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小露西(Little Lucy) -- :57: 来源: 小露西(Little Lucy)  One day, mother said, “Lucy, your grandmother is ill, you take some apples to your grandmother.” Lucy said, “Ok!” A wolf was listening out side the door.The wolf went to the grandmother’s home.  The wolf knocked at the door. Grandmother said, “Who is that?” “It’s little Lucy.” Grandmother said, “Come in.” The wolf got into the house. Grandmother found a wolf said, “ Help!” then grandmother ran away. But the wolf did not chase Lucy’s grandmother.  The wolf got into the bed and put on grandmother’s hat. Then Lucy came, she knocked the door. The wolf said, “Who is that?” “It’s little Lucy.” The wolf said, “Come in.”  Lucy got into the house. She said, “grandmother, why are your ears so long? Why are your eyes so big? Why is your mouth so big?” When Lucy was getting closer, she found out it was a wolf.  She said, “Help!” and ran out. Lucy saw her father and said, “Father, help, there is a wolf in the house!” Father rushed into the house and killed the wolf with a knife. Lucy’s father helps grandmother into the bed again.My Clock 我的闹钟 -- :3:58 来源: My Clock 我的闹钟  Everybody has his favourite thing, so do I. My favourite thing is a clock. It looks like Mickey. I got it from my mother on my eleventh birthday last year.  It is the best birthday present of all. I love it not only because it is lovely but also because it helps me a lot. Every morning it wakes me up and tells me,"It's time to get up!" Thanks to its help, I am never late school. It's my best friend.每个人的都有自己最喜爱的东西,我也是,我最喜爱的东西是一个闹钟它看起来像个米老鼠一样我是在去年我岁生日时从妈妈那里得到的  它是所有生日礼物钟最好的我喜欢它,不仅是因为它可爱,而且是因为它能帮我好大忙每天早晨它都把我叫醒,告诉我,“该起床了!”多亏它的帮助,我上学从未迟到过它是我最好的朋友

给妈妈的一封信(A letter to my mother ) -- :58:57 来源: 给妈妈的一封信(A letter to my mother )dec. 7thdear mother,i have been good at school. i often think of you when i go to bed because we always go a walk bee go to bed at home. so i miss you everyday. do you miss me? why don’t you call me? i’ve got a lot of things to tell you. one of the things is about eign teacher’s daughter. her name’s skyler. she lives in canada. she comes to our class to learn chinese and english with me in my class. this afternoon, when it was art and craft class, our class were cleaning the gymnasium. and she did it with us too. so i usually talk to her when she doesn’t know what to do? but when the class is over, i always haven’t got enough time to talk to her. and i usually can’t find her. so we don’t have time to introduce to each other. but it is the first time that i have a eign student. so i’m very happy! mum, you often tell me, “if you are happy, i’ll be happy, too.” so you have to be happy, because i’m happy! i like you when you are happy!in the end i wish you everything is just fine!yours,sophia.

  二年级英语作文:My hoy --1 01:8:39 来源: My hoy is lisetening to music.I like listening to music best.Because listening to music makes me relaxed.When I am tired,I will listening some quiet music,that makes me fall asleep very quickly.My favorite music is the music that has good lyrics.Good lyrics can also make me learn Chinese or English wellI love listening to music.I will keep this hoy ever.


  旅游中常用的简单英语会话 -01-01 :7:57 来源: 学一些常用英语,会给你的旅游带来更多的乐趣 谢谢!—— Thank you.多谢!-- Thanks a lot.对不起,麻烦你—— Excuse me. 抱歉—— Excuse the mess. 需要帮忙吗?--Can I help you.谢谢你的帮助—— Thank you helping me. 无论如何,我还要感谢你—— Thanks, anyway. 您好--How are you! 初次见面问好—— How do you do! 很高兴见到你—— (It's) nice to meet you. 请问您从哪来--Where are you from?请问贵姓--Can I have your name?我叫...—— My name is ... (I'm ...)很高兴认识你—— It was a pleasure meeting you. 很高兴见到你—— Pleased to meet you. 希望再见到你—— Hope to see you again. 这是不是说我以后可以再见到你?—— Does that mean that I can see you again? 玩得快乐--Have a good time.祝你好运—— Good luck. 我希望没事—— I hope nothing is wrong. 怎么了?—— What's the matter? 糟糕,严重吗?—— Oh, no! Is it serious? 我真为你难过—— I'm sorry you. 一路平安,走好—— Have a safe trip home. 旅游 常用

