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Prince Charles查尔斯王子The Prince of Wales is renowned for his love of organic and sustainable produce. He eats game, fish and homegrown fruit and vegetables from the royal estates but avoids courgettes and pongy garlic (to avoid embarrassment at public engagements). Charles is also known to enjoy a whisky or two.威尔士亲王最爱有机食品和可持续食品,这一点众所周知。他会吃野味、鱼和皇家庄园自产的水果和蔬菜,但不吃西葫芦和气味难闻的大蒜(避免在公开场合说话尴尬)。查尔斯王子也喜欢喝一两杯威士忌酒。Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall康沃尔公爵卡米拉Camilla’s son, restaurant critic Tom Parker-Bowles, says that his mother is “a good cook, but it wasn’t about haute cuisine for her [but] simple food using fresh ingredients, often from our garden.” It’s the same for Camilla today, according to Darren Blunden, executive chef at Dumfries House. The royal couple prefer classic English food and locally-sourced meat. Camilla’s idea of a treat is lavender shortb as well as violet creams, but she doesn’t like (bell) peppers.餐厅家汤姆·帕克—鲍尔斯是卡米拉的儿子,他称其母亲为“好厨子,但她使用的并不是高级材料,通常是从我们自家花园中采摘的新鲜、简单的材料。”据邓弗里斯之家(Dumfries House)的厨师长达伦·布伦登所述,现在的卡米拉还是这样。这对皇家夫妇更喜欢经典的英国菜和自产的肉类。在卡米拉看来,甜点就是薰衣草酥饼和紫罗兰糖衣巧克力,但她不喜欢甜椒。Princess Charlene of Monaco纳哥王妃夏琳The blonde statuesque Zimbabwean, a one-time Olympic swimmer who married Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2011, apparently loves lemon chicken with African spices.这位出身于津巴布韦的金发碧眼美女曾是一名游泳健康。2011年,夏琳与纳哥阿尔贝二世亲王举办婚礼,她喜欢吃撒上非洲香料的柠檬鸡。Princess Diana戴安娜王妃Although Diana was known for being healthy – avoiding carbs and red meat and sticking to poached chicken and stuffed (bell) peppers – her personal chef Darren McGrady wrote that she had a sweet tooth. The much-loved princess loved a popular British dessert called b and butter pudding and was also partial to crème br?lée.尽管戴安娜以保持健康闻名——不吃碳水化合物和牛羊肉,坚持吃水煮鸡和填了馅的甜椒——但她的私人大厨达伦·麦克格雷迪却写道:她喜欢吃甜食。这位受人爱戴的王妃特别倾心于一道有名的英式甜点:面包黄油布丁,同时也喜欢焦糖布丁。Elizabeth I伊丽莎白一世Henry VIII’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth I of England, was a sucker for sugar, which in Tudor times was the preserve of the very rich. The Virgin Queen favored a kind of marzipan called marchpane and dried fruits known as suckets, but her teeth suffered as a result, becoming black and rotten in her older years.英格兰女王伊丽莎白一世是亨利八世的女儿,特别喜欢吃糖,而在都铎时代,糖是巨富之人才能品尝的食品。这位“童贞女王”喜欢一种叫做杏仁和干果的杏仁糖,现在也叫作蜜饯。但由于她喜欢吃糖,因此她的牙齿遭了秧,晚年的时候她的牙齿又黑又臭。Queen Elizabeth II伊丽莎白二世The present Queen Elizabeth is quite the chocoholic – chocolate mousse and chocolate biscuit cake in particular – and afternoon tea with Earl Grey tea is often taken. Ma’am is famously thrifty – she does not condone food waste and eats leftovers. While she prefers to eat produce from royal estates, fish (especially sole and poached salmon) and sausages are favorites. Although mineral water is her drink of choice these days, the Queen still sups Dubonnet and gin cocktails with a slice of lemon.现任女王伊丽莎白是巧克力忠实粉——尤其喜欢巧克力慕斯和巧克力饼干蛋糕——通常在喝下午茶—格雷伯爵茶的时候当作点心吃。女王是出了名的节俭——她不能容忍食物浪费的行为,女王也会吃剩菜。虽然她倾向于吃皇家庄园自产的农产品,但鱼(尤其是比目鱼和清蒸鲑鱼)和香肠也是她的最爱。尽管这些天女王喜欢喝矿泉水,但她也会喝加了柠檬的杜本内酒和松子酒。 /201702/492905。

  • In our monthly series, GIVING UP, newsroom staffers deprive themselves of a beloved habit and track how it went. In March, Lifestyle Editor Suzy Strutner, 26, gave up added sugar. What are you giving up? I#39;m giving up added sugar (which is not the same as naturally occurring sugar, mind you) for Lent.在每月的;放弃;系列中,新闻工作室的员工都放弃了自己最爱的习惯,并关注了事情的发展走向。三月份时,26岁的生活方式杂志的编辑苏西·斯顿特纳(Suzy Strutner)放弃了摄入添加糖。你又放弃了什么呢?我可是为了Lent而放弃了添加糖呢(提醒一下,添加糖与天然糖并不一样)。What made you decide to give it up? I love sugar in a way that sometimes makes me feel like it#39;s ruling me instead of the other way around. When a habit starts invading my life ― like when I miss out on an hour of sleep because I ;need; a fresh-baked midnight cookie or ;can#39;t get through the day; without spending on frozen yogurt ― I know it#39;s one I need to kick. Plus, I tried to give up sugar last year and failed without realizing why, so I wanted to prove I could do it, and do my body a favor at the same time.