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Jack Ma, chairman of ecommerce group Alibaba, has blamed credulous and “greedy” consumers for the prevalence of counterfeit goods available on the internet, adding that his company provides buyers with the tools to distinguish fakes from the genuine article.电子商务集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)董事局主席马云(Jack Ma)将互联网上假货泛滥归咎于易受骗和“贪心”的消费者,并补充称,他的公司向买家提供辨别真假的工具。“If you want to buy a Rolex for Rmb25 [], you can only be blamed for being too greedy,” he told an audience at the World Internet Conference in the Chinese city of Wuzhen.在浙江乌镇举行的世界互联网大会(World Internet Conference)上,马云称:“二十五块钱就想买一个劳力士手表,这是不可能的,这是你自己太贪了。”Mr Ma’s comments were a departure from the usually contrite public message honed by Alibaba in the run-up to its record-breaking initial public offering in September, which raised bn.9月阿里巴巴通过首次公开发行(IPO)创纪录地融资250亿美元之前,该公司对外传达的信息通常带有忏悔意味。马云此番言论标志着转向。The issue of fake goods, and the difficulty in policing the roughly 8m third-party sellers on Alibaba’s eBay-like sales website Taobao, has long been a problem for the group. “The company takes the issue of counterfeit goods seriously and acts immediately to remove these goods from our ecosystem,” said Alibaba yesterday.阿里巴巴旗下的电子商务网站淘宝(Taobao)类似于eBay,拥有近800万第三方卖家。假货问题、监管卖家之难,是该集团长期面对的问题。阿里巴巴近日表示,“公司认真对待仿冒品问题,一经发现,会立即把这些商品从我们的生态系统中剔除。”Mr Ma challenged the belief in China that counterfeit goods were widely available on Taobao, which reported 0bn in sales in the year to June 30. “Many people say that Taobao and Alibaba is full of knock-offs, but those who say that have basically never shopped on Taobao. ” He added that consumers had the “power of judgment”. “Do you think we could achieve Rmb6.7bn in sales daily if the internet were full of counterfeit products?”马云对中国普遍认为淘宝假货盛行的观点发出挑战。据报道,淘宝在截至6月30日的一年里销售额达到2000亿美元。“说假货多的人,肯定基本上从未在淘宝上买过东西。”马云补充称,消费者有“判断的权力”。“如果有假货,每天淘宝的销售额能有六七十亿元(人民币)吗?”The comments received widesp play on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, and elicited some ridicule from Taobao shoppers. A user named “Fangfei” wrote: “Haha, I only shop on Taobao because they have high quality counterfeit products!”马云的言论在中国版Twitter——微(Weibo)——上引发热议,并招致一些淘宝买家的嘲笑。一个名为“芳菲”(音译)的用户写道:“哈哈,我只在淘宝上买东西,因为他们有优质的假冒产品!”A five-minute trawl through Taobao yesterday netted a haul of a Chanel watch, a Louis Vuitton handbag and Dior perfume, but Rmb25 Rolex watches were nowhere to be found.记者昨天在淘宝上查找5分钟,就发现了78美元的香奈儿(Chanel)手表、29美元的路易威登(Louis Vuitton)手袋和6美元的迪奥(Dior)香水,但怎么也找不到25元人民币的劳力士(Rolex)手表。Taobao began checking third-party sellers after being named a “notorious market” by the US trade representative for violations of intellectual property rights in the four years to 2011.美国贸易代表因淘宝在截至2011年的4年里侵犯知识产权而称其为一个“臭名昭著的市场”,此后淘宝开始检查第三方商家。 /201411/344676At this week#39;s CES technology expo, LG will be one of many TV makers to show off an impressive lineup of super-duper-high-definition TVs. But there#39;s one thing that separates LG from the competition.在本周的CES科技展会上,LG是展示超清画质电视的众多电视制造商之一,但有一个亮点却让LG从竞争中脱颖而出,那就是:You can roll up one of LG#39;s TVs like a newspaper.你可以像卷报纸一样卷起LG的一款电视。The 18-inch display is just one of the concept designs LG will be unveiling, as it attempts to predict the future of television screens. Also on display will be a 55-inch TV that is as thin as a piece of paper and a 65-inch ;extreme-curve; set of TVs that bend inwards and outwards.这个18英寸柔性屏正是LG将要展示的概念设计之一,它试图预测电视屏幕的未来。同时参展的还有一款薄如纸张的55英寸电视机和一款65英寸的“极限曲线”屏,向内向外都可以弯曲。None of these TV will be sold this year -- and it#39;s possible they may never hit stores. It#39;s also not totally clear why you#39;d want to roll up or bend your TV.这些电视今年都不会上市--有可能它们永远都不会在商店里出售。同时你也并不完全清楚,为什么你想卷起或弯曲你的电视。Like automakers#39; ;concept cars,; LG#39;s TVs are meant to show off what#39;s possible, even if it#39;s not yet marketable, affordable or able to be mass-produced for customers. But some elements of LG#39;s creations may come to your next television screen.正如汽车制造商的“概念车”,LG电视只是为了展示这个技术的可能性,即使当前还不适于市场销售、消费者还负担不起、或者还无法批量生产。但LG的一些创作元素可能被运用到你的下一台电视上。It#39;s concepts like LG#39;s that may one day push the industry forward into new markets and technologies it hasn#39;t yet considered.类似LG的这种设计理念,将来有一天可能推动电视行业运用史无前例的技术,开辟全新的市场 /201601/421475

