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槐荫区中医医院如何山东省齐鲁医院周末上班吗章丘区中医医院挂号网 Bush Speech Declaring End to 'Major Combat' in Iraq Passes 5th Anniversary前美军将领称伊战不会迅速结束  This week marked the fifth anniversary of the speech President Bush gave on a U.S. aircraft carrier, in which he declared the end of major combat in Iraq. The anniversary came at the end of a difficult month for U.S. forces in Iraq, and caused some renewed debate about the course of the war. 这个星期是美国总统布什在一艘美国航空母舰上发表演讲五周年。他在那次演讲中宣布伊拉克的主要战斗结束。这次周年纪念正值驻伊美军刚刚结束一个艰难的月份,使人们再次就伊拉克战争的走向展开辩论。It was a happy moment for the president. A year and a half after the September 11 attacks he was able to visit a U.S. aircraft carrier on its way home from the Persian Gulf, and speak to the crew under a banner that "Mission Accomplished." 这曾经是总统欢欣鼓舞的时刻。在9/11恐怖袭击一年半之后,他登上一艘从波斯湾返回美国的美军航空母舰,并且在“使命完成”的横幅标语下向舰上人员发表讲话。BUSH: "Officers and sailors of the USS Abraham Lincoln, my fellow Americans, major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the Battle of Iraq, the ed States and our allies have prevailed." 布什说:“林肯号的官兵们,美国同胞们,在伊拉克的主要战斗已经结束。美国及其盟友胜利了。”In the speech, the president warned of more work to do to restore order to Iraq and to defeat global terrorism, but he told the crew that day that America had "seen the turning of the tide." 布什在讲话中提醒说,还要做更多的工作,以便恢复伊拉克的秩序,击败全球恐怖主义,但是他在那天对舰上人员说,美国已经“看到局势在扭转”。As violence spiraled upward during the following years, the president took a lot of criticism for that speech, and for the "Mission Accomplished" banner, as his press secretary Dana Perino acknowledged this week. 由于在随后几年中暴力活动不断增加,布什因这篇讲话及“使命完成”的横幅标语而受到大量批评。布什的新闻秘书佩里诺这个星期承认了这一点。"President Bush is well aware that the banner should have been much more specific and said, 'Mission Accomplished for These Sailors on Who Are on This Ship on Their Mission.' And we have certainly paid a price for not being more specific on that banner," she noted. 她说:“布什总统很清楚,那个横幅应当更为具体,应该说明‘在这艘军舰上执行任务的人员已经完成使命’。我们的确因为那条横幅标语不够具体而付出了代价。”As the speech anniversary passed on May 1, casualty figures indicated 52 American troops died in Iraq in April, making it the deadliest month since the height of the U.S. surge of operations last September. The operations director for the senior U.S. military staff, Lieutenant General Carter Ham, notes that American commanders have warned that even with the success they claim for reduced violence in recent months, there will be setbacks. 当5月1号这次讲话发表五周年之际,驻伊美军今年4月的伤亡人数达到52人,使这个月成为去年9月驻伊美军增兵以来美军伤亡最多的一个月。美军高级军官行动指挥卡特.汉姆中将指出,美国指挥人员警告过,即使近几个月来他们成功地减少了暴力行动,但是仍会有反复。"While it is sad to see an increase in casualties, I don't think it is necessarily indicative of a major change in the operating environment," he said. 汉姆中将说:“虽然伤亡人数增加令人悲哀,但是我认为这不一定显示战局发生了重大变化。”General Ham said Iraq's government has proved in recent weeks its willingness and ability to take on insurgents, including Shi'ite militias. And he does not believe most Americans will see the April casualty figure as an indication the situation in Iraq is deteriorating again. 汉姆中将说,伊拉克政府近几星期已经明他们愿意而且能够对付包括什叶派民兵在内的暴乱力量。他认为,大多数美国人不会把4月份的伤亡人数视为伊拉克局势的再度恶化。Retired Lieutenant General Robert Gard, who has criticized the Iraq war effort, says that is not good enough.  一向批评伊拉克战争的退役中将罗伯特.加德说,这不足以令人信。"