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unit 540联系搬家公司dialogue 英语情景对话A:Hi, Mike. I am going to move on the first of next month.A:嗨,麦克,我下个月一号就要搬家了。B:Congratulations! So, have you started planning your move?B:恭喜啊,你开始计划搬家事宜了么?A:Yes, I am trying to find good movers now. Do you know any?A:嗯,我现在想找一家好一点的搬家公司。你知道哪家好点么?B:Not really.B:不太清楚。A:What did you do for your last move?A:你上次怎么搬的?B:Since I did not have much staff, I asked my cousin to help me out.B:由于我的东西不多,就请我的堂兄弟帮我搬了。A:Oh. thats very nice of him.A:嗯,他人真好。B:Yeah, it was. But I still have some information that I collected last time, and if you want, I will give it to you.B:对啊,不过我还留有一些上次收集的搬家信息,如果你要我就给你。A:Yes, please.A:好啊,拜托你了。 /201609/463145。

  • Language PointsYou dont become what you want, you become what you believe.不是成为你想要的,而是成为你相信的。 /201609/465898。
  • 栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容:a bad hair day 很不顺利的一天(本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201504/371715。
  • Todd: So, hello Terry, (Hello, Todd) Now Terry you do bicycle trips in America and you take long trips. Can you talk about the last bicycle trip you did?托德:你好,泰瑞(你好,托德),你会骑自行车在美国游玩,而且你的旅程很长。你能谈谈上一次的自行车旅行吗?Terry: OK, the last trip that I did in the summer, I started in Vancouver, British Columbia and rode down the West Coast to San Diego. It took about six weeks to do that.泰瑞:好,我上次是在夏天开始旅行的,我从英属哥伦比亚省的温哥华岛开始,沿着西海岸骑行到了圣地亚哥。整个旅行用了6周的时间。Todd: Wow, so you started in (Vancouver) Vancouver and you went all the way down to San Diego. (Right) How far is that? How many miles?托德:哇,你从温哥华岛开始,然后一直南下骑行到圣地亚哥。(对)这段路程有多远?有多少英里?Terry: Ah, depending on the route that you take, its about 1800 miles, give or take.泰瑞:嗯,这要取决于你选择的路线,大概是1800英里。Todd: Man, so do you train before you do this?托德:天哪,你在这次旅行前进行过训练吗?Terry: Actually no. For this particular trip I didnt do any training. I just started out in, once, I took the bus from Salt Lake City up to Vancouver and got to the bus station in Vancouver and put my bicycle together, put the gear on the bicycle. On the first day I rode, I only rode 25 miles and then I slowly increased the miles. So I guess its kind of training as you go.泰瑞:实际上没有。我并没有为这次旅行专门进行训练。我只是从盐湖城坐火车去了温哥华,到温哥华车站时把自行车组装好,把自行车的档位调节装好。第一天我只骑了25英里,之后我会慢慢增加骑行的距离。我想这也是你说的训练吧。Todd: Man, thats incredible. Now, is this the first bicycle trip youve ever done?托德:天哪,这太难以置信了。这是你的第一次自行车旅行吗?Terry: No, Ive actually done five, I dont know, Ive probably done four or five long trips in the ed States.泰瑞:不是,我以前有过五次经历,具体的我也不太清楚,我大概在美国进行了四或五次的自行车长途旅行。Todd: Man, thats, do you always go along the West Coast?托德:天哪,你一般都会沿着西海岸骑行吗?Terry: No, no, Ive, originally, my first long trip was with a non-profit organization out of the ed States — Adventure Cycling, and we cycled the Trans-America trail, as its know. It goes from Yorktown, Virginia to Astoria, Oregon. That was a three month self contained camping trip with a group of about 13 people.泰瑞:不是,我第一次长途旅行是和非营利组织自行车探险协会一起进行的,我们沿着泛美路线骑行。这一路线从弗吉尼亚州约克镇开始,到俄勒冈州阿斯托里亚终止。那是一次为期三个月的独立露营旅行,当时我们一共是13个人参加了那次旅行。Todd: Wow, and you rode all the way from Virginia on the East Coast to Oregon on the West Coast. (Right) and how many miles was that?托德:哇,你们一直从东海岸的弗吉尼亚州骑行到了西海岸的俄勒冈州。(对)这段路线大约有多少英里?Terry: Um, its about 4,300 miles.泰瑞:嗯,大概4300英里。Todd: Oh, thats a long way. Wow!托德:哦,那真是一段很长的路线!哇!Terry: But you just, its like eating an elephant one bite at a time. One day at a time. Wow, thats cool.泰瑞:实际上就像吃掉大象每次吃一口一样,我们也是一天一次骑行。哇,那很酷。Todd: All right, thanks. Well talk more about your bicycle trip, but thanks Terri.托德:是啊,谢谢你。之后我们还会再谈论你的自行车旅行的,谢谢你,泰瑞。Terry: Sure.泰瑞:不客气。 译文属 /201503/363844。
  • 经典句型:I immigrated here three years ago. 我3年前移民到这里。 A:Are you a visitor here?甲:你是在这里参观的吗?B:No. I immigrated here three years ago. 乙:不是。我3年前移民到这里。 A:Have you been used to your new life? 甲:你习惯新的生活了吗?B:Yes, I love my new life.乙:是的,我喜欢我的新生活。经典句型:But it is said the welfare in Canada is very good. 但是据说加拿大的福利非常好。A:I plan to emigrate to Canada.甲:我计划移民到加拿大。B:Have you found a suitable job?乙:你找到合适的工作了吗?A:No. But it is said the welfare in Canada is very good. 甲:没有,但是据说加拿大的福利非常好。B:But as to me finding a good job is the most impor?tant thing.乙:但是,在我看来找到一个好工作很重要。A:Maybe you are right, so I will try my best to find a suitable job.甲:也许你是对的,所以我会尽力找一份合适的工作。句型讲解:immigrate和emigrate都表示“移民”,immigrate表示“移入”,而emigrate表示“移居国外”。 /201506/380713。
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