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美国就业形势颓靡,加息决定或将推迟 -- :8: 来源: 美国5月份新增工作岗位创5年来新低,这一经济颓势或将推迟美联储在近期内加息的决定 The Labor Department said that employers added just 38,000 jobs last month, the fewest since September .据美国劳动部透露,美国上月只新增了38000个工作岗位,降至年9月以来最低点The jobless rate fell to .7% from 5%, the lowest since November .失业率从5%下降到了.7%,为年月以来的最低水平But this was partly due to people dropping out of the labour ce and no longer being counted as unemployed.但是失业率下降的部分原因是劳动力人口减少,而减少的那部分人不再被计入失业者范畴The government said a month-long Verizon strike had depressed employment growth by ,000 jobs. The strikers would have been considered unemployed and counted in the figures. But even without the Verizon strike, non-farm payrolls would have increased by just 7,000.政府表示持续了一个月的威瑞森罢工使得新增就业数据减少了000这些罢工者本应被记作失业,并纳入统计数据但是即使没有威瑞森罢工的影响,非农就业人数也只增加了700The goods producing sector, which includes mining and manufacturing, shed 36,000 jobs, the most since February .生产部门(包括采矿业和制造业)贡献了36000个新增岗位,达到了自从年二月以来的最高点Janet Yellen, chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, has hinted that interest rates could rise soon if US jobs growth picks up.美联储主席耶伦此前曾暗示,如果美国就业增长回升的话,美联储有可能将在近期执行加息政策Ian Shepherdson, of Pantheon Capital, said the chances of June rise were now "dead", while the prospect of a July rise was "badly wounded".来自“万神殿”资本的伊恩·谢泼德森表示六月加息的机会已经“死亡”,七月加息的前景也被“严重损害”了The dollar immediately weakened after the data was released as investors speculated that a rate rise this month was unlikely. The main share markets opened down, led by a 0.6% fall in the SP 500.在美国劳动部披露了此次的数据后,美元立即下跌,因为投资者们推测认为本月不可能加息主要股票交易市场应声下跌,标准普尔500指数下跌了0.6%Mohamed el-Erian, chief economic adviser to Allianz, said "this unusual jobs report puts the Fed in a tricky position".德国安联公司首席经济顾问默罕默德·埃·伊利亚表示说:“这一就业报告非比寻常,使得美联储现在处于一个微妙的境地”Joey Lake, US analyst at the Economist Intelligence , described the jobs report as "bad, bad, bad: there is no positive spin to it".经济学家情报单位美国分析家乔伊·雷克称这份就业报告“糟糕,糟糕,糟糕:完全没有任何积极的信号”He pointed out that the Labor Department also revised previous monthly figures lower.乔伊指出,劳动部还修改了前几个月的数据,下调了相关指数"The labour market slowdown will make the Federal Reserve reconsider its next move," Mr Lake said. "It reduces the chance of a June rate increase and makes it more likely the Fed will wait until July, after the Brexit vote, which will also reduce the political risk from abroad."乔伊说道:“就业市场的颓势将迫使美联储重新考虑其下一步的行动这一情况使得6月加息的机会大大减小,并且更有可能促使美联储等到7月份再执行加息政策到那时,英国退欧公投也结束了,美联储加息的国际政治风险也将会减小”Recent US data on consumer spending, industrial production, exports and housing had suggested that the economy was gathering speed after growth slowed to a 0.8% annualised rate in the first quarter.在今年第一季度,美国的年度增长率曾放缓到了0.8%,而最近消费出、工业生产、出口和住房方面的数据显示,美国经济正在加速增长Consumer spending surged in April on the back of sales of big-ticket items such as cars and household appliances. Sales of new homes reached an eight-year high in April.由于汽车和家用电器等大件商品销售的增长,美国月份消费出呈现大幅增长的态势月份新房成交量达到了8年来的高点Many economists had expect growth to speed up in the April-June quarter to an annualised pace of about .5%.许多经济学家都预计美国第二季度经济增速将提高,达到年增长率.5%感人!99岁老妇每天为非洲贫困儿童做衣 --30 :: 来源: Lillian Weber makes a dress from scratch every single day so that a child in need will have something beautiful to wear.  