To say that violence is merely where it was in mid-2005, when it was unacceptable, that doesn't give you a political outcome," he noted. 他说:“声称暴力活动只相当于2005年中期的水平,而当时暴力活动的严重程度就是不能让人接受的,这样并不能在政治上解决这个问题。”But in a conference call with reporters marking the speech anniversary, General Gard acknowledged that ending the war quickly will be difficult, even if one of the Democratic Party presidential candidates is elected in November. 但是在与记者举行纪念布什讲话周年纪念的电话会议上,加德将军承认,即使今年11月是一位民主党人当选为总统,也难以迅速结束这场战争。"I would guess, of course, which is all I can do, that they would begin to reduce the number of troops in Iraq very shortly after taking office," he added. "Now, where they would go from there would depend to a considerable extent on whether we have done the necessary work ahead of time in a diplomatic offensive." 加德说:“当然我只能猜测,我猜他们就任后很快会开始削减驻伊美军人数。而接下来怎么做在相当程度上取决于我们是否在之前的外交攻势中完成了必要的工作。”On Thursday, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates was asked about continuing opposition to the Iraq war among many Americans. 星期四,有人向美国国防部长盖茨询问许多美国人继续反对伊拉克战争的问题。"The question is at this point not whether or not we should be in Iraq," he said. "We are there. The question is, what's the end game?" 盖茨说:“当前的问题并非我们是否该在伊拉克,因为我们已经在那里了。问题是这场战争如何了结。”The secretary says U.S. policy must remain focused on ending the U.S. combat role in Iraq, while also leaving a representative government in Baghdad that is an ally in the war on terrorism. 盖茨说,美国的方针必须继续集中在结束美国在伊拉克的作战使命,同时在巴格达留下一个在反恐战争中成为美国盟友的代议制政府。"We are where we are, and we have to manage properly how we get from here to where Americans would like us to be, and that is basically out of Iraq in any sense of a major combat role," he added. "But I think despite our impatience as we enter the sixth year of the war, we still have to handle the end of the war and the end of our participation in major combat, in a sensible and thoughtful way." 盖茨说:“我们已经在这个地方,我们必须妥善处理,朝美国人希望的方向发展,基本上就是撤离伊拉克、不再参加任何主要战斗。但是我认为,尽管由于我们进入这场战争的第六个年头而感到不耐烦,我们还要以明智和考虑周全的方式处理结束战争工作,停止参与重大战斗的工作。”Referring to continuing 'major combat' hearkens back to President Bush's speech five years ago, reporting the end of "major combat." Officials acknowledge now that will likely not happen until sometime after the president leaves office next January, perhaps a considerable time after. 说到重大战斗的延续令人想起布什五年前宣布重大战斗结束的那篇讲话。美国官员如今承认,在布什明年1月离任时,这不大可能实现,也许要在布什离任后相当一段时间才有可能实现。200805/37340Scholar Says Changing China Has New Respect for Confucius西方学者:变化中的中国重新尊孔 The Olympic games are drawing attention to China, which is undergoing sweeping changes as it modernizes. Yet some in China look to the past for inspiration, to the ideas of social harmony of the philosopher Confucius. Political scholar Daniel Bell, author of a book called "China's New Confucianism," who says the thought of the ancient Chinese sage is being revived. 北京奥林匹克运动会吸引了全球目光注视急速现代化的中国。但是有些中国人现在回头向孔子的学说、即儒家思想来寻找灵感,比如孔子有关社会和谐的理念。“中国的新儒家学说”一书作者、政治学者贝尔表示,孔子这位中国古代大哲学家的思想目前正在中国复兴。For more than 2,000 years, China was guided by the teacher and moral philosopher Confucius. For 600 years, this Confucian temple and university complex in Beijing was at the heart of a national system that trained the scholar-officials who ran imperial China.  在过去两千多年的时间里,中国一直遵循古代大哲学家孔夫子的学说的指导。有六百年之久,在北京的孔庙和众多的大学,曾经是专门训练统治中华帝国的科举制度产生的官员的系统的中心。