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4.Still Set Up Date Nights4.仍然设定约会之夜The internet is a wondrous thing. And Skype is amazing.互联网是一个奇妙的存在。Skype也很神奇。My husband and I didn#39;t have Skype, and back then the internet was so slow that when we tried to chat it would always freeze up and be super pixelated.我丈夫和我都没有Skype帐户,而且当时的互联网速度也很慢,当我们想视频聊天的时候,总是会卡在那里而且画面很模糊。But we still tried to have date nights every once in awhile. We would watch the same movie, or play games online together.但是,我们仍然每隔一段时间都有一次约会夜。我们会看同一部电影,或在网上一起玩游戏。5.See the Time Apart as an Opportunity to Work on Yourself5.把分开的时间作为自己成长的机会Sometimes when you#39;re in a relationship you don#39;t take much time for your own personal growth.当你处在一段感情中的时候,可能你并不会花太多时间关注于个人的成长。But it is easier to focus back in on yourself when you have time apart. Use that time to focus on a goal or passion and grow it.但是如果你一个人的时候会更容易重新关注你自己。利用这段时间专注于一个目标,投入来实现它。6.Find a Routine6.设置聊天日While I#39;m not generally a fan of routines (I can#39;t even stick to meal planning), I was a fan of having one for our chats.虽然我并不是作息规律的拥护者(我甚至不能坚持饮食规律),但我却坚持着我们聊天的约定。Before we set times to talk, we would call and generally the other one was busy. Different time zones definitely didn#39;t help.在我们设置聊天日之前,我们打电话给彼此的时候,经常都是对方在忙。时区不同怎么相互打电话。And some days when I would call and he wouldn#39;t pick up, it felt like my whole day was thrown off - it would put me in a funk.再过些日子,可能我打电话他又不接了,那种感觉就像我被抛弃了——这将我置于无尽的恐惧之中。But once we decided on a set time a few days a week to make sure we were available to chat for an hour or so, all of that changed.但是当我们约好一周哪几天要预留时间,保我们可以聊一小时左右之后,所有的一切都发生了变化。We had something to look forward to and knew we would be there for each other at that time.我们有了期待,知道在那个时间点彼此就在那里,不离不弃。7.Try to Find a Friend Who is Going Through a Similar Situation as You7.试着结交一个和你有类似状况的朋友My husband had a roommate that also had an out of state girlfriend. It helped that he was close with someone who knew what he was going through.我丈夫的一个室友也有一个异地女朋友。这样的好处是他们彼此有共同语言,了解异地恋要经历的过程。For me, I was more in a gray area with most of my friends. I wasn#39;t single — but I wasn#39;t able to go out on couples nights either.对我来说,我和大部分朋友的关系处于灰色地带。我不孤独——但是我数个夜晚都无法外出。Looking back, I wish I had made more of an effort to find someone who could relate.现在回想起来,我希望可以更努力去寻找可以相互依靠的人。 /201612/484619Acne sucks. Yes, it#39;s a harsh reality of life when you#39;re in middle school, but when those zits follow you into adulthood? That#39;s just freaking unfair, especially when virtually everything in the skin care aisle seems to burn the hell out of your skin without actually killing the acne, which is exactly what was happening to me. So, as a wellness-junkie who hates resorting to prescription treatments, I made it my mission to discover a natural solution that I wouldn#39;t hate putting on my face. And after some deep internet searching and experimenting, I found my current go-to product for not just acne, but all skin issues: tea tree oil.青春痘真的很讨人厌。但现实就是这么残酷:上初中或是成年时期你依然会长青春痘。现实就是这么不公,尤其是当你用了一切的护肤方法,皮肤都变差了之后,你的青春痘还在,这也正是发生在我身上的情况。所以,作为讨厌使用处方药的健康爱好者,我发誓一定要找到天然的治青春痘方法,并将其涂抹于脸上。经过一番深入的网络搜索和实验后,我发现目前使用的产品不仅能治疗青春痘,还能解决所有的肌肤问题:茶树油。OK, yes, you#39;ve most definitely heard of tea tree oil before, but I#39;m not talking about it in a granola-eating, eco-friendly way. I#39;m telling you this stuff really works - it totally cleared up my worst breakouts when no other product could - and it has the research to prove it. Studies show that tea tree oil is just as effective at treating acne as benzoyl peroxide (one of the most common acne-fighting ingredients), but with way fewer side effects, like burning, itching, peeling and irritation. Plus, it#39;s all-natural, squeezed right from the leaves of a tree, so you know exactly what you#39;re putting on your skin. ;Tea tree oil may help kill some of the bacteria on the skin that cause inflammation and acne breakouts,; says dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research at the dermatology department at Mount Sinai Medical Center. ;It can be used as a spot treatment or as a full face treatment to both eliminate the pimples that you have and also help prevent new ones from popping up.;好吧,你之前肯定听说过茶树油,但我指的是用吃麦片的环保方式使用它。说真的,这方法真的管用--茶树油真的治好了我可怕的青春痘,其它产品都没有这个功效--而且有研究可以明这一点。研究表明:在治疗青春痘方面,茶树油和过氧化苯甲酰(最为常见的治青春痘的成分之一)同样有效,但副作用却更少,比如灼烧感、瘙痒、脱皮和刺激。此外,茶树油是纯天然的,是从树叶中挤出来的,所以你完全清楚涂到皮肤上的成分。;茶树油可能会杀死皮肤上的一些细菌,这些细菌会引起炎症和青春痘,;纽约西奈山医院皮肤科化妆品和临床研究总监皮肤科医师约书亚·蔡克纳士说道。;茶树油既可以敷在已有的青春痘上,也可以敷在整张脸上,可消灭已有的青春痘,并同时预防爆痘。;Of course, that doesn#39;t mean you want to douse your face in pure, 100 percent tea tree oil - this stuff is potent, so use the pure, concentrated stuff as a nightly spot-treatment only. And if your skin is super-sensitive or you have too many zits to spot-treat every night, try using a product with tea tree oil as its main ingredient, like a lotion or face mask. Yes, these magical products exist, and yes, I#39;ve rounded them up for you below. Regardless of the product you decide on, though, be prepared to fall in love with tea tree oil. It#39;s pretty dreamy.当然,这不是说你该把百分百纯的茶树油涂抹于脸上--这种东西十分强效,应该使用纯的、浓缩的茶树油,只在晚上涂抹于痘痘上。如果你的皮肤特别敏感或是脸上的痘痘太多,那就使用主成分是茶树油的护肤品,比如柔肤水或面膜。是的,这些神奇的产品当然存在,并且下面我还为你们整理好了。不管你决定用什么样的产品,请准备好爱上茶树油吧!真的是你梦想中的祛痘神器!译文属 /201705/509668The Use of Color in Chinese Clay Crafts中国泥塑中的色运用In the use of color, Chinese clay crafts do not copy life either. Instead, they try to reflect the artistic reality. They prefer using bright colors and tend to bring the contrast between them into such clear relief that will give a saturation and bouncing visual effect. Chinese clay crafts are often painted in bright red,bright green and yellow. The romantic designs in flowing lines give them a bright, cheerful and lively look and send out the fragrance of country life.在色的运用,中国泥塑工艺品也不会复制生活。相反,他们试图体现出艺术的现实。他们更喜欢使用鲜艳的色,往往会给它们之间带来对比,比如清晰的浮雕和饱和活跃的视觉效果。中国泥塑工艺品往往涂上鲜红色,明亮的绿色和黄色。流畅浪漫的设计在线条上,给它们一个明亮,快乐和生动活泼的样子,散发出乡村生活的芬芳。 /201610/471428