莉莉安·韦伯为了贫困地区的孩子有漂亮衣穿,坚持每天为他们做一件新衣  Throughout the last few years, Weber has made more than 80 dresses Little Dresses Africa, a Christian nonprofit that distributes dresses to impoverished young girls in Africa and beyond. Weber says she hopes to hit the 1,000 dress mark bee too long.  在过去的几年里,韦伯已经通过名为“非洲小礼”的基督徒非盈利组织向非洲及周边国家的贫困小女孩送去了80件自己做的漂亮裙子韦伯说她希望能尽快做够00件裙子  All this would certainly be extraordinary enough, but there's something else that makes Weber's story particularly astounding: She's 99.  单是这样的行为已足够让人感到不可思议了,可更令人敬佩的是,莉莉安·韦伯是一位已经99岁的老人了  Weber, who lives in Iowa, reportedly starts on a new dress every single morning, and after a midday break, finishes the garment in the afternoon. "It is just what I like to do," Weber told the Quad-City Times earlier this year.  据报道,家住美国爱荷华州的韦伯,每天早晨开始制作衣,中午稍作休息后继续,并在下午完成制作“这是我喜欢做的事情”韦伯今年年初告诉记者  Even though she's speedy, Weber still finds the time and takes the eft to make each dress extra special.  尽管韦伯做衣的速度很快,但是为了保每件衣都是精心制作的,所以她坚持每天只做一件  “She personalizes them all,” Weber's daughter, Linda, told WQAD-TV of her mom's creations (pictured below). “It’s not like good enough that she makes the dresses, she has to put something on the front to make it look special, to give it her touch.”  “她做的裙子每件都是独一无二的”韦伯的女儿琳达告诉WQAD-TV的记者“这些裙子可能看起来没有那么好,但她尽量把每件做的都很特别,每件裙子都带有她的风格”  Weber, who was nominated WQAD-TV's "Pay It ward" award, has been sewing the garments Little Dresses Africa since , when she and a group of women -- most of whom are over the age of 80 -- decided to come together to support the organization.  年韦伯召集了一群年过八旬的老人一起持“非洲小礼”这个组织,从那时每天开始做衣韦伯还获得了WQAD-TV“把爱传下去”的奖项的提名  “I was watching a documentary about the [nonprofit], and thought it would be a great idea some of us to get together to help some people who live so far away,” one of the group's members, Judy Noel, told the Quad-City Times.  其中一位名叫朱迪·诺尔的老人告诉记者:“我看了有关这个非盈利组织的一个纪录片,觉得我们大家聚集起来一起帮助那些远方的人真是一个很好的主意”  Little Dresses Africa distributes dresses to orphanages, churches and schools in Africa. According to the organization's website, the goal of the nonprofit is to provide clothing to some of the world's most vulnerable children and "to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy."  “非洲小礼”组织为非洲的教堂、学校以及孤儿院里的孩子们捐赠衣该组织的网站上称,其目的就是为世界上那些最容易受到伤害的孩子们提供衣,以此来让“小女孩们意识到自己是优秀的、有价值的”  So far, the organization says it's collected more than .5 million dresses, which have been distributed to 7 countries in Africa, as well as to children in need in countries like Haiti, Honduras, Thailand, Mexico and even parts of the ed States.  目前为止,这个组织已经收到超过50万条裙子,并已经捐给非洲的7个国家,以及海地、洪都拉斯、泰国、墨西哥及美国部分地区的需要帮助的孩子  Next May, Weber will celebrate her 0th birthday, but she says she has no intention of slowing down.  明年五月,韦伯将迎来百岁生日,但她并不打算放慢做衣的速度  “When I get to that thousand[th dress], if I’m able to. I won’t quit," she told WQAD-TV. "I’ll go at it again."  “我希望到那时我能做够00件衣,只要我可以,我不会放弃的”她告诉WQAD-TV,“我会继续做下去的”谷歌上最热搜的5个健康问题 -- :: 来源:chinadaily According to data from the Pew Research Center, 7 percent of Internet users say they turn to the Web health inmation in a given year. I know it’s tempting, especially late at night when the doctor’s office is closed, but I’d urge you to step away from the keyboard. Some online resources can yield inaccurate, even dangerous, advice. I asked the analysts at Google to share some of the most commonly searched health questions. Here are answers you can trust—and some online advice you should disregard. 根据美国皮尤研究中心的数据,在所给年份里,7%的互联网用户称自已曾在网上搜索过健康信息我明白网络搜索很有诱惑力,尤其是在诊所已经关门的深夜但我想劝你远离网络搜索一些网上资源给出的建议可能是错误的,甚至会带来危险我请谷歌的分析师分享了一些最热搜的健康问题以下是你可以信任的回答——和一些你应当丢弃的网络建议 Is there any way to stop snoring? 怎样才能不打呼噜? Snoring happens when your airflow becomes partially blocked. Some easy fixes: Try sleeping on your side or stomach (research shows those positions may reduce snoring) and avoiding alcohol (liquor can relax throat muscles, making it more difficult air to get through). If the racket is heavy and accompanied by gasping or pauses in your breathing, you might have sleep apnea; your doctor may suggest a mouthpiece or a breathing machine to ease your nighttime breathing. 当呼吸气流局部受阻,你就会打呼有些简单的应对方法:试着侧睡或者趴着睡(有研究表明这些姿势可能会缓解打呼症状),以及避免饮酒(酒精会松弛咽喉肌肉,使空气更难通过)如果鼾声很响且伴有呼吸困难或呼吸暂停,你可能患有睡眠呼吸暂停综合征医生或许会建议你使用口腔纠治器或呼吸机来改善夜间呼吸 Reality check: You may have that throat sprays prevent snoring—not true. Snoring that arises in the throat happens because the muscles are too relaxed. There’s no reason lubricating or numbing your throat would have any effect. 事实纠正:你可能读到过喉头喷雾可以防止打呼——这不是真的打呼是因为咽喉肌肉太松弛,润滑或者麻痹咽喉就会起作用的说法毫无道理 Is coffee bad you? 咖啡有害健康吗? Just the opposite. Numerous studies have shown that coffee is associated with impressive health perks. It’s been linked to lower risk of heart disease, Parkinson’s, and liver cancer—and it might even help you live longer. In fact, a recent study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that people who drank coffee had a lower risk of death over the course of years compared with those who skipped joe altogether. 恰恰相反许多研究表明,咖啡对健康大有好处它能减少心脏病、帕金森症和肝癌的发病风险——甚至可能帮你活得更久实际上,美国流行病学期刊最近的一项研究发现,在年里,喝咖啡的人比完全不喝咖啡的人死亡风险更低 Reality check: Some people believe that drinking coffee bee working out will leave you dehydrated. In actuality, one study found that java’s diuretic effects don’t exist with exercise. 事实纠正:有人认为运动前喝咖啡会让你脱水事实上,有研究表明,咖啡的利尿作用并不会发生在运动中 How many grams of sugar should I have per day? 每天应该摄入多少克糖? The Dietary Guidelines Americans recommends that less than percent of daily calories come from added sugars. That’s under 0 calories, or 50 grams, in a ,000-calorie diet. 年《美国居民膳食指南建议,从添加糖中摄入的热量要控制在每日总热量的%以内对于00卡路里的饮食,就是少于0卡路里或者50克 Reality check: If you’ve been avoiding fruits that are high in sugar, you can stop. The guidelines are only added sugars, not those naturally occurring in unprocessed food. 事实纠正:如果你一直在避免高糖水果,你可以不用这么做了膳食指南只针对添加糖,不包括未经加工的食物里自然含有的糖 How can I get rid of love handles? 如何摆脱腰间赘肉? An amped-up workout can help. A review in the Journal of Obesity found that women who did high-intensity interval workouts burned more of the subcutaneous belly fat that causes love handles than women who exercised longer at a lower-intensity, steady pace. 高强度锻炼会有帮助《肥胖期刊的一篇指出,比起以较低强度持续锻炼更长时间的女性,做高强度间隔训练的女性燃烧的腹部皮下脂肪更多正是这些脂肪导致了腰间赘肉 Reality check: It’s a myth—I repeat, a myth—that juice cleanses can whittle your waist good. Exercise and eating nutritious foods in reasonable portions will shrink love handles long-term. 