Hutchison Whampoa, one of the Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing’s flagship companies, has agreed to buy O2, the British cellphone carrier owned by the Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica, in a deal worth about billion.香港亿万富翁李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)的旗舰公司之一和记黄埔(Hutchison Whampoa)已经同意收购西班牙电信巨头西班牙电信(Telefónica)所有的英国移动电话运营商O2,此次交易的价值约为150亿美元(约合931亿元人民币)。On Tuesday evening, Telefónica said that it reached a definitive agreement to sell O2 to Hutchison Whampoa, which plans to combine the company with Three, its British cellphone business.周二晚,西班牙电信表示公司已达成最终协议,要把O2出售给和记黄埔。和记黄埔打算把O2与它自己的英国移动电话业务Three进行合并。“Completion of the transaction is subject, among other usual conditions, to the approval of the applicable regulatory authorities and the obtaining of waivers to certain change of control provisions,” Telefónica said in a news release.西班牙电信在新闻稿中称,“交易的完成还取决于相关监管部门的批准,以及获得改变控制条款所需的弃权书等一些常规条件。”The deal comes about two months after the companies first confirmed they were in exclusive talks.在达成交易前的大约两个月,这几家公司首次确认它们在进行排他性谈判。Under the terms of the proposed deal, Hutchison Whampoa would pay 9.25 billion pounds, or about billion, in cash for O2. A further payment of up to #163;1 billion would be made later, depending on the performance of the combined businesses of Three and O2.根据提出的协议的条款,和记黄埔将斥资92.5亿英镑,或约140亿美元,用于收购O2。最高可达10亿英镑的跟进款项将于随后付,这还取决于Three与O2合并后的业务表现。The merger would be the latest in a series of deals that are transforming the telecom landscape across Europe, particularly as cable and telecom companies seek to offer consumers bundled services that combine mobile, broadband, television and landlines.一系列交易正在改变欧洲的电信版图,此次合并是其中最新的一例;尤其值得一提的是,有线电视和电信公司正试图为消费者提供把移动设备、宽带、电视和固定电话结合在一起的捆绑式务。The combination of O2 and Three would create a mobile carrier with about 31 million customers and a much stronger challenger to EE, which the British telecom giant BT recently agreed to buy for #163;12.5 billion.O2和Three的合并将创造一个拥有约3100万名用户的移动运营商,对EE形成更大的挑战。最近,英国电信巨头英国电信集团(BT)同意以125亿英镑收购EE。It would also shrink the number of main mobile providers in Britain to three, including Vodafone.英国主要移动运营商也将因此减少到三家,其中包括沃达丰(Vodafone)。Britain’s competition authorities have previously stated that they would prefer to have at least four mobile carriers, so any deal would most likely face regulatory scrutiny over how it could affect consumers, particularly in the pricing of services.英国的竞争管理部门此前曾表示,他们希望英国至少有四家移动运营商;所以任何交易都很可能会在对消费者的影响,特别是务定价等方面,面临监管部门的审查。The deal also would be the largest international acquisition by a company controlled by Mr. Li, one of Asia’s richest men.这笔交易还将是亚洲首富之一李嘉诚所控制的公司所进行的规模最大的国际收购。 /201503/366711

After two remarkably successful decades at Apple, Jony Ive is used to receiving honorary recognition. Sir Jonathan, who was born in Chingford in northeast London, was knighted for “services to design and enterprise” three years ago. This week, he gained the new title of chief design officer of what has become the world’s most valuable company, in large part due to his relentless efforts.在苹果(Apple)工作20多年、取得一系列卓越成就之后,约尼#8226;艾夫(Jony Ive,即乔纳森#8226;艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive))对获得荣誉已习以为常。3年前,出生于伦敦东北部钦福特(Chingford)的他因“对设计和企业做出杰出贡献”获封爵位。上周,乔纳森爵士升任苹果首席设计官。苹果如今已成为世界市值第一的公司,这在很大程度上也得益于他孜孜不倦的努力。It hardly needed emphasising that Sir Jonathan is design supremo of Apple, and the decision to give him a grand title and promote two executives to run the industrial and software design divisions under him has divided Apple-watchers. Some regard it as a sign that Sir Jonathan is easing his way out, tired from producing a stream of innovative products such as the iPod and iPhone; others that he has accrued yet more authority.无需赘言,乔纳森爵士是苹果的设计老大,给他这个豪华头衔、提升另外两名高管在他的领导下主管工业和软件设计业务的决定,让密切关注苹果的人们分成了两派。一些人认为,这显示乔纳森爵士厌倦了不断创造创新产品,比如iPod和iPhone,在为抽身离开铺路;另一些人则认为,他获得了更高的权威。Either way, he is at least the second most powerful executive at Apple after Tim Cook, its chief executive. Some regard him as the most powerful, thanks to his symbiotic relationship with the late Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, who once described Sir Jonathan as his “spiritual partner”. As Mr Cook put it in the official announcement of his new role: “Our reputation for world-class design differentiates Apple from every other company in the world.”