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青岛招风耳整形山东省青岛李村哪家整形好青岛连云港全身美白针多少钱一次 Horseback RidingHorses are sleek, sexy and elegant. So why not go horseback riding to celebrate the feminine side of you? Make a day's trip to a close by ranch with all your girlfriends to celebrate your sweet 16 birthday. It's perfectly alright if you aren't an ace rider. There's always something new to learn every year, so make the move now! Capture the memories to cherish the sweet 16 party ideas for girls as you mount and dismount the horse! /200912/91490冬末减肥啦In winter, we exercise less due to the cold weather which slows down metabolism. Additionally, we like to eat greasy and spicy food to keep our bodies warm. This kind of food is highest fat and highest calories and makes us feel thirsty. When we drink a lot of water without exercising, it is easy to have a edema that is why we can easily put on weight. Plus is we wear thick clothes covering our bodies, we lower our standard for body shape. Luckily, it is not too late to get healthy. 1. Eat less meat and more vegetables. If you are not a vegetarian, choose more fish and chicken, rather than red meat. Meanwhile drink more yoghourt for adjusting. 少吃肉,多食蔬菜。如果吃肉的话,最好是多吃鱼肉,鸡肉,少吃牛羊肉。另外,多喝些酸奶。 /201103/128042高密市妇幼保健医院医生值班

青岛玻尿酸丰额头在青岛哪里点痣 France#39;s new First Lady, keen to remain a journalist despite her tie to President Francois Hollande, has drawn inspiration from one of the most popular American women of the 20th century, Eleanor Roosevelt.作为法国新一任第一夫人,弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德总统的女友乐于继续当一名记者,因受到20世纪美国最有影响力的女性之一——美国前总统罗斯福的妻子埃莉诺的鼓舞。;A journalist First Lady is nothing new,; Valerie Trierweiler, Hollande#39;s partner, said in her first article for weekly magazine Paris Match since he was elected president on May 6.瓦莱丽#8226;特里埃维勒在奥朗德5月6日当选后的首篇发表于《巴黎竞赛画报》杂志的文章中称:“第一夫人是记者并不新奇。”;Naturally, you need to look across the Atlantic to discover this unique case, instead of crying scandal.;“你只需看看大西洋的另一头,你就会发现这种独特的例子原本就存在,没必要大惊小怪。”The 47-year-old Trierweiler, who has worked for more than 20 years as a journalist for the magazine, has struck a deal to keep her job but switched from covering political affairs to arts and culture.现年47岁的瓦莱丽任该杂志的记者已有二十多年。她与该杂志达成协议,继续担任记者,但是报导的方向由政治转为艺术和文化。Paris Match says the new focus on book and arts reviews will avoid any conflict of interest with her personal life as the unmarried partner of 57-year-old Hollande.《巴黎竞赛画报》称,瓦莱丽的关注方向转为书籍和艺术,这将避免与她作为奥朗德女友的个人生活产生利益纠葛。奥朗德现年57岁。Her choice of first book to review, ;Eleanor Roosevelt - First Lady and Rebel;, could hardly have been more relevant.她选择的第一本书籍是《埃莉诺#8226;罗斯福——第一夫人和叛逆》,这本书与她的个人处境再相似不过了。Trierweiler, a twice-divorced mother of three who has said she doesn#39;t want to be boxed into the role of ;second fiddle, first lady; - focused on the independence of a woman who refused to live silently in the shadow of US wartime President Franklin Roosevelt.瓦莱丽离过两次婚,生育了三个孩子,曾表示不愿被禁锢于“第一夫人这个次要角色”。她在中重点关注埃莉诺的独立。埃莉诺拒绝安静地生活在美国战时总统富兰克林#8226;罗斯福的阴影下。;This mother of six comes to terms with having sometimes different opinions than FDR and refuses to be reduced to silence,; wrote Trierweiler about Eleanor.瓦莱丽提到埃莉诺时写道:“这位六个孩子的母亲不得不接受自己和罗斯福有时候意见会相左,而她拒绝保持沉默。”She went on to explain how America#39;s First Lady began writing for various publications before embarking on a syndicated daily newspaper column that chronicled her life at the White House.