事实纠正:喝排毒果汁就能一劳永逸地瘦身——这是个神话我重复一遍,这是个神话长远来看,锻炼与营养膳食的合理搭配才能减少腰间赘肉 What’s the secret to banishing cellulite? 如何消除脂肪团? Cellulite occurs when fat pushes against connective tissue, making the skin above it pucker. If you’re considering liposuction, don’t. (It can’t break up the connective tissues that cause dimples.) The best things you can do are exercise (cardio plus resistance training) and eat high-fiber foods while avoiding processed sugar and fat, which can contribute to cellulite. 脂肪团的产生是由于脂肪推挤结缔组织,造成上层皮肤褶皱如果你在考虑抽脂,千万别去做(抽脂不能分解形成酒窝的结缔组织)最好的办法是锻炼(有氧运动加上阻力训练),吃高纤维食物,同时避免摄入加工过的糖和脂肪,那会促进脂肪团的生成 Reality check: Heard the one about coffee grounds treating cellulite? Don’t believe it. No scientific studies have shown it works. 事实纠正:听说过用咖啡渣消减脂肪团的方法吗?别信没有科学研究明它有效 Good to Know 不可不知 Online symptom trackers— including ones by WebMD, iTriage, and the Mayo Clinic—provided the correct diagnosis first in a list of possible outcomes in only percent of cases, according to a report. 根据年的一份报告,在线的症状查询务只在%的案例中将正确的诊断列在了一连串可能结果的首位美国最大的医疗健康网站WebMD、医疗务应用iTriage和美国梅奥医学中心的在线务也不例外奥巴马颁发美国年度教师奖 -- ::9 来源:   周二,奥巴马总统向几位杰出的教育工作者颁发奖项,并对美国年度教师贾哈娜;海斯予以高度赞扬Jahana Hayes, the National Teacher of the Year, got a glowing introduction from President Obama on Tuesday when he honored her and several other of the nationrsquo;s top educators.  周二,奥巴马总统向几位杰出的教育工作者颁发奖项,并对美国年度教师贾哈娜;海斯予以高度赞扬  Hayes was ecstatic about Obamarsquo;s praise, and the president noticed.  海斯对奥巴马的赞赏欣喜若狂,奥巴马总统也注意到了她的激动  ;This is what makes her a great teacher,; Obama said. ;You canrsquo;t be great if yoursquo;re not enthusiastic. Yoursquo;ve got to love what you do, and she loves what she does.;  ;这就是她为什么能够成为一位伟大的教师,;奥巴马说:;没有热情,就不可能变得伟大你必须喜欢自己所做的事情,她也深爱着教育事业;  Hayes is a history teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in Waterbury, Connecticut. She grew up in public housing ;surrounded by poverty, drugs and violence,; and became a mother at , according to a statement Hayes sent to the White House. Despite these odds, she thanked her own teachers believing in her potential.  海斯是康涅狄格州沃特伯里的约翰;肯尼迪高中的一名历史老师在给白宫的资料中,她提到自己从小在公共住房中长大,周围充斥着贫困、毒品和暴力,岁的时候就做了母亲尽管没有接受平等的教育,但她仍然向自己的老师们表示感谢,谢谢他们相信自己拥有潜力  ;They challenged me to imagine myself in a different set of circumstances, no matter how difficult,; Hayes said. ;They encouraged me to do more, be more, expect more, and become the first in my family to go to college. They inspired me to become a teacher so I could make the same kind of impact in my own studentsrsquo; lives ; a teacher whose influence extends beyond the classroom.;  ;无论有多么困难,他们总是告诉我要想象自己正处在一种完全不同的环境下他们激励我多些行动,多些期望,努力能成为家中第一个上大学的人他们鼓舞我成为一名教师,那样我就能对自己的学生产生同样的影响;;这种影响远远超乎在课堂上传授知识,;海斯说道  Hayes is spending the next year advocating educators and traveling across the country, according to the Council of Chief State School Officers, which issued the award. Shersquo;ll have a chance to meet with teachers and policymakers alike as the presidential election approaches.  