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I hope your idea takes wings.希望你的想法能够成真。take wings 直译就是:“插上翅膀”,汉语中也有为梦想插上翅膀这样的表达,意思是放飞自己的梦想,因为插上翅膀梦想就可以起飞翱翔了。所以这个习语的正确意思是:“起飞,成为现实”。因此,当美国人说;I hope your idea takes wings.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;I hope your idea will be fulfilled.;、;I hope your dream will come true.;。情景对白:Jane: Sir, I think the present job is not suitable for me. Ive decided to work as a teacher. Please accept my resignation.简:老板,我觉得目前这份工作不太适合我。我决定了要当一名教师,请接受我的辞呈。Boss: Fine, if you say so, I have to accept it. I hope your idea takes wings.老板:好吧,既然你这么说,我也就只好接受你的辞职,希望你的想法能够成真。搭配句积累:①Id like to quit and go abroad for further study.我想要辞职,并且去国外深造。②To be honest, I want to set up my own business.老实说,我想试着自己创业。③I want to change my working environment.我想换个工作环境。④I want to expand my horizon in a larger field.我想到更大的领域去拓展我的视野。单词:horizon n. 视野,眼界As your horizons expand, these new ideas can give a whole new meaning to life.随着眼界不断开阔,这些新观念会为生活赋予全新的意义。By embracing other cultures and genres, we actually broaden our horizons, rather than narrow any existing ones.通过接纳其他文化和体裁,我们实际上拓宽了领域,而不是让现有的范围变得狭窄。 /201309/254818a fish out of water 不合群的人英文释义A person who does not fit in with other people; someone not in their proper environment.例句 Visiting a foreign country last year I went to a party just wearing a sweater, but everyone else was wearing formal clothing, and nobody spoke my language, so I really felt like a fish out of water.去年,在造访某国时,我穿着一件毛衣就去参加聚会,但别人全都穿着正式装,又没有人说我的语言,因此我感到与他们实在格格不入。 /201312/267727

  第15期:询问兴趣爱好你的休闲时间如何度过?How do you spend your leisure time? How do you spend your spare time?How do you spend your free time?How do you enjoy your free time? What do you do for leisure? What do you like doing in you spare time?#8195;For example:A: How do you spend your leisure time?你的休闲时间如何度过?B: I like playing games and having sports.我爱玩游戏和体育运动。你的业佘爱好是什么?What is your hobby?Do you have any hobbies?For example:A: What is your hobby?你的业余爱好是什么?B: Flower arrangements.插花。我喜欢打棒球、网球和羽毛球。I like to play baseball,tennis and badminton.我喜欢收集古董。I like collecting antiques.我喜欢在业余时间做有氧健身运动。I like doing aerobics in my spare time.doing aerobics(n.)有氧运动法,增氧健身法(指跑步,优越等增强心肺循环功能的运动)几乎各类运动我都喜欢。I like almost all kinds of sports.我的爱好是远足、钓鱼和爬山。My hobbies are hiking,fishing and climbing the mountains.我喜欢户外运动。I enjoy outdoor sports.我喜欢听音乐、弹钢琴、有时候去游泳。I like to listen to music and to play piano and occasionally go swimming.#8195;在假日里你喜欢做什么?What do you like to do during the holidays?For example:A:What do you like to do during the holidays?在假日里你喜欢做什么?B:I like to travel on holidays.我喜欢在假期去旅行。