她还解释道这位美国前第一夫人如何开始为多家出版物写稿,在那之后又为报业联盟的一家日报写专栏,记述自己在白宫的生活。;Not only did the whole American press find no grounds for controversy, but quite the reverse, thanks to this chronicle she wrote until her death, Eleanor became extremely popular,; Trierweiler wrote.瓦莱丽写道:“美国出版界不仅没有从中发现争议之处,而且恰恰相反,正是这部她一直坚持写作直到去世的编年史书,让埃莉诺变得十分受欢迎。”A Harris Interactive poll published last month found that three out of four people found Trierweiler ;independent; but only a third said they found her ;close to the people.;上个月哈里斯互动民意机构发布的一项调查报告发现,四分之三的人认为瓦莱丽“很独立”,但只有三分之一的人觉得她“亲民”。Some media outlets have dubbed her the ;Iron Lady;, and caricaturists have portrayed Hollande as under her thumb.一些媒体报道授予她“铁娘子”的称号,讽刺漫画家将奥朗德画成了“妻管严”,被瓦莱丽管得死死的。 /201206/186284青岛女子整形医院

青岛去红血丝When fire and air meet, it is obvious that sparks will fly and this is what makes the zodiac signs Gemini and Sagittarius extremely compatible. Quick witted, intelligent and light hearted, it is a delight to watch a Gemini and a Sagittarius having their "war of the wits" dialogs. The adventurous and ever changing Sagittarius is well matched by a Gemini who will change his/her clothes, job, love life or residence in as much time as it takes for you to blink an eye. The experience of meeting new people and going to places is something that both a Sagittarian and a Gemini will enjoy. Frank with their opinions (you should try to watch out for a Sagittarian's barrage of honest opinions), both these sun signs are friendly and sometimes have a strange optimism about them. So, if you have a partner who is a Gemini or a Sagittarian, then here is a Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility chart to help you understand whether you complement each other and must make future plans. 当热烈的火与灵动的风相遇,毫无疑问,将会火星四溅。这也正是双子和射手极其搭调的原因。一个头脑反应快速,一个心智聪慧向上。看到双子和射手这样一对能够进行“聪明人对话”的情侣在一起是非常令人欣喜的。一向喜欢冒险和追求变化的射手座来说,双子座让你应接不暇的百变的衣着,工作,情感生活或者是住所正好与之相配。乐于与人交往,喜欢到处走走的习惯也是射手和双子共同的爱好。坦白的表达他们的观点(你要小心射手座来势凶猛的坦诚的观点),这两个太阳星座都是很友好的并且有时候他们带有一些乐观主义。所以,如果你的另一半是双子或者射手,那么下面就是双子和射手配对表可以帮助你更了解彼此如何互补,该做什么样的规划。Compatibility Between Gemini and Sagittarius双子射手的匹配度Besides being great lovers, Gemini and Sagittarians are the best of friends as well. This could be because of the similar view of life that both these sun signs have. Most of the times you will find a Gemini fluttering around with a phone in hand (somehow the Mercury people love to do two things at the same time and are frustratingly good at it) trying to sell ice to Eskimos while Sagittarians have go about life in that restless yet happy-go-lucky way which is so endearing to watch. Their witty brains and fierce independence can make a Gemini and a Sagittarian wonderful at organizing and even initiating new projects, sometimes even together.除了可以成为恋人以外,双子和射手也会成为非常好的朋友。这可能是由于这两个太阳星座共有的相似的世界观。大多数时间你会发现双子抱着电话来来去去想要把冰块卖给爱斯基人(某种程度上说,守护星是水星的人都乐意三心二意的做事情并且有很擅长这么做)而与此同时射手座们也在乐颠颠的幸运的过着不消停的日子,让人看起来很可爱。他们聪明的脑子和独立性赋予了双子和射手很棒的组织能力甚至发明新物件儿。有时候,两者兼备。The basic compatibility between people belonging two these two sun signs stems from their ability to talk about everything under the sun, from politics, sports to those long philosophical talks (Sagittarians love getting into religious and philosophical discussions). Moreover, Geminines and Sagittarians are extroverts, love to socialize and mingle with people without wanting to hog the limelight, unlike Leos. On the downside, it is fine to have light-hearted fun relationship, but the free spiritedness and independence that marks both these sun signs, make it very difficult for the partners to commit to a long term relationship. Moreover, once these two are involved in a fight, you can expect cutting sarcasm from the Gemini and the frank ( harsh, cruel and downright insensitive) opinions of the Sagittarian, which is enough to sever any relationship. 