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相关文本:The death toll from a nightclub fire in the Russian city of Perm has risen to 109. Police have arrested five people in connection with the blaze. President Dmitry Medvedev has demanded tough punishment.This is the moment, when a fireworks show ignited the ceiling of the club early Saturday.The fast-sping flames caused panic.More than 200 people rushed for the club's one and only door.But many crushed each other to death, and the others were choked by toxic fumes.Svetlana Kuvshinova, Survivor, said, "Everything was catching fire so quickly, as if it was made of hay. We ran towards the only door and couldn't get out as everybody was pushing from all sides."About 130 people were injured and those in a critical condition have been sent to Moscow or St Petersburg for treatment.President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered a national day of mourning for Monday, with the national flags to be at half-mast across the nation. The media will also refrain from screening entertainment shows.Medvedev has also demanded tough punishment for those responsible.Dmitry Medvede, Russian President, said, "First, it seems to me they have neither brains nor conscience and secondly, they are completely indifferent to what happened. They should be punished according to the fullest extend of the law."Five employees, including the club's owner and founders, have been detained.Serget Sarapultsev, Prosecutor General's Office, said, "We have determined the group of people related to this tragedy, five of them are under detention. We are now investigating and considering the next measures to take against them."Authorities have ruled out the possibility of it being a terrorist act. They have also played down any links with the deadly train attack last week. 12/91143。

  • 在我国,禁止超薄塑料袋在商场使用已经有一年多,取得了比较好的成效。大体上全国的超市塑料袋使用量减少了三分之二,相当于减少了塑料的消耗27万吨左右。 Plastic bag ban embraced by ChineseOn June 1st, 2008, the Chinese government banned the use of plastic bags in shops, supermarkets, and sales outlets all over the country. It was immediately accepted by consumers. In a country where millions of plastic bags are used each day, the government's top-down policy move will benefit environment and energy security. Xie Zhenhua, Vice minister of the National Development and Reform Commission, says he believes the use of plastic bags in markets has been reduced by two thirds. It means 270,000 tons of plastic has been saved. He is optimistic about the future. Xie Zhenhua, Vice-minister of National Dev't amp; reform Commission, said, "According to our estimates, the use of plastic can be reduced by 400 thousand tons per year in all retail outlets in China, equivalent to saving petroleum by 2.4 million tons, and reducing CO2 emission by 7.6 million tons." 201003/98478。
  • How To Boil Water on HowcastThere are simple tasks and then there are incredibly simple tasks. Boiling water is even simpler than that. But hey, nobody’s calling you a moron—there’s a first time for everything.有简单的活儿,非常简单的或。烧开水是最简单的。但是没人会叫你笨蛋——万事开头难。Step 1: Choose potChoose a pot with a greater volume than the amount of water you plan to boil. Do so in private, so nobody’s there to say, “Uh, duh.”第一步:选择锅选择一个比你实际所需热水量更大些容积的锅。要悄悄地做,以免有人说“啊!咄!”Step 2: Pour waterPour fresh, cold tap water into the pot. Make sure there’s at least 3 inches of space between the rim of the pot and the surface of the water.第一步:灌水将新放的凉水灌入锅中。要确保水的上层和锅边至少有3寸的空隙。Tip:If you’re boiling water to cook with (and not just for fun) you’ll be adding something to it, so be sure to leave enough room for whatever you’re cooking, too.小贴士:如果你烧开水是用来煮东西(不是开玩笑),一定要确保给所煮食物留有足够的空间。Step 3: Place pot on burnerTurn the burner to high, place the pot on the burner, and cover the pot with a lid that fits snugly. This keeps in the heat and helps the water boil faster.第三步:将锅放到加热器上将加热器调到高档,将放到加热器上,用1个能盖紧锅的盖子。这能保存热量,烧水会更快。Step 4: Watch the potThey say a watched pot never boils, but that’s not literally true. First, steam will form between the water and the lid; next, small bubbles will appear around the bottom and edges of the pot; finally, the bubbles will become large enough to break the surface of the water.第四步:看着烧开水俗话说看着烧开水永远烧不开,但事实并非如此。首先,蒸汽会在水和锅盖间形成;下一步,锅底和锅边会形成小气泡;最后,气泡会变得更大以致于能从水中冒出。Step 5: Boil waterOnce large bubbles are flowing in steady streams from the bottom to the top of the pot, the water is boiling. That’s it! You’ve done it! Cue the trumpets and congratulate yourself—you’re at least as smart as a not-so-smart monkey.第五步:将水煮沸一旦大的气泡能从锅底冒出,并形成持续不断的蒸汽,这时水正在开。搞定了。你可以大喊并庆祝下——你至少和不太聪明的猴子一样聪明。201101/123948。