Twentieth century communist revolutionaries rejected Confucianism as a part of China's oppressive feudal past. But Chinese and Western scholars say the ancient sage is being rehabilitated.  但是中国和西方学者表示,这位古代大哲学家的思想现在又再次被奉为神圣。Daniel Bell teaches political philosophy at Beijing's Tsinghua University. 贝尔在北京清华大学教授政治哲学。"Throughout most of the 20th century, China felt itself weak and vulnerable and they blamed their own traditions for their problems, and they looked to the West, whether it was Marxism or liberalism for inspiration," he said.  “20世纪大部分时间里,中国自认衰弱的原因是自己的传统所造成的,因此向西方取经,学习马克思主义或自由主义。”"They sill look to the West to a certain extent, but more and more now they're looking at their own traditions," he added. “现在,在某种程度上中国人仍然崇尚西方,但是越来越多人在开始重新推崇自己的传统。”Confucius taught that society should be based on well-defined relationships, observance of ritual, personal rules of conduct, virtues like loyalty, and on learning, accomplishment and merit. Bell says that for the ancient sage, social life begins with relationships in the family. 孔夫子教导说,社会的基础应该是经过细致规范的人际关系,应该人人遵守礼仪,个人行为规范。坚守忠诚、好学、以勤奋谋取功名等美德。贝尔说,按照这位古代大哲人的说法,社会生活应该起自家庭关系。"And you're supposed to learn about morality through the family," he said. "And then you extend morality outside non-family members, first to the nation and then it reaches eventually to the whole world." “你应该从家庭学习道德。然后再扩大到社会。即所谓的齐家、治国、平天下。”Bell says China's early communist leaders rejected Confucianism and turned to a rival ancient system known as Legalism, which elevates the government and embraces force as a means of control. They were not the first to do that. Qin Shi Huang, the emperor who unified China, rejected Confucian learning more than 2,000 years ago, executing Confucian scholars and burning their writings. But Confucianism revived, with its softer approach to power. Bell says that like the first emperor, the early communists struggled to consolidate their power. 统一中国的秦始皇在两千年前就摒弃过儒家学说,甚至还焚书坑儒。但是儒家思想因其推崇以柔克刚的权力手段得以复兴。"But once the country becomes stronger, less vulnerable to foreign bullying and more self-confident, then I think the Confucian ways of soft power can begin to reassert themselves, just as they did 2,000 years ago," he said. "I think we have a similar development now, where there won't be this very harsh kind of authoritarian way of governing, which owes much more to Legalism than to Confucianism." “但是一旦国家开始强大,不再受外国欺负,变得更加自信,我认为孔子的仁政思想便开始再度受到重视,就好像在两千年前一样。我认为我们现在处于类似的发展状况,不需要用那种类似法家思想的非常严酷的集权统治方式,而改取儒家思想。”Bell sees renewed interest in Confucius at all levels of Chinese society, among government leaders and ordinary people.  贝尔看到,在中国社会的各个阶层,从政府领导人到普通百姓,人们再度对孔子表现出兴趣。A 2006 book by Chinese Confucian scholar Yu Dan sold 10 million copies, and Bell says students are flocking to classes on the subject at Tsinghua university. 中国儒学学者于丹2006年撰写的一本书卖出了1千万册。贝尔说,清华大学的学生在争相选修这方面的课程。Some Chinese commentators have criticized this focus on the past, known as "national studies fever." But Bell says parts of the tradition mesh well with the modern Chinese goal of building a harmonious society.  一些中国人士批评了这种专注过去的所谓“国学热。”但是贝尔认为,一些传统的东西可以和现代中国构建和谐社会的目标较好地结合起来。He says the Beijing Olympics are inspired by Confucian ideals of friendship and harmony, and notes that the opening ceremony ed Confucian sayings. He cites another Confucian theme not included in the program, the observation that harmony does not demand conformity. Bell would like to hear more about that part of the tradition.  他说,北京奥运会就受到孔子关于友谊和和谐理想的启发。他提到开幕式所引用的孔子名言。他说,开幕式没有体现出孔子学说的另一个主题,就是和而不同的思想。贝尔希望听到更多对这方面传统思想的谈论。Still, he is encouraged by China's rediscovery of its past, which he says will serve the country well as it shapes new institutions for its future. 不过,他还是对中国重新推崇历史理念感到鼓舞。他说,这对中国未来建立新制度将是有益的。200808/46147济南无痛人流去哪里比较好