太阳星座是双子和射手的人们最本质的相配来源于他们喜欢打开天窗说亮话。上到政治,体育下到哲学话题(射手人喜欢谈论宗教哲学话题)。再加上,双子人和射手人都是外向人,乐于社交和与人交流而不像狮子座一样想着成为众人的焦点。在不好的一面,保持一个轻松自在的恋爱关系很不错,但是这两个太阳星座的人主张自由的精神和独立性,这会让对方很难维持长时间的关系。再加上,一旦这两个星座的情侣吵架,那么双子会说出任何潮流的讽刺话儿射手也会裸的开骂(都是难听的,残忍的,非常恶意的话),这些话都是导致关系结束的原因。 /201012/120989 It is not often the plans of a Japanese company president remind you of the slogans of Chinese dictator Mao Zedong. 日本企业总裁的计划很少会让人联想到中国独裁者毛泽东的口号。 But two of the most important strategies of Kazuhiro Tsuga – newly charged with turning round Panasonic– are uncannily reminiscent of slogans coined by the late Communist party chairman. 但松下(Panasonic)新任总裁、担负扭亏重任的津贺一宏(Kazuhiro Tsuga)的两个最重要战略,却奇怪地让人想起这位已故中共领导人创造的口号。 First, there is ;Bombard the Headquarters; – the words with which Mao in 1966 declared war on a party core he saw as an obstacle to leftist revolution. 第一个是;炮打司令部;。1966年,毛泽东借着这样的口号,对党内一些他认为阻碍左翼革命的核心成员公开宣战。 The personable Mr Tsuga is not about to unleash a horde of fanatical Red Guards against Panasonic#39;s HQ in the western city of Osaka – but nor is he pulling punches. He ily seconds the view of a former president of the electronics group who accuses HQ staff of ignorance of the ;importance of added value; and of being ;preoccupied with internal negotiations;. He also plans radically to restructure and to recategorise, with most HQ functions being distributed to business units or simply removed. 风度翩翩的津贺一宏并不是要发动大群狂热的;红卫兵;,对松下位于日本西部大阪市的总部展开围攻,但他也绝不手下留情。他非常赞成这家电器集团的一位前总裁的观点,后者批评松下总部的人忽视;增值的重要性;,;只顾着内部协商;。他还计划大刀阔斧地进行重组和重新划分职能,把总部的大部分职能或者下放给业务部门,或者干脆取消。 ;Currently the headquarters employ about 7,000 people,; says Mr Tsuga, who became Panasonic president last month. ;We are trying to minimise it to several hundred.; 上月履新的津贺一宏说:;目前总部大约有7000名员工,我们正在努力将这一数目裁减到几百人。; Then there is Mao#39;s 1957 instruction to China: ;Let a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend; – a line of classical poetry the Great Helmsman turned into a call for progress by means of freer thinking by intellectuals and scientists. 第二个口号是毛泽东1957年提出的指导方针:;百花齐放、争鸣;。;伟大的舵手;借用这句经典诗句,要求知识分子和科学工作者解放思想、取得进步。 Mr Tsuga, who has degrees in bioengineering and computer science, is less metaphorical than Mao – and convincingly denies seeing the chairman as an inspiration. But he too hopes to lead a flowering of creative thinking and competitive instincts at Panasonic#39;s nearly 90 business units. 拥有生物工程和计算机科学学位的津贺一宏不像毛泽东那么善于比喻,他也大有理由否认他的灵感来自毛泽东。但他也希望在他的领导下,松下近90个业务部门能够呈现创意思维;齐放;、人才互相;争鸣;的局面。 Under his plan to cultivate ;autonomous responsible management;, units generating healthy profits will be left largely alone. But those with operating profits of less than 5 per cent will come under the slimline HQ#39;s scrutiny and will be forced to demonstrate how they can recover. 根据他的提倡;自主负责管理;计划,效益好的部门基本上将可以自己做主。而经营利润占比不到5%的部门将接受瘦身后的总部的监督,并须拿出重振计划。 The idea is to re-energise a company Mr Tsuga himself likens to a cluster of small- and medium-sized enterprises. To survive, units must show they can find their own way: ;They should compete with each other.; 这个想法是为了在集团内部重新激起活力——津贺一宏把松下比喻为由一群中小企业组成的集群。要生存下去,各部门必须明他们能够找到自己应该走的方向。