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青岛/市诺德医院冰点脱毛多少钱青岛市第八人民医院做隆胸青岛韩国美容医生 A: I am calling to purchase health insurance.B: Do you have health insurance now?A: I was on my parents’ policy, but I need to start buying my own.B: You can purchase an HMO or a PPO. Do you know what you want?A: I don’t know what I want.B: Let me explain it to you. An HMO is a little cheaper, but you can only choose certain doctors.A: When I go to the doctor, do I pay the same out-of-pocket expenses a PPO?B: The payments are a little lower an HMO as long as you go to their doctors.A: How much will a PPO cost me per month?B: We need to factor in many things. Why don’t you come in, and we will have you fill out a questionnaire.莱西市妇女儿童医院治疗效果如何

山东省青岛滨州哪里做双眼皮Lesson One第一课Guest Thinks Bill Is too High客人认为费用太高C:Good afternoon,Finance Department.店员:下午好,财务部G:Hello.I have a question about my bill.旅客:你好,我想询问一个关于账单的问题C:May I have your room number,please?店员:请问你的房间号码?G:33.旅客:33C:33.And what your question,maam?店员:是33房间,你有什么问题吗,女士?G:The laundry charge is too high.旅客:洗衣费太高I only used the laundry service twice last month.上个月我只洗过两次衣,It cant be yuan.It impossible.不可能是元C:Just a moment,please.Let me get your laundry slips the last month店员:请您稍等,让我看一下您上个月的洗衣单...Thank you holding.......谢谢您的配合According to our records you used the laundry service four times last month.根据我们的记载,你上月共洗过四次衣,I have our copies of your laundry bills here.我这也有一份您的洗衣单,Would you like to come down to and check them?您愿意下楼来核对一下吗?G:Yes,I would.Thank you.旅客:是的,我愿意谢谢你G:Hello.Im here to see the laundry slips you charged me .旅客:你好,我来看洗衣费用账单C:Youre Mrs. Jackson in room 33?店员:您是33房间的Jackson 夫人吗?G:Yes,that right.I think there must be a mistake.旅客:是的,我想是弄错了I only used the laundry service twice last month.我上个月只洗过两次衣C:Here are your laundry slips.店员:这是您的洗衣单G:There I told you.These two are not ours.旅客:我不是说过吗,那两次不是我们洗的C:That not Mr. Jackson signature?店员:那不是Jackson先生的签名吗?G:No,it not.旅客:对,不是I think this says 33,although I can see how you might think it 33.虽然我看这也像是33房间,但是我认为是33房间,It not so clear.这写的不太清楚C:Let me see...Yes,I see what you mean.店员:让我看看......是的,我明白了Okay,Ill check the signature of the guest in room 33.好吧,我将核对一下33房间客人的签字G:Well anyway,theyre not ours.旅客:好了,不管怎么样,不是我们的签字So could you please take them off my bill?你们能不能将这些费用从我的账单上减掉?C:(smiling )I will.Im sorry the mistake.店员:(微笑)我会的对不起,是我们弄错了,Ill change it you...Okay.The total is 0 yuan.我把费用给您改一下.......总计是0元G:That better.And here you are.(gives chashier 0 yuan)旅客:那就好,给你(客人给出纳0元钱)Oh-could you please print up a new bill us?噢,能不能给我们重打一份账单?Mr.Jackson needs this to turn into his company to get reimbursed.Jackson先生需要把这份账单交给公司报销C:Certainly.Could you wait a moment,please?店员:当然可以请您稍候Lesson Two第二课Mistake in Addition账单计算错误C:Here are the copies of your laundry slips.店员:这是给您的一份洗衣账单G:Hmm.Something doesnt look right here.The figure just too high.旅客:嗯,这里好像不太对,数目太大了,Could you just check the addition on these charges again?你能不能在核对一下费用的合计?C:Certainly...(adds them up, frowns,adds them up again)店员:当然......(计算,皱眉,又计算)Oh youre right! There is a mistake.噢,您是对的!这儿弄错了It should be 3 yuan,not yuan,Im sorry.应该是3元,不是元,非常抱歉G:Never mind.But I knew it was too high.旅客:没关系我知道刚才的费用太高了Lesson Three第三课Guest Agrees after Seeing Laundry Slips客人看过洗衣账单后同意账单付费C:Here are the copies of your laundry bills.店员:这是您的洗衣账单G:Let me see.I think this one wrong.旅客:让我看看我认为这项是错的I didnt wash three pairs of pants,I washed only one.我没有洗过三条裤子,只洗过一条裤子C:May I see?...Well,it has your signature on it,sir.店员:能让我看一下吗?嗯,先生,Im afraid we have to accept this as the record.账单上有您的签字对不起,我们不得不以您的签字为准G:I guess youre right;I did sign them all.旅客:我想你是对的,我确实签了字I just cant believe it so expensive!(sighs)我只是不相信费用会这么贵!(叹气)C:Would you like to pay now?店员:您要不要现在付款?G:Okay.What the total?旅客:好的总共是多少?Lesson Four第四课Mistake on Laundry Slip洗衣单上的错误G:This price is wrong.旅客:这项价格弄错了I didnt want this dry-cleaned I just wanted it washed.我没有要求这件衣干洗,我只要求水洗,But Im being charged dry-cleaning.但是这里是干洗计费的C:May I see?Hmm.I see what you mean.店员:我能看一下吗?嗯,我明白你的意思了Ill have to check with the laundry service about this.我要核对洗衣记录Could you wait a moment,please?请稍等一下,好吗?G:Actually,no.I have an appointment.Would you call me later about it?旅客:不行,我有一个约会过一会儿给我打电话,行吗?C:Yes.Ill get back to you after I speak with the Laundry Service.店员:好吧,我和洗衣部通过话之后,就给您打电话 6青岛401能刷社保卡吗 青岛prp隆下巴哪家好

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