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We are back at 8:38. Here a question: how did you deal with being alone?8点38分,欢迎回来你如何面对孤独?The Oscar winner Matt Damon finds himself all by himself on Mars in his highly anticipated new movie called the Martian.曾获奥斯卡奖的马特·达蒙在万众瞩目的新片《火星救援中孤身一人待在火星He sat down recently with Natalie they talked about the film and much more.近期他接受了娜塔莉的采访,他们聊了聊《火星救援和其他精话题It the ultimate survivor story: a man stranded on mars with nothing but his wit and ingenuity to keep him alive.这是一个终极生存大片:主角被困在火星,身无长物,只能靠聪明才智活下来What drew you to the role?这个角色为什么吸引了你?Youre playing Mark Watney, a man has basically stranded on mars.你扮演马克·沃特尼,说白了他就是被滞留在火星了Im alone most of the movie so I didnt have to talk to any other actors, so that was one of the big draws.拍摄大部分时间我都是一个人,所以不需要和其他演员搭戏,这是最吸引我的原因之一Tell me a little bit about getting into Mark Watney and tapping into that “Im all alone, Im stranded...;说说你怎么进入马克·沃特尼的角色,体会那种“我太孤独了,我被丢下了……”的感觉的That actually not a feeling I can really relate to cause I have four kids,那种情感其实是我不太能感同身受的,因为我有四个孩子,you know, I just sometimes want minutes by myself in my house.有时候我真希望在家有哪怕分钟独处的时光也好The real draw me, there this great book that this guy Andy Weir wrote.真正吸引我的是安迪·威尔的精原著He kind of had this premise of like could a guy survive if he was really highly trained on Mars by himself?他想知道,假设一个人被训练到极致,他可能独自在火星上存活下来吗?It just this really kind of neat story of this guy doing everything that one would have to do to live on this totally inhospitable planet.整个故事非常清晰,讲主角如何极尽所能在这个不适宜人居的星球存活下来I gotta figure out a way to grow three years worth of food on a planet where nothing grows.我得想法子在这个连根毛都没有的星球上种够吃三年的食物Andy Weir said that he saw the character Mark Watney as himself,安迪·威尔认为马克·沃特尼这个角色就是另一个版本的他自己,but smarter and braver in having no flaws, he saw Matt Damon.只不过更聪明,更勇敢,更完美无缺他说简直就是马特·达蒙That very nice of him.哈哈多谢他But the bravery of these guys like when you meet them and it is really humbling,但真正的宇航员真的非常英武,见过他们就觉得自愧不如like you having hung out with some of these astronauts you gotta be incredibly smart you gotta be incredibly fit.跟他们出去玩一次就会发现他们非常聪明,非常健硕Like I threw my arm around one of them the other day and it just like hitting iron.有天我搭了一下一个宇航员的肩膀,感觉跟撞到铁桶似的Were you the kind of kid growing up that you wanted to be an astronaut?你是哪种从小就想当宇航员的小孩吗?I played everything.我小时候什么都演过I think because I wanted to be an actor I was always pretending to be somebody else and certainly I was an astronaut.因为小时候想当演员,所以总是假装别的人,当然也假装过宇航员A lot of this job is totally ridiculous and great.这种角色扮演特别无厘头,不过很有意思And that why it fun because were playing at the end of the day.我们觉得尤其好玩因为是下午放学之后大家在一起玩The movie was directed by Ridley Scott.《火星救援由雷德利·斯科特执导,It the first time theyve worked together.这也是马特·达蒙和斯科特首度合作I walked in to meet him and he said, ;Weve never met.;我上前跟他打招呼,他说,“咱们第一次见”And I said ;no, no, we havent.;我说“是,是,第一次见”He goes, ;The script is great.;他接着说,“剧本好极了”I said ;It is, it great.;我说,“是的,特别好”And he goes, ;It bleeping great.;他又说,“太尼玛好了”and I go, ;Yeah, it that, too.;我说,“是啊,的确是好”And he goes, ;What the hell are we making this?;他问,“这么好的片子怎么我们接了?”I said “I dont know, I guess, I guess we are.;我说,“我,我不知道啊我想我们运气好”That was our first meeting.这就是我们的第一面 3