负责颁发年度教师奖的美国州立学校主管理事会表示,海斯明年将会到全国各地,倡导教育工作者们共同致力于实现教育平等就像年总统大选那样,海斯将有机会有与教师和决策者见面  ;As a country, we really need to have some real talk about equity issues and making sure every student, in every state, and every commy, has high-quality education,; Hayes said. ;Itrsquo;s in the ed States of America. If a student graduates, we should be confident that theyrsquo;re y.;  ;作为一个国家,我们需要重视教育平等,保每个州、每个社区的每个学生都有平等的机会接受优质教育,;海斯说:;在年的美利坚合众国,我们要相信每一个毕业生都已经做好了准备;终于可以专心看演出了:苹果专利禁止观众在现场拍照 --30 19::30 来源: 在观看演出过程中,观众往往会对表演者进行拍照或者摄像,但是这不但会打扰到他们的表演,还是一种侵权行为而最近苹果公司的一项新专利将使得观众不能够对正在表演的人进行摄像 Many artists and comedians politely ask the crowd to refrain from snapping pictures and shooting s during their permance – only to be ignored once the show starts.许多艺术家和喜剧演员都会礼貌地请求观众们,不要在他们表演的时候拍照或者录像--但是一旦演出开始后,观众们还是会这样做Apple’s latest patent could be the solution, disabling the use of recording and photography features inside concert halls.苹果公司最新的一项专利可能解决这一问题,能够在音乐大厅里禁止使用拍照和录像等功能Using infrared data transmissions, venues would emit a signal that would hit every iPhone, preventing users from taking pictures and recording s of the stage.使用红外线数据传输技术,演出场馆将会向现场的每一台iPhone都发送一个信号,将会使得iPhone用户们暂时不能使用手机的拍照和摄像功能’In some embodiments, a transmitter can be located in areas where capturing pictures and s is prohibited (e.g., a concert or a classified facility) and the transmitters can generate infrared signals with encoded data that includes commands temporarily disabling recording functions,’ s the patent published by the ed States Patent and Trademark Office.从美国专利和商标局公布的专利说明中,我们可以看到“在某些实例中,红外线发射器可以安放在某些禁止拍照和摄像的地方(例如音乐会场馆和保密设施),而且这个发射器能够产生带有编码数据的红外信号,信号中包含的指令将使得观众暂时不能使用录像和拍照功能”Labled ’System and methods receiving infrared data with camera designed to detect images based on visible light’, this application was first filed in September .苹果公司第一次对这项技术提出专利申请是在年9月,他们这样描述到“这是一项系统方法,首先通过可见光来探明是否有人在拍照,然后再向摄像机发送红外数据”The new technology would allow event organizers and permers to set up a device on the stage, push a button and instantly hinder the audience from recording their favorite song or snapping an image of the permer their Instagram.要使用这一技术,活动主办方和表演者要在舞台上安装一台设备,下钮,瞬间观众就不能录下他们喜欢的歌曲,也不能拍下表演者的照片发到Instagram上去When switched on, the device would shoot out the signal and every iPhone in the audience would display ’recording disabled’ on the screen – but only if users attempt to take pictures or shoot a at something you shouldn’t.一旦开始运转,这台设备就会发出信号,现场观众手中iPhone的屏幕上将出现“不能摄像”的字样--但也只有在用户们企图拍摄那些不允许被拍摄的东西的时候才会这样 example, it will be disabled if you try to take a picture of the permer on stage but not if you are taking a picture of your friend dancing to the music.举例来说,如果你试图拍一张舞台上表演者的照片的话,你的手机就不能使用拍照功能,但是如果你想拍一张你的朋友随着音乐跳起来的照片的话,那就没问题This is because infrared is directional, meaning the receiver that is on stage can only hit the iPhones that are pointed directly at the device.这样的现象是因为红外信号是定向的,这就意味着只有当iPhone正对着舞台上的设备的时候,发出了信号才能够传到iPhone里去Another option of this technology would either add a watermark or blur effect to images snapped during the event – in a bid to discourage people from sharing them online.这项技术还有另外一个备选方案,将使得观众们在活动现场拍摄的照片上带有水印或者模糊效果--以此来劝阻人们不要在网上传播这些图片’In some versions, a device may apply a watermark to detected images as an alternative to completely disabling a recording function,’ explains the patent.这项专利解释说道:“在某些版本中,一个设备可以给侦测到的照片上面加上水印,以此作为替代的方法来完全禁止拍摄功能”’ example, a device may receive infrared signals with encoded data that includes a command to apply a watermark to detected images.’“举例来说,一个手机将会收到含有编码数据的红外信号,信号中含有的指令将会在侦测到的照片上面加上水印”