The Japanese word, Danshari refers to a minimalist lifestyle that can free you from obsessing over material things.日文“断舍离”指的是一种极简的生活方式,可以将你从对物质的沉迷中解放出来。It has inspired many women all over the world to get rid of unnecessary things, such as books, clothes and furniture.它已经使得全世界许多女性摆脱了不必要的东西,例如(不必要的)书籍、衣物和家具。Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, depending on how you see it, what many women want to get rid of the most in 2016 is, well, their husbands.出人意料而又在情理之中的是,这取决于你如何看待,2016年许多女性最想要丢掉的是,嗯,她们的丈夫。According to a survey conducted by Croissant, a Japanese magazine popular with middle-aged and elderly women, many ers said they would divorce their husbands if they could, while 80 percent of the interviewees said they were happier after ditching their husbands.据《Croissant》杂志(这是一本非常受中老年女性欢迎的日本杂志)进行的一份调查显示,许多读者表示,如果可以的话,她们就会和自己的丈夫离婚,而80%的受访者则表示,丢掉丈夫之后她们的生活更快乐了。Japan is not the only country that has entered the age of ;silver divorces.; The divorce rate among people over 55 is increasing in Britain, France, Canada and the US, according to an article published by the Japanese Institute of Global Communications.日本并不是唯一一个进入“银发离婚”时代的国家。据日本全球通信研究所发表的一篇文章指出,英、法、加、美等国家55岁以上人群的离婚率正在升高。So, why do women aged over 55 want to ditch their husbands? Let#39;s start with the concept of Danshari.那么,为什么55岁以上的女性想要抛弃她们的丈夫呢?让我们先从“断舍离”的概念开始。The concept can be boiled down to one simple question, ;Do I really need this in my life?;这一概念可以归结为一个简单的问题--我的人生真的需要这个东西吗?The last time I asked myself this question, I threw away at least 10 books and several bags of clothing that I no longer wanted to wear.上一次我问自己这个问题的时候,我丢掉了至少10本书和几大包我再也不想穿的衣。It helped me focus on what I have and freed me from having to find places for unwanted things. I felt free and relieved.这让我更加专注于我已有的东西,并且把我从不得不找地方放这些不想要的东西这一种烦恼中解放了出来。我感觉很轻松宽慰。The same concept can also apply to people. Dan, the first kanji character in Danshari, means refusal.这一概念也可以应用到人身上。“断舍离”第一个汉字“断”表示“拒绝、不要”。In Asia, husbands expect their wives to take care of their family like they are housekeepers and nannies rolled into one. Even though both of them may work, the wife is expected to do most of the housework and childrearing.在亚洲,丈夫们希望他们的妻子像管家和保姆的集合体一样照顾家庭。即使夫妻两人都有工作,男人们也希望大多数家务和照顾孩子的工作交给妻子来做。Many wives, especially stay-at-home mothers, sacrifice their dreams and lives for their families, yet they go unappreciated.许多妻子,尤其是全职妈妈,为了家庭牺牲了自己的梦想和人生,但是却仍然得不到赞赏。My 40-year-old friend told me she feels lost in her 10-year marriage. Before marriage, she worked as a curator at a museum where she met her artist husband.我一个40多岁的朋友告诉我说,她对她长达10年的婚姻感到很失落。在结婚之前,她在一家物馆当馆长,在那里她邂逅了她的艺术家丈夫。The two fell in love, and she quit her job to support him at home. Recently, she has been asking herself what life would have been like if she hadn#39;t gotten married.两人坠入了爱河,她辞职做起了家庭主妇。最近,她一直在问自己,如果没有结婚的话,她的人生会是什么样子。That brought her to the second kanji in Danshari, sha,which means to throw away.这使她来到了“断舍离”第二个汉字“舍”,意思是“舍弃、丢掉”。Marriage is hard; divorce is even harder. Many Asian women stay in a loveless marriage for decades. Social factors are a big reason for this. Many believe divorce will have a negative impact on their children.结婚很难,离婚更难。许多亚洲女性在无爱的婚姻中坚守了数十年。社会因素是导致这一现象的一个很大原因。许多人认为离婚会对他们孩子产生负面影响。My friend wants to wait until her son graduates from university to get a divorce. Her son is 7 years old, so only another 11 years to go.我的朋友想等她儿子大学毕业后再离婚。她的儿子现在7岁大,所以那得是11年之后的事儿了。The last kanji ri means separation. The timing for when you divorce a husband is very important.“断舍离”最后一个汉字“离”意思是“脱离、分离”。你离婚的时机非常重要。In Japan, if a wife waits until her husband has retired, she will be entitled to a large share of her husband#39;s retirement payment.在日本,如果一位妻子等到她丈夫退休之后再离婚,她就有权享受她丈夫的一大部分退休金。My friend told her husband that she wants to be freed after their son graduates from university. He looked at her with confused eyes and asked what she, a 50-year-old woman, could possibly want to do.我的朋友告诉她的丈夫说,等他们儿子大学毕业后她想获得自由。他疑惑地看着她并问她--一个50多岁的女人--可能想要干什么。;Fifty is the new young,; she answered. ;I want to stay in the library and as many books as possible without worrying about whether dinner will be late.;她回答道:“50岁是新的开始。我想要待在图书管理、尽可能地多读书,而不用担心晚饭是否晚了。” /201701/489080

