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最后的星期天(Last Sunday) -- :56:6 来源: 最后的星期天(Last Sunday)  last sunday  yesterday was sunday, i didn’t go to school, but i was busy.  in the morning, i got up at eight o’clock, then i ate breakfast. after breakfast, i cleaned my room, it was dirty but it is clean now. in the afternoon, i played badminton with my friends.  in the evening, my sister and i ate some cookies, ice cream and drank some juice and milk, but i didn’t like chocolate. after finishing my homework, i watched tv and listened to music.  i had a good time last sunday!My Best Friend -- :53: 来源: My Best FriendHello! Everyone. I’ll introduce my best friend to you. Her name is Zhou Xun. Her English name is Zoe. I like her English name better. Zoe likes it, too. Zoe is a lovely girl. She is not tall. She is very thin. She has a round face and two small eyes. Her hair is short. She often wears a pink dress, because pink is her favorite color. She always has a smiling face, so everyone likes her very much.Zoe is a clever girl. She’s our monitor. She works hard at school everyday. She likes to ask and answer the questions. Her copybooks are clean and tidy. Her handwriting is very beautiful. She is good at English and math. She is a top student in our class.Zoe is a versatile girl. She can play the piano. She can draw pictures. She can tango. She can swim. She can do everything very well.Zoe has a big dog. Its name is Xiao Xiong. they are good friends. I like it, too.Do you like my best friend, Zoe?节日日记(The Festival Diary) -- :3:51 来源: 节日日记(The Festival Diary)  Today ,we went to buy fireworks with sister and brother . We bought all kinds of fireworks . Then we came to play outside.  I lighted the fireworks and they flew into the sky like a rocket . The fireworks were so beautiful and they looked like many kinds of flowers .  At last , we sang and danced together. We felt very happy today .

7小时过境免签 西安3日游 --31 1:: 来源: 7小时过境免签 西安3日游宽松的签政策更加方便游客们过境参观中国古都西安了!陕西省会西安将于6月1日开始针对海外51个国家游客7小时过境免签那么这三天,怎样畅游西安呢?这里有些好的建议哦!A relaxed visa policy makes it easy tourists in transit to see China's ancient capital. Ma Lie reveals how to make the most of three days at the Silk Road's starting point.Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province and well-known as the hometown of the Qin Dynasty (1- ) Terracotta Warriors, can now be enjoyed by transit visitors. The city will enact a 7-hour visa-free policy beginning June 1 travelers from 51 countries. It is the first city in Northwest China, and the eighth in the country, approved to implement such a policy.Transit passengers holding valid visas and a flight ticket to the third country are allowed to stay visa-free in the administrative areas of Xi'an and Xianyang, a city neighboring Xi'an and the location of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, three days, says Cui Guozheng, deputy director of the exit and entry administration bureau under the provincial public security department.The 51 countries include most of Europe, six countries from the Americas, two Oceania countries and six Asian countries.According to Cui, the landing day is not included in the 7 hours of the visa-free time: The clock starts at midnight at the end of the day they arrive at the airport.At present, there are international or regional air routes between Xi'an Xianyang International Airport and Helsinki (Finland); Seoul, Busan and Jeju (South Korea); Bangkok and Phuket (Thailand), Nagoya and Tokyo (Japan); Danang (Vietnam); and Siem Reap (Cambodia), as well as Hong Kong and Taipei. More routes will be added over the next 18 months.Xi'an, known in China as "the eternal city", reflects the great changes of the nation just like a living history book. Called Chang'an in ancient times, Xi'an is one of the birthplaces of the ancient civilization in the Yellow River basin. During the 3,0-year development, dynasties including Western Zhou (th century-771 ), Qin (1- ), Western Han ( - AD) and Tang (AD 618-9) placed their capitals here.Here's how transit visitors might enjoy three days in Xi'an:Day 1: Terracotta WarriorsMany consider the Terracotta Warriors and Horses to be the most significant archaeological excavations of the th century. Discovered in 197, work is ongoing at the site near Emperor Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum in Lintong district. It is a must-see any visitor to China.Since the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum opened to the public in October 1979, it has attracted more than 0 global dignitaries from abroad.The museum covers an area of ,300 square meters, divided into three excavation pits. Altogether over 7,000 pottery