无论如何,他现在至少是苹果的第二号人物,仅次于首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)。一些人认为他是头号人物,理由是他与苹果创始人史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)生前亲密无间的关系,后者曾将乔纳森爵士称为自己的“灵魂伴侣”。如库克在宣布乔纳森爵士新职位的正式通告中所说:“一流的设计带给我们的口碑,将苹果与世界上所有其他公司区分开来。”Many other companies would like to match Apple by integrating design so deeply into the creation of new products and services that it outstrips functions such as sales and marketing. It has paid off for Apple to the tune of 0bn — its current market capitalisation. Who would not want to mimic that?许多其他公司想要追赶苹果,它们将设计深深融入新产品和新务的创造过程中,以至于设计的地位超过了销售、市场等其他功能。这种做法在苹果身上已充分体现出了价值,为苹果带来了7600亿美元的市值。谁不想模仿这样的成功?The problem is that it is incredibly hard, even if a company has an equally talented team of designers. Not only is making things with more than a design flourish applied to the outside expensive, but the scope of design has expanded radically since 1925, when Philips, the Dutch company, hired Louis Kalff to polish its advertising and named him head of “propaganda”.问题在于,这样的成功极难模仿,即便一家公司拥有一同样富有才华的设计师团队。不仅制造不止有华丽外观设计的产品需要付出高昂的成本,而且设计的范围如今极大地扩大了,远非1925年荷兰公司飞利浦(Philips)任命路易斯#8226;卡尔夫(Louis Kalff)为负责润色广告的“宣传”主管时能比。The cost of listening to what designers say is illustrated by one story in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs. Sir Jonathan wanted to place a recessed carrying handle in the brightly coloured iMacs that he designed in 1998, less for practical reasons than to make the machine seem friendlier to older buyers. Apple’s engineers protested that the handle would be expensive and impractical; Mr Jobs ignored them.沃尔特#8226;艾萨克森(Walter Isaacson)所著乔布斯传记中的一则故事,体现了听设计师的话要付出怎样的代价。1998年,乔纳森爵士想要在他设计的色iMac上加一个内陷的把手,这主要不是为了实用考虑,而是为了让这款电脑显得对年纪较大的顾客更友好。苹果的工程师当时表示反对,称这个把手成本高昂又不实用。乔布斯当时对这些反对置若罔闻。Good design runs deep. As James Dyson, the British inventor, argued in a recentinterview in the Financial Times, “If something looks designed on the outside but doesn’t work well, you hate it. It gives design a bad name.” Thus, designers have to work from the earliest stages on what a product is, and how it will be built, rather than making it look good once it is close to completion.好的设计需要深入产品的诞生过程。如英国发明家詹姆斯#8226;戴森(James Dyson)最近接受英国《金融时报》采访时所说:“如果某样东西外观上看起来经过了精心设计,但使用起来不顺畅,你会感到恼怒。这会让设计蒙上污名。”因此,设计师必须从初期就努力搞清楚一件产品是什么,将如何制造出来,而不是在产品接近成形时设法让它有好看的外观。One of Sir Jonathan’s heroes is Dieter Rams, the designer of Braun products such as shavers and radios. Among Braun’s design mottos is: “Good design is as little design as possible.” The tradition of being low-key and yet elegant, without any distracting details, is evident in the slim, almost austere, aluminium MacBook.为朗(Braun)设计过剃须刀和收音机等产品的设计师迪特尔#8226;拉姆斯(Dieter Rams),是乔纳森爵士崇拜的人之一。朗的设计信条之一就是:“好的设计要尽量不露痕迹。”一贯的低调而优雅,没有任何扎眼的细节,这种风格明显体现在简洁、近乎朴素的铝合金机身的MacBook上。Apple does not solely follow the German functional style of industrial design. It also draws on a more exuberant US tradition, reaching back to mid-century designers such as Raymond Loewy and Harley Earl — the man who fitted fins to Cadillacs — in the colourful versions of iPods and other products. Sir Jonathan’s team somehow manages to blend the two approaches.苹果的工业设计并没有完全遵从德国式实用风格,它还从更加活泼的美国传统中汲取了灵感。色版iPod和其他产品的设计风格可追溯至上世纪中期的一些美国设计师,比如雷蒙德#8226;洛伊(Raymond Loewy)、以及创造了凯迪拉克(Cadillac)的高尾鳍设计的哈利#8226;厄尔(Harley Earl)。乔纳森爵士的团队不知用了何种方法,居然将两种不同的设计传统融合到了一起。It is hard to remember now, but Jobs seemed to have set himself an almost impossible task on returning to Apple in the late 1990s — to resist the steady commoditisation of personal computers into a set of grey boxes containing software. By enlisting Mr Ive, he both achieved this and altered where value lay — in the integration of hardware, software and services.如今我们很难记起这一点,不过乔布斯在上世纪90年代末一回到苹果,似乎就为自己设定了一个近乎不可能完成的任务——抵制把个人电脑变成一个个装有软件的灰色盒子的日益同质化的潮流。通过把艾夫拉入伙,他不仅成功地完成了这一任务,还改变了个人电脑业务的价值所在——对硬件、软件和务的整合,这就是价值所在。That makes the field of design more interesting, important, and difficult. Philips, for example, has 500 designers working in 18 global locations, whose work has shifted from making consumer devices to thinking about the way, for example, children in hospitals react to Philips-made body scanners. The more relaxed they feel, the less the need to sedate them.