A protein in spider venom may help protect the brain from injury after a stroke, according to research.研究表明,蜘蛛毒液中的一种蛋白质或许能够保护大脑免受中风带来损伤。Scientists found a single dose of the protein Hi1a worked on lab rats. They said it showed ;great promise as a future stroke treatment; but had not yet been tested in human trials.科学家们发现一剂量的Hi1a蛋白质在小白鼠身上起了作用。他们表示,这种蛋白质“作为未来的中风治疗手段大有前途”,不过尚未进行人体试验。The Stroke Association said the research was at its early stages but it would ;welcome any treatment that has the potential to reduce the damage caused by stroke;.中风协会表示,该研究尚处于早期阶段,不过该协会“乐于接受任何可能降低中风损伤的治疗手段”。The researchers, from the University of Queensland and Monash University, travelled to Fraser Island in Australia to hunt for and capture three potentially deadly Australian funnel web spiders.来自昆士兰大学和莫纳什大学的研究者们奔赴澳大利亚的费沙岛,寻找并捕获了三种可能符合条件的、可致死的澳大利亚漏斗网蜘蛛。They then took the spiders back to their laboratory ;for milking;. This involved coaxing the spider to release its venom, which can then be sucked up using pipettes.之后他们将这些蜘蛛带回自己的实验室进行“挤乳”操作。这项操作包括诱骗蜘蛛释放毒液,接着用吸管吸取这些毒液。The scientists honed in on a protein in the venom and recreated a version of it in their lab. They then injected this Hi1a into the lab rats.科学家们仔细研究了毒液中的一种蛋白质,并在实验室中人工制造了这种蛋白。然后他们将这种名为Hi1a的蛋白质注射进小白鼠体内。They found that the protein blocked acid-sensing ion channels in the brain - something the researchers say are key drivers of brain damage after stroke.他们发现,这种蛋白质阻断了脑部的酸敏感离子通道--研究者们称这种通道是导致中风后脑损伤的关键因素。Prof Glenn King, who led the research, said the protein showed ;great promise as a future stroke treatment;.领导这项研究的格伦·金教授表示,这种蛋白质“作为未来的中风治疗手段大有前途”。;We believe that we have, for the first time, found a way to minimise the effects of brain damage after a stroke. Hi1a even provides some protection to the core brain region most affected by oxygen deprivation, which is generally considered unrecoverable due to the rapid cell death caused by stroke.;“我们相信我们已经率先找到了一种减小中风后脑损伤影响的办法。Hi1a甚至为脑部核心区域由缺氧带来的绝大部分影响提供了保护措施,由于中风会导致细胞的迅速死亡,通常认为这一损害是无法恢复的。”The research was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.这项研究发表在了美国科学院论文集上。 /201703/500911When our son turned 6, my husband and I bought him a puppet theater and a chest of dress-up clothes because he liked to put on plays. 儿子满六岁时,我和丈夫给他买了一个木偶剧院,还有一衣柜的盛,因为他喜欢穿戏装演戏。We filled the chest with 20 items from Goodwill, mostly grown-man attire: ties, button-down shirts, a gray pageboy cap and a suit vest.我们在衣柜里装了20件从Goodwill二手店买回来的的衣,大都是成年男人的装:领带、领尖带纽扣的衬衫、一顶灰色的听差帽,还有一件马甲。But we didn’t want his or his castmates’ creative output to be curtailed by a lack of costume choices, so we also included high heels, a pink straw hat, a dazzling fairy skirt and a sparkly green halter dress.我们不想他和一起过家家的小伙伴因为戏种类不多而限制了自己的创意,于是我们还买了高跟鞋、一顶粉红色草帽、一条亮闪闪的仙女裙和一条耀眼的绿色露背裙。He was thrilled with these presents. He put on the sparkly green dress right away. 这些礼物让他兴奋不已,他立刻穿上了那条亮绿的裙子。In a sense, he never really took it off.从某种意义上来说,他再也没有把它脱下来过。For a while, he wore the dress only when we were at home, and only when we were alone. 有那么一段时间,他只是在家里,在我们单独相处的时候才穿上那条裙子。He would change back into shorts and a T-shirt if we were running errands or had people coming over.如果我们要出门办事,或者有人来家里拜访时就换上短裤和T恤。Then we would come home or our guests would leave, and he would change back to the sparkly green dress, asking me to tie the halter behind his neck and the sash around his waist.等我们一回家,或者客人一走,他就会换回那条亮闪闪的绿裙子,让我帮他系好挂脖吊带和腰带。Eventually he stopped changing out of it. 最后他不再换了。He wore it to the grocery store and when he had friends over. 去杂货店买东西、在家里见朋友的时候,他都穿着它。He wore it to the park and the lake. 逛公园、去湖边的时候也穿着它。He wore shorts for camp and trunks for swimming, but otherwise he was mostly in the dress.露营时他穿短裤,游泳时他穿泳裤,但其余大部分时间里,他都穿着那条裙子。My husband and I were never of the opinion that girls should not wear pants or climb trees or get dirty, or that boys should not have long hair or play with dolls or like pink, so the dress did not cause us undue alarm or worry. 我和丈夫从来不觉得女孩就不能穿长裤、爬树,把自己弄得脏兮兮,也不觉得男孩就不能留长发、玩娃娃,喜欢粉红色,所以这条裙子并没让我们过分警惕或是担忧。But school was about to start, and we found ourselves at a crossroads.但是学校要开学了,我们发现自己置身十字路口。It seemed reasonable to say: Wear whatever you’re comfortable in to school. 这样说似乎很合理:穿着让你觉得舒的衣去上学就好。If that’s what you want to wear, you don’t have to keep changing in and out of it.如果你想穿这件衣就用不着换来换去。But it also seemed reasonable to say: Dresses are for play at home only. 但是这样说似乎也很合理:裙子是在家里玩的时候穿的。The dress is fun, but you can’t wear it to first grade.这条裙子很好玩,但不能穿着去上一年级。The former had the advantage of being fair, what we believed, and what would make our child happiest. 前一种说法的优点是公平,我们相信公平,这也是最能让我们的孩子开心的办法。The latter had the advantage of being much less fraught.后一种说法的优点则是不会带来太多麻烦。So we asked him, What do you think you’ll do with your dress when school starts in a couple weeks? We said: You need new clothes for the new school year. What should we buy?于是我们问他:再过几个星期就开学了,你打算拿你的裙子怎么办?我们还说:开学后你需要新衣,想让我们买什么?For weeks, he wasn’t sure.几个星期里他都举棋不定。And then, on the day before school started, he was.开学前一天,他拿定了主意。I later learned that this is remarkably common, that children who make decisions like this often do so as push comes to shove. 我后来才明白,这种情况很常见,孩子们在做这种决定的时候都是到压力变大时才会下决心。They achieve clarity when they are faced with two not-great options.面对两个都不怎么样的选择,他们的想法会清晰起来。Our child could go to school dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and feel wrong and awkward and not himself. 我的孩子可以穿短裤和T恤去上学,然后觉得浑身不对劲、不自在,根本不是他自己。Or he could wear what felt right and possibly face the wrath of his fellow elementary-school students.他也可以穿上觉得自在的衣去上学,但又可能会面对小学同学们的怒气。When he woke up on that last day of summer vacation, the first thing he said was that he wanted to wear skirts and dresses to first grade.