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This is his land, and these are his people.这里是他的故乡,这些人是他的同胞。Tsering has brought John Bellezza here to learn about acient tales and fables from his tribe elders.合嘉波才让带领约翰·贝勒查到这里聆听部落长辈述说古老传说。Tsering has become a collector of stories from Guges past with the help of these elders.在长辈的帮忙下和嘉波才让收集古格王朝的故事。Oral legends pass down from generation to generation provide one of the few sources historians like Tsering have to piece together this rise and fall of this lost kingdom.一代一代的口传传说成为稀少的线索来源让和嘉波才让这样的历史学家得以拼凑出古格王朝的盛衰起败。The tales are intriguing, the constant struggle for water in an arid inhospitable plateau, the encounter with strangers from the outside world.故事极为有趣荒凉高原上的长期水源争夺外来陌生人的东进以及长期的权力争夺与邻国间的战争。Tsering and John embarked on a quest to solve one of Tibets the greatest mysteries.和嘉波才让及约翰开始调查企图解开西藏最大的谜团之一。How did the might kingdom of Guge flourish in the middle of a harsh desert?古格王朝如何在荒芜的干漠中繁荣壮大?And what later caused this dramatic collapse in the 17th century?什么原因造成古格王朝在十七世纪瓦解?Of all the stories that shroud this lost city, there is one that is often told.在围绕古格王朝的众多故事中其中一则故事最被人津津乐道。It is an extraordinary legend about a bitter power struggle between two brothers that eventually brought this magnificent 700-year-old kingdom to a bloody end.传说一对兄弟间的权力争夺最后让延续七百年的古格王朝在流血中瓦体。 译文属201601/420524惠阳男科医院Cycling in London骑行在伦敦Wheel ambition车轮上的野心Gradually, the capital is becoming a better place for cyclists渐渐地,首都变成了一个更适宜骑行的地方TWO things are commonly seen atop the head of Boris Johnson, Londons mayor: a mop of unruly, peroxide-blond hair and a cycling helmet. Since coming to office in 2008 Mr Johnson has tried to make London a better city for two-wheeled transport. He has been only partly successful. But on February 4th Transport for London, the citys road and rail authority, signed off on two “cycle superhighways” that will be the mayors most visible legacy to his city.伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊头上总顶着两样东西:染过的蓬乱金发和自行车头盔。自从2008年上任以来,约翰逊就试图让伦敦成为一个更适宜两轮交通的城市。他仅成功了一部分。但在2月4号,该市的道路铁路当局—伦敦交通局同意建设两条“自行车超级高速公路”,这将是市长为该市留下的最显而易见的馈赠。Cycling in London is less pleasant than in many European cities. Main roads teem with lorries; winding back streets are hard to navigate. The number of bicycle journeys has nonetheless doubled since 2000. Nationally, just 2% pedal to work. In Hackney, in Londons East End, fully 9% do. But the capitals cyclists mostly seem to resemble Mr Johnson. Only 2% of women cycle to work in London, compared with 5% of men. Blacks and other ethnic minorities are reluctant to do it, too.在伦敦骑行和许多欧洲城市相比,并没那么愉快。主要大道上挤满了卡车;里弄小巷又很难导航。尽管如此,骑自行车出行的次数自2000年以来还是翻倍了。就全国而言,仅有2%的人骑自行车上班。在伦敦东部的哈克尼区,有近9%的人这样做。但首都的自行车骑行者貌似大多数都和约翰逊相似。在伦敦仅2%的女性骑行上班,与之相比男性有5%。黑人和其他的少数族裔也不愿骑行。The mayor oversaw the introduction of a bike-hiring scheme, which was started by his predecessor but quickly became known as the “Boris bike”. He pushed for bright blue cycle paths on some busy roads. But the new cycle highways are far more ambitious and permanent. One will run east-west through the City and the West End. Another will run two miles from Elephant and Castle in the south to Farringdon in north London.Four existing routes will also be improved, while around 30 of the citys busiest junctions will be made a bit less perilous.市长监督着自行车租借计划的引进,这是由他的前任开启的,但后来很快就被称为了“鲍里斯自行车”。他积极推进在一些繁忙道路上建设宝蓝色的自行车通道。但新的自行车高速公路要更具有野心也更持久。一条将东西横穿整个城市和伦敦西区。另一条从南边的象堡到北伦敦的法灵顿,延伸两英里。四条已存的道路也将升级,与此同时该市约30个最繁忙的交叉路口将被整顿,变得没那么危险。The new superhighways ought to be much safer than Londons existing cycle lanes. A raised pavement will keep cyclists away from cars and lorries. Junctions will be redesigned and some parking bays—including a few for the disabled—will be removed. Cars will be prevented from turning down certain streets. Similar schemes exist elsewhere: since 2007 around 30 miles of protected cycle lanes have been created in New York. In Amsterdam, where lanes have existed for decades, old people and women are far more inclined to cycle.