这使设计领域变得更有趣、更重要、也更困难。比如,飞利浦有500名设计师在全球18个地方工作,他们的工作已从制造消费设备转变成思考设备的工作方式,比如思考医院中的儿童如何与飞利浦制造的人体扫描仪互动。儿童感到越放松,就越不需要让他们镇定下来。Sir Jonathan was given oversight of software as well as industrial design at Apple in 2012. He now has a hand in everything from the layout of Apple stores to the design of its new headquarters in Cupertino, California, and the furniture inside. Apple is working on a car — maybe a self-driving car — and he is helping to steer this project too.2012年,乔纳森爵士开始负责掌管苹果的软件和工业设计。他现在参与苹果的一切事务,从苹果门店的布置,到苹果位于加利福尼亚州库比蒂诺(Cupertino)的新总部的设计和内部家具。苹果正在研发一款汽车,可能是一款自动驾驶汽车,乔纳森爵士也参与指导这个项目。He has, in other words, made his job far bigger, extending his reach into aspects of production that an earlier generation of designers would not have dreamt of taking on. This could account for his tone of profound weariness in a recent profile in The New Yorker. He described himself as “deeply, deeply tired” and only half deflected the suggestion that he would like to return with his family to live in the UK.换句话说,乔纳森爵士极大地扩展了自己的工作范围,他的影响力在产品生产中的延伸之广,对于更早一代的设计师来说是不可想象的。这可能也是在最近《纽约客》(The New Yorker)的一篇人物报道中,他的语气中带有深深的疲倦感的原因。他说自己“非常,非常疲倦”,对于他可能想与家人回到英国生活的猜测,他并没有完全否认。“Apple’s most remarkable quality is discipline,” says Jonas Damon, executive creative director of Frog Design, a design agency. “From the top down, they dictate what the company puts its effort behind.” If being Apple’s great design dictator has become too much for Sir Jonathan, what chance do other companies have?“苹果最卓越的品质就是纪律,”设计公司Frog Design的执行创意总监乔纳斯#8226;戴蒙(Jonas Damon)说,“上层从上至下决定公司把努力投入哪些地方。”如果乔纳森爵士感到作为苹果的设计老大负担太重,其他公司还有什么机会? /201506/378542A restaurant that serves Japanese ramen made by two robot ;chefs; became a hit when it opened on Thursday in Shanghai, icpress.cn reported.据icpress.cn报道,星期四在上海开业了一家主营日本拉面的餐厅。但是,拉面主厨竟是机器人,实在是太逆天!According to its owner Liu Jin, the two machines cost one million yuan (4,000) and were made by a company in Japan. He said he considers them a gimmick but thinks robots will play a larger role in catering in the future.据该店老板刘进先生介绍,两位机器人“大厨”是他花了100万元(约合15.4万美元)从日本某公司定制的。他说,引入机器人做拉面只是一个噱头,但他认为在未来的饮食行业,机器人将发挥更大的作用。The one million yuan price tag is about the same as it would cost Liu to employ two human chefs for six years. That#39;s possibly the reason for the 58 yuan price tag on a bowl of ramen at his restaurant, which is about twice the price at another chain.100万元的价格相当于刘先生雇用2名厨师工作六年所付的薪水。这可能也是他的餐厅里一碗拉面标价58元的原因,这个价格几乎是其它餐厅的两倍。As with robots that have been used in car production for decades, Koya and Kona are programmed to complete a sequence of tasks, which they do with mesmerizing efficiency and no lack of panache. While the bots can#39;t make noodles, they can boil and serve them and pour out the correct amount of soup into a waiting bowl. A waiter then adds the required garnish and delivers the dish to the customer.如同已经使用了几十年的汽车生产线机器人一样,机器人Kona和Toya也被植入程序来完成一系列任务,他们工作起来高效且颇具看点。虽然机器人不能做出面条,但他们能下面,煮面,控汤,并完美的倒入碗里,然后会有个务员添加所需的配菜,并送到顾客手上。 /201512/418245Last week, Jack Ma called for a new “e-WTO” with the aim of helping small businesses get on the Internet, as the best hope in the fight against poverty. This appeal came after Alibaba’s largest ever “Singles Day” a week earlier, with almost US.3bn of merchandise sold in 24 hours. Alibaba’s social media accounts even reported that Premier Li Keqiang called CEO Jack Ma to wish him a successful day. “Singles Day” is now the world’s largest shopping day,dwarfing even the ed States’ “Black Friday.”不久前,马云(Jack Ma)呼吁建立一个新的、旨在帮助小企业利用互联网的“电子世贸组织”(e-WTO),并将此作为消除贫困的最大希望所在。马云发出此番呼吁一周之前,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)在“光棍节”(Singles Day)当天24小时内销售了创历史新高的近143亿美元的商品。阿里巴巴的社交媒体账户甚至宣称,中国总理李克强也致电马云,预祝“双十一”取得成功。“光棍节”如今已成为世界规模最大的购物狂欢节,甚至连美国的“黑色星期五”(Black Friday)都相形见绌。These are the latest manifestations of a worrying obsession with e-commerce and the Internet in Asia’s largest economies. In March, Beijing announced its new “Internet Plus” plan to expand Internet connectivity. Premier Li, when describing it, brought up the “mobile Internet”, “cloud computing”, “big data”, “intelligent manufacturing” and the “Internet of Things,” in a manner similar to business leaders in America. Nor is this digital obsession restricted to China. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook’s headquarters received as much, if not more, media attention as his address on sustainable development to the ed Nations days earlier.From the almost breathless manner in which business leaders use words like “innovation”, “the sharing economy” and “maker spaces”, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish real analysis from wild speculation when talking about the Internet and e-commerce. The assertion is that digital expansion would allow countries to skip entire stages of development, such as investing in real infrastructure, preventing life-threatening pollution, managing resources carefully, and installing value systems in an increasingly ethically-challenged world. What the focus on e-commerce actually represents is the continued inability of the developing world to free itself from Western ideas about models for economic growth and definitions of modernity.这是亚洲大型经济体令人担忧地醉心于电子商务和互联网的最新表现。今年3月,中国政府宣布了新的“互联网+”(Internet Plus)计划,目的是扩大网络连通性。在描绘这一计划时,李克强总理以近似于美国商界领袖的方式提及了“移动互联网”、“云计算”、“大数据”、“智能制造”以及“物联网”等概念。这种对数字化的痴迷并不仅限于中国。印度总理纳伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)在Facebook总部与马克丠克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)的会面,受到的媒体关注与他在联合国就可持续发展议题发表演讲时一样多——如果不是更多的话。在谈到互联网与电子商务时,从商业领袖嘴里不停冒出的“创新”、“分享经济”和“创客空间”中,有时很难分辨出是真正的分析还是疯狂的投机。有断言称,数字化扩张将使各国能够将一些发展阶段完全跳过——如对实体基础设施进行投资,防止危及生存的污染,审慎管理资源以及在道德日益遭到挑战的世界确立价值体系。对电子商务的关注实际上体现出,发展中国家一直不能摆脱西方关于经济增长模式的理念及对现代性的定义。The claim that the Internet will fundamentally transform development is unproven and untested. What is clear is that the Internet makes consumption easier, faster and more expansive than ever before. Analysts have thus looked to e-commerce and China’s Internet giants to help “save” China’s economic model from slowing down.互联网将从根本上改变发展模式的断言既未经实,也未经检验。当下明显的是,互联网使消费变得比以往任何时候更容易、更快、更无所不包。因此,分析师们开始指望电子商务以及中国的互联网巨头帮助“拯救”中国的经济模式免于陷入增长放缓。However, this is the last thing China and other developing countries need. The reality is that e-commerce reduces the private costs of consumption, but little, if anything, to reduce its overall social cost. Now, billions of locally-produced products have a massive carbon footprint, as they transported across large distances to faraway customers at a time when we need to be reducing our carbon emissions. In addition, internet retail relies on a growing global addiction to wasteful impulse-buying as driver of its business model —“Singles Day” and “Cyber Monday” are testament to that.但是,这是中国及其他发展中国家最不需要做的事。现实情况是,电子商务降低了消费行为的私人成本,但很少、甚至根本没有减少消费的整体社会成本。如今,正当我们需要减少碳排放之际,数十亿计地方制造的产品在跨越千里送到遥远的消费者手中的同时也产生了巨大的碳足迹。此外,网络零售依靠全球越来越着迷于浪费性冲动购物作为此种商业模式的推动力——“双十一”和“网络星期一”(Cyber Monday)即为明。Thus, e-commerce increases the divergence between what the individual pays and what society suffers. If one accepts that our economic model thrives on under-pricing goods and services to promote relentless consumption by externalising its true cost (such as greenhouse gases and carbon emissions), then e-commerce, by making goods cheaper, worsens the economy’s market failure. This will only lead to greater costs being placed on the majority due to the external costs central to underpriced consumption. The institutions society depends upon to draw the balance between consumption, protection and conservation—be they governments, watchdogs or international agencies—are put under enormous pressure as production and consumption become far easier and faster through the Internet.因此,电子商务加剧了个人出与社会成本之间的不平衡。如果人们接受并认为,我们的经济模式要依靠定价偏低的商品与务实现繁荣,而后者又通过将自身真实成本(如温室气体和碳排放)外部化来推动疯狂消费,那么电子商务就通过降低商品价格加剧了市场经济失灵。这只会让大多数人被迫承担更大的成本,因为价格偏低的消费的核心就是造成外部成本。随着互联网使得生产与消费变得更便捷、更迅速,社会所依赖的在消费、环境保护与节约之间保持平衡的机构——不论是政府、监管机构,还是国际机构——均面临巨大压力。The truth is that the ability to access Facebook or Alibaba is simply not a priority for a majority that has yet to fulfil their basic needs. How would “the Internet of Things” lead to real development outcomes for the global poor? How would the majority gain access to the rights of life—food, water, sanitation, healthcare, education—through e-commerce?事实是,能够访问Facebook或阿里巴巴对于大多数仍未满足自身基本需求的人而言根本不重要。“物联网”如何为全球贫困人口带来真正的发展成果?