暑假最后一天早上,他起床后第一句话就是说他想穿裙子去上一年级。O.K., I said, stalling for time, as my brain flooded with all the concerns I hadn’t yet voiced. 好的,我顿了一下,脑子里涌上各种我尚未说起过的担心。What do you think other kids will say tomorrow if you wear a dress to school?你觉得如果明天你穿裙子去上学,别的孩子们会怎么说?They’ll say, ‘Are you a boy or a girl?’ he replied. 他们会说,‘你是男孩还是女孩?’他答道。They’ll say: ‘You can’t wear that. 他们会说:‘你不能穿这个,男孩不能穿裙子。Boys don’t wear dresses.’ They’ll say, ‘Ha, ha, ha, you’re so stupid.’’他们会说,‘哈哈哈,你真傻气。This seemed about right to me. 我觉得这些听上去都很正常。And how will that make you feel? I asked.那你听了以后会觉得怎样?我问。He shrugged and said he didn’t know. 他耸了耸肩,说自己不知道。But he did know, with certainty, what he wanted to wear to school the next day, even as he also seemed to know what that choice may cost him.但他确实知道自己明天到底想穿什么去上学,就算他似乎知道这个选择会让自己付出什么样的代价。I hadn’t met his new teacher yet, so I sent her a heads-up by email, explaining that this had been going on for some time; it wasn’t just a whim. 我还没有见过他的新老师,于是我给她发了一封电子邮件作为提醒,信中解释说这种情况已经持续了一段时间,并不是心血来潮。She emailed back right away, unfazed, and she promised to support our child no matter what.她很快回复了邮件,完全没有大惊小怪,保不管怎样都会持我们的孩子。Then we went shopping. 然后我们就去采购了。The fairy skirt and sparkly green dress were play clothes. 仙女裙和亮绿连衣裙是戏。He didn’t have any skirts or dresses that were appropriate for school.他还没有适合上学穿的半身裙或是连衣裙。I didn’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe when I didn’t know if this was going to last. 我不想买回一整套新行头,因为我还不知道这种情况会持续多久。I envisioned a scenario in which he wore a skirt the first day, got made fun of, and never wore a skirt again. 我想过一种可能性:他可能会第一天穿条裙子去上学,被人取笑一番,然后就再也不穿裙子了。I envisioned another in which he got the skirt-wearing out of his system and happily donned pants every day thereafter. 我还想过另一种可能性,他会自己放弃穿裙子,然后每天都高高兴兴穿上裤子。But mostly I was pretty sure the skirts were here to stay.但我觉得最有可能的情况,还是他的生活里再也不能没有裙子。School started on a Wednesday, so we bought three outfits to get us through the week. 开学那天是星期三,于是我们买了三套衣,以便应付这个星期。Three school skirts. 三条学生裙。Three school tops. 三件学生上衣。A pair of white sandals.一双白凉鞋。On the drive home, I asked, What will you say back if kids say the things you think they will?开车回家时,我问,如果别的孩子对你说了那些你已经猜到他们会说的话,你打算怎么回答?I don’t know, he admitted.我不知道,他承认。So we brainstormed. 于是我们头脑风暴了一番。We role-played. 我们还做起了角色扮演。We practiced saying, If girls can wear pants or skirts, so can boys. 我们练习说:如果女孩能穿裤子也能穿裙子,那男孩也能。We practiced saying: You wear what you’re comfortable wearing. This is what I’m comfortable wearing. 我们练习说:你穿的是让你觉得舒的衣,我穿的也是让我觉得舒的衣。We practiced polite ways of suggesting they mind their own business.我们练习着彬彬有礼地要求他们别管闲事。Are you sure? I asked him. 你确定吗?我问他。I asked this while he was behind me in his car seat so he wouldn’t see how scared I was. 当时他坐在汽车后座上,这样就看不见我有多么担心。I asked casually while we ran errands so it wouldn’t seem like a big deal.我在办事的时候随口这么问他,显得好像根本没什么大不了。I’m sure, he said. He certainly sounded sure. 我确定,他说,他的声音确实很坚决。That made one of us.我却并非如此。The question I couldn’t stop asking myself was: Do we love our children best by protecting them at all costs or by supporting them unconditionally? Does love mean saying, Nothing, not even your happiness, is as important as your safety? Or does love mean saying, Be who you are, and I will love that person no matter what?我忍不住扪心自问:什么才是爱孩子的最好方式,是不惜一切代价保护他们,还是无条件地持他们?爱是意味着对他说,没什么比安全更重要,就连你的幸福也不例外,还是意味着对他说,做你自己,不管你是什么样的人我都爱你?I couldn’t ask my child those questions. 我不能拿这些问题来问我的孩子。But the next morning I did ask one more time, Are you sure?但是第二天早上,我确实又问了他一次,你确定吗?Which was ridiculous, given that he had gotten up before dawn to put on the new skirt and blouse and sandals and was grinning, glowing, with joy.这问题真是毫无必要,因为一大早他就起床穿上了新裙子和女式衬衫,还有凉鞋,他看起来容光焕发,开心地笑着。We put some barrettes in his very short hair and took the traditional first-day-of-school pictures. 我们给他的短发上别上了几个发夹,拍了传统的第一天入学照。They’re all a little blurry because he was too excited to stand still, but it doesn’t matter because that joyful smile is all you see anyway.照片都有点模糊,因为他太兴奋了,没法安安静静地站着,但是没关系,你只会注意到他快乐的笑容。My husband and I took deep breaths and walked him to school. 我和丈夫深深吸了一口气,步行送他去学校。For my son’s part, he fairly floated, seemingly unconcerned. 而我儿子的步伐相当轻松,似乎什么都不在乎。Having decided, he was sure.他已经做了决定,他很确定。The things I imagined happening fell into opposite categories, but both transpired. 我想像过两种极端的情况,但两种情况都发生了。A lot of children didn’t notice, didn’t care or stared briefly before moving on. 很多孩子根本就没注意到他,他们根本不在乎,或者只是稍微看他一眼就继续走自己的。But there were a few who pestered him on the playground and in the hallways, who teased or pressed, who covered their mouths and laughed and pointed and would not be dissuaded by our carefully rehearsed answers.但是也有一些人在草场上和走廊里纠缠他,嘲笑他、推他,捂着嘴笑、指指点点,我们精心排练的那些回答对他们根本没用。That lasted longer than I had expected, but it was mostly over within the month.这种情况比我预想的持续得久,但是在一个月内基本就没有了。At the end of that first week, when he was going to bed on Friday night, he was upset about something — weepy, cranky and irritable. 在第一周的末尾,周五的晚上,他要上床睡觉时,好像在忧心什么事——眼泪汪汪,焦躁不安。He couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me what the problem was. 他不能或不想告诉我出了什么事。His eyes were wet, his fists balled, his face stormy.他的眼睛含满泪水,拳头握了起来,面部表情激动。I tucked him in and kissed him good night. 我给他掖好被子,给了他一个晚安之吻。I asked, again, what the matter was. 我再次问他出了什么事。