soldiers, horses, chariots and weapons have been unearthed from the three pits housed at the museum.The archaeological marvels put Xi'an on the map tourists from around the world, and it was listed by UNESCO in 1987 as a World Cultural Heritage Site.After seeing the ancient ceramic army, you can go to Mount Lishan, a scenic spot nearby. Wandering in the scenic royal garden at the foot of the mountain, you can wash away your travel fatigue in the Huaqing Hotspring, a royal bathhouse built 3,000 years ago.Day : High and low viewsFirst stop: the Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayan Ta), which is located in the southern suburb of the city, about kilometers from downtown. A symbol of old Xi'an, the pagoda is a well-preserved ancient building and a holy place Buddhists.After getting a bird's-eye view of the city from the top of this 6-meter-high structure, visit Shaanxi History Museum, about 1 km northwest of the pagoda. The museum is a grand complex of buildings imitating the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty and showcasing thousands of ancient exhibits.Day 3: City wall and delicious foodXi'an boasts the most complete city wall to survive in China - it's also one of the largest ancient military defense systems in the world.First built in the early Ming Dynasty (68-) and renovated in recent years, the wall now stands meters high, - meters wide at the top and -18 meters thick at the bottom. It stretches .7 km in length and is surrounded by a deep moat and a circular park.Try making the circuit on a bicycle: They can be rented by the hour.The est of Stone Steles Museum, inside the wall near the south gate, was the site of the Temple of Confucius during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-). It was established in when some precious stone steles were moved in safekeeping.With an area of 31,000 sq m and 900 years of history, this treasure house holds some 3,000 stone steles of different periods, from the Han Dynasty ( -AD ) to the Qing Dynasty.Also inside the wall, there are a number of traditional Shaanxi restaurants that offer distinctive delicacies, such as Xi'an dumpings, yangrou paomo (crumbled unleavened b simmered in mutton stew), hulu tou (broth with intestines and tripe), buckwheat and Qishan noodles. 西安3日游

My school -- :51: 来源: My school Our school is Xing Qi Primary. Its very big and beautiful. there is a big pond a near the playground. there are there teaching buildings. there are over fifty. Teachers and one thousand students in my school. they work and study hard.We like our school!Asking an Extension of Leave 续假条 -- 19:5: 来源: Asking an Extension of Leave 续假条Dear Mrs Huang,    I am still lying in bed and can't get up. The doctor told me to have a rest another two days. Please give an extension of leave two days.Yours,Wang Jian亲爱的黄老师:    我仍然卧床不起医生告我再休息两天请您再批准我两天病假您的,王建哈尔滨中央大街英文导游词 --3 :38:39 来源: 哈尔滨中央大街英文导游词哈尔滨中央大街建于上个世纪末,北起江畔的防洪纪念塔广场,南接新阳广场,长00米,是中国最长的步行街整条街区分为多个不同的段落,两旁耸立的不是大型的百货公司,便是有名的时装店及特色食肆由于街上禁止车辆行使,不论是平日或假期,街上的人潮同样是川流不息  ladies and gentlemen:  today we are going to visit zhongyang street. this is the downtown area. in order to better know the street, we are going to walk through it, which takes about 0 minutes. those who do not like walking may keep seated, our coach will go along another street and stop at the flood control monument. those who cannot walk that far may take a taxi to the flood control monument. now let’s get off the coach, and take a walk on zhongyang street.  zhongyang street measures 50 meters from jingwei street in the south to the flood control monument on the riverbank in the north. this is china’s longest walkway. the street was built at the end of the last century. it was connected to a wharf at the songhua river. because of the constant transport of the goods needed building the china eastern railway, a shopping center began to take shape along this street at the turn of the century. harbin at that time was a semi-colonial city with a eign population of many thousands. politics and economy were actually controlled by eign powers. owing to the concentration of chinese shops along this street, eigners took it as a china town and called it china street.   have you noticed the cobbled road surface? this is the only cobbled street left in harbin. this cobbled street was paved in 195. thanks to the good quality, the street has kept in good shape with a few repairs in the past. this street began to take shape as an international street in the 19s. there were over a hundred shops and many were owned by ergners, such as russians, greeks, czechs, swedes, swiss, frenchmen, germans and englishmen. they built their shops in their individual styles. theree, the street not only looked like a eign street, but also was controlled by eigners. now this smooth cobbled street may remind us of the past when eigners were sitting in chariots along the street, as if we could still hear the horse-hoofs clicking on cobbles.   