The Requirements of the Job工作要求Employer: In this job we need someone who is responsible.雇主:我们这项工作需要负责的人Applicant: Im the one you want. On my last job, every time anything went wrong,they said I was responsible.应聘者:我就是你们要找的人我的上一份工作每次出了差错,他们都说我该负责 01835

Daily Mail: The overbearing and interfering mother-in-law is often jokingly portrayed as most people least favourite family member.And now a new poll on modern families reveals this is a reality almost a quarter of Britons – who said their pet dog was more important to them than their in-laws.Of the ,1 people surveyed, per cent cited their pets as a close family member, above in-laws (1 per cent) but below grandparents at 6 per cent. 39988

讲解Today’s key word is EfficiencyEfficiency 效率Efficiency is the quality(质量) of being able to do a task(任务) successfully, without wasting(浪费) time or energy.Here is an example:Here are some ways to help you improve efficiency at work.以下是帮助你提高工作效率的几种方法俗话说,天下武功唯快不破在新的一年怎么样能更好的快速有效的工作学习呢Today, we will give you some tips about this used by me and SJ.No.1 Do the most important thing first. 到办公室,或者学校之后,先完成最重要的必须要做到事情 example, the first thing SJ did in the morning was write the script ayoenglish. According to our experiences, it is difficult to concentrate after 5 to 6 hours of work and study. 所以列出一天要完成的任务也不错的选择It is easier when you can see the tasks in a list. So 开始一天的工作时,先把最重要的事情作完才安心,效率也会更高No. Plan something fun after work as a motivation if possible. 激励,计划一下做完手头工作后就可以去看个电影或者与朋友小聚If you want to finish everything by 5pm. Then set up a dinner plan with friends at 6pm or buy a movie ticket. External ces may motivate you to get things done within the time you have. 酱就有了动力不逼自己一下永远不知道自己有多强大啊No.3 Find your zone. 每个人都有自己做事情的习惯和节奏Theree, it is important to find yourown flow and zone. 你肯定经历过这样一种情况,当你特别投入的干某件事情的时候,你周围发生了什么,你会全然不觉It called in the zone. When you are so focused(集中) on one thing, you are in the zone. Anything else out of the zone will be ignored(忽略) by you. 所以,要想一想在什么情况下更容易进入自己的zone.Some people find it is easier to be in the zone at night, others think morning is the best time to be in the zone. It totally depends on yourself.No. Plan one or two short breaks during the long hours of work if you are too exhausted如果是一整下午的繁重的工作,不妨在中间休息一两次,每次三到五分钟During the short breaks you can enjoy a cupof coffee, do some exercises or chat with your friends. Probably you can be better inspired rather than simply sitting there still hours and achieving nothing. 利用这个时间去喝点东西,运动一下,或者与周围人聊聊天总比一直坐在那里好久缺效率很低要强的多哦这样放松一下精神说不定就会得到更多灵感No.5 Follow the ;two-minute rule.;When I was in the college, I a rulecalled “ minutes rule”.忘记是谁说的了,但大概是这样的:If you see a task that you know can be done in two minutes or less, do it immediately. 不要想着这个事简单,一会儿有空就做NO.既然简单,很快就能完成,Why not complete it right away. 完成了以后,还能增加任务完成的成就感最后,也是最重要滴Keep your phone away.离手机远点,离手机远点,一定要离手机远点重要的事情说三遍Smartphones are our best friends nowadays. However, they are not always good friends. Keep them away, when you want to focus on your tasks. 不然,手机一拿出来,几个小时就不见了当然,听英语悠选的节目时,是可以拿出来的See you next time. 5699

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