, other undersea plants and animals move in and begin to form a whole ecosystem.当你有了一个茂盛的珊瑚礁后,其他的海底动植物会移居到此珊瑚礁内,整个生态系统开始形成。And to get your white sandy beach, you need some parrotfish, or more specifically... their poop.要想得到白色沙滩,你还需要一些鹦嘴鱼或者更具体地说...你需要它们的便便。Parrotfish get their name for their bright colours and their weird, bird-like beaks.鹦嘴鱼因它们绚丽的颜色和像鸟一样怪异的嘴而得名。These beaks are actually made of fused teeth called dental plates, which help them graze for their main food source: algae.事实上,它们的鸟嘴是由一种被称为牙板的融合牙组成,能帮助它们寻找它们主要的食物来源:藻类。Parrotfish spend their days scraping away at coral reefs, eating polyps for the zooxanthellae inside, and any other algae they can find.鹦嘴鱼整天都围在珊瑚礁附近,想要刮掉并吃掉黄藻里边的息肉,或是吃掉任何它们可以找到的藻类。They’re not super careful or picky, so they end up swallowing mouthfuls of calcium carbonate, too… which they can’t digest for nutrients or energy.它们并不挑食,因此在吃到满满一嘴的碳酸钙后,它们会停止捕食,虽然它们无法消化其中营养和能量。But the parrotfish have a secret weapon — their throats are hiding another set of teeth called pharyngeal jaws that can grind up the coral skeletons.但是鹦嘴鱼有一个秘密武器——在它们的喉咙中隐藏着另一套被称为咽颌的牙齿,能够磨碎珊瑚的骨骼。Like, the xenomorph from Alien… but in real life. This makes it easier for the chunks to travel through their digestive system.就像是《异形》中的异形人来到现实生活一样。这套牙齿使得它们的消化系统能够更加容易的接纳大块食物。And they get rid of this calcium carbonate in streams of the purest, whitest tropical sand.然后它们会将这些碳酸钙排泄到纯净的、最洁白的热带沙流中。In fact, according to some studies, one parrotfish can poop out around 300 kilograms of sand or more in a single year!事实上研究表明,一只鹦嘴鱼一年内能排泄将近300千克的沙子甚至更多!After some ocean currents stir everything around, you have yourself a pristine white sand beach.当一些海流将所有东西搅拌之后,你就可以得到最原始的白色海滩了。Perfect for strolling, sunbathing, and building sandcastles… as long as you don’t mind fish poop.散步、日光浴、堆沙堡...完美,只要你不嫌弃这些鱼便便。Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow, brought to you by our patrons on Patreon.谢谢观看这一期的科学秀,谢谢提问的Patreon观众。If you want to help support this show, you can go to patreon.com/scishow. And don’t forget to go to youtube.com/scishow and subscribe!如果你持这个栏目,请登录patreon.com/scishow。不要记得去youtube.com/scishow订阅我们哟~ Article/201707/516457青岛新阳光妇科医院妇科检查怎么样莱阳体检多少钱



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