新的超级高速公路应该比伦敦现存的自行车道更安全。高于一般路面的自行车道将使骑行者与汽车和卡车保持距离。交叉路口将会被重新设计,一部分包括少量残障人士专用的停车位将被移除。在某些特定街道汽车不允许掉头。类似的计划在其他地方也可以看到:自2007年,纽约建造了约30英里的受到保护的自行车道。在阿姆斯特丹,自行车道已存在了数十年,老人和女性尤其倾向于骑自行车出行。Greens have long lobbied for cycle paths on the grounds that moving people out of cars cuts air pollution. A series of highly publicised accidents, including one involving a newspaper journalist, and several deaths in the city have also put pressure on the mayor to make London safer.环保主义者基于人们不开汽车可以减少空气污染的观点,很早就在游说要建设自行车道。包括一名新闻记者以及几起死亡事故在内的一系列受到大众关注的交通事件也给市长施加了压力,要使伦敦变得更安全。And the social transformation of the capital has encouraged officials to smile on cyclists. The population of inner London is rebounding as affluent folk move in (see article). The new inhabitants want cleaner streets and fewer cars, which are viewed as suburban. Cycling was once a means of transport for the poor. But it has become an important marker of an affluent world city, argues Isabel Dedring, the deputy mayor for transport. “Theres more pressure on cities to be nice places to live,” she says.伦敦的社会变革也促使政府官员对骑行者展露笑颜。随着富人的搬入,伦敦中心的人口数正在回升。新的居民想要更干净的街道和更少的汽车,这看起来更像郊区。骑自行车曾是穷人的交通方式。但这已变成了富裕的国际都市的一个重要标志,交通部副部长伊莎贝尔·黛德林如是说。她表示:“城市面临的更大压力是如何变得更宜居。”译者:王颖 校对:胡雅琳译文属译生译世 /201502/360417惠州哪家医院可以治汗疱疹惠州医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

河源连平县妇幼保健人民男科中医院包皮手术多少钱惠州市那个医院可以割包皮For thousands of years, weve wondered if we are alone in the cosmos.数千年以来,我们都在思索我们在宇宙中是否孤单。Life, is it a one-time event, or its something thats occurred lots of times throughout the universe?生命仅发生一次吗?还是说生命在宇宙中发生很多次?And at this very moment, new discoveries are bringing us closer to the answers.就在这个时刻,新的科学发现使我们离越来越近。We are right on the course of being able to say life exists somewhere else.我们几乎可以说其他地方还有生命存在。All of our searching is leading to one ultimate goal,finding intelligent life somewhere in the vastness of universe.我们所有的探索都指向了一个终极目标,就是在浩瀚的宇宙中找到智慧生命。If we can discover an advanced civilization, it would be clearly the greatest discovery of humanity, beating out fire.如果我们能发现高级的外星文明,那肯定是人类历史上最伟大的发现,比人类发现火还要伟大。Get y because The Known Universe is about to take you on a hunt for life out there.做好准备,因为《已知的宇宙》节目中将要带你去寻找外星生命。Over the next hour we will show you how the hunt for alien life has dramatically changed over the past few decades.在接下来的一小时里,我们将向你呈现外星生命探索在过去几十年里发生的巨大变化。The lessons we are learning at the bottom of our oceans and the Yellowstones ethane pits are giving us dramatic insight into how life came to be on our planet.我们在海洋底部学到的知识和黄石公园的强酸温泉向我们深刻展示了生命是如何在地球上诞生的。And it is helping us understand and imagine how life might emerge on an alien world.并帮助我们理解和想象生命会如何在外星环境下诞生。We will take you on a journey to far away planets where amazing creatures may roam their lands,creatures that make the wildest science fiction movies look like reality shows. 我们会将你带到有奇妙外星人漫步的遥远星球,那里的生命可能使最荒唐的科幻电影成为事实。And finally we will show you how new technologies are being used to search for, and possibly communicate with at best alien civilizations.最后我们向你展示最新的科技是如何搜索外星文明甚至可能与之联系的。So is earth the only planet where life has emerged in this vast cosmos?地球是这片无限宇宙中唯一有生命出现的星球吗?Are we alone or are we part of something bigger, a web of life that stretches light years through the universe?我们孤单吗?或者我们只是某些更大整体的一部分比如一张横跨数光年宇宙的生命之网? 译文属201512/416413仲恺治疗龟头炎多少钱Demography人口统计学Hip and hobbling时髦与蹒跚齐行Not all towns are desperate to attract young people并不是所有城镇都渴望吸引年轻人Nationally, an ageing population is a problem. But locally it can be a boon. The over-50s control 80% of Britains wealth, and like to spend it on houses and high-street shopping. The young “generation rent”, by contrast, is poor, distractible and liable to shop online.