  • 演讲简介:“如果我有一个女儿,而不是妈妈,她会叫我B点(Point B)...”这是口语诗人萨拉·凯的演讲开头,这一谈话赢得了TED2011大会上两次起立喝。201211/208809。
  • How To Get A Good Night's Sleep如何睡个安稳觉This film shows you what you can do to make sure you get a good night's sleep. VideoJug presents you with some simple steps on how to sleep well, from your bed to your diet, our aim is to help you sleep better at night.Step 1: Food and drink食物和饮料Avoid coffee, tea, cocoa and cola drinks late in the evening as they all contain caffeine, which may keep you awake. Remember, your nightcap has a price. Alcohol may make you sleepy, but you probably end wont sleep too well not to mention the hangover! Malted food drinks – like Ovaltine - are much better. Bedtime snacks can help too. But don't stuff your face before bed, it'll make you tired, but your body will have to stay awake half the night digesting your meal, so you won't feel rested in the morning. Milk, turkey and peanuts all contain chemicals that help the brain relax. Why not have a turkey and peanut butter sandwich?Step 2: Sleeping position睡觉的姿势Another thing that affects the quality of your sleep is the position you sleep in. We all have our preferences, but for a perfect night's sleep you should try to keep your body in a 'midline' position, where both your head and neck are kept roughly straight. All you need is a properly supportive and comfortable bed and some strategically placed pillows. If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your knees, this will help support your hips. If you sleep on your back: Place pillows under your knees to take the load off the lower back. Make sure there are enough pillows to support the neck and head in the midline position, thereby preventing the head and neck tilting forward or back. Sleeping on your front isn't recommended.. Head and neck are twisted in this position, which is bound to give you aches and pains.Step 3: The 4 Rs 4R原则Getting to sleep is all about the 4 Rs - Regularity, Routine, a Restful bedroom and the Right bed.Step 4: Regularity有规律的作息Regularity of bedtimes and getting up times helps ensure good sleep. If possible, try and go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Keep your bedroom dark while you are sleeping so that the light will not interfere with your rest. As soon as it's time to wake up, open the curtains or turn a light on. Light helps your body know it's time to wake up. Planned daytime naps are fine, but naps caused by sleepiness will ruin your night-time sleep. Try to stay awake all day if you can. Regular exercise is important too it helps regulate your body clock.Step 5: Routine生活习惯 Having a bedtime routine – like having a bath before bed – will help your brain wind down and prepare you for sleep. Reading a book or listening to the same piece of calming music every night may help too. Anxiety excites the nervous system, making you more alert. Write down your worries and possible solutions before you go to bed, then stop thinking about them!Step 6: Restful bedroom卧室要安静 Your bedroom should be a place for sleeping only. It is not a good idea to use your bed for paying bills, doing work, making phone calls etc. Help your body recognize that this is a place for rest by getting rid of anything work-related before you go to bed.Step 7: The Right bed选对床 You need to look after your bed. Turn the mattress over every few months. It should get replaced every 10 years at least. Look out for the following tell-tale signs that your bed needs replacing.” When lying in bed, do you feel springs or ridges beneath the surface? Do you and your partner roll to the middle of the bed unintentionally? When moving in bed do you hear creaks, crunches or other suspicious noises? The noise might not bother you when you're awake, but it will disturb your sleep – leaving you feeling tired and grumpy in the morning.201109/152855。
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