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What happens to American presidents at 0400 on inauguration day?总统就职那天的凌晨4点美国总统到底怎么了?What happened to William Jefferson Clinton? We might not ever know.威廉·杰斐逊·克林顿到底怎么了?我们也许无从知道。And I noticed, hes not exactly around here today to face any tough questions.而且我注意到,他今天人没来面对这难以回答的问题。It could get awkward, right?这不是很奇怪吗?I mean after all, this whole business happened on his watch.我是说,毕竟,基本所有事儿都归他宏观掌控。But if he were here -- he might remind us, as he does in the wrap-up to his fine autobiography,但是如果他在这儿,他可能会提醒我们说,就像他在自传中所写的that on this day Bill Clinton began a journey --从那天起,比尔·克林顿开始了一个新的旅程--a journey that saw him go on to become the first Democrat president elected to two consecutive terms in decades. In generations.这个旅程使他成为几十年来第一个民主党候选人中连任两届总统的人。也是几代人来的第一个。The first since this man, Franklin Delano Roosevelt,从富兰克林德拉诺,罗斯福以来第一次。who began his own unprecedented journey way back at his own first election,而罗斯福自己史无前例的旅程,从他第一次参选开始,way back in a simpler time, way back in 1932 --可以追溯到一个简单的1932年--the year Alberto Giacometti made ;The Palace at Four in the Morning.;那年,阿尔贝托·贾科梅蒂创造了“凌晨4点的宫殿”。The year, lets remember, that this voice, now departed, first came a-cryin into this big old crazy world of ours.那年,让我们记住,这个声音如今已经扩散开来,初次降临到我们这个疯狂的大千世界。201701/487554。

  • 听讲美国口语 /200607/8058。
  • 【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. You shouldn’t have to go.2. There are plenty of young man to fight for China.3. So you will die for honor. /200605/7339。
  • That you may encounter along the way, you will find true success and happiness, if you have only one goal.任何的挑战 挫折与失意如果你明确了一个目标就会找到真正的成功与快乐There really is only one, and that is this. To fulfill the highest most truthful expression of yourself, as a human being. You want a max out your humanity.而真正的目标只有一个 那就是:作为人类 去实现真正的自我将人性展露无遗By using your energy to lift yourself up, your family, and the people around you. Theologian Howard Thurman said it best. He said:尽己所能 提升自己与家人以及周围的人们神学家霍华德.瑟曼说得好 他说:Dont ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.无需自问世界需要什么只需自问如何实现真正的自我 然后大步追寻就好因为世界需要的就是实现真正自我的人The world needs people like Michael Stoltenberg from Fort Lauderdale. When Michael was just eight years old.世界需要劳德代尔堡的迈克尔.斯图坦伯格那样的人迈克尔八岁那年Michael nearly died from a bacterial infection that cost both of his hands, and both of his feet. And then in an instant.差点死于细菌感染他也因此失去了双手与双脚瞬间This vibrant little boy became a quadruple amputee, and his life was changed forever. But in losing who he once was, Michael discovered who he wanted to be.这个朝气蓬勃的小伙子变成了四肢截肢者他的命运也从此改变了而在迷失自我之时 迈克尔找到了自己的志向He refused to sit in that wheelchair all day, and feel sorry for himself. So, with prosthetics, he learned to walk and run and play again.他不愿终日坐在轮椅上为自己叹息借助修复术 他又重新学会了行走 奔跑与玩耍He joins his middle school lacrosse team, and last month when he learned that so many victims of the Boston Marathon bombing would become new amputees.他加入了自己所在中学的长曲棍球队上个月 当他得知波士顿马拉松赛爆炸案将使很多人成为新的截肢患者时201609/464537。
  • Hi, everybody. One of the things that makes America so strong is our spirit of innovation, our drive to invent and harness new technologies to tackle our greatest challenges. Its how we won the race to invent the lightbulb and the Internet; its why we were first to the Moon and Mars. Its why I keep models of American inventions like the telegraph in the Oval Office. Its a daily reminder of the genius thats embedded in our DNA, the way weve always shaped the future through our ideas and discoveries. Thats truer than ever today, with the constant stream of new apps and tools and data that are still changing the way we live – from getting a ride to paying our bills to developing smarter ways to combat climate change. Thats why, next week, Ill travel to Austin, Texas, to visit South by Southwest. Its an annual gathering of some of our most creative thinkers, coders, makers, and entrepreneurs from across the country. And while Im there, Im going to ask everyone for ideas and technologies that can help update our government and our democracy to be as modern and dynamic as America itself. This has been a goal of mine since before I was President. On my campaign in 2008, we saw how technology could bring people together and help them engage as citizens in their own communities. So when I came to the White House, I wanted to apply that experience to the federal government. It hasnt always been