津贺一宏表示:;他们彼此之间应互相竞争。; Whether these new approaches work matters not only to Panasonic, its 330,000 employees and its shareholders – who have seen the company#39;s shares slide from more than Y2,800 in 2005 to only Y610 yesterday. 这些新举措能否凑效不仅关乎松下、33万名员工及其股东(松下股价已从2005年的2800日元以上跌到了610日元左右)。 Success would also offer desperately needed inspiration for an electronics sector that was Japan#39;s pride – but which is battered by US, South Korean and Chinese rivals. 如果这些举措获得成功,日本电器行业将从中得到急需的鼓舞。电器行业曾经是日本的骄傲,而如今美国、韩国、中国的对手已经让它;遍体鳞伤;。 Further affected by slowing overseas demand, a rising yen and natural disaster, the sector has been awash with red ink. 海外需求疲软、日元升值、自然灾难又带来了进一步的打击,日本电器行业深陷亏损的泥潭。 Panasonic#39;s net loss of Y772bn for the year to March was the biggest in its 94-year history. Sony suffered its own record annual loss of Y457bn. Sharp set a company low by losing Y376bn. 在截至3月的一年中,松下净亏损7720亿日元,为公司创建94年以来的最大亏损。索尼(Sony)也创下了全年亏损4570亿日元的纪录。夏普(Sharp)亏损额最小,为3760亿日元。 Mr Tsuga says Panasonic is aly on track for a ;V-shaped recovery;. And he is surely right to reject its past approach of seeking higher profits from larger sales, particularly of TVs – an increasingly commoditised product area which high-cost Japan used to dominate but in which it now struggles. 津贺一宏表示,松下已经走上了;V字型的复苏;轨道。他抛弃松下过去寻求通过扩大销量提高利润的做法无疑是正确的,松下原来尤其喜欢在电视方面采用这种方法,以高成本著称的日本过去在这个产品领域占据着主导地位,但是现在电视日益商品化,以致日本企业在这个领域不得不苦苦挣扎。 However, some observers doubt Mr Tsuga#39;s confidence that a smaller TV business can be put back in the black. 然而,一些观察家对津贺一宏的自信表示怀疑:电视业务缩减规模后就能恢复盈利吗? His strategy has other challenges. One is it relies on changing how managers think: making them more profit-conscious; more self-reliant; and more aware of developments outside their silos. Mao could wash brains by means of mass-struggle sessions, but Mr Tsuga must use gentler tactics. Tinkering with seniority-based pay is one option, but details are scarce. ;We need to discuss how we can realise such profit-oriented, performance-based remuneration,; he says. 他的战略还面临其他的挑战。其一,战略能否成功,取决于管理人员思维模式的改变:让他们加强盈利意识;更加自力更生;并更深刻地意识到自己所在领域之外的发展。毛泽东可以通过群众批斗大会给人们;洗脑;,但津贺一宏就必须使用更加柔和的策略。拿资历薪酬制度开刀是可取的,但还缺乏具体细节。他说:;我们需要探讨如何建立以盈利为导向、基于业绩的薪酬体系。; To devolve power and to diversify also carry risks, although Mr Tsuga points out that focusing on the wrong things – such as TVs – merely caused bigger losses. Instead of focus, he intends to redefine businesses in reference to the customers they serve, with an overarching emphasis on ;green; products. 权力下放和业务多元化也会带来风险,不过津贺一宏指出,目标错误——比如着重于电视产品——只会造成更大的亏损。与集中策略不同,他打算根据所务的客户对业务进行重新界定,最主要的重点将放在;绿色产品;。 Failure of past Japanese electronics turnround plans means investors ought to be sceptical. Panasonic has recently fallen short of the utopian dreams of founder Konosuke Matsushita, who thought manufactured goods should be as plentiful and cheap as tap water. 鉴于日本电器企业过去的扭亏计划均以失败告终,投资者理应抱着怀疑的态度。松下近来已经偏离了松下幸之助(Konosuke Matsushita)的乌托邦梦想,这位创始人认为,经由制造的商品应该就像自来水一样,充足、便宜。 Yet Mr Tsuga will surely do better than Mao, whose hundred flowers campaign degenerated into a leftist crackdown and whose HQ bombardment deepened the chaos of the Cultural Revolution. Unlike the late chairman, Panasonic#39;s new president is at least trying to go in the right direction. 不过津贺一宏无疑会做得比毛泽东好,后者的;百花齐放;运动最终演化为一场左翼镇压运动,;炮打司令部;也加重了文化大革命的混乱。与毛泽东不同,松下新任总裁至少是在努力朝着正确的方向走。 /201207/190293平度市人民医院去眼袋多少钱山东青岛诺德医院咨询电话



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