  根据《武林外传第9集改编的搞笑英语话剧 --6 ::9 来源: 根据《武林外传第9集改编的搞笑英语话剧根据《武林外传的第9集改编姬从监狱逃了出来,又回到了同福客栈来报复但是,他忘记了他自己是谁,换句话说,他忘记了在客栈发生的一切因为害怕,客栈的人决定逃离!This is a part from "My Own Swordsman "《武林外传In this part ,姬,who is a Offenders ,escape from the Prison ,and return to The Tongfu hotel to revenge! However, he can’t remember who he is ,in other words he gets everything that once happened in the hotel. Being frightened, the people in the hotel decide to run away, and our story begins!秀才:大家好,欢迎收看同福客栈知识竞答,准备好了么Hello, everyone, welcome to Tongfu Hotle’s knowledge Q and A R u y?小贝: yes秀才:好,请选择格物致知的始作俑者,一朱熹、二、王阳明、三、王重阳、四、王沪生Ok, please choose the fonder of “gewuzhizhi”. No.1 zhuxi no. wangyangming no.3 wangchongyang no.wanghusheng白:王沪生谁呀?Who is wanghusheng?秀才:不够现凑的Just as a stopgap 请选择Please choose 小贝:额、我想向场外求助 Eh , I need help秀才:好的,向谁呢? Ok, to who?小贝:我的亲友团 My realationships.众人:yeah小贝:就你好了 You, please.白:啊呀 Ah ? ya秀才:好的,时间三十秒从现在开始 Ok, 30 seconds, from now on.白:额,关于这个格物致知啊, 哈,我建议你买一样东西然后你仔细的观察,在观察的同时……Eh, to say gewuzhizhi, ha, I advice you to buy something, and then, you watch this carefully, and while you watching …..秀才:时间到 Time’s up众人:啊? Ah?小贝:额,我选四,王沪生 Eh , I choose no. wanghusheng秀才:确定么? R u sure?小郭:确定一定以及肯定Suer and ensuer and very sure.秀才:没你的事,一边去 None of you business . stay away不改了么 Change it?小贝:不改了 No.秀才:唉,传奇录你们看过没有? Ai, have you ever 传奇录?众人:恩,没有 En, no秀才:象山全集呢? What about xiangshanquanji?众人:额、也没有 En, never秀才:都没看过呀? Neither?众人:额,没有 En, neither.秀才:哈哈哈哈哈哈,太可悲了一群白痴Hahahahahah , pityful. Idiots.小郭:呵呵呵呵呵呵,那是,谁有您学呀Hehehehehe, yes, nobody knowledgeable than you.掌柜:呵呵呵呵,啥书都看过,就是中不了~~~~~举Hehehehe , every books, but just can’t be ~~~~selected.众人:哈哈哈哈哈 Hahahahahaha .秀才:我本来就没想中 I’m not intend to that.众人:恩? En?秀才:我读书就是为了获取知识 I book just to learn knowledge.白:呵呵,知道那些乱七八糟的知识有啥用啊Hehe , what to do with all of you sixs and sevens knowledge.秀才:当然有用了子曰:知识就是力量Of course, once a sage said : knowledge is power.掌柜:哪个子? Which sage.秀才:培根子 Bacon sage.掌柜:哪个朝代的? Which dynsity.秀才:britain 掌柜:哦,也就是说britain的培根子说,你是咱们同福客栈的最有力量的人Oh, that’s to say, britain’s bacon said, you are the most powerful man in out tongfu hotel.秀才:某种意义上,是的 Sometimes, I am.小郭:那就给咱展示一下吧,恩? Then, show us, en?秀才:展示什么呀?Show what ?小郭:知识的力量啊 来呀来呀,小样儿The power of knowledge, come on come on, sweetheart.秀才:无知,无知 Rideculous掌柜:小贝,回屋读书去吧 Come and study. 老邢告诉老白姬无命逃出来了白(急):赶紧走赶紧走 run, run away.pick up things that are necessary, and then we should run away as possible as we can! 掌柜:去哪呀To where?白:姬无命逃狱了Jiwuming escape from the prison!小贝:唉,逃就逃呗,他要是再敢来,我就再给他一闷棍Ai…If he dares to come, I will hit him on his head.白:然后我就给你收尸,他武功深不可测,上次不是因为被我点了穴,你们谁能治得了他Then I just need to wait your body. Nobody knows how strong he is. If there was not a exception him, we would not have the chance to speak here today.掌柜(面露紧张):那咋办呀 Then what we should do ,now?白:赶紧收拾东西,准备跑路We can do nothing except run away as soon as possible.掌柜:小贝,不要再写了,去通知一下秀才他们,快点快点Xiao Bei ,there is no point to study ,you ,now inm others.(秀才进)小贝:秀才来了,我去通知他们啊Okay,Xiucai is coming ,now I will go to inm them!秀才:你们好 hello掌柜:你好你好Hello hello.秀才:我这次来啊,主要是想着重阐述一下,为什么说知识就是力量Em,I come to make you know why I say knowledge is power!掌柜(摔掉手中的书):没看见我们正忙着么,去找小郭阐述去Don’t you see we are busy? Translate it to Xiaoguo!秀才:那不行,她会攻击我的 No. She will hit me.老白:(放下手中东西,指着秀才)你再不走,我也攻击你啊If you don’t go ,I will hit you,too.秀才:君子动口不动手It is better to say than do a gentleman.掌柜:(把秀才向门外推)他不动我动If he don’t, I will.秀才: 哎哎,你们怎么都这样啊,难道真理就那么难以接受难道武力就能解决问题啊AI…why are you all like this. Is it every difficult to accept the truth. Only ce can solve problems?掌柜:(收拾手中的手饰)好好好,你说你倒是说呀Ok ok ok, say it! You say it!!!秀才:那得从任何宇宙的关系开始讲起的It will begin with the relationship between the universe and the human being. 武林外传 搞笑英语话剧三亚之旅 A Trip to Sanya -- :3: 来源: I live in thenorth of China. It’s very cold in my city when winter comes. A week ago, myparents and I visited to Hainan. It is warm and sunny there. It’s amazing, becausemy home is snowing now. Sanya is a beautiful city. There are many touristattractions. I like the beach most. The sunshine, beach, sea and sands make meexciting. My parents were happy, too. We had a great time there. I hope I canspend the cold winter in Hainan.我最喜欢的人 My Favorite People -- :3: 来源: If anyone ask me who is my favorite people? I wouldtell him my favorite person is my mother. My mother is 5 years old. But I stillcan see how beautiful she is when she is young. She is not too tall, but very thin.Her eyes are black. Her hair is grey and there is several white hair. She lovescooking. She often cooks delicious food me. I love her.如果有人问我谁是我最喜欢的人?我会告诉他我最喜欢的人是我的妈妈我妈妈5岁了但我仍然可以看出她年轻的时候是多么的漂亮她个子不太高,但是很瘦她的眼睛是黑色的她的头发是灰色的,不过已经有一些白头发了她喜欢烹饪她经常为我做美味的食物我爱她