I asked, again, what I could do. 我再次问他我能做些什么。I told him I couldn’t help if he wouldn’t talk to me. 我对他说如果他不告诉我,我没办法帮他。Finally I whispered, You don’t have to keep wearing skirts and dresses to school, you know. 最后我小声说:你不必一直穿短裙或连衣裙去上学,你知道的。If kids are being mean, if it feels weird, you can absolutely go back to shorts and T-shirts.如果同学们很刻薄,如果那感觉很怪,你当然可以换回短裤和T恤。He snapped out of it immediately, sitting up, his face clearing, his eyes drying and brightening. 他马上绷不住了,坐直身子,脸上露出确信的表情,眼里的泪水不见了,眼睛非常明亮。No, Mama, he chided. 不,妈妈,他责怪道。I wish I could say that he did so sweetly, but his tone was more like, Don’t be an idiot. 我希望我能说他当时说得很可爱,不过他的口气更像是说:别傻了。I aly decided about that, he said. I never think about that anymore.我已经做出决定了,他说,我再没想过这事。It had been three days.当时他已经在学校过了三天。But it was also true. 不过,他说的也是真的。He had aly decided. 他已经做出决定。He didn’t think about that anymore. 他不再想这事了。And he — she — never looked back. 他——她——从没后悔。She grew out her hair. 她留起长发。She stopped telling people she was a boy in a skirt and started being a girl in a skirt instead.她不再告诉人们她是穿短裙的男孩,而是开始做一个穿短裙的女孩。And we, as a family, decided to be open and honest about it, too, celebrating her story instead of hiding it.作为她的家人,我们也决定对此事持开放、诚实的态度,去庆祝而不是隐瞒她的故事。Two years later, our daughter still sometimes wears the green dress, for dress-up and to put on plays, as we imagined her doing in the first place. 两年后,我们的女儿在盛装打扮或过家家时,依然会穿上那件绿裙子,像我们原先设想的那样。Now that she can be who she is on the inside and on the outside, on weekdays as well as on weekends, at home and everywhere else, the sparkly green dress has once again become just a costume.既然不管内心还是外在,工作日还是周末、在家还是在其他地方,她都能做自己,那么这件闪亮的绿连衣裙再次变回戏,仅仅是一件戏。 /201609/467293

It’s a good time to be an alien hunter. In August astronomers discovered Proxima b, a potentially life-supporting planet only 4.2 light-years away. Not long after, news surfaced of a possible signal coming from HD164595, a star in the Hercules constellation, first noticed by Russian scientists in 2015. Then there’s KIC 8462852, better known as Tabby’s Star, a body whose inexplicable light fluctuations have inspired a rash of speculation. Are we finally going to learn that we’re not alone? If so, will it be good news?现在是成为外星人猎人的好时候。今年八月,天文学家发现了比邻星b,是一颗距离我们只有4.2光年的宜居行星。之后不久,有消息传出,可能有信号来自武仙座的编号为HD164595的恒星,最早是由俄罗斯科学家于2015年探测到。之后是编号为KIC8462852的恒星,更为人熟知的名字是喵星【Tabby是以最早的研究论文的第一作者Tabetha S. Boyajian命名,原意虎斑猫泛指猫】,这颗恒星有着明显的光亮起伏变化,引起了大量猜测【有观点认为是外星文明在建造戴森球】。难道我们终于能知晓我们不是宇宙中的唯一?这会是好消息吗?For Chinese science fiction writer Cixin Liu, the answer is almost certainly no. Like Stephen Hawking, who has long warned about the dangers of sending messages into space, Liu’s vision of extraterrestrial contact is anything but peaceful.而对中国科幻作家刘慈欣来说,就是个大大的“不”字。与长期警告不要向太空发送信息的斯蒂芬·霍金类似,刘所预见的地外接触一点都不会和平。In his Hugo Award-winning 2006 novel “The Three-Body Problem” (translated into English by Ken Liu in 2014), Liu described a first contact scenario in which Chinese radio astronomer Ye Wenjie discovers a species called the Trisolarians, so called because their home world circles three suns in an unstable orbit. Though the Trisolarian who receives her message warns her of danger, she persists in communicating anyway. Having watched her father get beaten to death with belt buckles during China’s Cultural Revolution, she feels that society can use an intervention.刘慈欣在其2006年出版的雨果奖获奖作品《三体》(由刘宇昆译成英语并在2014年出版),描写了一个第一类接触的故事情节,中国射电天文学家叶文洁发现了叫做三体人的种族,因其母星以不稳定的轨道围绕三颗恒星公转而得名。尽管接收到叶的讯息的三体人向她预警,她仍坚持通讯。在中国文/革时期目睹其父被皮带扣抽打,叶深感人类社会需要有外界介入。But even Ye Wenjie doesn’t anticipate the consequences of her discovery. Upon learning about Earth, the Trisolarians send a fleet to wipe out humanity and take over its real estate. In the two sequels to the novel — “The Dark Forest,” which appeared in English last year, and now “Death’s End” — Liu describes humanity’s effort to confront the most extreme crisis it has ever faced.但连叶文洁都不曾料到她的发现所造成的后果。在得悉地球之后,三体人派遣舰队想要一举扫平人类并接手人类的家园。之后的两部续作,一年前英译出版的《黑暗森林》,以及现在出版的《死神永生》,刘描写了人类如何直面有史以来最严峻的危机。Liu is a maximalist, and the scope of his books allows him to explore all sorts of sci-fi interests. He writes about the effects of hibernation technology on society, artificially constructed parallel universes, an enemy that has mastered near-perfect surveillance abilities and a game-based religious cult. Liu is also a maximalist in structure; while the first two books in the trilogy told a relatively linear story, “Death’s End” doubles back to the beginning of the “Crisis Era” to re-tell that history from the perspective of another character, Cheng Xin.刘是个极繁主义者,他笔下的广阔领域能让他探究所有的科幻热点。他写冬眠技术对社会的影响、人工建造平行世界、掌握完美监控能力的敌人、以及源于的邪教。三部曲前两部讲了相对线性的故事,而《死神永生》回到“危机纪元”伊始,以另一角色程心的视角重新讲述那段历史。Xin is an aerospace engineer who works on a far-fetched effort to send a preserved human brain into space. Although the brain is technically dead, Xin and her colleagues hope that the Trisolarians will have the technology to revive it, thus providing humanity with an agent in the Trisolarians’ midst. Because the brain isn’t expected to reach its destination for hundreds of years, Cheng Xin is put into hibernation.程心是一名航天工程师,从事将一个封存的人类大脑送入太空的希望渺茫的计划。尽管从技术上讲,大脑已经死亡,但程心及其同僚寄望三体人有科技能复活它,从而成为人类安插在三体人中的间谍。由于大脑需要数百年才能到达目的地,程心进入冬眠状态。