over half a century is past , zhongyang street is weather-beaten. with the implementation of rem and opening-up, it is y to welcome visitors with a new outlook.  the building in front of us is very attractive. its some and arched windows are typical of the byzantine style popular in europe during the middle ages. it was built in 19 and it was a shoe shop owned by a czech. after liberation, it became a specialty shop-women and children’s department store. it is the biggest specialty shop along zhongyang street. there are a good variety of commodities. now some world famous specialty chains have also set up branches down here, such as crocodile, bossini and so on. you can see some gentlemen also wandering in the women and children’s department store. at such a good shopping place, they will not walk out empty-handed.  opposite the women and children’s department store is the central shopping city opened in november 199. on its original site there were five small stores run by russians, which were built in 193. after liberation, they were turned into one department store. in 199, the old building was torn down, and this comprehensive department store was built. the architecture is a combination of a european castle with modern architecture. it has become a new scenic spot on zhongyang street.  at we go along the road, we are able to see the central pharmacy. it was a bungalow bee. in 19, german sidemen’s opened a shop here to sell electrical equipment and materials. after liberation, it was reconstructed. now you can find not only medicine here, but also the gold lion shop, a super-market and a kentucky fried chicken restaurant.   this shopping center was opened in 1995. its original site was a shop managed by a swede. it dealt in china, porcelain and enamelware. after liberation, it became a food-store. the building you see now was designed by a famous architect in heilongjiang. it is a masterpiece of adopting relief sculptures in modern construction. this building is an attractive site in zhongyang street.  the nost interesting building along zhongyang street is the modern hotel. it was constructed in 19. it is of an attractive outlook and magnificently decorated. it has a typical baroque style of the neo-artistic period. at first, it was invested and managed by a jewish frenchman. the origin of its chinese name once aroused the interest of many people. there was a column in newspaper debating its origin. some held its chinese name came from the word “mother”, some said it came from “modern”. however, modern seemed to overwhelm mother as you can see the hotel now used the modern hotel as its english name.  modern hotel has all the facilities of a modern hotel including well-decorated suites, dining rooms and medium and small-sized meeting rooms in european palatial styles. there is a legendary oil painting hanging on a wall on the landing of the first floor. it was painted a famous russian painter. he was inspired by “divine comedy”composed by dante. it shows a pretty girl saved by angels from confinement by insects and demons;the girl who endured tortures in hell was about to rise to heaven. this picture was painted red during the cultural revolution. after the cultural revolution, the original painting was restored. now we are able to appreciate its artistic charm.  in the past few decades, modern hotel has catered to many famous people, such as well known chinese writers guo moruo and ding ling, and a renowned painter, xu berhong. those who have stayed here also include distinguished american celebrities such as anna louise strong, edgar snow yue-sai kan. movie studios have shot movies here. “harbin in the dark night”, “london inspiration”, “the orient express to moscow”have left people lasting memories.  