机场男子脱鞋睡觉 帅哥发怒扔鞋 --31 ::9 来源:chinadaily A Chinese social media user who filmed himself throwing away the shoes of a sleeping barefoot traveller has caused a social media storm.近日,一位中国社交媒体用户拍下了自己把一位光脚睡觉的乘客的鞋子扔进垃圾桶的视频,这段视频在社交媒体中引发热议The , uploaded to the web portal NetEase, shows an angry man at an airport in Xiamen picking up the traveller's shoes and throwing them into a nearby bin.这段视频被上传到网易门户网站上,视频中,一位愤怒的男子在厦门机场捡起一位游客的鞋子,扔进旁边的垃圾桶"I saw a man lying on the seats with his shoes and socks off," the man says. "What will eigners think if they see such ill manners - they will wonder about how low Chinese peoples' standards are."男子在视频中说:“我看见有个人把鞋子袜子都脱了,躺在凳子上我觉得这种没素质的行为,让外国人看到了,中国人在外国人心中印象到底有多差”Over 7,000 social media users have left comments on his . The by the man, who has not yet been named by the media, has caused a stir because it is frowned upon to be barefoot in China.七千多位社交媒体用户在他发布的这段视频下留言这位不具名的网友发布的视频在网上引起热议,因为在中国,很多人都不赞成光脚的行为Feet have long played an important part in Chinese culture. In traditional Chinese medicine, they are considered crucial to a person's health. Being barefoot is considered unhygienic, and in public it is an extreme taboo.人的双脚在中国文化中很重要照中医的说法,脚对一个人的健康来说很关键人们认为光脚是不卫生的,在公共场所光脚更是禁忌But it is also frowned upon in the home. It is common practice people - including visitors - to wear slippers around the house.但在家光脚也不好在中国,人们(包括访客)在家中都会穿拖鞋The unnamed man who threw away the shoes of a barefoot traveller has won online respect.这位扔掉光脚游客鞋子的不具名男子在网上赢得了大家的尊重Many popular comments on NetEase and Sina Weibo users praised the "handsome" man his actions.网易和新浪微上,很多用户称赞了这位“帅哥”的行为Many comments said he "did the right thing" and that the shoeless man was "breaking public order and morals".很多网友说,他“做的很对”,光脚的游客“违背了公共秩序和道德”"His approach is certainly right", user "Qing Agoin" says, but she asks whether his behaviour is "a little extreme?"一位名为Qing Agoin的用户说:“他的做法当然没错”,但她也问道,他的行为是否“有些极端?”Many said that the shoeless man's behaviour was "uncivilised", but others took an equally dim view of the vlogger, saying that "throwing away someone's belongings is illegal".许多用户认为光脚乘客的行为“不文明”,但也有人对视频发布者的行为表达了不满,说“扔掉他人用品的行为是非法的”Some accused the vlogger of seeking publicity and trying to "get his name out there."有些人认为视频发布者想借此出名,试图“搏出位”"Marong" accused him of "grandstanding", asking why he wasn't "able to first talk with the man".网友Marong认为视频发布者“哗众取宠”,问道为什么他“不能先和光脚乘客谈谈”And "TristaBXGE" asked,"Why is everything linked to 'overseas?'" she asked. "Is 'improving quality' all eigners?"而网友TristaBXGE则问到:“为什么啥事都和‘外国’联系起来?提高国民素质就是为了老外吗?”来源:B翻译#38;编审:yaning