When she wakes up 264 years later, it turns out that the brain went off course long ago and hardly anyone remembers it anymore. But because she happens to own a star, given to her by the brain donor as part of another short-lived program, Cheng Xin has become wealthy and famous. She is soon called upon to defend humanity in what has become a state of mutually assured destruction with the Trisolarians. From here, “Death’s End” continues past the time frame of its predecessors, stretching almost to the end of the universe.当她在264年后苏醒,却发现很久以前大脑就已偏离航向,已经没什么人记得这回事了。但由于碰巧大脑原主人曾经在另一短命计划里赠送给程心一颗星星,她名利双收。随即她被召唤并接受保卫人类的使命,已演变成与三体人确保共同毁灭的性质。从这里开始,《死神永生》超过了前作的时间框架,几乎一直延伸到宇宙的尽头。With such a dramatically expanded temporal canvas, it’s no surprise that Liu also expands the alien cast. In “Death’s End” spaceships encounter mysterious artifacts when they pass through a region of fourth-dimensional space, and we meet a killer super-civilization, which wages war by altering the laws of physics. But like a lot of sci-fi writers, Liu focuses less on the aliens than on the effect their existence has on humanity.在如此浩瀚无垠的时间长卷上,毫不奇怪刘慈欣也扩充了外星阵容。在《死神永生》里,太空飞船穿过了一片四维空间区并撞见了神秘的人工物品,而且我们还遇见了杀手级超文明能通过改变物理规律进行作战。但与许多其他科幻作家一样,刘更注重外星人的存在对人类的影响而非外星人本身。In general, Liu takes a dark view of the world. In the second book in the series he posited that the universe is essentially a “dark forest,” populated by predatory species that will wipe out lesser beings in an instant. Though most intelligent life forms know well enough to keep quiet, “there’s a stupid child called humanity, who has built a bonfire and is standing beside it shouting, ‘Here I am! Here I am!’”总之,刘慈欣有黑暗的世界观。在系列第二部里,他假设宇宙的本质是“黑暗森林”,盘踞着虎狼般的种族,会顷刻间抹平次等生物。尽管多数智慧生物懂得噤若寒蝉,“有一个叫人类的傻孩子,生了一堆火并在旁边高喊:我在这儿!我在这儿!”。Yet his depiction of Earth civilization in “Death’s End” is charitable. Society goes through some rough spots, but it learns from its mistakes and prioritizes democracy and human rights over military panic. The story is told primarily from the point of view of Chinese characters — a welcome reminder that sci-fi scenarios don’t exist within an exclusively English-speaking world — but his future society is international, with political bodies like the ed Nations taking on ever-greater roles.然而他在《死神永生》里对地球文明的描述算是大发慈悲了。人类社会熬过几次困难期后吸取教训,重民主人权抑军事恐慌。故事主要是以中国角色的视角讲述,很好地提醒我们,科幻故事并不由英语世界独享,未来社会将是国际性的,联合国之类的政治实体会起到前所未有的作用。Unfortunately, humanity’s desire for peace and prosperity also undermines its survival. It’s a dangerous universe out there, Liu argues, and a global social welfare state may not be equipped to deal with it. Such ideas make Liu’s books compelling ing, and “Death’s End” is the most mind-bending of them all.不幸的是,人类对长治久安的渴求削弱了自己的生存能力。刘慈欣主张:外面是危险的宇宙,全球社会福利制度或许无法应对。此类想法使其作品令人信,而《死神永生》是之中最烧脑的一部。While Liu’s humanity on the whole is conservative, some characters — both heroes and antiheroes — are determined to save civilization at all costs. In “The Dark Forest,” an officer hijacks a starship and takes off into deep space because he believes that Earth will be defeated in the coming war with Trisolaris. The main character in that novel, Luo Ji, achieves a standoff with the alien invaders because of his willingness to destroy humanity as well. And in “Death’s End” we encounter Thomas Wade, an American intelligence officer who is prepared to wage a horrific civil war in order to pursue transformative research into light-speed travel.虽然刘慈欣笔下的人类总体来说非常保守,一些角色无论英雄还是反英雄,都立志不惜一切代价匡扶地球文明于危难。在《黑暗森林》里一名军官劫持一艘星舰朝深空出发,因为他深信地球会在之后同三体人的战争中落败。书中的主角罗辑,成功地与外星来敌形成对峙,就是因为他也有陪葬人类的魄力。而在《死神永生》里,我们会见到美国情报官托马斯·维德,他为了以非常手段研究光速旅行,甚至准备挑起恐怖内战。Yet as a novelist Liu has weaknesses that are impossible to ignore: These characters are exclusively men. Liu’s women, in contrast, tend to be nurturing, sentimental and weak. While Xin’s motivations are pure, her inability to make hard choices threatens to be disastrous. “She understood for the first time her own feelings toward this new world: maternal instinct,” Liu writes. “Subconsciously, she saw everyone in the new world as her child, and she could not bear to see them come to harm.” It is women, Liu implies, who are to blame for humanity’s softness, and who are thus responsible for its potential destruction.然而刘慈欣在写作上也有让人无法忽视的弱点:角色几乎清一色男性;与此相对,刘笔下的女性往往是娇柔的、伤感的、软弱的。尽管程心动机很纯,但无法作出艰难抉择则预示着危险发生。“她看清了自己对这个新世界的感情的实质:母性。”刘慈欣写道:“在她的潜意识中,新世界中所有的人都是自己的孩子, 她不可能看着他们受到伤害。”刘暗示,女性是人类柔软心肠的罪魁,也是人类或将毁灭的祸首。Such passages point not only to sexism, but to poor characterization generally. Although the books are full of thrilling ideas and scenarios, the characters are little more than cutouts, with gender stereotypes providing the most obvious pattern. This is an unforgivable defect, since science fiction long ago progressed beyond simplistic tales of macho warriors in space.这些段落观点不仅是性别歧视,也是糟糕的整体人物塑造。尽管全书充满激动人心的点子和剧情,但人物刻画不比纸板模型厚多少,性别的刻板印象尤为明显。这是不容逃避的缺陷,科幻小说发展到现在早就脱离了太空肌肉男的低级趣味。Even with its flaws, however, Liu’s picture of humanity’s place in the cosmos is among the biggest, boldest and most disturbing we’ve seen; perhaps it’s no wonder that the author himself succumbs to the comfort of familiar parental archetypes. Fortunately, Liu remains true to his dark vision. In this terrifying world, neither mommy nor daddy can save us.虽有这个那个缺点,刘对人类在宇宙里的地位刻画,是我们所见过最宏伟最大胆且最让人不安的。或许正因如此,作者本人陷于熟悉的双亲意象而不能自拔。还好,刘能保持真我坚持他的黑暗观点,在这可怕的世界里,没有妈咪爹地能够拯救我们。 /201610/470586The number one tip for getting y on the red carpet?” asks Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey, founder of LA beauty boutique Violet Grey: “Give yourself extra time to get comfortable in your look. You’re thrown into this high-pressure environment and if you don’t feel comfortable it will show in your body language and all over your face.”“走红毯的首要美妆诀窍是什么?”洛杉矶Violet Grey美容院创始人卡桑德拉?胡森特鲁特?格雷(Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey)说:“自己得多花点时间打造赏心悦目形象。突然身处红地毯时,你会顿感压力山大;自己感觉不爽,肢体语言与脸上表情就会显露无遗。”There’s something inordinately stressful about preparing for formal occasions, even if it’s just the annual office shindig. So imagine the extra pressure stars face at the Golden Globes, next week’s Baftas, and the Oscars, when the imaginative detail that looked so good when rehearsed with the hairdresser has the potential to morph into a “red carpet fail”?即便只是一场办公室寻常年度盛会,为正式场合打理形象也是压力巨大。所以明星大腕参加金球奖(Golden Globes)、英国电影和电视艺术学院奖(Baftas)以及奥斯卡(Oscars)等重量级颁奖典礼时遭受的压力有多大也就不难理解了:当初与专用发型师对每个富含想象力的细节排练得无可挑剔,很可能最后演变成“红地毯上的大出丑”。“Beauty on the red carpet is unique,” adds Grey, who has an insight into its challenges. Married to Paramount Pictures chairman and chief executive, Brad Grey, she has sat through countless speeches and walked innumerable red carpets. “The lighting is pretty bad,” she says, “and even the most confident woman suddenly finds herself in the uncomfortable position of being in what is essentially a petting zoo. Beauty — whether it’s lips or hair — can be an aide to get in character.”“为走红毯美容化妆是很独特的。”格雷补充道,她对参加各种典礼面临的挑战有着深刻理解。作为派拉蒙影业公司(Paramount Pictures)董事长兼CEO布莱德?格雷(Brad Grey)的妻子,她聆听过无数的演讲、走过数不清的红毯。“舞台灯光特别强烈刺目。”她说,“置身在宠物动物园似的环境中,即便平时最为自信的女人也会突然之间变得不知所措。美容化妆(不管是嘴唇还是头发)可以为适应角色助上一臂之力。”Luckily, there are plenty of aides — from the eyebrow specialist, to the body-polish expert to the eyelash person to the plastic surgeon. It does, as the saying goes, take a village. Naturopath and facialist Dr Nigma Talib, who looks after Sienna Miller and Penélope Cruz and who has clinics in London and at the Four Seasons Doheny in Los Angeles, starts getting calls from the agents several weeks before. If the “Talent” is still eating sugar (imagine!), Talib gets them off it, and cuts out gluten, dairy and alcohol to reduce any signs of facial “bloating”. “You don’t have time to get blood tests back,” she explains, “but everything starts in the gut, so I prescribe good probiotics and sleep support.” (Usually a herbal supplement called Ashwagandha, which Talib says is great for fatigue and lack of concentration — maybe it helps you to sit through all the speeches). On the actual day she’ll give her clients a facial that includes a chemical peel, LED light therapy, and applications of hyaluronic acid and jellyfish collagen. (Not one of her vegan clients has complained about the jellyfish, but then this is Hollywood).幸运的是,增色添的帮手比比皆是——从美眉与身体磨砂专家、睫毛师再到整容医师,应有尽有。俗话说得好:众心成城。专为大明星西耶娜?米勒(Sienna Miller)以及佩内洛普?克鲁兹(Penélope Cruz)务的理疗师及面部美容师塔利布医生(Dr Nigma Talib)在伦敦及洛杉矶多希尼四季酒店(Four Seasons Doheny in Los Angeles)都开有美容诊所,一般都是好几周前就接到客户的预约电话。如果该明星客户仍在吃糖(假想而已!),塔利布就不让他们再吃它,而是让他们停吃麸质与奶制品以及戒酒以便使脸部“消肿”。“诸位不可能在短时间内把血液等各项指数降至正常。”她解释道,“但所有毛病都始于内脏,所以我给对方开了益生素以及让其保持充足睡眠。”(她通常给客户开印度人参,这种草药补剂对缓解疲劳与治愈注意力不集中疗效显著——可让对方精神抖擞听完整个演讲)。客户来就诊时,她会给对方做包括医学换肤、LED光疗以及施用玻尿酸(Hyaluronic Acid)与水母胶原蛋白(jellyfish collagen)在内的脸部美容。(对于使用水母胶原蛋白,她的素食客户中没有人抱怨,但这是在巨星云集的好莱坞)。Yes, yes, yes, but what about the hard stuff? I hear you ask. Where do they all go for their Botox and facelifts? In LA, ever since the Kardashians made him famous, Dr Simon Ourian is the go-to in Beverly Hills for that model-perfect look, and has 1.4m Instagram followers to show for it. Santa Monica’s Dr Karyn Grossman is a little more discreet and popular with middle-aged male celebrities. In London, the name that all the top facialists refer their clients to for injectables is Dr Tapan Patel.对!这些难伺候的巨星大腕怎么办?你们会这么提问。他们去哪儿注射肉毒杆菌与做面部拉皮术呢?在洛杉矶,卡戴珊(the Kardashians)让西蒙?奥里安医生(Dr Simon Ourian)声名远扬后,其美容诊所就成了比弗利山庄(Beverly Hills)那些意欲打造完美模特形象的好莱坞明星的“圣地”,奥里安医生拥有的Instagram粉丝高达140万人。洛杉矶圣莫尼卡(Santa Monica)的卡里恩?格罗斯曼(Dr Karyn Grossman)医生则行事低调,在中年男星中有超高人气。伦敦的明星若是注射美容的话,面部顶级美容师无一例外都会向其推荐塔潘?帕特尔医生(Dr Tapan Patel)。Perhaps surprisingly, according to Huysentruyt Grey, it’s the younger women who are tweaking and fixing. “They’re altering their looks seemingly because it makes them feel more comfortable in their skin, but it also makes them more bankable.”胡森特鲁特?格雷说,年轻女性青睐整形美容(tweaking and fixing),这一点有些出乎意料。“她们整容的原因似乎是增添自信心,而且还让自己更具吸金力。”When it comes to make-up, however, there has been a movement towards stealthy understatement: as anyone who’s ever had to attend a black-tie event understands, one spritz of hairspray too many, one overdone smoky eye, and you’ve instantly added 10 years to your natural age.但说起施用粉黛,如今的发展趋势则是悄无声息地化淡妆:任何着正式晚礼参加社交活动的人都清楚,喷过多发胶或是熏眼过度,立马会显得比实际年龄老上十岁。Of course, natural doesn’t really mean barefaced. Huysentruyt Grey. cites “the quintessential natural style of European women who seem to have made that confident, effortless polish their signature,” as an example. Isabelle Huppert at the Golden Globes exemplified the look — a flawless complexion, dark red lip, and classic side-parted natural hair. Michelle Williams (pictured below), Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett equally, never seem to make a bad move.