济南市妇儿妇产医院费用商河县妇幼保健院开展无痛人流吗 Afghanistan Says International Force Promises to Reduce Civilian Casualties阿富汗称联军承诺减少平民伤亡 Afghanistan's defense minister on Sunday said the Pentagon has pledged to take steps to reduce civilian casualties from aerial attacks against insurgents in the country. A strategic review of the war will also be conducted as Afghanistan gets permission to increase the number of its own troops. 阿富汗国防部长瓦尔达克星期天说,五角大楼已承诺采取步骤,在打击阿富汗反叛分子的空袭中减少平民的伤亡。与此同时,一项对阿富汗战争进行的战略评估也即将进行,而阿富汗将获得许可增加自己的军队。With domestic and international criticism mounting as the civilian death toll rises, Afghanistan's defense minister says the ed States and other international forces have promised to "do their best" to avoid such casualties from aerial bombings.  随著平民死亡人数不断上升而招致国内和国际上的批评增多,阿富汗国防部长说,美国和其他国际部队已经承诺“尽全力”来避免空袭对平民造成的伤亡。Abdul Rahim Wardak spoke to reporters on the grounds of the Defense Ministry about his recent visit to the Pentagon, where he met his U.S. counterpart and other American officials.  瓦尔达克在阿富汗国防部对记者介绍了他最近访问美国五角大楼的情况。他在美国会见了美国国防部长以及其他美国官员。"There has been an understanding to strategically review the conduct of war and other efforts in Afghanistan and also in the region," Wardak said. 他说:“我们都认为要从战略上评估有关战争行动以及在阿富汗和这个地区的其它活动。”Wardak is calling for less emphasis on heavy weaponry, better shared intelligence and greater use of Afghan forces to search for insurgents.  瓦尔达克呼吁不要过分依赖重型武器,而要更好地分享情报和更多地利用阿富汗安全部队搜寻反叛分子。The former Mujahideen commander also announced that the international community has authorized an increase in the size of the Afghan army to 134,000 troops. There are more than 60,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan.  这位前圣战者指挥官还宣布,国际社会已授权把阿富汗军队的规模增加13万4千人。另外,目前还有超过60万外国军队在阿富汗。"There is definitely a need for more boots on the ground based on the present security situation," Wardak said. 他说:“根据目前的安全局势,的确需要更多的地面部队。”The resurgent Taleban, ousted by U.S.-led forces in 2001, are active in large parts of southern Afghanistan.  被以美国为首的联军于2001年推翻的塔利班近来死灰复燃,活跃在阿富汗南部大部分地区。Defense Minister Wardak told reporters that the current war against them cannot be won only by military means.  阿富汗国防部长瓦尔达克对记者说,仅仅通过军事手段不可能取得战争的胜利。The Sunday Times in London es the British commander in Afghanistan as also saying the Taleban cannot be defeated on the battlefield. The newspaper says Brigadier Mark Carleton-Smith, in an interview, told the newspaper that a political settlement is the best way to bring an end to the conflict.  伦敦的星期日泰晤士报援引英国在阿富汗的指挥官的话表示,不可能在战场上打败塔利班。这家报纸说,卡尔顿-史密斯准将在接受采访时称,政治解决是制止冲突的最佳方式。Afghan President Hamid Karzai has asked the king of Saudi Arabia to mediate such talks. But a senior Taleban commander has rejected such negotiations with what he termed Afghanistan's "puppet" government. 阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊曾要求沙特国王斡旋此类会谈。但是,塔利班一名高级指挥官拒绝与他称之为阿富汗的“傀儡”政权进行谈判。200810/51913山东省妇保医院TCT的价格

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