多数人又如何通过电子商务获得包括食物、水、卫生、医疗、教育在内的生命权?Hoping that the Internet, by supposedly unleashing consumption and entrepreneurship, will help the poor is merely another example of wishful economic thinking: where helping those at the top would hopefully trickle down to the poor. Even in the ed States, with its decade-long head start in digital connectivity, it has yet to be seen how e-commerce helps the lives of the unemployed and the working classes—if anything, it has taken jobs away. Part of the savings from e-commerce has come at the expense of labour, by providing fewer jobs with less job security and fewer benefits than traditional employment. This is not a model to be repeated in the developing world where millions are looking for a decent job and still lack secure access to basic needs as well as the social safety nets meant to be provided by the state.期待互联网——通过所谓释放消费和创业精神——能帮助穷人只是又一种一厢情愿的经济思维:顶层富人受益的同时可能向穷人下渗一些好处。即使在数字化连接领域领先了10年的美国,也尚未看到电子商务对失业者和工薪阶层的生活有什么帮助——如果说有什么影响的话,也是夺走了就业机会。电子商务带来的部分收益是以牺牲劳动者权益为代价的,因为其提供的工作岗位比起传统就业更少,工作保障和收入也更少。这并非发展中世界应该效仿的模式,发展中国家仍有数以百万计的人口正在寻找体面的工作,仍缺乏满足基本需求的有保障途径,而且本应由国家提供的社会保障网也不完善。To be fair to China, Beijing has yet to reveal the full details of the “Internet Plus” plan or its significance in its future development program. Over the next five years, China is currently predicted to spend about Rmb2tn, or 3bn, on the Internet — a large amount, to be sure, but dwarfed by the Rmb17tn, or .6tn, that China will spend on environmental protection.公平而言,北京方面尚未透露“互联网+”计划的全部细节或在其未来发展规划中的重要性。目前预计中国未来五年将在互联网领域投入约2万亿元人民币(合3130亿美元)——可以肯定,这是一笔巨额投入,但与中国将在环境保护上出的17万亿元人民币(约合2.6万亿美元)相比就很小了。However, the risk remains that Chinawill be distracted by a lop-sided view of the economic benefits of e-commerce. This risk is not limited to China. Prime Minister Modi has called for a national fibre optic network and pledged the construction of hundreds of “smart cities.” These goals seem outlandish given the very real development issues that plague India, such as the lack of consistent and adequate access to adequate sanitation and clean water. Funding the pipes that would carry the latter rather than optic cables would certainly make a great deal of sense, yet it is only the investment in Internet connectivity that attracts the attention and interest of politicians and investors.然而,风险依然存在:关于电子商务经济效益的片面观点将分散中国决策者的注意力。这种风险不仅存在于中国。印度总理莫迪曾呼吁建立全国光纤网络,并宣称要建设数百个“智能城市”。考虑到困扰印度的众多现实发展问题——如缺乏卫生设施和清洁水的持续充足供应,这些目标显得格格不入。显然,投资于输送清洁水的管道、而非光缆才是极为合理的,然而,只有网络连接方面的投资才能吸引政界人士和投资者的注意与兴趣。The issues faced by China, Indiaand the developing world have no precedent in human history, and seeking solutions via archaic economic models and technology fads is sheer folly. Their economic development has aly led to huge environmental degradation: China’s official news agencies now use the term “doomsday” to describe air pollution.中印以及整个发展中世界所面临的问题在人类历史上没有先例,通过过时的经济模型和技术风潮寻求解决方案绝对是愚蠢的。这些国家的经济发展已经带来了大范围的环境退化:中国官方新闻机构如今用“世界末日”一词来形容国内的空气污染。Billions of poor have yet to have their basic needs met, let alone share in prosperity. These are the people that those involved in “maker spaces” or “the sharing economy” conveniently ignore. After all, the poor don’t have anything to share in what so far is an “un-sharing” global economy typified by widening economic disparities. The Internet will surely not solve these problems, and more free-riding consumption is the last thingChina orIndia needs. Using the Internet as a crutch must not distract from the tough work of development.数十亿计的贫困人口仍未能满足自身的基本需求,更不用说共享繁荣。他们就是被那些参与“创客空间”或“共享经济”的人轻易忽视的群体。毕竟,在迄今仍为“非共享”且发展差距日益扩大的全球经济中,穷人没有什么可供分享。互联网必然无法解决这些问题,更多的搭便车式消费是中国和印度最不需要的。利用互联网作为拐杖不能影响为发展所要付出的艰难努力。By extension, China and India must have “dreams” that are bigger than the Internet. They need to take the lead in figuring out a new model of development for the 21stCentury that intelligently leverages science and technology, but without being seduced by musings about e-commerce that mask deep structural flaws of current economic models. Resolving those pressing issues should be the real “innovation” that lies at the heart of any development program.更进一步而言,中国和印度必须有比拥抱互联网更大的“梦想”。他们需要带头为21世纪找到一种新的发展模式——智慧地利用科学技术,同时不能因迷恋掩盖了当前经济模式深层次结构缺陷的电子商务而误入歧途。解决这些紧迫问题才是应该居于所有发展规划核心的真正“创新”。 /201512/415116