  关于动物的小学英语作文 -01- :6: 来源: 关于动物的小学英语作文Here is a zoo.Look,the one lying on the grass is a tiger,he's the king King of the Monsters. The eating eating bamboo leaves is a panda,the national treasure.he's fat but very cute.Who are those with long noses?They are elehants.They have huge bodies,but they are not clumsy at all.I like the monkeys best,they are smiling at me on the tree now!这里是动物园看,那个躺在草地上的是老虎,他是万兽之王在吃竹叶的是国宝熊猫,他胖乎乎的,好可爱那些长鼻子的是什么?是大象他们身材硕大,但是一点也不笨拙我最喜欢猴子了,他们正在树上朝我笑呢!Animals in the zoo are very interesting!动物园里的动物真有趣!六年级英语作文:My Birthday Party --1 :: 来源:   Every year, when itrsquo birthday, my parents hold a party me. They invite my friend to come to my house to celebrate my birthday. I can get many beautiful gifts every year.  In my party, we can do many things:  1. Light the candles.  . Sing a “Hay Birthday” song.  3. Make a wish.  . Blow out the candles.  5. Cut off the cake.  6. Eat the cake.  7. Open the presents.  8. Sing and dance.  9. Watch s or play other games.  . Say goodbye with each other.  Thatrsquo my birthday party, is it interesting?

