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Making quite the spectacle, the stars of ;Hitchcock; hit the red carpet their film New York City premiere on Sunday evening (November 18).月18日,众主演盛装出席《希区柯克(Hitchcock)纽约首映礼Held at Ziegfeld Theater, the fabulous foursome of Scarlett Johansson Toni Collette, Jessica Biel and Helen Mirren posed arm-in-arm as they welcomed famous guests and lucky fans in attendance.四女星斯嘉丽·约翰逊(Scarlett Johansson),托妮·科雷特(Toni Collette),杰西卡·贝尔(Jessica Biel)和海伦·米勒(Helen Mirren)在Ziegfeld剧院前亲密合影,欢迎着到场嘉宾与幸运粉丝As their new movie, the Sacha Gervasi-directed drama also stars Anthony Hopkins, Danny Huston, Michael Stuhlbarg, James DArcy, Michael Wincott, Richard Portnow, and Kurtwood Smith.出演这部影片的还有安东尼·霍普金斯(Anthony Hopkins),丹尼·休斯敦(Danny Huston),迈克尔·斯图巴(Michael Stuhlbarg),詹姆斯·达西(James DArcy),迈克·温考特(Michael Wincott),理查德·波特诺(Richard Portnow),和克特伍德·史密斯(Kurtwood Smith)Based on the book ;Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho; by Stephen Rebello, the film hits theaters on November 3rd.本片根据Stephen Rebello所著《阿尔弗雷德·希区柯克与lt;惊魂记gt;拍摄全过程改编,由萨沙·杰瓦希(Sacha Gervasi)执导,将于月3日正式上映

Fran?ois Hollande wants “no more first ladies in the Elysée in future”, it emerged following the furore over his alleged affair with an actress. The French president’s comments are the clearest indication yet of his plans, and come as his advisers said it would be best him to remain a “bachelor president” the time being. According to Micha?l Darmon, a reporter with iTele, Mr Hollande made his views crystal clear in a chat with French journalists at the Elysée.法国总统奥朗德日前表示,需要时间在“第一女友”瓦莱丽特里耶韦莱和朱莉?加耶之间做出选择目前看来,他似乎已经做出决定据英国《每日电讯报1月日报道,奥朗德说,未来爱丽舍宫不再有“第一女友”他的顾问说,总统暂时恢复单身是最明智的决定法国新闻台iTele记者米夏埃多?达尔蒙透漏,奥朗德在爱丽舍宫和法国记者聊天时澄清了他的立场,即“未来我不想要爱丽舍宫再有第一夫人”“Fran?ois Hollande returned to the status of a potential first lady, saying: I don’t want any more first ladies in the future at the Elysée’,” Mr Darmon said. One of Mr Hollande’s advisers told Le Figaro newspaper on Monday: “If there must be a split, it must be dignified and elegant regarding Valérie Trierweiler. And above all, Julie Gayet mustn’t instantly move into the Elysée.” Rather, Mr Hollande should remain a “bachelor president” the time being, the adviser is cited as saying.奥朗德一个顾问日告诉法国《费加罗报:“如果必须有人要离开,那肯定是端庄典雅的瓦莱丽?特里耶韦莱最重要的是,朱莉?加耶不能马上搬到爱丽舍宫”奥朗德目前必须保持单身状态Elysée sources told the Telegraph that while Miss Trierweiler was keen on remaining a couple, the president’s mind is made up and that he was “in negotiations, including legal ones” to end the relationship. The Elysée said that Mr Hollande had aly planned to go the Netherlands alone bee news of his affair broke.爱丽舍宫方面的消息称,尽管瓦莱丽希望维持这段恋情,但奥朗德已经下定决心了,他动用“谈判,包括法律方式”结束两人的关系该消息人士还指出,奥朗德在被爆偷情之前就已经决定不带瓦莱丽出访荷兰On Monday, Mr Hollande told reporters at the Hague that Miss Trierweiler “is feeling better and is resting at this time”. On Saturday she left the Salpétrière hospital La Lanterne, a hunting lodge near the Palace of Versailles used as a presidential retreat, thanking well-wishers their support “from the bottom of my heart”. It was unclear whether the president, who had paid her one visit in hospital last Thursday, had gone to see her at La Lanterne on Monday.目前正在荷兰出访的奥朗德告诉记者,瓦莱丽“好多了,正在休息”瓦莱丽18日出院后搬到了凡尔赛宫附近的总统官邸,但不清楚奥朗德是否前去探望过 7

