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But Currie felt he had an answer to this. These tyrannosaurs were rare dinosaurs.不过Currie觉得他能解释这个问题。这些暴龙是比较稀少的恐龙They would have made up only five per cent of the animal life in this area.它们只占到了这片地区动物数量的5%The chances that 12 unrelated tyrannosaurs died separately and were washed together to this spot were minute.12只暴龙分别死去,然后又被洪水冲到一起的几率微乎其微To find 12 tyrannosaurs by chance, at this level, in this bone bed.12只暴龙碰巧一起被埋在这个地层、这个化石场中The chances of that happening are about one in 64 million.这种事件的发生几率只有1/64000000It really isnt very likely that its going to happen by chance.所以这种事几乎不可能碰巧发生But there could be an even more dramatic reason why the bones of Curries tyrannosaurs were all in one place.不过还有一种更戏剧性的解释能说明Currie发现的暴龙骨骼为何会被埋在同一个地方They could all have been caught in a predator trap. This is a predator trap.它们可能一起落入了掠食动物陷阱。这就是掠食动物陷阱In this strange swamp-like place, molten tar has bubbled up from deep within the Earth for tens of thousands of years.在这片沼泽般的诡异地带,熔化的焦油数万年来不断从地底深处喷涌而出The sticky tar is lethal to any animal that wanders into it.粘稠的焦油对于任何失足的动物来说都是致命的Within seconds, the creature will become stuck, and then its fate is sealed.几秒钟内,动物可能就被吞没,它的命运也随之封存Predator traps have been found all around the world. This one is in downtown Los Angeles.掠食动物陷阱遍布全世界各地。这个位于洛杉矶市区内201612/483472。

To cross a deep canyon in Texas,I used an old tethered trap Id found earlier,为了穿越德克萨斯的一条峡谷 我用了之前捡到的一个绳套improvised a grappling hook,and set up a tyrolean rope slide.制作了一个攀岩勾 设置了一条攀爬索道Bulls-eye!Feels like its caught.And thats probably as good as Im gonna get.Lets bring this back. okay, watch out.正中红心 感觉已经挂住了 这可能是 我能做到的最佳效果了 把这条绳子往后拉拉 注意安全The grappling hook that was thrown that Bear threw across the gorge and got caught round a rock couldnt see exactly if it was well-secured,but went for it.贝尔扔过去的自制攀岩勾 套住了峡谷另外一边的一块石头 无法确定是否稳固 只能硬着头皮试试了Its definitely quite a squeeze on the ol meat and two bits.这样对身体和腿都是很大的考验But theres no doubt all the way down there.但毫无疑问 摔下去后果不堪设想And hes going across there,and I thougt: ;Well, Its looks preety secured;, and then it slips.他正在横越峡谷 我想 还挺安全的 突然绳子脱勾了Bad place for the anchor to slip!这可不是登山索玩脱钩的好地方I thought, ;thats actually a long way down; And you gotta to remind him about how high he is when something like that happens.我还想过 这个峡谷确实很深的 遇到这种情况的时候 我们必须提醒他 这个地方到底有多高However dangerous the situation,what keeps me going is the knowledge that Ive got some of the best guys in the business right behind me.不论环境多么险恶 一想到有同行业的顶尖人士 幕后的默默持 我就会奋勇向前Its kind of like being back in my commando days,with, you know, small teams of guys going off to do kind of mad things, I guess.和这样一伙人做着各种 可以说无比疯狂的事 让我想起了做突击队员的日子Were all kitted up, were all geared up.And in we go, do our job, and then we fly out again.我们带好装备 准备就绪 冲到目的地 开工 最后再飞回驻地For the survivor,reaching safety is always the ultimate goal.对求生者而言 获得救援才是最终目的But sometimes getting rescued can be the most dangerous part of your whole deal.Now, stop, stop.但有时候 获取救援 可能是最为危险的部分 快停下 停下201611/477311。

North Korea’s leader has reportedly said the country will not use nuclear weapons unless its sovereignty is infringed by others.据报道,朝鲜领导人称不会使用核武器,除非其主权遭到他人侵犯。According to state media, Kim Jong Un told the ruling party’s first congress since 1980 that Pyongyang was willing to normalise ties with states that had been hostile to it.据官方媒体报道,自1980年以来执政党首次召开代表大会,金正恩表示平壤愿意与敌视国家恢复常态关系。The isolated communist country has made similar statements in the past, and the comments are being treated with scepticism.过去,这个孤立的共产主义国家也做过类似的陈述,这些遭到怀疑。The reports ed the leader as saying he would work towards nonproliferation and global stability.报道援引领导人所说,称他将努力防止核武器扩散并维护全球稳定。But there are reports that North Korea may be preparing another nuclear test.但有报道称朝鲜可能正准备进行另一次核试验。A previous test and satellite launch earlier this year earned it tougher UN sanctions, which in turn brought more belligerent threats from the North.此前的试验和卫星发射遭到了联合国的严厉制裁,相反引来了朝鲜更多的战争威胁。State media said Kim Jong Un also set out a five-year plan to boost economic growth,But there has been little reform so far in the country since he came to power.国家媒体称,金正恩还制定了一个5年计划来促进经济增长,但自其上台以来,迄今为止朝鲜几乎没有作出改革。Foreign journalists were kept away from the congress despite having been invited to North Korea to cover it.尽管国外记者受到邀请来报道,但都不能进入大会现场。译文属。 /201605/442484。

