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For years, attempts have been made to build a canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.多年来就已经开始尝试建立一条连接大西洋和太平洋的运河了Such a canal would cut East to West travel time in half saving ships over eight thousand miles per trip.这样一条运河能将东西半球的行驶时间 缩短一半 船舶每次可以少走八千多英里But no one#39;s had the power to make it happen, until now.但是在此之前没有谁有这么大的能量J.P. Morgan acts as the middle man for the government and raises forty million dollars - OR seven billion dollars today-- to get the project started.J·P·根充当政府的中间人 筹集了四千万美元 相当于今天的七十亿 项目得以开工The Panama Canal is the most ambitious construction project the ed States has ever undertaken.巴拿马运河是美国有史以来最雄心勃勃的建设项目Over 75,000 workers labor in brutal heat, fighting off deadly diseases, digging a canal 51 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific.超过七万五千名工人冒着酷热 以及致命疾病的危险 挖出一条贯穿大西洋与太平洋的51英里长的运河To assemble the manpower, the material, and the finances; to cut a swath through the middle of Panama and join the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean--only an industrially sophisticated nation could do that.要整合如此规模的人力物力财力 在巴拿马中间切出一大块 贯通大西洋与太平洋 只有一个成熟的工业国家才能做到这一点The Panama Canal embodies everything that makes America the most powerful country on the planet.巴拿马运河体现了一切 美国得以成为地球上最强大国家的所有要素Built on steel, powered by electricity and running on gasoline.由钢铁打造 电力驱动靠汽油运行And it#39;s all made possible due to the financial might of one of the country#39;s most powerful men.而让这一切成为可能的是美国最有权势的人物之一的金融实力 Article/201607/455023疯狂英语900句 01-7相关专题: /200704/12446

Harold left London at full speed.哈罗德全速离开伦敦He gathered what he could of a new army by an old grey apple tree,他尽其所能招兵买马 在枯死的苹果树下召集了新的军队an ancient blasted tree that stood on a hill at the crossing of the track leading out of Hastings.那棵树早已枯萎 伫立在通往黑斯廷斯交叉口的山头上There Harold planted his banner,;The Dragon of Wessex;.在那里哈罗德竖起了他的旗帜 韦塞克斯之龙The Normans called this place ;Senlach;, which means ;Lake of Blood;.诺曼人称这里是;瑟莱克; 意为血之湖Imagine yourself then on the morning of Saturday 14th October, 1066.试想那是 1066年10月14日 周六的清晨You#39;re a Saxon warrior, a huscarl as it happens,and you#39;ve survived Stamford Bridge.你是一个撒克逊武士 恰好是名侍卫 斯坦福桥一战的幸存者You know your position here couldn#39;t be better.你知道自己占尽地利You stand on the brow of the hill and look down hundreds of yards away at your opposition.你站在山顶向下望 看到了离你数百码的敌方军队All you have to do is to prevent the Normans from breaking through to the London road.你只需阻止诺曼人 冲破伦敦的防线They have the horses but they have to ride them uphill.他们有骑兵 但是他们必须冲上山战斗You look along the hillside to see a densely-packed crowd of Englishmen.你沿着山坡望去 看到了一群密集排阵的英格兰人At the front are the huscarls, a wall of solid shields,and with them the axemen.最前排是战斧骑兵 形成坚实的防护墙 与他们并肩的是战斧步兵Behind them the part-timers, the fighting farmers,who must have time to find their courage.后面的是兼职役的农民兵 定还在为如此场面而胆寒 /201608/459532

栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧! Article/201606/446868

Good luck down there. You#39;re gonna need it.祝你好运 你会需要的Over the years, I#39;ve done hundreds of jumps,but it still gets my heart going every time.这几年来 我跳了几百回 但每次我还是会心跳加快What#39;s going through my mind when Bear jumps out the aircraft?Parachute opens.贝尔跳下去的时候我在想什么 打开降落伞He always does the sign of the cross,then he just falls away like that.And he doesn#39;t pull the parachute.他总会划十字 然后就这样松手了 他不急着拉开降落伞And he#39;ll pretty much stay looking at me for as long as he can,even when he#39;s a little speck.而且还尽量一直 盯着我看 即便他已如尘埃般大小And as he gets smaller and smaller and smaller,it always goes through my mind随着他越来越小 我总是会想pull, pull the parachute, pull pull pull the cord, pull the cord.拉呀 快拉降落伞 快拉绳索It#39;s terrifying.You kind of think, ;Oh, no, this is the malfunction.This is the time. He#39;s not gonna do it.He#39;s gonna go wrong.吓死人了 你总会想 不 会不会出故障了 这一次 他真的插翅难逃了 他快挂了Hopefully, he#39;ll be all right.He#39;s gonna go splack.不过 他总能化险为夷 他总会噗地拉开降落伞He never has, so far,but I always have that feeling, always.迄今为止 他还没有出过差错 不过我每次都会产生那种可怕的想法On the ground!But straight into one of these cactus.成功着陆 不过我落在仙人掌堆里了However uncomfortable the landing,we always hit the ground running.尽管着陆让人很不舒 我们还是一落地就开始了跋涉And that means my crew has a lot of keeping up to do.这意味着我的团队需要一直跟上我 Article/201610/473065