  A woman has reportedly asked to divorce her husband of six years because he doesn’t share her love of the movie Frozen.据报道,有一名女子向结婚6年的丈夫提出离婚,只因他不喜欢自己热爱的电影《冰雪奇缘An unnamed 31-year-old man wrote on the Japanese marriage advice um Kikonsha no Hakaba (”The Gravesite of Married People”) that his wife has recently become obsessed with the Disney hit and made him watch it, according to Rocket News .据Rocket News 网站报道,一位31岁男子在日本婚姻咨询论坛Kikonsha no Hakaba(中文意思是“已婚人士的墓地”)上匿名写道,他的妻子最近对迪士尼热映动画片《冰雪奇缘十分着迷,还强迫自己也看“It’s an okay movie, I guess, but I didn’t really care it personally,” the man told his wife.“我觉得这部电影可能还行吧,但就我个人而言真的没多大兴趣”这个男人对妻子说道“Do you really think it’s that good?”“你真的认为它只是‘还行’ 吗?”“If you can’t understand what makes this movie great, there’s something wrong with you as a human being!” she responded.“如果你不能理解这部电影的伟大所在,那么你作为一个人是有问题的” 妻子回应道The man claims there were no preexisting issues in the marriage, with the couple apparently living comtably, child free, and without financial worries.这名男子说,他们的婚姻之前并不存在问题,他们显然生活得很舒适,没有孩子的负担、也不必担心财政问题He said his wife has since moved in with her parents and refuses to speak to him.他说自从《冰雪奇缘事件后,他妻子就回娘家了,并拒绝与他说话 36

  It might still be a long time off, but a character as adorable as Doraemon, it never too early to celebrate.也许为时尚早但为多啦A梦这样的卡通万人迷庆生,再怎么早也不为过If you are a fan of the iconic Japanese anime character, you will know that he was born on September 3, 1, meaning next month it will be the start of the centennial countdown to his birth.如果你是经典日本动漫形象多啦A梦的粉丝,那么一定知道它出生于1年9月3日也就是说下个月便是它诞辰一百周年前的倒计时Hong Kong has jumped early on the bandwagon of celebration. Harbor City, a shopping mall in Hong Kong, is hosting the ;0 Years Bee the Birth of Doraemon; exhibition.在此次的庆祝热潮中,香港抢先出手香港海港城购物中心正在举办;多啦A梦诞生前0年祭;展览活动Outside Harbor City, 0 different Doraemon figures are lined up in neat rows. Inspired by Doraemon magical gadgets, a group of designers around the world have created and designed 30 original gadgets.在海港城外,0个不同造型的多啦A梦雕塑整齐列阵受多啦A梦的诸多神奇法宝的启发,来自全球各地的设计师们设计打造出30种新型法宝;Each design has been influenced by Doraemon own futuristic world,; Du Lishi, , a student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said. ;And it feels like Doraemon magic comes to life.;来自香港中文大学的岁的杜丽诗(音译)表示:;每种设计都深受多啦A梦未来世界的影响就好像是多啦A梦的神奇魔法复活了一样;The robotic cat from the future, created by Japanese manga artist Fujiko F. Fujio, needs no introduction. The series has been widely popular since its debut in the late 1960s and its popularity has expanded worldwide over the past two decades.这只由日本漫画大师藤子#86;F#86;不二雄一手打造的未来机器猫根本无需过多介绍该漫画系列丛书自世纪60年代末面世以来,广受欢迎在过去年间,多啦A梦的人气席卷全球 most of us, whether born in the 1980s or 90s, Doraemon is a sweet childhood memory.对于我们中大多数80后、90后而言,多啦A梦都是甜蜜的童年记忆Wu Hao, 1, a junior at Ocean University of China, is a Doraemon fan. He has decided to watch all the cartoon episodes once again to celebrate the occasion.中国海洋大学大三学生,1岁的吴昊(音译)是位多啦A梦迷为了给哆啦A梦庆生,他决定重温多啦A梦全集;When I was a boy, every time I saw Doraemon reaching into his pocket, I knew something exciting will happen,; Wu said.吴昊说:;小时候,每当我看到多啦A梦把手伸进口袋时,我便知道奇迹将要发生了;Now, Wu is still in love with the robotic cat, but not only because it was part of his childhood.吴昊现在依旧深爱这只机器猫,但并不仅仅是因为这是他童年的一部分;I may have outgrown the fairytale-like stories of Doraemon,; he said. ;But I believe every Doraemon fan will have a place the cat in their hearts, because it gives us the courage to dream big.;他说:;像多啦A梦这样的童话故事或许已经不适合我的年龄了但是我相信每个多啦A梦迷都会把它放在心底,因为它给了我们放胆去做梦的勇气;Du added another reason why Doraemon has been loved by so many fans – his owner Nobita Nobi.此外,杜丽诗还提到了一个很多人喜欢多啦A梦的原因,那就是它的主人野比大雄;I think many of us can relate to Nobi, who is an underdog and often bullied by others,; Du said.杜丽诗说:;我想很多人都会和大雄有相同的经历,一事无成且常常被人欺负;;So, we all wish to have a loyal (and magical) friend like Doraemon, who is always there you and help you solve all kinds of problems.;;所以,我们都希望能够拥有一位像多啦A梦那样忠诚而又会魔法的朋友它总是及时出现,为你摆平一切烦恼; 1979。









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