  蝴蝶春英文导游词 --31 :38: 来源: 蝴蝶春英文导游词沿大理市以南行走7公里,你便可以看到一个非常漂亮的景点,当地人称“蝴蝶春” Travel some 7 kilometers south of Dali and you will come to a popular beauty spot known locally as the 'Butterfly Spring'. Situated at the foot of Mount Shenmo, the first of the peaks of Mount Cangshan the spring rises to m a square shaped pool that is shaded by the dense foliage that lines its banks. The pool is some 50 square meters overall and above it is an ancient decumbent tree. This is the famous 'Butterfly Tree', so called as in the short interval as spring turns to summer, its fragrant blossom attracts thousands of butterflies. These small multi-colored creatures fly around the pool and settle on the tree in great clusters as they sip the nectar from its blooms. The vast numbers of butterflies are hardly distinguishable from the flowers as the whole tree pulsates with every color of the rainbow. This spectacular sight has given rise to a local festival when the Bai people gather at the tree on April th the 'Butterfly Meet'. The romantic spectacle of the butterflies as they feed and mate in such abundance has become a symbol of courtship and each Bai youth will seek to engage with the love of his life by joining in with the traditional antiphonal singing. The Bai also refer to the spring as the 'Allegiance Spring' as it is here that true and lasting love may be found.   Note: You can reach the Butterfly Spring by special cars that run from the bus stations and hotels in the city. The spring is quite near to Zhou Town, which is the largest of the Bai commies and was once the imperial garden of the Dali .Kingdom. Here too you can learn more of the Bai culture and visit some truly wonderful ancient buildings. 蝴蝶春英文导游词

  My Dog --19 :: 来源: I have a dog. My dog name is DuDu. DuDu is 9 years. DuDu is fat. It wears a white coat. DuDu has two big eyes and two small ears. It has one short mouth. My dog is smart. I like my dog. Do you like it?。


  日常聊天口语对话篇:(1)交通险况Car Accident-- :7:1 Teacher:: Does everyone wear a seatbelt each time they drive or ride in a car?Mike: No. Seatbelts are wimps(古板的人,谨小慎微的人). Besides, I'm a great driver.Teacher: The chances of being injured in a car accident this year are 1 in 75. I think that's worth talking about.Lisa: Have you ever been involved in an auto accident? Teacher: Only once. My car hydroplaned (在积水的路面上行驶)on a rainy night and went off the road. tunately I was wearing my seatbelt.Lisa: Last December my brother died in an accident. He was in the back seat of his friends jeep when it rolled. he wasn't wearing a seatbelt.Teacher: Fastening your seatbelt should be an automatic thing as soon as you get into your car. But too many people still refuse to wear a seatbelt.Lisa: I wouldn't think of going anywhere without wearing a seatbelt.Mike: It's just hard me to get in the habit of wearing one.Teacher: All it takes is one close-call (侥幸脱险,死里逃生)and you'll wear your seatbelt. You really ought to think twice about not wearing one the the next time your got in a car. It may save your life.Lisa: The doctors said it would have saved my brother.