是什么让你下定决心放弃呢?我喜欢吃糖,因为有时这让我觉得是糖在统治着我,而不是我在统治着糖。当习惯开始侵入我的生活--就好像由于我;需要;刚刚出炉的午夜饼干而错失了一小时的睡眠或是不买一杯6美元的冷冻酸奶;我这一天就过不下去;一样--我知道我必须戒掉这种;恶习;。而且,我在去年也试过放弃吃糖,但却不明所以的失败了,所以我想明自己可以做到,同时这也更有利于我的身体健康。How did your friends and family react? People either 1) tell me they#39;re impressed by my efforts (I started an email newsletter with updates on how the challenge is going), 2) ask if I#39;m STILL not eating sugar, then inquire when I#39;ll be available for dessert dates again, or 3) tell me they#39;ve given up sugar too! That#39;s my favorite reaction, for sure. Two of my friends ditched sugar last month because I was doing it, which makes me feel like a positive influence.你的朋友和家人又有什么反应?他们要么就是1)告诉我他们被我的努力折(我开始写电子邮件,更新挑战的进展情况),要么就是2)问我是不是真的还没吃糖,然后再问我什么时候有空和他们一起吃甜点,或是3)告诉我他们也在戒糖!当然,这是我最希望看到的反应。由于我的戒糖行为,我的两位朋友也于上个月开始不再吃糖,这让我觉得自己对周围的人产生了积极影响。Did you do any research before you started? Yes, because I didn#39;t do enough research last year and wanted to make sure I gave up added sugar ;correctly; this time around. My colleagues and I have written a number of articles about added sugar over the years, so by now I know that added sugar is never, ever a good thing for your brain or body. That#39;s major motivation.在开始戒瘾之前,你有没有进行过研究?当然了,因为我去年戒糖的时候就没有进行足够多的调查,这一次我想;正确地;戒掉添加糖。我和我的同事近几年写了很多有关添加糖的文章,因此到目前为止,我知道添加糖对身体和大脑绝无益处。这是我最大的动力。Did you slip up? Not yet! Well, it depends on how technical you get. Added sugar is in all kinds of foods, from store-bought b to mayonnaise to pasta sauce. I#39;ve avoided buying those items for myself, but I haven#39;t stopped eating at restaurants. I#39;m sure there#39;s been sugar snuck into a few dishes there. I#39;ve also been eating dried fruit and other forms of naturally occurring sugar, which I learned is not entirely accepted in the anti-sugar community.那有没有出现过差错?目前为止还没有!这取决于什么技术含量了。添加糖存在于各种食物中,从在商店买的面包到蛋黄酱再到意面酱都有添加糖。我一直都在避免买这些食物,但在饭店吃饭的时候,这却无法避免。我确定饭店里的菜肯定放了糖。我也一直在吃干果和其它形式的天然糖,但据我了解:反糖社区的人并不是完全接受天然糖的。译文属 /201704/504836。
  • Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, known for his -- ahem -- colorful language, swears he#39;s going to stop swearing.以“丰富多”的语言而著称的菲律宾总统罗德里格·杜特尔特,近日发誓说他再也不骂粗话了。The inspiration for cleaning up his vocabulary came from God himself, Duterte said, as he was flying back to the Philippines from a state visit to Japan.杜特尔特表示,这是在他对日本进行国事访问后飞回菲律宾时从上帝那里得来的启示。;Everybody was asleep, snoring, but a voice said...#39;If you don#39;t stop (cursing), I will bring this plane down now.#39; And I said, #39;Who is this?#39; So, of course, it#39;s God,; the President recounted after he landed at Davao International Airport.这位总统在达沃国际机场降落后叙述称:“当时所有人都在睡觉,打呼噜,突然一个声音说道:#39;你要是再这样口无遮拦骂下去,我就让这架飞机坠毁#39;。我问道#39;谁在跟我说话#39;?当然,那是上帝。”。;So I promised God not to express slang, cuss words and everything,; said Duterte.“所以我对上帝承诺,我再也不说那些俗语、粗话等等了。”杜特尔特说。When those in attendance for his arrival speech began to applaud his declaration, he stopped them. ;I might fail,; he said在杜特尔特抵达演讲的现场,当听众在为他的这个承诺开始鼓掌时,他制止了他们并说道:“有可能我还会爆粗口。”Duterte#39;s vernacular has grabbed global headlines for its lack of, well, decorum.杜特尔特总是因为他说的,呃,不加修饰的话而占据全球媒体的头条。He infamously called both President Barack Obama and Pope Francis a ;son of a bitch,; declared that the U.S. ambassador to the Philippines was a ;gay son of a bitch; -- adding that the ambassador had ;pissed him off; -- and told the European Union to ;fuck off,; accompanied by the universally understood hand gesture.他曾骂美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马以及教皇弗朗西斯是“婊子养的” ,说美驻菲大使是个“婊子养的娘娘腔”,还说这位大使让他“很不爽”;还曾一边比出那个世人都懂的手势一边说要欧盟“滚开”。Now the question is...how long can he keep his promise, dammit?那么问题来了...这位总统能TMD遵守这个承诺多长时间? /201611/478881。
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