在国际上,人口老龄化是个问题。但在地方范围内,这可能是个福音。在英国,50岁以上的人群掌握着80%的财富,并乐于将这些财富用于购置房产和商场购物。相比而言,年轻的“租房一代”经济比较拮据,很容易分心,且依赖网上购物。People aged between 50 and 74 spend twice as much as the under-30s on cinema tickets. Between 2000 and 2010 restaurant spending by those aged 65-74 increased by 33%, while the under-30s spent 18% less. The pension pots liberated by George Osbornes budget earlier this year will likely pour into property. And while the young still struggle to find work, older people are retiring later. During the financial crisis full-time employment fell for every age group but the over-65s, and there has been a rash of older entrepreneurs. Pensioners also support the working population by volunteering: some 100 retirees in Christchurch help out as business mentors.年龄在50到74岁之间的人群花在电影票上的钱是30岁以下人群的两倍之多。在2000年到2010年间,65到74岁人群的餐厅费用增长了33%,而30岁以下人群则减少了18%。今年年初因乔治·奥斯本的新财政预算案而被释放的养老金池将很可能大量涌入流通市场。当年轻人还在找工作的苦海中挣扎时,老年人的退休年龄却越来越推后了。金融危机期间,各个年龄阶层的全职工作率都降低了,只有65岁以上的人群没有受到影响,并且还出现了大批的老年企业家。领取养老金的人还通过志愿务来帮助工作人群:克莱斯特彻奇就有约100名退休人员志愿成为企业导师。Even if they wanted to, most small towns and cities could not capture the cool kids. Mobile young professionals cluster, and greatly prefer to cluster in London. Even supposed meccas like Manchester are ageing: clubs in that city are becoming members-only, and there are an increasing number of places, as one resident puts it, that “a 19-year-old wouldnt be seen dead in”. Towns that aim too young, like Bracknell and Chippenham, can find their high streets full of closed La Senzas (a lingerie chain) and struggling tattoo parlours. Outside Britains capital, high concentrations of youth are commonly tied to high unemployment rates.即使很多小城镇希望吸引年轻人,它们也做不到。流动的年轻人喜欢扎堆,尤其是喜欢聚集在伦敦。即使是像曼彻斯特这样所谓的麦加圣地也在逐渐老龄化:城市里的俱乐部正转向会员制,正如一个当地居民所说,越来越多的地方“看不到一个十九岁的少年在其中醉生梦死”。像布拉科内尔和切本哈姆这样定位于年龄过小的年轻人的城市,很容易发现自己的商业区满是倒闭的La Senzas(一内衣连锁店)和艰难经营的纹身室。在英国首都之外,年轻人的聚集通常都与高失业率捆绑在一起。Companies often lag behind local authorities in working this out. They are London-obsessed, and have been slow to appreciate the growing economic heft of the old—who are assumed, often wrongly, to stick with products they learned to love in their youth. But Caroyln Freeman of Revelation Marketing reckons Britain could be on the verge of a marketing surge directed at the grey pound, “similar to what we saw with the pink”. The window will not remain open forever: soon the baby boomers will start to ail, and no one else alive today is likely to have such a rich retirement.公司总是要比地方机构晚一步发现这个问题。他们痴迷于伦敦,并在欣赏日益增长的老年人不断提升的经济地位方面显得很迟钝——老年人通常被错误认为只会购买年轻时就认定了的产品。但来自Revelation Marketing(启示营销)的卡罗琳·弗里曼推测英国可能处于瞄准老年人钱包的营销边缘,“与我们从婴儿身上看到的潜力相似”。这么一个机会不会永远处于空窗期:很快婴儿潮世代的人年岁将会增长,而今天也再没有其他人会拥有这么好的退休待遇。Meanwhile, with the over-50s holding the purse strings, the towns that draw them are likely to grow more and more pleasant. The lord mayor of Manchester, Sue Cooley, notes that decent restaurants and nice shops spring up in the favoured haunts of the old, just as they do in the trendy, revamped boroughs of London. Latimer House, a Christchurch furniture store full of retro clothing and 1940s music, would not look out of place in Hackney. Improved high streets then entice customers of all ages.同时,由于50岁以上的人群手握着钱包,吸引他们的城镇正在变得越来越令人满意。曼彻斯特的荣誉市长苏·库利指出受老年人青睐的高档餐厅和精致的商店正在崛起,正如在伦敦时髦、改造过的街区一样。拉蒂之家,一家摆满复古饰、播放着40年代音乐的克莱斯特彻奇家具店,在哈克尼也不会显得格格不入。改进后的商业街可以吸引各个年龄层的顾客了。Indeed, gentrification and gerontification can look remarkably similar. Old folk and young hipsters are similarly fond of vinyl and typewriters, and wander about in outsized spectacles. Some people never lose their edge.确实,中产阶级化和老年化看起来惊人的相似。老伙计和年轻潮人都喜爱和打字机,并都戴着大号的眼镜在外闲逛。有些人永远风华正茂。 /201410/333529惠州友好医院包皮手术费大概多少钱

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