easy. And weve had some bumps along the way. But weve also made good progress. Over the past few years, for example, weve done something that government never has. We asked some of the sharpest minds from companies in Silicon Valley and across the country to come help us modernize the federal government for the way we live today. And they came y to serve, tackling some of our biggest challenges – like high-tech special ops units. These teams are partnering with the governments existing policy and technical experts to re-imagine the way we do business and deliver services that work better and cost less. Aly, weve made it easier for students to find the college thats right for them, for immigrants to track the green card and naturalization process online, for veterans to access their medical records. And yes, after an initial false start, weve made it much easier for tens of millions of Americans to compare and buy health insurance and the peace of mind that goes with it. Thats what this is all about – making sure our government of the people and by the people works better for the people in the 21st century. Its about Americans working together to make a real difference in peoples lives. Because the easiest thing to do is to blame government for our problems., some people have made a career out of that. But our founders trusted us with the keys to this system of self-government because its the best tool weve got to settle our differences and solve our collective challenges. And its only as good as we make it. Thats why Im going to Austin and South by Southwest – to keep asking everyone from all walks of life, working inside or outside of government, to help us make this democracy even stronger. And I hope you join us. Thanks, everybody and have a great weekend.201603/430816。
  • 49 teachers words teaching certificate methodology course class student teacher’s assistant lesson plan correct discipline prepare syllabus assignment coursework teach mentor encourage motivate strict rule patient experienced teaching practicum observe train phrases teacher’s pet teach somebody a lesson you can’t teach an old dog new tricks take roll give homework assignment mark/score exam treat fairly beginner a: I’m interested in teaching at your school. B: great. Are you a qualified teacher? A: yes. B: what kind of teaching certificate do you have? A: I have a TEFL certificate. B: how many years of experience do you have? A: I have three years of teaching ESL and four years of teaching per-school children. B: when did you get your TEFL certificate? A: I got my TEFL certificate three years ago. B: why do you want to teach at our school? A: well, I’ve heard many good things about it. I also like teaching young children. B: that’s great. Can you speak Chinese? A: yes, just a little. B; can you come in for an interview tomorrow at 10:00 ? A: I sure can. B: great. See you then. Intermediate A: who was the best teacher that you ever had? B: that would have to be miss.baymler, my fourth grade teacher. A: what was she like? B; she was patient, kind, fun, smart, caring, and yet strict, too. I really learned a lot from her. A: what kind of things did you learn? B: she taught us that you can do anything that you want to do. A: anything? Do you really believe that we can do anything ? B: if you really want to do something and you work hard at it, I believe you can do it. A; you said she was strict. Did she have a lot of rules? B; she had some rules that helped us to feel comfortable. For example, the students had to treat each other with respect, or they would be disciplined. A: I see. She sounds like she really cared about her students. B; yes. She treated us all fairly; she don’t have any teacher’s pets. A: really? Doesn’t every teacher have a teacher’s pet? B; well. To be honest, I usually sucked up to teachers because I wanted them to give me good grades. However, miss.baymler didn’t treat me any differently. She really didn’t have any teacher’s pets. A: do you know what she is doing now? B; as a matter of fact, I do. After she taught our class, she got married and moved to another city. Then, she started writing children’s book. A: have you ever one of the books? B; of course! Both children and adults enjoy her books. A; why don’t you recommend one to me? B; ok! I’ll bring one to you next time. /200705/13589。
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