你最喜欢什么消遣?Whats your favorite recreation?For example:A: Whats your favorite recreation?你最喜欢什么消遣?B: My favorite recreation is cooking.我最喜欢的消遣是烹饪。recreation! n.)消遣,我对旅游感兴趣。I have an interest in travelling.I am fond of travelling.I like travelling.I love travelling.我喜欢看书和绘画。I like reacting and painting.我喜欢出去散步,呼吸新鲜空气。I like to take a walk outside for fresh air.我喜欢接触大自然。I enjoy coming into contact with nature.我喜欢很多东西,尤其是音乐和园艺。I like many things,especially music and gardening.我喜欢收集明信片、钱币和火柴盒。I like to collect post cards,coins,and match boxes.虽然我的兴趣很多,但我最喜欢的还是摄影。Though I have many interests,photography is what I like the most.我最大的兴趣是看书、听音乐,尤其是听乡村音乐。My favorite hobbies are ing and listening to music,in particu#172;lar, country particular (adv.)特别我大部分时间都在看书,我很喜欢看书。I do a lot of ing and I enjoy it.我喜欢看电影和看好的小说。I like to go to movies and I good novels.有时候我会上图书馆或者去看球赛,但不经常这样。Sometimes I go to the library or to ball games, but not often.由于家庭的影响,我非常喜欢文学。Having been influenced by my family,! love literature very much.本句前一句使用了独立主格结构,其主语同后面主句的主语相同。我最大的爱好是读书。My greatest passion is ing.passion(n.),热情你最喜欢什么运动?What kind of sports do you like the most?Whats your favorite sport?Which sport do you like best?那可实在太多了。It is hard to narrow it down to just one.narrow down减少,限制,缩小,变窄除了工作以外,你还有其他特别的兴趣爱好吗?Do you have any special interests outside of your job?Do you have any special interests other than your jobs?For example:A: Do you have any special interests outside of your job?除了工作以外,你还有其他特别的兴趣爱好吗?B: Yes. Music and painting are my two great interests in life.是的。音乐和绘画是我生活中的两大业余爱好。你周末一般干什么?What do you do on weekends?For example:A: What do you do on weekends?你周末一般干什么?B: On weekends,! sometimes go to see a movie with my family.周末我有时候和家里人一起去看电影。工作之余你喜欢什么活动?How do you entertain yourself after work?For example:A: How do you entertain yourself after work?工作之余你喜欢什么活动?B;I entertain myself in games and sports.我靠游戏和运动来打发时间。entertain(vt.)使欢乐,使我是一个音乐迷。I am a music lover.I am a music fan0我喜欢去听民间音乐会。I like to go to a concert of folk music.#8195;我喜欢看电视脱口秀和电影。I like watching TV talk show and movies.I enjoy watching TV talk show and movies.每逢周末,我喜欢借着阅读好书来将自己的注意力从工作上移开。On weekends,I like to get my mind off my work by ing good books.我是一个典型书虫,每个星期都会看两三本书。Im a typical bookworm,and I get through two or three books a week.get through 做完你喜欢哪一类的书?What kinds of books do you like?For example:A: What kinds of books do you like?你喜欢哪一类的书?B: Im fond of scientific fiction.我喜欢科幻小说。detective books侦探小说;IT books信息技术书;biography传记你喝酒吗?Do you drink?For example:A: Do you drink?你喝酒吗?B: No,notabit.不喝,我滴酒不沾。你抽烟吗?Do you smoke?For example:A: Do you smoke?你抽烟吗?B: Yes,but Im not a heavy smoker.抽,但我的烟瘾不是很大。 /201501/354374