opposite the modern hotel, there is huamei restaurant. it was malse restaurant serving western food. after liberation, it was rebuilt several times and two more stories have been added. however, its original european style had been kept. it was reported in 1973 that there were 60 western restaurants in harbin, with over 0 concentrated along zhongyang street. huamei restaurant was one of the best known. now it serves many specialties, such as russian dishes, potted cattle tail, french egg and fried prawns. it is said a russian celebrity who used to serve in the army once visited huamei. after dinner, he could not help praising food served in huamei. he declared the russian dishes here surpassed those in russia. he would send chefs from russia to huamei to learn to cook when he got back home. now that you know huamei, your knowledge of zhongyang street will not be complete if you have not tried the food here.  further in the front, we can see the education bookstore. it was constructed in 19. it is a baroque construction, extravagant and novel, with bold lines and strong contrast. over the entrance, there are two staturs. they are titans in greek fairy tales. the male is atlas and the female is galliached. it is said they hold up the sky with heads and shoulders. education relates to the future of a country. may these titans hold up the building of education, and accompany us to a prosperous tomorrow.  opposite to the education bookstore, the building in the neo-artistic style is qiulin department store. it is characterized by simple structure, flexible lay out, free style, and curved decoration. qiulin was constructed in 19. in the past few decades, it has transmed from a colonial company. it has witnessed great changes in zhongyang street.  many people say zhongyang street is a street of architecture as over 70 buildings appear in different styles. some state it is a small paris in the orient; some assert it is a moscow in the orient; some declare it is a symphony. when you step on this cobbled street, it is as if you could hear a prelude. as you go further along the street, you can see the women and children’s department store, and the flood control monument at the riverside, as if their varied structures were different chapters constituting a harmonious tune. this symphony accompanies the people in harbin as they suffered bee liberation, wandered through the cultural revolution, and ushered in the rem and opening up, and encourages them to face up to the magnificent 1st century. 哈尔滨中央大街英文导游词

"驴友"应知必会的英语词汇:各式各样的玩具 --5 ::8 来源: 英文名称:toy中文名称:玩具英文名称:electronic toys中文名称:电动玩具英文名称:plastic toys中文名称:塑料玩具英文名称:intelligence toys中文名称:益智玩具英文名称:staff toys中文名称:毛绒玩具英文名称:stuffed toy中文名称:填充玩具英文名称:fancy toy中文名称:益智玩具 驴友 应知 必会小学英语作文:Birds 小鸟 -01- :37:6 来源: 小学英语作文:Birds 小鸟When in spring,you will hear many birdcalls.They make nestsin trees and roofs.They flyhear and thereto catch worms.They are doctors of trees.But birds never fly too high ,because the air in the high sky is too thin,they can not live in thin air.In winter,many birds fly to the south,because they need to find a warm place to live,but they will fly back in spring.春天的时候,你会听到很多鸟叫声它们在树上,屋顶上安巢他们到处飞,到处抓虫子他们是树的医生但是,鸟们不能飞太高,因为高空的空气稀薄,他们在稀薄的空气里无法生存冬天,很多鸟儿会往南飞,他们需要给自己找个温暖的地方生存,但是到了春天,它们又会飞回来

经历-- :5:   What sort of experience do you have?  你有什么样的经历?  sort of的意思和kind of一样,都是表示某种的sort of还是一句非常流行的口语  在你说不大清楚某件事或语言有些迟钝时,你可以用这个词来调整一下A Small Babysitter 小保姆 -- :9:8 来源: A Small Babysitter 小保姆  Believe it or not, I was once a babysitter a day.  That was a day in July. I went to see my grandma. My aunt was busy working while my grandma had to cook. So I decided to look after my cousin.  My little cousin was only 3 years old and she was very cute. In the morning I fed her some food. In the afternoon I told her some stories and then we played together.  In the evening when I got home, I felt tired but I was happy.  不管你信不信,我曾当了一天的“保姆”  那是七月的一天我去看望奶奶我姑姑忙于工作而奶奶得做饭所以我决定照看我的小表  我的小表年仅3岁,很可爱早上我喂她吃东西,下午我给她就爱你个故事,之后我们一起玩  晚上当我回家时感到很累,但是我非常高兴《秘窗经典英文电影台词 -01- :50: 来源: 《秘窗经典英文电影台词《秘窗改编自史蒂芬·金的《午夜四点(Four Past Midnight)小说集的第二部分《秘密窗,秘密园(Secret Window, Secret Garden)畅销小说作家莫特遭遇共枕多年的妻子红杏出墙后心灰意懒他的生活步入低谷,一个神经质陌生人指责莫特窃取了其小说创意,他居住的木屋里有扇窗户经常发出些古怪的声音,甚至像是被人猛击一样颤栗在这一切神秘事件的背后,到底是谁操纵者?他是人还是什么怪物?他到底有什么目的? Shooter:You it?  Rainey:I did.  Shooter:I imagine it rang a bell, didn''t it?  Rainey:Oh, it certainly did. When did you write it?  Shooter:I thought you would ask that. I wrote it seven years ago, 1997.  Rainey:Drop it.  Shooter:Drop it?  Rainey:You said you wrote your story in 1997. I wrote mine in late 199.It was published the first time in June 1995 in a magazine.Nice try, Mr. Shooter, but I beat you by two years.  Shooter:You lie!  Rainey:No I don''t.  Shooter:If we do start to fight, it''s not going to end until one or the other of us is dead. Hold your water. I''m just getting my smoke s. I will give you three days. Show me the magazine with your sto-ry in it—if there is such a magazine--and I''ll be back.  舒特:你读完手稿了?  雷尼:读完了  舒特:我猜它让你想起什么来了吧?对不对?  雷尼:是啊,是这样你是什么时候写的这手稿呢?  舒特:我就知道你会问这个我是7年前写的,1997年  雷尼:算了吧  舒特:算了吧?  雷尼:你说你的故事是1997年写下的我的可是199年年底写成的,1995年6月第一次发表在一本杂志上干得不错,舒特先生不过我比你领先了两年  舒特:你撒谎  雷尼:我没有  舒特:咱们俩要是打起来的话,那就非得打到有一方先死掉不可别害怕,我不过是拿香烟而已我给你3天时间你把那本有你的故事的杂志拿来给我看——如果真有这么本杂志的话我会回来找你的 经典英文电影台词

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