JD.com has challenged China ecommerce rival Alibaba with the launch of a cross-border platform designed to bring foreign brands to the Chinese middle class.中国电商集团京东(JD.com)向国内竞争对手阿里巴巴(Alibaba)发出挑战,推出了一个旨在为中国中产阶层带来国外品牌的跨境网购平台。The platform, JD Worldwide, highlights the eagerness of US groups to enter the ecommerce market in China, which is dominated by local participants.京东全球购(JD Worldwide)平台凸显了美国企业对进入由本土企业主导的中国电子商务市场的渴望。JD Worldwide enables international businesses to sell directly to China consumers without needing to establish a legal presence on the mainland, lowering the barriers to entry for brands.京东全球购使国际企业能够直接面向中国消费者进行销售,不需要在中国内地设立法律实体,降低了品牌准入的壁垒。The cross-border platform includes the launch of an eBay store that allows Chinese shoppers to buy goods from US eBay sellers.这一跨境网购平台包括了“eBay海外精选”频道的上线,可以让中国消费者向美国eBay卖家购买商品。US group eBay was an early leader in China’s ecommerce sector but has lost out to fierce competition from Alibaba, which dominates the local market.美国在线零售商eBay在中国电商行业发展初期处于领先地位,但在与阿里巴巴的激烈竞争中败下阵来,后者在中国市场占据了主导地位。The competition with eBay prompted Jack Ma, Alibaba’s chairman, to quip: “Ebay may be a shark in the ocean, but I am a crocodile in the Yangtze. If we fight in the ocean, we lose, but if we fight in the river, we win.”对于与eBay的竞争,阿里巴巴集团董事局主席马云(Jack Ma)曾诙谐地说:“eBay是海洋中的鲨鱼,而我们是长江中的扬子鳄。如果在海洋中对抗,我们将会失败。但如果在长江里对抗,我们将取得胜利。”Ebay’s strategy to get back into the Chinese market with the help of more established local brands such as JD.com follows last month’s move by Amazon to open a store on Alibaba’s Tmall sales website.Ebay借助京东这样的较成熟本土品牌重回中国市场并非首开先河,上月,亚马逊(Amazon)就入驻了阿里巴巴旗下的天猫商城(Tmall)。JD.com, backed by Alibaba arch-rival Tencent, said of yesterday’s platform launch: “Ebay’s channel on JD Worldwide will showcase a variety of top categories and popular brands.”京东得到阿里巴巴主要竞争对手腾讯(Tencent)的持。对于昨日平台上线,京东表示:“京东全球购平台的ebay频道将展示种类繁多的优质商品和流行品牌。”JD.com is the largest Amazon-like direct sales ecommerce seller in China, boasting its own distribution and logistics network, though Alibaba dominates the local industry intraffic numbers.京东是中国最大的类似亚马逊的直销电商,拥有独立的配送和物流网络,但在交易额上阿里巴巴是行业领军者。 /201504/370422Aeon Bank will introduce ATMs that allow people to access cash using only fingerprints for identification, becoming the first Japanese bank to offer biometric verification without also requiring a card or PIN.日本永旺将引入新一批ATM取款机,届时顾客仅凭指纹验就能取钱。这也使得其成为第一家提供生物识别验而不需要卡或身份信息的日本。Customers who register their prints with the bank will simply scan two fingers to activate the machines. They will be able to make deposits, withdrawals and transfers as well as check their account balances. Withdrawals and transfers will be capped at 1 million yen (,233) for now. Users will need to be 18 or older, since children#39;s fingers grow as they age.在录入指纹的顾客仅需扫描两个手指就能激活取款机,可以存款、取款、转账以及查询账户余额。目前取款和转账的上限是100万日元。这项举措的适用对象是18岁及以上的顾客,因为孩子随着年龄的增大手指也会生长。The unit of retailer Aeon will open up fingerprint registration Feb. 15, aiming to have the technology y to use by late March. The first of the fingerprint-ing machines will be installed at a store in Tokyo#39;s Chiyoda Ward. The company plans to add more around summer and hopes to eventually operate around 5,500 units throughout Japan if all goes well.永旺将于2月15日开放指纹登记,预计3月下旬开始使用这项技术。第一台指纹读取机将会在东京千代田区的一家永旺推行。大约明年夏季,永旺将引入更多这种ATM机,确认没有问题后逐渐在全日本境内推广约5500台。A number of Japanese banks use biometric identification in conjunction with cards or PINs. For this project, Aeon Bank is partnering with startup Liquid, which boasts advanced fingerprint recognition technology. The bank hopes to make ATMs more convenient while reducing card theft.现在,许多日本将生物识别技术与卡或身份信息捆绑在一起使用。为了此次的项目,永旺与拥有先进的指纹识别技术的新创企业Liquid进行合作。永旺希望新型ATM机不仅可以提高操作的便利性,还可防止盗窃卡等犯罪行为。 /201601/419955