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  to meet the challenge 度过难关英文释义 To overcome a difficult obstacle例句 Qualifying for entry into the famous university was difficult, but every year hard-working and intelligent students were able to meet the challenge.获得进入这所著名大学的资格很困难,但勤奋而富有才智的学生每年都能度过难关。 /201209/198363

  Concentrate on your job, or youll be given the pink slip.专注于你的工作,否则你会被解雇。be given the pink slip直译过来就是:“被给予一张粉红色纸片”,由于解雇通知多用粉红色复写本,所以这个短语的正确意思是:“被解雇”。因此,当美国人说;Concentrate on your job, or youll be given the pink slip.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;You should work hard, or you will get fired.;、;Focus on your job, or you might be kicked out.;。情景对白:Terry: The boss is always on business trip, so I can loaf around sometimes.泰瑞:我们老板经常出差,所以我有时候可以闲混一下子。Benjamin: You should concentrate on you job, or youll be given the pink slip.本杰明:你应该专注本职工作,不然会被解雇的。搭配句积累:①Dont be of two minds any more.不要再三心二意了。②Havent you listened to the boss?你没听老板讲话吗?③The work is so boring. I want to amuse myself for a while.工作真无聊,我想要找点乐子消遣一下。④Dont forget the lesson last time.不要忘了上次的教训。单词:1. kick out 开除If the new actor is no good kick out him.如果那个新来的演员不怎么样就解雇他2. loaf vi. 游荡He the most important characteristic loaf, raffish.他最重要的特征是游手好闲,不务正业。Dont loaf about here any longer. Go to london and find a job.不要再在这里闲逛了,去伦敦找一个工作吧。3. be of two minds 三心二意Jim was of two minds and absent-mindedness at class this morning.今天早上吉姆上课时三心二意,心不在焉。 /201210/205349商务英语口语999句 第12课[00:03.10]redeeming adj.补偿的, 弥补的[00:09.90]certificate n.书, 明书 vt.发给明书, 以书形式授权给...[00:16.27]deposit n.堆积物, 沉淀物, 存款, 押金, 保金, 存放物 vt.存放, 堆积 vi.沉淀[00:22.21]before adv.在前, 以前 prep.在...之前 conj.在...之前, 与其...宁可[00:28.00]maturity n.成热, 完备, (票据)到期, 成熟[00:34.52]may aux.可能, 也许, 可以, 祝, 愿 n.(May) 五月, 能, 可能[00:40.32]result n.结果, 成效, 计算结果 vi.起因, 由于, 以...为结果, 导致[00:46.26]withdrawal n.收回, 撤退, 退回, 取消, 退隐, 停止药, 退股[00:52.63]need n.需要, 必需, 必需品, 要求, 贫困 vt.需要 modal v.必要, 必须[00:58.57]make vt.制造, 安排, 使成为, 认为, 产生, 获得, 进行, 构成 vi.开始, 前进, 增大, 被制造, 被处理 n.制造, 构造, 性情[01:04.22]from prep.从, 今后, 来自, 由于[01:10.02]my pron.我的;口gt;嗳呀!啊呀! 【域】 Malaysia , 马来西亚[01:15.81]get vt.获得, 变成, 收获, 使得, 挣得, 受到(惩罚,打击等), 染上, 抓住 vi.到达, 成为, 变得 n.生殖, 幼兽[01:21.18]this adj.这, 这个, 今, 本 pron.这, 这个[01:26.97]month n.月[01:32.77]discount n.折扣[01:38.71]rate n.比率, 速度, 等级, 价格, 费用 vt.估价, 认为, 鉴定等级, 责骂 vi.被评价, 责骂[01:44.36]is prep.是 【域】 Iceland , 冰岛 abbr.【军】 Internal Security, 治安[01:49.72]set v.放, 置, 移动到, 使(人或事物处于某种状态), 提出, 树立, 规定, 调整 n.一套, 一副, 一批, 接受机, 装置, 趋势, 布景 adj.固定的, 规定的, 坚决的, 固执的, 事先做好的[01:55.30]by prep.在附近, 在旁边, 经, 由, 依据, 按照, 通过, 用 adv.通过, 经过, 附近 【域】 Belarus, 白俄罗斯[02:01.10]fed 【美俚】联邦调查局人员 联邦政府工作人员 反馈的[02:06.82]does v.做,有用,工作 conj.是,做,要[02:12.40]it pron.它 【域】 Italy , 意大利[02:17.77]matter n.事件, 问题, 物质, 内容, 实质, 原因, (印刷或书写的)文件, (文章或讲话等的)素材 vi.有关系, 要紧[02:23.56]where adv.什么地方, 在哪里, ...的(地方) /200810/52987

  愈忙愈要学社交英文随书光盘Mp3(下) 01 /200710/18727

  Dont goof up.别出岔子。goof up直译过来就是:“闲混,打发时间”,这个短语的正确意思是:“出岔子,犯错,把……搞乱”。因此,当美国人说;Dont goof up.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是;Dont make any mistakes.;、;Dont get into any trouble or accident.;、;Take care and dont do anything wrong.;。情景对白:Boss: Dont goof up. This project is very important, and we have invested a lot of money in it.老板:别出岔子,这个项目很重要,我们已经投了大量资金。Benjamin: I see. I would do as you told.本杰明:我知道。我会按照您的吩咐做的。搭配句积累:①I cant believe such an arduous task is distributed to me.我不敢相信这么艰巨的任务竟然分配给了我。②I will try me best to accomplish the survey.我会尽力完成这次调查的。③The assignment is a little difficult but of great significance.这项任务虽然有点困难,但是却是意义重大。④You are sent to Beijing to meet some important clients tomorrow.公司派你明天到北京去见一些重要客户。单词:1. goof vi. 打发时间,混We goofed last week at the end of our interview with singer Annie Ross.上周我们采访歌手安妮·罗斯,结果到快结束时犯了个愚蠢的错误。Are you going to goof off everyday?你是不是打算每天都混日子过?Id never goof around, if I were you.如果我是你,我决不会到处闲荡。2. arduous adj. 费力的The task was more arduous than he had calculated.这项任务比他所估计的要艰巨得多。To remould ones world outlook involves arduous struggle.改造世界观需要进行艰苦的斗争。Scientific spirit is the subjunctive spirit of human beings which forms and develops during the long and arduous period of scientific research and exploration.科学精神是人类在漫长而艰巨的科学研究探索过程中逐渐形成并不断发展起来的一种主观精神状态。 /201212/217372。


  on the dot 准时地(非正式)英文释义 At the exact time mentioned; not early and not late.例句 The express train leaves every morning at 8 a.m. on the dot.这趟快车每天早上8点准时出发。 /201311/264252

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