乔治小王子生日照惹风波:半跪喂却被指虐待动物 -- :53:31 来源: 英国皇室乔治小王子已经满3岁,是威廉王子和凯特王妃的第一个孩子,在全世界拥有超高人气,他的父母选在生日这天公开张萌照,没想到一张他半跪地喂的照片,却被“英国皇家防止虐待动物协会”指出他虐待动物 When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released a series of pictures of their son Prince George to celebrate his third birthday, they could not have anticipated the adverse reaction.在乔治小王子3岁生日之际,剑桥公爵夫妇分享了一系列萌照,可是他们却没有想到这引来了麻烦But among the four images released on Friday by Kensington Palace, one showing the barefoot future king appearing to feed his pet spaniel Lupo an ice-cream lolly has raised concern among leading animal welfare organisations.在肯辛顿宫7月日发布的四张照片中,有一张是这样的:这位未来的国王光着脚半跪在地,好像在喂爱犬卢波吃冰淇淋,正是这张照片引起了动物福利组织的担心Experts have said that dogs are allergic to dairy products, which can cause digestive problems, and that chocolate is highly toxic to canines. George, third in line to the throne, is photographed holding what appears to be an ice-cream lolly covered with white chocolate under Lupo’s nose in the garden of his parent’s -bedroom Norfolk mansion, Anmer Hall.专家表示,对奶制品过敏,因为会引起消化问题,同时,巧克力对有毒乔治王子——英国王位的第三位继承人,在剑桥公爵夫妇位于诺福克郡安墨堡有间卧室的豪宅花园里拍摄的这张照片,却拿着外层裹有白色巧克力的冰淇淋凑到的鼻子下The the Royal Society the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSCPA) animal welfare charity said it did not advise others to follow the child’s example.“英国皇家防止虐待动物协会”(RSCPA)表示不建议其他小孩效仿小王子的行为“It is lovely that Prince George is trying to help keep his family dog, Lupo, cool in these high temperatures,” it said. “We would advise people to be cautious when giving their dogs food meant human consumption as some items, like chocolate, can be highly toxic to dogs and dairy items can be difficult them to digest.RSCPA 说,“在酷暑高温下,乔治小王子想让凉快一点的行为的确非常可爱,但我们必须建议,民众在拿人类的食物喂宠物时,一定要慎选,比如巧克力,它就对有毒乳制品同样会造成它们的消化问题”“Instead of ice-cream we would suggest making an ice lolly from pet-friendly ingredients. Making these can be really fun children and the end product is both safe and enjoyable dogs.”“我们建议用粮成分做成冰棍来喂它们,这样对小孩来说是很好玩的,并且这样的食物对来说即安全又充满乐趣”The reaction among some Twitter users was less tempered, with some calling the three-year-old to be arrested animal cruelty. Prince William is a keen animal conservationist.不过,一些推特用户的反应可就没有这么温和了一些人甚至呼吁以虐待动物罪逮捕三岁的乔治小王子他的父亲威廉王子本来就是一个积极的动物保护主义者The photographs also show him standing and sitting on a wooden swing, personalised with his parents names, William and Catherine, and walking through the family’s Norfolk garden.还有几张照片显示乔治小王子或站或坐在一个木制秋千上,该秋千上刻着剑桥公爵夫妇给它命的名“William Catherine”,以及他在诺福克家里的花园里散步的情景Previous photographs officially released of George have been taken by family members, including his mother and maternal grandfather Michael Middleton.此前发布的的乔治小王子的照片都是家庭成员给拍的,包括他的妈妈以及外公迈克尔.汉密尔顿On this occasion, a professional photographer was employed the latest photo session which took place in mid-July.这回在7月中旬拍照时,他们请了一位专业的摄影师Photographer Matt Porteous said: “I really enjoyed the opporty to take these photographs of Prince George. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. I’m honoured that they have decided to share these images with the public to mark his third birthday.”摄影师Matt Porteous表示,“能为乔治小王子拍照我真的非常开心那是一个非常放松和愉快的氛围剑桥公爵夫妇决定公开这些照片以庆祝小王子的生日,我感到非常荣幸”A spokesman Kensington Palace said: “The Duke and Duchess hope that people will enjoy seeing these new photographs. They would like to thank everyone all the lovely messages they have received as Prince George celebrates his third birthday.”肯辛顿宫发言人表示:“公爵夫妇希望人们会喜欢这些照片他们感谢每个人,感谢他们为乔治小王子送上的甜蜜的生日祝福”The spokesman declined to comment further on chocolate and ice-cream.对于巧克力和冰淇淋事件,这位发言人拒绝做进一步的

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