  有关家庭暴力的8人 -01- ::00 来源: CastSandy (child):Mr. Lin (Father):Mrs. Lin (Mother):Neighbor:Social worker:Wader:Policeman:May (Sandy’s friend):Miss Lee (Teacher):——————————————————————————–Scene I(In Sandy’s home)Father is ing newspaper in the living room.Father:Sandy, I’m thirsty. Give me some drinks. Bring me bottle more!Sandy:Dad, please don’t drink any more. It’s enough!Father:If you don’t bring it to me, I will hit you!Sandy:Yes, father!(But when Sandy comes, she falls down. Break the bottle and spill on father. Father is very angry and began to hit Sandy.)Sandy: Dad!Please don’t beat me …Father: Hum!(Hold the bottle) Because you are so stupid and not a good child.Mother:Honey… please stop. Our child is crying. She didn’t do anything wrong.Sandy:Dad, please… stop hitting me.Father:Shut up! Or I hit your mother, too.(In the same time, the neighbor discovers this domestic violence.)Neighbor:(Calls to 1) There is a father hitting his family now. Please help themimmediately… I’m afraid the child will be in danger. The address is…. Please, hurry up!Policeman:Ok, I’ll be there soon.Scene II(In the police station)Police:Why do you abuse your child? She was innocent. Don’t you regret to doing it?Father:It’s none of your business.Social worker:Mrs. Lin and Sandy, did Mr. Lin often abuse the child?(First, Mrs. Lin doesn’t say anything, and then she is crying.)Mother:Since he lost his job, he was drinking all the time. Sandy and I usually werehit by him. And if I didn’t give him money, he sad he would kill us…Father:Nonsense!I didn’t do that thing.Social worker:Mrs. Lin, calm down. If he did it again, please call me. I’ll help you. And I’ll find sometime to talk to him.Scene III(In Sandy’s classroom)Teacher:Sandy, follow me after class.(Sandy and teacher go to office together.)Teacher:You are often absent lately and your grades also are not as good as bee. What happened to you?Sandy:No, it’s nothing. Thanks your concern.Teacher:Are you sure? Anyway, if you have any problem, tell me, ok?Sandy:Ok, Miss Lee.(After the class, Sandy and May are on the home way.)May:Sandy, I called you home yesterday. You wasn’t at home. Your mother told me that you have a part time job. It’s a surprise to me! What’s the matter with your family? You have to study hard during this year bee you take the entrance examination. This year is very important to you. You can’t let other things distract your studies and deprive of your study time.Sandy:(crying) I know. But I have no way anymore. My father lost his job, and wehave no money to pay all the spending.May:Oh, Sandy, Don’t worry. I will help you.(After the day, May decides to tell the teacher about Sandy’s problem.)May:Miss Lee, I have to talk to you something about Sandy…Teacher:May, you are Sandy’s good friend. Do you know what’s wrong with Sandy?May:Eh…I heard that Sandy’s family has economic crisis, and Sandy has a part time job…Teacher:Ok, I understand. I will talk to her parents.Scene IV(On the road in front of Sandy’s home)Police:Hold it! Don’t move!Father:No!(Still running in front of the policeman)(The police got the father.)(In the police station)Policeman:Mr. Lin, You can’t go anywhere unless you promise you won’t sell those drugs. And you should stay in the jail six months, because we found the evidence that you are a drug dealer.Father:No! Please give me….I was not on purpose.Mother:(Crying) Please give him a chance to turn over a new leaf. He has to make money the family.Father:You…shut up! Here is no need of your interjection!Scene V(In the social worker’s office)Teacher:I’ve told you everything about Sandy….Social worker:I see. Thanks your help. I’ll manage it as soon as I can. ( Turn to talk to the mother) Mrs. Lin, I understand your feeling, but it’s her crucial time to study hard to enter a good senior high school. In another word, she can’t do part time job after class and without review her lessons.Mother:I know what you want to tell me. But, in fact, her father and I haven’t found jobs…and her father is in jail now because of selling drug. (Crying) Oh! I can’t stand it anymore!Social worker:Don’t worry it. I can introduce you some work I know. As long as you work hard, you’ll have a steady life with your daughter. Now, Sandy needs a secure and stable environment to grow up and study.Mother:(Still crying) Thank you very much. If there is not your help, I don’t know how to do…Scene VI(After six months, outside the jail)Warder:I really hope you won’t enter here again.Father:I won’t. I’m very embarrassed that you are so concerned with me. I really appreciate it. I don’t know how to thank you. (He sees his wife and Sandy, smiling to him)Warder:Don’t mention it, you just made a new start from now on.Sandy:Dad, Mom and I come to pick you up.Father:(Crying) Sandy, I’m very sorry about what I did. I thought a lot of things in the jail during that half a year. I shouldn’t ruin my own life and brought crisis to the family. (Look at his wife) Dear, I’m so sorry to you. I disappointed you very much, but you didn’t leave me, I owe you so much….Mother:(Crying) Don’t say that… It’s never too late to mend. I’m glad that it’s all over… 有关 家庭暴力 英语

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