His great hope was for a settling,他最大的愿望是一个长久的规划but the truth was that the protector himself was anything但实际上 除了为国家指明未来的方向之外but settled his mind about the direction he should take the country.作为护国公 他已经无所不能了Should Britain be righteous or reasonable?不列颠应该主持道义 还是遵循理性It was a civil war he fought over and over again in his own head.这个难题一直在他脑中萦绕Squire Cromwell could see the virtues of a reasonable state of affairs.护国公克伦威尔 能看到遵循理性治国的好处Given a breathing space, the old world of counties was coming ever so cautiously back to life.如果给予任何喘息的机会 旧有体制 就会得以慢慢复苏Magistrates were sitting at courts,gentlemen riding to hounds,地方官会端坐于法庭之上 绅士们会外出猎狐狸war-damaged houses being repaired,children being married off,被战争摧毁的宅邸得以重建 孩子们迎来嫁娶friends and neighbours asked to dinner.朋友和邻居们被邀来共进晚餐And not least when some of those gentlemen were elected to the Protectorate parliaments,而当这其中的乡绅们 被选入护国议会the old connections between Westminster and the counties,议会和各郡之间往日的联系the secret of English government,were, at last, being put back together.英国政府的旧制 都将重见天日But the righteous side of Cromwell fretted但是主持道义的克伦威尔却又担忧that this return to an older way of doing things was only too successful.这些旧有体制的复苏 太过顺利了It was not so much healing as backsliding.Royalism by the back door.比起重生 这更像是倒退 让复辟有抬头之势So in 1655,Cromwell turned his mastiffs loose.所以在1655年 克伦威尔使出了他的杀手锏 /201704/503271。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/469987。

Lessons had been learned the hard way, at least for some.至少对某些人而言 这是一个血的教训So when barbarians started attacking Roman forts in the north,the Romans knew exactly what to do.当蛮夷开始袭击罗马北部要塞时 罗马人早已深谙御敌之术In 79 AD, an enormous pitched battle took place on the slopes of an unidentified highland mountain,公元79前 一不知名的高山丘陵上 一场大规模激战在此上演which Tacitus calls Mons Graupius.塔西陀称其为格劳庇乌山The result was another slaughter,but not before the Caledonian general, Calgacus,结局是又一场屠杀 但已是古苏格兰王库斯delivered the first great anti-imperialist speech on Scotlands soil.伟大的反帝国演讲传遍苏格兰之后的事了Here at the worlds end,on its last inch of liberty,在这世界之端 最后的自由地we have lived unmolested to this day defended by our remoteness and obscurity.我们得以偏安一隅至今 只因此地偏远神秘But there are no other tribes to come, nothing but sea and cliffs但在此只能与汪洋峭壁作伴and these more deadly Romans whose arrogance you cannot escape by obedience and self-restraint, to plunder, butcher, steal.但我们的顺从自律却逃不过 傲慢自大的罗马人 穷凶极恶地劫掠与偷窃These things they misname empire,they make a desolation and they call it peace.他们谬称其为帝国 还将劫掠后的荒芜 称为和平Of course, Calgacus never said any such thing.当然 库斯从未有过如此言论This was a speech written long after the event by Tacitus and its entirely Roman, not Scottish.而是事件发生多年之后的塔西佗所撰写 并且通篇古罗马语 而非苏格兰语Yet this burning sentiment would echo down the generations.但这燃烧着的 却不失为那个时代的缩影Like Britannia itself, the idea of free Caledonia was from the first, a Roman invention.如不列颠尼亚与解放苏格兰的概念 都为罗马首创 /201607/452354。

栏目简介:Traffic police are encouraging people to turn in drivers who break the law. Starting today, residents can take and report clips of traffic infractions to a police website for further investigation. A total of 17 s have been uploaded by 5 oclock this afternoon. Huang Yue has more...201701/487351。

原味人文风情:For millions of workers around the world, the 1st of May is their day. In the late 19th century, American labor unions were fed up—fed up with being overworked, in dangerous conditions and with little pay. So in 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions met in Chicago and had one major demand: an eight-hour workday.对全世界数百万名劳工而言,5 月 1 日是属于他们的日子。十九世纪晚期,美国工会受够了--受够过度劳累、身处危险工作环境但只领到微薄薪水。于是在 1884 年,美加产职业工会联合会聚在芝加哥,并提出一项主要诉求:一天工作八小时。And on May 1, 1886, over 300,000 American workers went on strike. Three days later, thousands of strikers met in Haymarket Square, where a riot broke out between cops and workers. A bomb was thrown into the crowd, killing several people. It was called the Haymarket Massacre.1886 年 5 月 1 日,超过三十万名美国劳工发动罢工。三天后,数千名罢工工人在干草市场广场聚集,警方与劳工在那爆发冲突。一颗炸弹被丢到群众中,造成数人死亡。这被称作「干草市场屠杀」。And today, May 1 is known as International Workers Day. While every countrys workers have a different history behind May Day, they all commemorate those who have and continue to give their lives for workers justice.如今,5 月 1 日被称为国际劳动节。尽管每个国家的劳工在劳动节背后有着不同历史,但他们全都纪念着那些曾经,并且持续为劳工正义付出生命的人。201706/511431。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/455209。