Of the technical advances transforming the energy business, none is potentially more important than storage. Used on a sufficient scale, it could make heat and light available to those living in subsistence conditions and radically alter the world’s energy mix.在改变能源业的技术进步中,可能没有哪一项比能源存储更重要的了。在应用规模足够大的情况下,这项技术能够为那些勉强维生的人提供光和热,并从根本上改变世界能源结构。But it is important to demolish two myths. First, the technological advances are not about to transform the energy system to the point where a large proportion of consumers defect from existing distribution systems. Second, it does not require a dramatic breakthrough to become economic.但驳倒两个神话很重要。首先,技术进步对能源体系的改变,并不会达到使大部分消费者弃用现有能源输配体系的地步。其次,我们并不需要取得爆炸式的突破就能使能源存储技术具备经济可行性。On the first, by far the most likely next step is the integration of storage mechanisms into existing grids and other distribution systems in ways that manage peak loads and thus contribute to reducing the necessary generating capacity.关于前者,最有可能的下一步发展是使能源存储机制融入现有输配网和其他输配系统,以管理高峰负荷,从而有助于减少必要的能源产能。On the second, the story is one of gradualism. The core technologies are known and are advancing. Some are aly commercially competitive; you are probably ing this on a computer that holds power for much longer than was possible only a decade ago. There could well be developments that would change the entire energy system but a eureka moment is not necessary.关于后者,则要认识到技术进步的渐进性。能源存储的核心技术已经为人所知,也正在取得进展。一些技术已经拥有了商业竞争力;你或许正在用一台电脑阅读这篇文章,这台电脑的续航时间要比十年前可能达到的水平长得多。或许会出现一些改变整个能源体系的技术发展,但爆炸性突破并非必不可少。Moody’s notes battery costs have fallen 50 per cent in the past five years. Lazard reports that industry expects a further significant fall in the next five years; and that, if projections are accurate, “some energy storage technologies may be positioned to displace a significant portion of future gas-fired generation capacity in particular as a replacement for peaking gas turbine facilities”.据穆迪(Moody’s)报告,过去5年电池的成本下降了50%。Lazard报告,行业人士预计接下来5年电池成本还会进一步显著下降;并且,如果相关预测是准确的,“一些能源存储技术可能取代未来相当一部分燃气发电产能,尤其是取代目前急剧增加的燃气轮机设备”。This suggests advances in storage could rapidly overturn established business models. Many of the technologies aly have a strong industrial base, which is helping to reduce production costs. Many more are still at an early stage of commercialisation, building on research in universities worldwide.这表明,能源存储技术的进步可能迅速推翻即成商业模式。许多存储技术已经拥有雄厚的工业基础,这有助于减少生产成本。还有更多存储技术在世界各地大学的研究基础上发展,还处于商业化的初期阶段。There are several storage technologies, each with particular applications. Pumped hydro systems enable us to manage the use of flows of water. Batteries can balance power loads and help manage the challenges of energy supplies that are intermittent. There are also uses at the production and at the consumption end of the supply chain.有几种能源存储技术,每一种都有特定的用途。抽水蓄能系统让我们可以管理对水流的利用。电池能够平衡能源负荷,有助于处理间断式的能源供应。还有用于能源生产和能源供应链消费端的技术。Some techniques, such as pumping water, have been used for centuries. Others, such as lithium ion, are not yet commercially viable, but the pace of improvement in costs is impressive.人们对一些技术的使用长达数个世纪,比如抽水。其他一些技术还不具备商业可行性,但成本改善方面的进展步伐令人印象深刻,比如锂离子。Storage can be used with any form of supply, from coal to wind, and for any purpose from transport to heating. It improves efficiency by allowing consumers to use energy when they want rather than only at the moment of production. Economically, the greatest impact and the most significant benefits will accrue to the renewables sector, where a greater proportion of supply is wasted and where intermittency forces users into substantial back-up costs.能源存储技术可被用于从煤炭到风能的任何形式的能源供应,也可以用于从交通到供暖的任何目的。通过能源存储技术,消费者可以在需要的时候使用能源,而非只在能源生产出来的时候使用能源,从而提高能效。经济上,可再生能源领域受到的影响最大,得到的益处也最多。在该领域,能源供给的浪费比例更大,能源供给的间断性还迫使用户承受高昂的备用能源成本。Technological advances, along with falling costs, promise to make solar the power source of choice in the 21st century. If governments want to decarbonise the economy it is hard to think of a better use for public money and subsidies than researching storage.技术的进步和成本的下降有望使太阳能成为21世纪的能源选择。如果政府希望使经济脱碳,很难想到有什么比能源存储技术研究更适合投入公共资金和补贴了。The vital point is that storage is growing cheaper at a rate likely to challenge at least part of the existing energy system within five years. The conventional alternatives under threat from this sort of competition start with gas turbines but extend to expensive plans to upgrade transmission lines and distribution systems.关键的一点是,能源存储技术的成本正在快速降低,或许能在5年内挑战至少部分现有技术的地位。对于这类竞争,受到威胁的传统替代方案不仅包括燃气轮机,还包括传输线和输配体系升级这样昂贵的方案。When serious and objective financial institutions start saying such things, investors and companies involved in the old energy economy would be foolish not to take notice of the mounting evidence that storage technology is the next big shift in the energy business.严肃和客观的金融机构已经开始谈论这类事情,越来越多的据表明能源存储技术将是能源行业的下一个重大转变,参与旧能源经济的投资者和企业如果不注意这一点将是愚蠢的。 /201601/419409

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