Stage 56 bar tricks第56关,吧台小戏法So here is how it is going to work.下面我讲一下规则I#39;m going to bring out a few people to perform their incredible feats.我会邀请一些人进行才艺展示If you guys think it is fantastic and amazing they get to stay here at the bar.如果你们认为表演的好或者很惊艳,他们就可以留下If you think it#39;s disgusting and grossing and you are not intending at the least,如果你们认为表演很恶心,难以接受,觉得一点儿都不搞笑then our crack security staff who are here.我们有训练有素的安保人员They are crack security staff. They are not two guys who work in our office.就是他们,他们可不是天天呆在办公室的普通上班族They are. They are. They are trained killers, OK?他们是……他们可是训练有素的杀手They will usher them out of the studio to never return again.他们会把不合格的人赶出演播厅,让他们再也回不来So what do you say? You want to see some bar tricks?你们觉得怎么样?想看吧台戏法吗Let#39;s bring out our first contestants.让我们有请第一位选手Hello, sir. Hello.先生,你好What is your name? Where are you from?你叫什么名字?你来自哪里My name#39;s Jonathan from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.我叫乔纳森,来自宾夕法尼亚州的兰开斯特Thank you for coming and joining us. What is your bar trick?感谢你的到来,你要表演什么I#39;m going to remove my underwear without taking my pants off.我不脱长裤可以把内裤脱下来You#39;re going to take off your underwear without removing your pants? That is correct. Yeah.你不脱长裤就能把内裤脱下来?对All right. Who wants to see it?好的,有人想看吗No!不是吧Oh, my god! That was—天呐!真是—What do you think, guys? Should he stay or should he go?大家觉得怎么样?他可以留下来吗Take a seat at the bar. Well done.请在吧台边就坐。干得漂亮Let#39;s meet our next contestant!有请下一位选手Hello, sir.先生你好How are you? What#39;s your name and where are you from?你好,你叫什么名字,来自哪里My name is Charles. I#39;m from Idaho.我叫查尔斯,来自爱达华州OK. Thank you for coming and joining us. What is your bar trick?好的,欢迎你的到来。你要表演什么呢I#39;m going to put suction cup darts in my eyes.我能在眼睛上粘两个吸盘I mean, the question is who wants to see it? Do you want to see it?问题是会有人想看这个吗?你们想看吗?All right. Go for it.好的,开始吧Oh, my—No! Oh!哦天,别!天呐!I don#39;t know how you learned to do that!你是怎么学的这个!Oh, my god! What do you think, guys? Should he stay or should he go?天呐!大家觉得怎么样?他能留下来吗Oh, he#39;s got to go. They are kicking him out.哦……他得离开。他们把他踢出局了Oh! Wow. Tough crowd. Tough crowd! He put—OK.天呐,观众都好残忍,好残忍。他把——好吧All right. Let#39;s meet our next contestant.好了。有请下一位Hello, sir. What#39;s your name and where are you from?先生你好。你叫什么名字,来自哪里Josh from Madison, Wisconsin.我叫乔希,来自威斯康星州的麦迪逊Oh, thanks. Big whoop there.好的,欢呼声很激烈啊An audible whoop from Wisconsin. And what is your trick?来自威斯康星州的欢呼。你要表演什么I#39;m going to make a fart sound with my mouth that goes forever.我能用嘴模仿放屁的声音并且一直不停Going to be a tough one for us to judge that, Josh. All right. Take it away.你这个很难评价啊。好,开始吧He hasn#39;t actually started yet. That is actually me.实际上他还没开始。刚刚那个声音是我What do we think, guys? Should he stay or go?大家怎么看?留下还是离开They are kicking him out! Take your forever fart away from me!他们把他踢出局了。快点走吧Look at this guy. Sitting pretty smug.看那个人,坐的真是自在哈Look at him sitting on the bars. All right. OK. One more? Do you want one more?看那个坐在吧台边那个人,还来一个吗?你们还想看吗Let#39;s bring in our next contestant.有请下一个Very well, sir. What is your name and where are you from?好的。你叫什么名字,来自哪里My name#39;s George the Giant. I#39;m from Bakers Field, California.我叫大个子乔治,来自加利福尼亚的贝克尔斯菲市OK, George. Now what is your bar trick?好,你要表演什么I drink milk a little bit differently than normal people.我喝牛奶的方式跟普通人有点儿不一样OK. You have certainly revved the crowd up. OK, George. Go for it.好的,观众有点儿激动。开始吧,乔治When I was a kid, I loved crazy straws. I thought it was the interesting thing in the world.我小时候,特别喜欢吸管,我觉得吸管是世界上最好玩的东西But then I got older and I wanted to be something different.我长大后就想玩点儿不一样的I wanted to be the world#39;s biggest crazy straw and this is how I did it.我想做成世界上最长的吸管,就是这个OK, leave it free. A little bit long.好,松一下,放长一点儿Now it is not a straw unless someone drinks out of it. No, I#39;m good.没有人在这头吸得话它就不是一根吸管。不用了,谢谢Don#39;t make me laugh! Milk will come out my nose!别逗我笑,我一笑牛奶会从鼻子里喷出来的What do you think, folks? Should he stay or should he go?大家怎么想?留下还是离开George, take a seat at the bar. Well done. That was stage 56 bar tricks.乔治,在吧台边就坐吧。干得不错。这就是56关,吧台小戏法。If you have a bar trick and you think you#39;re good enough to come sit here at the bar just tweet us at @latelateshow.如果你有足够好的玩法,能让你坐上吧台边的位置的话,请在推特上给@深夜秀发消息。We would love to see you here, and show everything you have got.我们很希望能够在这里看到你的才艺 Article/201707/517049TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201605/441505I#39;m Bear Grylls.我是贝尔·格里尔斯I#39;m gonna show you what it takes to get out alive from some of the most dangerous places on earth.我将向您展示 如何从地球上 最危险的地带 逃出生天I#39;ve got to make it through a week of challenges in the sort of places you wouldn#39;t last a day without the right survival skills.短短一周内 我将身涉险境 面临生死考验 周遭炼狱 没有生存技巧 你命在旦夕 而我要设法突出重围Now I#39;m on the Russian frontier,high in the mountains of Georgia, Eastern Europe.Okay. Let#39;s go.此刻 我身处俄罗斯边境 这里是东欧格鲁吉亚的群山之巅 好了 出发吧This is a small country, but with big terrain.Well, I#39;m halfway across.这个国家面积不大 地形地貌却丰富多样 差一半我就能过去了To survive here,I#39;m gonna have to think like a scavenger,That actually makes me gag, that.要想在此逃出生天 我要像拾荒者一样 这简直让我想吐Eke out what I can find, wherever I can find it.为了生存 一切都为我所用This is a part-developed chick fetus.这是还未孵化完全的小鸡I#39;ll be pitting my wits against nature.我要与大自然斗智斗勇Come on. We can do this. We#39;re so close now.加油 一定可以的 就差一点了To show you how to survive some of the toughest terrain on earth.来展示如何在地球上 最恶劣的环境中 求得生存Heading for the frontier border between Russia and Georgia.我们正在前往俄罗斯 与格鲁吉亚边境的途中And it#39;s a hell of a volatile part of the world.那里的地壳活动频繁But it#39;s just dominated by these huge mountains.地表却又有拔地而起的巍峨群山Only yesterday, there was a fatal avalanche here.就在昨天 一场大型雪崩席卷此地You take on Georgia at your own peril.选择格鲁吉亚 会让你吃尽苦头 Article/201704/503490

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