当然,天然模样并不真正意味着素颜。胡森特鲁特?格雷列举了“典型天然风格的欧洲女性(她们似乎崇尚那种增添自信心、不费力妆扮)”的例子。参加金球奖颁奖典礼的伊萨贝尔?于佩尔(Isabelle Huppert)就是展现上述形象的活生生例子——完美的肤色、殷红色的嘴唇以及传统的自然偏分发型。米歇尔?威廉姆斯、朱丽安?尔以及凯特?布兰切特似乎也从不越雷池半步。“There’s a temptation to try and match the gravitas of the event with hair and make-up,” says Alex Babsky, Lanc?me’s UK make-up ambassador (Lanc?me has been the beauty partner of Bafta for 17 years, which easily end up looking overly regal.”“我们参加庄重活动时,似乎总想收拾发型与浓妆重。”兰蔻(Lanc?me)英国妆大使阿列克斯?巴布斯基(Alex Babsky)说。(兰蔻已连续17年担任英国电影与电视艺术学院奖颁奖典礼官方化妆品合作伙伴,所以最终的颁奖典礼很容易尽显奢侈豪华。)Babsky has made up everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Lupita Nyong’o and Thandie Newton and prefers a matt finish foundation generally (he loves Lanc?me’s Teint Idole Ultra, £30). “When you can’t be sure of the lighting it’s always a safer bet: an all over glowy finish can look sweaty in the wrong conditions.”巴布斯基为从莎拉?杰西卡?帕克(Sarah Jessica Parker)到露皮塔?尼永奥(Lupita Nyong#39;o)及桑迪?牛顿 (Thandie Newton)在内的众多明星美妆,他通常爱用亚光粉底(matt finish foundation,他酷爱售价30英镑的兰蔻超轻透持久粉底液 (Teint Idole Ultra))。“当你不清楚舞台灯光实际效果时,这样做始终较为保险:美妆得太过红光满面在糟糕的典礼场合会给人大汗淋漓的感觉。”Equally, hair needs to be kept simple. “If the dresses are couture and very formal, it’s less ageing to play down the hair,” says Nicola Clarke, who has looked after Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett and Daisy Ridley for Bafta, and is rarely seen without a can of R+Co Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray () and Color Wow’s Root Cover Up (£28.50) for stray greys.发型同样得尽可能简约。“穿高档正装的话,简单发型就显得比实际年龄年轻。”尼古拉?克拉克(Nicola Clarke)说,他负责为参加英国电影与电视艺术学院奖颁奖典礼的凯特?温丝莱特(Kate Winslet)、凯特?布兰切特以及黛茜?雷德利(Daisy Ridley)美妆,对于间或稀疏灰白头发的明星,他总是使用R+Co Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray强力柔性发胶与Color Wow可掩盖发根再生的Root Cover Up。But is it worth the effort? “Recently there’s been a subtle shift in LA with a lot of women feeling they’re somehow diminishing their position as a feminist by putting effort into their look,” says Grey. “I guess their point is, is it politically correct to wear millions of dollars of jewellery or to be spending so much time choosing a dress? But it’s a very serious part of the industry — you’re representing a multibillion-dollar movie franchise, or a designer brand, and the images that result will affect your career. Plus, it’s Hollywood, and you’re in the entertainment business! Let’s bring some joy and fun.”但是,如此大动干戈是否值得?“最近,洛杉矶时尚界悄然发生了变化:很多女性觉得对自我形象如此兴师动众,从某种程度上会降低自己女权主义者的地位。”格雷说,“我觉得实质问题是:佩戴价值几百万美元的首饰或是在穿着上大把烧钱是否在政治立场上正确?而这又是时尚界的重头戏——这些女明星是票房几十亿美元电影产业与知名品牌的形象代言人,其市场效应反过来也会影响自己的职业生涯。除此之外,这儿是巨星云集的好莱坞,这些女明星身处业中心!还是让我们给世界带些开心快乐吧。” /201703/497245

Much like a long-distance romance, it can be difficult to keep the spark alive in a friendship with someone living in a different city.就像一段异地恋情一样,生活在不同城市的朋友间也很难保持友情的热度。Now scientists say they have uncovered the key to staying close and it appears to be different for men and women.现在科学家说,他们已经发现了保持亲密的诀窍—但这对于男人和女人来说似乎是不同的。Men need to meet up face-to-face and bond over activities, according to the study of students leaving home for the first time, while for female friendships, long phone conversations can bridge the physical distance.根据一项对初次离家的学生展开的调查,男人需要面对面的接触,并通过活动保持联系,而在女人的友谊中,煲电话粥也可以把距离拉近。Professor Robin Dunbar, who led the work at the University of Oxford, said: ;What determined whether [friendships] survived with girls was whether they made effort to talk more to each other on the phone.;牛津大学领导该研究的罗宾?邓巴教授说:“女孩之间的友谊能否存续的决定因素在于她们是否努力在电话里聊得更多。”However, talking had absolutely no effect on boys relationships, the study found.然而,该研究发现,谈话对于男孩间的友谊没有丝毫作用。;What held up their friendships was doing stuff together;, said Dunbar.“撑他们友谊的是一起活动”,邓巴说:;Going to a football match, going to the pub for a drink, playing five-a-side.;“比如一起去看足球赛、去酒吧喝酒以及踢五人足球。”;They had to make the effort. ;“他们必须做出努力。”;It was a very striking sex difference. ; Should men invest more in friendships?“这体现了惊人的性别差异。”男人应该在友谊里投入更多吗?In the research, thirty students who were in their final year of sixth form were asked to compile detailed lists of all their friends and how close they felt to each of them.在这项研究中,30名高中毕业生被要求详细列出所有的朋友以及与每个朋友间的亲密度。Four months after the initial assessment, the students took their final A-level exams and many left home for university.在这次初期评估的四个月后,这些学生参加了A-level考试,当中许多人离开家上大学。They were then followed up nine months and 18 months after the initial assessment.研究人员分别在9个月后和18个月后对他们进行了跟踪研究。Speaking to journalists at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston, Dunbar said different friendship styles between genders could be behind the effect.在波士顿举行的美国科学促进会的年会上,邓巴对记者说道,男女对待友谊的不同方式是这种现象背后的原因。;This is about the idea that women clearly have much more intense close friendships;, he said.“女人间的友谊显然更加紧密”,他说。;They#39;re very intense, very like romantic relationships in the sense if they break, they break catastrophically.“这种关系非常紧密,非常像爱情—在这种强度下,如果关系破裂了,就是灾难性的。”By contrast, men tend to have more casual friendships.相比之下,男人间的关系往往更加随意。;They tend to have a group of four guys that they do stuff with;, he said.“他们喜欢四个人凑在一起活动”,他说。;With guys it is out of sight out of mind. ;“但不见面就忘了。”;They just find four more guys to go drinking with. ;“他们只会另外找四个人一起去喝酒。” /201703/495282

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