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芜湖市南陵县人民男科医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱皖南第二附属医院看泌尿科怎么样China#39;s image is steadily improving as the country ranks second in terms of influence in global affairs, according to the latest survey.最新调查显示,我国的形象正在稳步提升,且在全球事务的影响力排名仅次于美国,位居第二。The survey, jointly released by the China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration#39;s Center for International Communication Studies and British marketing company Millward Brown and US firm Lightspeed GMI, shows China#39;s global image scoring 6.2 out of 10 points, or 0.3 higher than the previous year.该调查由中国外文局对外传播研究中心、英国营销公司华通明略和美国公司Lightspeed GMI于联合发布,显示出中国的全球形象得分为6.2分(总分为10分),比前一年提高了0.3分。Experts said China#39;s active role in the international community and its pro-developing countries policies contributed to the enhanced image.专家表示,中国在国际社会中的积极作用以及持发展中国家的政策有助于提升自身形象。The survey involved 9,500 respondents from 19 G20 member states.该调查涉及来自19个G20成员国的9500名受访者。Zhou Qing#39;an, an associate professor at Tsinghua University#39;s School of Journalism and Communication, said that China has actively engaged in exchanges with the international community and dealt with key issues in recent years, which helped dispel misunderstandings and burnish its image.清华大学新闻与传播学院副教授周庆安表示,近年来中国积极参与国际社会交流,并且处理关键问题,这有助于消除误解,提升自身形象。The survey found that respondents have a positive impression of Chinese as a whole, with most viewing them as hardworking and hospitable.调查发现,受访者对中国国民的印象总体来说是正面积极的,大多数受访者认为中国人勤劳努力、热情友好。It found that overseas respondents were positive about China#39;s future development, with nearly half believing its global influence will continue to grow.海外受访者对中国未来的发展持乐观态度,近半受访者认为,中国的全球影响力还将持续增长。 /201609/465140芜湖公立男科有哪些 An American study has found that tea drinkers enjoying a daily cuppa could be 35% less likely to suffer a heart attack or another major cardiovascular disease.一项美国的研究发现,饮茶者每天喝一杯茶可能使患心脏病或其他重大的心血管疾病的几率降低35%。Doctor Elliott Miller and his team at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, USA, have found that drinking tea could protect the heart.埃利奥特·米勒医生和他在美国巴尔的约翰霍普金斯医院的团队日前发现,喝茶可以保护心脏。Just one cup of tea a day -- whether green or black -- could be enough to prove beneficial.每天只喝一杯茶--无论是绿茶还是红茶--都足以明喝茶是有益的。The scientists followed 600 men and women in good health and with no previous history of heart disease for 15 years.科学家对600名身体健康且没有心脏病史的男女追踪了15年。During that time, they noted which volunteers had a heart attack, a stroke, suffered chest pains or died from other types of heart disease.在那段时间,他们记录了哪些志愿者患上了心脏病、中风、感到胸口疼痛或死于其他类型的心脏疾病。They also measured calcium deposits in the volunteers#39; blood vessels over a five-year period, comparing them with previous levels.他们还在五年内测量了志愿者血管中的钙沉积情况,将其与以前的水平进行比较。The results showed that tea drinkers -- consuming one to three cups per day -- were 35% less likely to develop heart disease than the other volunteers. Tea drinkers also had lower levels of calcium deposits in their arteries.结果表明,每天饮用一至三杯茶的饮茶者比其他志愿者患心脏疾病的几率要低35%。饮茶者动脉中的钙沉积水平也较低。While it#39;s too soon for the researchers to establish a direct link between the consumption of tea and the absence of heart disease, they do recognize the natural protective properties of the drink.虽然研究人员在饮茶和没有心脏病之间建立的直接联系为时尚早,但是他们确实认识到茶的天然保护特性。This could be due to the flavonoids found in tea, a type of antioxidant that supports heart health.这可能是由于茶中存在的类黄酮,一种有助于心脏健康的抗氧化剂。Another theory is that tea drinkers could generally have healthier lifestyles, with factors such as diet and exercise playing a positive role in keeping heart disease at bay.另一个理论是,饮茶者可能通常具有更健康的生活方式,饮食和运动等因素在预防心脏疾病方面起着积极作用。 /201612/484390南陵县妇幼保健人民男科中医院泌尿科咨询

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芜湖市无为县妇幼保健人民中医院泌尿外科 Exercising But Not Seeing Results? You May Be Doing the Wrong Workout for Your Body锻炼没效果?可能你的锻炼方法根本就不对!Resolved to rev up your fitness routine in 2017? The secret to producing real results may be ditching your old workout and trying something entirely new. Experts who study the science of human movement have known for years that not everyone responds to exercise in the same way.想在2017年加快健身大计?不如试着抛弃原有健身计划,尝试点新鲜玩意儿吧!研究人体运动科学的专家早就发现,同样的锻炼方法下并不是所有人都能取得成效。Now there#39;s new evidence suggesting that a person#39;s individual response to exercise may depend on the type of workout—and that switching from one routine to another could make all the difference.现在,科学家对“锻炼效果取决于锻炼方式”的问题,又有了新据。他们发现,适时更换训练计划能让锻炼效果有巨大改善。;What our study shows is that if you#39;re doing one type of exercise and you#39;re not getting the optimal result, you can switch to a different stimulus and that may help you,; says Brendon Gurd, PhD, associate professor of muscle physiology at Queens University School of Kinesiology and Health Studies.“我们的研究表明,总做同一种运动,效果并不一定理想。换种运动方式来刺激身体,才会事半功倍,”皇后大学运动与健康学院肌肉生理学副教授Brendon Gurd表示。This is hopeful news for anyone feeling frustrated at the gym. You may simply be a non-responder to your current workout. But how can you find an ideal routine for your body?这让在健身房每天累成,却毫无成效的朋友看到了希望。因为,并不是你锻炼不够认真,可能只是身体已经适应了目前的训练计划。那么,如何找到适合自己的训练计划呢?Gurd suggests using two tests to gauge your present fitness level.Gurd给大家建议了两项测试来监测目前的身体水平。The first involves walking or running on a tmill at a set pace for a certain amount of time. ;So say you pick 3 miles per hour at an incline of 2, and you jog at that for 10 minutes,; he says. Then record your pulse.第一项测试是在跑步机上用固定速度走或跑一段时间。“比如把坡度定为2,速度定为3英里/小时,慢跑10分钟,”他说,“结束后记录下你的心率”。The second test is to measure your speed over a set distance. For example, he says, you could time how long it takes you to run 5 kilometers.第二项测试是在特定的距离内测试跑速。比如,测一下跑5公里需要多久。Once you have these results, carry on with your workout, whatever it may be. After several weeks, perform the two tests again. ;If your heart rate at a set speed isn#39;t getting lower, and you#39;re not able to run faster, then those are two pretty easily measured things in a gym that would indicate that you#39;re not responding,; he says. At that point, you know it#39;s time to mix up your routine.记录下这些后,你就可以开始自己的训练计划了。锻炼几周后,再次进行这两项测试。“如果同等跑速下,你的心率没有变低;特定距离内跑速也没有加快,那就明这个健身计划不适合你,”他说。这时,就要赶紧改改训练计划了!译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201701/488497芜湖前列腺炎手术价格芜湖市弋矶山医院看泌尿科怎么样



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